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Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc. | Fall 2019

e i d d o B Noell WE ARE



Living Our Purpose: On Both Sides of the Counter

Brenda Cherry Sr. Vice President of Operations Hardee’s Division


oddie-Noell’s unique values-based culture is the only one of its kind. Evident through our company’s purpose,

At BNE, We Believe in People and we know it is our people who make the difference. BNE’s culture has been created by our employees who have defined our company by their integrity and hard work. Throughout BNE, our vision and values are more than a statement or plaque on the wall, they are at the core of the decisions we make.

We Believe in People and we know it is our people who make the difference. vision, and values statements, BNE’s culture is unmatched throughout our industry. With unheard of employee tenure rates, extraordinary percentages of leadership promoted from within, remarkable diversity within our restaurant teams, and incredible relationships with our communities involving charity work, Boddie-Noell is unlike any other business.

Our greatest accomplishments are not what we produce, but what we give back. We invest in this belief by using the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and communities we serve wherever and whenever we can.

Exemplifying Boddie-Noell’s values of Respect, Honesty, Trust, Excellence, Teamwork, and Diversity, each of the employees pictured hold decade long tenure rates and have worked diligently earning recent promotions from within. Pictured from left to right, Training and Development Manager Eric Martinez, General Manager of Wilson 301 South Kayla Herring, Regional Facilities Manager Evan Howard, Region 1 Vice President of Operations Andre Jumpp, Sr. Vice President of Hardee’s Operations Brenda Cherry, Sr. Training and Development Manager Ruth Bazile, and District Manager Caleb Furlough.

to build on our foundation and cornerstone of our company – our people. By valuing each individual for their unique contributions, believing in one another, and fulfilling our commitments, we work together to accomplish more, exceed the expected, and achieve excellence.

Together, we will continue to use all of the pieces of our unique BNE culture to build a better, stronger business that continues to be a responsible and The future provides much caring partner to our emexcitement and opportuni- ployees, customers, and ty. It provides us a chance the communities we serve.

In this issue, we share in the joy of watching our BNE family live our purpose of providing opportunities and being a positive influence on people’s lives on both sides of the counter as we read about our 2018 Founders Award, Biscuit Maker Award recipients, and stories of restaurant teams supporting their local communities.

PURPOSE STATEMENT To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.

BNE VISION We are a values based family business


established in 1962 that believes in people.


Founders Award Recipients………………………......... Juanita Davis Named Two-Time


Focused on restaurants & real estate

Operated by the best people in the industry

Meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers & communities

Enjoying every aspect of our success

Biscuit Maker Champion………………………………...… Our People Living Our Purpose:

8 Hardee’s Teams Bring Christmas Cheer……………10 BNE’s Support of Special Olympics..................... 12 Celebrating Hardee’s………………………………………..14 Anniversary Recipients……………………………………..16 Ministry in a Minute…………………………………..…….22 Supporting Our Local Communities………………..…

BNE VALUES RESPECT for individuals, communities, and our environment. HONESTY at all times, regardless of circumstances and without fear of retribution. TRUST in others and ourselves. We fulfill our commitments and treat mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. EXCELLENCE in all we do, exceeding the expected and continuing to improve.


The Enterpriser is published for employees and friends of BNE. Every effort has been made to include as many events and happenings throughout the BNE family as possible. Please send articles, photographs, comments or ideas to Ashley Lane at ashleylane@boddienoell.com.

TEAMWORK or enthusiastically working together to accomplish more. DIVERSITY to value each person’s unique ability to contribute. The strongest team is the one that recognizes individual talents and strengths.


2018 Founder Award & Best Biscuit Maker Award Recipients

The best of the best from Boddie-Noell’s 347 Hardee’s restaurants gathered in Nathan Hall for the annual awards banquet on Feb. 17. The four top regional biscuit makers in the company, 13 Founders Award winners, their guests and members of the Boddie-Noell leadership team were in attendance to honor and celebrate the best in operational excellence across the company in 2018.

