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Student Guide School of Business and Economics

Welcome to the School of Business and Economics! What we have to offer you is an education of high quality with good business contacts, along with excellent opportunities for studies abroad. After graduation, you will have excellent career opportunities, both here in Sweden and globally. Linnaeus University has about 32,000 students, of which approximately 4,800 study at the School of Business and Economics. The School of Business and Economics offers 10 undergraduate degree programmes, two 1-year master’s degree programmes and seven 2-year master’s degree programmes, plus a large selection of single subject courses. Our educational programme focuses on a number of fields and subjects, offering courses in marketing, tourism, entrepreneurship, financial management, accounting, international business, economics, retail, legal science, statistics and logistics. The School of Business and Economics Linnaeus University’s organisation consists of a University Board, which is the highest decision-making body, and the University itself is divided into university administration with a senior management team, five faculties, and the Board of Teacher Education. The School of Business and Economics is one of these five faculties, and consists of four Departments: Department of Management Accounting and Logistics Department of Marketing Department of Economics and Statistics Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship

Accreditation Being an accredited school means a quality insurance, documentation that proves that you have a high quality education. AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is an organization with focus to improve the quality of business education. AACSB have more than 1,600 member organizations and more than 800 accredited business schools worldwide. The School of Business and Economics are one of these members and we are in the process of being accredited by this AACSB. For you as a student at the School of Business and Economics, this means that you have a guaranteed quality in your education. You also get the qualiďŹ cation to have studied at a business school that is accredited or is in the process of being accredited.

Student at the School of Business and Economics ► Obtaining a student account You need a student account to begin studying at Linnaeus University. Via your student account, you can register, access course materials, access your e-mail account and other IT services. You obtain your student account at Contact the IT department if you need assistance: or +46(0)480 – 44 67 00. ► Register for a course Register for a course via your student account the week before the course begins or during its first week. You need to be registered in order to study the course and for access to the schedule. If you are conditionally admitted, you will not be able to register. You must show, at the latest at the beginning of the course, that you have fulfilled the prerequisites for your programme or course. If there are issues with your registration, contact Please note that if you are a tuition fee-paying student, the conditionally admitted status could also depend on if the payment of tuition has been processed. For all questions regarding Tuitionfees, contact ► Programme and course syllabus Your programme syllabus, which is your educational plan, describes your programme and which courses are included. In the course syllabus you will find the prerequisites, objectives, contents, examination and literature. Your programme syllabus and course syllabus can be found at

► Schedule Once you are registered to a course you can access your schedule via your student account. Please note there is no schedule for online courses. Instead follow the instructions given in the course room on MyMoodle. ► The learning platform MyMoodle MyMoodle is Linnaeus University’s digital learning platform, where you have your programme room and your course room with information about your educational programme. Log in via student account. ► Information from the School of Business and Economics On the MyMoodle page Information from the School of Business and Economics you will find an information page for students at the School of Business and Economics. ► To take an examination at Linnaeus University You must sign up for the examination session within the sign-up period; there is no possibility to sign up after the last date. The sign-up period and the examination date can be found at If you run into issues with sign-up, contact as soon as possible before the deadline. ► Collect written exam In Kalmar you can pick up your graded exams at Infocenter, building Radix. In Växjö you can pick up your graded exams in K2066, house K. For opening hours, see

► International possibilities As a student at Linnaeus University, there are several opportunities for internationalisation. Exchange studies means that you study for one semester or one academic year through one of the about 300 exchange agreements that the School of Business and Linnaeus University have with universities across the world. Every year about 230 of our students go abroad on an exchange, and about 330 students come to the School of Business and Economics for exchange studies. There is also the possibility to do an internship, as well as to write your degree project abroad. Read more at Information from the School of Business and Economics. Contact persons at the School of Business and Economics Kalmar Emmelie Hedin Ekholm, Växjö Andreas Poltan, ► International Office Gives practical support in regards to exchange studies and internships abroad. They also work as contact for all international students. Contact for questions on exchange and for questions concerning your studies here if you are an international student.

