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Further Information 2019

Welcome to Loughborough High School




Contents 5 Aims

To provide an excellent academic education in a caring and supportive atmosphere.


The Curriculum

To give opportunities for each pupil to develop not only intellectually but also creatively, spiritually and morally.


The Admissions Process

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Loughborough High School Aims:


To create conditions in which initiative and independent thought and inquiry are welcomed and a lifelong enjoyment of learning is cultivated. To foster good standards of behaviour and mature, responsible, considerate attitudes both in and out of School. To encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities which encourage personal and physical development and which inculcate a sense of self-belief and esteem. To provide opportunities for pupils to act as leaders in the School community and to work together with the wider community. To ensure, as far as possible, that pupils are equipped to face the challenges and demands of life beyond School, becoming active citizens of the 21st century.


The Curriculum

Sixth Form

The Admissions Process

Year 7 and 8

In the Sixth Form, most students study four subjects in Year 12, taking an AS in one, and three subjects at A Level in Year 13. The subjects offered are: Applied Science, Art, Art History, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Classical Greek, Computer Science, Drama, Economics, English Literature, Food, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Music Technology, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology and Spanish. The enrichment programme in Years 12 and 13, includes recreational activities and the opportunity to take a range of courses including the extended project qualification (EPQ).

Parents who are considering Loughborough High School for their child are encouraged to visit the School and meet the Head, Mrs Gwen Byrom or her Deputy, Mr Stuart Thompson.

Ability setting is used where appropriate in Years 7-11 but the majority of teaching is in mixed ability groups.

The entrance examination for entry to Year 7 in September 2019 will be held on Saturday 12 January 2019. The entrance examination for entry to Years 8, 9 and 10 in September 2019 will be held on Tuesday 15 January 2019. If you would like your child to sit the entrance examination, please complete and return the accompanying registration form by the end of the preceding November. It may be possible for applications to be considered at other times, subject to the availability of places. Please see page 11 for details of the procedure for entry to Year 12.

In Year 7, all pupils study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Religious Studies, Art and Design, Music, Food, ICT, Drama and Physical Education. Pupils will experience French, German and Spanish before being helped to decide which language to continue. All year groups follow a PSHCE programme appropriate to their age and needs.

Year 9 From Year 9, Science is taught as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This is the start of the exam courses in these subjects. In this year, pupils choose a second ancient or modern language and are advised on whether to study Latin or Classical Civilisation. They also choose two subjects from: Art and Design, Drama, Food, ICT and Music. Careers work and interviews with staff help pupils to choose their Year 10 option subjects.

Year 10 and 11 Most GCSE courses start in Year 10. Pupils choose three optional subjects from: Art and Design, Classical Civilisation, Classical Greek, Computer Science, Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Music, Physical Education, Religious Studies or Spanish. The remaining seven subjects are compulsory: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, three sciences and a modern language chosen from French, German and Spanish. Physical Education and Religious Studies continue as non-exam courses.



The timetable is constructed as far as possible around the pupils’ choices of subjects, but normally at least seven students are needed for a viable group. Some Sixth Form courses are taught jointly with students from Loughborough Grammar School and/or Loughborough Amherst School. All year groups follow a PSHCE programme appropriate to their age and needs.

We suggest that you attend the open day early in the Autumn term, and request a tour of the School on a working day. We believe that this enables you to gain a sense of the character and atmosphere of the School as well as an opportunity to see the facilities and to talk to staff, current pupils and Sixth Form students. Then you will be well placed to decide whether Loughborough High School is a school where you feel that your child will be happy and thrive.

Entrance examination dates for entry in September 2019 Year 7 Saturday 12 January 2019 Years 8, 9 and 10 Tuesday 15 January 2019

The aim of the entrance examination is to assess, as far as possible, real academic potential, and to find out whether the candidate has the range of ability to enable them to cope happily and successfully with the courses which the School offers. We do not expect the candidate to have received special preparation or coaching to take the examinations. We do expect the candidate to be familiar with the material for the National Curriculum, but not necessarily to have followed it.