Founders Award The Founders Award is given annually by Boddie-Noell in honor of the company’s three founders, Mayo Boddie Sr., the late Carleton Noell and the late Nick Boddie, Jr., who together opened the company’s first Hardee’s in 1962. It is given to the company’s top 10 Hardee’s restaurants General Managers, and top two District Managers. Winners must meet established criteria for operational excellence in addition to representing and impacting Boddie-Noell in an extremely positive way.


Operations/Project Program Manager, for her 41 years with the company as she prepared for retirement in March.

Director of Operational Services Bill Boddie, Jr., played host for the evening and led the audience through the actionpacked awards ceremony.

“Angela’s commitment and dedication to Boddie-Noell is known and appreciated by everyone in the company and she will be sorely missed in the days to come,” said Bill Jr.

As the winners stepped up to the Before podium to beginning accept their the Angela Maxwell awards, they recognition quickly diverted praise of the Founders from themselves to their Award recipients, Bill Jr. co-workers back at the recognized Angela Maxwell,

restaurants and the BoddieNoell core value of teamwork was evident. The winners all mentioned their dedication to giving 100 percent and being committed to excellence, another Boddie-Noell core value. In addition, many winners readily expressed that having trust and respect with their fellow employees was vital to their success. Their success was no easy feat. Restaurants were tracked throughout the year in the categories of sales, food costs, payrolls, miscellaneous expenses and overall restaurant operations. Winners also exemplified our core values.

VALERIE BAKER General Manager Hardee’s of Camden “I was excited and proud of my team for doing the work to win again.”

SHERRICA BONEY General Manager Hardee’s of Wallace “Thank the Lord! We did it! Hard work does pay off!”

DARLINE COLE General Manager Hardee’s of Hertford “I immediately thanked God and was just very excited!”

CONDA EDWARDS General Manager Hardee’s of Clintwood

SHEENA FINNEY General Manager Hardee’s of Harbour Pointe

“Relief and pride in our success.”

“Hard work and having a great team really paid off!”

Meet our 2018 Founders Award Recipients:

JEFFREY MITCHELL General Manager Hardee’s of Northwest

JENNIFER OSBORNE Former Sr. GM Hardee’s of Northwest Current DM – Region 1

CHANELL PATRICK General Manager Hardee’s of Research Triangle Park

“I was really excited. My team has worked so hard for this.”

“I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to tell the team.”

“I immediately thanked God and had a few tears of joy.”

JOHNNY RAMSEY Former Sr. DM Current Director of Operations Region 2

VEGENA ROYSTER General Manager Hardee’s of Creedmoor Crossing

JACKIE SCOTT Sr. General Manager Hardee’s of Pruden Blvd.

“Very excited and honored!”

“We did it! I was so excited for the team!”

“I was very thankful and very excited!”

• Each recipient was asked what their first thought was after hearing the news of achieving this huge success.

BENNETT WEINSTEIN General Manager Hardee’s of Churchland “In the past 5 years our restaurant has come in the top 10, but this year was OURS!”

ROBIN WILSON Former Sr. DM Current Director of Operations Region 2 “Grateful!” “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 5


To make our golden brown biscuits, in 2018 BNE Hardee’s used:



pounds of biscuit and cinnamon raisin mix,

Biscuit Maker Champions


her biscuits, knowledge of proper biscuit equipment, cleanliness and care of the biscuit equipment, knowledge and execution of company procedures, grooming and appearance.

or more than 40 years Hardee’s customers have started their day with the Made From Scratch biscuit that Boddie-Noell introduced to Hardee’s in 1977. Since then, BoddieNoell biscuit makers have been perfecting the craft of baking outstanding goldenbrown biscuits which remain a customer favorite.

The competition’s judges included trainers, general managers, district managers, regional directors, vice presidents and other executives in the restaurant division of Boddie-Noell at the five levels of competition.

The Best Biscuit Maker challenge is a beloved company tradition that was started by Boddie-Noell in

A Biscuit Maker from each of Boddie-Noell’s four Hardee’s regions was selected as a regional winner. The four

Juanita Davis from the Hardee’s of Lumberton #3 was announced as Boddie-Noell’s Best Biscuit Maker for 2018. Juanita was a regional winner last year and the overall winner in 2015. The other regional winners were Tony Robinson from Hardee’s of Independence Blvd., Sally Miller from Hardee’s of Farmville, VA, and Shelton Smith from Hardee’s of Norton, VA.

