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By-elections: Labour retains all three seats

Nigel Farage: "UKIP's issues are connecting more and more with people"Continue reading the main story Related Stories Analysis: Are UKIP the new Lib Dems? Labour retains seat in Rotherham Labour victory in Middlesbrough Labour has won three by-elections, retaining Commons seats in Croydon North, Middlesbrough and Rotherham.

all three seats "UKIP's most impressive result in Westminster elections so far". Sarah Champion (Labour) 9,866 (46.25%, +1.62%) Jane Collins (UKIP) 4,648 (21.79%, +15.87%) Marlene Guest (BNP) 1,804 (8.46%,

Michael Beckett (Liberal Democrat) 451 (2.11%, -13.87%) Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 261 (1.22%) Paul Dickson (Independent) 51 (0.24%) Clint Bristow (Independent) 29 (0.14%) Labour majority 5,218 (24.46%) 7.13% swing Labour to UKIP

It increased its share of the vote in all three seats, but its majority was down in Rotherham, where the previous MP Dennis Mcshane had quit over expenses claims.

The BNP and Respect pushed the Conservatives into fifth place, while the Lib Dems lost their deposit, trailing in eighth - thought to be the worst by-election result in the party's history. Ms Champion, chief executive of a children's hospice, said: "Cameron's Tories have shown what they think of Rotherham, and today this result tells David Cameron what Rotherham thinks of the Tories."

The UK Independence Party came second in Middlesbrough and Rotherham, and finished third in Croydon North. In Rotherham, the Lib Dems fell from third place to eighth, behind the BNP, Respect and the English Democrats. The party got less than 5% of the vote, losing its deposit, in two out of the three contests. The Conservatives saw their vote drop in each of the seats, coming fifth in Rotherham and fourth in Middlesbrough. UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who attended the count in Rotherham, called the result across

election under, but said his party still had work to do to win back the trust of voters. "Voters in Croydon, Rotherham and Middlesbrough have put their faith in a One Nation Labour Party standing up for young people trying to find work and standing up for people whose living standards are being squeezed," he said. Labour candidate Sarah Champion won in Rotherham with 9,866 votes to UKIP candidate Jane Collins' 4,648.

-1.96%) Yvonne Ridley (Respect) 1,778 (8.34%) Simon Wilson (Conservative) 1,157 (5.42%, -11.32%) David Wildgoose (English Democrat) 703 (3.30%) Simon Copley (Independent) 582 (2.73%, -3.58%)

Turnout: 21,330 (33.63%, -25.37%) "The political establishment is just going to have to wake up to the fact that UKIP is here and here to stay as a significant and rising mainstream part of British politics," he said. Ed Miliband welcomed the results as an endorsement of "One Nation Labour", the slogan he is expected to fight the general

UKIP's campaign in Rotherham was boosted by a row over a local couple who had their foster children removed by the Labour council because they were UKIP members. But worries about unemployment had proven to be more important to voters than the headlines about fostering.

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GREEN PARTY SLAM ELECTION SHAMBLES The Green Party did not stand a candidate in the election of a Police Commissioner for South Yorkshire. We have watched a farcical and unwanted campaign unfold. Sheffield Central Cllr Rob Murphy comments: "I’m proud that we have had nothing to do with this election. It’s expensive, unnecessary and has been a farce. This election has been imposed on voters who have had little access to information to help them vote for a role they do not understand.’ Greens opposed the creation of the Police Commissioner position, arguing that there are dangers associated with a single politician being given so much power over the police. That all local public services should be accountable to the people through the local council and elected councillors. They say the role needed independent candidates with relevant experience rather than the police being closely associated with a political party. The £5000 deposit and lack of candidate mailings may

Shaun Wright - Police and Crime Commisioner for South Yorkshire

have been barriers for any independent candidates. On the other hand Shaurn Wright is elected as a new PCC for South Yorkshire.

Yahoo says it will appeal against the court decision Internet group Yahoo says it has been ordered to pay $2.7bn (£1.68bn) by a Mexican court.

Our employment solicitor Asifa Rehman is running a drop in clinic every Wednesday from 10am - 1pm.

The reported ruling follows a lawsuit stemming from allegations of breach of contract and lost profits related to a yellow pages listing service.

You are welcome to join us for these one-on-one advice sessions, where you can discuss your employment concerns in complete confidence and for no charge.

Yahoo said it “believes the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit and will vigorously pursue all appeals”. The lawsuit had been brought by Worldwide Directories SA de CV and Ideas Interactivas SA de CV.


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“Shopper Rate” Parking Labour have introduces a new “shopper rate” for parking in the city centre, in an attempt to support the city centre through the Christmas period in the tough economic climate. The rate of £3 for 6 hours, which will apply to selected city centre car parks, is a discount from the current rates of up to £9.30 for 6 hours in city centre car parks. Labour are determined to support the city centre economy and in the recent City Deal pushed to secure the future of the city centre redevelopment

project and in the shorter term are introducing schemes to support city centre traders such as the Chapel Walk Scheme, recently announced by the council. Car Parks with the new £3 shopper rate are: Carver Street - 48 Rockingham Street - 82 Wellington Street - 139 Rockingham Way - 249 Stanley Lane - 20 Silver Street - 12 Wicker Lane - 16 Willey Street - 36

Will Bin Policy go Back To Drawing Board?

Yahoo ‘ordered to pay $2.7bn’ by Mexican court


News in Brief

In a statement on its website Yahoo said the 49th Civil Court of the Federal District of Mexico City had “entered a non-final judgment of US $2.7 billion against Yahoo! Inc. and Yahoo de Mexico” in the case.

Opposition councillors are urging Sheffield City Council to “go back to the drawing board” and rethink its policy on bins. The call follows a poll in The Sheffield Star that showed that 54% of local people believed the city’s new waste collection service wasn’t working. Liberal Democrat councillors believe a string of failures by the current Labour administration led to the widespread dissatisfaction, including:  A failure to communicate the changes, despite spending £400,000, which saw many residents miss

their first collection and confusion over an amnesty on extra sacks and closed lids.  Complete mismanagement of local recycling centres, which led to strikes and massive queues of cars.  A slump in green waste recycling following the Council’s decision to end free garden waste collections.  Predictions that flytipping would rise in parks and public spaces and increasing complaints of flytipping, despite claims by the Council that fly-tipping was reducing.

Extra Money for Poorest Two-Year-Olds in Sheffield Sheffield will get £5,400,000 from the Coalition Government to deliver 15 hours a week of free early-years education for the poorest two-year olds by 2014. The Coalition Government is already ensuring that the poorest 20% of two-year olds, roughly 1,400 children in Sheffield, are able to receive early education from September 2013. This will rise to include the poorest 40% by 2014. The money will help prepare

children for school and help the most hard-pressed families with childcare costs. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “The fact that you can still predict how well a child will do in school based on where they are born, shows an inherent unfairness in our society. Education is the best way we can help children overcome disadvantaged backgrounds.

Shares in Yahoo, which is based in Sunnyvale, California, fell by 1.4% in after-the-bell trading following the news.

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Muslim Burial Information Booklet

Cllr Ibrar Hussain, who has been a Cllr for Burngreave Ward since May 2000, has relaunched the revised booklet for Muslim burials in Sheffield. The booklet is now revised and updated with all the latest details and in smart and shorter version. Copies will be

forwarded to all the local mosques within Sheffield and some community centres. Cllr Ibrar Hussain is long term advocate of good quality bereavement services within Sheffield and has achieved many of the changes for Muslim burials.

Contracting Out Could be Losing £150 Million From Local Economy Research by Sheffield Green Party has found that the local economy could be losing out by £150 million because large Council contracts are going to companies based outside the region. They say every pound the council spends in the local economy helps create work and jobs, putting money in the pockets of local people who in turn use local businesses. Keeping money circulating locally will create more jobs and improve the lives of local people.

The Council is handing millions of pounds to multinational companies like Veolia and Capita and this could be losing the local economy £150 million a year. The Green Party say: “If we pay Sheffield people to do the work, they spend it in local shops, which are more likely to use local services and suppliers themselves. That means money staying in the Sheffield economy for longer and could double the value of every pound the Council spends. “

Senior Citizens Drive Safe

A ground breaking initiative developed by the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is being offered to help older people to continue driving safely. The free course, being held at the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham on 10 December, aims to support older drivers by providing them with advice and vital information tailored to meet their needs. Drivers will also be able to take advantage of a practical in-car coaching session to brush up on their driving skills. Data show that older drivers, aged 60+, are over represented in collisions when compared to the proportion of older drivers on the road. With older drivers more likely to be seriously injured, the course aims to help drivers avoid the pain, suffering and inconvenience of being involved in such an incident. The Safer Roads Partnership will be working in conjunction with Safety 1st Driving

Academy to deliver an entertaining and informative presentation at the event as well as offering on the road driving sessions. Attendees will also be able to talk to a range of agencies who will be on hand to offer advice on a variety of related topics such as: •general health and wellbeing; •eyesight and eye health; •vehicle maintenance; •motoring mobility aids; •alternatives to car travel, with advice on public transport options; •the role of the emergency services in the event of a road traffic collision. To book a place at the event, which will be held at the Lifewise Centre on Monday 10 December, starting at 10am, call 01709 832 455 or email Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so book early to avoid disappointment.

Save a Life in Just Half an Hour By: Zeeshan Naqvi


The sight of blood can make even a hardmen weak in the knees. But, honestly, you barely feel a thing – and you don’t even need to look. On my first visit, I felt a little uncomfortable, but was soon relaxed by the staff at Sheffield Donor Centre, on Church Street in the city centre. There is a little pin prick made to the finger, to test the blood’s iron content, before donors go on to make the full donation, done from the comfort of specially designed chairs so people can sit reading a book, newspaper or even their iPhone. The staff have tricks of distraction when making the finger prick and inserting the needle in the crease of your elbow. The entire process only takes about half an hour. However, there is a shortage of donations, particularly from young people and ethnic minorities. An average of 1,046 units of blood are used by South Yorkshire hospitals each week, so donations are in constant demand. Sheffield Donor Centre collects just more than 10,000 units of blood each year, a large part of the 46,400 donations made across South Yorkshire each year. But there has been a steep fall in donors over the last three years, from 12,391 in 2009 to just 7,594 so far this year. Of particular concern is that registered


ficient to support the requirements and at present we require at least 90 more donors to be recruited. “This figure does not sound very high, but when you consider that out of every 10 people who give a sample, only two or three will be potentially suitable. “Additionally, the figure above is purely what our panel requires now and does not take into account attrition. Donors are returned to donating blood for various reasons, and each of these donors has to be replaced for platelet donation. “Platelet donation is a fantastically rewarding experience and can save the lives of up to three adults or 12 babies.” A team of 14 staff are based at the Sheffield Donor Centre, which is open on weekdays and late evenings for people to come after work, collectingblood and platelet donations. Lindsey Marsh has worked there for 37 years. She says: “I’ve given blood and platelets and also benefited from donations blood donors aged 17 to 24 in South York- because I had to have transfusions due to shire have almost halved in the period, complications with childbirths. from 5,239 in 2009 to 2,883 in 2012. “I am now meeting people giving blood Every year, 225,000 new donors are who were brought here as little ones when needed nationally to replace existing their parents were donating. donors who drop out of the system. “We try to make it a pleasant A campaign has been launched to target experience. “People who give blood for young people, backed by stars from TV the first time can be a little concerned, but soap Hollyoaks, including Jorgie Porter, we try to allay their fears. who plays Theresa McQueen. “We’ve had Sheffield United players and Holly Mason, lead donor relations manBrendan Ingle has brought his boxers in to ager for the National Blood Service in donate,” she says. Donor criteria Sheffield, says: “We have many regulars The age criteria for first time donors is some of whom have donated 75 or even 17 to 65. Once a person starts donating, 100 times. if they donate regularly then there is no “But the shortage of younger donors is a upper age limit. potential problem for the future, because Generally, if a person is in good health as we lose older donors, there are fewer they are likely to be able to donate. Howreplacing them. ever, anyone who is interested in being “We take donations of all types but the one that we need the most is O negative, because it can be given to everyone in an emergency situation.” Holly says that if supplies ever run short in one area of the country due to low donations, blood is transported from elsewhere, so the service is able to ensure there is enough to go around. “But we need more people to donate to ensure supplies are healthy in the future,” she says. Of particular concern is lack of donations from people of ethnic minority backgrounds, who have rare blood types. Only 1 per cent of donors are black and 3 per cent Asian around the country. “We are also in need of bone marrow and platelet donors,” Holly says. “Sheffield’s platelet donor base is currently not suf

a blood donor and on medication should contact the donor helpline 0300 123 23 23 to check before attending a donor session. The helpline can also be used to find out where local donor sessions are being held in different areas, or to book a session. Drive to recruit more Asian donors HELPING to address the shortage of Asian blood donors is Cllr Ibrar Hussain, a member of Sheffield Council, and journalist Zeeshan Haider Naqvi, of ILM News, an English-Urdu newspaper which has offices on Abbeydale Road and Riachard Marsden, political correspondant of THE DAILY STAR newspaper, Sheffield. Cllr Hussain, a Labour councillor for 13 years who represents Burngreave ward, has been donating for the last four years. He is now considering signing up to giving platelets and also taking part in a trial scheme through which people agree to give blood more frequently than the normal three-month interval. Cllr Hussain, said: “I decided to sign up because there is such a need for donors. “Blood is a gift from God and if you can help someone, I think you should”. “I feel so positive being able to assist someone who is in need and I would encourage anyone to give blood.” He believes there is a lack of Asian donors because there is ‘not enough information’. He and Zeeshan are now planning to help the blood service with a campaign to recruit more people from within the community. Zeeshan, who has just given blood for the first time, said: “We’ll be working through our newspaper to assist the campaign.”

