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Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. | Spring 2017

Our PURPOSE To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.


Diversity Diversity is one of BNE’s core values. What does diversity mean to BNE? It means “To value each person’s unique ability to contribute. The strongest team is the one that recognizes individual talents and strengths.”

I Mike Boddie President Boddie-Noell Enterprises

have been asked on numerous occasions “What do you do at Boddie-Noell?” The answer is “My main focus is to make sure we have the right people in the right places.” In Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great” he calls this getting the right people on the bus and getting them in the right seats (to suit their strengths and talents).

very good at restaurant design, construction, real estate, etc. No matter what your responsibilities are, we are all on the same team together for the goal of making BoddieNoell as successful as we can so we can offer opportunities for our employees, be able to support worthy causes like

...understanding, appreciating and respecting qualities and experiences that are different from our own. Every individual has talents and strengths. Some have strong people skills while others may have strong organizational skills. Some are great with numbers while others are good at problem solving. In our restaurants we have people who are good at cashiering and dealing with our customers while others are more comfortable in the kitchen preparing our food. In our office there are individuals who deal with numbers, calculations and figures every day and they are good at what they do. Under the same roof, we have individuals that are

2 ENTERPRISER Spring 2017

Special Olympics, The Patriot Foundation, and to give back to our communities. We can only accomplish this and move forward by understanding, appreciating and respecting qualities and experiences that are different from our own. There are people who have been with Boddie-Noell for 20, 30, and 40+ years with a lot of experience and history. There are people new to the company who have totally different points of views, new ways of thinking and look at things with different beliefs. We must look at all these differences and work together; move beyond simple tolerance

to embrace the diversity within each individual. Only then will we move forward, grow stronger as a company to accomplish our purpose statement which is “To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives whenever and wherever we can.” I have two older brothers, Mayo Boddie, Jr. and Bill Boddie. Even though we are from the same family (parents) we each are different; but because of those differences we complement each other. It is the same in our company. Every individual is a unique creation of God different from everyone else but those differences, that diversity is what makes up the BoddieNoell family. Boddie-Noell would not be the great company it is today if we all looked the same, thought the same and acted the same. Thank you for being the special person you are! I appreciate everything you do, your dedication and hard work.

PURPOSE STATEMENT Boddie-Noell Presented with Prestigious CKE Star Excellence Award in Las Vegas In appreciation for 55 years of “Believing in People,” Boddie-Noell was presented with the CKE Star Excellence Award during Hardee’s parent company, CKE’s, annual franchisee convention held in Las Vegas this spring.


estowed upon Boddie-Noell for best exemplifying commitment to the brand, company values, entrepreneurship, as well as growth and leadership within the CKE franchise system, the Star Excellence Award is the highest award given to a franchisee in the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. franchise community.

“This CKE Excellence Award recognizes those whose values have not waivered, whose commitment has not faltered, and who dedication to the brand has never ceased,” said CKE CEO Jason Marker as he presented members of Boddie-Noell’s senior leadership team with the prestigious award. “This award is proudly presented to those who have carried on the very principles and values that make our brand great every day.” Marker applauded Boddie-Noell for providing significant support to its communities and fellow franchisees, creating a livelihood for thousands, as well as revolutionizing the quick service industry by introducing

To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.

BNE VISION We are a values based family business established in 1962 that believes in people.

From left: Mike Murphy, Terry Lewis, Mike Hancock, Bill Boddie Sr., Mike Boddie, and Jason Marker.

game-changing products such as homemade biscuits for breakfast, chicken fillet sandwiches, and HandBreaded Chicken Tenders. While praising Boddie-Noell’s company mission, vision, and values, Marker described Boddie-Noell’s founders as “more than just great businesspeople — they’re great people, period, and very modest about their wonderful benevolence. Mayo and Nick have always made it clear that, without the success of the Hardee’s brand and the awesome people who work at Boddie-Noell, none of it would be possible,” said Marker. BNE President Mike Boddie and Vice Chairman and CEO Bill Boddie echoed these sentiments. “This award would not have been possible without the dedicated, devoted people of Boddie-Noell Enterprises who work hard every day to help the Hardee’s brand grow and be successful. We are very blessed as a company to celebrate this prestigious award with the Boddie-Noell family.”


