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LORD AHMED’S SUSPENSION Labour Party lifted Lord Nazir Ahmed’s suspension on Friday and told him he was free to resume full rights conferred by Labour Party membership. Lord Nazir Ahmed, Britain’s first Muslim peer, told The News on Friday that Iain McNicol, Gen Secretary of the Labour Party, had told him in writing that the investigation into Lord Ahmed’s remarks in Pakistan had cleared him. A Labour Party spokesman told The News: “Lord Ahmed is no longer suspended from the Labour party.â€? Lord Ahmed was suspended from the Labour Party amid reports that he offered a ÂŁ10 million bounty for the capture of President Barack Obama and his predecessor President George W

Bush. He was reported to have made the comments at a conference in Haripur in Pakistan in which he criticised the US for wars in Muslim countries but spoke out in particularly

against the US bounty of $10 million on Hafiz Saeed, founder of the militant group Lashkar-e-Tayaaba. Lord Ahmed thanked the Chief Whip Lord Bassam for “conducting a fair investigation into the allegations� made by an English language Pakistani newspaper. Lord Nazir confirmed he has instructed his lawyers Neumans LLP to take legal action against “all those who have fabricated these allegations“. He said: “I am delighted that I have been vindicated of a gross miss-reporting of a recent speech and I am pleased to be back in the Party as a full member and will continue to play a full and active part within the Labour Party.�

Ring in the Olympics:

Countdown to London Games Begins


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TIME TO RING IN THE ter the Olympic Rings were lowered into pink, aqua blue, yellow, purple and green position for display in London. — not quite neon but usually shown in GAMES. ALMOST. Five super-sized Olympic rings were lowered off Tower Bridge on Wednesday, draping the internationally recognized symbol over the landmark spanning the Thames river. London Mayor Boris Johnson gave the order to lower the rings with a few words barked into a walkie-talkie from a barge circling below. The fusing of a London icon — the gateway to the city — with the rings is a signal that London is ready to go one month before the Olympic games, which start July 27 and end on Aug. 12. "We are as ready as any city has ever been at this stage in the Olympic process," Johnson said. "I think probably better." London Mayor Boris Johnson (C), Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt (L) and LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe pose for photos on a river boat under the Tower Bridge af-

The massive rings — 25 meters (82 feet) wide and 11.5 meters (37 feet) tall — are part of efforts to bedeck the city in Olympic banners and bold colors.

Meanwhile, all over London, the theme colors of the games are being raised on light posts, city buildings and in shopping areas. London's look is predominantly

shards at the edges of Olympic banners. There's even a "Look Book" for ideas. Local neighborhoods can purchase materials to festoon their buildings in gamesapproved decor. With most of the Olympic venues finished, one of the few big projects still under way is the beach volleyball venue on the Mall, a street near Buckingham Palace in central London. The construction had to wait because of celebrations marking Queen Elizabeth II's 86th birthday and her Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 60 years on the throne. It's a big project — not just a few piles of sand and some bleachers. A 15,000-seat arena is being built, complete with lighting rigs, facilities for athletes, media and staff, six training courts and security screening areas. And yes, there is sand. Lots and lots of it — about 4,115 tons.

Inhouse Catering Outdoor Catering

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Warsi in 'Minor' Breach of Code Conservative Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi was guilty of only a "minor" breach of the ministerial code in relation to a trip to Pakistan with a business partner, the Prime Minister's adviser on ministerial interests has ruled. Warsi accepted that she should have informed officials of her relationship with Abid Hussain - a second cousin of her husband - and had already issued an apology. David Cameron said he was satisfied that a report found that she did not at any point use her office for any personal financial gain. Lady Warsi said in a statement: "I have always maintained that I have never misused my ministerial office for personal or financial gain. The last month has been a difficult time for me I can now move on from this that I am privileged to do." and my family and I am pleased period and get on with the job

British Asians Warned of Gold Theft During Wedding Season Asian families in Britain have been warned by police to beware of criminals who could target their gold jewellery during the traditional wedding season in summer. Police fear the number of burglaries could soar when a large number of relatives arrive with gifts including gold for newly-married couples. In Slough, 32 km from London, there were more than 300 gold thefts last year -- a third of all burglaries reported to police. It can only get worse with the summer season of weddings about to start, when families come over

to Britain bearing gifts of gold. The gangs will be homing in like bees round a honeypot and police expect the burglary rate to soar unless residents take sensible precautions. The trouble is Asian families are traditionally reluctant to put their gold and other treasures in the bank for safe keeping, preferring to keep their precious things at home. Jewellers have also been victims themselves, with attacks carried out on several of Slough's 33 shops selling gold.



LABOUR COUNCIL SPLASH OUT £800,000 ON NEW SENIOR MANAGERS New figures have revealed that since coming to power in May 2011, Labour councillors on Sheffield City Council have recruited fourteen new senior managers, at a cost to the taxpayer of £788,222. The figures, which were revealed by opposition Lib Dem councillors, show that, since May 2011, Sheffield City Council have recruited to fourteen posts with a salary above £50,000. The posts

recruited to include Head of Locality Management, Head of Improvement & Development, Head of Business Services, Director of Operations, and Assistant Director for Commercial Services. In the meantime Labour councillors have agreed in principle to close three local dementia care centres in a proposal that would create a saving of just £300,000.


Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has announced a shake-up of free early years education. He has also revealed that in Sheffield, almost 2,000 two-year-old children from disadvantaged backgrounds will now receive

free early years education starting next year. This is in addition to all three and fouryear-old children in Sheffield who are already eligible to receive 15 hours of free early years education per week. This will come as great news for many families in Sheffield. It is a great boost in early years education in our area and really prepares them for school. It’s also a huge help to parents who may be struggling to juggle work commitments with having young children.

Thousands Out on Streets to See Rotherham's Moment to Shine More than 30,000 people lined the streets of Rotherham as the Olympic Torch travelled through the Borough. Thousands cheered on the torchbearers through All Saints Square and Clifton Park, with thousands more on the streets through the town centre, East Dene, Dalton and Thrybergh. Councillor Roger Stone, Leader of Rotherham MBC, said: "Peo-

ple from across Rotherham have again shown what a fantastic community spirit there is here by turning out in their thousands for our moment to shine. "I was lucky enough to be able to join the people in Clifton Park and there was a fantastic atmosphere and the numbers there were similar to the crowds we see for the Rotherham Show every September.

New Powers to 'Snoop' on Emails and Calls The Government has announced legislation which will lead to a huge expansion of surveillance powers of communications on the internet and mobile phones. The Communications and Data Bill will allow the police and security services to keep track of who is calling who on mobile phones, the email addresses of all correspondents, and the personal IDs of people chatting on social networking sites. The bill has already been attacked by privacy and civil liberty campaigners. The new powers are seen by the Government, the police and the security services as essential to keep pace with innovations on the internet. These have allowed organised criminals and terrorists to evade traditional methods of phone interception and monitoring. Communications Service Providers will have to store communications data, possibly to specially fitted "black boxes" - funded by the taxpayer. The government said the cost of this would be £1.8bn over 10 years, but would lead to benefits of up to £6.5bn. Mobile phone operators will also be expected to provide the duration of calls,

the time of day they were made and the location of the caller to police. No warrant would be required for these surveillance operations, which would need to be authorised by a "senior officer", Whitehall sources said. Oversight of the surveillance is likely to be a major political issue. Britain is already the most snooped upon country in the world by Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV). The London borough of Wandsworth has more CCTV cameras than the cities of Johannesburg, Paris and Boston combined, recent research has shown. Civil liberties campaigners and many MPs are uncomfortable with the expanded powers. This policy will track every email we send, every Facebook message and log every website we visit in a way that no other democratic country does. It is not for innocent people to justify why the Government should not spy on them. Police say that 100% of terror cases, and 95% of organized crime cases, involve data collection. Under the bill, data will be held for 12 months, with police given the opportunity to ask for an extension.



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Legal Corner


Mohammed Nazir Solicitor Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

property and there has been an extension built without the permission of the landlord. What can I do? You can purchase the property provided that the solicitors acting on behalf of the vendor agree to put an indemnity insThe urance in place. Alternatively, you can apply for retrospective consent from the landlord before purchasing. It is important that arrangements are put in place to cover any future I am purchasing a property risks. and I do not want to conduct any I am purchasing a leasehold searches. Is this allowed? Yes you can purchase a property property and my solicitor has adwithout searches, providing it vised that there will be ground is either a cash purchase or your rent payable. Will there be any mortgage lender agrees to a “no additional costs? search indemnity insurance”. If you are purchasing a leasehold This insurance means that if there property there may be service are any adverse entries revealed charges and additional costs for subsequently, you and your mort- any other consents that you apgage lender will be covered for ply to your landlord for. Namely any losses. Your solicitor may consent for any structural change ask you to sign a disclaimer that or changes of use for the property. he has advised you to have the If you apply for any structural searches but you have decided changes then the landlord can charge their professional fees and against his advice. surveyors fees. Your solicitors I am purchasing a leasehold can advise you of any additional I am buying a residential property and my Solicitor has asked me to wait for a local search. What is this? This means that your solicitor is waiting for the local councils records regarding your property. This includes things like any planning permissions, local schemes etc. this search is very important which is why your solicitor has asked that you wait for it.

costs by looking through the lease. I have received a mortgage offer and it states that there will be a retention of £10,000.00. What does this mean? A retention means that any works recommended in the mortgage lenders valuation report need to be done after completion. Once you have done the works to a satisfactory standard, the money will be released. You will have to arrange alternative money in the time being because your solicitor will be forwarded £ less (retention) on completion. My solicitor has advised that there is a absent landlord. What does this mean? If you are buying a leasehold property and the whereabouts of the landlord are not known then this is called an “absent landlord”. In this situation, your solicitor will need to buy an “absent landlord indemnity insurance”. This means that if there are any losses incurred due to demands from the landlord, then the insurance policy will cover you.

Lawyer says Pakistan spies Aiming to Kill Her One of Pakistan's leading human rights activists has told Sky News she fears for her life after receiving information from a "credible source" that she is being targeted for assassination. Asma Jahangir believes Pakistan's security bureau - the Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) - is behind the plot. The respected and well known lawyer, who works to prevent the persecution of women and religious minorities, said: "I received an information leak that an assassination was sanctioned and planned. I was made aware that my travel plans had been under surveillance for some time. It is very obvious to me that it would be the ISI pulling the strings." Ms Jahangir's work as a human rights activist - which has included defending people from Pakistan's strict blasphemy laws - has frequently seen her targeted by religious extremists. But she says this latest alleged plot, which she believes has been hatched at the "highest level of state agencies", may be as a result of her work in one of Pakistan's unruly provinces. It is possible intelligence chiefs have been angered by her mission to highlight human rights violations by security forces in restive Baluchistan. Asma Jahangir did consider leaving the country when she heard about the alleged plans for the "murderous attack" but has decided it is not an option. "I have seen more frightening times than this. Unfortunately we get numb to the signs of danger in Pakistan because we see so much of it around us," she said.


