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Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. | Winter 2018

Then & Now


Celebrating 55 years of “Believing in People”


Reflecting on the Past, Looking Towards the Future I began my career at Boddie-Noell as a teenager, as did many of our BNE family, cooking and cashiering at a local Hardee’s restaurant. Throughout my 41 year career, I have had countless mentors who have helped me grow both personally and professionally. I’ve been given many opportunities to advance within the company, from crew to hourly management, then salary management, and eventually leading my own restaurant as a General Manager. Terry Lewis President of Hardee’s Restaurant Operations


rom General Manager I became an Instructor, Regional Training Manager, District Manager, Director of Training, Director of

human resources. It has been extraordinary watching the growth of these people, not only on the business side but the faith, family, and friend side,

Boddie-Noell’s growth plan is well designed, but it cannot succeed without people to grow with it. Operations, Sr. Director of Operations, Regional Vice President of Operations, Vice President of BNE Operations, and currently I am proud to serve as President of Hardee’s Restaurant Operations. I have seen so many others move up through the ranks like I did. Most of our current management from GM to VP also started their careers as crew members and have since ventured into many different career tracks within BNE – becoming leaders in operations, training, information technology, data services, and

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as well. We are very blessed to have great people whose beliefs and behaviors reflect our corporate values. For those looking to move up through promotion from within, the opportunities for advancement with BoddieNoell are still available. With our Hardee’s expansion continuing to move at a record pace, we are always looking for dedicated individuals to grow with the company. Boddie-Noell’s growth plan is well designed, but it cannot succeed without people to grow with it.

Do you have someone in your restaurant or team that could be that next leader? I have always said it is not the company but the people in the company that are the key to our motto, “We Believe in People.“ Without great people supporting one another, the words in our motto are just that, words! “Growing up with BNE” brings to mind the editorial of the Winter 1993 Enterpriser when then Vice President of Operations Ross Garland wrote, “Today may be your first day with BNE or you may have been around many years; your chances of being successful can be greatly improved if you are willing to do what is required and a little more.” It has been a wonderful life long experience growing up with Boddie-Noell. I have always loved talking about the history of this great company and the people that made it successful but we should always be looking towards the future.

PURPOSE STATEMENT To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.

BNE VISION We are a values based family business

TABLE OF CONTENTS Growing Up at Hardee’s:

established in 1962 that believes in people.


Focused on restaurants & real estate

Operated by the best people in the industry

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Meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers & communities

Enjoying every aspect of our success

‘Boddie-Noell Believed in Me’............................ Hardee’s Restaurant Expansion

Continues Through 2017...................................

Stanleytown Team Raises Big Bucks

16 Boddie-Noell Ministry Team............................. 16 for Special Olympics Virginia...........................

2017 James H. Waters & Betty Jean

17 Asset Protection Interview............................. 23 Oxendine Scholarship Recipients....................

BNE VALUES RESPECT for individuals, communities, and our environment. HONESTY at all times, regardless of circumstances and without fear of retribution. TRUST in others and ourselves. We fulfill our commitments and treat mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. EXCELLENCE in all we do, exceeding the expected and continuing to improve.


The Enterpriser is published for employees and friends of BNE. Every effort has been made to include as many events and happenings throughout the BNE family as possible. Please send articles, photographs, comments or ideas to Ashley Lane at

TEAMWORK or enthusiastically working together to accomplish more. DIVERSITY to value each person’s unique ability to contribute. The strongest team is the one that recognizes individual talents and strengths. “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 3


Growing Up at Hardee’s: ‘Boddie-Noell Believed in Me’ Our Hardee’s Leadership Team

Within BoddieNoell’s recipe for its 55 year success, there’s an ingredient even more sacred than Hardee’s Made From Scratch Biscuits or famous Thickburgers — “Believing in People.’”

Standing from left to right: Brenda Cherry, Jaime Bostic, Andre Jumpp, Terry Lewis, David Oakes, Joan Benson. Seated: Fred Marshall, Chuck Burke, Gene Dickens, and John Smith.

At an age when the national average employee tenure according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics is four years, BNE currently has 1,331 members of our family who have been with the company ten or more years. Of these, 517 have enjoyed being part of our family 20 plus years and 180 individuals for 30 or more.


peaking with our people, one will hear countless stories of young employees serving their first customers with a stomach full of butterflies. These BNE team members can now be found, decades later, managing million dollar restaurants, earning titles ranging from General Manager all the way to President of Hardee’s Restaurant Operations. Throughout the next few pages, these leaders will share their stories of “Growing Up at Hardee’s.” Most of the BNE’s leadership team has literally grown up with the company. Each Regional

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Vice-President, as well as Terry Lewis our President of Operations started their careers as teenagers seeking out their first after school job but instead finding mentors who believed in them and saw something within them they didn’t yet know existed – molding them into the extraordinary leaders they are today. BNE’s opportunities prove to be endless, allowing employees to pursue their passions on the other side of the counter by offering support to our operations teams. Leading Boddie-Noell’s human resources, training, and restaurant technical systems departments are individuals who

all started their careers as hourly crew members at Hardee’s. By “Believing in People,” Boddie-Noell has grown to be one of the nation’s leading privately owned restaurant companies, as well as Hardee’s largest franchisee, but more importantly, BNE is a family. The overwhelming feeling that long-term BNE employees express is that they are grateful to have found a place where they feel a belonging – a place where people enjoy working together, helping each other grow, and seeing each other succeed.