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News in Brief

Outstanding Contribution Award for Local Councillor

Secretariat. Cllr Ibrar Hussain has been a member of the authority since 2007 and represents the Burngreave ward in Sheffield City Council since May 2000.

Upon receiving the award, Cllr Ibrar thanked all his colleagues and friends at South Yorkshire Police Authority and Joint Secretariat based in Barnsley for their support and Cllr Ibrar Hussain has been hard work. awarded recognition for his out- Police authorities have come to standing contribution to policing an end and replaced by police panels and PCC. from South Yorkshire Police Authority and the Joint

PAKISTAN Assembly Passes Compulsory Education Bill Pakistan has made education free and compulsory for children aged between five and 16. Pakistan's National Assembly unanimously passed the right to free and compulsory education bill 2012. The bill was already passed by the Senate, Geo TV reported. The bill also provides

for 10 percent reserved seats for poor children in all private educational institutions. Law breakers will pay fine up to Rs.50,000 or six months jail. Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Shah said free and compulsory education for children is the top priority of the government.

UK faces slow recovery as growth forecasts slashed Incoming Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was left under no illusions over the perils facing the British economy today as UK growth prospects were slashed again. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is now pencilling in a 0.1% contraction for the UK this year and growth of just 0.9% in 2013 - well below its last set of forecasts in May. The latest gloom comes as the independent Office for Budget Responsibility prepares to make a knife-edge verdict on the state of the public finances and Chan-

cellor George Osborne's fiscal rules. The OECD said today that the Chancellor could be forced to abandon the second of his targets - to put debt as a share of the economy on a downward course by 2015/6 if the economy disappoints.

Abolish Death Penalty, UN Chief asks Nations

As India executed Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, United Nations SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon called upon nations to abolish the death penalty. Ban is inviting a record vote by a General Assembly committee in favour of the call for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

India, US and China were among 39 nations voting against the resolution in the Assembly's Third Committee, which deals with social and humanitarian issues, as well as human rights. The non binding draft resolution

got110 votes in favour, with 36 which has grown stronger across regions, legal abstentions. traditions and customs The vote offers the opportu- since a landmark General nity to again encourage Mem- Assembly resolution on the ber States who still practice the topic in 2007. death penalty or retain it in law to follow suit as already 150 The Secretary-General States have either abolished or saluted this development do not practice the death penalty. at a high-level event on the The new resolution, inter alia, death penalty in New York calls on all States to establish a this July. "He said then that moratorium on executions with the taking of life is too a view to abolishing the death absolute, too irreversible, for one human being to penalty. inflict on another, even Ban's spokesperson said the when backed by legal Committee's resolution reflects a process." trend against capital punishment

Sheffield’s Global Commitment

Sheffield has joined 20 cities world wide with a commitment to help improve the lives of 121 million citizens. Sheffield City Council, 20 other global cities and have announced the LLGA Cities Pilot the Future programme to discover and implement the most promising solutions that meet pressing social and urban challenges. The LLGA – or Living Labs Global - is a non profit association which promotes new technologies and services that will tackle key urban challenges. Over the coming 18 months, the initiative will evaluate around 1,000 submissions and implement real-life pilots in all partner cities to improve the quality of life of

their 121 million citizens. Sheffield is one of only three partner cities in Britain – the others being York and London . Sheffield has the largest district energy network in the UK and the city is asking for solutions to capture and distribute heat from the city’s industrial processes and redirect into the city’s district energy systems.

for partner cities and the private sector to put their collective brain power together to find ways of making it work.

Councillor Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Streetscene said: “This programme gives cities like Sheffield the opportunity to tackle some of the most difficult and important issues The city’s heavy industry means signifi- we face, by coming up with new ideas cant amounts of waste heat from indus- that benefit Sheffield and other major trial processes are being emitted into the cities around the world. atmosphere. Sheffield wants to capture this heat so that it can be distributed We want to find innovative ways of harover existing networks to warm homes, nessing the energy that is produced in offices, civic buildings, schools and uni- Sheffield 's manufacturing and use it in versities. The city is the perfect pilot area our city’s heat networks.

Britain Recognises Syrian Opposition Britain has recognised the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. British Foreign Minister William Hague informed the parliament recently in this regard. France recognised the Syrian Opposition in a similar way Nov 14, a move Syria's deputy foreign minister denounced as "immoral". The European Union's ministerial council for foreign affairs said it had recognised the opposition coalition as a legal representative of the interests of the Syrian people. But it held back from extending its diplomatic recognition, leaving that to be decided by individual EU member states. The coalition, formed following an opposition conference in Qatar earlier this month, claims to represent 80 percent of all opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The thinktank, which is worried about the lingering risks from the eurozone crisis and the impact of food and energy bills, said: “In the event of lower than expected growth, the flexibility of the fiscal mandate should be utilised... even though this may imply pushing out the debt target.”

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Barack Obama Again Rewrites History Chanting "Yes We Can", Barack Hussein Obama made history four years ago as he became America's first African-American president. Last month, he did it again to retain the world's most powerful office. But the path to victory over his Republican challenger Mitt Romney for the son of a Kenyan father and a white American mother from Kansas with a "funny name", as Obama himself once put it, wasn't as easy this time around. Catapulted to power on the slogan of 'hope' and 'change' with a landslide victory over Vietnam War veteran Republican John McCain then, he had lost some of that aura as he sought to capture the magic of 2008 with the new slogan of "Forward". After winning the presidency for the second time, Obama said: "Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward." Obama entered the fray with a no mean record - end of Iraq war, death of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden to a signature healthcare law and bringing the US out of the throes of a recession, yet a still slowly recovering economy and loss of tens of thousands of

jobs threatened to bar his return and take the shine off some of his lofty campaign promises. Many began derisively referring to him as a "fallen angel". But some encouraging economic news in recent days - good jobs numbers, growing consumer confidence, improving housing market, a rising stock market and a display of cool leadership during superstorm Sandy helped him pull it off. Born in Hawaii Aug 4, 1961, Obama was raised with help from his grandfather, who served in Patton's army, and his grandmother, who worked her way up from the secretarial pool to middle management at a bank. He lived in Indonesia from 1967 to 1971 with his mother and her second husband.

After working his way through school with the help of scholarship money and student loans, Obama moved to Chicago to work as a community organizer before going on to Harvard Law School, where he was elected as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004, served three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, running unsuccessfully for the US House of Representatives in 2000. Coming into limelight with a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004, he won the Senate election in November 2004 before throwing his hat into the ring for the presidential race in February 2007 where after a bitter fight with former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, he won his party's nomination. The rest is history. Just nine months into his presidency, catching the imagination of the world as he overcame challenges about his place of birth, his religion and his race, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

First Woman to Wear Hijab at House of Commons Despatch Box A 16-year-old schoolgirl is believed to have become the first woman to wear a hijab while speaking at the despatch box in the House of Commons. Sumaiya Karim, from Wokingham, Berkshire, was speaking during a debate on whether children should be given a greater say over the contents of the national curriculum, as the Youth Parliament held its annual session in the Commons. Speaking out in favour of a radical overhaul of the system, which would give youngsters greater life skills, Sumaiya is

thought to have made a small piece of history as she appeared at the despatch box in the Muslim headscarf. She said: "If it's true then it's amazing. Wearing the hijab was my own choice. It's a choice that I made a few years ago when I found the hijab. "It's about when the time is right and the time was right for me."

again that is only some. If we live in the same country, we have the same rights, should we not have access to the same teaching?"

Sumaiya, currently studying biology, chemistry, maths and history at A-level, wants to become a surgeon before embarking on a political career later in life. She added: "Today was a oncein-a-lifetime experience. Our national curriculum is such an important issue. We live in such a diverse society and it's important that we are more In a vote, the youngsters chose culturally aware." to make national curriculum In her speech, she called on reform their campaign for the ministers to allow a committee coming year. Only 23 memof young people to review the bers voted to keep public transnational curriculum, which she port as the issue for the youth said should include a greater parliament, whilst 154 voted in focus on political education, favour of making the national as well as sex and relationship curriculum the campaign for the year. advice. "Some people in this country are fortunate enough to have access to political knowledge through their teaching but

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Government Forces Energy Bills Up in New Energy Bill

The Governments Energy Bill will see energy bills go up by £20 a year towards infrastructure projects to encourage green energy, reaching at least £100 extra a year by 2020. The general public are expected to foot the bill for new infrastructure while energy companies are making millions in profits, not reinvesting their money into carbon reducing projects. The government also neglects to set carbon reducing targets leaving them until 2016, the Tories once again delaying making any environmental commitments. This omission from the bill shows that the Lib Dems do not have any influence over their coalition partners as this

to deliver even greater benefits by delivering the Green Deal and developing the City's heat networks. Next year, we also want to undertake England's largest Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for energy switch so far, to help Environment, Waste and Street- Sheffield people get better deals. scene said: People have already seen their “The country is facing an ener- bills go up by more than £200 gy crisis and more action needs in the last 2 years, it's more imto be taken to tackle this issue. portant than ever that we have a In Sheffield, we are commit- competitive energy market that ted to reducing energy demand delivers fair prices and works in to reduce carbon emissions and the public interest. There needs reduce the burdens on fam- to be an overhaul in the energy ily budgets. We have delivered market and the creation of a a city-wide free insulation pro- tough new watchdog with powgramme covering over 30,000 ers to force energy companies to homes over the past four years to pass on price cuts. do this. We're now planning how is a policy they have previously championed. Not setting targets leaves huge uncertainty for investors and businesses.

Enjoy a Traditional Christmas Rotherham’s twice nominated “Museum of the Year”, Clifton Park Museum, is set to bring traditional festive fun to the borough with a very special Victorian Christmas event. Taking place on Sunday December 9 between 12 noon and 5pm, the day of activities will feature a selection of traditional food, warm from the Victorian

Range and the chance to create Victorian Christmas decorations, cards and biscuit decorating, Santa’s Grotto 12.30pm – 2.15pm and 2.30pm-4.15pm for children aged up to 10 years (£3 per child), Festive families will also be able to see who’s been naught or nice with Letter from Santa in the archives (for ages 4 to 10), wreath

making for anyone aged 12 and over (£5 per wreath, booking in advance essential) and the opportunity to make the festive season complete with a table centrepiece workshop in the Garden Room (£2.50 per centrepiece). For more information and to book your place on the Wreath Making workshop, please call the museum on 01709 336633.

Education in Taliban Areas Priority: Pakistani Minister As teen activist Malala Yousafzai recovers after being shot by the Taliban for advocating girl's education, Pakistan's Education Minister Sardar Shah Jehan said spreading education in Taliban-infested areas topped the government's agenda. Jehan also said terrorism is adversely effecting their goal of education for all. "There is disturbance in some regions. We are planning special programmes for those areas," Jehan said referring to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), an area dominated by the Taliban. FATA is a semi-autonomous tribal region in northwest Pakistan, lying between Afghanistan to the west and north, and the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the east and Balochistan to the south.

Jehan's comments come as Malala, the 15-year-old student who became a symbol of resistance of the Taliban's anti-girl education stand, is recovering from a bullet injury in Britain. She could spend as long as two years in the UK, undergoing surgery, rehabilitation and counselling. The minister had recently called Malala a "symbol of courage" for Pakistan. Malala, who belongs to Mingora in Swat district of FATA, came to prominence in 2009 at the age of 11 by writing a diary for BBC Urdu about life under the Taliban. She was shot in the head Oct 9 for her campaign for girl's education. The Taliban said they had targeted her for "promoting secularism", and radicals are planning a fatwa (religious diktat) against her.

According to Unicef figures, about a third of Pakistani children aged between five and nine are enrolled in primary education, but only 51 per cent of girls are enrolled in primary schools, compared to 60 per cent boys. Two-thirds of girls and almost half of boys do not complete primary school. Only 42 per cent of Pakistani women are literate, and the proportion falls to a dismal seven per cent in FATA. Jehan also pitched against Taliban's anti-girl education policy. "This is the mindset that does not let us progress. We have several challenges in front of us. Terrorism is one of the biggest challenges. Other than that, budget is a constraint because spending on defence is high due to terrorism," he added.

