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about us LS3P is an architecture, interiors, and planning firm celebrating over 59 years of design excellence. With deep regional roots and a national reach, we offer large-firm expertise and resources with small-firm relationships and service. In everything we do, we’re guided by our vision: In our commitment to the Southeast, we create architecture that enriches community through a culture of design excellence, expertise, innovation, and collaborative engagement. At our core, we are a design firm, dedicated to engaging people in the process of architecture to create outstanding places to learn, live, work, heal, and serve.

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square feet of parking designed


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site Our parking decks maximize their footprint while tying seamlessly into the building footprint.

we design to enhance the

passenger experience safety LS3P is an industry leader in planning and design for transportation facilities. Whether for airports, parking decks, or multimodal facilities, transportation designs must provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for users. We identify, research, and develop best practices

Safety is critical where multiple modes of transportation intersect. We consider design solutions to promote driver, passenger, pedestrian, and staff safety throughout the facility.

for this industry, and we successfully implement these ideas into complex, highly efficient designs. Our team views every project, no matter how big or how small, as an opportunity for design excellence. We measure this excellence by how well the building serves the client, whether a building engages and enriches its community, how well it performs, whether it is sustainable, and whether it inspires the people who will use it. Building successful client relationships is also central to our concept of design excellence, and we want to exceed your expectations in both the process and the end result.

wayfinding Parking structures must be designed with ease of circulation in mind. The use of colors, shapes, clear typography, and graphics can enhance wayfinding and improve the user experience.



Transportation is about opportunities:

The world of transportation is constantly

opportunities for work, pleasure, excitement,

evolving in response to new technologies,

discovery, and connection. We believe that

regulations, and passenger expectations. We

designs for transportation should engage these

bring our expertise, experience, and leading-

possibilities, facilitating efficient, smooth, and

edge technology to bear on creating spaces that

welcoming travel for journeys of any distance.

merge efficiency with enjoyable experiences.

We understand that every project is unique,

We know that designs for transportation must

and we will work closely with you to develop a

be multimodal, interconnected, and highly

deep understanding of your goals, vision, and

functional, and we believe that they should also

parameters before we draw the first line.

be inspiring.

transform Design excellence impacts not only the way we feel within a space, but also our frame of mind when we arrive at our destination. To this end, we design spaces that transform the traveler’s experience from “getting from point A to point B” into “reveling in a memorable journey.”

our unparalleled


charlotte douglas international airport

consolidated rental car facility (ConRAC) & hourly parking deck CH A RLO T T E , N C

A product of the 2010 Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Vertical circulation is provided through separate double-

(CLT) master plan by LS3P, this seven-level structure includes

stranded helices. These ramps maintain individual drive paths

3.2M square feet of premium parking spaces and full-service

for rental car and hourly parking customers. Both helices

rental car facility.

are designed to access two levels with each rotation, while providing access to every level along the route. Circulating

This parking deck is strategically located in front of the

from the ground floor to roof level requires just three

airport’s main terminal, granting premium parking access


for 7,700 patrons. The facility’s location also considers future development opportunities on all sides, including

The parking deck utilizes fiber-reinforced glass column

infrastructure and roadway alignments, vehicle lane

enclosures, with LED lights illuminating the interior, ceilings,

expansions, pedestrian walkways, and main terminal

and exterior facade by night - adding ease to navigation. To

expansions. Level 1 has been proactively designed to

account for passenger safety, security, and visibility, the 12

accommodate an automated people mover and transfer

stair and elevator towers are reinforced with cantilevered

station, increasing efficiency and enhancing the overall

concrete beams to create an unobstructed view from

experience for travelers.

all angles. Each of these enclosures is lined with an uninterrupted ribbon of translucent ceiling panels, creating an

Levels 1-3 feature a full-service rental car facility, including

illusion of floating stairways.

quick-turnaround (QTA) facilities on the first level. The QTA includes 56 fueling dispensers, 8 automated car wash bays with room for expansion, vacuum systems, and car fluid distribution systems. Moving upward, Levels 2 and 3 are designed for rental car return, and includes a two-story 30,000 SF customer service center with direct access to the airport’s main terminal.