The Enterpriser is published for employees and friends of BNE. Every effort has been made to include as many events and happenings throughout the BNE family as possible. Please send articles, photographs, comments or ideas to Ashley Lane at

Focused on restaurants & real estate

Operated by the best people in the industry

Meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers & communities

Enjoying every aspect of our success

BNE VALUES RESPECT for individuals, communities, and our environment. HONESTY at all times, regardless of circumstances and without fear of retribution. TRUST in others and ourselves. We fulfill our commitments and treat mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. EXCELLENCE in all we do, exceeding the expected and continuing to improve. TEAMWORK or enthusiastically working together to accomplish more. DIVERSITY to value each person’s unique ability to contribute. The strongest team is the one that recognizes individual talents and strengths. “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 3


Boddie Noell’s Core Values Shine as Best of the Best Recognized


he mood was one of excitement and anticipation on an unseasonably warm February evening at Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, N.C. The best of the best from Boddie-Noell’s 338 Hardee’s restaurants gathered in Nathan Hall for the annual awards dinner. The four top regional biscuit makers in the company, 12 Founders Award winners, their guests and members of the BoddieNoell leadership team were in attendance to honor and celebrate the best in operational excellence across the company in 2016. Everyone enjoyed an evening of conversation, celebration and delicious food prepared by Rose Hill Executive Chef Michael Pupillo and his culinary team. Throughout the night as winners accepted their awards and voiced words of appreciation, it was clear that though their individual stories and circumstances differed, the Boddie-Noell core values rang true for all. Founders Award


erry Lewis, President of Operations, played host for the evening and led the audience through the action-packed awards ceremony. As the winners accepted their awards, they quickly diverted praise from themselves to their co-workers back at the restaurants and the Boddie-Noell Core Values were clearly evident. In addition, many of the winners readily expressed the importance of their personal faith, echoing the sentiments of the mission of the Ministry Team at Boddie-Noell to “Glorify God in all that we do.” One of the evening’s Founders Award winners, Sarah Smith, even broke into an inspirational

song as she spoke about the role of faith in her receiving the award. Formerly known as the Carleton Noell Achiever award, the Founders Award is the top operational award given annually by Boddie-Noell. The award is given to the company’s top 10 Hardee’s restaurants, general managers and top two district managers. Founders Award winners must meet and surpass an established set of criteria for operational excellence in addition to representing and impacting Boddie-Noell in an extremely positive way. Winning the award is no easy feat. Restaurants are tracked throughout the year in the categories of sales, food costs, payrolls, miscellaneous

2016 Founders Award Recipients

expenses and overall restaurant operations. Winners must also exemplify the core values for which Boddie-Noell stands. The Founders Award is given in honor of the company’s three founders, Mayo Boddie, Sr., the late Carleton Noell and the late Nick Boddie, Jr., who together

opened the company’s first Hardee’s in 1962. Each founder played an integral role in setting the framework which would influence and shape the company for more than 50 years.

Meet the Founders Award Recipients:




General Manager, Fuquay-Varina, NC

General Manager, Hertford, NC

Senior District Manager, Region #4

First Thought? “I was so excited! My team worked hard.”Secret to Success? “Making everyone on the team aware of how we manage money. Teamwork, hard work and staying positive are important.”Favorite Menu Item? 1/3 lb. Original Thickburger®

First Thought? “I was very excited!” Secret to Success? “Teamwork and consistency. We are like a family and care about each other and our customers.” Favorite Menu Item? Fried Chicken

First Thought? “God is so good!” Secret to Success? “A great team that takes pride in what they do and takes ownership at their restaurants.” Favorite Menu Item? ¼ lb. Little Thickburger®

4 ENTERPRISER Spring 2017




Senior General Manager, Lightfoot, Williamsburg, VA

General Manager, Kinston, NC #1

Senior General Manager, Lincolnton, NC

First Thought? “I thought about how thankful I am for my team, how proud I am of them and how hard work really pays off.” Secret to Success? “Making customers feel at home.” Favorite Menu Item? Hot Dog

First Thought? “I was thrilled! It filled me with joy to be able to share this with our team!” Secret to Success? “Working together. We focus and talk each day about ways to improve operation.”Favorite Menu Item? Made From Scratch™ Breakfast Biscuit




General Manager, Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA

General Manager, Concord, NC

Senior General Manager, Bamberg, SC

First Thought? “Dreams come true! I can’t wait to tell my crew!” Secret to Success? “Always do your best. Everyone is important and must work toward the same vision together.” Favorite Menu Item? Chicken Filet Biscuit

First Thought? “I was speechless at first! I had to sit down and then I screamed.” Secret to Success? “Expect nothing but the best from your crew. Set new goals day to day and shift to shift. Stay focused.” Favorite Menu Item? 1/3 lb. Frisco Thickburger®




General Manager, Onley, VA

General Manager, Ahoskie, NC

District Manager, Region #2

First Thought? “I almost thought it was a joke when I got the call because I was on vacation! When they assured me it was real, I was so happy!” Secret to Success? “Always work together as a team.” Favorite Menu Item? Frisco Breakfast Sandwich®

First Thought? “I was so excited and then I thought, ‘Here I am dancing around the office and there are cameras recording it!’” Secret to Success? “Complete and total teamwork.” Favorite Menu Item? Frisco Breakfast Sandwich®