Burma Accused of Backing Genocide Atrocities are going on in the world but the international community chooses to ignore and downscale the extent to which its happening. Where much of the world has turned a blind eye, a leading international rights group is accusing Burma security forces of supporting some of the brutal anti-Muslim violence last month that forced 35,000 people from torched homes. The allegations came one day before President Barack Obamas visit to Burma after a year and a half of unprecedented democratic reforms in the country. Human Rights Watch said soldiers in some parts of western Rakhine state tried to stop Buddhist attacks and protect Muslim civilians, known as Rohingya. But the group said Burma needs to do much more to protect the stateless minority, who are de-

nied citizenship because they are considered foreigners from Bangladesh. The New Yorkbased rights group released new satellite imagery detailing extensive destruction of Muslim areas across Rakhine state. There was no immediate comment from Burma's government on the allegations. There are conflicting reports of the exact number of people murdered or those foced out of their homes in Burma. We chose to call the country Burma and not the term Myanmar. That’s the label put on the country by the military junta. The country is a totalitarian state run by a small group of military officers. The Military Goverment has named the country Myanmar. Burma is rotten to the core money, corruption, military using forced labor to build oil and gas pipelines. I would call this

country part of what has been called pipeline-estan. Here we go again, oil and gas, that’s the interest Obama and the US has there, oil and gas again. The US is in place to make observations on the state of affairs but has opted to stay stumm for its own gain. The Obama administration has listed some of the sanctions that were in place - the original sanctions that have been in place for some decade or so were not very effective, but the Obama administration has released those and it’s not making a demand for transparency in human rights in Burma. The UN is not demanding transparency and the US is not demanding information about human rights either.

Pakistan TV Anchor Hamid Mir Escapes Car Bomb Plot Pakistani television channel Geo News says its presenter Hamid Mir has been targeted by a bomb which failed to go off in Islamabad. Police defused the device which was attached to the underside of his car.

capital and offered a reward for information on who was behind the plot. Mr Mir is already provided with a police guard following the shooting of Malala in October. She and two other girls were injured but survived.

Hamid Mir had spoken of receiving threats before the attack on her, and correspondents say he is thought to have other enemies besides the Taliban.

The Pakistani Taliban threatened to attack Mr Mir and other journalists for coverage of the militants' shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai last month. "It's a message to me as well as Geo and the journalist community in Pakistan," Mr Mir said. "They want to stop us from speaking the truth but I want to tell them that we will not be deterred." Interior Minister Rehman Malik visited Mr Mir at his home in the

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Halal MEXICAN KITCHEN r e g g i B o t d e v s o e M s i e v m a e h r P We Better &

Delicious Food and Great Atmoshphere

Private Seating available for Group Parties Bookings taken for Christmas, New Years and all Special Occasions...

224 - 230 London Road Sheffield S2 4LW 0114 258 5900

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University Techinical College Sheffield Gets Off The Ground By:Amar Saleem

Business Development Manager, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, Email:

Engineering mini factories, and high tech design and sound studios - welcome to the classrooms of the future, and the new £9.9 million University Technical College Sheffield opening to 14 to 19-year-olds in September 2013. UTC Sheffield is a brand new type of college, the first of its kind in Yorkshire , that will train the next generation in the creative and industrial skills that Sheffield City Region's businesses need to

grow. Applications are being accepted now. Go to Young people from Sheffield City Region will develop the academic and technical skills to secure jobs in the advanced engineering and manufacturing, and creative media industries sectors, which are two key sectors for growth locally, regionally and internationally. Students starting at 14 will still receive a broad edu-

News in Brief

Pepsi to launch Fat-Blocking Soft Drink

Pepsi plans to launch a version of its cola drink that it claims acts as a fat blocker. The Pepsi Special is made with dextrin - an indigestible form of dietary fibre. Studies on rats suggest this can reduce the absorption of fat in the body and lower cholesterol levels. There is no information about how much sugar and corn-syrup it contains, compared to standard Pepsi, but a spokesman said it would have a "crisp refreshing and unique" aftertaste. The drink, which will first

be sold in Japan, comes in a "luxury" gold and black bottle with the Pepsi logo emblazoned on the side, the newspaper said. Pepsi Special will cost 150 Yen (1.20 pounds). There is no word yet on if and when Pepsi Special will go on sale in the US and Europe.

British Police Busy with petty Facebook Fights Policemen in Britain are being required to handle petty squabbles on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites on daily basis when they could be tackling more serious crimes.

via phones and computers, including people harassing ex-partners by text message and making hoax threats as well as comments on social media.

In one case, a young woman approached police in Dorset complaining that she had received death threats on Facebook. On investigation, it was found she had actually threatened to spread maliIn most of the case, police cious rumours about another have to tell victims to delete woman, who had replied: "I their tormentors from their hope you die then." networks, but the Crown Prosecution Service says a "few dozen" more serious incidents have led to court, with the figure growing rapidly in recent months. According to officers, they are wasting valuable time and resources tackling internet users directing abuse at each other.

According to new statistics, at least three arrests are being made every day for sending offensive messages

cation enabling them to choose from a wide range of options such as work or university afterwards. The skills and qualifications they will gain are recognised by employers, and will be transferable to other institutions if they decide to move on from the UTC Sheffield at the age of 16. The UTC Sheffield is offering an exciting new choice for young people in Sheffield City Region. Students will learn how to make,

create and innovate, gaining a well rounded education steeped in practical skills, and academic and vocational qualifications, leading to real jobs or university afterwards. There's been a lot of interest at the information sessions that have already been run for young people, parents and teachers. Students will study for an engineering or creative digital diploma as well as GCSEs or A-levels in English, maths, humanities and science together with qualifications in a foreign language and business. Staff will include trained teachers and those from technical backgrounds. The dress code will be business-wear, related to the world of work, rather than a traditional uniform and the attendance hours will be longer to give real life preparation for work. Every child will be known because the UTC Sheffield is a small and specialist institution. Students will also gain an extra year's worth of learning as attend-

‘Pakistan taking unprecedented steps for peace’

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said the nation is taking unprecedented steps to maintain peace with India and Islamabad will not let Islam be hijacked despite terrorist groups' attempts to impose their agenda.

Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey and Pakistan. Highlighting the importance of democracy, Zardari said that democracy was at the very heart of Pakistan's identity as it was founded through democratic means.

Addressing the Developing Eight, or D-8, conference here Thursday after taking over its chairmanship from Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan for two years, Zardari spoke on a host of issues including terrorism, democracy and IsraelPalestine conflict.

He said the Pakistani government was making unprecedented moves to make peace with India and also supported the peace process in Afghanistan. On terrorism, Zardari said that terrorist groups seek to impose their agenda but Pakistan would not let Islam be hijacked, adding that Pakistan would continue to fight against the dark and destructive agenda of terrorists. Condemning Israeli attacks on Gaza, the Pakistani president said Palestinians had been awaiting promised self determination for decades and the D-8 nations must look into this matter.

Calling on the members of D-8 to work as a catalyst for peace and prosperity in the world, Zardari said Pakistan and its people wanted peace. D-8 is an economic development alliance of eight developing countries with large Muslim populations and comprises Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia,

ance hours are longer to reflect the typical working day. Employers have helped to design the lessons, and will be involved in teaching. More than 30 local and regional employers are already actively involved in supporting the project by helping to shape the curriculum and its content. Businesses will also provide project based work placements, sponsorship and they have had input into the building design. Supporters include Siemens, Firth Rixson, Rolls Royce, Newburgh Engineering, Boeing, Tata Steel, Forgemasters, Highlander, Technophobia, BBC Radio Sheffield and HR Media. Construction of the UTC Sheffield, on Shoreham Street , began in September 2012. The three-storey building, which also features a rooftop five-a-side football pitch, is being built by Wates Construction, funded by the Department for Education and designed by HLM Architects. There are 240 places avail-

able in the first year, after which the numbers will increase to a maximum of 600 places overall. Based in the heart of the Creative Industries Quarter, the college is connected to the main rail and bus transport hubs. Applications are being accepted from young people in Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Chesterfield , Bolsover and Bassetlaw. To download the new prospectus, or find out how your business can get involved, go to The UTC Sheffield application was initiated by Sheffield City Council and has been sponsored and led by The Sheffield College with Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Sheffield City Council is providing the land on a 125-year lease at a peppercorn rent. Planning permission for the UTC Sheffield was granted in August 2012.

Best Film School in the World

Whistling woods international and bradford college to launch best film school in world. Leading Colleges from UNESCO’s first City of Film and Bollywood have joined forces to create new learning opportunities for aspiring film makers by launching a global film school that aims to be the ‘best film school in the world’. In a project backed by the British Council, Bradford College and Whistling Woods International have formed a partnership to open a Film School which will be based in Bradford College’s beautiful Old Building. From autumn 2013 students will be able to study a BA (Hons) Film and BA (Hons) Animation. They will enjoy the opportunity to study at the Whistling Woods campus in Mumbai and experience the Indian Film industry first hand. Whistling Woods International – Asia’s premier Film, Television, Animation and Media Arts institute – is rated amongst the 10 best film-schools in the world by ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. Bradford has a fantastic film heritage and a fast growing young population.

This is a great way for Bradford to live up its UNESCO title with a truly international partnership and help to develop the film makers of the future. vAs a location, Bradford evokes creativity; it is culturally diverse and has an abundance of stunning areas in which to film. Over the years Bradford has produced some amazing creative talent, and now by hosting its own International film school, the level of creativity will continue to flourish. Subhash Ghai, Chairman of Whistling Woods International, said, “It is a great privilege for Whistling Woods to be associated with a college of this stature internationally. We have found a perfect partner in Bradford College.” Whistling Woods International, commented, “Our relationship with Bradford College has been one of trust and great success. We share the same vision of having a truly International Film School in the UK. It is exciting to be associated with a renowned Institution such as Bradford College and we are humbled by the support offered to us by the British Councils in India and the UK”

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News in Brief Award-Winning Noise Nuisance Team Triumphs Again Sheffield City Council has picked up a unique national award for their work on tackling night time noise nuisance. This is just two years on from the Council’s Environmental Protection Team winning the John Connell Local Authority Award. That award recognised the promotion of initiatives that made a positive reduction in excessive noise in the community. The John Connell Special Commendation Award from the Noise Abatement Society celebrates unsung public sector heroes who have worked consistently and tirelessly, often beyond the call of duty, to achieve the goal of a quieter, healthier and safer

environment. It is the first time this award has been given. The Council’s Integrated Night Noise Service works closely with South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Homes. This unique partnership tackles noise nuisance and low level anti social behaviour and has demonstrated year on year improvements since it began in 2009. Complaints are now resolved within two hours as against the previous timescale of 10 weeks - resulting in dramatic benefits for the local community and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Clever Cloves

From easing digestive woes lieve cold symptoms, kill to zapping mould, cloves mould, treat acne, repel bugs have myriad wonderful uses and even fight cancer. Clear your head and chest Cloves are a truly versatile For centuries, cloves have spice These pungent brown been embraced for their buds, a staple in cooking, soothing, congestion-relievare also used to add a warm, ing, anti-inflammatory propsweet, aromatic flavour to erties. Clove is very warming and it helps reduce mucus. It's very good for reducing symptoms of bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections. Cloves work from the outside in as well Acupuncturist and massage therapist Jennifer Jones suggests adding a few drops of clove oil to any massage base oil to rub into the everything. Its mild anaes- neck, shoulders and chest. thetic properties make it a Or try diffusing it through a popular toothache remedy – burner or iodizer. The volatile oil of clove can be found on oils will be breathed in and any chemist's shelf. But you will carry out their immunemight be surprised to learn strengthening, anti-microbial that cloves can also help re- duties from the lungs.

Greens work with residents to tackle Litter

The Many Faces of Dennis McShane The downfall of Dennis McShane eventually came at the hands of a parliamentary committee, chaired by fellow Rotherham MP Kevin Barron. After a lengthy criminal investigation which was bizarrely dropped, it was the Rht Hon Gentleman of The SPPC which found grave and dishonest wrong doings by McShane in relation to his expenses claims. McShane a pro European, Zionist politician had concocted an elaborate charade whereby he would submit expenses claims for a variety of work throughout Europe. The European policy Institute a supposed left wing intellectual organisation was a recurring theme in Mcshanes expenses claims.

Israeli mouth piece in the house of commons”. He is still practising this recently tweeting “ London blitz era sirens on today as Islamists send rockets to kill Jews live on radio “.

That was my first encounter with the real Dennis McShane. I would just add for the record that having mentioned this to another senior Labour parliamentarian at a drinks party, I was then contacted by a one Jonathan Pollard I believe of the Mail paper group, requesting that I relay the details of this shambolic encounter in all its titillating detail. I declined fuelled by a loyalty for the Labour party and not affection for McShane.