Additional qualifications are offered on an extra-curricular basis at appropriate points in the upper part of School. These include the Institute of Financial Services qualifications.


Entry to Year 7


Entry to Years 8, 9 and 10


Candidates are assessed by examination in Mathematics, English and non-verbal reasoning.

The questions are intended to test the candidates’ powers of reasoning and their ability to apply mathematical concepts. Candidates will not use a calculator. The requirements are:

Candidates are assessed by examination in Mathematics and English and by interview.

For entry into Years 8, 9 and 10, the examination format is identical. The papers themselves are different according to the age group. There are two main components of the entrance examination in English, comprehension (reading) and composition (writing). The exam lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the comprehension followed by the composition.

We also request a report from the candidate’s current school, although the candidate will not be penalised if this is not provided. We invite parents of candidates with additional needs or disabilities, which may need to be considered for their entrance exam sitting, to discuss these needs with the School as early as possible so that appropriate adjustments can be considered. For example, a recent expert report, an educational psychologist’s report confirming dyslexia or a medical report confirming a disability, would need to be submitted to the School for consideration by the end of November.

Examination details English The ability to understand written passages is tested by means of comprehension questions. These will require, for example, the explanation of the writer’s meaning, the drawing of reasonable inferences and understanding and explaining the meanings of words. The ability to write well is tested by means of a composition. Qualities looked for are the ability to clearly convey meaning, to write in an interesting manner, and to show evidence of liveliness, originality, imagination and thoughtfulness. The use of a wide vocabulary, a variety of sentence structure and a reasonable standard of spelling and punctuation will be expected.

Number: A sound knowledge of multiplication tables; fractions, decimals and whole numbers including directed numbers; an understanding of place value; knowledge of special types of number; primes, squares etc; percentages; simple proportion; estimation; an ability to be able to convert to and from Roman numerals; simple sequences; an understanding of the order of operations; the four operations applied to the above including long multiplication and division of numbers. Algebra: Simple formulae in words; basic algebra. Geometry: Measuring properties of shapes; area of rectangles and triangles; names of mathematical shapes; angle measure and angle facts; symmetry. Mensuration: The metric measurements of length, area, volume and weight; working with time and money; speed, distance and time. Statistics and probability: The interpretation, reading and construction of different types of graphs, charts and tables; probability in words and numbers

Non-Verbal Reasoning

They will also take a computer adaptive baseline assessment which requires no preparation. It is designed to help us understand a candidate’s potential beyond the confines of individual subjects. No sample material is available for this test. We request a report from the candidate’s current school, although the candidate will not be penalised if this is not provided. We invite parents of pupils with additional needs or disabilities which may need to be considered for their entrance exam sitting, to discuss these needs with the School as early as possible so that appropriate adjustments can be considered. For example, a recent expert report, an educational psychologist’s report confirming dyslexia or a medical report confirming a disability would need to be submitted to the School for consideration by the end of November.

Comprehension Candidates read a passage and answer questions on what they have read. The answers expected will range from brief to lengthier responses. Some indication of the length of the answer required is given by the number of marks allocated and the space available on the paper for the answer.

Composition Candidates select one title from several on offer. There will be a variety of tasks set, for example a story, a description, an essay in which an opinion is invited. Candidates should write in a lively, imaginative way, selecting words with care, and paying attention to punctuation and spelling. We are looking for quality rather than quantity, and therefore, excessively long answers to the composition should be avoided.

There is no requirement to have experience of this type of assessment, although there are books of similar tests available from most major bookshops which may be helpful. If your child would like to practise, we recommend Bond 11+ practice papers published by the Oxford University Press which are similar, but not necessarily the same, as those used in our entrance exam. Visit bond/?region=uk or





Entry to Year 9

The Mathematics paper lasts for 1 hour. The papers for entry to Year 8 and 9 do not require a calculator. One is required for the paper taken for entry to Year 10. Pupils at this School will have been working from ‘Essential Maths’ Books 7H, 8H or 9H (depending on their year group) by David Rayner and Michael White. The following list of topics for each entrance year gives a rough guide to the content of a typical entrance examination for that year. However, not all topics mentioned will necessarily be on a particular paper. Each examination assumes knowledge of the previous year’s topics.