► Guidance and support Study counselling at the School of Business and Economics With a study counsellor you can obtain individualised assistance with career guidance, planning your studies, electives within programmes, approved leave from studies, cancellation of studies or changing programmes. Kalmar Susan Grahl, Växjö Petra Hunt, Career Guidance – LNU career counselling Service The Career Counselling Service at Linnaeus University supports you when you are thinking about how your education, your experiences, work experience, and personal qualifications are to be summarised and become a powerful CV with a job application. Contact: Learning support for your studies If you have some form of disability you can make use of the support measures for your studies that are available. Some examples of this include support in taking notes, assistance from sign language interpreters or being provided extended time for examinations. Are you or someone you know in need of support measures for your studies? Find more information on search for Learning support for your studies. Student Welfare Office The Student Welfare Office has a preventative focus in its work relating to lifestyle issues and offers counselling. Contact information and activities can be found at

► The University Library and Academic Support Centre At the University Library (UB), there are a large number of places to study at and group rooms available. Some of them are open for booking via UB’s website: In the Academic Support Centre, you can obtain guidance in study techniques and academic writing, for example when starting to work on a written assignment, during the writing of a paper or degree project, or right before submitting the text. Kalmar Växjö ► Printouts – EasyPay As a student at Linnaeus University, you can print, copy and scan on the University printers. Payment for printing is made via the EasyPay payment service, which you link to your student account. There are instructions on ► Swipe card In order to be able to enter the University premises outside of normal opening hours, you will need a swipe card. The card can be linked to your EasyPay account used for printing and also serve as a library card at UB. You order your swipe card at ► IT support for students If you need assistance with IT-related issues, contact the IT Department: or +46(0)480–44 67 00.

► Student rights and responsibilities Linnaeus University makes great efforts in to ensuring that all students and employees have equal rights and equal access to opportunities. The activities of the University are governed by statutes, regulations and local rules, and the expectation is that you as a student will comply with these. More information can be found on ► Alumni network The alumni network helps you keep in touch with your university colleagues and provides you with information concerning how Linnaeus University is growing and developing. Your experience from your student days and life in the workplace is interesting both for current students and for staff at the University. Join us now at, search for Alumni networks. ► Download the LNU app Via the Linnaeus University Student app you can receive notices from your programme room, course room and Information from the School of Business and Economics. That way, you will never miss important information. The app also includes: • Map: a function where rooms and other facilities are searchable • Books: you can search for books at the university library • Staff: search for your academic supervisor, teacher or other staff member you are looking for here

► Linnéstudenterna The student union, Linnéstudenterna, is there for you. They are involved in making the quality of your education better, and making sure your time at the university will be eventful with real social involvement. More information can be found at or contact ► Student associations at the School of Business and Economics Student life is not only about studying; it is also about meeting new people, learning new things and growing as a human being. Becoming engaged in student life can provide you with knowledge and experiences that may prove to be invaluable when you are looking for a job later in life. The Student Union’s student associations linked to the School of Business and Economics are: Kalmar Kalmar ESS, Facebook: Kalmar Ess Växjö EHVS,, Facebook: EHVS

Small glossary

Alumni Former university students Conditionally admitted Do not fulfill the prerequisites stated in the programme or course syllabus

MFS (Minor Field Studies) SIDA financed scholarship for minor field studies. It gives students the possibility to collect research material in developing countries for their theses on bachelor or master level

Dean Head of the faculty

Query Smaller written exam

DiVA Database for research publications and degree projects

Seminar Teaching method that involves group discussions/dialogue

Eduroam LNU’s wireless network

TimeEdit University system for booking schedules and rooms

Examiner Teacher that has the judicial right to certify grades Ladok National study documentation system where student details are kept, such as grades, results and registration

Tuition Fee A fee that international students who are not citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland are required to pay for their studies

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Student Guide, School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University  

Student Guide, School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University