First Thought? “There was an increase required to win, I was nervous. Our team said they were going to make it happen, so I thought, ‘They did it!’” Secret to Success? “I have a group of achievers. Each one sets goals and stays focused.” Favorite Menu Item? Hot Dog

First Thought? “I can start booking my cruise!!” Secret to Success? “Teamwork and consistency. We always work together toward our goals.” Favorite Menu Item? Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders™

First Thought? “I thought it was a dream! I was overjoyed!” Secret to Success? “Teamwork, communication and dedication.” Favorite Menu Item? Chicken Filet Biscuit


FEATURE Biscuit Maker Winners

338 Hardee’s restaurants participated in the 2016 competition.


or 40 years Hardee’s customers have started their day with the Made From ScratchTM biscuit that Boddie-Noell introduced to Hardee’s in 1977. Since then, Boddie-Noell biscuit makers have been perfecting the craft of baking outstanding golden-brown biscuits which remain a customer favorite. The Best Biscuit Maker Challenge is a beloved company tradition that was started by Boddie-Noell in 1983. More than 1,000 biscuit makers from

The competition started in October, and each biscuit maker was evaluated based on the quality of his or her biscuits, knowledge of proper biscuit equipment, cleanliness and care of the biscuit equipment, knowledge and execution of company procedures, grooming and appearance. The competition’s judges included trainers, general managers, district managers, regional directors, vice presidents

and other executives in the restaurant division of BoddieNoell at the five levels of competition.

she spent three years focused on learning English. She now credits Boddie-Noell for helping her live her version of the American Dream.

A winner from each of BoddieRegion 2 winner was Kevin Noell’s four Hardee’s regions was Onyewuche of the Hardee’s on selected as a regional winner. Cedar Road in Chesapeake, VA. The four regional winners then As a child, Kevin, who was born competed for the title of Best in Nigeria, often told his parents Biscuit Maker and were honored at the company’s annual banquet and school teachers that he would live in America one day. at Rose Hill Plantation on Feb. They met him with responses of 12. Rose Hill was filled with “you’re crazy” or “you must be anticipation as all in attendance dreaming,” but Kevin made his awaited the announcement of 2016’s Best Biscuit Maker winner. dream a reality. The theme of diversity and teamwork was apparent throughout the evening as BNE rewarded four highly skilled Biscuit Makers. Maria Hernandez from the Hardee’s on McKinley Street in Coats, NC was announced as BNE’s Best Biscuit Maker for 2016. As Maria accepted her award, she spoke of her experience coming to America from Mexico more than 16 years ago and not knowing any English. As a self described “social butterfly,” Maria wanted to talk with her Boddie-Noell co-workers and so

Region 3 winner Herbert Cromite of Hardee’s of Crater Road in Petersburg, VA, known for his competitive spirit, spoke about the importance of the BoddieNoell core value of teamwork. “I wanted to win this for my team back at the restaurant,” said Herbert with a smile. Region 4 winner Donna Gillespie of Hardee’s of Richlands, VA, echoed his sentiments stating, “Teamwork is the most important part of it all.” Donna was taught this value, as well as many other important lessons that led to her success from her mother, a long time BNE Biscuit Maker.

2016 Biscuit Maker Champion Maria Hernandez is congratulated by Andre Jumpp and Bill Boddie Jr.

A WHOLE LOT OF DOUGH In 2016, Boddie-Noell Hardee’s used: 9,300,000



lbs. biscuit flour

lbs. biscuit mix

lbs. cinnamon raisin mix

lbs. buttermilk

6 ENTERPRISER Spring 2017


Roughly Totaling:


4,700 acres of wheat


truckloads of ingredients

BNE H 25871

Meet the Biscuit Maker Winners: Biscuit Maker Champion





Hardee’s of Coats, Region 1

Hardee’s of Crater Rd., Region 3

Hardee’s of Richlands, Region 4

Hardee’s of Cedar Rd., Region 2

Herbert has been with BNE for three years and said he prepared for the competition by practicing daily.

It didn’t take Donna long to become a top biscuit maker - she’s only been with the company for eight months!

This was the first regional Best Biscuit Maker win for Kevin who has been with BNE five years.

“I refer to Herbert as ‘Mr. Cool’ because he’s so calm when he’s working,” said Fred Marshall, regional director for BNE. “He’s a man of few words, but his biscuits are perfect.”

“Making biscuits relaxes me,” said Donna. “That little biscuit corner is one of my favorite places.”

“Kevin is a team player,” said Gene Dickens, regional vice president for BNE. “He not only makes great biscuits, but helps out wherever needed with a smile on his face.”

“When Maria started making biscuits for us, she wasn’t paying much attention to the procedures and her biscuits were still delicious,” joked Andre Jumpp, regional director for BNE. “Now she follows the rules and they are perfect.” Maria has worked as a biscuit maker for 16 years. She says the key to creating the best Hardee’s Made from Scratch™ Biscuit is “to make each biscuit with love.” BNE H 25871_14x10_2017 Biscuit Mkr TL-HR.pdf



2:53 PM

“My favorite part of making biscuits for Hardee’s is satisfying customers and spending time with co-workers. Both have become like family.”