Arithmetic - directed numbers; standard form; more on percentages, multiplication and division; fractions.

Entry to Year 8

Proportion - exchange rates; problem solving; science problems.

Arithmetic – four operations; fractions; decimals; percentages; ratio; indices; multiples; factors; different types of number; sequences; rounding. Algebra – substitution; basic manipulation including single brackets; solving simple equations. Geometry – angles and angle facts; regular polygons; triangle construction; scale drawing. Mensuration – area; volume; speed/distance/time. Statistics & probability – bar charts; mean of a set of data; probability. Proportion – change of units; problem solving; scales. Graphs – coordinates; reading of scales; using graphs.

Algebra - brackets; problem solving; sequences; more substitution and equations; formulae. Geometry - parallel lines; line and rotational symmetry; polygon angles; bearings and maps; more scale drawing. Mensuration - more area; graphs. Statistics & probability - pie charts; more on probability; averages.

Graphs - drawing and using graphs; travel and information graphs. Transformations - reflections; rotations; translations.

Entry to Year 10 Arithmetic - percentage change; successive percentage change. Algebra - more brackets; algebraic fractions (and in the context of equations); simultaneous equations; more inequalities; rearrangement of formulae. Geometry - angles in a circle; similar triangles; gradients; enlargements; loci; maps and bearings; three dimensional figures.

Entry to Year 12 (Sixth Form) We welcome enquiries from students interested in transferring to Loughborough High School at Sixth Form level and each year a number of new students join us at this entry point. If you would like to visit the School to find out more, we offer the following opportunities: Students currently in Year 11 are invited to attend a taster morning to meet current Sixth Formers and staff as well as to sample Year 12 lessons. Personal appointments with the Head, Mrs Byrom, and tours of the School on a working day are available on request. Students who wish to apply for entry to the Sixth Form in September 2019 should submit a completed Sixth Form registration form, available from the Registrar or on the School website, by the end of November 2018. Interviews will be held towards the end of the Autumn term 2018 and, subject to the availability of places, also during the Spring term 2019. Following a successful interview, a provisional offer of a place will be made which is dependent on the receipt of a satisfactory reference from your current school and your achievement of good GCSE results. You will be asked to contact us on GCSE results day to notify us of the grades you have achieved and, provided you have met the requirements specified in your offer letter, the provisional offer will be confirmed straight away.

Typically, we require at least a grade 7 (or an A or A* in the old system) in the subjects you plan to continue and you will be expected to achieve grade 6 (B) or better in at least 5 subjects which should include Maths, English and a Science (regardless of the subjects to be taken at A Level). In addition, individual subjects may have specific requirements at GCSE; for example, a grade 6 in Mathematics is required in order to study Economics. However, each application is considered individually and offers made accordingly. In practice this can mean that you would need more than 5 GCSEs at grade 6 (B) or above.

Example 1 If you plan to study History, Geography, French and Biology, you would require grade 7 or higher (A or A*) in these four subjects plus at least a grade 6 in Maths and English.

Example 2 If you wish to take Psychology, English, Maths and History, you would require grade 7 or higher in History, English and Maths and at least a grade 6 (B) in two other subjects including a Science.

Mensuration - see algebra, bounds, volume of simple shapes, formulae for circumference and area of a circle; Pythagoras’ theorem. Statistics & probability - averages; frequency distributions; probability of single and combined events. Proportion - comparative costs; inverse proportion; more science problems. Graphs - graphs of y=ax; y=ax+b; y=2ax etc. Trigonometry - basic principles; tangent, sine and cosine ratios; solving problems.