The Pak Muslim Death Committee was launched in Sheffield for those people who do not have a big family to rely on in the event of a death or those who are not affiliated with any other death committee. (those already members elsewhere will not be accepted). In time of need any one of us will often face arrangements and financial hurdles, on top of the grief we are suffering. The Pak Death committee aim to give people peace of mind by offering a range of services. The joining fee is £50 per head (under 50s only). Annual Fee is

£25 per head. SERVICES AND PAYMENTS If a member dies in the UK and burial will take place here then the committee will provide a cheque as soon as possible for £3500 If a member dies in the UK and burial will take place abroad the committee will provide a cheque for £2000 to the family members If a member dies outside the UK then the committee will provide a cheque for £2000 of the body is being brought back to the UK If a member dies abroad and will be buried abroad then committee will provide a cheque for £1000

to the family If a child dies following birth then the family will be given a cheque for £1500 For more information please contact Syed Zeeshan Naqvi 07538833786; Ashiq Hussain 07855797376; Shabbir Mughal 07976287730; M Amin 07930341034; Nasir Mir; Master Sayeed Ahmed Syed; Syed Fayyaz Hussain; ILM News; Radio Ramazan; PMC; Apna Restaurant; Khushi Restaurant. Terms and Conditions apply.

£100M Yorkshire Public Broadband Scheme Needs £10M Taxpayer Loan to Stay Afloat A pioneering South Yorkshire superfast broadband project is being bailed out with a £10m taxpayer loan while it looks for a private-sector partner. Digital Region was set up in 2008 by four local councils and the government with £100m to provide superfast broadband for up to 80 per cent of the area’s homes and businesses. In 2011 it made just £167,000, but cost

£9.2m to run, with funds running short after years of building fibre-to-the cabinet services over BT’s network. Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley councils expected Digital Region to start making sizeable profits after it launched in 2010. Now the councils and government are hoping the £10m loan guarantee will help Digital Re-

gion keep going until they can tempt a private partner such as BT or Virgin to take on its customers with some public funding. The alternative is to let Digital Region close down and see its customers left with no broadband service. The 350-mile fibre optic network took more than two years to build, and reached 1.3 million people, 546,000 homes and 40,000 businesses.

UK Urged to Consider Foreign Student Visa Policy In a letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron 68 chancellors, governors and university presidents together warned of the damage that would result from recent visa changes.. According to senior education figures, the current foreign student policy could have British universities lose millions of pounds annually. In the letter, Professor Eric Thomas, president of Universities UK and vice-chancellor of the University of Bristol warned the gov-

asking the government to classify international students as temporary rather than permanent migrants to the UK. The letter states that Britain attracts around one in 10 students who study outside their home country, generating around £8 billion each year in tuition fees. The decrease in overseas admissions ernment that recent visa changes could result in each British unicould discourage foreign stu- versity losing £5 million to £7 dents. Prof. Thomas also intends million a year. to write to the Prime Minister

Man-Made, Floating 'Island'

International human rights groups have condemned the alleged assassination plot. Human Rights Watch has demanded a full investigation.

An Austrian firm has come up what it hopes is the next big thing for the mega-rich: a manmade, floating "island" with a list price of 5.2 million euros ($6.5 million). Measuring 20 by 37 metres (66 by 121 feet), the "Orsos Island" has no engine but can be anchored anywhere its owners choose and then towed to another location the other side of the world if they so wish. The interest has been massive from all over the world, from Australia, China, the United States. They have already had the first pre-orders and potential buyers from Australia next week. The island is environmentally friendly and fully self-sufficient, with solar panels and wind generators providing power. It can sleep 12 people plus crew and offers 1,000 square metres of living space. The only problem is that no "islands" have been

produced yet and that once manufacturing starts it will initially be in land-locked Slovakia. The company expects the first finished products to be ready in

18 months' to two years' time, and for the "islands" to be transported down the Danube river into the Black Sea -- and then to wherever the customer wants.


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PROPERTY CORNER by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant: Mark Jenkinson & Son

SPRING IN THE PROPERTY MARKET What has prompted me to write this article is that over the last six months or so I have heard nothing but investors, developers, house owners, speculating about the state of the property market. The questions are more or less the same. Is it going to improve? When is it going to improve? Should I buy now? These are just afew of the questions taxing people's minds The reality is that over many years property investment has been very strong with people gaining substantial increases on the initial outlay. This was the case whether you were a professional investor or a serious amateur, or just buying a house to live in. It almost became a national obsession behind talking about the weather, as to the value of property. I believe the market is readjusting to current conditions where there is financial uncertainty, insecurity in the job market and a world going through change. I see many people who having bought their properties at the peak of 2007/08 are now seeing values dropping and clearly there is a sense of loss and anger. Why is this happening to me, being a common question theme. The reality is that it is happening not only throughout the country but the world. Albeit

that some major capitals such as London seem to be bearing up somewhat better. There are some aspects of the property market which are stronger than others. There are buyers out there. I have had many enquiries from potential buyers who are seeing this as an opportunity to invest. The reality is that there are not enough good quality investments in the market place. There is a lack of available stock coming into the market. Some people have decided that they will retain their properties for future growth in the hope of realising their initial outlay. Clearly this is a judgement call. There are also people who have delayed development projects but professionals in this field are starting to make a comeback, albeit in a cautious way. I am seeing more people planning for future developments, going through the development process and using a good professional team to extract potential value from sites. I have witnessed this in past difficult times and the recovery has always been led by such people. I have also seen an increase in activity in portfolio revaluations where investors have realised that they need to be aware of their potential future growth potential and possibly re-gear and diversify their portfolio. Diversification and realisation are the key words in the property market. I believe any property

professional should work with their adviser and carry out an asset management plan. It is an exercise that most large organisations whether private or public are going through. Use this as an opportunity not a threat. I believe a lack of good quality stock coming onto the market place is frustrating potential investors. Hence the trend of increased enquiries. As long as a vendor is realistic, then there are potential buyers out there. Vendors can also be buyers so just look at both sides before making a judgement. I believe this is the spring in the property market. Seeds are being shown for future harvests. The thought process behind property investment is changing, some people argue for the better. Spring is the time for laying foundations for a brighter summer. The question to ask is, “are we going to need property to live in, work in, provide services from?” If the answer is “yes” then you can draw your own conclusion about the property market. Clearly these are my opinions of the market. You will all have your own. And as ever, take professional advice before embarking on any property related transaction or thought.

'Diet Or Quit' Pakistan Tells Pot-Bellied Police A Pakistan police commander has ordered tens of thousands of pot-bellied officers to diet or quit frontline duties. Newspapers dubbed it the "battle of the bulge". Habibur Rehman, police chief in Pakistan's most populous province Punjab, has ordered 175,000 personnel not to allow their waistlines to exceed 38 inches (96 cm). At least 50 percent of Punjab police are overweight. Local daily The News said the number overweight officers in the city of Rawalpindi, the headquarters of the army that has been hit by numerous Taliban

attacks, stood at more than 77 percent, adding that "policemen appear to be losing the battle of the bulge".

and those deemed too fat from July 1 would not be given jobs in the field. Overweight officers are ineffective and "cannot chase bandits, robbers and other criminals properly", she added, blaming the problem on understaffing. The Pakistani diet is rich in meat, oil and ghee. The country is ranked 165 of 194 on the Forbes list of fattest countries, with 22.2 percent of the population considered overweight despite immense poverty faced by millions in the country. Police said officers had been Local reports have put the figure given until June 30 to shape up at 25 percent.

Saudi Women Allowed To Compete At Olympics

As ever, if you want to contact me please call me on 0114 2760151/0787 901 5095 or through ILM.

£1,6Million Of Government Funding Left Unspent Labour’s leaders on Sheffield City Council have been left red-faced as it transpired that £1.6 million of Government funding for Sheffield housing has been left unspent. In April 2011, the Labour-run authority was awarded £1.96 million through the Coalition Government’s New Homes Bonus. However, new figures have revealed that just £279,000 of the funding was spent in 2011/12 financial year. In September 2011, Liberal Democrats brought forward a plan to spend the £1.9 million bringing 6,500 empty homes back into use. However, the proposal was vetoed by Labour councillors. The New Homes Bonus acts as an incentive to build new homes. As a result of Labour’s inaction, Sheffield looks set to lose out. As other councils see their allocation go up next year, Sheffield’s will go down

Saudi Arabian female athletes are to be allowed to compete in the Olympics for the first time. The country has made a U-turn on its policy following speculation over whether the country's exclusively male team would be disqualified for gender discrimination. A Saudi Embassy statement confirmed its Olympic committee would now "oversee participation of women athletes who can qualify". The decision, supported by Saudi ruler King Abdullah, was taken earlier this month but an announcement was reportedly delayed due to the

death of Crown Prince Nayef, the heir to the throne. The decision will be the first time in the country's history where women have been allowed to compete in sport. Women's participation in sport has long been met with opposition in the kingdom. A senior Saudi official told reporters: "It's very sensitive. King Abdullah is trying to initiate reform in a subtle way, by finding the right balance between going too fast or too slow. Females may be able to compete if selected, and their out-

fits would most likely comprise loose-fitting garments and a "sports hijab", a scarf covering the hair but not the face. Qatar and Brunei join Saudi in their histories of only sending men to the Olympics. Qatar, however, has already announced it will send a three-woman team to London. However hopes were dashed for the first Saudi female Olympian hopeful after the showjumpers horse failed to qualify to the deadline due to injury.


2 Cour ses for £10 .00 Every Sun - T hur

Welcome to nt a r u a t s e R n a ic x e M & Italian El Paso is located in the centre of Sheffield and offers a fine variety of cuisine with the very best Italian and Mexican food being the order of the day. Having been in business for 20 years, the restaurant has recently been given a fantastic refurbishment to become a modern and contemporary venue with exposed brick walls and comfortable leather seating. Function Room / Disco Available, Ring for more details

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MUSLIM BURIAL SERVICES Muslim burial areas are provided at Abbey Lane, City Road, Shiregreen and Tinsley Park Cemeteries Earthen and concrete lined graves are available (with the exception of Abbey Lane Cemetery) Additional costs are incurred for a concrete lined grave.