Now to some of you reading this may come as somewhat of a surprise at McShanes advocacy and all round obsession with Zionism & Israel. As a former MP for a constituency with many sympathetic to the Palestinian occupation, he was a frequent attendant at functions hosted by many such sympathizers Muslims, Christians and others alike. These same people are wondering now as we reflect on McShanes career, as to what kind of an indiOnly unfortunately for McShane this was vidual did we actually have representing found to not exist as presented by Mc- us? Talking of labour and its recent troubles, Shane, but was a loose network with no caused by Dennis McShanes deception. office or salaried staff and had the names A story comes to mind of an interesting Whilst previously before he was exposed, concocted by McShane as bogus directors, early encounter with McShane. At the you could have put McShane butt naked together with his brothers name and Den- outbreak of the Afghan war he was speak- on a donkey and sent him down Rothernis McShane himself as controlling the ing to a hastily assembled gathering of ham High St and Labour still would have bank account. In essence he would submit the Muslim community at a local hotel in won, it is looking decisively rocky for the himself an invoice for expenses and then write a cheque out pocketing the money from the public purse. The committee in its summation found that his actions were the gravest case of deceit to come before them and the invoices Dennis McShane submitted were plainly intended to deceive the parliamentary expenses authority. Dennis McShane was never a likeable man or politician. His ample egotism and arrogance, odd attributes for a public servant, would manifest on many an occasion, together with a burgeoning talent for alienating people and a reputation for putting his foot in it, when opening his mouth. As he did so when he made the sweeping statement that Muslims needed to choose between terrorism and the British way of life. On another occasion escorting a group of constituents around Parliament, he made the comment that all Pakistanis are far more interested in flash cars than educating their children. Then upon hearing the call to prayer (azaan) as a reminder on the phone of one of these constituents, he blurted out that he was completely against such things and how would they like it if a Jew had his call to prayer on his phone. These comments were made to a bewildered multi racial group of his own constituents. He was also credited with being Israel’s best puppet and according to former ambassador and human rights activist Craig Murray “the most reliable

Rotherham. I remember, along with my friend, asking a question which must have reacted badly with McShane, to which he gave a drizzly patronising response. After the gathering had finished we made our way to meet McShane and possibly get him to elaborate. Initially all smiles, upon noticing the room now empty with only a few labour back slappers remaining, he turned into a pitbull, with lowered eye brow aggressively pointing he barked, “The papers had better not print that” and then went on to mumble something incomprehensible. One of the backslappers now a Labour Councillor then proceeded to lead him away.

new candidate Sarah Champion. Even in safe seats you get the labour leader Ed Milliband popping round to lend a hand as I found when I met him outside Moorgate Mosque, along with Lord Ahmed. Although The Respect Party are adding to labours wounds, I do predict as I write this pr-election article that Labour will hang on to its seat albeit with a reduced majority and Sarah champion would have the makings of a very good Parliamentarian for the People of Rotherham. By:Jaan M. Khan

Clegg backs ‘can do’ community over ‘can’t do’ Council on Millhouses Christmas parking Local Green Party councillors Rob Murphy and Jillian Creasy, plus other Green activists, are working alongside local residents to tackle litter in Sharrow. The Greens organised a Community Litter Pick on 25th November to collect litter in Vincent Road, South View Road and neighbouring roads. Lots of residents and other interested people joined them that day to help tidy up the area.

Rob Murphy said “Jillian Creasy and I know that people want less litter on our streets. We've already asked for more litter bins and street cleaning in the area. Also, we’ve talked to local residents about the new alternate week bin collections.” “That’s why we’ve organised this Community Litter Pick on 25th November. The more people that join us, the bigger the area we can tidy.”

Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, visited traders in Millhouses to back their request for the local Council to help boost trade. The Millhouses Traders Association hoped that Christmas shoppers could use the car park in the old Abbeydale Grange School site but their request was refused by the Labour run council on the basis of ‘health and safety’. Nick is calling on the Council to see sense and arrange for the car park to be temporarily used for car parking. Nick also congratulated the owners of the nearby Millhouses pub, who are allowing

the public to use its car park before the pub opens at midday. Nick said:“At a time when small businesses and retailers are doing their best to make ends meet, the last thing they need is a ‘can’t do’ Labour Council. It is deeply frustrating that Millhouses traders are not being supported by the Council. “I’m delighted that the Millhouses pub is showing the Council how it should be done when it comes to community spirit. I would urge the Council to follow their example and think again.” Simon Argall from Millhouses pub said:

“Being part of the local community is part of our ethos and we are keen to do all we can to make it easier for people visiting the area. “However, we all feel that more support should be given by the City Council to the Traders Association which is working hard to keep their businesses growing and offering local employment opportunities. “This simple request would give them the best possible chance to increase the number of visitors to the local area, particularly in the run up to the festive season.”

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Ofsted ‘Postcode Lottery’ Warning Ofsted chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has said, for millions of children in England, their quality of schooling is too dependent on where they live. More than two million children are still receiving a sub-standard education, with many youngsters facing a postcode lottery to attend a decent school, Ofsted has warned. Chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw said there are "stark inequities" across England, with a child's chances of being taught at a good school far too dependent on where they live. Much more must be done to deal with the wide variations in standards he

said, in his first annual report. In some areas children have a less than 50% chance of attending a school that is good or better, and it is not just those in poorer areas that are affected. While the overall quality of schools has improved in the last few years, this is not consistent across the country. A primary school pupil in England has, on average, a seven in 10 (69%) chance of being in a good or outstanding school, the report says, but elsewhere a child has a better than 90% chance, and in others a less than 50% chance. The report shows there have been overall improvements in the last few years, with 70% of schools now rated good or


outstanding compared with 64% five years ago. An extra half a million pupils are now being taught in good or better schools, it says. But this also means that almost 2.3 million children are still attending a "small minority" of schools that are less than good. It warns that the overall rise in the performance of England's schools masks real challenges for the education system. Sir Michael said that Ofsted wanted to "shine a spotlight" on the parts of the country that are under-performing particularly at primary level, which includes examining why some more affluent areas are lagging behind.

Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son ARE WE ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY? It is the time of year leading up to Christmas that people review the ups and downs of the preceding years, and generally over the holiday period decide or plan for the future. Whether these plans are followed through is always a challenge. I will begin from a chartered surveyor's perspective, the people on the coalface of the market. I will try to give the view of the optimists and the pessimists. THE OPTIMISTS There are a great many optimists who are commenting that an improvement in the market cannot be far away and there is a great deal of positivity in this comment. As you can see through history, the demand for a few commodities has never really diminished and that does include property. If you bought a two bedroomed residential property in the 1970s, for example, at say a price of £4,000 around Sharrowvale, the same property will probably be worth around £150k plus in today's market. Therefore, in the long term your capital value has really increased. In terms of the market in general, if you have access to finance then many people will argue this is a great time to buy. The front end of the market, the auction room, is a barometer of confidence. Yes, it is challenging but there are buyers and, generally speaking, sales are quite strong. Therefore, the optimists feel this is a cyclical economic phenomenon which is happening and will continue to happen throughout history. But the underlying demand for property carries on rising. They point to the rising economies in the world where land and property prices continue to see an upward trend. THE PESSIMISTS It is argued by many that it is easier to follow this theory because all around us there is bad news on employment figures, austerity measures both in the public and private sectors, and a general feeling of unease amongst many people. If they are in employment they do not feel secure. If they are not, then clearly they would feel economically inactive.

nance. Investors do not want to invest because the returns, in particular in the commercial sector, are poor. Many pessimists feel we are in for a very long road to recovery and it is going to get worse before it gets better. In the environment we find ourselves in we feel more comfortable to follow this theory. Clearly, you as an individual will have your own views as to whether “the glass is half full or half empty” and will make up your own mind as to the condition of the property market. A lot of people feel the answer lies in the middle, heading towards the realms of opportunities that we will not see again in our lifetimes and I can follow that thought.

Industrial space is still quite positive as people look to this market for start up businesses. Clearly this is good news and can be seen as the beginnings of the “green shoots of recovery”.

Retail property is another market which is seeing signs of improvement. Good locations are seeing strong demand with rental levels remaining quite strong. The secondary market is rather more challenging. Investors are keen to buy well let Turning to thoughts on the dif- retail property for which there ferent market sectors of the seems to be a shortage. property industry, I will comment on each sector as follows: It is clear that the commercial market is strongly aligned to RESIDENTIAL MARKET the economy and changes in This is the market we are most- the economic forecast are senly familiar with as we all either sitive to this sector of the proprent or own property. Arguably erty market. there are areas in and around the capital which have seen in- LAND creases in value. This is also A lot of investors are coming true for many towns and cities back to this market as land is in areas which have tradition- available at affordable prices. ally been popular. We will all The forward thinking investors know such areas. For example, are buying land for the inevitain Sheffield, areas in the south ble future demand, in particular west are holding values similar from the residential market. to the peak. The main differ- Land is a commodity that will ence being it is taking longer to always be in demand. agree sales. INVESTMENT PROPERThe private rented sector is TY also seeing a rise. Investors The demand for well let propseem particularly keen to in- erty on long leases is fairly vest in smaller properties at the strong. Supply is the key issue lower end of the value scale in this sector. As returns from because the rental return pro- banks are not that good, investduces a good yield. There are ment in a well yielding propmany such investors who are erty is fuelling this demand. picking up stock through the auction room. It is argued the In conclusion, coming back to private rental sector will see a the question, “Are we on the rise in the future as people be- road to recovery?” The answer come more comfortable with may differ depending on who renting, as is the case in many you are talking to. This clearly parts of Europe. sends out a message that the market is at a crossroads and The residential market will in- we are certainly beginning to evitably see an improvement as see a readjustment that could time goes on, simply because potentially lead to a more posiwe all need somewhere to live. tive market.

COMMERCIAL MARKET The commercial market is made up of offices, industrial and retail property. The office market is facing a substantial challenge. Rents are not at the levels of a few years ago. There seems to be many empty offices across the They would argue that it is country. Some of these ofharder to get on the property fices are being developed into ladder because of a lack of fi- residential accommodation to

bring buildings back into economic use. The clarification or caution needed here is that the prime office market is a lot stronger than the secondary market. This is the market we are seeing as being the biggest challenge.

I would like to say that the feedback I receive from readers encourages and stimulates me. Please continue to ask questions. If you want to contact me please call me on 0114 2760151/0787 901 5095 or through ILM.

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Parking Costs Set to Soar The cost of parking your car continues to rise according to statistical data, but new proposals drawn up to cut obesity rates in the UK and get people walking or cycling to school and work could see parking charges rise to prohibitive levels. Since 2008 fees have more than doubled in Doncaster to £1.80 per hour, while average costs in Manchester have risen to £2.70 per hour over the same five-year period – up by 40%. The London borough of Westminster increased parking costs by 40p to £4.80 an hour this year, but it is thought new guidelines could see charges for leaving your vehicle increase nationwide further still. Health bosses have called for the increase in an attempt to force motorists to walk short distance they would otherwise drive, ad-

dressing obesity rates in the UK. People are being encouraged to ditch their cars, ending the “bad habit” trips of less than a mile. As a result, town halls across Britain have been urged to curtail car use through higher parking charges and even greater restrictions. Things are tough enough for

taxpayers already without meddling health bureaucrats trying to make parking more expensive. For most people using the car is a necessity, not a luxury. Parking charges damage the high street, place an unnecessary burden on struggling businesses and make life even harder for households just trying to make ends meet

12 Foods Favoured by our Beloved Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, and their Benefits 1. Barley ( jau): petite, strengthening the stomGood in fever, when used in a ach, eliminating phlegm; as a soup form. meat preservative, hair conditioner, eye soother and mouth2. Dates - Khujoor wash. It is extremely beneficial The Prophet ( SAW) said that in the morning in warm water. a house without dates has no food. It should also be eaten at 6. Melon - Kharbuza / Tarthe time of childbirth. booz The Prophet (SAW) said: ‘None 3. Figs - Anjeer of your women who are pregIt is a fruit from paradise and a nant and eat of water melon will cure for piles. fail to produce offspring that is good in countenance’ 4. Grapes - Angur The Prophet (SAW) was very 7. Milk - Doodh fond of grapes – it purifies the The Prophet (SAW) said: ‘milk blood, provides vigour and wipes away heat from the health, strengthens the kidneys heart just as the finger wipes and clears the bowels. away sweat from the brow’. It strengthens the back, improves 5. Honey - Shahed the brain, renews vision and Considered the best remedy for drives away forgetfulness. diarrhoea when mixed in hot water. It is the food of foods, 8. Mushroom - Khambi : drink of drinks and drug of The Prophet ( SAW ) said that drugs. It is used for creating ap- mushroom is a good cure for the

eyes; it also serves as a form of birth control and arrests paralysis. 9. Olive Oil - Zaitun Excellent treatment for skin and hair, delays old age, and treats inflammation of the stomach. 10. Pomegranate - anaar The Prophet ( SAW) said it cleanses you of Satan and evil aspirations for 40 days. 11. Vinegar - Sirka A food Prophet Muhamed (SAW) used to eat with olive oil. 12. Water - Paani The Prophet ( SAW) said the best drink in this world is water, when you are thirsty drink it by sips and not gulps. Gulping produces sickness of the liver.