Fees Fees are reviewed annually for the following year.

Registration Fee The registration fee of £100 should be sent with the Registration Form. Please make payment via bank transfer, and refer to the Registration Form for the bank transfer details. Payment may also be made via cheque, payable to Loughborough Schools Foundation. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Acceptance Deposit An acceptance deposit of £300 is payable on acceptance of a place and is returned when students leave in accordance with the Foundation’s Terms and Conditions.

Fee Payments Please note that fees are due on the first day of each term. Payment may be made by bank transfer, direct debit, debit card, credit card or the School operates a monthly payment plan. For overseas students, payment may be made by bank transfer or by credit card. For credit card payments, standard charges will apply. Full details of the schemes are available from the Registrar at the School or the Foundation Office at the Bursary.

Fees for academic year 2018/19 Day Fees

£4,183 per term

Lunch Fees

£4.05 per lunch

Music Charges £23.25 per 30-minute lesson (10 x 30 minute lessons)

Scholarships and School Assisted Places (SAPS) Academic Awards The Foundation offers a number of scholarships for entry to Year 7 which are awarded on academic merit. All candidates are considered for these awards without the need for any further application. Scholarships are not awarded at Sixth Form.



It should be stressed that selection for awards is not affected in any way by whether or not the candidate is also applying for a full fee paying place. Academic merit is the sole criterion for scholarship awards.

Music Awards We offer Music Scholarships which generally cover the cost of instrumental tuition on one or two instruments. Further details of these awards are sent to those applicants requesting them. Applications will be considered in the December before the entrance exam in January, and suitably qualified candidates will be invited to attend an audition around the time of the entrance exam. If you wish to be considered for a Music Scholarship audition, please indicate this on the School’s Registration Form and apply directly to the Music department.

School Assisted Places (SAPS) SAPS may be awarded to pupils whose parents are unable to pay the full school fees and all applicants are thus means tested as part of the application process. These awards are designed to assist those pupils who have demonstrated the potential to benefit from the education and opportunities provided by Loughborough High School and who would actively contribute to the ethos and community spirit within the School. The awards are subject to review and will continue through the pupil’s time at school for as long as it can be demonstrated that they are benefiting from the educational provision, and there remains a need for financial assistance. SAPS are awarded by the Head, who will consider a number of factors before making a decision and it is important to note that the academic merit of pupils as well as the financial situation of the parents will be taken into account when considering the award. Sadly, it is not possible to offer support to all those parents whose financial circumstances warrant it. To apply for assistance it is necessary to complete and submit, by December, an application form in advance of the entrance examinations in January. Parents should know by the end of January whether or not a place is being awarded, however the exact amount of any help offered at this stage is subject to the outcome of a home visit and to subsequent confirmation by the Head, depending on circumstances. Further information can be found on the School website.

Loughborough High School Registration Form

Year 7

Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS

Candidate’s Details

Year 8

Year 9

Name of Head

Preferred Forename/Known As

Address of School

Date of Birth First Language 20

Current Year Group

Names of close relatives at, or having attended, Loughborough Schools Foundation, their relationship to candidate and School attended.

Year 10

Please include a recent passport sized photograph of the candidate with your application.

Name of current School

Legal Forename(s)

Year of Entry

Current School Details

Legal Surname


Year Group Applying For (please tick)

Postcode Email Address Date joined current School

Parent/Legal Guardian Details (please provide details of parents/legal guardians) Title Forename(s)

Title Forename(s)



Relationship to Candidate

Relationship to Candidate


Address (if different)



Home Phone

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Email Address

Email Address

Occupation & Employer

Occupation & Employer

Where parents have separated or divorced, please state with which parent the candidate resides.

Entrance Exam Access Arrangements

Data Protection

A candidate who is eligible may be given an appropriate adjustment in relation to entrance examinations, subject to documentary evidence being provided. Please indicate here if you wish to discuss further.