ANDRE JUMPP Regional Director of Operations Years of Service: 30 “When I started with this company, it was just to have a job. At 18 years old, I wasn’t sure which direction I was going in, but working for BNE put a positive influence on my life at a very critical age in my life. You can earn a living in many ways, but when you are able to earn a living with a company that has such a firm and positive structure put in place by the Founders who believe that great success comes from taking care of the people that they work with, the customers that they serve, and the communities that they operate in – that is what has made a very positive influence on me and my life.” family, history, and where they came from. A smile from a satisfied customer, a happy crew, watching crew members get promoted and become great leaders – that’s what makes my work meaningful and satisfying.”

TERRY LEWIS President of Hardee’s Restaurant Operations Years of Service: 41 “In the summer of 1970, I started working on a Friday night after closing to help my friend Kent Morris to get off work faster and to buy better school clothes. I have BRENDA CHERRY loved my job from day one. There have Regional Vice President of Operations been bad days but I learned from those days. Years of Service: 39 At one point of being a General Manager I lost my entire management team but one – “At BNE, you have the ability to be promoted Sally Jones, my Breakfast Manager and now from within and grow into various positions District Manager. She helped me develop and departments regardless of the position and grow others into management and at you started in – from a Second Shift Cashier the same time WE won many awards. and all the levels in between to Region 1 Vice President of Operations. If anyone had “We Believe in People” means speaking ever told me this could happen to me, I to and recognizing all people, each crew wouldn’t have believed it.“ member and customer – knowing their

KATIE COOPER Senior General Manager Years of Service: 15 “When I started at 15, I was very quiet and too nervous to share my opinions. Working at BNE has brought me out of my shell. I have learned that my opinion matters. I am now confident when asked for advice and enjoy going to other Hardee’s to help employees and management with their stores. I feel the most important part of my job is being a positive mentor to others and believing in them like so many at BNE have believed in me.”

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FEATURE ‘BNE Believed in Me’, continued...

GENE DICKENS Regional Vice President of Operations Years of Service: 42 “I started at Hardee’s of Atlantic Ave. on the VA Beach oceanfront as a Dining Room Attendant. It was many months before I could get on that back line table and many more to get on that char grill I had my eye on. It was exciting and a feeling of being paid for something I would have done for free. A feeling of being around much older people who were on a mission to help each other be successful and enjoy being with each other. I always found being around people at BNE was an extension of my family in every sense of the word.”

“A smile from a satisfied customer, a happy crew, watching crew members get promoted and become great leaders – that’s what makes my work meaningful and satisfying.” Terry Lewis

COOKIE REYNOLDS General Manager Years of Service: 34 “Just one example of why I have stayed with BNE for 34 years – Mike Boddie was visiting my store and I told him about one of our customers, a young autistic boy whose favorite place to eat is Hardee’s. He can only speak a few words, one of them being – Hardee’s. One Sunday at church the congregation was told to wear their favorite shirts. This young boy wore a shirt with Hardee’s on it. After telling Mike about this young boy, he sent me a package with items that had our logo on them and I mailed them to the young boy who was overjoyed to receive them. Mike certainly showed that he and this company do believe in people. Thank you BNE for the opportunity of working for a great company.“

CHUCK BURKE Regional Vice-President of Operations Years of Service: 42

JACKIE SCOTT Senior General Manager Years of Service: 27 “The most meaningful part of my job as a leader at BNE is the opportunity to impact people’s lives. From modeling positive behaviors to giving direction and guidance, not just in the restaurant but in their personal lives, I enjoy touching as many lives as I can and watching them grow. Many of them have never had that at home and it truly changes their lives. Boddie-Noell is made up of very down to earth, real people at all levels, all the way up to the owners of the company. My favorite memory is from my first winter with BNE when our current Vice President of Operations Gene Dickens, then a District Manager, showed up at our restaurant with his wife, Debbie, before sunrise to help us dig up snow and shovel sidewalks to prepare for customers that day.” 6 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

“I started at Hardee’s of North Danville when I was 15. My first day I shoveled mulch the entire time. I remember how strict my GM was about uniform and appearance. I kept thinking that evening how I had worked so hard to make sure my pants were creased and shoes were shined all to shovel mulch. I thought I was hired as a Cook, however, I may have started out as the Gardener. Forty-two years and many positions later, I still love the work we do. At BNE it is not just “Believing in People” it’s about getting engaged with your people, knowing who they are, why they are here, and having that personal connection that lets them know you truly care. At the end of the day it is about the people and relationships. I am just a regular guy that was put in positions to grow and be successful. BNE has provided a path for me to provide for my family way beyond what I could have ever imagined.”

DAVID OAKES Senior Regional Director of Operations Years of Service: 41 “Staying with BNE was an easy decision because of the people who make up this company. I only got to meet Mr. Noell once and he was a very nice gentleman. Mayo and Nick set the tone as leaders that everyone wanted to follow. The second generation, Bill and Mike, I got to grow up with and saw how they moved up through the company and into the leaders they are today. It’s also good to see the third generation now being prepared to lead. I can truly say over the last 40 plus years BNE has treated employees with great respect and that’s what kept me here.”

JOAN BENSON Regional Director of Operations Years of Service: 36 “The most satisfying and meaningful part of my work is being able to give back what has been shown and given to me – from encouraging someone, helping them to believe in their self, listening to them, helping them to be successful, guiding them, being there for them and knowing that I can pray for them if they ask me.”