L S3P Un p a ra l l e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


charlotte douglas international airport

business valet parking decks


A product of the 2010 Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Conveniently located on Level 2, the 6,000 SF customer

(CLT) master plan by LS3P, this multi-phased facility provides

service center provides airport shuttle stations, transaction

6,200 total parking spaces and a 6,000 SF customer service

counters, and public restrooms in a central location. A

center for airport patrons.

second-story mezzanine also serves the valet management offices. An ancillary office area was designed for future

Phase 1 includes a four-story parking deck utilizing post-

amenities, such as dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up and

tensioned cast-in-place concrete. Completed in 2011, the


structure’s 3,200 parking spaces are accessed through separate cast-in-place helices to optimize efficient circulation

Completed in 2015, Phase 2 of this project creates 4,000

and wayfinding. Open stairwells and glass-enclosed elevator

additional parking spaces within a new five-story parking

cores provide additional wayfinding and accessibility to

deck. Located adjacent to the existing deck, the new facility


can be expanded by an additional 1,500 spaces should the need arise.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


charlotte douglas international airport

daily parking decks


Serving Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), the

The unique facade of these parking decks evolves throughout

daily parking decks provide space for up to 6,500 vehicles.

the day. In the daylight, the metal panels pay homage to the profile of an airplane wing while reflecting the airport’s values

Several design iterations were explored in an effort to

of innovation and technology. By night, the illumination and

optimize the development’s location on this site. These

reflectance of the accent lights portrays a more theatrical

concepts considered a number of factors, including aircraft

tone. The underside of each level is painted white in an effort

circulation, ramp layouts, taxiway access, runway utilization, a

to enhance patron safety while reducing the need for artificial

second terminal building, a hotel development, consolidated

lighting, and in turn, cut energy costs.

rental car facilities, future interstate expansions, and light-rail transit system access. These parking decks extend beyond the boundaries of conventional parking facility design. Perforated stainless steel panels are back-lit in blue to march the airport’s brand while providing visibility and revealing the truss structure. These panels also allow for natural ventilation, eliminating the need for fans and ductwork.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


centene corporation

east coast headquarters parking decks CH A RLO T T E , N C

The two, eight-level parking garages on the new Centene East

All vertical circulation elements are clad with curtainwall or

Coast Campus will provide spaces for 2,300 employees.

custom perforated metal panels, creating semi-protected circulation zones while maintaining a consistent design

The partially submerged, precast concrete garages feature


board-formed concrete wall textures, a reflection of the design language of the campus. The textured walls also

Solar panels adorn the roof level to support sustainable

conceal a below-grade loading dock with trash and mail room

power elevator and escalator functions. This design element

functions in the South garage.

contributes to the WELL Certification for the overall campus.

Steel frames extend from the precast concrete columns to support multiple stair and escalator cores, accentuated by natural light and spacial volume. These cores promote pedestrian movement in the open volume between levels.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


Transparency was a key design element for both structures. Located adjacent to the elevator lobbies, sunken gardens provide fresh air and light to the lower levels of the buildings. The glass-backed elevators are oriented to provide employees with elevated views to the office tower and water features within the gardens. A courtyard area separates each deck while providing a pedestrian connection for employees. A path shaded by a canopy reminiscent of the foliage that once occupied this site provides direction to the entry of the adjacent office tower.

charleston county aviation authority

rental car ready/return & daily parking deck N O R T H CH A R L E STO N , SC

This design re-imagines the airport entry process to create

Integrated technology helps to reduce traveler stress and

a pleasant, seamless traveler experience. A new parking

maximize convenience. In addition to graphics and signage,

garage, surface lot, roadway improvements, and associated

creative lighting elements at stairwells highlight vertical

walkways streamline the process of arriving at the airport and

circulation to assist with wayfinding. The design maintains

create a sense of arrival. The new design helps passengers

the easy-to-use, friendly, and attractive atmosphere already

navigate easily, locate the correct lane, identify available

in place while accommodating growth in airport capacity and

parking, and enjoy a short walk to the terminals. Likewise, the

increased need for parking.