“The biscuit is a vital part of our operations. When

> 585,500 pounds of flour and

> 688,500 gallons of buttermilk Two-time Biscuit Maker Champion Juanita Davis congratulated by BNE Founder and Chairman Mayo Boddie Sr.

1983. More than 700 biscuit makers from 347 Hardee’s restaurants participated in the 2018 competition. Contestants represented restaurants across North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Kentucky. The competition started in October, and each biscuit maker was evaluated based on the quality of his or


done it without teamwork and that practicing and following the procedures led them to excellence.

regional winners then competed for the title of Best Biscuit Maker and were honored at the company’s annual banquet in February. As each regional winner was announced, Boddie-Noell’s core values were on display. Each winner acknowledged that he or she couldn’t have

we first introduced the concepts of biscuits, some thought we would fail; we would never find someone to get up at 3 a.m. to make biscuits. Juanita, and all our Biscuit Makers have proven them wrong biscuit after biscuit. She, along with all of our Biscuit Makers, deserve all of the gratitude the company can offer. They are all winners – and we are very proud of all of them; and very thankful for the job that they lead to make this company go. I am extremely thankful to shake their hands every year.” - MAYO BODDIE, SR., Co-Founder and Chairman

Biscuit Maker Champion

JUANITA DAVIS Hardee’s of Lumberton #3 Region 1

SALLY MILLER Hardee’s of Farmville, VA Region 3

TONY ROBINSON Hardee’s of Independence Blvd. Region 2

SHELTON SMITH Hardee’s of Norton, VA Region 4

Juanita has been with BNE for 21 years and said she prepared by practicing over and over. She is no stranger to success – this is her second time being named BNE’s Best Biscuit Maker.

It didn’t take Sally long to become a top Biscuit Maker - she’s only been with the company for eight months!

Tony has been with BNE for nine years and has been a Biscuit Maker for eight. He says the key to creating the best Hardee’s biscuits is to “love what you are doing.”

When he’s not making biscuits, Shelton enjoys fishing, cutting grass and helping friends.

“Juanita’s biscuits are magical,” said Region 1 Director of Operations Mike Davenport, “She’s in at 4 a.m. five days a week making magic happen.”

“Sally’s only been with the company eight months and she’s already standing up here,” said John Smith, Region 3 Vice President of Operations. “Sally excels at making biscuits, but she’s ready to jump in and do anything we ask of her.”

Last year, Tony won it all. Tony’s positive attitude, his attention to detail, and his desire to always do things the right way continue to bring him great success.

Shelton has been with BNE for 35 years and a Biscuit Maker for 12 of those. “If you need somebody in your corner, Shelton is your guy,” said Region 4 Director of Operations Jaime Bostic.

All four winners are pictured on tray liners at Hardee’s owned and operated by Boddie-Noell. A video of the photo shoot and interview with winner Juanita Davis can be found on at www.bneinc.com.



Our People Living Our Purpose:

Our Company Purpose: To use the resources of our company to provide opportunities for our people and to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can.


“Jackie is always trying to connect with the community and build sales in Eden and she has done a great job!” According to Tammy, the Friday morning crowd has grown throughout the past year from about 10-15 regulars to nearly 50 customers who gather for breakfast and fellowship.

Pictured from left to right, Curtis Stump, Eugene Buroughs, Eden’s General Manager Jackie Fallen, Spud Baker, Steve Vernon, Penny Snody, Kathy Yeatts, Doris Powells, and Tommy Buroughs.