When Herbert isn’t busy enjoying his favorite Monster Biscuit®, he loves reading history books, watching sports and playing video games with his children.

Donna’s favorite biscuit is a Steak, Egg and Tomato Biscuit. “Donna’s mother was a biscuit maker, too, so it’s a family tradition,” said Jaime Bostic, regional director for BNE. “She takes a lot of pride in what she does and makes beautiful biscuits.”

“The secret to making a delicious Hardee’s biscuit is to follow procedures and double check measurements. Then you’re good to go!”

All four biscuit makers are pictured on tray liners at Hardee’s restaurants owned and operated by BNE. In addition, a video of the tray liner photo shoot can be found on “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 7


Employees Offered ‘Helping Hand’ Following Hurricane Matthew Personally affecting dozens of BNE employee’s and their families, as well as severely damaging several Hardee’s, Hurricane Matthew generated devastating flooding across central and eastern North Carolina after the storm brushed past the coastline on Oct. 8, 2016. The hurricane dumped more than a foot of rain 100 miles inland, swelling streams and rivers to extremely high levels and leaving behind a trail of victims.


t was devastating,” explained Brenda Cherry, Vice President of Operations for Region 1, while recalling the effects of Hurricane Matthew.

Throughout the Hurricane recovery period, Brenda said she admired watching our BNE family truly living the BNE Vision and Values from Respect to Teamwork to Diversity and

Hurricane Matthew generated devastating flooding leaving Hardee’s of Kinston #2 completely submerged under water.

relief through Helping Hands as quickly as possible,” said Brenda. Of the $141,518 in assistance grants awarded to BNE employees in 2016, $94,955 went to 81 victims of Hurricane Matthew, according to Nanette Herbert, Vice President of Benefits and Compensation.

“It was wonderful to watch restaurant teams, field support, and home office personnel rally together” With the assistance of the Boddie-Noell family and employee funded assistance program, “Helping Hands,” our employees and restaurants were not down for long. “It was wonderful to watch restaurant teams, field support, and home office personnel rally together to help affected members of the BNE family,” said Brenda. Our people did everything from linking affected employees with organizations such as the Red Cross to finding employees a place to sleep. Many of our General Managers even collected employees’ clothing at their restaurants and took the clothing home to wash and dry it for them. 8 ENTERPRISER Spring 2017

everything inbetween. “It took everyone working together to make it happen,” said Brenda. “We sent the message ‘You are important to us’!” Brenda recalled District Managers Penny Snow and Mike Davenport spending 12 hour days assisting our employees with filling out Helping Hands assistance applications and Senior Human Resource Manager Linda Matthis then collecting the forms from across the state and expediting their arrival to the home office by personally driving them to Rocky Mount. “Everyone did an amazing job helping our people get financial

The BNE Helping Hands program is an employee assistance fund that provides financial help to Boddie-Noell employees in times of need. It is designed to assist employees who may be experiencing an unforeseen personal crisis such as acute illness, natural disaster, fire or flood.

Although the restaurants were not open to the public, employees were still scheduled as many hours as possible ensuring they would not incur any additional financial burdens.

During this time, employees diligently prepared free food and coffee for first responders and affected employees and their families. Large amounts of food in the restaurants before the storm was donated to local food banks and kitchens so it could be used before it went bad. BNE safety shoe vendor, Shoes For Crews, also helped many of our affected employees by donating brand new slip resistant safety shoes. Hardee’s of French Quarter and other area Hardee’s used five gallon jugs of water to operate as a home base for Kinston health officials, sheriffs, and other responders, before receiving portable water stations, allowing them to reopen to the public while the city was still without water. When the water was cleared for use, five gallon jugs that had been purchased but not used were given to employees who were without running water.

Hardee’s Partners with Law Enforcement Community for Fundraising Campaign Boddie-Noell Hardee’s across Virginia joined forces with the law enforcement community to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics Virginia athletes through the “Flame of Hope, Keep it Bright” Hardee’s Star fundraising campaign.



Shared thoughts from your ministry team


upported by law enforcement officers who will run a lighted torch across the state to build awareness of this year’s Special Olympics Virginia Summer Games, the annual Hardee’s Star campaign raised funds by encouraging customers to purchase $1 paper Stars. For their donation, customers received a coupon sheet good for $10 worth of savings on specific Hardee’s menu items during the five-week campaign.

The campaign was a success with customers purchasing 88,184 paper Stars to help send more than 550 athletes to the upcoming 2017 Special Olympics Virginia summer games.

Tiffany Yearly, Barbara Williams, and Lauren Sears sell Stars at Hardee’s of Broad Street.