design facilitates returning to the car and a smooth exit and payment process. The improvements prioritize pedestrian safety, ease of use, and a welcoming experience. The design draws from a materials palette, scale, and form which emphasize natural, human-scale elements appropriate to Charleston’s built environment. From a well-lit, attractive, and quiet garage interior to thoughtfully landscaped processional routes, the improvements provide an inviting gateway between the city and the airport.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


clemson university

international center for automotive research parking deck G R E E N VIL L E , SC

The Clemson University International Center for Automotive

The 4-story, 23,000 SF tower includes 1,180 parking spaces

Research (CU-ICAR) is powered by the university and its

and houses a fitness center, offices, and coffee shop with a

corporate partners such as BMW, Microsoft, Michelin and

garden and patio residing on top. The bottom floor features a

IBM. LS3P, SmithGroup, and Walker Parking Consultants were

display area that replicates an automobile showroom.

awarded the contract for CU-ICAR’s management tower and parking garage.

The new parking structure received LEED ® Gold certification.

city of columbia

cannon street parking deck CO L UMBI A, SC

This new 524-car 6-level parking garage for the City of

Leasable tenant space along Taylor Street creates activity

Columbia complements the existing downtown context, with

and interest at the pedestrian level. A pedestrian path

a form more like an occupied office building than a typical

connects Main Street to the rear of the garage with a secure,

parking deck. The base of the building comprises stone,

well-lit, and planted alleyway between two historic buildings.

ground face masonry units, block, precast concrete, and brick detailing, with the brick elements continued on upper levels.

This city’s investment in infrastructure supports existing and

The precast concrete structure features a ramp system in the

new businesses as well as residential customers along Main

center bay, concealing the diagonal lines from the exterior.

Street, and provides support for future economic growth in the City Center area.

L S 3P Un p a ra l l e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


live oak bank


W I L M I N G TO N , N C

This hybrid fitness and parking structure for a growing

The exterior’s formal language responds to the program with

corporate financial campus celebrates a unified aesthetic

a grand entrance and a massing which is broken down for the

and a contemporary materials palette of wood, steel, and

studios, clinic, and rooftop deck, culminating in the rhythmic

glass. Sustainability, connectivity, and transparency are key

nature of the main workout zone. Rooftop solar panels help

design goals; this parking and wellness facility embodies all

to power the building and support campus sustainability

three. The south side of the building provides 600 spaces

initiatives, while EV charging stations encourage a more

of parking and connections to the surrounding community,

sustainable commute.

while the linear bar to the north of the building connects with the pedestrian-oriented campus with expansive views to the natural site. The design rethinks the paradigm of the traditional office parking garage and how it relates to its campus environment. The fitness component of the program laminates a usable, active façade on the parking structure and provides an attractive visual buffer from the adjacent campus buildings. The language of the structure on the exterior and interior is a direct connection to the verticality of the site’s longleaf pine trees.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


spectrum properties

center city green


Center City Green provides 1,400 parking spaces in a dense

Given its expansive capacity, Center City Green utilizes a

urban area. The deck sits on an irregular two-acre site that

complex system of digital signage and computerized gates

is framed by public streets, a light rail line, and new cultural

to optimize functionality. The helix system is designed for

landmarks: TWC Arena and ImaginOn. The LEED-certified

bi-directional movement, with traffic flowing upward in the

structure also features ground-level retail to serve consumers,

morning and downward in the afternoon. The helix system

enhance the urban streetscape, and address the context of

also conceals a rainwater cistern for onsite irrigation

its site.


Glass-backed elevators and glazed stair towers create

The parking deck provides 5% preferred spaces for hybrid

functional, vertical movement through the space while

or zero-emission vehicles. The design also includes bicycle

visually activating the deck’s facade. These design cues also

racks and an adjacent shower room to encourage alternative

appropriately scale the deck for its neighboring arena.

means of transportation.

