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From Tuesday 7th February to Friday 10th March 2017 the LHS and LGS students performed our major school production ‘Grease’, written by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey. The show was sold out for 3 nights, with tickets at a real premium and the iconic songs proving a real attraction to the wider LES community. The principal cast were outstanding, managing to capture the essence of those iconic roles which we all know and love—whilst still putting their own energy and humour to good use. The ensemble however were equally impressive sporting many changes of costume from Class Valedictorians to School girls, Beauticians in a dream sequence to Prom goers. They provided a moving and animated backdrop to the action with aplomb.

The set itself was a real feature of the show. Created by Mr Viccars and the Tech Team, it was incredibly versatile with one item being

the picnic table, Greased Lightning and a both in the Burger Palace. The cast managed all scene changes themselves, making them an amusing feature of the transitions. Huge thanks must go to the staff who made up the band, make-up, tech and creative

teams for all of their hard work as well. However it was a real privilege to work with such a talented, yet grounded and nice group of students. Will Miles, who played Danny, writes; “The day the cast list for Grease was released and I saw I would be playing Danny Zuko, I knew the coming months would be incredible. The rehearsals were heavily crammed in, but they were so much fun and I loved every second of them. As the performance came close you could really see how far the production had come over the rehearsal period. if anyone's considering auditioning for any show I would thoroughly recommend it.“

New Directors’ Season 2017 New Directors Season was a challenge, especially choosing to write, direct and perform in my piece, 'Man Up'. Choosing a ever political issue that is gaining momentum was nerve wracking, especially as a woman writing about men's issues, but it proved so rewarding - the support from the drama teachers helped a lot. By participating in NDS I have further developed my leadership skills, time management and

organisational skills and grown more confident in the validity of my creativity. I have furthered my interest in directing and feel more rounded as a drama student. NDS was definitely one of the most rewarding things; meeting and working with new people in different years on a project you're all passionate about and means something was amazing. I'd definitely recommend it to people , as even though it is

hard work and can be stressful sometimes, you'll gain so much from the experience. Finally seeing your performance come to life and deliver a message to is a one of a kind experience and makes it all worthwhile. Zahra Jassi, Year 12



Edinburgh 2017 This year, a group of students are rehearsing two play texts in preparation to perform at the Edinburgh fringe from the 4th-12th August 2017. One group are rehearsing their production of 'chatroom', by Enda Walsh with their first rehearsals going well. It is a dark teenage piece, in which the keyboard protagonists circle a vulnerable boy online, attempting to make him kill himself live on webcam. The group I am in are working on Berkoff'’s 'Dharling you

“The Fringe is a fantastic experience, not only for the opportunity to perform at one of largest arts festivals, but to experience all the other amazing shows that go up there as well and I highly recommend everyone to take part in it.”

Rebecca Kroon, Year 13

The production was an enjoyable and somewhat frightening piece. Kevin Sleep did a great job as the lighting was used very well . It used mainly dim or grey lights, and some red and orange to represent that it was set in an older time. When the lights go dim or out, it was usually to suggest a 'scary part' was coming like the Woman In Black . For those reasons the lighting played an effective part.


The fringe is a fantastic experience, not only for the

Rebecca Kroon, Year 13

For the first time 3 Year 11 boys will join us as Technicians providing Lighting, Sound and Projection for the pieces—we are really looking forward to the Fringe!”

I think that the sound added a lot . Rod Mead put in accurate sound effects to compromise with the basic set, making it easier to use our imaginations to create the scenes. Also, the recording of the flashback to when the child died was very effective because it was a major story element. The sounds were also used to build tension very effectively.

The play was adapted very well by Stephen Mallatratt. It was obvious that it was a horror genre, because of the jump scares used. for another scary part. Overall the Woman In Black was a great performance that had very good acting, great lighting and sound, costumes and was written well and was scary enough. I would most definitely see it again. Dylan Fuller, Year 9

The Play That Goes Wrong Following the success of their own version in the New Director’s Season, directed by Lawrence Ong, Year 9 students also came along to compare versions. Judging from the


opportunity to perform at one of largest arts festivals, but to experience all the other amazing shows that go up there as well and I highly recommend everyone to take part in it.

Woman in Black trip

On Thursday 23rd March, the Year 12 students for their Live Theatre Review element of their written Component 2 examination.


were marvellous', a farcical comedy set in a bar next to a theatre, where we are to perform in the actual bar of our venue at Greenside Infirmary Street. To help us settle with the highly expressionistic style and characteristic nature of the play, we participated in a workshop led by Cheryl Parmenter, which was extremely helpful as well as enjoyable.

gales of laughter behind me, the fact that they had seen and performed extracts from the performance did not dim the comic potential. Members of the Grease cast attended, as a way of reuniting and enjoying the Theatre again together. They've been missing each other and the contact at Grease rehearsals. They especially enjoyed being the target of the pre-show with members of the cast looking for the fictional dog ’Winston’

who was supposed to appear in the second half, but didn’t. As usual the behaviour of students was exemplary and a lovely night was had by all— staff and students inclusive.