JERRY MILLER Senior District Manager Years of Service: 44 “I started at Hardee’s of Kannapolis #1 at 14 years old. The GM told me he would pay me $20 every Saturday to clean the parking lot. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with people I enjoy working with and move up within the company. The most meaningful part of my career has been watching employees I hired as hourly crew move up the ladder from shift leaders to manager, to GM, and even DM.”

memories with BNE but my favorite is the pride I felt as a General Manager when my Hardee’s of Richland’s team won the Carleton Noell Award.”

DERRICK COWAN Senior General Manager Years of Service: 21

BARBARA GRAVELY District Manager Years of Service: 38

JAIME BOSTIC Regional Director of Operations Years of Service: 38 “BNE has provided me a career that helped provide for my family and also gave me the potential to advance. I have been given the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally. I have so many great

“I was put on drive-thru on my first day and was so nervous that I gave a customer too much change. When he came back to tell me what happened and return the extra money, I thought “I’m going to get fired on my first day!” Fortunately, I have had a lot of great people believe in me and help me move up through the ranks. Now I enjoy passing on my knowledge and seeing others grow and have success.”

“This company has helped me grow into who I am today. I’ve had mentors who believed in me and saw something special within me when I didn’t see it in myself. When I started, I was a just a young kid and now I am running a million dollar business and that is how I look at it. Running a restaurant is not a small thing at all. When people think small, their operation shows it. Working with BNE has taught me that when you make a goal and push to achieve it, it really happens.

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FEATURE ‘BNE Believed in Me’, continued...

JOHN SMITH Regional Director of Operations Years of Service: 39

FRED MARSHALL Regional Director of Operations Years of Service: 12 “At BNE, everyone has an opportunity to grow, you just have to take the first step. It is both meaningful and satisfying to know that if someone has a drive and desire, they can help positively effect people’s lives. My favorite memories are promoting my first GM and DM, and obtaining my present position. At BNE, if you continue developing people to take on higher levels of responsibility; eventually you too will get pushed up to accept more.”

“Honestly, I never thought I would stay at BNE when I first started, but as I stayed and worked, I began to see the opportunities that were available to everyone – and they still are. As I have grown up with the company I realize just how truly blessed I am to have had my very first job to be with such a super company owned by a great family. The family sincerely cares about each and every person in the company regardless of position and this feeling transcends through all levels in the company. BNE is a great company with a great culture. Culture isn’t really something you can teach, you have to live it.”

SALLY JONES District Manager Years of Service: 28 “I stayed with the company because I enjoyed the work and liked meeting different customers. I have had several supervisors that impacted my life. Larry Wrenn hired me and he was also my DM. He always encouraged me and took the time to show me things that I didn’t know. I was Terry Lewis’s Breakfast Manager for seven years and loved working with him because he allowed me to be the boss. Here at Boddie-Noell, “We Believe in People” means just that; the company empowers us to do what is right and take care of our people. I have always loved my job and give 100% plus every day because I love what I do.”

STUART JOLLEY Senior District Manager Years of Service: 41

SHERRY CHRISTENSEN Human Resource Manager Years of Service: 31

“After 41 years the thing that keeps me excited about coming to work is the chance “A few years ago my dad had a massive to impact those I lead in the way my heart attack. I was in Roanoke, VA the day mentors at Boddie-Noell have impacted my when I received the call and had a four and life. My mentors exemplified our motto “We a half hour drive to get to the hospital. The Believe in People” by seeing potential in first 72 hours were critical. He was put on me I hadn’t realized. As I work with people life support for nine days. Our family was today the example they set helps me to devastated. I can’t begin to share how many remember to encourage and challenge calls, cards, flowers, and prayers that were those I lead to make the most of their sent to me, on my dad’s behalf, from so opportunity.” many at Boddie-Noell. That spoke volumes to my dad, as well. I would read them to him, as we sat in the hospital rooms, often times they brought a smile to his face. That experience will always be a reflection in my mind of “We Believe in People.”

“We Believe in People means just that; the company empowers us to do what is right and take care of our people.”

8 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

Sally Jones

JODY SMITH Director Restaurant Systems Years of Service: 33 “When I started at Hardee’s of Wards Road in Lynchburg, VA while in high school, I would never have dreamed of the career opportunities available to me. I am still working for my first employer, but thanks to many wonderful leaders believing in me, I have had many job titles over the years. All of these jobs have focused on service to customers on both sides of our counters. I only know the Boddie-Noell way of doing things, so it is not until I talked with some of my peers in the computer industry before I understood how fortunate I am to work for a company who not only articulate high visions and values, but displays those visions and values throughout the organization.”

ROBIN LYNCH District Manager Years of Service: 38 “I’ve stayed with BNE through my career because of the opportunities presented to me - the opportunity to grow and do what you choose within the company. Working with BNE has kept me busy and out of trouble! I enjoy the family atmosphere, being able to work closely with and mentor others and watch them grow.”

CAROLYN WILLIAMS District Manager Years of Service: 18 “The opportunities BNE has given to me are endless – I started as a Third Shift Cashier and now I am a District Manager. I have had great mentors who believed in me and helped me develop confidence in myself. My first mentor was James Terry who told me I did not need anyone to succeed and that I was smart and strong. Next was Andre Jumpp who gave me the rest of the push I needed to be where I am today. Working at BNE has made me stronger than I have ever been.”

waiting on fries, we were busy! Throughout my career, Boddie-Noell has been an outstanding company to work for with a family atmosphere the Boddie Family put in place at the beginning, along with Christian principles, and traditional values. We are a big family of people who enjoy working together, learning together, helping each other grow, and seeing each other succeed.”

