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EDITORIAL “OBSCURE “ by Theo Sudarja

Dwimayu Budinastiti





Editor in Chief

Krishna Pradana



CREW Graphic Designer


CONTRIBUTOR Chelsea Islan Theo Sudarja Mitha Komala Aisya Putri Aldis Setiadi Magazine is published by PT. Local Intech Solution Jl. Haji Salim II No. 54 RT 001 / RW 015 Kel. Gandaria Utara Kec. Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan - 12140 Phone. (021) 3025 3333

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We received so many applications as a contributor in our daily e-magazine. It’s been enormous for our team, and yes we’ve been calling who seems have the same vision. For you who don’t get the reply, maybe you’ll be fit in others, thank you anyway! A little taste of current trends of the locals as you can see at this magazine, represent how local’s fashion evolve rapidly. Obscure, fuzzy, fading, is pretty figuring yesterday local’s identity, which can be remain as our dark ages. By this issue you can see how Pinx and Taylor Fine Good have been established their personal identity, which jazzing up local’s fashion scene. As we head in to second anniversary, we look forward seeing lots of inspiring and superb talented people heading our way. We always seek an enthusiastic people

to join our team, who have the ability to work well in a team environment, for those interested in pursuing careers in local fashion scene and start-up e-commerce, and you will be perfectly fit in here. p.s : Don’t mind to drop your critics to Keep supporting the locals! Cheers,

Dwimayu Budinastiti Editor in Chief




Theo Sudarja

Chelsea Islan

Pipiltin Cocoa Kebayoran Baru



Mitha Komala Aisya Putri

Aldis Setiadi




What are your current daily activities?

since my favorite food is sushi, mostly I go to Sushi Tei.

What are you current daily activities?

My current daily activities are simply as simple as reading philosophy, politics and psychology books, making and sketching some fashion art works, going to my French lesson, creating and writing stories for my upcoming short films. It might seem not so simple but I do enjoy my activities as an art worker or usually known as an artist :)

The thing you hate the most about yourself?

Modeling activities (photo shoot, runway), Sat-Sun I had these class in order to get my MM title (magister management - bachelor degree or s2), reading, writing (stories etc), baking, cooking

Tell us something that probably we don’t know about the shoot? The shoot was awesome and the team of the photo shoot was excellent. Probably, between one and another they should cooperate and work better in order to create a magnificent shoot and in order for everyone to feel proud of their work. However, as far as I can remember, everything is on the right track.

What’s in the top of your current playlist? On the top of my current playlist is Genesis by Grimes and Sweet Disposition by the Temper Traps. I do love listening to Indie music.

Best place to eat in Jakarta?

Honestly, there is no reason for me to hate myself. Life is about being grateful.

What was the most fun for today’s shot, and what was the most stressful one of the process? The most fun part is eating desserts while waiting for my turn! Chocolates Twice The stressful part: a few locations was really hot!

Your favorite beauty products… Bobbi brown, Kiehls

The most delightful fragrance would be… Flower red perfume for women by Kenzo, Alien perfume for women by Thierry Mugler

What’s the most prominent color your wardrobe? Black

Jakarta has so many good places for us to eat and hang out but






What’s your current daily activities?

Introduce yourself please…

Introduce yourself please…

Hi! I’m Mitha Komala, a fashion student at Raffles Design Institute who blogs about her daily life.

Hi I’m Aisya, am currently studying at Binus International University and contributing at

What’s the best dish in Pipiltin that you’ve tried?

Can you tell us the story behind today’s concept?

So far I love their Tabanan Chocolate dish, their macaroons are worth to try too!

It’s October, so basically it’s inspired by the spirit of Halloween and we want to take some of the characteristics of the event which are its coldness and mystery.

Doing an extensive planning, and do the wrong way afterwards.

What was the most fun for today’s shot, and what was the most stressful one of the process? The fun part is, making the brightest day into night. It’s like doing some magic work. The stressful one is of course making our cozy shooting location looks as scary as possible, for this halloween edition.