British Love of Curry Looks Set to Continue Curry was celebrated in all its forms at an awards event in south London. The British Curry Awards received over 270,000 public nominations from diners across the UK, making it the biggest curry awards in the UK. Restaurants were judged on crite-

ria including menu choice, wine list, exterior and interior decor and plate presentation. Prime Minister David Cameron said, "It's often said that curry is Britain's national dish and it's easy to see why. It's not just the flavour served up in the 1,000s of

curry restaurants across the country, it is the welcome too. Those who work in the curry industry enliven Britain's high streets, boost local economies and contribute to local communities."

The winners in full: • Best Delivery Restaurant/Take-away by - Mushtaqs (Hamilton, Lanarkshire) • Best Restaurant Scotland - Taj Indian (Prestwick) • Best Restaurant North East - Aagrah (Leeds) • Best Spice Restaurant North West - Indian Ocean (Ashton-under-Lyne) • Best Spice Restaurant Midlands - Itihaas (Birmingham) • Best Newcomer Restaurant Midlands - Fiver Rivers A La Carte (Walsall) • Best Restaurant Wales - Rasoi Indian Kitchen (Swansea) • Best Restaurant South East - Haweli Indian Restaurant (Twyford, Berkshire) • Best Newcomer Restaurant South East - Shampan 4 - The Spinning Wheel (Westerham, Kent) • Best Restaurant South West - Spice Lodge (Cheltenham) • Best Restaurant South West - The Mint Room (Yeovil, Somerset) • Best Restaurant Central London & City - Bombay Palace (Paddington) • Best Newcomer Restaurant Central London & City - Chakra (Notting Hill) • Best Restaurant London Suburbs - Chak 89 (Surrey) • Best in Casual Dining - The Chilli Pickle (Brighton, East Sussex) • Special Inspiration Award - Dipna Anand of Brilliant Restaurant - Female Chef

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Keepmoat Set for Flavour of Asian Bazaar

Doncaster is gearing up for the Asian Bazaar and it will every Thursday. a taste of Bollywood as the open its doors on the con- Visitors to the bazaar will Keepmoat Stadium is set to course at the Keepmoat enjoy browsing stalls selling a wide range of Asian goods including halal food, clothing, furniture, shoes, sweets, decorations, DVD’s and games. Gavin Baldwin, Chief Executive of Doncaster Rovers FC, said: “We are delighted to be bringing the Asian Bazaar market to the Keepmoat Stadium. “We are committed to bringing a variety of different events to the stahost a weekly Asian Bazaar Stadium for the first time on dium which will appeal to a market. Doncaster Rovers Thursday 27th December wide ranging audience.” FC and Bollywood Events 12noon until 7pm. The marhave joined forces to launch ket will then be held weekly

UN Body Urges Female Mutilation Ban

Campaigners against female circumcision have scored a major victory with the approval by a key UN committee of a resolution calling for a global ban on female genital mutilation. The resolution, adopted by consensus by the UN General Assembly's human rights committee, calls the practice harmful and a serious threat to the psychological, sexual and reproductive health of women and girls. It calls on the UN's 193 member states to condemn the practice, known as

FGM, and launch education campaigns for girls and boys, women and men, to eliminate it. It also urges all countries to enact and enforce legislation to prohibit FGM, to protect women and girls "from this form of violence", and to end impunity for violators. With 110 sponsors, the resolution is virtually certain to be approved by the full General Assembly, which is expected to take it up in the second half of December. Although not legally binding, assembly resolutions reflect international

concerns and carry moral and political weight. The resolution would be a breakthrough in the international campaign to end the harmful practice of FGM. It will change the fate of many young girls around the world, and condemn the practice. The centuries-old practice stems from beliefs that FGM controls urges, enhances fertility, or is required by religious belief - although both Muslim and Christian leaders have spoken out against it.

Polio Eradication Effort

People from Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan should not be allowed to leave their country unless they can show they have been vaccinated against polio, according to the body which monitors attempts to eradicate the disease. A report from the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative says every time a child or adult from these three countries travels abroad, they risk carrying the polio virus with them. Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries where polio remains endemic, which means transmission of the virus has never been stopped. Polio’s last stand? 2012 cases •Nigeria - 97 •Pakistan - 47 •Afghanistan - 26 •Chad - 5

The report says all but 0.1% of polio has been eradicated globally: there have been 175 cases so far in 2012 compared to 350,000 in 1988. India’s achievement in January 2012 of being free of polio for a year as a major landmark, which meant it was removed from the list of endemic countries. Nigeria is the only country which has seen an increase in the number of cases this year. The report concludes there is a ‘magic formula’ that is still missing in the affected coun-

Rulers’ Character

There is a vast difference between a government being Islamic and the ruler of a country being a Muslim. In the subcontinent, the rulers of many small states were of a different religion to that of the majority, but they were religiously impartial, their main concern being the welfare of the people. With British occupation, things changed. They learnt a bitter lesson from the 1857 War of Liberation and thereafter they concentrated solely on administration and left religious matters to the respective communities. Neither Hinduism nor Islam was forced on people by the rulers. Had that been the case, the whole of India would have been Muslims. However, foreign traditions and religious festivals did leave lasting imprints. For example, Muslims adopted hina, ubatna, soyam, chaharam, etc, from the Hindus.

Pakistan was created in order for its people to have a free atmosphere, religious freedom and financial autonomy. Under the present conditions it is very difficult to enforce strict Islamic laws. Muslim leaders, realising the sensitive nature of the matter, declared it an Islamic state, but did not enforce Islamic Shariah. Now hardliners want a theological Islamic state while the modern generation wants a western-type system. It had already started during British rule. Some people were dead against any form of orthodox religious practices while others considered all modern practices as “kufr” and “ilhad.” It was at this time that the great Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and others appeared on the scene. Sir Syed preached educational reforms while Maulana Hali laid emphasis on culture and good behaviour, and Allama Iqbal used his excellent poetic gift to preach Islamic values. Shahjehan Begum, Nawab of Bhopal (grandmother of Nawab Hamidullah Khan), embarked on the construction of a grand mosque made of red stone. Unfortunately, she expired before its completion. Only the inner hall had been completed at the time. Her daughter Sultan Jehan and Sultan Jehan’s son, Nawab Hamidullah Khan, were unable to complete the mosque. A very fine

tries, which it calls ‘absolute ownership’: this means parents demanding the vaccine for their children and local leaders grasping the challenge of wiping polio from their area.

person, Dehradun-trained Maulana Imran Khan, started a madressah there and also gave regular lectures to Muslims. He collected money from the Middle East and finally managed to complete the structure – now the biggest mosque in the subcontinent known as Tajul Masajid (crown of all mosques).

Polio facts •Polio is a highly infectious viral disease •It is transmitted via contaminated faeces •It can cause irreversible paralysis, usually in the legs •A minority of cases are fatal The live oral polio vaccine can, in extremely rare cases, cause the paralysing disease it is seeking to prevent and allow the virus to spread in the community. The injectable vaccine used in Britain and other developed countries contains an inactivated, or killed poliovirus.


In 1962, Nawab Hamidullah Khan died and his daughter, Sajida Sultan, arranged a large function with lots of food. Fewer people came than were expected and the large amount of food that was left over was sent to the mosque for the children. This was politely returned by the mosque’s administration, with the message that it was against students being fed leftovers.

disobey court orders. They don’t seem to have any objection to killers running a state within a state. The situation has become so bad that criminals have even taken to Should the Begum have wanted to killing police, Rangers and army provide a feast for the children, it personnel with impunity. This is the would have been more appropriate beginning of the end of Pakistan! to invite them rather than sending them leftovers. This indicates the The present situation and behaviour character of the teachers and the up- of our rulers and the public reminds bringing the children were receiv- me of what is written in Surah Aling. Nowadays, even national lead- Maida, Ayat 105: “O you who beers and rulers do not hesitate to use lieve! Guard your own souls. If you zakat money for personal use. In follow right guidance, no hurt can one of his verses, Himayat Ali Shair come to you from those who go said: “How to comment on plunder- astray. The goal for you all is Alers and looters; they are our leaders, lah. It is He who will show you the truth of all that you do.” Hazrat Abu our leaders.” Bakar Siddiq explained this in a Our religious leaders are no bet- prayer address: “O people, you read ter. Instead of serving Islam and this verse and make wrong deducguiding the people, they have their tions. attention focused on Islamabad. They waste millions of man-hours I have myself heard the Holy Prophon useless processions, sit-ins, etc, et (pbuh) explain it thus: ‘When causing immense inconvenience people don’t stop others from to the public and destroying public wrongdoing or don’t stop the tyrant and private property. After making from cruelty when they see such inciting speeches they return to their acts being committed, then it is possible that the Almighty will inflict comfortable lives. severe punishment. By Allah, you In Karachi, a massacre is in full must preach goodness and stop othswing and it is only the ANP that is ers from wrongdoing. If you don’t, demanding the army’s deployment. Allah will thrust on you as rulers The PPP and the MQM are vehe- those who would be the worst from mently resisting that, fearing they among you. They will make your will lose their grip on the mafias life intolerable. The God-fearing, and extortionists. Traders are forced good people will then beseech Alto pay “bhatta” (extortion money) lah for His favours, which request to criminals in order to protect their will not be accepted.” The present situation is a true reflection of that businesses and their own skins. edict from Allah and its explanation The PPP is forever crying itself by His last Prophet (pbuh). Only hoarse claiming that there should the Almighty can save us from the be no state within the state, but that prevailing situation and forthcomclaim is made only to enable it to ing curses.

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By: Shahid Ali Following the printing in the ILM magazine of ‘the people who make a difference in our community’ photo spread, it led to many conversations and debates about who does what and if he or she should be on there. Which has lead me to write this article on a proposed section of ‘Unsung Heroes in the Community’ in the ILM community newspaper. Too often we highlight and define heroes as people of who have achieved in their specific field, whether that be in business, sport, science, religion or politics or any other field. This is my attempt to make good on my promise but more importantly highlight some more heroes from the community and these are people YOU SHOULD KNOW, they have not sought the limelight nor publicity for the work they do. But it falls upon us to highlight their work and

the difference they have made to their community so that we as individuals can aspire to do more for our communities. Success is achievable without public recognition, and the world has many unsung heroes. They are both male and female and the first question to ask is what is a ‘hero’? Is it someone who is willing to sacrifice their life for another? Is it someone who prevents the downfall of another human being? Is it someone who defends our way of life? None of these questions can sum up to what a hero is. A hero is someone who will stand tall in front of the weak. A hero is someone who can stand against a majority. A hero is someone who voluntarily gives up their time and dreams to give that same chance of dreaming to someone less fortunate. Too often, in the community, we put individuals on a pedes-

tal which in times gone by was a sign of respect amongst the community but now has become a detestable, self-gratifying, ‘community leader’ figure head, which is abhorred by the silent majority and promoted by the vocal minority. Some people will agree and others will disagree but through communication and an open and honest debate we can reach an equilibrium which will satisfy the majority. There are many people who I have in mind that I would like to talk about, who they are, what they do and how they make a difference. There are more women than men on that list, which can tell us much about our male dominated society. I will write openly and honestly and welcome feedback through my blog. Also any suggestions for the title of ‘Unsung Hero’ are more than welcome and can be emailed to me at

Supreme Court Orders to build Kalabagh Dam. Lahore High court has ordered the building of Kalabagh Dam as soon as possible. The High Court also said that now it is the responsibility of Pakistani government to build it according to Article 104. Ultimately construction should resolve the Energy crisis.

head works has become 18 and the number of big major canals has become 38. Korang River near Rawalpindi Rawal dam, on river Kurram, Kurran Garhi dam and near it Baran dam, on river Gomal Khajori dam on river Bolan. Nari bolan dam, near Karachi on Hub River. Hub dam and on river Hiro Khanpur dam have been constructed and canals have been dug out from them for providing water The plan of construction of this dam was for irrigation and drinking purpose. chalked out in 1954 but due to non availability of funds and non settlement of distribution of In December 2004, General Pervez Mushits water between four provinces its construc- arraf, President of Pakistan announced that tion was delayed. This dam will be construct- the Government would build the dam in the ed near Mianwali at about 20 km away from best interest of Pakistan. On 26 May 2008, Kalabagh town. the Federal Minister for Water and Power of Under Indus Basin treaty for its capital re- Pakistan, Pervez Ashraf Raja, said that the quirements India contributed 200 million ru- “Kalabagh dam would not be built” and the pees and for the rest of the expenses. World project was canceled. He said because opBank, USA, Canada, Australia, West Ger- position “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and many and New Zealand provided necessary other stakeholders, the project was no longer funds. possible.” However, after the worst flooding (2010) in Pakistan, Pakistani Prime Minister At present Pakistan has four large dams Man- Yousuf Raza Gilani said that the devastation gla dam, Warsak dam (on river Kabul). Tar- of the floods would be less if Kalabagh dam bela dam and Ghazi Barotha dam, number of were built.

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PTI Middle Class Moron!

Having been called a PTI middle class moron by a member of an opposition party recently, it got me thinking about the previous year and thus I write this with much thought and reflection about recent events.