Funeral arrangements Burial services will be allowed seven days a week including all Bank Holidays within daylight hours at the above cemeteries (April – September until 8.00 pm, October – March until 4.00 pm) Please note the following: • •

News in Brief


A burial certificate must be obtained before the burial can take place (see information below) Last ‘booking time’ at Bereavement Services for ‘same day’ burial Apr-Sept - 5pm Oct- March - 1pm (This is to enable adequate time for preparation of the grave) (Due to adverse ground conditions, it will not be possible to perform late or weekend/bank holiday burials at Abbey Lane Cemetery) The mechanical digger not available at late, weekend/bank holiday funerals

Monday to Friday Funeral arrangements can be made by the Funeral Director or representative by contacting us on the following numbers: Bereavement Services: 0114 239 6068 Sheffield Register Office: 0114 203 9427 -

9.00 am - 5.00 pm 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

£24.6M Transport Boost For South Yorkshire South Yorkshire has been awarded £24.6 million of Government funding for new sustainable transport projects. The Department for Transport has granted the money from its 'Local Sustainable Trans-

port Fund' (LSTF). The investment stands to benefit around 10,200 businesses which affects 226,000 jobs, with more jobs likely to be created.

Council Earmarks £1 Million to Tackle City’s Inequalities Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, has announced that £1 million of funding from Sheffield City Council will be earmarked to tackling inequalities through supporting the recommendations of the Fairness Commission. The Fairness Commission was established by the council to consider the nature, extent, causes and impact of inequalities in the City and

started its work in February this year. A wide range of issues impacting on inequalities and life chances have been discussed as part of the Commission, including health, poverty and welfare, employment and unemployment, aspiration and attainment and housing. Over 50,000 households are now believed to be living in poverty in the city – just over a fifth of households in Sheffield.

Weekend/Bank Holiday Funeral arrangements can be made by the Funeral Director or representative by contacting the Medico Legal Centre on the following number: Medico Legal Centre:

0114 273 8721 - 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Death Registration must be completed and burial certificate obtained before the burial can proceed. Please contact: Sheffield Registration Service: 07854 183921 - 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

10 Tiny Mistakes That Have Caused Huge Problems The worker whose error caused RBS' computer crisis is not the first to make a small mistake that turned out to have enormous consequences. It could be one of the dearest little mistakes in history. The £1.7billion RBS computer crisis is believed to have been caused by a junior technician in India hitting the delete key by accident during a routine software upgrade. The “inexperienced operative” is said to have wiped out a whole day’s worth of transactions, sending the bank’s systems into complete and utter meltdown. But the unfortunate worker can take some comfort from the fact that he is not the first to make a small mistake that turned out to have enormous consequences.

first images came back blurred. It was eventually found a microscopic speck of paint had caused the telescope’s mirror to be four microns out. The error – 25 times smaller than a human hair – had to be fixed by a £300million space mission.

NASA sees red NASA lost an £80million ¬spacecraft after two ¬engineering teams used completely different units of measurement. Lockheed Martin workers went for the imperial scale – inches, feet and pounds – and NASA staff for metric – centimetres, metres and newtons. The mistake caused the state-of-the-art Mars Orbiter to pass too close to Mars during its Just look at what can go wrong... mission in September, 1999. The vessel is thought to have blown into bits when it entered the red Hubble trouble The £1.3billion Hubble Space planet’s atmosphere at the wrong Telescope was almost rendered angle. useless by a fleck of paint. The machine was launched in 1990 to Payday moan let ¬scientists view the furthest An investment bank offered a reaches of Space. But despite job seeker a £2million-a-year five years of careful planning, the salary – when they put a deci-

mal point in the wrong place. The Swiss currency trader immediately resigned from his old job after JP Morgan Chase gave him the lucrative contract. His salary should have been closer to £200,000 – but the mistake meant the figure offered was ten times larger. The investment bank quickly realised its mistake and withdrew the contract in December 2010. The worker sued for £580,000 damages but his case was thrown out earlier this year by the High Court in London.

Bridge of sighs An American entrepreneur bought London Bridge for £1million – by mistake. Oil baron Robert McCulloch apparently thought he was purchasing the more impressive Tower Bridge in April 1968. McCulloch ordered the bridge to be taken apart before ¬reassembling it in Arizona. The re-made London Bridge is now a major tourist attraction in Lake Havasu City. Ship of fools

February 2008. The pilots survived by ejecting from the cockpit but the next-generation plane was completely destroyed. An unfair share A Japanese stock broker cost An American insurance com- his firm £145million by selling pany made perhaps the most ex- 610,000 shares for one yen inpensive typo of all time in 1978. stead of one share for 610,000 Prudential loaned £100million to shipping firm United States Lines – which guaranteed the loan with its fleet of cargo boats. Insurers expected to collect £58million when the company went bust in 1986. But because a legal secretary had left out three zeros on the contract, they were entitled to yen. The unnamed member of just £58,000. staff made the huge blunder Just plane silly while working for stock comCondensation on a tiny sensor pany Mizuho Securities in Japan. on a B-2 Stealth Bomber caused He was trying to sell one share a £896million crash. Mechanics in recruitment firm J-Com for working on the American plane 610,000 yen, around £3,200. Instead he flooded the Tokyo Stock Exchange with 610,000 shares costing one yen – less than 1p – each. Mizuho bosses tried to halt the sale in December 2005 but were unsuccessful. had discovered that moisture Flared up distorted air pressure readings. They fixed the problem by recalibrating the sensors. But they forgot to factor in what would happen if the moisture evaporated. This led to a devastating crash on the Pacific Island of Guam in

A lost hunter sparked a £510 million fire after he set off a distress flare to signal for help. Sergio Martinez panicked when he became separated from a friend during a deer hunt in California. His signal flare triggered a massive blaze which destroyed 2,300 homes and killed 15 people. The fires raged for 11 days and spread over 280,000 acres. Martinez later appeared in court. Blackest day A loose nut sparked a power cut which led to riots that cost New York £650million in 1977. When lightning struck ¬generators owned by the ¬ConEdison

power company, circuit breakers should have contained the surge. But workers forgot to tighten just one nut, leading to a 24-hour blackout that caused riots, arson, vandalism and looting across the city. More than 1,616 stores were damaged in the ensuing violence. There were also around 1,037 fires started, with police officers forced into making 3,776 arrests.


Global Village Commotion Ideas of the Global village and global communication mainly for the globalization of economies and financing of world trade are now proven brain-dead doctrines of the century. These strategic ideas were floated by western corporate powers in the name of ‘universal civilization’ at their own terms to civilize the civilizations. For the purpose an electronic herd was designed and developed primarily to create a niche of market dictatorships and to safeguard and protect the interest of only those who were capable of playing monopoly games in the ‘Capitalist Club’. A Golden strait jacket was designed and stitched to fit in the world economies and for the purpose a structure of global communication system was launched on terms of E-Commerce, WTO and ISO etc. World trade & financing was made mandatory through “Evernet” to keep the consistent flow and round the clock watch over controls on economies of all countries. Major objective and intent of the system was monopolization and market dictatorship especially over the countries which were politically and socially weaker but potentially

richer in regards to their natural resources and higher rates of consumer growth. The concept of the ‘Golden strait jacket’ was the brain child of Margaret Thatcher, conceived by her in 1979 and later on delivered , designed and stitched by Ronald Reagan in 1980ees. The question is, if any country like Pakistan thought that we could not put on that golden strait jacket to enter into globalization mainly because of the limitation of our infra-structure, our cultural and social values, our level of competence and capacity in technological terms, then could we opt for doing it our own ways at our own pace to fit ourselves in different, less restrictive and a comfortable jacket? Some basic rules of fitting a country into the “Golden Strait Jacket” had basic rules which were somewhat frank, flat and frowning which were given straight on heads of all countries big & small: If your culture, social traditions and level of competence are opposed to the values and rules of our golden strait jacket than we can only sympathize. But today’s global market system and

rules are produced by strong and powerful forces of the fast world. These forces now demand how you fundamentally change yourselves and how you see your future in this world? How you communicate? How you invest? If for any good or bad reason you think you can resist our demands without paying any steep price and falling far behind you are then simply deceiving and misleading yourself and your own people. Such kind of take it or leave attitude was adopted primarily by those strong and powerful business forces who threaten, blackmail and exploit on the weaknesses and shortcomings of politically, socially and economically weaker but potentially stronger and highly consumer oriented markets like ours. The extent to which the monopolization and absolute control of capitalist mafia dominated the globalization system is now the major reason of resentment especially in countries which are socially economically and politically highly vulnerable. Unfortunately the majority of people now living in this global village are frightened; psychologically confused, mor-

ally impressed, economically compressed, socially frustrated, mentally insecure, physically threatened and politically intrigued. This is not destined but designed for the over-sized, poor and downtrodden population in weaker states. Extensive exploitation, for their glorification and capitalization, of poverty and slums, is a strategic approach on blue prints of the designed plan of capitalists’ mafia. They exercise their controls mainly through the patronage, protection and harbour age of morally ill and corrupt rulers especially in weaker states. This strategic exploitation of countries and societies is being handled and mishandled also through patronage of faceless men and women as media stalwarts functioning under pure commercial affluences and influences. The way they over power the tools of communication is a double edged, lethal weapon for destruction of moral and ethical values. They create confusion and doubts on basic beliefs and ideologies of various factions’ local communities to play the one against the other. They attack to destruct the social fibre of local

societies in order to achieve their main objective of universalizing of civilizations mainly through westernization. The interpretation of localized social religious and political beliefs and ideologies by these men & women applying communication tools as per their own agendas, motives and personal perceptions has infect escalated psychological tensions and has brewed social, political, religious conflicts. Now realistically speaking there is of course no such thing and concept as a ‘Nation State’ anywhere in the world irrespective of any country’s social, economic, political and technological strengths and weaknesses. As a matter of fact despite all technological and scientific advancements and strengths of developed countries of the world their institutional systems have dangerously weakened mainly because they have miserably failed to provide any socio-economic balance in lives and living of their own people. The weakening and breakdown of the authority of governments happens as a result. To the extent of a virtual take over by corporate and criminal mafia has intensified

social unrest, political unjust and economic imbalance in almost every country and society be developed be under developed. This is all what the reality of a blue print of the idea of universal civilization is. Now this Global Village under big and small communal co-moves trembles today as a symbol of corporate curse and dilemma of manipulation and control. Underworld and over the world mafia and cartels of lethal arms, drugs, oil and communication corporations for their heinous intents and motives have turned all Egyptians, Libyans , Iraqis, Afghans and so many others (within and beyond our region) into nothing else but turtles. Irrespective of their power now is the time so high that looters and plunders here there or anywhere cannot stay away from getting occupied in bloody manner sooner or later by their own people! Monopoly players in monopoly clubs of the capitalist’s world must remember that time is coming when you will hardly get any time to make more money. The time is really not very far!!