I understand that information from this form may be processed for purposes by Loughborough Schools Foundation under the Data Protection Act 1998 and that individuals have, on written request, the right of access to personal data held about them. For the purposes of compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, I hereby give my consent to Loughborough Schools Foundation to process the personal and sensitive data supplied in the Registration Form for the purposes of administering its lists of prospective pupils.

Therefore, if the candidate has had a specialist assessment diagnosing a learning difficulty or disability, for example an educational psychologist’s report, medical report, occupational therapist’s report, please give brief details on a separate sheet and attach a copy of the most recent report. If the candidate suffers from any medical condition or physical incapacity of which we should be aware, please give details on a separate sheet.

Scholarships All candidates are automatically entered for an Academic Scholarship. Applications for Music Scholarships should be made directly to the Music department. Further details, including the deadline for applications, are available on and Music Scholarship auditions are held around the time of the academic entrance examination. Please indicate here if you intend applying for a Music Scholarship.

School Assisted Places (SAPS) The Foundation has funds available to provide financial support towards the tuition fees for those on low incomes. Parents/Legal Guardians who indicate on this form that they wish to be considered for means tested financial support will be sent a Statement of Financial Circumstances Form which must be completed and returned together with the relevant supporting documentation by the end of December preceding the entrance examination. It is not possible to consider late applicants for means tested financial support as the funds available are allocated in January. The award verification process will include a home visit.

Please Sign

Admissions Policy and Procedures Anti-Bullying Policy Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Complaints Policy

EAL Policy Expulsion, Removal and Suspension Policy


First Aid, Medical and Accident Reporting Policy

Parent/Legal Guardian Date

Health and Safety Policy Out of School Visits Policy Special Educational Needs Policy

Please return this form with the registration fee of £100. Payment can be made either by bank transfer using the following details or by cheque (payable to Loughborough Schools Foundation): Loughborough Schools Foundation Current a/c no. 08171610 Sort Code 60 14 10 Reference: HSRF and candidate’s surname Tick here to indicate that you have paid by bank transfer and please advise the date of transfer here:

Contact Please address all admissions enquiries to the Registrar, Miss Alison Anderson, on 01509 283800 or by email to

Behaviour Policy

Data Collection Notice

Parent/Legal Guardian

School Transport There is a network of School buses that operate across a vast area of the East Midlands. The routes are managed either by Loughborough Schools Foundation or parent organisers. Please view our interactive map on the Foundation website, where details can be found on all the stops and times.

A full list of all Loughborough Schools Foundation and Loughborough High School policies is available on request. The text of all policies, including those which are not published on the website, is available on request.

Please refer to the website for the most recent information regarding: Governing Body and Staff Departmental Information

Loughborough Schools Foundation is a Company Limited by Guarantee, number 4038033, and is registered in England and Wales. It is also a Registered Charity, number 1081765. The Registered Office is 3 Burton Walks, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 2DU

Destinations of Leavers ISI Inspection Report School Bus Routes School’s Academic Performance

Legal Disclaimer

Further Details

Please return completed form and recent passport photograph of the candidate to: Registrar Loughborough High School Burton Walks Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 2DU


The following information is available on our website.

Curriculum Policy

I have read and understood the above and wish to apply for a means tested Foundation School Assisted Place.

Please use this space to provide any further details relating to any matter about which you feel we should be aware.

Provision of Information

The prospectus and further information booklets describe the broad principles on which the School is presently run. Although believed to be correct at the time of printing, the prospectus or further information booklets are not part of any agreement between parents and Loughborough Schools Foundation. Parents wishing to place specific reliance on matters given in the prospectus or further information booklets should seek written confirmation of that statement before accepting the offer of a place. August 2018


Loughborough High School Burton Walks Loughborough LE11 2DU 01509 212348 Loughborough Schools Foundation is a Company Limited by Guarantee, number 4038033, and is registered in England and Wales. It is also a Registered Charity, number 1081765. The Registered Office is 3 Burton Walks, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 2DU

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