A number of ‘seasoned’ politicians have parted their way from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in recent months and on the surface it may look like they are leaving a sinking ship. But wait! Before you smile and pat yourself on the back thinking that you knew it was going to happen and it happened. Let’s look more closely at the machinations that have taken place over the recent months. Imran Khan stated over year ago now that there would be internal party elections within PTI and on Sunday 18th November 2012 over 62,000 voters of Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI) wrote a new chapter in the country’s history by exercising their right to choose around 500 party leaders for the federal capital in the first-ever intra-party elections held in the entire subcontinent, smashing the negative traditions of nominating the party office-bearers by the dictatorial party

heads. PTI supports meritocracy rather than big names and dynastic politics, with great enthusiasm shown by members and even though the majority of the voting should have taken place through SMS, but due to PTCL phone lines dedicated and publicised for voting being blocked by the government apparently in order to disrupt the polling, turned out in person at dedicated polling stations. This had a minor effect with over 50% of the possible voters turning out to vote in person.

The PTI election is a challenge for other political parties as PTI has set a process of change in the country’s political system. No political activist even in other political parties should accept nominations by their dictatorial leaders, but through the right of protest demand open and free internal elections. The process of internal party elections are continuing with a schedule announced for other areas in Pakistan, the next one being KPK in December 2012. As to politicians leaving the party, that is why they are there. Many people joined, some on the vision of Imran

Khan, some planted, some for a ticket, but no promises have been made. Those that have left or are leaving and there are more to come, have seen that they will not get a ticket by paying for it or ‘sucking up’ to Imran Khan. But by working hard within the party and in their areas, they will then through an internal election process be nominated by PTI members. For the dream to come true dream of a welfare and moderate Islamic state, dream of a just and corruption free society, dream of humanity and equality, dream of rule of law and above all dream of sovereignty and self-esteem. To achieve that dream it is not easy, we will be abused, accused, shot down, picked on amongst many other issues and remember that follow the vision and not the individuals in the party or any other party. This is change my friends and if you like it or not it is happening and as Martin Luther King said ‘For In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ By: Shahid Ali Secretary PTI Sheffield

Lib Dems make it easier for illegal trading in Sheffield Hard work by Sheffield City Council to clamp down on illegal traders in the city centre will be undone by a new policy by Lib Dem business minister Jo Swinson. Swinson plans to scrap the 140 year-old 1871 Pedlars Act which requires travelling salesmen to have a permanent home address and to be of “good character” before police will grant them a certificate.

turn the high street into a "free for all for rogue traders", with the potential to encourage cold callers who target the elderly. The Council is working hard to boost trade and clamp down on illegal traders that threaten hard working, rent paying businesses in the city. Recent schemes announced include a project to boost retail growth through training, development and retail startup incentives on Chapel Walk in Sheffield City Centre and this policy change could put this scheme in jeopardy. Councillor Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for Business, Skills and Development said:

Under new rules pedlars will no longer need a certificate from the police, and children under the age of 17 will be allowed to sell trinkets and household goods while travelling on foot for the first time. The Council expects this to

"This policy would likely encourage a street trade free-for-all. Whilst there are some reputable, legal peddlers, we know the reality is that many peddlers sell low quality trinkets and goods and make the high street a less attractive place. The last thing

existing rent-paying retailers and shoppers need is our main shopping streets being swamped with such traders. At a time when we are working hard to encourage new retailers to come to the city, this policy is a disincentive which could lead to more empty shop units on the high street. "The policy will also make it harder for the council to tackle dishonest traders who rip-off the public and prey on the vulnerable. The result could well be that the council has to spend more money to tackle illegal peddlers at a time when we are facing massive government cuts to our budget. “Recently the council seized thousands of pounds of counterfeit goods which led to a man being arrested after a police operation to crack down on illegal street trading. This policy change will lead to more occurrences like this.”

Peer suggests using Neutron Bomb in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Former Labour Defence Minister, Lord Gilbert, shocked the normally sedate British House of Lords by suggesting the use of neutron bombs to establish a “cordon sanitaire” on the PakAfghan border.

Funnily enough, he proposed this during a debate on nuclear disarmament and drew the fury of his former boss, former Labour Defence Secretary Lord Browne of Layton, who accused him of being at his ‘most contrarian and challenging’, while the current government spokesman, Lord Wallace of Saltaire, said that the government did not share these views, saying that the government retained a commitment to ‘a world without nuclear weapons’. Apart from the maxim that a poli-

tician will say anything to regain the limelight, especially if out of office, Lord Gilberts ridiculous estimation that the mountainous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is only inhabited by “a few goats” and their herders displays ignorance and a disdainful superiority which can only be enjoyed by someone safely seated in a snobby realm, with absolutely no on-ground experience in the region he is busy delivering prescriptions for. Lord Gilbert’s statement would be laughable but he is Prone to gaffes, on occasion Lord Gilbert’s statements have had to be removed from the official record of Parliamentary proceedings for their inappropriate language. While a former defence minister

makes a mockery of the British establishment’s understanding of the situation along the PakistanAfghanistan border by issuing such ignorant and incendiary statements, Pakistan has reacted with maturity and restrained annoyance. No matter how ridiculous the source, the threat of near-nuclear bombardment on the borders of a sovereign state can hardly be expected to be allowed to pass without comment. Gilbert, who served Tony Blair (no wonder!) in the late 1990s as a defence minister and was a member Intelligence and Security Committee while he was an MP, said he did not favour a nuclear-free world.

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Treating Medication with the Respect it Deserves could Save your Life days can be enough to trigger what experts called a staggered overdose and cause liver damage. They also found that the risk of dying from liver failure is greater in those taking a staggered overdose than those attempting suicide using it. The issue with accidental toxicity is that symptoms often don't start to show until serious damage has been done so people don't realise there's a problem. It's also harder for doctors to identify as levels of drugs in the body look normal. Antibiotics aren't a cold cure If you feel sick enough to go to the doctor, you want to walk away with some kind of medicine. So doctors just prescribe them. But antibiotics can't fight colds – they attack bacteria, and colds and flu are caused by viruses.

Did you know you shouldn't exercise while taking certain antibiotics? That having a bath while taking certain medications could be dangerous, or that it only takes a few more paracetamol pills than recommended to trigger liver damage? Here, we pinpoint the top medicine hazards you need to be aware of. Be cautious when exercising on some medication

through the delicate tissue. Up to 100 medicines including aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin C, iron supplements and the contraceptive pill can trigger oesophageal damage. As a rule, wash tablets down with water and avoid lying down for 30 to 60 minutes. And don't take pills with liquids other than water Milk, grapefruit juice and coffee are all drinks known to interact with medications.

Exercise and medicine don't always mix. Some medicines can affect your risk of getting cramp, raise blood pressure or increase heart rate. Exercising while taking some statins can increase the risk of getting muscle pain as a side effect, and diabetics may need to adjust their medication as exercise can lower blood sugar. Possibly the nastiest effect is that linked to a group of antibiotics called quinolones (which include ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin). These can cause inflammation in the tendons and, in rare cases, tearing or snapping of those tendons can occur. Your doctor may advise you to avoid exercise when on the medicine if you're at risk of this.

Milk can bind to some medicine, meaning it's not absorbed effectively; grapefruit juice can inhibit enzymes involved with drug metabolism, increasing the dose in your system, while caffeine stimulates circulation and may increase drug concentrations in the blood. Water is the best choice. Treat the problem rather than This is one case when harm defimasking symptoms with medica- nitely outweighs benefits. The side effects of antibiotics include tion rashes, diarrhoea and thrush so Not only is this masking the you could end up with new health cause of an issue and delaying problems while your original isyour recovery, if you keep on sue isn't cured at all. taking pills, or using potions, you The only time antibiotics should can trigger rebound reactions like be considered for any cold or flu headaches or nasal congestion, sufferer is if you also develop siwhich cause further problems. nus pain or produce thicker than And it doesn't take long for these normal mucus – this can indicate to occur. Some painkillers, like you have developed a bactethose containing codeine, can rial infection alongside the virus. trigger rebound headache within Otherwise, just treat the sympa week of frequent use. Decon- toms with simple medicines and gestant sprays can cause prob- decongestants. Remember, creams are medilems in about five days. Take only the recommended dose cines too Taking as little as two to three Some may think creams don't extra pain killers a day for a few count as real medicine, but if

Swallow pills with water Swallowing medication without water can cause it to linger longer in the throat than it should and many medicines can be corrosive, which can damage the oesophagus. In fact, antibiotics stuck in the oesophagus have been known to burn a hole right

it has an action in your body, it counts. And if it contains topical painkillers like methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen or lidocaine, it definitely counts – women have died from overdose while using these ingredients in a topical form. Other risks can come from steroid creams used for skin conditions like eczema (overusing these can make you resistant to the drug's effects, meaning you'll need a stronger preparation in the future), while oestrogen or progesterone creams can raise hormone levels if over-applied. If a cream has an active ingredient, treat it like any other medicine. Do not exceed the stated dose, do not mix it with other medications containing the same active ingredient and tell your doctor or pharmacist about other medicines you're taking to ensure they don't interact. Some tablets must not be split or crushed Crushing or splitting pills is most commonly done when people can't swallow them, and sometimes it's fine (if a pill is scored down the middle it's usually okay to split but not crush), but other times it can interfere with the way the drug is absorbed. Drugs that have an enteric coating or a slow-release mechanism must dissolve in a certain place in the digestive system to work properly. Ask your doctor if your medication can be split. Place the pill loosely under your tongue

and drink a glass of water. It goes down easier. Drugs have an expiry date for a reason One in five of us has taken medication that's past its expiry date, but it can put health at risk. Hanging on to medication too long increases the risk of accidently combining drugs that don't mix well (with no doctor to advise you not to take that painkiller you were given for your knee three years ago now you're on bloodthinning medication). Other drugs don't stand the test of time. Anginine, for heart-related chest pain, and insulin are both far less effective past the expiry

date and could be dangerous if taken. Also, check if a medicine expires quickly once it's been opened eye drops, for example, should be ditched after a month as they can easily become contaminated by bacteria and trigger a new infection. Clear your cupboard regularly and take expired or damaged drugs, or unfinished prescriptions, to a pharmacy for disposal. If your medicine cabinet is regularly exposed to steam or heat, move it. They can get into drug packaging and cause the medicines to lose potency. Store them in a cool, dark place instead.

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Coping with alternate US warns Israel off week Collections Op-ed: Gaza andonTHE STATE pre-emptive strike Iran TERROR By: Talha Ibrahim