Never Before Did They Walk This Path The rise of Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to the prime minister’s office underscores a stark reality; we have lost fundamentals of ethics to politics of expedience. Most Pakistanis seem to have lost distinction between the quest for rule of law and the self-serving rhetoric of the ruling elite to circumvent law in the name of “elected democracy.” Some of us also tend to judge the conduct of key stakeholders such as the judiciary in isolation from the rest of society, forgetting that judges too are products of the same society – human beings with likes or dislikes. They live in a sea of corruption and misgovernance. They exist in a culture that thrives on nepotism and favouritism, with mere lip service paid to rule of law. What we all live in is the direct consequence of the way the military emasculated public and private institutions and the readiness of civilian kleptocrats to partner the army in post-coup setups. Many accuse the judges of “possessing an exalted sense of righteousness” but fail to admit that most of others – politicians, businessmen, anchors, and media czars – too suffer from the same sense of exalted sense of self-righteousness when pontificating. Although they crib and groan under crushing inflation, crippling loadshedding, and debilitating misgovernance, yet they fail to consider the real reasons for their miseries. Those critical of the judiciary’s assertive conduct refuse to acknowledge the importance of one very simple question that every

law-abiding man must ask: why did the then attorney general withdraw Pakistan’s claim on a Swiss Bank account holding 60 million dollars when the PPP came to power? To whom did the account belong? And if the government has nothing to hide, what is the harm in writing a letter to the Swiss authorities for reopening the investigation? Why can’t the Supreme Court not instruct the attorney general to only make enquiries in this regard, without insisting on a trial (because the president enjoys immunity under article 248)? Immunities and discretions simply lead to arbitrary dispensation of authority, usually done to benefit oneself or a few around. Immunities often become tools to buy influence or bury opposition under the pretext of discriminatory constitutional provisions. Much of the pro-and-con debate on the conduct of the judiciary inadvertently obfuscates certain socio-political realities of Pakistan. Pick up literature from any period of history since 1947, we have all bemoaned the absence or lack of respect for law; the military and civilian kleptocracy has repeatedly used law and the constitution as their hand-maiden. And we have all been crying hoarse for accountability. Those finding fault with the chief justice and the 16 other judges – all adults with little chance of coercion by the chief justice – must judge them in the light of what they did to undo a haughty dictator, General (r) Pervez Musharraf. Never before had a judge walked

this path. This unmatched courage before the generals must not be made light of. One major message that rings out of virtually all the consensus rulings is that nobody is above the law. We should point out shortcomings in the conduct of our judges and expect them to also take on the military establishment with equal ferocity, yet we should not allow the quest for rule law or the principle itself become victims of how one political party or the other looks at them. This zeal in detracting judiciary must not gloss over the ruling coalition’s repeated attempts to counter judicial orders with administrative counter-measures. We must also not forget that unfortunately all rulers have used and abused public trust i.e, government resources, with impunity – living off the money that the common Pakistanis pay through their noses. Why not keep pressing for above-board accountability and respect for law. It also includes an opposition to immunities and exceptions that the ruling elite has inserted into the constitution for unquestioned abuse of authority. The entire governance machinery – and the country as such – is practically hostage to certain issues and the people are getting hurt. The struggle for self-survival has kept the government from developing long-term strategies to mitigate the sufferings of the common man. We should be careful when drawing analogies between Pakistani, Indian, American and British judiciaries; Pakistan has its own socio-political context – shaped

by military interventions, civilian connivance, rivalry with India and Afghanistan, an overemphasis on religion, and the nexus among generals, politicians, bureaucracy, media czars, mediamen and parts of civil society.

In this context, deeply entrenched interests of the civilian and military kleptocracy remain unchallenged. Let us not use ‘the party’ or any other ideological prism to judge the judiciary or the media. Judge them using the simple

yardstick – all citizens are equal before law and must be treated so. Hence the need to strive for this.


Canada best G20 country to be a woman, India worst Policies that promote gender equality, safeguards against violence and exploitation and access to healthcare make Canada the best place to be a woman among the world's biggest economies. Infanticide, child marriage and slavery make India the worst, a poll concluded. Germany, Britain, Australia and France rounded out the top five countries out of the Group of 20 in a perceptions poll of 370 gender specialists conducted by TrustLaw. The United States came in sixth but polarised opinion due to concerns about reproductive rights and affordable healthcare. At the other end of the scale, Saudi Arabia - where women are well educated but are banned from driving and only won the right to vote in 2011 - polled secondworst after India, followed by Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico. India is incredibly poor, Saudi Arabia is very rich. But there is a commonality and that is that unless you have some special access to privilege, you have a very different future, depending on whether you have an

women suffered disproportionately from a lack of access to affordable healthcare.

extra X chromosome, or a Y chromosome. The poll showed the reality for many women in many countries remains grim despite the introduction of laws and treaties on women's rights. "In India, women and girls continue to be sold as chattels, married off as young as 10, burned alive as a result of dowry-related disputes and young girls exploited and abused as domestic slave labour," said Gulshun Rehman, health programme development adviser at Save the Children UK, who was one of those polled. This is despite a groundbreakingly progressive Domestic Violence Act enacted in 2005 outlawing all forms of violence against

women and girls. Canada was perceived to be getting most things right in protecting women's wellbeing and basic freedoms. Women have access to healthcare, a premium on education, which is the first step toward economic independence and have laws that protect girls and women and don't allow for child marriage. Experts were divided on the situation in the United States. Civil rights and domestic violence laws, access to education, workplace opportunities and freedom of movement and speech were positive. But access to contraception and abortion were being curtailed and

BARRIERS TO DEVELOPMENT It is more vital than ever to protect women's freedoms at a time of political upheaval in several parts of the world. Times of political transition, can also be times of fragility, and when rights for women and girls can be rolled back instead of advanced. Putting women's rights on the global agenda is the key to progress and to effective development. Countries that restrict women's rights and freedoms or fail to protect them from injustices will suffer long-term, socially and economically.

Energy Rip-Off?

Customers Paying the Price of Energy Companies’ Gambling “Energy bills continue to rise, whilst energy companies are enjoying huge profits. Last week, it was revealed that that an energy trader for E.ON – one of the Big Six energy companies operating in the UK – had lost £20m betting on European energy prices. At best, the speculative trading activities of the energy companies are opaque and lacking transparency. There is now a real suspicion that the companies are privatising the profits from this speculation – for the benefit of the shareholders - whilst socializing the losses – meaning that the cost of those losses are met in the bills of ordinary customers. Clive Betts MP has written to the

Chief Executive of OFGEM asking him to investigate, and to ensure that energy companies’ speculative trading activities are transparent, and to insist that energy customers do not bear the losses from such trading whilst share-holders benefit from the profits. He has challenged the energy regulator, OFGEM, to act on the speculative energy trading activities of the UK energy companies. There is an urgent need to open the market up to new entrants, as the existing six big companies appear to operate in parallel, maximising prices for customers and rewards for directors and shareholders.”

HOW THEY RANK 1. Canada 2. Germany 3. Britain 4. Australia 5. France 6. United States 7. Japan 8. Italy 9. Argentina 10. South Korea 11. Brazil 12. Turkey 13. Russia 14. China 15. Mexico 16. South Africa 17. Indonesia 18. Saudi Arabia 19. India

Ramadan 2012’s Message of Friendship Fostering Friendship in Ramadan "Ramadan Al-Kareem Mubarak!" "Sister, please bring your family to my home for Iftar tonight!" With the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, there comes a common attitude which lingers among friends and families within the local community – the trend of extending, strengthening, and building on relationships with our fellow brothers and sisters who celebrate Ramadan with us. With the ultimate battle of who can invite more people over for Iftar, who can participate in the united recitation of the Holy Qur'an, which woman can cook the most dishes for the Islamic center and, more importantly, who can make it to the mosque every night, it is this kind of positive Islamic competition that also allows us to reinforce the values of our faith alongside the importance of the unity of the Muslim nation. The benefits of such stable Islamic societies which are the result of friendships, trust, and the

cohesion among those who are actively working towards submitting themselves to Allah are truly polished during this holy month. During this month at the mosque, it's great to see the children around the dessert table, the adults gathering for tea, the hungry teenage boys scuffling for the drumsticks, and everyone (including the religious leader) surrounding the date plate! If anyone has ever felt left out or neglected, or if you just happen to be the "quiet type" in the community, Ramadan is the one time when we all unite and let go of any past grudges or resentments which we may have towards others. However, as food is far too often the main thing on people's minds at Iftar time (and no one can blame us!), we often tend to overlook the miraculous bonding and formation of love for one another which is created due to the sacred Ramadan atmosphere. In fact, with so many blessings and

fresh opportunities available to every Muslim in this world, one which we often go by without giving much thought to is that of friendship. The reason why we need friend-

to understand is that it is the quality of a friend and the quality of being a friend which should be considered the most prominent characteristic in such a companion in order for us to uplift the

ship is so that we can establish a sense of companionship within our lives, and this desire of companionship is only natural. Different people establish what we like to call a "bond" at different rates and based on different merits; however, what we really need

social cohesion levels amongst ourselves and establish a better and stronger Islamic society. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has said that a true friend is one who serves you well and remains committed to you at three stages of your life: when you are

in need, behind your back, and after your death. Irrespective of our gender, race, or religion, a universal issue that every human faces at some point of their lives is that of friendship. It's the one thing which children, teenagers, adults and the elderly all have in common. The Oxford dictionary defines a friend as "a person you know well and like, and who is not usually a member of your family." Now, while the definition of a friend is so very clear and simple, in reality we often find ourselves wondering how many of our friends are really our friends. Although it is easy for us to pick out the flaws in people, especially when it comes to family and friends, the best way to establish a stronger friendship base is to practice the qualities of a good friend according to the flawless example set by our beloved Imam. Almost every religion has some emphasis on the importance of good friendships

and companions, but no religion is like Islam in that it provides the perfect opportunity for us to meet and connect with our fellow brothers and sisters in society on a regular basis. Ramadan is one great example of that. As Islam is not just another religion, likewise Ramadan is not just another month on the Islamic calendar. It is a month in which the Holy Qur'an was revealed. We only have this opportunity once a year to improve ourselves and lifestyles. It is a time to move forward, let go of the past, increase our Islamic faith and become that better person, a better friend. With the countless blessings in the next few weeks to come, insha'Allah we can all learn to value and respect our fellow friends not just in this holy month but for a lifetime to come, and as Imam Ali said, hopefully our friends will continue to value and respect us after our death.