The facility features 12 levels of parking, accessible through an express helix ramp - a unique design solution where one rotation will elevate a driver two levels.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


myrtle beach international airport

rental car ready return canopies


The new surface lot Rental Car (RAC) Canopies at Myrtle

The sloped and tapered cantilevered beams reflect design

Beach International Airport provide protection from the

cues from roof lines of the adjacent terminal building and

elements for 650 vehicles and breaks up the visual repetition

RAC pedestrian canopy, reinforcing a common design theme

over such a large area. Perspectives from both below and

across the campus. Airport branded colors are subtly

above were important to consider in the design, and LS3P

incorporated onto each row of canopies to provide intuitive

utilized a stepped module to break up the long spans. The

wayfinding for passengers searching for their vehicles. All

single, center-supported cantilevered canopies reflect the

exposed structure is hot-dip galvanized, creating a durable

Lowcountry aesthetic through the use of low-slope surfaces,

and maintenance free finish.

planked materials, and expansive overhangs.

virginia tech university

perry street parking deck BL ACK SBU RG , VA

LS3P collaborated with Rentenbach Contractors on this

Sustainable design features promote a more energy efficient

design/ build parking deck project for 1,356 spaces. The

facility, increase the structure’s durability, and reduce its

408,000 SF deck utilizes horizontal precast to reduce the

environmental impact. Security strategies include minimizing

perceived visual height of the facility, while the vertical

obstructions, maximizing open space and natural light, using

elements capture the architectural character of the campus

glass for visibility in stairwells and elevators, providing CCTV

with “Hokie” stone, perforated stainless steel screen panels,

cameras, “blue light” security phones, and strategic lighting.

and glass. The glass-enclosed stair towers project from the façade and identify the location of the vertical circulation systems. At night, the stair towers act as light beacons and clearly identify the entrances.

L S 3P Un p a ra l l e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


craig gaulden davis architecture

spring street parking deck


Drawing from extensive experience in urban and mixed

The vehicle entrance is expressed as a portal with a deck

use development, LS3P proposed that this parking deck

layout that accommodates access from multiple streets with

be configured to facilitate shared site-development with

revenue control systems for both card access and pay-per-

residential/retail buildings at the Washington Street and

visit customers.

McBee Street ends of the site. This strategy offers immediate financial return to the City through private residential investment while allowing the design team to create a unique architectural facade on the Spring Street side of the building. The architectural design reinforces the red-brick character of the historic center of Greenville, providing a streetlevel arcade and giving vertical emphasis to an otherwise horizontal building. The facade successfully masks the sloping plates of the parking ramps. The brise-soleils add textured shadowing to the exterior, while the glazed stairway enclosures act as nighttime lanterns and draw visual emphasis to pedestrian access points.

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


greenville-spartanburg international airport

parking deck & consolidated rental car facility G RE E R, SC

This state-of-the-art parking deck and rental car facility will

The precast concrete frame and double-tee parking deck

serve Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).

features a quick-turnaround (QTA) facility will house fueling,

The deck will provide over 760 premium parking spaces for

cleaning, and wash stations. Two vertical helices will provide

airport patrons alongside rental car operations and support

direct connections between the QTA facility, rental car return


station, and two levels of private vehicle parking.

The 7,600 SF integrated customer service building reflects

During the design process, LS3P evaluated a number of skin

the clean design aesthetic of the existing terminal facilities

options to transform the deck’s facade while establishing a

at GSP, and brings ample natural light into the lobby spaces

new design language for the airport’s brand. The resulting

through the extensive use of curtainwall. The elevator towers

facade integrates a flexible design that can respond to

for the project are clad in translucent glass panels, which at

neighboring facilities as the airport continues to expand.

night will become a wayfinding beacon for the project site.