PATSY DANIEL Vice President of Training Years of Service: 38 “I began my career with Boddie-Noell as a Drive-Thru Cashier at the Hardee’s of Bragg Blvd. (BNE’s first restaurant) in Fayetteville, NC. What I remember most about that day was being terrified to talk using the DriveThru speaker. I was just afraid I would say something wrong! During my seven years in Operations, as Crew, Manager and then General Manager, I loved the fast pace of the restaurant and serving guests. I took satisfaction in knowing that I was able to make a difference, at least for some of them, with a smile, friendly attitude and good service.”

MELISSA PRESGRAVES Senior District Manager Years of Service: 25

ELLIS FRANCIS Restaurant Technical Services Manager Years of Service: 46 “I started my career as a Fry Cook in 1971. For a while I could not keep up with cooking enough fries. I clearly remember the cold stares from the Cashiers while

“I have many favorable memories from my BNE career – from winning the Founder’s Award as a DM and John Smith saying I “Eat, sleep and breath Boddie-Noell,” to watching my GMs win Founders Awards and seeing people get promotions they have worked for. I cherish memories of meetings, outings, phone conversations, hurricanes (sales in the aftermath can kill somebody!) and the list goes on… I have a lifetime of snapshots that fill my heart.“ “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 9


Hardee’s Restaurant Expansion Continues Through 2017

Hardee’s of Selma, NC - 5.15.17

Eight Restaurants in Eight Months! Hardee’s of Angier, NC - 12.9.16

Building on the success of recent years, BNE kept the Hardee’s restaurant expansion momentum going through the end of 2016 and into 2017, opening eight restaurants in eight months.


encouragement of the town mayor.

The brand new contemporary style building fulfilled a town desire, after BNE reclaimed a closed Hardee’s at the

Opening February 20, 2017, Hardee’s of Oxford, NC was the first of seven BNE Hardee’s built in 2017. The town of Oxford, NC was originally the home of a pre-fabricated “Lil’ Chef” style Hardee’s built in the 1960’s which had long been closed and was partly torn down.

onning Santa hats, the Hardee’s of Angier, NC team and local community celebrated the restaurant’s grand opening on December 9, 2016, rounding out an extraordinary year of BNE Hardee’s growth in 2016.

Hardee’s of Amelia located in Amelia Courthouse, VA opened its doors next on March 6, followed by Hardee’s of Elizabethtown, NC on April 24 and then Hardee’s of Northwest, NC on May 8. “We had the Northwest site under contract 10 years ago and decided not to build based on cost and unpredictable sales,”

Hardee’s of Oxford, NC - February 20, 2017 The town of Oxford, NC was originally the home of a pre-fabricated “Lil’ Chef” style Hardee’s built in the 1960’s which had long been closed and was partly torn down.

10 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

said Mike Hancock, Executive Vice President of Restaurant Development Services. “An improved economy and highway changes made this a more attractive site today. We decided to ‘take a second bite of the apple’ and try again.” After extensive due diligence, the restaurant development team moved forward with purchasing the property. “The site has proven to be a great location,” said Mike, “The location along with the high quality service the restaurant’s team is providing has set the restaurant up for long term success.”

Hardee’s of Elizabethtown, NC - 4.24.17 Hardee’s of Amelia Courthouse, VA 3.6.17

Hardee’s of Northwest, NC - 5.8.17

Hardee’s of Selma, NC opened next on May 15. Although Boddie-Noell operates a restaurant with a convenience store added on later in Garrisonville, VA, Hardee’s of Selma is BNE’s first restaurant with a complete convenience store concept. Located at a major rest area on interstate 95, Hardee’s of Selma is in an accessible location for customers traveling up and down the east coast.

Originally built in 1973, Hardee’s of Manning, SC was BNE’s next building project. General Manager Bessie Nelson and her team invited the community for a grand reopening on June 26 following a complete demolition and rebuild of the 44 year old restaurant.

Hardee’s of Manning, SC - 6.26.17

year as the seventh and final Hardee’s opened in 2017. The restaurant development team overcame a lengthy process of purchasing the restaurant’s land due to unclear property lines and ownership but believe current changes to the 795 bypass and consistent local traffic have made it an ideal location.

On July 17, Hardee’s of Wilson 301, located in Wilson, NC, wrapped up the Hardee’s of Wilson 301, NC - 7.17.17

Welcome to our BNE family!



Honoring Our Heroes

Hardee’s Teams Aid Injured Veterans and First Responders On Their ‘Road 2 Recovery’ Hardee’s star paper bags were flying this summer as Region 3 teams did what they do best – proudly serve others during Project Hero’s “Road 2 Recovery” cycling event.