Dr Mohammed Ali OBE, the founder and chief executive of QED-UK, has been selected to be a judge on the Guardian’s Public Services Awards 2012. QED-UK was established by Mohammed Ali in 1990 as an ethnic minority focused community development charity. Dr Ali said: “It’s a great honour to be chosen as a judge for what’s

considered the gold standard of awards that showcases innovation and best practice across Whitehall, local government, the NHS and beyond. There’s never been a more challenging time for the public sector, and this positive affirmation of the astounding and aspirational work from public sector leaders deserves recognition.” The shortlisted applicants and winners will feature on the Guardian’s Public Leaders Network, which aims to encourage a wider exchange of best practice ideas and leading thinking on the issues affecting the public sector. The awards are for all organisations involved in commissioning or delivering public services,

whether they sit in the public, private or voluntary sectors. Mohammed Ali, who lives in Bradford, was educated at Huddersfield University and Bradford University School of Management and worked in a variety of development roles with the private, public and the national third sector organizations for ten years. He is a member of the DWP Ethnic Minority Employment Advisory Group; ACEVO North Advisory Board; European Integration Forum, Third Sector Consortium (3SC), Autism Plus and the Big Issue ( North) Judges Panel. He has also held many other appointments over the past 25 years including Bradford NHS Primary Care Trust, West Yorkshire

Learning and Skills Council, National Consumer Council Advisory Group, Institute Of Directors (Yorkshire Region); BBC Northern Region Forum and Home Office Earned Citizenship Strategic Advisory Group. Mohammed has worked with diverse communities throughout the UK and has participated in seminars in several Europe Union countries, Canada and Asia on ethnic minority issues. He won Professor Handy's Alchemist Award an honorary doctorate from Bradford University (1997) an OBE in 2001, finalist in Lifetime Achievement categories of the UK Charity Awards amongst others.

Coke And Pepsi Contain Alcohol Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain minute traces of alcohol, a study has revealed. According to tests carried out by the Paris-based National Institute of Consumption, more than half of leading colas contain traces of alcohol. These include the brand leaders Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, while it is mainly only cheap supermarket versions of the drink which are alcohol-free.

French magazine, published the results of the tests in its latest issue. The tests suggest that the alcohol levels are as low as 10 mg in every litre, and this works out at around 0.001 per cent alcohol.

But the figures will still be enough to upset the thousands of Muslims who regularly drink Cola because their religion forbids them from drink"60 Million Consumers", the ing alcohol, the daily said.

Breakthrough For Prostrate Cancer Drug National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have announced that the breakthrough prostate cancer drug – abiraterone - will now be made available on the NHS in England. Abiraterone can extend the lives and improve the quality of life of men with advanced prostate cancer once all other treatment options have stopped working. Clive Betts supported the campaign to

ensure this vital treatment is made available to men who needed it and has called on Sheffield PCT to ensure that the guidance is implemented well within the three month deadline. Abiraterone was provisionally rejected by NICE in February 2012 on the basis of cost. Following a campaign led by Prostate Cancer UK - and supported by MPs including Sheffield MP

Clive Betts, health professionals, men with prostate cancer and the media - NICE decided to review the evidence and re-evaluate the treatment as an end of life drug, for which it uses a higher price threshold. It also undertook successful negotiations with the manufacturer to reach an agreement on price. Health authorities in England and Wales must implement this guid-

ance within three months from today. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the UK. Over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Every hour 1 man dies from prostate cancer. African Caribbean men are 3 times more likely to develop prostate cancer than white men of the same age.


Time to Change our Mindset About High Blood Pressure Hypertension, like our temperature, is a vital sign telling us something about our body. It is telling us that something is amiss. Yet, paradoxically, we have come to view the vital sign as an illness that has to be treated by medication. We do not view a fever in the same way; we treat the cause of the fever. We need to change our mindset about high blood pressure. We need to discard the notion that hypertension is an illness or disease that can be cured by taking medication. Even if the medicine does lower our high blood pressure, it is treating the symptom not the cause of our condition. It is the underlying cause that must be treated otherwise it will persist and that could be critical to our health. Unlike a fever where the cause can be quickly identified and suitable treatment prescribed, there are many potential causes of hypertension. Your doctor does not have the time to test for each possible cause until he or she finds the real reason for your condition. It is easier and quicker for them to prescribe medication to reduce your high blood pressure and to give general

advice about diet, taking more exercise and losing weight. "The doctor has given me a pill, so I must be ill" is the wrong way to view your condition. Instead, we should be working with our physician to identify the real cause of our condition and to be safely weaned of the medication we have been taking.

The starting point is our lifestyle. We need to follow a diet for a couple of weeks at least and to take regular exercise. This will help us lose weight at a steady and safe rate. During this time we should be monitoring and recording our own blood pressure every day. We should also keep a log of our diet, exercise and weight. If our high blood pressure is on a down-

wards tend during this time, we know that the underlying cause of our problem was most likely caused my deficiencies in our diet which we have corrected. With this information, we can help our doctor plan the best course of treatment for us. If, despite improving our diet and becoming more active, our condition shows no sign of improvement, we have the evidence to show our physician. He or she can then test for other possible causes of our hypertension, such as heart disease, renal failure, chronic stress or severe atherosclerosis. This will take time as each possible cause will have to be tested. During this period, it is important to maintain our lifestyle improvements as these will have a positive benefit on our overall health. Having hypertension is like being in a box. There are more than 300 ways of getting into the box, but we can only get out the way we got in. It is our responsibility to help our doctor find how we got into the box and to assist him or her in planning the exit that naturally returns our high blood pressure to normal levels.


Mini-City' Just for A380s at Dubai Airport 'Dubai is set to unveil by the year-end a new airport terminal, which can even pass off as a mini city going by the facilities, exclusively for super jumbo Airbus A380 aircraft. As many as 20 A380 aircraft can dock all together at the new building, being built at a cost of $3 billion adjacent to Terminal 3, which caters exclusively to Emirates airline and is touted as the largest such facility in the world. To give a glimpse into the sheer scale of operation, each of these gigantic birds can ferry 853 passengers in a single-class configuration. Emirates, the flag carrier of Dubai, has ordered over 90 such aircraft.

Are you Thinking of Starting a Business in Sheffield? By: Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: Are you thinking of starting a business in Sheffield? "Concourse 3 will have two luxury hotels, first and business class lounges, a large duty free area, food courts, restaurants and a host of other features," said Khalifa Suhail Al Zaffin, executive chairman of Dubai World Central that overseas the airport. "The new terminal will take our capacity to around 75 million passengers. We hope to unveil it in the next few

months," Al Zaffin, whose organisation is mandated to make Dubai an aviation metropolis. Another unique feature will be the automated people mover -- a driverless train to ferry passengers between Terminal 3 and Concourse 3. It will also boast the largest deployment of sky trains for people to move across the 11 floors of the terminal.

If you are looking to start up a business or develop an existing business we are here to offer you advice or guidance We can help your business grow, overcome specific challenges and succeed in today’s economic climate. Below is information of what free support there is available to you.

Starting Up

Coaching Sessions Taking the first steps to becoming your own boss, our enterprise coaching team offers a series of group coaching sessions providing you with helpful hints and tips whilst having the advantage to discuss business start up issues with other people in the same position. The coaching sessions consist of:

•Session 3 - This session is delivered on our behalf by HMRC who advise you on your legal obligations including: registration; tax and NI contributions; expenses and allowances; and record keeping. This interactive session is a must for every new start up business. Other Support In addition to the above general sessions, there are:

If you are an established business looking to grow, the Enterprise Programme can tailor support to meet the specific needs of your company. We offer: • 1 to 1 support from a team of experienced business advisors • Free professional and technical advice (eg accountancy and legal)

•Weekly Drop-in-Days - Meet with a coach on a 1 to 1 basis to • Source experienced business discuss matters relating to your mentors and potential nonexecutive Directors business. •Information Sessions - About sales and marketing, social media, accountancy, terms and conditions, Procuring a website, website optimization and other useful topics delivered by experts in their fields.

•My Story in Business Sessions - Give you the op•Session 1 - Explores the viabil- portunity to hear from local ity of your business idea using entrepreneurs (from all walks of market research techniques. business) on their experience of Topics covered include: Identi- setting up their own company. fying who your customers are and researching competitors. •Breakfast Club - An opportunity to network with people •Session 2 - Covers the princi- who are at a similar stage in ples of basic business financial business. It is primarily aimed planning for the year ahead. at clients who are either just Topics include: start up costs; about to start up or who have understanding cash flow; and done so recently and are in the the principles of pricing. early stages of trading.

• High level support for management teams through our Business Transformation Team • Specialist support in the area of sales and marketing • Help to find out how digital technologies can transform your business growth through our Digital Directions programme • We also work closely with Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield to support graduate and post graduate business creation. If you require more details on any of the above, please email me.

Lack Of Funds Imperils Anti-Polio Drive

An almost $1 billion shortfall in funding for the fight against polio is putting global efforts to eradicate the crippling viral disease in jeopardy, global health experts say. In a report released 10 years after Europe was declared polio-free, the independent monitoring board of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) said there is now "a unique window of opportunity to stamp out polio for good" with global case numbers at their lowest levels since records began. But it will not happen if the program remains so desperately under-financed. A disease that until the 1950s

crippled thousands of people every year in rich nations, polio is a virus that attacks the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours of infection. It remains endemic in three countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria - after India in January became the latest country to become polio-free, after going a full year without registering a new case. Polio often spreads in areas with poor sanitation - a factor that has helped it keep a grip on those endemic countries for many decades - and children under five are the most vulnerable. The disease can be halted, as it

was in Europe, with comprehensive, population-wide vaccination programs. The global financial crisis coupled with growing needs for polio funding has led to a shortfall of $945 million out of a total 2012-13 eradication program budget of $2 billion. The shortfall would have a "real and immediate" impact. Vaccination campaigns for 2012 would have to be canceled in 33 countries, leaving 94 million children "exposed to the horrors of this disease". GPEI say that in six countries where polio persists - the three endemic countries plus Angola, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo - there are 2.7 million children who have never received even a single dose of polio vaccine. The polio virus is hiding out in a number of "sanctuaries" - specific areas in the worst-hit countries where too many children have been missed in vaccination campaigns and where the virus can multiply and prepare for a fresh attack.