Sheffield Lib Dem Leader, Shaffaq Mohammed, source in the region. "They might supArab spring has left US-friendly has admitted that heishas had no problems massive war Minister against Iran, rulers region nervous about new measuresport anti-Semitism considered to be a criminal ofPrime Beginbutinthey a letter pubWithinmankind’s advancement, of aIsrael’s adjusting to the introduction of alternate bin fense. Promotion of a vile ideology week like holoin the in that, August 1981 wrote defenseimpact and aggression werestrike resorted knowlished they are notIsraeli goingpress to get and possible of an Israeli on to, during collections. In an interview on BBC Radio caust of the Jews is tantamount to blasphemy. in response to what he regarded as criticism the times of need. From petty squabbles to fullthey know a limited strike is not worth Iran's nuclear programme. Sheffield Councillor Mohammed revealed Conversely, Matan Vilnai, deputy defense minofwill the Israeli bombing of Beirut, which killed fledgedMartin wars waged between states, new docit, as it not destroy the programme General Dempsey, chairman “We’reister coping alright, I’ve never said to that of Israel, in his recent interview thewe’d army hundreds of civilians. Begin offered a “partial trines were adopted for victory. But there was a and only make Iran angrier." of the US joint chiefs, meets Israel's struggle … I’m okfor with it.” radio, called a holocaust to be brought upon of military attacksthey on Arab civilians, which constant trade-off, of aBarak, virtue that Israelilist” leaders had hinted might defence minister, Ehud in the man lost; included over 30 separate episodes that left Palestinians. ”The more Qassam fire intensifies he ceased to be honorable. Tel Aviv. US military commanders have take military action to set back the IraLabourandhave made itreach clear throughout the the rockets a longer range, that they (the Terrorism is always considered to be a path that many civilians dead. He concluded that “under that threat there receded warned Israeli counterparts reasonPalestinians) for moving will to alternate week collections is bring upon themselves a bigthe Alignmentbut government, were regular has notheir honor, no glory. A society that that yearnsnian for programme, in September theagainst primecivilian minister, the massive cutsbecause that thewe Government are might to anyharmony action against Irancome wouldtoseverely ger shoah will use all our retaliatorywhen actions Arab populahas always oppose terrorism on ourselves,” the council, Binyamin the United limit the ability of American in of crimihe leaving said. a £170 million tions;Netanyahu, the air forcetold operated against them;imposing the defend in any form, whether it is theforces breaking gap four years. Moving that to alternate week Nations general that Iran's thenal region theirofown operations It should be remembered “Shoah” in Hedamage wasassembly directed against such structures as over lawsto ormount promotion violence. In response collections, whichtoisholocaust. successfully operated by the brew refers bridgesenrichment and transport.” The former to thethe concerns the society, to counter theadvances in- the canal, in uranium would against Iranianofnuclear programme majority councils in England and Wales, Theofclaims of Israel that the rocket attackssaves leadUN ambassador Abbaline" Ebaninwrote whethersupport from external eleonly breach Israel's "red springin response, by fluence cutting of offterrorism vital logistical the council £2.5 million every year. ing to breaking of truce were initiated by Hamas, “The picture that emerges is of an Israel wanments, or internal elements within the society, or summer next year. from Gulf Arab allies. tonly inflicting every possible measure of death has landed it into hot water once again. As the counter-terrorism Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, USstates naval,made air and ground forcesforces are to combat The Lib Dems also dropped commitreports of have the onslaught startedtheir coming in, the and week anguish civilian populations them, in for thebases, form of state owned and this in on London that it was thein a mood dependent refuelling and militias sup- said ment to reverse thethat change, onwas the propaissue world realized it waspressed a farce that law enforcement agencies. These forces were reminiscent of regimes which neither Mr. Begin plies on Gulf Arab rulers who are deeply Iranian decision this year to convert a severalgated times Councillor Mohammed to to justify the war. The chain ofrefused events that used in times of peace and war, for the estab- nor I would dare to mention by name.” third of the country's 20%-enconcerned the progress Iran has say that they from wouldIsrael’s propose to reintroduce started attack on an arms factory Perhaps Mr.Eban stock wouldofhave been reminiscing lishment about of harmony. richedabout uranium into fuel (making it weeklyincollections in theirsupplying budget this year. killing made in Times its nuclear Sudan, reportedly Hamas; Hitler’s regime. Alas! became too complicated, as deceit to eves convert to weapons-grade programme, alsopolitical about the risingUnder harder of 1982 autumn took away with them, of 15 Palestinian fighters in October; shooting became thebutnew system. this The material Iranofdecided to make a challenge to their posed by the if cries 3500 people butchered at the Sabra a mentally unstable Palestinian walking in the new system, theregimes state advanced its the foul objecand that Shatila United Nations’ Gen- buffer zone, a narrow strip of land between tives withinand thethe society and elsewhere. weapon) hadcamps. boughtThe another "eight Arab spring galvanising impactThe nonAssembly later condemned what happened Gaza and Israel borders and shooting of Abu mongering measures were to 10 eral months". on violent populardeceit unrest of an Israeli attack on carried at Sabra and Shatila act ofthat genocide”. A Dhaaqa on 8th Nov, a 13 year old boy after an outThe through parliament, while the violent measBarak's comments appearasto“an signal Iran. US Fifth Fleet is headquarUNnew commission concluded uresinthrough forces, that air were initially Israel's red line isofaninquiry Iranian stock- that the incursion near al-Qarara village northeast of tered Bahraintheand the US force has made their forces were involved Khan Yunis tells a different story. The chance to combat terrorism itself. Bahrain, pile ofIsraeli aboutauthorities 200kg ofand 20%-enriched major bases in Qatar, in Kuwait, Hence the term “State Sponsored Terrorism” and responsible for the deaths. The then head of a long term truce was dampened next, by the uranium in convertible form, enough the United Arab Emirates and Oman. of the Israel Defence Force, Ariel Sharon later killing of Ahmed al Jabbari, a Hamas military was coined. make oneposts bomb. Senior officers believe are the testimonial one would further hold fourtoministerial before becom- commander involved in peace diplomacy. In an The US historical precedents to iftheenriched Western diplomats argue the benchmark case in which they could not rely fully fact that the State-Sponsored terrorist activities ing Israeli Prime Minister from 2001 to 2006. interview, Gershon Baskin the founder of the Isis arbitrary, as it would Iran of another on were thosefirst bases for military operations Not a single persontake accused the crime was rael/Palestine Center for Research and Informaconfined within their own boundaries, few months to enrich the stockpile to against Iranian installations tion, an NGO and a think-tank, stated, “peace prosecuted. but eventually they spreadwould across be theif borders The year 2012 is marred andacted came first. to be seen as International Terrorism. 90% (weapons-grade) purity,by andIsrael’s then attempt to was within reach”. The only credible reason for Israel hegemonies the international with killing of Jabbari is that Israel did not want to Today FBI states that fear “International perhaps another year to develop acommunity war"The Gulfthe states' one great is Iran terrorterror. enough What started offon byaNetanyahu ismnuclear. involvesThe violent acts acts dangeroushead to small to put missile. declaring commit to truce. going other is or a regional life that are a violation the acriminal pre-emptive strikes against Iran became short Contrary to above, if it is believed that Israel warhuman that would destabilise them,"ofsaid laws of the United States or any state, or that of being a crisis situation. After the IAEA in- was attacked by Hamas in the first instance, would be a criminal violation if committed spection of Nov 2011, Iranian nuclear program how can Israel justify its illegal actions in Gaza. within the jurisdiction of the United States or became one of the most conflicting issues in the As an occupied territory, it is covered by the any state. These acts appear to be intended to world. Iran insists that it is planning to develop Hague Regulations of 1907 and the Fourth Geintimidate or coerce a civilian population, influ- its nuclear program to generate electricity, while neva Convention of 1949 on the treatment of ence the policy of a government by intimidation the western countries believe that Iran is plan- occupied populations by their military occupier. BY JAVED ZAHEER, FREE connection issue. It is being termed as through education in order to ensure bet- dedicated themselves with commitment have been mostly mercilessly killed. or coercion, or affect the conduct of a govern- ning to build nuclear weapons. Israel has been Indiscriminate bombing of occupied territories Education bosses are celebratThis comes on the back of winEXPRESSION AWARD WINNER Interestingly, Pakistanis and most Mus- a well-planned drama of the conspiracy ter future and quality of life for children, and determination to practically help and ment by assassination or kidnapping. Interna- most vocal in this regard. With Netanyahu’s by the occupier is clearly a violation of internaing after scooping two highly ninglims the inBest support the deserving children and peopeople and Pakistan. the Communication Muslim World really love, plan. tional terrorist acts occur outside the United government constant threats, signaling the ever tional law. Other than that Israel has imposed a coveted national communicaStrategy award last year. True leadership anywhere, everywhere like and respect the country and the Courageous Malala Yousafzai was just As part of their important role of promot- ple of Pakistan. States or transcend national boundaries in terms readiness of Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facil- strict blockade around Gaza that has resulted in tionat awards the second Cllr good, Jackieloving Drayton, Sheffield and any time– isforalways confronted and caring people of US 11 when she started her diary, two years ing human values, the couple, Syeda Fa- The challenges are really tough and of the means by which they are accomplished, ity, tougher sanctions against Iranian oil exports widespread anemia in the society. Around 5% of year running. The city has City Council’s Cabinet Memwith serious challenges from those who and Allies. This is why they all crazily after the Taliban took over the Swat Val- him Iqbal Jaffrey and Muhammad Fahim times very difficult. It is hard to survive the persons they appear intended to coerce or imposed by US and Europe and Iran’s threat to children are suffering from malnutrition. Rouare committed enemies mankind. picked up first placeofwith two Yet ber for wantChildren, to go thereYoung by anyPeople means and at any ley and ordered girls' schools to close. Khan, adopt poor and deserving kids and or stand before the corrupt lobby but intimidate, or the locale in which their perpetra- block the Strait of Hormuz, a tense situation has tine colonization of land is also being done from such people are never deterred She wrote under the pen-name Gul children who are ignored by the parents. they are doing their best. With the help Shine A Light awards, run by any and cost. Families, said: "What a fan- tors operate the west bank side, where new house building prevailed in the Middle East. or seek asylum.” sinister conspiracies, cowardly attacks, Makai for BBC Urdu and exposed the They help, support and groom them so of sincere and good people and leaders But they don’t like and trust the national Communication tastic achievement to have wonthe policyWe would be judging the State of Israel accord- But Israel clearly forgets that it also has a clan- schemes are announced most of the time. It is threats, obstacles setbacks. sufferings. She won a national award for that they become good, responsible and of anywhere, they are sure of achieving rulersawards and military Trust, hurdles, for their work and to boost suchmakers, prestigious and forof USingand destine nuclear program. It is a well-known also imperative for the international community to this definition. True leaders, no doubt, are great people. Allies and hold them responsible the bravery and was nominated for an inter- respectable member of the society and aimed and greater success. This is their communication standards in the second year running too. It for Israel is a Jewish state, born from the Balfour fact that Israel has been maintaining nuclear to consider that Israel has broken around 15 They boldly and bravely accept and face mass killings and destruction in order to national children's peace award. community and have a bright future. The level of trust and confidence in good Declaration of 1917, a letter from the United weapons since 1967. Ironically Israel has not ceasefire treaties in the last six decades. children. shows that what we are doing all challenges and remain prepared for achieve the vested interests. This is all By her true leadership character, attitude, focus is on their character, welfare and people and leaders. signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty up 7 days, 1500 missiles and the deaths of around Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Sheffielddifficult City Council’s city is beingofrecognised worst-ever times. Inawardany case as or amainly because the infamous but no- actions, deeds and tremendous positive education. Also, they help in the release Instead of merely sympathizing, cryBalfour to Walter Rothschild, the leader of the till now, but supports establishment of a Middle 150 Palestinians, of which majority are chilwinning Every Sheffield Child nationally and gives us a great ing and rendering lip services, we need situation or at any time or before anyone, torious U-Turn Policies of the US. This contributions, Malala Yousafzai and of innocent people who are in jails. British Jewish community in response to the de- East Zone, free of weapons of mass destruction. dren, and a ceasefire has been finally brokered Articulate (ESplatform to build they never let and down Literate their people and alis whyfrom US andwhich Allies have lost trust, con- many others like her, who are risking Many Canadians and others, including to practically act and help promote the Much of what is known about Israel’s nuclear up between the two sides, that has yet to be ana Jewish state. The letter stated, CAL) beat off stiff on. fidence At the and endrespect. of the day the mand of their ways try campaign to fulfil all the promises, pledglives and struggling, helping, sup- distinguished personalities, very much sacred vision and mission of Malala “His Majesty’s government view with favor the program comes from revelations in 1986 by nounced. On the other hand, almost all the rockescompetition and commitments make. Thismost is Ifimportant fromthey other local is making they keepthing working with the crook, porting and serving the people with the impressed by the couple’s intentions, Yousafzai and people like her. Syeda establishment in Palestine of a national home Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at the Negev ets of Hamas fired at Israel were intercepted by their quality, character and identity. surecruel and corrupt military gen- spirit of service to humanity, are proving commitments, determination and con- Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad authorities to win the accolades all children haverulers, the best for the Jewish people, and will use their best Nuclear Research Center who served an 18- dome-missile-interceptors. Those that managed Malala the 14-year-old bureaucrats, and people to the world that neither Pakistanis nor tributions are showing keen interest in Fahim belong to people of great catat a Yousafzai, star-studded ceremony.brave starterals, in life. The early leaders years are endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this year prison sentence as a result. Perhaps Israel to land killed 5 people, including a soldier and a daughter of Pakistan, who is campaigner then they willin always be the disliked and Muslims are terrorists. Instead they are practically helping and supporting them egory. Their tremendous contributions They have won best Communia crucial stage shaping object, it being clearly understood that nothing has double standards, when it comes to Muslim contractor. Yesterday, bomb explosion in a bus for girls’Strategy rights and education, is one hated and never and respected. victims of global terrorism and interna- in promotion of their education projects and meritorious services speak for themcation Award and for future outcomes for trusted any child. in Tel Aviv injured 10 people, and was initially shall be done which may prejudice the civil and Countries. such hero. She was shot in the head by They will have to seriously review and tional conspiracies. This is a loud and and adoption of deserving bright chil- selves. We must help and support them religious rights of existing non- Jewish com- But what came as a surprise was Israel’s launch- blamed on Hamas but later it was reported that the Team of the Year Award. those who are human beasts, criminals, sincerely make positive changes in the clear message: Target the real terrorists dren for their education and future under in turning the sacred mission into reality munities in Palestine, or the rights and political ing of its military offensive against Gaza on 14 it was the act of a lone operator unaffiliated with crooks, cowards, corrupt, traitors and policies in order to gain the trust, con- instead of labelling the Muslims as ter- supervision of The Fahims School Sys- and successfully achieving the mission November, marking the latest eruption of con- any major groups. status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” of promotion of education and charity. conspirators. tem. fidence, love and respect of the people. rorists. From a secret wedlock between the Sons of flict with Hamas which has raged between the In an emergency meeting of UN Security The Taliban group, which always They must deal with true leaders and The world leaders and people must The couple assured them that their help The scarred vision will always keep us Zion and the British Empire, the state of Israel two sides for years. This move of aggression Council, America has blocked the resolution to promptly and without losing any time good people to help them become rulers, come forward and practically act to help and support would prove a great bless- in the dark and prove dangerous. That is came into being, illegitimately occupying the was named as Operation Pillar of Defense, and condemn Israel for the atrocities committed in Motorists in Sheffield are responsibe- Loading Restrictions makes the claims and takes the and support such courageous people. It ing and help for the deserving children why we need to fully support the sacred policymakers and politicians. land of Palestinians. Today Israel occupies a was started by killing the Hamas commander, Gaza. US has always supported Israel’s terroring urged to help keep the city on • School Keep Clear Restricbility, claimed the responsibility for this Malala Yousafzai gained prominence in is never too late. Ignorance or refusal and innocent persons and maintenance missions of good people. place in the international community for Ahmed al Jabbari in an air strike… Amidst the ism. It did not came as a surprise for internationthe move the strongly busy runcondemned up to tions2009 by writing a diary (BBC Urduunique attack. It is in being vid- would certainly lead to torturous punish- and expansion of the education and charits victimization and brutal measures against the decries of international community, Israel as- al community as Netanyahu is on record as sayChristmas by steering clear of il• Bus Stop Clearways and severely criticized for this cowardly eo Schools Dismissed) about life under ment in the form of painful pricks by the ity projects. They are expecting help CONTACT FAHIMS: Those interested Palestinians. As a major perpetrator of state ter- serted that the air strike and the follow up op- ing: ‘contrary to the childish scare-mongering in legal parking. and With weeks 24 Hour Clearways act by Pakistanis theonly whole world.• Taliban militants who had taken control conscience. They will always regret and and support from maximum number of in practically helping the couple, Syeda to Christmas, motorists are be- • Waiting Restrictions adjacent rorism, it is consistently downplayed or ignored eration is in fact a reaction of being hailed by some of our media suggesting that Israel is now Some are suspecting of the valley. She earned the admiration can never sleep, live or die peacefully. people. The practical help and support Fahim Iqbal Jaffery and Muhammad ing urged to ensurefoul thatplay theyand parkholdto taxi ranks, where illegal ranking by the western countries, in accordance with the the missiles that were fired from the Gaza’s ter- more isolated internationally, we have conducting the US andEnforcement Allies responsible for this of many cour- This is for sure. It is the issue of mankind would greatly help them to continue Fahim Khan, their education and charsafely. Civil Officers hinders traffic across flow Pakistan for her general ed this operation with firm Western backing.’ principle, that violence employed by ritory. attack through their mysterious TalibanMotorists their mission of building the future of ity projects and the deserving children and humanity. age. Sheparking was encouraged will be out and about in the city in areas and thatsupported ourselves or by our friends is excluded from the Once a nation victimized by holocaust, Israel I wonder whom Israel would terrorize next. group so that could CCTV gain sympathy her father Ziauddin Yusufzai, mother Recently a couple from Pakistan visited new generation through education. The and innocent persons could contact supported bythey a mobile unit theyby should not be or not parking category of terrorism, by definition. The record has made it it’s faith to be replicating it on oththat and motorists park safely, safely receiveAbdul a penalty ofensuring Pakistanis the world, put presandwill BBCstill Reporter Hayee Kakkar. Toronto, Canada. They were introduced objective is to make them very good hu- them on telephone (021-34978627) or of Israeli terrorism, however, is considerable, ers. Gilad Sharon, son of former Israeli Prime Talha Ibrahim is an amateur writer currently particularly in areas where rulers illegal and charge from Enforceemail: or khanfasure on Pakistan’s military, All notice the four are Civil also being suspected by to me by Shahid Hashmi, a renowned man beings. far too extensive even to attempt to record here. Minister Ariel Sharon, wrote on 18th Nov, call- pursuing Chartered Accountancy, Talha wants parking causes congestion and or ment Officers. There will be an politicians to do more including major many of being very close to the US and and respected community leader and a In short, the couple, Syeda Fahim Iqbal The address is: Particular thoroughness would be given to Is- ing for even more aggressive Israeli strikes in to be a wise man someday. Not having any parcan be dangerous schools. initial two week warning for period forvested military operation around and justify their opAllies and working their in- distinguished personality, who is also Jaffery and Muhammad Fahim Jaffery, Head Office: A-295 Sardar Ali Sabri rael’s atrocities, as a ‘Terrorist State’, in the re- Gaza. “We need to flatten entire neighborhoods ticular affinity towards right wing or left wing The following types of restrictions anyone found to be parking illegalerations and attacks including Drone terests. The connection issue is becom- their relative. The couple has dedicated are dare-devils and true patriotic peo- Road, Block-5, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karaare now enforced by mobile CCTV ly on the mobile CCTV equipment. cent years leading to the events of the year 2012. in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza,” states Sharon in politics, he forms his conclusions derived from attacks in which thousands a hot media is splashing their lives to promoting human values ple who have risked their lives, devoted chi, Pakistan. equipment in Sheffield : of innocent Afteringthe twoissue. weekThe period, fines A glimpse would suffice, if some of Israel’s pre- The Jerusalem Post citing the bombing of Hiro- his own idiosyncratic goggles. people including women and children the and committedly serving the people their time, energy and resources and • Peak Period Waiting and will exclusive be issued. news with pictures about shima-Nagasaki by America. In many countries vious actions are taken into consideration.