Swallows & Amazons—lower school play Swallows and Amazons is an amazing opportunity provided . So far it has enabled us to make friends, and enjoy something we all have in common, drama! Every week we meet and work together on different devices and ideas to use in our upcoming production. Swallows and Amazons has provided a brilliant experience for us to mix with other year groups and genders. The confidence of the students’ taking part is flourishing throughout the project due to the friendliness

of the staff and everyone in the group. The techniques and devices that we are using in rehearsals are exciting and innovative, this is developing our interest in drama. The commitment of the students is outstanding and the contributions from everyone is ensuring that the production is going to be unique and brilliant. The sheer fun and enjoyment from the project means we look forward to every rehearsal. We will be performing the well known and loved children’s classic on Thursday 15th and


Friday 16th June 2017 in the LHS Drama Studio. Tickets on sale soon! Annabel Straw 9SEC & Libby Pratt 9JLB

“Show week was exhausting,

Forced Entertainment performances Since last term, we have been looking at the style of Forced Entertainment in order to devise our final A2 performance. Forced Entertainment are an experimental theatre company who explore highly political and social issues in their breakdown of theatre; many works include ‘Bloody Mess’, ‘The Notebook’ and ‘The Coming Storm’. Their pieces tend to play with the extreme emotions of an audience ranging widely from hilarity, to boredom, to sadness and we,

as two Year 13 groups, were required to encapsulate this highly complex style into a twenty- minute performance.

Both of the groups were given the stimulus “Fairy-tales” but

but one of both pieces finished almost paradoxical; one group explored the role of women in classical fairy- tales and, more specifically, the objectification and sexualisation of the female gender whilst the other group explored ‘What makes the perfect fairy- tale?’ and how, unlike these stories, a happy ending is hard to reach in a corrupt world. Although, at first, we thought the style would be fairly easy to grasp, it took many hours of rehearsal to begin to find the humour whilst linking it to fairy- tales and, most importantly, to incorporate the uncomfortable didacticism that the style demands. Yet, our final pieces were received greatly.

the best weeks of my life; it's an experience I'd do

anything to be a part of again... “ Will Miles, Year 11

Bria Hampson, Year 13

Artaudian Tales from Ovid & Monologues Night On Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March the aftermath in the Drama Studio was that of a massacre. Blood streaked the walls, stage, floor and the Casts. There were pies, snaps, talc, water, blood, egg shells, sheets, a’ tongue’ and a dismembered doll strewn across the space. Their once immaculate make-up streaked with food, blood, water, sweat and egg each cast finished their performances breathless and exhausted. Such is the style . The Narcissus & Echo group


embraced the lyricism of the Balinese Dancers and produced beautifully choreographed imagery. The Myrrha cast used a shadow screen and disturbing soundscapes to disquiet the audience with the ritualistic nature of their work. Finally the harrowing torture of Tereus & Philomela was unpleasant and highly effective. The audience at the end of each piece held in breath in a moment of silence before clapping in that slightly bewildered way that

demonstrates they have been through an experience though they cannot quite articulate it. Such were The Tales from Ovid in the style of Antonin Artaud. The range of monologues selected by the students embraced all genres and gave a lovely contrast– it was an outstanding evening of work.

Loughborough High School 3 Burton Walks Loughborough LE11 2DU 01509 212348 Loughborough Grammar School Burton Walks Loughborough LE11 2DU

01509 283760, direct line to the English & Drama Office


LHS House & LGS Drama Club prefects When I first discovered I was the drama prefect, I was excited to see what the year had to come, and wasn't disappointed. The role has enabled me to help out the drama department in many ways. One moment I will remember, will be helping to organise the House Drama competition. Although it was stressful at the time, it was very rewarding to see the competition come together . One of the more tedious tasks was having to clear out the costume/ props cupboard, due to students being extremely messy, we had to tidy it several times. Although, recruiting a few friends made it a lot easier—finding various costumes, trying them on as we emptied the cupboard. I was also able to choreograph part of 'Grease'. Working alongside Miss Boon and Miss Bruton to create the dance routines was very enjoyable and it was an incredible experience watching all of show come together at the end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the role of drama prefect and I would

highly recommend the role to anybody considering it. Danni Starkey, LHS Drama Prefect

Not only do you get a theatre faces badge for being a drama prefect but a truck load of experience, drama and laughs. It gives you the opportunity to run the drama clubs, which is not only enjoyable but allows you to work with others which increased my communication, organisation and teamwork skills. You are probably wondering why on earth you would need these. One word... University. The ability to demonstrate that you have these

skills and commitment makes you stands out on your personal statement! It's fun. The amount of laughs I've had with my fellow Drama Prefects as well as the students we teach in drama club is testament to that. We've helped the children develop vocals to stage presence and many of the boys appreciate the time you give up to help them. Which is a really nice feeling to have. Overall, being a drama prefect is immensely rewarding and has not only allowed me to continue to be involved in the drama department, but also given me incredible skills without which, I wouldn't have been able to develop my personal statement which allowed me to get into the competitive course I applied for. Sign up and do it! Thomas Sanderson, LGS Drama Prefect

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