News in Brief

Cancer Cuts More than 2 million adults live with cancer in the UK. Now, it has been revealed that the Government is planning sweeping cuts to the funding of England’s 28 Cancer Networks, which play a vital role in improving the quality of care for cancer patients. Clive Betts MP has been raising concerns, “It is absolutely clear that our NHS is not safe in this coalition government’s hands.” He outlined the following statement. In May, I revealed the massive increases in the number of people waiting for cancer endoscopy tests. In South Yorkshire and Derbyshire there has been a more than 131% increase in people waiting more than 6 weeks since May 2010. Now, the Government has confirmed it is planning sweeping cuts to the funding of England’s 28 Cancer Networks, which play a vital role in improving the quality of care for cancer patients. This year, the funding for cancer networks alone is £18.5 million. Now, it has been confirmed that the budget for all clinical networks, including cancer networks, is to be slashed to just £10 million next year. Cancer networks play an absolutely vital role in improving the quality of cancer care, by bringing hospital and community

services together, sharing best practice and involving cancer patients and the groups that represent them. Started in 2000, the cancer networks have been key players in increasing survival rates, and improving the quality of treatment and care. The North Trent Network – covering South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire is based in Sheffield. This area has one of the highest levels of cancer incidence and mortality in the country. Sheffield’s Weston Park Hospital is a world leader in cancer research and provides many specialist services that are only available in a few places across the country. It is one of only three purpose built specialist cancer hospitals in the United Kingdom. Many of the services provided at the hospital are used to treat patients from all over the country. We have made huge progress in diagnosing and treating cancer in the last decade. Now, this Government seems intent on destroying the foundations of better cancer services. It is wasting billions on a massive, quite unnecessary, top-down reorganization of our NHS, whilst increasing waiting times for diagnosis and treatment in all health specialties, including cancer.”

Smoking Fathers Pass On Damaged Genes To Kids British researchers have found the men quite fond of smoking actually go on to pass damaged DNA to their children as fathers while raising risk of cancer among them. Researchers at the University of Bradford found in their study that smoking harms the father's DNA, and these damaged genes can be inherited by his children. This raises the risk of youngsters developing childhood cancers, particularly leukaemia, Daily Mail reported. Because a fertile sperm cell takes three months to fully develop, fathers should kick the habit 12 weeks ahead of conceiving to avoid the risk. Smoking by fathers at the time around conception can lead to genetic changes in their children. These changes

may raise the risk of developing cancer. Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Glasgow have found that the men drinking lots of tea are far more likely to develop prostate cancer. They found that those who drank seven or more cups a day had a 50 percent higher risk of contracting the disease than men who had three or fewer cups. The warning comes after researchers tracked the health of over 6,000 men for over four decades. The latest findings contradict a previous research, which suggested that drinking tea lowers the risk of cancer, as well as heart disease, diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Israel Rejects Controversial Settler Law Israel's parliament has rejected controversial legislation that would have legalised unauthorised Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The bill, opposed by the country's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was defeated by 69 to 22 votes at the Knesset, with 29 abstentions. The vote paves the way for the removal of five buildings in the hilltop settlement of Givat Ulpana, which Israel's High Court ruled were built on privately owned Palestinian land. But, in an effort to appease the powerful settler movement, Mr Netanyahu has pledged to move the structures to a former Israeli military base in the West Bank and construct an additional 300 homes in the nearby settlement of Beit El. The move will anger the international community which views the expansion of settlements as

an obstacle to progress in the peace process. The Palestinians have refused to restart negotiations with Israel unless a total freeze on settlement activity is declared. Mr Netanyahu opposed the bill because he said it challenged the rule of law in Israel, threatening the government's ability to control the process of construction and approval of Jewish settlements. He said the rejection of the legislation would strengthen the settler movement not weaken it. Israel's prime minister, facing a potential rebellion by some of the far right members of his coalition, threatened to dismiss any ministers who voted in favour of the bill. Israel considers a number of small "hilltop outposts" to be illegal because they were built without government permission. The UN deems all of the

West Bank settlements - home to hundreds of thousands of Israelis - to be a violation of international law. The Fourth Geneva Convention forbids the transfer of civilians onto occupied land.

Israel claims a historical right to build in the West Bank - territory it terms Judea and Samaria - because of the Jewish connection to the biblical land.

Most Popular Recycle Centres Hit Worst New figures obtained by opposition councillors on Sheffield City Council have added further woe to the Council’s plan to cut hours at recycling centres. The figures reveal that the Blackstock Road site receives the highest tonnage of recyclables of any of Sheffield’s five household waste recycling centres. How-

ever, under the plan put forward by Labour councillors, Blackstock Road, which serves the south and south-west of the city, will be closed three days a week – more than any other centre. Meanwhile, the Longley Avenue Site, which serves the north-east of the city, is the only centre to remain open seven days a week.

Strikes, which have been called by workers at the five recycling centres, continue. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “Its unbelievable that Labour councillors have chosen to hit the most popular site in the city, while the centre that serves their

‘favoured areas’ sees no reduction at all. Worst of all they’ve attempted to gag councillors to stop them even discussing the subject. “It seems at the moment we can’t go ten minutes without another damaging revelation from Sheffield City Council’s waste department.”

Bollywood Packs its Best Punch with Raw Action Advanced technology can make actors fly in the air, jump down high-rises and do other dazzling, dangerous stunts. But it is the old Bollywood 'dhishoom, dhishoom' staple that really sets the viewer's adrenaline rushing - borne out by the success of "Rowdy Rathore", another raw action entertainer that has earned over Rs.105 crore. "Dabangg", "Singham" and "Agneepath" had their fair share of raw action and all did brisk business, earning Rs.145 crore, Rs.139 crore and Rs.120 crore, respectively. Salman Khan's "Wanted" and John Abraham's "Force" also fall in the same league of films with tough and strong male leads, who make villains count stars with their kicks and punches. End result? The viewers hooted, clapped, whistled and came back for more. Clearly, hi-tech entertainers made with mega-budgets like underwater thriller "Blue" and sci-fi "Krrish" and "RA.One" have their place, but the masses, particularly those in the interiors, want raw, rugged action. Agrees Bollywood's 'khiladi' Akshay Kumar, who returned to action with the Rs.45 croreworth "Rowdy Rathore" after six years. "I personally believe that people enjoy raw action more than technology. If you

use too much of technology, it will bounce back. People are very smart and understand what is real and what is unreal," said Akshay. "If you sit in single theatres and watch such films with the audience, you will hear people saying, 'Arre ye toh computer pe kiya hai (This is done on computer)'. You can't take your

The success of "Rowdy Rathore", which grossed over Rs.100 crore within two weeks of its release, ratifies his belief. According to film critic Omar Qureshi, nothing works without a good story. "Essentially, Bollywood is about songs, dance and drama. In between, our filmmakers were cop-

audiences for granted. So when I did my first action film 'Rowdy Rathore' after six years, I chose to do raw action. I believe in manpower and not technological power," he said.

ying straight from Hollywood. They have a different style of filmmaking, which does not really connect with the rawness of our interiors," said Qureshi. Does this mean that Bollywood

is not ready for the slick action of films in the west? "No! You have to detach yourself from the subject and then make a movie. You can have the best gadgets, you can shoot the movie underwater and you can shoot the movie on the moon... all you need is a good story," he said. "Rowdy Rathore" co-producer Shabina Khan says action can be showcased in any form on the big screen, but it is of no use if it doesn't entertain the right way. "People go to a theatre to be entertained. Today there are all sorts of action scenes - live action and special effects-created scenes. It's not true that live action entertains better. “'Mission Impossible: 4' had hysterical action sequences, and it worked. Viewers can be entertained by just a sequence wherein one actor slaps another... it's just about the whole experience and how entertaining the experience is," she added. "Dabangg 2", "Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2" and "Shootout At Wadala" are amongst the upcoming films showing plenty of the tried and tested 'dhishoom' formula. And the makers are hoping that they will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Council Tax Single Occupancy Review Are you receiving a Council Tax discount when you shouldn't be - then tell us before we contact you! That is the warning being made by Rotherham Borough Council, which is urging local households to tell them if they are claiming a Single Person Discount on their Council Tax when they are not entitled to. A 25 per cent council tax discount is given each year to more than 37,000 households across Rotherham where there is only one adult resident at the property. It meant that in the last financial year, more than £9 million was awarded in discount. But following an Audit Commission report the authority is to now compare its council tax information with other databases to identify those cases where more than one adult is living at an address and a discount is still being claimed. Those who are claiming but who no longer qualify for the discount should notify the authority immediately and their discount will stop from the date of their change in circumstances with no further action but those who keep quiet could face further investigation and having a considerable amount of Council Tax arrears to pay. The Audit Commission has reported that over £200 million of Single Person Discounts may be inappropriately awarded nationally - making a huge impact upon the already-overstretched budgets of local authorities right across the country.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword English novelist and dramatist Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton (1803–1873) uttered the wise words “The pen is mightier than the sword” in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Indeed, politicians often are at the sharp end of the newspaper quills. They should take in the wise words from another old enemy of theirs, Napoleon Bonaparte: “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Time will tell how well journalists have been sharpening their words against the blunt ideas of the elected. Of course, you can follow the mood on the top political blogs but blogs still have some way to go to reach the edge that newspapers still swing. And to think the end of newspapers – and the end of the book – has been predicted since the dawn of the personal computer. Alas, thanks to their online presence, newspapers actually have more readers than ever before. Books are doing pretty well too. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling became the world’s first billionaire writer. She sold many times more books than the next two best sellers, Enid Blyton and Theodor Seuss Geise (Dr Seuss), who have an estimated 100 million sales each. Really good numbers. Unless you are the villain in the story.

Corruption in Europe Could Slow Recovery Political and business corruption in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean, could further weaken vulnerable economies struggling to overcome the euro crisis. While it sees itself as one of the world’s least corrupt regions, few countries in Europe regulate lobbying or give citizens easy access to public information, allowing a culture of graft to take hold and political and business elites to divert funds, Transparency International said in a report. Bloated budget deficits and debt are at the heart of the euro zone’s 2-1/2-year-old crisis, and corruption means scarce public money is spent inefficiently and may be creamed off at a time when record unemployment is reducing government revenues. Countries with weak anti-corruption safeguards are often the ones with most problems in their public debt at the moment. Audit institutions are particularly weak

and often not independent from the government, meaning that public officials probably know they can get away with cutting corners. Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain – the euro zone’s most financially troubled nations – are having deeply rooted problems in their public administrations, namely that officials are not accountable for their actions. Although not technically illegal behaviour, politicians and business leaders use their influence to win contracts and sway policies, while parliaments often fail to enforce the anti-graft laws and rules that do exist. The links between corruption and the ongoing financial and fiscal crisis in

these countries can no longer be ignored. Corruption costs the European Union around 120 billion Euros ($150 billion) a year, accord-

ing to the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe. Many analysts say the figure is probably higher. Privatizations are fertile ground for creaming off funds into private hands and Portuguese and Greek privatization programs could be at risk, potentially leaving less money to pay down debt and deficits.

Governments may not get as much money out of the privatizations as they should because a certain number of people close to private officials benefit rather than the public. CREEPING “DISEASE” The perception that governments are too close to business elites added to the public anger that brought thousands of people onto the streets in Madrid and Athens in recent months. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was dogged by scandal. He faced a bribery case in Milan in February, although it was thrown out by the court and he denies any wrongdoing. Corruption is notoriously difficult to measure, but 74 percent

of Europeans see it as a growing problem in their countries, according to the EU’s latest Eurobarometer survey. The European Commission has described corruption as a “disease that destroys a country from within”. Transparency International said the issue was not limited to the countries of the Mediterranean. Many countries in western and northern Europe do not have dedicated anti-corruption agencies while wealthy Sweden and Switzerland have no binding rules to regulate private donations to political parties. Regulations in the Netherlands are seen as “wholly inadequate,” while bans in place on corporate donations in Belgium and France are not effective because funding can be pushed into other “opaque channels”. In Britain, several members of parliament were convicted after it was revealed that they were exploiting their expenses.