Your most desiring camera? I would say I prefer good lens than a good camera. I never have a Tilt and Shift Lens, so that would be at the top of my wish list.

Your ultimate dream collaboration? I want to work with more Indonesian Fashion Stylist. so please drop me an email at

The current trend that so nay? Ehm.. some fabric shoes that emerging last year. It has the hip pattern on it. It just not for me.

Best editorial you’ve seen lately…. Currently loving Net-A-Porter’s cover story that features the stunning and grown-up Emma Watson.

Your ultimate dream collaboration… Would love to have an outfit shoot with the amazing Bryan Boy.

Your top shopping wish list… Celine Trapeze bag.

Last video clip you watched in YouTube… Solange’s Lovers in The Parking Lot! I’m obsessed, her dance moves, fashion ensemble, and those flashing shoe laces

Current model that we should keep eye on… I’d say Edie Campbell cause she’s just everywhere right now and she reminds me of Jane Birkin

What do you wanna be? The next Anna Wintour haha


BYI 37 Bycatch 475,000 IDR

L e a t h e r Tr i m m e d P a n t s B l a c k I m p r o m p t u 2 8 8 , 0 0 0 I D R

P-FH-Blackgrey Pinx 165,000 IDR


Photographer Theo Sudarja S t y l i s t s M i t h a K o m a l a & A i s y a P u t r i M UA A l d i s S e t i a d i M o d e l s C h e l s e a Is l a n & R i a R o l e n

White Shir t Asym≠etric Just Eyi 285,000 IDR

BYI 39 Bycatch 675,000 IDR


Double Pocket Sweater Stripe Impromptu 248,000 IDR H i g h Wa i s t S h o r t B l a c k P a t r o o n Goods 199,900 IDR

Geometri Sandals Parkitchung 155,000 IDR

Chiffon Skir t Inconnu 268,000 IDR

Alva Binca 265,000 IDR

Left Right

B r e e z e J a c k e t M . y. e 3 5 0 , 0 0 0 I D R Jude Raw Footwear 385,000 IDR L e a t h e r Tr i m m e d P a n t s B l a c k I m p r o m p t u 2 8 8 , 0 0 0 I D R

Hirosima Aniaki 198,000 IDR

Skir t Jersey Grey Solo 325,000 IDR P a n t s Wa f e r B l a c k S o l o 3 8 0 , 0 0 0 I D R

Beach Bralet White Impromptu 188,000 IDR

Asymetric Blouse Regarde 250,000 IDR Geometri Sandals Parkitchung 155,000 IDR Beach Maxi Skir t White Impromptu 228,000 IDR

Alexa Blazer Mr & Mrs 225,000 IDR Ms. Mica Raw Footwear 437,000 IDR Black Skir t Nikoo 80,000 IDR

L e a t h e r Tr i m m e d P a n t s B l a c k I m p r o m p t u 2 8 8 , 0 0 0 I D R

Jude Raw Footwear 385,000 IDR

B r e e z e J a c k e t M . y. e 3 5 0 , 0 0 0 I D R

Chelsea Ms. Mica Raw Footwear 437,000 IDR Quilted Jumper With Zipper Argyle Oxford 429,000 L e a t h e r Tr i m m e d Pants Black Impromptu 288,000 IDR

Rolen Sweetie Pie M . y. e 2 9 9 , 0 0 0 IDR Skir ty Pants M . y. e 3 2 5 , 0 0 0 IDR


Pinx Founder

Rima Insania & Attina Nuraini

What’s does Pinx mean? Actually “Pinx” word just popped on our head when we planned to form this brand. “Pinx” it’s from Pink color that reflects feminine. We called Pinx because we made collection that represent unisex style with feminine touch.

How does internet influence you while designing? Nowadays, internet always in your hands, we knew what’s happening in the outside worlds mostly from the internet. Besides that, we are influenced by surrounding environment, street fashion, music, movie, and pop culture.

Where did The Irregular photo shoot take place? What does it use for regularly? Tell us a story about that place! On a hill. People said a spaceship have been landed in that pine forest.