Raising the most in this year’s campaign were customers at the Hardee’s in Stuart. In second place was the Hardee’s at Celebration Station in Virginia Beach. Third in sales was the Hardee’s of Gloucester. All 176 BNE Hardee’s locations in Virginia participated in this year’s campaign by selling Stars.

Phill Waller Certified Chaplain Corporate Chaplains of America Sheriff Hill of Prince William County Sheriff’s Office visited Hardee’s of Garrisonville to thank the staff for their support during the Star fundraising campaign.

“We’re very proud of our Hardee’s locations that did their part but we are especially proud of generous customers who support these wonderful athletes by purchasing the Star and receiving the coupons,” said Terry Lewis, BNE President of Operations and board member of Special Olympics Virginia. “Boddie-Noell and Hardee’s support of Special Olympics Virginia is unmatched! As a result of this incredible effort, Special Olympics athletes from all over the Commonwealth will attend the Summer Games,” said Rick Jeffrey, President of Special Olympics Virginia. “For many of our athletes, Special Olympics is their world. Purchasing a star provides a source of hope and light for children and adults who experience a great deal of loneliness and rejection.” In addition to the successful 2016 Fall fundraising campaign, in 2017 Boddie-Noell will sponsor the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Virginia.

1 John 5:13-15 13 I have written this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life. 14 And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. 15 And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.

Before thoughts of chaplaincy I was a children’s Minister. I had a buddy whom the children loved, and one reason was because he could juggle. He offered to teach me. I played college football so you’d think I could throw and catch a ball. Nope! One day I was practicing and failing miserably when I just had enough. I prayed “God, if you could help me to juggle that would be great. I know it’s not a big deal, but I really want to be able to do this, and I can use it to help teach the kids. If you do this for me I promise to give you all the credit every time I juggle. Amen.” Just a quick prayer then I walked away. That next day I picked up some bean bags and started juggling. I still juggle all the time, beanbags, balls, fruit ... And every time I praise God for answering my prayer and helping when I could not help myself. We may have experience, personal abilities or friends that are willing to help, and still be failing in our task to juggle all our responsibilities. At times like this, when we’re not strong enough on our own, it is good to know we can call on strength from above to help. “WEBELIEVE BELIEVEIN INPEOPLE” PEOPLE” 99 “WE


Traveling Through the 2017 Road Shows

“It is a time of fellowship, awards, and recognition for our people.” Terry Lewis, President of Operations


2017 Road Shows

ach region gathered during 2017’s annual Road Shows to celebrate 2016 accomplishments, acknowledge and reward achievers, and discuss strategies to achieving newly formed goals. While each regional meeting was uniquely themed with topics specific to the region’s goals, BNE’s

10 ENTERPRISER 10 ENTERPRISERSpring Spring2017 2017

Vision and Values remained a constant theme throughout the meetings. Each meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, an opening prayer and a congratulary welcome from President of Operations Terry Lewis.

Meeting attendees included the region’s General Managers, District Managers, Director(s), and Vice President, as well as field support including Service Technicians, Field Engineers, Personnel Managers, and various home office personnel.

The annual meetings have become a tradition. “It is a time of fellowship, awards, and recognition for our people,” explained Terry, “Everyone celebrates their rewards together. It creates a lasting, positive impact.”

The breakdown: Region 1 | COMMITMENT While covering topics including recognizing talent and developing a winning team, Region 1’s meeting centered around that theme of “Commitment.” Through skits and testimonials, attendees were encouraged to be dedicated to being the best they can be and developing the best in others. Region 2 | FAMILY REUNION Like every great family reunion, Region 2’s meeting incorporated music and dancing, energized attendees, and resulted in a lot of fun. Each District Manager’s team had crafted and displayed boards with photos and words symbolizing their family tree. The meeting focused on the ingredients to developing a happy family and main-

taining a culture of love for the Hardee’s brand, the BNE organization, and for our people. Region 3 | ALL SYSTEMS GO Kitchen Efficiency was the focus of Region 3’s “All Systems Go” NASCAR themed meeting. By incorporating music, skits, and motivational videos, attendees discussed the proper systems and tools needed to run an efficent operation. “We had a lot of fun singing, dancing and cheering – lots and lots of cheering,” explained Region 3 Training Manager Ruth Bazile. During the meeting, each District Manager and their teams created and presented a vision board on various topics relating to successful effeciency. The teams were then

“interviewed” and judged based on their creativity and presentation. Ann Reavis’ and Mark Henry’s teams were declared the winners and took home prizes. Region 4 | PAY IT FORWARD Focusing on the idea of “Paying It Forward,” General Managers from Region 4 presented testimonials on how they engage and give back to their

communities. By living the BNE Purpose Statement of using the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and being a positive influence onpeople’s lives wherever and whenever we can, Region 4’s teams are truly having rewarding impacts on the people they serve.