The Cheapest Computer you can Get The Government has a new scheme to let people buy a computer for as little as £49, but would you qualify for it and is that really the cheapest computer available… There are 8.1 million people in the UK who’ve never used the internet and around 4 million of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds. So clearly price might be a factor in keeping people off the web. But households save an estimated £560 a year by shopping and paying their bills online, while 7 million jobs were advertised on the internet last year alone. The benefits are considerable, so what are the costs? Here’s a rundown of some of the cheapest ways to get a web-ready computer.

GetOnline@Home scheme The Government has launched the GetOnline@ Home scheme. If you’re in receipt of certain benefits, including housing benefit, jobseeker’s allowance and income support, you can buy a refurbished desktop computer for £99 or a laptop for less than £170. Customers who also sign up to TalkTalk’s Essentials internet package for £5 a month get a £50 discount, which brings the cost of the desktop computer down to just £49 up front. It won’t be suitable for everyone, though, as there’s also a £14.50 line rental charge. That means monthly costs of £19.50 for the internet, and you’re signed up for a full year. Is it a decent computer?

The machines on offer are pretty basic, so you’ll struggle to play top-end games. However, they are fine for browsing the web and using word processing and other Microsoft Office

1GB RAM and 40GB hard drive. There’s also a helpline if you struggle to get started.

documents. The purchase includes a 15-inch flat-screen monitor, keyboard and mouse, CD drive and USB ports, a P4 2GHz processor,

You may have seen news stories regarding the Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer that costs just £22. If that sounds too good to be true, you need

What about the Raspberry Pi?

to know that it’s literally just a computer board, and comes without a screen, keyboard, mouse, memory, power supply, cables or even a case! The purpose of the gadget is not to replace conventional, more expensive machines but to encourage kids to learn computer programming. Find one for free There are many websites allowing people to give their unwanted stuff away rather than chucking it into landfill. Probably the most famous is Freecycle, but there’s also Freegle, Don’tDumpThat and a host of others. Users can leave descriptions of their unwanted items on the site and anyone who wants it can email to collect. You can also leave requests for items you need that aren’t being advertised.

Staying safe with a second-hand system When accepting a computer from an individual, always run a virus and spyware scan before using it, or find a company that will do so for you. Keep hold of the details of the people who gave you the machine in case anything incriminating is ever found on it. If you’re giving away a computer then you need to be careful not to hand over any data that could be used by thieves. You can also use a program like Eraser, which will repeatedly overwrite your deleted data until it’s very difficult to recover. Some security companies recommend that the only way to be confident your data is safe is to remove the hard drive before passing it on.

A New Approach to International Students: Paul Bloomfield MP Paul Blomfield MP has said the Home Office’s reforms of the student visa system are damaging the economy, by preventing universities increasing UK export earnings, and that international students should be taken out of the immigration debate by no longer classifying them as migrants. Mr Blomfield, who is the Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Universities, has campaigned against reforms of student visas for two years and in June 2011 argued against the reforms in a Westminster Hall debate on the issue. Paul Blomfield MP said: “International students bring huge benefits to the UK. They enhance our universities’ cultural richness and intellectual quality, and the relationships that they forge whilst studying in the UK bring long-term economic benefits after they have returned home. “Their direct financial contribution is worth £8 billion to our economy, yet the Home Office itself has calculated that their changes to the student visa system could lose the UK economy an extraordinary £2.6 bil-

lion. But the real loss is to potential income - if we followed our international competitors by encouraging, not discouraging international students, our current higher education export earnings could double. “Both of Sheffield’s world-class universities are in my constituency and they receive over £70m of their combined income from international students, and international students spend around £90m in the Sheffield city region each year. If you add in FE students, in one city alone international students contribute nearly £200m to the local economy. This is an area of the economy we should be looking to grow to create new jobs, investment and stronger universities. “Government Ministers cannot afford to ignore the broad coalition of universities, business, and crossparty MPs who believe that students must be taken out of the immigration debate by no longer classifying them as migrants. I hope that this week’s meetings will focus attention on the issue of student visas and encourage Ministers to think again.”


Aoj E Shams & Mohr E Suleimani In the month of July 2012 Sun will be at a state of ‘AOJ ‘. This is a special placement of the sun with the earth when sun puts its positive rays on the earth. During these hours any talisman or amulet related to it shows very fast and effective results. In today’s world each and every one is living with a burden of worries over his shoulders. Financial sources fall short to fulfil needs. Under these circumstances a thought comes to mind that is there a magical way to get rid of this painful burden. A worried person takes all possible steps to solve his problems and during this he also knocks at the door of person who portrays himself as a spiritual healer but in fact he is nothing but a juggler. He claims to convert worries into happiness but his claims fail to give any relief to this worried person. The cunning methods of this juggler only bring disbelief in spirituality to this unhappy person. With time the person becomes so much depressed that he starts shouting loud that ‘God does not exist’. When these people were contacted it came to notice that they pay no attention to prayers especially Namaz. Namaz is the most powerful tool with great effects. We want to say one thing here that any one who wants to get great benefits of spirituality or wants to spend life in this field must perform Namaz with top priority. He must be aware of the rights of ALLAH and other human beings. If a person takes care of all these matters then every amulet or talisman shows its powers. Scholars of Ilm e jafr make various amulets and talisman when different planets come to the state of AOJ. The planet Sun holds the position of a King in our solar system. During the AOJ of Sun special talisman and amulets are made that possess great powers in getting favours from royals, high ranking officials, winning heart of the mass, victory over opponents and turning wishes into reality. This talisman must be made on pure gold. If someone can not afford it then it can be made by mixing gold and silver. During the preparation of this talisman keep burning the related perfumes such as musk, azafran, maqal arzaq and sinduras. Select a clean room in which you will make this talisman. During the process keep a real pearl with a hole in your mouth. You must be in wazoo and seated on a red cloth. At the AOJ of Sun during 2012 we are presenting a method of famous spiritual scholar of asiaAj Haj Shafaq Rampuri. We have tested this method many times and found it very effective. The author of the book ‘Mufateh Al Jafr’ Sheikh Faizi writes that the same talisman was prepared for Mughal emperor Akbar and due to this talisman Akbar attained a unique place in the history of kings. The one who possesses the talisman will never look towards other for the fulfilment of his needs. Making of this talisman is laborious but its wonderful positive effects are immeasurable. Now we write here the procedure to prepare the amulet in details so that every one can bring happiness to his life by making it. First of all write the names of these seven prophets in Arabic alphabet as we write here:

Please make sure that you write your own name after the name of sixth emperor. Now perform Takseer Jafri. For our readers we explain it here. Takseer Jafri is a process in which a word is taken from the left hand side and other word from the right hand side to a make a line of words. Then keep moving letters in the same pattern until the letters appear as in the first line. We hope that by looking at the following example you will be able to understand Takseer Jafri:

The last line that shows words similar as the first line is called ‘Meezan’. The second last line is known as ‘Zamam’. The Takseer Jafri process is very hard to complete. Utmost caution must be taken while writing letters. A single letter mistake can ruin the entire process. From the first line of Takseer Jafri write all fire words ‘Atashi Haroof’ on a separate paper. The following words are known as atashi haroof in spirituality:

From the first line also write ‘Noorani Haroof’ on the same paper. These are total 14 words which are also known as ‘Haroof e Muqataat’:

Kindly note that some Atashi haroof and Noorani haroof are similar therefore do not omit those Noorani haroof which are also Atashi haroof. Write Atashi haroof in one line and under these write Noorani Haroof in second line. Amalgamate these words by taking the last letter of Noorani haroof and the first letter of the Atashi haroof. If words from Noorani or Atashi line are less than the other then you can repeat the words. Please follow this example:

Then write the names of these six emperors:

Now write your own name. In our example here we are using the name: Write the names of seven stars :

Write the name of these seven angels :

Now you have two papers with you. One with entire Takseer Jafri and other with the combination of Atashi and Noorani haroof. Write down the numerical value of all Atashi and Noorani haroof. The values must be taken from Sun Numeric System (Abjad e Shamsi). We are writing here Sun Numeric Values of entire alphabet so that you can select your words and their values:

At this stage you have three separate papers with you. 1. Paper with Takseer Jafri 2. Paper combination of Atashi and Noorani haroof 3. Paper with sun numeric values Take a new white paper and fill all the boxes with numeric values according to the rules of ‘Mukhamas Khali Al Wast’. Take another paper and write your name letter by letter and amalgamate with these four letters:

Now take a square piece of Gold. It must be 1 Masha and 2 Ratti in weight. On one side of this gold piece inscribe Naqsh Mukhamas and on other side the combination of words of your name and above four letters. Your Talisman is complete. Make amulet of this gold talisman. Fold the paper of Takseer Jafri and place it over gold talisman. Cover both in single piece of red cloth. Shafaq Rampuri has not mentioned any specific time to make this amulet but according to our research the ideal time is when the sun is in AOJ position and during the hour of sun. If the sun is at eastern sky it is like having a precious gem in hand. Next day get up two hours before the sun rise. Take bath. Wear clean clothes and put red colour turban. Take another piece of red cloth and wrap it around your waist. Take a sword and place it in your clothes. Put perfume on your clothes and on amulet. Burn loban, ood, sand sufaid , surkh or any another perfumer. All this must be done before the sun rise. Now 15 minutes before the sun rise stand at a place where you can see sun rising clearly. Select top of the roof, building or an open place. You must be standing in east ward direction. Start reciting Surah ‘Wa Shams Wa zuha’ countless. Keep reciting the Surah till the sun rises. When the sun has risen stop reciting the surah. Place the amulet on your right hand and bring it in front of the sun and say these word ‘ALLAH as you have given rise to the sun bestow me with honour, by the virtue of this amulet bless me with highest status’. Say these words three times. Tie this amulet to your right arm. The amulet must be tied to your arm for 21 days. From the next day repeat the same exercise daily. Recite the Surah ‘Wa Shams’ for three times only. Bring amulet in front of the sun and say the words mentioned above and tie the amulet to your arm. After 21 days stop this exercise. Keep this amulet to your arm. You will experience great positive changes in your life which are beyond your imaginations. It is a greatest blessing of ALLAH to make any one king or minister or least HIS blessing and generosity can make any one honourable and prosperous. Making of this amulet is hard but a person with the possession of this amulet will be the star of every one eye. Kindly note few important steps of the whole process. If you do not find real sword then make a small wooden sword and cover it with shining silver paper. The sword will be place in the clothes only on the first day. Using red clothes and burning of perfume, taking bath before sun rise are all obligatory on the first day. On the first day there is no fix number of recitation of the Surah but on other days it must be recited for three times. Standing before the sun on top of the roof or in an open field will apply only to the first day. After 21 days you have the choice to keep the amulet tied to your arm or keep at a safe place. You will receive special blessings of ALLAH within 21 days if not then after 40 days the amulet will start showing its magical benefits. We have written the whole process in depth and hope that one can make the amulet for himself with ease. Those who are interested in this amulet but can make it for themselves can contact us before time. Note: Only those should use this amulet who are regular in their prayers.