Promoting Education And Human Values

Sheffield a Shining Light in Education

Motorists Urged to Steer Clear of Illegal Parking

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Legal Corner

Q&A PROPERTY Mohammed Nazir

Sale of Property Q What is a fixtures and fittings form? A. A fixtures fittings and contents form is an important document that is provided when you are purchasing a property. It provides information with regards to what items will be left at the property when the purchase completes. If you are selling the property please make sure that the form is completed correctly as this forms part of the sale contract. Q. What is a Property Information Form (PIF) A This gives details of the property and contains information and changes to the property in the past. This form should be completed very carefully and in full as this information is very important. If you are not sure about anything you should speak to your legal advisor before you hand over this form to the purchasers. Q What is an Overriding Interest Form?

Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP ing mortgage lender detailing the amount outstanding on the property. You cannot proceed without an up-to-date redemption figure. Your solicitor will need this to complete the sale of your property as they have to give a promise to the purchaser’s solicitors to clear the property from financial liability. In new sale contracts the vendor Q. What is the meaning of is also bound to clear any finanVacant Possession in a sale cial charges on the property but agreement? it also depends on the wording of the sale agreement. A This is a very important clause of the sale agreement and Q. What are early Repayment it means that once your solicitor charges ? has received the purchase funds, you will hand over possession to A. If you pay your mortgage the purchaser and there will be within the fixed period then you no occupiers, items or rubbish have to pay the a penalty releft at the property. If you do not ferred to as an early repayment provide vacant possession then charge. If the fixed term for the potentially you are in breach of interest rate has passed then contract and the purchaser can there should not be any penalty. ask for damages and gain possession through the Court. Disclaimer: This is information Q. What is a redemption fig- only and do not act on this inure and what is its importance formation as legal advice and in the sale process? always seek advice from your solicitor according to the cirA A redemption statement is cumstances of your case. information from the existA The Overriding Interest Form is a new form introduced into the Conveyancing process. It gives information to the purchaser’s solicitors as to whether there are any additional arrangements or rights that have been created over the property in recent years.

Umpire and Scorer Training Courses in South Yorkshire In many parts of the UK, cricketers from other countries which have a cricketing tradition, the West Indies, India and Pakistan, have felt it necessary to form their own clubs or even Leagues in order to play the game. Fortunately, this has not been the case in South Yorkshire, where clubs have welcomed players of all colours, creeds and nationalities judging everyone simply on their ability to play the game and their attitude to it. Consequently, at most clubs, you will find a total mix of players.

some of the best in the country, and there is a pathway for those who would like to progress beyond Saturday League cricket, to multi-day, Minor Counties, County and beyond. The President of the South Yorkshire Branch is John Hampshire, formerly a Test Umpire, and also from Sheffield is Richard Kettleborough, the current Test Umpire. Details of all the courses for training both Umpires and Scorers are on the website at ycbacosouthyorkshire.

The umpires courses start in the first week of January, in Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield; last eight weeks (including the mock exam and the actual exam) and cost £50, which includes the training pack, one years membership of the ACO, the MCC Laws book, and a copy of Tom Smiths, which is generally known as ‘the umpires bible’, but I appreciate that this may be an inappropriate Even so, the proportion is not as high as the description in a Pakistani journal! number of ethnic Pakistani lads playing the game, and so we are always on the lookout for If you need any further information, contact more. Alan Farnell on 0114 230 5760, or The training in South Yorkshire is considered 07932 621 893, or Over the last 5 years or so, we have started to see this social mix happening amongst the umpires. In South Yorkshire, we now have a number of umpires, particularly from the Pakistani tradition, Jawed Akhtar, Mo Raza, PJ Ahmed Zeeshan Naqvi, Fayyaz Syed and Anjum Iqbal to name just six.

Criticism in Human Relations and the Damage it can Cause Within the framework of enjoining what is good and preventing what is evil, taking an effective approach towards people’s mistakes is important. If we do not evaluate the balances and factors involved well, the results may be counterproductive. Criticism is to see the positive and negative aspects of a situation, item, person or behaviour and to expose them to other eyes and minds. This article covers the criticism in human relations, but not scientific, philosophical or literary criticism. Criticism in human relations may be divided into two categories, positive (constructive) and negative (destructive, damaging) criticism. The criterion of determining which criticism is positive or negative is to know who criticizes whom, when and to what extent. Though the criticism is the same, if you change one of the constituents above a positive criticism may turn into a negative one. Avoid opening the door of criticism for each other. There are more things to criticize outside other than your brothers. Generally, those who criticize most do not see their own faults and deficiencies. Negative criticism causes material and spiritual damage both to the critic and the criticized. The damage to the critic is as follows: • Since he always criticizes others, he is unable to realize his own faults and deficiencies. • He thinks that he will progress by finding and exposing the faults of others. • He is not loved by people since he is always ex-

amining their faults. There may even be some people who hate him and hold a grudge against him. • He cannot enjoy his life since he is always focusing on faults, mistakes and negative points. • Through his constant criticism, he may gossip about other people and he may have ill intentions towards others. • Since he evaluates everything from his own perspective, he may fall into trap of the egotism. We can enumerate more damages. There is also damage to the one who is criticised; • He feels nervous and stressed psychologically. • The probability of his making mistakes increases. • Later, he may also begin to criticize others. • He loses his self-confidence. • Because of the destructiveness of the style and manner of speech, the negative behaviour may actually be strengthened in his character instead of being corrected. • He may gradually become isolated and alienated. As can be seen, negative criticism may cause irreparable damage to both the critic and the criticized. Then, what should be done; • First of all, we have to question ourselves, which is called self-criticism or interrogating the soul that calls to evil in Islamic terminology. • We should think empathetically, and think how I want to be warned if I make such a mistake. • We should criticize

not the character of the person or the event itself, but just the faults and deficiencies in them. • First, we need to stress the positive and good aspects of the person and his character or the event and then draw the attention to the faults in a positive manner. • We should evaluate the position of the person and the situation and time and if it is not appropriate, we should postpone the warning to a more appropriate time. • If the person gets into the position of defending the mistake, we should climb down and if necessary change the subject. Attention should be paid to all these methods and strategies while dealing with the mistakes and faults of other people. From the perspective of the criticized person, for example, let us imagine that we are warned, but the critic does not do this in an appropriate manner and he is aggressive. In such a situation, we should not defend our mistake and we should actually thank him for warning us and correcting our mistake. Those who are engaged in negative criticism and who disturb people around them through an aggressive approach are ones who see their own negative aspects on the other people and attack them. The situation is expressed comprehensively by a thinker as follows, “If you want to help people with all your heart and succeed finally, then you can criticize them, and this criticism will be a positive one.” Otherwise our criticism will be futile and furthermore we will gain enemies.

Paul Blomfield MP challenges Government to invest in cycling infrastructure Paul Blomfield, Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central, yesterday challenged Transport Ministers to invest in a dedicated cycling infrastructure. Speaking in Parliament Paul Blomfield said: “Despite the challenge of our famous hills, Sheffield has embraced cycling, and many of my constituents have backed The Times’ “Cities fit for Cycling” manifesto. Will the Government commit to implementing the manifesto in full, as Labour has, and does the Minister recognise that only investment in a dedicated cycling infrastructure will encourage road safety and a switch to bikes?” After the debate Paul said: “It’s disappointing that the

Minister didn’t commit to implementing the cycling manifesto. As a cyclist myself I know we need to do a lot more to promote cycling and increase the safety of cyclists.

schemes to be subject to a Cycling Safety Assessment before they are approved.”

The huge public interest and increase in cycling following success at the Olympics and Tour de France means this is the right moment to invest in a dedicated cycling infrastructure. I strongly urge Ministers to do this so we can get more people switching to bikes and to secure a cycling legacy beyond 2012. “It’s worrying that in the last year there was an increase the number of cyclists killed or injured on our roads, the first rise in 17 years. This is why Labour wants all future road and other major transport

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CHRISTMAS BOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKEN Open Christmas day 12noon-8pm Closed on New Year’s Day

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year BUFFET BANQUET Fabulous selection of Dishes

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DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE, 7 Nights a Week FREE DELIVERY ON ORDER OVER £9 within 4 Mile Radius The Old Masbrough Railway Station, Princes Street Rotherham , S60 1HX Tel: 01709 555 527 - 550 155 Advance Booking Mob: 07831 202 354 www.

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