Boddie-Noell Relay For Life Team Returns to Nash County Under beautiful blue skies, the BNE and Hardee’s flags flew brilliantly in the Rocky Mount Sports Complex April 28, marking BNE’s return to Nash County’s annual Relay for Life event.


he weather was beautiful and it was great to see those that stopped by to see us at our stellar tent. It was inspiring to see so many members of the BNE family from our six Nash County Hardee’s, the Highway Diner, and the Home Office all pulled together for the cause,” said BNE Operations Manager Bill Boddie Jr. and his wife Laura.

After several years without a Relay team, Team Captains Bill and Laura led a resurgence of enthusiasm into the Boddie-Noell family, bringing the BNE Relay team back to life. “Although, many members of the BNE family continued to support Relay through participation with their churches or other groups, we felt it is important for BNE to have a presence in the community,” said Laura.

Working diligently throughout an almost yearlong fundraising campaign, ten members of the Boddie-Noell family came together to form the BNE Relay planning committee.

BNE’s 2017 Relay For Life Committee. Top from left: Dannie Davenport, Mary McCall, Bill Boddie Jr., Laura Boddie, Bunn Boddie, bottom from left: Melissa Joyner, Sandy Harris, Michele Richwalski, Phyllis Hardee, and Romona Kearney.

The team’s diligence was rewarded when they surpassed their $1,000 fundraising goal by raising more than $10,000, earning them the event’s “Top Business” and “Best Come Back” awards, along with second place in fundraising out of 57 teams.

To raise funds, the team sold BNE Relay for Life t-shirts featuring Restaurant Development Administrative Assistant Kaleigh Yenney’s winning t-shirt contest design – voted on by Home Office employees, hosted cow chip bingo featuring Evie the dairy cow on the Home Office lawn, an ACC tournament raffle, and sold luminaries and merchandise at the Nash County Relay event.

cancer happened to me. As a survivor, it becomes second nature to want to raise awareness for research and fundraising.”

“I now ‘Relay’ because I had timing on my side when I went through chemotherapy,” said Laura, “The treatment for my particular breast cancer was just 10 years old. Without the research and creation of a drug called Hereceptin combined with A previous team captain for a Re- other cancer fighting treatments, lay team in New Hanover County, my story might be very different.” Laura brought a wealth of Now in remission for 8 years, experience as co-caption of the Laura said she feels blessed BNE Relay for Life team. “People every day. “My hope is that the join the cause for two reasons,” research that helped me will explained Laura, “Cancer hapcontinue and will help those pened to them, or it happened with other types of cancer win to someone they love. Relay was their battle,” said Laura. a foreign concept to me until

“My hope is that the research that helped me will help those with cancer win their battle.” Laura Boddie


T-shirt design contest winner Kaleigh Yenney

12 ENTERPRISER Spring 2017

Emmanuel Akpobiyeri walked 60 laps equaling 15 miles, the most laps completed by one person during the event! Cow Chip Bingo

Highway Diner staff


Rose Hill Introduces Off-Site Catering Services Following Kitchen Remodel With the additional workspace, the culinary team now has the room needed to cater meals for multiple events held both on and off-site, as well as adequate space for preparation of large travel sized platters, bags, and boxes. The addition of cold storage space beneath the counter and the redesigned walk-in cooler will also prove helpful with offsite catering.

Nathan Hall, Rose Hill’s premier banquet facility, recently completed a substantial kitchen remodel allowing the culinary team the unique opportunity to launch off-site catering services.


athan Hall’s existing kitchen made it difficult for the culinary team to meet Rose Hill’s increasing demand, explained

Walter Marrotta, General Manager of Rose Hill. The successful remodel nearly tripled the facility’s existing

kitchen’s cooking capacity, increasing available cooking line space from 12 ft to 35 ft.

Other remodel features include a custom chefs table in the center of the kitchen, retractable heat lines to keep items warm until being served, and updates to existing dish, storage, and office areas.

Highway Diner Adds Contemporary Updates, Recognizes Employees


ighway Diner’s recent remodel was a superb success, according to General Manager Gail Sawyer.

From replacing existing carpet with new contemporary tile flooring throughout the restaurant to installing wider stalls in the women’s restroom

and replacing dull white paint with a fresh coat of black on the restaurant’s chair molding, the updates add bold statements along side the diner’s unique retro décor. With the restaurant closed for remodel, Gail and Highway Diner District Manager Bill Boddie Jr. realized they had the perfect opportunity to treat their team to an afternoon of fun to express their gratitude. With the Highway Diner’s wide ranging operating hours of 6 a.m.

until 9 p.m. there are not many opporunities to get the entire team together, according to Gail. An appreciation event was

held at the Rocky Mount bowling alley with free bowling and shoe rental, as well as a catered lunch of finger food favorites including pizza, hot wings, and a specially designed cookie cake. “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 13