NE Hardee’s teams from across Virginia coordinated efforts to feed approximately 150 cyclists and Project Hero support team members during an annual therapeutic multi-day cycling event aiding injured veterans and first responders. Dedicated to healing our heroes dealing with wounds both visible and not, Project Hero funds life-changing veteran rehabilitation services, available at no cost to the healing heroes. As part of the injured heroes’ recovery process, cyclists with injuries ranging from amputation and paralysis to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder continued their physical rehabilitation, while also raising funds and awareness for Project Hero’s mission. When called upon to participate for a second year, the Boddie-Noell family was eager to help, according to Regional Vice President of Operations John Smith. “We were honored to support veterans and first responders who have spent their lives supporting us,” explained John. “We can never repay them as a company or a country for what they have done for us, but we will always give what we can to support them.” Hardee’s fed cyclists at two stops during their ride through Virginia, first when the Hardee’s of Ashland team met the group at a park along their route in Richmond and then again when the Hardee’s of

Mallory Street team greeted the group with meals upon their arrival in Virginia Beach. John and Regional Director of Operations Fred Marshall were proud of the extraordinary effort put forth by the Hardee’s of Ashland and Mallory Street teams, along with support team members District Managers Mike Bartleson, Jose Diaz, and Ann Reavis, as well as Training and Development Manager Ruth Bazile and Senior Service Technician Dale Breault.

150 cyclists and Project Hero support members fed! 12 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

Christiansburg Hardee’s Teams Cheer On Local Police During Torch Run

BNE Salutes Troops Virginia Beach Style In celebration of our military service men and women, BNE Hardee’s urged all to “Salute Our Troops – Virginia Beach Style,” while sponsoring the 2017 Virginia Beach Patriotic Festival.


he three-day festival honoring armed forces personnel took the celebration straight to the oceanfront with a full weekend of summer fun and live music.

As the “Flame of Hope” torch made its way through Christiansburg, VA during the Special Olympics Virginia Torch Run this summer, BNE Hardee’s teams offered encouraging cheers and fresh treats to the carriers of the flame.


uring the 1,900 mile, eight day event, police departments throughout Virginia took turns carrying the torch from city to city until it reached its final destination in Richmond. Both Hardee’s of Christiansburg and Hardee’s of Christiansburg I-81 hosted water stops along the Torch Run route. Culminating in the lighting of the cauldron to officially open the Special Olympics Summer Games, the annual Torch Run is a state wide law enforcement effort to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics VA. Participating Officers from the Christiansburg Police Department

first stop during their nine mile leg of the run was Hardee’s of Christiansburg where General Manager Shanna Smith and team greeted runners, encouraging them to refuel with fruit, cheese, and water. After a brief break, the group hit the pavement once again. They reached the end of their route at Hardee’s of Christiansburg I-81 – passing the torch to officers from the next town. In celebration of the Officer’s mission completed, General Manager Jasmine Fuller and her I-81 team treated the officers to lunch. To show their appreciation, the Christiansburg police department presented both Hardee’s teams with plaques that are proudly displayed at the restaurants’ front counters.

With free concerts on the sand, attendees enjoyed music from a variety of artists including country headliners Old Dominion, Darius Rucker, and Jake Owen. Between band performances Hardee’s promotional team members made their way to the stage to throw t-shirts out to the crowd. The celebration continued down the boardwalk with five miles of activities, demonstrations, and military showcases. Hardee’s operated a booth on the boardwalk, offering attendees the chance to spin a prize wheel of free Hardee’s product cards, t-shirts, sunglasses, beach balls, and other summer items. Prior to the festival, Hardee’s also held an on-air radio contest with WGH-FM 97.3 “The Eagle” giving away VIP tickets to each concert, hotel accommodations for the weekend, and free breakfast biscuits for one year.



Our People Living Our Purpose:

To Use The Resources Of Our Company To Provide Opportunities To Our People To Be A Positive

Grandy Team Fill Sheriff’s Car with Toys


Hardee’s of Sharpsburg Celebrates Customer’s 91st Birthday with Party

anta had a few more elves this Christmas. Senior General Manager Ike Midgett and his Hardee’s of Grandy team hijacked a Currituck County Sheriff’s police cruiser and filled it with toys donated to the restaurant. The presents were distributed to dward Williford had a birthday celebration local children through the Currituck Sheriff’s to remember thanks to GM Yvonne Christmas gift program. Johnson and her team. Mr. Williford faithfully dines at the restaurant six days a week.


Tramway Hardee’s Hold Veterans Day Flag-Raising


ardee’s of Tramway held a flag-raising ceremony on Veterans Day, inviting the community to gather as Retired Staff Sergeant Floyd W. Chilton and retired Sergeant Major Earl Williams raised a new American flag above the restaurant. The old flag was donated to the local Sanford Boy Scouts Troop who will be learning how to properly retire a flag. 14 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018


Hardee’s of Burlington


y brother-in-law, Junior Hopkins, a regular customer at the Burlington, NC Hardee’s went for breakfast on November 6th. The General Manager Pamela Scoggins noticed he was not his usual self. He was confused and did not know where he was. Due to knowing her customers Pamela called 911. We feel she was instrumental in saving orey Cunningham and Charles Gill (not his life. His blood sugar level was over 500 pictured) deliver bottled water collected and blood pressure out of sight. Our family is at Hardee’s of West Main to local food forever grateful for Ms. Scoggins heroic efforts. pantry – God’s Storehouse to distribute to Margaret Loy victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hardee’s of West Main Collects Water for Hurricane Victims


Influence On People’s Lives Wherever & Whenever We Can.

Linda Gaskill (pictured first on the left) shares dozens of homemade cupcakes with customers and crew in celebration of Labor Day.