If you are facing some problem but your mind and These are total 28 names. Now write all these names letter by letter. heart are unable to give the solution then come to us. We will direct For your convenience we are writing here the manner in which these names will be written so that you can complete this step with ease. Take Sun numeric values of entire Surah ‘Wa Shams wa zuha’ and you to the bright path. You can ask us any question free of cost at : also take the sun numeric values of the verse of Surah Aal e Imran which is in Parah 3, Raku 3:


Facebook Generates Feel Good Factor People love social networks, which is quite obvious from Facebook's 900 million active users and its reputation as one of the most visited websites, second only to Google. New research finds what people may really "like" about social networking are themselves. Despite the name 'social networks', much user activity on networking sites is selffocused. The 526 million people who log on to Facebook every day may be boosting their selfesteem in the process. Researchers asked 151 college students, aged 18 to 22 years, who also completed Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI), as a part of the study,

to either edit their social networking page on MySpace or Facebook or to use Google Maps. Those who edited their MySpace page later scored higher on a measure of narcissism, while those who spent

time on their Facebook page scored higher on self-esteem. Editing yourself and constructing yourself on these social networking sites, even for a short period of time, seems to have an effect on how you see

yourself. They are feeling better about themselves in both cases. But in one they are tapping into narcissism and in the other into self-esteem. MySpace reported 25 million users as of June 2012. MySpace users participated in the experiment in 2008, when the site had 115 million active users. Facebook users participated in 2011. On both MySpace and Facebook, students scoring higher in narcissism reported having more friends on the site. The differences in site format may be one reason why MySpace led to higher narcissism whereas Facebook merely produced higher self-esteem.


Creating a more positive image of Pakistan eigners as well, who through veloping country. With the rise of social media simple content like pictures this seems doable because we and videos, for the first time have a team of 80+ in more got to see the real Pakistan. iPakistan Uses Social Media than 15 countries and in lead- Several journalists and acaTo Create a More Positive Im- ing institutions such as Univer- demics from both Pakistan sity of Sheffield, King's Col- and abroad were appreciative age of Pakistan. In a recent poll conducted by lege, McGill, York University, of our work as well. Stanford BBC on country perceptions, HKU, Princeton and LUMS. University's Peace Innovation Pakistan was ranked as the second most negatively viewed country in the world after Iran. Further, it was the only country whose people viewed their country's influence being negative on the world! The 2010 floods in Pakistan were termed as the worst humanitarian disaster in the history of UN with more people affected then the recent Haiti earthquake and the South-East Asian Tsunami combined. Yet there was not even close to similar media attention and global donation drive for the Pakistan floods because peo- Several foreigners are working Lab, particularly liked our ple were simply not interested with us on our project as well, work, and now we are working in helping out a country, which which gives a real perspec- with them in a "Peace Innovathey think harbors terrorists tive as to how the world sees tion Entrepreneurship IncubaPakistan and how we can ef- tion Program", trying to devise and ‘supports’ them. These are just two examples fectively communicate a more innovative ways to encourage India-Pakistan Peace Interacfor why there is a need for a tions over social media 'people to people' initiative, “…love the ethos behind this…” (This is part of "Romancing like ours, to showcase the real The Border-Our sub initiative Pakistan to the world and dis- Caroline Jaine Artist. Photographer. for India-Pakistan peace). pel negative perceptions built Filmmaker. Visit our Facebook page toup by mainstream media. Trainer. Writer day and join in on our efforts People only get to see images to create and alternative narraof violence, extremism and positive image of Pakistan. war from Pakistan and we plan So far we have been in a pilot tive for Pakistan! to replace these with images of phase and the response has Rehman Ilyas- Rehman can beautiful landscapes, talented been quite overwhelming. youth and a progressive, de- Our Trial web site is www.i- be reached at, our Facebook veloping country. The Idea is Simple. Peo- Page is http://www.facebook. Fahad Shabbir-University of ple only get to see images of com/ and our full Sheffield’s Ambassador can violence, extremism and war web site will be out very soon. be reached at cpa10fs@sheffrom Pakistan and we plan to We have received many anon- replace these with images of ymous messages and posts beautiful landscapes, talented commending our work and youth and a progressive, de- actually quite a few from for"iPakistan" is a student led initiative with a goal to Rebrand Pakistan around the world over Social Media primarily.

Pakistani Community Enjoy Jubilee Celebrations Last month saw celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee all over the UK. Sheffield was popping with parties and celebrations within all communities. The Sheffield Pakistani community held its own celebrations to toast the successful reign of iconic Queen Elizabeth. The celebrations were hosted by Choudhry Zahoor and friends and over 20 families attended the event in Millhouses. National anthems of both Britain and Pakistan were observed and the proceedings completed with celebration cakes. Zahoor sahib spoke of the Queens’s good nature, steadfast character and professionalism over the past 60 years. He

said he highly appreciated what Mrs Iffat Hameed also spoke of the Queen has done for the country her pride for the and around the world, especially celebrations. for maintaining a high standard name for the UK around the world. Mrs Misbah Hussain OBE said we as all nations of the world are proud to be a part of the celebrations and felt honoured to live in this free peaceful country. She reinforced the role of a woman as a leader of a nation as well as a mother to the nation as well as her own family. Cllr Shaffaq, Leader of the opposition in Sheffield City Council also gave appreciation of the Queens long service and thanked the community.

Britain To Act Tough With Migrant Criminals British government wants its courts to act firmly with migrants, as the country's Home Secretary Theresa May has warned soft judges that she can force them to kick out foreign criminals. May wants to stop crooks dodging deportation, claiming it would breach their right to a family life. The Home Secretary has warned that if judges ignored the will of Parliament, she will enforce the rules through primary legislation. She said

judges were letting foreign criminals twist the meaning of the European Convention on Human Rights to escape deportation. It comes after she claimed last year that a Bolivian man could not be deported because he had a pet cat. May also revealed that from July Britons will have to earn at least 18,600 pounds if they want to bring a non-European Union spouse to live here.

Forced Marriage ‘to become Criminal Offence’ Plans to make forced marriage a criminal offence were announced by Home Secretary Theresa May. The Government is already committed to criminalising breaches of civil Forced Marriage Protection Orders. But the Home Office has been consulting on whether forcing someone to marry should be made an offence in its own right in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

900 Percent Rise in Jobless Britons The number of 18 to 24-yearold Britons who have remained jobless for over a year has rocketed from 6,260 in 2000 to 60,955 this year- an astounding 900 percent. Around 2.63 million people are out of work in the whole country, according

to figures released in May. Those unemployed for over 12 months hit 887,000- a 16year high. The number of employed British nationals fell by 43,000, while that of employed non-British rose by 49,000.

The consultation, which closed at the end of March, was launched at the request of Prime Minister David Cameron, who previously said that forced marriage was "little more than slavery" and "completely wrong". There are concerns that criminalising forced marriage altogether could deter victims from coming forward. A Home Office spokesman said: "Forced marriage is an appalling form of abuse and we are determined tackle it. "That's why we have held a consultation on making it a criminal offence and will criminalise the breach of Forced Marriage Protection Orders.

Local residents of Abbeydale Road gather to celebrate the opening of yet another Travel agency Brite Vision Services which specialises in Dabai Packages. Owner partners Rafaqat Ali, Yasir Taj and Yousaf Saeed welcome local to come use their friendly service. Local community welcomes the new edition in the area. Dua by Haji Mohammed Nazir, other guests, Mohammed Azim, Master Bashir, Saeed Ahmed Sayed, Rizwan, Asif Ali, Mohammed Jamail, Mohammed Mahroof and others. Photo by ILM News.


We Need Your Help

Water Relief is a non-profit organisation working to provide clean drinking water around the world. In just one country like Bangladesh 110,000 people die each year due water related illnesses, and yet Bangladesh is covered in water but much of it is unfit for consumption. We are aiming to set up water recycling stations producing 2000 litres per day upwards around slum areas of Dhaka and in the south of the country , using the latest cost effective innovation in energy free

water re-cycling we can clean that very water so enabling poor locals to access clean drinking water for years to come. We did a project in Rajanpur Pa-

kistan during the 2010 Floods. We found locals in a village outside Rajanpur drinking water from stagnant ponds infested with bacteria and parasites. Two children died only days before we arrived there and the local doctor reported that 80% of his patients came to him with water related illnesses. After installing a water purification system called Hi20 we were able to pump the pond water into the system to produce 2000 litres of clean drinking water every day. Nearly 2 years on we are a

happy to report that incidences of water related illnesses have dropped to a virtual zero from those who drink the purified water processed through the cleaning system Water Relief installed, and it uses no energy which is vital in countries like Pakistan where the power supply can be unreliable. Pakistan has many other areas where poor villagers and locals have only unclean water to drink, it’s easy to see what can happen to those people if they don’t get clean water- es-

pecially the children- Diahorea is the bare minimum, but also Cholera, Tyhpoid, E-coli and Parasites are just a few well documented Illnesses and infections, there are many others. Just imagine a pregnant mother having to drink such water! Water Relief uses 100% of all project funds raised towards the project they were raised for without any deductions; all UK based project workers working for Water Relief are volunteers. The latest Water Re-cycling/ cleaning method we use is called Hi20, this energy free system can process from 1000 litres per day upwards (depending on configuration), it can last for up to 25 years and has very low maintenance costs (mainly

Foster. Ron along with his key colleague Mr Chris Barker have over 40 years of excellence in Chemical Engineering and

Manufacturing, they produce many well known products you see on the shelves of DIY stores for large companies under branded names. Ron has in the past also produced coatings solutions for the Ministry of De-

labour for cleaning the system fence, Volkswagen, Honda and once per month).It uses anti- Pfizer but to name a few. bacterial anodes which kill all Please Visit our website at Water Relief A4 flyer

24 May 2012 14:14:17

bacteria in water, the anodes have a chemical coating which Help us to Help you to Help can last up to 25 years. those in need. The Hi20 is an invention brought to the world by Mr Ron








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