We are a values based family business established in 1962 that believes in people;

Operated by the best people in the industry. “With a combined total of 1,580 years of service, we are blessed to be represented by these 62 anniversary recipients.” Mike Boddie

20 YEARS Elizabeth Austin

Kathryn Beasley

Patricia Calloway

Hardee’s of South Hill South Hill, VA

Hardee’s of Bishopville Bishopville, SC

Hardee’s of Candlers Station Hardee’s of Smithfield Lynchburg, VA Smithfield, VA

Lashell Chapman

Bessie Clemmons Hardee’s of Hampstead Hampstead, NC

Agnes Cooke

Ronda Edwards

Greg Ferrell

Katherine Flowers

Marlena Freeman

Hardee’s of Mount Airy Mount Airy, NC

Hardee’s of Old Stage Road Director of Facilities Chester, VA Management Home Office

Hardee’s of Leland Leland, NC

Hardee’s of Stuart Stuart, VA

Angela Haughabrooks Donna Hedgepeth

Juana Hernandez

Judy Lawton

Jeffrey Meek

Hardee’s of S. Fayetteville Fayetteville, NC

Employement Services Interview Specialist Home Office

Hardee’s of Farrington Rd. Chapel Hill, NC

Hardee’s of Port Royal Port Royal, SC

Hardee’s of Louisa Louisa, KY

Linda Myrick

Pat Neill

Jennifer Osborne

Tanika Peele

Leo Pittman

Hardee’s of Lakeside Richmond, VA

Hardee’s of Lincolnton Lincolnton, NC

Hardee’s of Northwest Leland, NC

Hardee’s of Greenville Greenville, NC

Restaurant Technical Services Manager Home Office

Sonia Ramos

Bonnie Redmond

Ruth Robertson

Joyce Sapp

Dwayne Searson

Hardee’s of Dorset Ave. Virginia Beach, VA

Hardee’s of Surf City Surf City, NC

Hardee’s of Mooresville Mooresville, NC

Hardee’s of Barnwell Barnwell, SC

District Manager Region 1

Michael Shank

Ruth Turner

Hardee’s of Dorset Ave. Virginia Beach, VA

Hardee’s of Exmore Exmore, VA

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Florida Browne

Perry Craig

Veronica Coker

Charlotte Dunlap

Hardee’s of Lynnhaven Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA

Field Engineer Region 2

Hardee’s of 17th Street Wilmington, NC

Hardee’s of Pittsboro Pittsboro, NC

Charles Gill

Yvonne Glass

Katherine Gross

Sandy Haukeness

Hardee’s of West Main Danville, VA

Hardee’s of Riverside Drive Danville, VA

Hardee’s of Jenkins Jenkins, KY

Hardee’s of Northampton Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA

Kimberley Jennings

Margaret Manus

Brad Martin

Wilber Parker

Hardee’s of Richlands Richlands, VA

Hardee’s of Concord Concord, NC

Restaurant Systems Manager Home Office

Hardee’s of Timberlake Lynchburg, VA

Wayne Pascoe

Melissa Presgraves

Sandra Robinson

Hardee’s of Christiansburg 460 Christiansburg, VA

Senior District Manager Region 3

Hardee’s of US 117 Castle Hayne, NC “WE BELIEVE BELIEVE IN IN PEOPLE” PEOPLE” 15 15 “WE



Kim Dean

Barbara Gordon

Edna Hobbs

Andre Jumpp

Susan Mizelle

Insurance Services Manager Home Office

Hardee’s of Hemingway Hemingway, SC

Hardee’s of Franklin Franklin, VA

Director of Operations Region 1

Coporate Accounting Manager Home Office

Sheila Payne

Johnny Ramsey

Sarah Reynolds

Hardee’s of Altavista Altavista, VA

District Manager Region 2

Hardee’s of Richlands Richlands, VA

Debra Baker White Director of Corporate Accounting Home Office


Ann Carlton

Charles Hockaday

Lou Norris

Patricia Ramsey

Connie Scott

Hardee’s of Westwood Fayetteville, NC

Hardee’s of Roanoke Rapids #1 Roanoke Rapids, NC

Hardee’s of Ashland Ashland, VA

Hardee’s of Bamburg Bamburg, SC

Hardee’s of Roanoke Rapids #2 Roanoke Rapids, NC

Margaret Shelton

Brant Skidmore

Brenda Viverette

Bob Wooldridge

Hardee’s of Broad Street Richmond, VA

Senior District Manager Region 2

Acounts Payable Manager Home Office

Senior Restaurant Systems Manager Home Office

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Bill Boddie Sr.

Doug Anderson President of BNE Land & Development Executive Vice President Home Office

Vice-Chairman & CEO Home Office

“I want to thank the Boddie Families for giving me the opportunity for a wonderful career at Boddie-Noell. The BoddieNoell employees that I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with have made every day both enjoyable and rewarding. I have truly enjoyed the journey. I am sincerely thankful to everyone at Boddie-Noell for their support and friendship.”