First Responders Honored with Free Meals

Employee Spreads Cheer at Hardee’s of Celebration Station


total of 1,602 free meals were served on September 25th to first responders at nearly 80 BNE Hardee’s throughout North Carolina, marking Boddie-Noell’s second annual “First Responders Appreciation Day” a success. BNE partnered with local Raleigh television station WRAL to spread the word to all law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS/Paramedics, emergency dispatchers, and volunteer first responders that Hardee’s wanted to thank them for all they do in the form of a free meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The 1,602 free meals would have totaled more than $41,500 – with 216 breakfast meals and 1,386 lunch/dinner meals served.

E Veterans Day Festivities Hold Special Meaning


very holiday is Customer Appreciation Day since Cashier Linda Gaskill joined the Hardee’s of Celebration Station team in Virginia Beach, VA two years ago.

Linda spreads cheer to customers and crew alike on holidays, birthdays, and just because days by bringing in goodies to share with her adopted BNE family.

ride gleamed from Region 4 District Manager Wayne Christensen’s and his wife Human Resource Manager Sherry From baking cupcakes on Labor Day to Christensen’s eyes as they watched local bringing in goodie bags for children on Boy Scouts step out of line from the annual Easter, handing out candy on Halloween and Bristol, VA Veterans Day parade procession even making personal cakes for guests when to personally thank Wayne’s father, Korean she knows it is their birthday, Linda makes War Navy Veteran Richard Christensen for his every holiday extra special. service. “I love to see the appreciation and respect,” said Richard about the Boy Scouts “Linda’s kind heart and generosity have been respectful gestures. a tremendous asset to this store and our Richard made a special trip from his home in company,” said Celebration Station Senior Florida to visit Wayne and Sherry in Bristol to General Manager Kirsty Dessenberg, “I wish we had more people like her.” celebrate the Veterans Day weekend. “With what we had planned at church and the parade, we invited him up to spend Veterans Day with us,” said Wayne. “He doesn’t get to visit often so it’s a really special time for us,” explained Sherry.


Stanleytown Team Raises Big Bucks for Special Olympics Virginia Extraordinary success came in a small town package this fall as Hardee’s of Stanleytown raised $4,127 during BNE Hardee’s four week “Flame of Hope, Keep it Bright” annual Special Olympics Virginia fundraising campaign.


he Stanleytown team came in first place during the competition style campaign selling more $1 fundraising stars than any other restaurant. Together BNE Virginia Hardee’s raised $81,018 to send 575 athletes to attend the 2018 Special Olympics Virginia summer games. This was an exceptional feat by the Stanleytown team, explained General Manager Tabatha

Bancroft. “Stanleytown is a small town with a population of only 1,100 people,” said Tabatha. “Our crew made it our mission to be sure that every cashier asked every guest, every time, to donate to such a worthy cause. Our guests reacted with generosity and went above and beyond. There’s nothing better than a small town!”

Stanleytown Hardee’s team members from left: Trekia Via, Mariah Greer, Lena Wagoner, Anita Ferguson, Olivia Wells, and Tabatha Bancroft.

Boddie-Noell Ministry Team Meet Daily to Glorify God at Home Office With the mission to glorify God in all that they do, Boddie-Noell’s Ministry Team encourages all members of Boddie-Noell family to join them as they meet MondayFriday at the Home Office.

T The Boddie-Noell Ministry Team standing from left to right: Mike Boddie, Jessica Fleming, Nanette Herbert, Deborah Webb, Mavis Cunningham, Nancy Knight, and Bill Boddie. Seated: Pam Larimer, Patsy Daniel, Brenda Viverette, Lisa Godwin, Kim Zdebiak, and Hope Connor.

Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 16 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

Thessalonians 5: 16-18

he Ministry Team, as well as other BNE family members who desire to meet, come together daily for a short devotion, to pray for those in need, and to give thanks. Meetings take place in the third floor executive conference room Monday Thursday at 7:30 a.m. and on Fridays at 12:15 p.m. For BNE family members who are unable to attend ministry meetings, the team would like to pray for you. Send spoken

or unspoken, private or public – any and all prayer requests to the ministry team by email to BNE’s Ministry Team was created in 2008 to openly encourage prayer throughout the company and to open the door to future sharing of Christian values, according to Bill Boddie CEO, ViceChairman and Ministry Team member.


2017 James H. Waters & Betty Jean Oxendine Scholarship Recipients James H. Waters, the late Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer of BNE, realized the importance of education and its role in personal development. We continue to honor Mr. Waters and his beliefs by awarding scholarships for the twenty-seventh year. We congratulate our past and current James H. Waters Scholarship program recipients and encourage families of our employees to take advantage of this important benefit. The Betty Jean Oxendine Scholarship program was created in memory of Betty, an employee with an exuberant personality who lost her life at age of 18. Through this memorial scholarship BNE hopes to help other young people with promising futures achieve their goals in healthcare.


