Hardee’s of Eden Fills Dining Room with Live Gospel Hymns


ardee’s of Eden’s General Manager Jackie Fallen and her team fill their dining room with live gospel hymns, along with great food and fellowship on Friday mornings. From 10-11 a.m. a group of regular customers gather to play a variety of instruments and sing hymns to the crowd as they dine. “Customers love it,” said District Manager Tammy Chambers,


Hardee’s of West Main Treats Dog Owners with Special Event


very dog has its day. That day came at an unexpected location for the Largest, Smallest, Friendliest, Prettiest, and Most Obedient furry award winners at Hardee’s of West Main’s Dog Show this summer. For more than 40 years, Hardee’s of West Main’s General Manager Sylvia Hood has built relationships with her customers. She can be overheard asking her regulars about their children

by name, knows their order by heart, and sometimes even their dog’s order. “We have customers who come through the drive thru with their dogs riding shot gun beside them in the front seat,” explained Sylvia with a laugh. Always thinking about the next creative way to increase sales, Sylvia decided to host a dog show at the restaurant. The show was a success with 15 dogs and their owners registering to participate. Winners of each of the categories were treated with a special prize and winner’s certificate.

affected by severe trauma and abuse. “It’s important to do anything we can to help take care of these children,” urged John. Region 3 team members served lunch to the participants before hitting the course. Proceeds raised went toward purchasing furniture for the residential cottages.

Terry Takes The Plunge

“M Top: Region 3 team members General Manager Nelson Contreras, and District Managers Jennifer Cook, Stacey Owen, and Robin Lynch. Bottom: Vice President of Operations John Smith welcomes crowd to charity golfing event.

Golfing for ‘The Kids’


ardee’s Region 3 teams worked together to fulfill our company purpose while continuing our sponsorship of the Jackson-Field Behavioral Health Services 24th annual “Go Golfing for the Kids” tournament. Region 3 Vice President of Operations John Smith opened the event by welcoming participants and explaining BNE’s long term sponsorship, which began several decades ago by BNE Founder Nick Boddie when the facility was an orphanage. As needs have changed, Jackson-Field has transitioned into a residential treatment facility for boys and girls ages 11-21

BNE Hardee’s Teams Campaign for Veterans, Their Families


ith nearly 150,000 patriotic stars hanging in Boddie-Noell Hardee’s restaurant walls across Kentucky, Virginia, and the Carolinas, the 2019 Stars for Heroes annual fundraising campaign proved the BNE family truly believes in people. During the month-long campaign, customers were encouraged to purchase $1 patriotic star cut-outs with proceeds benefitting The Patriot Foundation – providing funding for children of killed and wounded soldiers, as well as the U.S. Cares and Stand Up and Play Foundations. For their support, customers received a Hardee’s coupon sheet valued at $10 in savings.

The Hardee’s of Celebration Station team raised the most funds within BNE selling 3,998 stars, followed by the Hardee’s of Ravenel selling 3,823, and Hardee’s of Belmont selling 3,570 stars.

y feet were still cold after the four-hour drive home,” laughed Terry Lewis describing his midFebruary dip into the Atlantic Ocean during Special Olympics Virginia annual Polar Plunge in Virginia Beach, VA. Despite Terry’s recent retirement as President of Hardee’s Operations, he explained it was important to him to fulfill his polar plunge promise to the BNE family and Virginia Hardee’s communities. “Four years ago, we set the goal of raising $100,000 for Special Olympics Virginia during our annual campaign,” explained Terry. “We came close in 2017, missing the goal by only $2,500.” Terry recalls several team members with hopes of seeing him take the plunge then, but he recalls telling them, “Not until we reach the goal.” Holding out was just the extra incentive needed. BNE Virginia Hardee’s surpassed their goal one year later in the 2018 campaign, raising $100,000. “Participating in the Polar Plunge was absolutely fantastic but what I find most rewarding was watching our employees and customers work together to meet our goal. It was a true honor to be able to represent them.” “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 9


Our People Living Our Purpose: Bringing Christmas Cheer to Local Communities

Hardee’s Team Brings North Pole Christmas to Saluda, Virginia


’was the day before Christmas Eve and all through the town, the children of Saluda were headed to Hardee’s to see Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a couple of elves who were hanging around. General Manager Trudy Calloway and her team welcomed local children to Hardee’s of Saluda for a joyful Christmas event to snack on cookies and milk and most importantly meet Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s elves. It was a true team effort with Trudy collecting supplies and coordinating the event. Biscuit Maker Earl Madison donning the famous red suit to play Santa. Cashier Sally Landeck dressed as Mrs. Claus and Cashiers Jess Carter and Monica Walton played Santa’s elves. A local graphic designer and loyal customer also took part in the festivities by creating a flyer to post in the restaurant and around town. 10 ENTERPRISER Fall 2019