“Each year makes me more thankful for the opportunity to be here and serve alongside so many wonderful people. I am grateful that Mayo (Dad), Nick and Carleton took the risk 55 years ago to start this business and to build such a strong organization with a wonderful culture. I want to thank all the people that have made this company what it is today and for their support through the years to help me grow and learn. It has been a wonderful company to literally grow up in!”


Leo Grogan

Rick Hammock

Richard Herring

Eddie Phillips

Wayne Wobbleton

District Manager Region 3

Senior Director of Facilities Management Home Office

Restaurant Operations Analyst Home Office

Senior District Manager Region 2

Senior Systems Analyst Home Office

Carol Harris Hardee’s of Tidewater Drive Norfolk, VA “Carol Harris retired from Boddie-Noell on April 17th after 44 years of service with Boddie-Noell. Carol was a breakfast cook at the Hardees of Tidewater Drive throughout her entire 44 year career. Every day she made the long drive from Windsor, VA to the restaurant in Norfolk, VA. She was truly a dedicated employee and a great asset to all of us. We all love her and will greatly miss her.” Kathy Hansen, District Manager

Terry Lewis, Gene Dickens, Mike Boddie, and Bill Boddie Jr. congratulate Carol Harris on her retirement.




Ginger Craig

Gwen Jenkins

Ann Reavis

Brant Skidmore

Jackie Williams

Senior District Manager Region 2

Recruitment Manager Region 1

District Manager Region 1

Senior District Manager Region 2

Senior Director of Training Services Home Office


Scott Keene

Melissa Martin

Nichole Rose

Director of Real Estate Home Office

Recruitment Manager Region 2

Human Resource Manager Region 4

CUSTOMER COMPLIMENT To the Manager of Hardee’s of Burlington, NC




fter leaving you a note of thanks today, for your kindness and food and attention, I called a gentleman who represents the Hardee’s stores. I told him that I was calling to compliment the managers and staff at store #1841 in Burlington, NC. He recorded our conversation!! I explained that I do not personally know anyone at this business, just wanted to tell them how pleased I am - with the food, and very kind and friendly attention. I asked him to please share my comments with Hardee’s officials. He assured me your facility would be very recognized at an upcoming gathering (I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds nice!) He also asked for my name, it was a very nice call.

Dixie Stafford

18 ENTERPRISER Spring 2017

In Region 1, we are always planning for the future. We hold a development course for potential General Managers once a year. We accept Managers that have met specific requirements and want to grow with BNE. Twenty-five Managers completed our ‘Future General Manager’s Course’ in May. We encourage you to come grow with us! Rickie Hunt, Senior Training and Development Manager




INTRODUCING LPINSIGHT MONTHLY NEWSLETTER The restaurant business is both rewarding and challenging. The best way to set yourself up for success is ensuring all members of your team are as knowledgeable as you are.


In preparing for the summer season, we realize that you will be doing additional hiring as well as crosstraining existing employees. This includes your night shift employees that may be working day shift hours during the summer months.


n order to set your employees up for success it is important to provide them with the knowledge and skills to perform their job function(s). Keeping employees safe is a priority and Safety Training for all stations is a key component! As you bring NEW HIRES on board the following tools must be available and used for orientation: • DVDs – BNE and Hardee’s • Orientation Kit – Stocked • Orientation Guide – Printed Safety Tour Completed As you train NEW HIRES or CROSS TRAIN existing employees the following tools must be used: • Crew Station Training DVDs • Station Training Guides • Crew Station Quizzes • Crew Station Certification

Taking your employees through a complete orientation and training process equips them with the skills needed to safely and efficiently perform their job duties. Remember: In order to provide a safe work environment for our employees ensure your restaurant has all approved safety equipment and it’s in good working condition.

o help support the restaurants, Loss Prevention publishes a monthly newsletter titled LPInsight New monthly Loss Prevention to help General newsletter, LPInsight, provides tips to heighten awareness of loss Managers educate trends within our restaurants. teams on how to better protect people, property, and profits. LPInsight features topics relevant to upcoming business or loss trends. The content can be read in under a minute and features color pictures. Every LPInsight re-emphasizes the Network Hotline for employees who may not be comfortable reporting illegal, unethical, or irresponsible acts while at work. LPInsight can only help when it’s posted, discussed, and reinforced. The keys to making sure your teams get the most out of LPInsight are familiarizing yourself with the content, making it available to all employees by posting it on the bulletin board, and then checking with your team to ensure they understand the content. LPInsight is for you, so please make the most of this new training tool. If you have ideas for upcoming issues, please call me at 252-937-2800 (ext.1266) or e-mail me at

Jackie Williams Senior Director of Training Services

Tracey French Director of Loss Prevention


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