In 2017, 18 students were awarded between $500-$1,500 each through the James H. Waters & Betty Jean Oxendine scholarship programs. JAMES H. WATERS RECIPIENTS: 1. Katelin Benton Ferrum College 2. Thomasina Cole Eastern Kentucky University 3. Tiffany Manning Radford University 4. Jared McCall United States Merchant Marine Academy

5. Fernanda Ortis Reynolds Community College 6. Javion Peterson Longwood University 7. Briana Pittman Virginia Commonwealth University 8. Lauryn Pittman University of North Carolina at Greensboro

9. Casey Proctor NC State University

14. Anna Webb East Carolina University

10. Denae Rauls Radford University

15. Jennifer Williams UNC at Chapel Hill

11. Jessica Ricks Appalachian State University

16. Lauren Yoder Campbell University

12. Michaela Shadrick Meredith College 13. Austin Turner New River Community College

BETTY JEAN OXENDINE RECIPIENT: 17. Ashley Arnold East Carolina University

Not Pictured: Frank Rice Big Sandy Community and Technical College “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE� 17


We are a values based family business established in 1962 that believes in people;

Operated by the best people in the industry. “With a combined total of 1,360 years of service, we are blessed to be represented by these 51 anniversary recipients.” Mike Boddie

20 YEARS Florida Cornish

Anthony Daniels

Juanita Davis

David Frye

Hardee’s of Dinwiddie Petersburg, VA

Hardee’s of Allendale Allendale, SC

Hardee’s of Lumberton #3 Lumberton, NC

Hardee’s of Staunton #2 Staunton , VA

Renee Gordon

Crystal Goad

Carolyn Jackson

Samantha Locklear

Hardee’s of Cedar Road Chesapeake, VA

Hardee’s of Candlers Station Lynchburg, VA

Hardee’s of Temple Ave. Colonial Heights, VA

Hardee’s of French Quarter Lumberton, NC

Celina Lopez

Patty Luck

Rolando McDougald

Douglas Smith

Hardee’s of Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake, VA

Hardee’s of Halifax Halifax, VA

Hardee’s of Yadkin Road Fayetteville, NC

Hardee’s of Crater Road Petersburg, VA

Joy Smith

Renita Stanley

Rosa Thomas

Grace Tucker

Hardee’s of Barnwell Barnwell, SC

Hardee’s of Oceana Dam Neck Virginia Beach, VA

Hardee’s of Bamberg Bamberg, SC

Hardee’s of Chase City Chase City, VA

18 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018


Marian Ames

Ruth Bazile

Linda Brown

Sandra Bull

Victoria Carpenter

Hardee’s of Cape Charles Cape Charles, VA

Training & Development Manager Region 3

Hardee’s of Roxboro Roxboro, NC

Hardee’s of Mallory Street Hampton, VA

Hardee’s of Lincolnton Lincolnton, NC

Reno Coker

Linda Davis

Lisa Fuller

Joyce Madrigal

Vanessa Gunn

Hardee’s of Azalea Plaza Wilmington, NC

Hardee’s of Chase City Chase City, VA

Hardee’s of Grundy Grundy, VA

Hardee’s of Tazewell Tazewell, VA

Hardee’s of West Main Danville, VA

Kimberly McIver

Delois Morris

George Plummer

Alberta Ruffin

Hardee’s of Tramway Sanford, NC

Hardee’s of Cape Charles Cape Charles, VA

Hardee’s of Warsaw Village Hardee’s of Cape Charles Warsaw, VA Cape Charles, VA

JW Smith

Lena Wagoner

Senior Service Technician Region 4

Hardee’s of Stanleytown Stanleytown, VA

Barbara Smith Hardee’s of Hampton Blvd. Norfolk, VA




Debra Barnhardt

Donna Batchelor

Deborah Dean

Donna McFadden

Hardee’s of Kannapolis Kannapolis, NC

Restaurant Property Manager Home Office

Hardee’s of Surf City Surf City, NC

Hardee’s of Lake City Lake City , SC

Lynn Meadows

Ann Reavis

Jacinta Schaffer

Randy Vaughn

Hardee’s of Vinton Roanoke, VA

District Manager Region 1

Hardee’s of Salem #2 Salem, VA

Restaurant Systems Technical Specialist Home Office


Mike Bartleson

Pamela Davis

Glenda Dowe

Janet Harrison

District Manager Region 3

Hardee’s of Waverly Waverly, VA

Hardee’s of Castle Hayne Wilmington, NC

Hardee’s of Hollins Road Roanoke, VA

Eric Martinez

Dennis Pascoe

Terry Pope

Training & Development Manager Region 1

Hardee’s of Christiansburg I-81 Christiansburg, VA

Tax & Risk Coordinator Home Office

20 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

40 YEARS Dianne Coard Hardee’s of Kingstree, Kingstree, SC This was my first and only job. I am grateful for all of my experiences with the company. I have had ups and downs but I am glad I have stuck with it. My time at Hardee’s has been very enjoyable. I’ve had a lot of great memories but my favorite ones from the past 40 years have been getting together with everyone at company picnics.

45 YEARS Debra Pope Hardee’s of Claremont, Claremont, NC I feel like I have been blessed with this job. I just never believed I would be here 45 years. Throughout my career, I’ve been able to experience and learn something new every day and I’ve loved working with a lot of different people. Boddie-Noell is a great company that truly does believe in people.

Cora Wilson Hardee’s of Lake City, Lake City, SC I saw an advertisement in the newspaper in 1972 that they were building a Hardee’s in Lake City. I applied and have been here since opening day. The last 45 years have been a wonderful experience. I enjoy coming to work and being around coworkers and customers who feel more like family.



Eric Martinez

Johnny Ramsey

Jon Grant

Teresa Kitchen

Charon Nesbitt

Training & Development Manager Region 1

Senior District Manager Region 2

Corporate Controller Home Office

Senior Software Developer Home Office

Recruitment Manager Region 3 “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 21



Shared thoughts from your ministry team

IN LOVING MEMORY A life that touches others lives on forever.