What has been Pinx’ biggest achievement highlight to date? Get excellent appreciation as new local brand from appreciator and costumer.

Irregular collection seems more obscure than your previous, what’s the idea behind? Mostly from extraterrestrial, sci-fi, horror movie and strange things

Is there any particular fabric that has been used for Irregular collection? Fire retardant faux leather for Irregular’s collection.


What’s your favorite piece in Irregular? Fire retardant faux leather parka

What was the first cloth that you made? A top merged with 3 different types of fabric material, we experiment from making pattern, cutting, and sew by own self

“ Everyone who love our collection and feel happy to wear them “ - Pinx -

If you could refer Pinx into a music genre, what it would be? Electro-rock and synthpop

Who’s perfectly wearing Pinx’ collection? Everyone who love our collection and feel happy to wear them

What do you think about local fashion scene? Keep growing (maybe too) rapidly, that so anybody nowadays can made a local brand, but in the end will slowly curetted by environment.

Where’s the best place to wear Pinx? Anyplace you will go, just dressed up depends on your mood.

How’s Bandung scene influence you as a designer? Is there any particular character than Jakarta? Bandung fulfilled by many inspiring people who represent them self in various personal style.

Define Pinx in one phrase! Good cuts are perpetual

Taylor Fine Goods


Edwin Yanee


How do you come up with a name Taylor Fine Goods? Who’s Taylor? The idea when we came up with the name is that it has to be something unisex (neutral), simple, and easy to remember, and is not perceived as luxurious product but surely not a cheap one as well. Just because luxury items can only be bought by certain minorities in the society, whilst our vision is that luxury items can be enjoyed by anyone, so we’re trying to create good quality products that can be enjoyed by simply everyone.

Who’s inspiring you? Marc Jacob, we like the way he create something. Paul Arden, we like the way he thinks creatively. Tony Fernandes, we like the way he run his business empire.

How do you find yourself attract to camera accessory?

Before we jumped into the bags and accessory industry, we’re people who worked in the photography industry. We’re tired by the camera accessories in Indonesia that does not vary. So we brave ourselves into making accessories for camera in small scale, and at first we only sell it to our fellow photographers.

What’s the most desiring camera would you own? It depends on the situation, when travelling I prefer the lightest camera there could be with best quality, so far by just seeing the reviews from friends and photography forum, I admire Sony NEX-7.

Who do you see wearing Taylor Fine Goods perfectly? Jamie Aditya, he’s such a representative image of Taylor

Where do you source your material? From some textiles importers in Surabaya


Where do you want to see Taylor Fine Goods in the next 3 years? For Taylor Product to be enjoyed all around across Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke.

Actually Surabaya is more of an industry or business city, so the ways they run their business,influence us a lot.

Why you always use earthy colours? Is there any chance to catch Taylor in vibrant colours? Before choosing the colour, of course we did our own research first and for now it seems like the vintage colours are ‘in’, so for now we’re using those colours.

Taylor’s design, is there anything related to Japanese style? There are 3 main fashion directions in the world, which is Europe, America, and Asia. Asian country with the most developed fashion is Japan. And Japan’s image also represents our visions, a lot of Japanese products are booming across the world, and they’re not luxury items, instead they’re high quality items.

If you could refer Taylor into movie character, who it would be? Dono Kasino Indro, their works are timeless, for years they still can entertain us and it can be enjoyed by everyone.

What makes you different with another brand? Many local brands have European style, but we do Japanese style instead.

How’s Surabaya scene influence you as a designer? Is there any particular character than Jakarta? Actually Surabaya is more of an industry or business city, so the ways they run their business,influence us a lot.

What’s the most challenging thing as a (local) designer? The appreciation from the locals themselves, who still thinks that imported products, is still better than the locals. Many thinks that Taylor is a Japanese brand, let it be like that, in time they’ll realize that Taylor is an Indonesian product and then they’ll be able to admit that our local products can also compete in the international scene.

19 October 2013 October 2013 - Obsecure

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