Alternate Skin Option

Alternate Skin Option

L S 3P Un p a ra ll l l e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


delaware department of transportation

claymont regional transportation center CL AY M O N T, DE

In collaboration with JMT, the new Claymont Transportation

standing seam metal canopies. Each of these elements

Center will honor the site’s history as a former steel

share a common aesthetic which is drawn from the historical

production plant, re-imagining historical elements of the

quality of the adjacent built environment, as well as the

greater Claymont area while providing an updated image for

neighboring stations along this rail line.

passengers connecting to the commuter rail line. Travelers to this truly intermodal facility can arrive by rail, bus, car, foot

A palette of brick, steel, and glass mimics turn of the century

or bicycle via direct connections to mixed-use paths and

structural and cast-iron shapes, many of which date back to

adjacent major roadways.

the steel mill that existed on site prior to this project. The design pays homage to the industrial roots of Claymont,

The JMT/LS3P team is coordinating with multiple

while providing the local population with a state-of-the-art

organizations including the Delaware Department of

replacement to their existing, outdated access point to the

Transportation, AMTRAK, SEPTA, and other local entities to

SEPTA commuter rail lines. This concept will serve as a

align platform, tower, and bridge connections in accordance

launching point for the greater vision of the site as additional

with strict rail regulations.

elements are developed in conjunction with the framework established through this project.

As lead designers for the project, LS3P incorporated an architectural vocabulary for all elements on site including the 464-space parking structure, 115’-long weathering steel bridge, brick and glass enclosed stair towers, and the

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e


our experience

by the numbers

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e



Date Completed

Construction Type

CDIA West Daily Deck

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

CDIA East Daily Decks

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

CDIA ConRAC and Hourly Parking Deck

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

CDIA Business Valet I

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

CDIA Business Valet II

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Centene East Cost Headquarters Parking Deck

Charlotte, NC


Precast double tees, pre- and field-topped, precast columns & shear walls, cantilevered steel escalators / stairs

Center City Green

Charlotte, NC


Cast in Place, post tensioned concrete

Charleston County Aviation Authority Rental Car Return & Daily Parking Garage

North Charleston, SC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Clemson University ICAR Management Tower & Parking Garage

Greenville, SC


Precast double tees w/ field topping on precast columns and shear walls

Concord Regional Airport Parking Deck

Concord, NC


Precast Concrete Frame

Confidential Corporate Headquarters Support Center Parking Deck I

Mooresville, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Confidential Corporate Headquarters Support Center Parking Deck II

Mooresville, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

DelDot Claymont Regional Transportation Center

Claymont, DE


Precast double tees, pre-topped, precast columns & shear walls, steel truss bridge

Dowd YMCA Pritchard Site Parking Structure

Charlotte, NC


Precast double tees w/ field topping on precast columns and shear walls

Project Name

No. of Spaces

No. of Stories


Vertical Transportation Method




Helical Ramps




Helical Ramps




Helical Ramps




Helical Ramps




Helical Ramps




Parking Ramps




Reversible Helix, Internal Ramps




Helical Ramps




3 Bays with Speed Ramp








Parking Ramps




Parking Ramps




Parking Ramps




Parking Ramps

L S 3P Un p a ra ll e le d Pa r k in g E xper i enc e



Date Completed

Construction Type

Edgewater Corporate Center

Fort Mill, SC


Steel Construction

Gragg Building Parking Deck (Ballantyne Corporate Park)

Charlotte, NC


Precast Concrete Frame

Greer, SC


Precast double tees, field-topped, precast columns and moment frames

Legacy Union Parking Garage

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

MYR Rental Car Ready Return Canopies

Myrtle Beach, SC


Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Structure

UNC Charlotte Parking Deck I

Charlotte, NC


Cast-in-Place, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Blacksburg, VA


Precast Concrete Frame

Charlotte, NC


Precast Concrete Frame

Project Name

Greenville-Spartnaburg International Airport Parking Deck

Virginia Tech Perry Street Parking Deck Woodward Building Deck (Ballantyne Corporate Park)

No. of Spaces

No. of Stories


Vertical Transportation Method




Parking Ramps




Parking Ramps

763 Public 1,145 RAC



Helical Ramps




Parking Ramps








Parking Ramps




Parking Ramps




Parking Ramps


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