Greg Ferrell Director of Facilities Management Home Office

“Greg was an exceptional individual, a great son, husband, father, and friend. His enthusiasm for life and contagious laugh infected all around him. Throughout his 20 years at BNE, he earned the titles of Service Technician, Senior Service Technician, Regional Facilities Manager, and Director of Facilities Management. He was one of the few people I have ever known, that I never heard anything negative about him, and he never spoke negatively about others. He will be missed greatly.” Mike Hancock, Executive Vice President

Derek Arnold BNE Region 1 Coordinator Corporate Chaplains of America 1 Corinthians 12:21-22 “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I have no need of you,’ nor again the head to the feet, ‘I have no need of you.’ On the contrary, the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable…”


rowing up, music was a big part of my life. As I struggled like most through my teenage years to find direction and my voice, music was my escape. I would spend hours playing instruments getting ‘lost in the music.’ As I became more proficient and my musical appreciation expanded, I became aware of a startling reality… It is exceedingly rare to see a musician performing their craft on their own. I could spend the rest of my life playing solo piano pieces or serenading strangers on a street corner with my saxophone, but if I really wanted to play music, it was going to have to be in conjunction with others. If I wanted to experience the fullness that music has to offer, it should be with other musicians who are talented in areas different than my own. Likewise, if we want to experience the fullness that God has blessed us with in our lives, it is a great benefit to appreciate the diversity of gifts that God has given those around us. After all, how would a business function if every person worked only in finance? When we learn to recognize and encourage others in their gifts, interests, and unique perspective, we will find that it brings us a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction. 22 ENTERPRISER Winter 2018

Helen Hardy Hardee’s of Hollins Road Roanoke, VA

Ursula Parler Hardee’s of Denmark Denmark, SC

“Throughout the past 40 years, Helen had a tremendous impact on her Hardee’s of Hollins Road family. Helen could brighten anyone’s day with her outgoing and loving personality. She was a dedicated and dependable person who was never late and always gave it her all. She was truly a sweetheart who is loved and missed by us all dearly.” Janet Harrison, General Manager

“I met Ursula when I came to Hardee’s in 1978. From the moment we met, there was something that sparkled about her. She was a very inspiring person, not only to her customers and employees; but to me as well. She was loved by everyone. Ursula’s laugh would fill a room and her smile would overcome any frown. She will be greatly missed by many where she worked, friends, family, and mostly by me.” Dwight Searson, District Manager

A & Q


n o i t c e t o sset Pr


Director of Loss Prevention Tracey French and Director of Loss Control Ann Lupton sit down to discuss answers to questions commonly asked by restaurant teams.

What is the difference between loss prevention and loss control? TRACEY: Loss prevention is protecting our people and the results of their hard work by focusing on anything that could erode profit from the company such as accidents, theft, robbery, disruptive incidents, burglar alarms, safes, cameras, and cash in transit. ANN: While loss prevention focuses on preventing losses, loss control’s job is to control and limit the amount of money spent when accidents happen.

Where does safety fit in? TRACEY: Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It’s the one thing that gets us home at night. The asset protection team is constantly working to keep our people safe.

How can I keep people safe at the restaurant? ANN: Set the example, from preventing accidents by using proper personal protective equipment to preventing robberies by following correct cash handling procedures. Don’t model bad behavior. Silence equals consent.

What if I’m too busy? ANN: The explanation for a majority of our accidents is, “I was in a hurry.” TRACEY: Don’t get caught in the trap of “It can’t happen to me.” For every terrible

accident you see reported on TV – those folks didn’t wake up planning for it to happen. You will not get advance notice before an accident happens. Don’t fall into the trap.

CONTACT US ACCIDENT REPORT LINE 1-800-773-8983 x1472 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. / 7 days a week Report employee accidents, customer incidents, or property damage.

Where do my sales fit into all of this?


TRACEY: Sales are important but you do not take sales to the bank – you take profit. You can have great sales and still not meet your goals due to accidents or theft. These events take directly from your profit.

Report suspicions of theft anonymously.

ANN: As health care costs rise, the cost of accidents rise, too. It is important to prevent accidents and handle them in the right way when they do occur to protect your hard work, sales, and profits. How well the injured customer or employee is treated goes a long way in a claim. Treat the person like you would want your grandmother treated.

What should I be focusing on right now? ANN: Winter Safety – making sure your restaurant can be safely accessed by our customers and employees. Don’t forget about keeping employee areas such as the back door and menu board area clear. Plan ahead to ensure you have equipment needed during icy winter weather such as shovels and ice melt, as well as practical items like winter coats, gloves, and hats for your employees.

1-800-241-5689 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

HELP DESK 1-800-773-8983 x1437 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. / 7 days a week Report all safety related maintenance issues, as well as all loss prevention equipment issues such as malfunctioning camera systems, burglar alarm systems, safes,or back door alarms.

TRACEY: We also need to focus on cash management and external theft this time of year. Don’t make your restaurant a target. Make sure all cash is accounted for and never leave money lying around.

Any final tips? TRACEY: If you are facing a problem, don’t try to shoulder the burden yourself. You have partners here at the home office to help you.



Mayo Boddie, Sr. awarded highest honor in recognition of significant and long-lasting contributions to his local community and far beyond.

Winter 2018 Enterpriser  
Winter 2018 Enterpriser