Pictured from left to right, District Manager Carmena Waters and her team, General Managers: Jermaine Jones, Kelli Hatton, Teresa Owens, Martha Slaughter, Trudy Calloway, and Robert Lopez sponsored local family’s Christmas in honor of one of their own, former General Manager Teresa Powell.

General Managers Provide Christmas For Local Family IN MEMORY OF TERESA POWELL


eneral Managers in Carmena Waters’ district sponsored a local family’s Christmas, paying tribute to Teresa Powell, one of their own, who passed away in 2016. District Manager Carmena and her General Managers have worked to keep Teresa’s memory and giving-spirit alive.

Vice President of Operations Mike Zollo to approve the purchase of an Easter Bunny costume. Teresa explained it was important for her to provide families with the opportunity to visit with the Easter Bunny. Keeping Teresa’s caring spirit alive, Carmena and her General Managers selected a deserving family with the help of a local church, put their money together and went shopping as a team to purchase gifts in Teresa’s honor.

After the outing, each General Manager placed a box in their restaurant’s dining room, welcoming guests to join them in Teresa Powell gathering gifts for the “Teresa loved Christmas family. “Guests get excited,” said and helping people in Carmena. “We explain our company need. She was a remarkable person who motto is We Believe in People and this is made a difference in the lives of many,” our way of displaying what our company said Carmena. stands for.” During her 10 years as General Manager of Hardee’s of Saluda, VA, Teresa enjoyed hosting holiday parties for the community. Known for her spunk, she even once convinced then Region 3

Carmena said she is proud and grateful for the team’s efforts. “My group is a blessing. Each one of them pitched in with this project to bless a family in a way Teresa would have loved.”

Boddie-Noell Elves Host Magical Christmas Event for Boys & Girls Club


ome Office employees brought out the red carpet and velvet ropes to welcome elementary school children from the Rocky Mount Boys and Girls Club’s after school program during the inaugural “We Believe in Children” Christmas event.

Driven to fulfill the company purpose of using our resources to be a positive influence on people’s lives wherever and whenever we can, the inaugural event was developed as part of a campaign focused on providing children opportunities they normally would not experience – such as having their photo taken and visiting with Santa. The event was a magical experience for local children, as they were welcomed into the cheerfully decorated home office to visit with home office

employees dressed as elves, snack on Christmas goodies, and visit with Santa. Each child had their photo taken with jolly ol’ Saint Nicholas himself, known to the BNE family as Software Programmer Don Small, and were given a goodie bag.

“We are, have always been, and will always be a company that cares for others.” - BUNN BODDIE, Director of Corporate Support Services

“While the Home Office team currently provides support to our local community through many avenues including supporting the United Way, Peacemakers, Special Olympics, our Back to School Drive, and our Senior Citizen Christmas Gift Bag Program, the Home Office Committee felt we needed to do something with children surrounding Christmas,” explained Director of Corporate Support Services Bunn Boddie. The name of the campaign “We Believe in Children” is a direct reflection of BNE’s corporate motto “We Believe in People,” said Bunn. “Our children are the future and by hosting an event where we can provide an experience to children that they may not normally have is something we are proud of.”



Boddie-Noell Celebrates 38 Years of Support to

Region 3 Team Feeds SOVA Summer Game Attendees


he Region 3 Hardee’s team fed more than 3,000 Special Olympics athletes and their families, as well as volunteers free of charge during Special Olympics Virginia’s 2019 Summer Games on June 8.

Four Mile Fork Team Supports Law Enforcement During SOVA Torch Run


eneral Manager Paul Ballard and his Hardee’s of Four Mile Fork team offered cold water and cheers of encouragement to Fredericksburg law enforcement as they carried the Special Olympics Virginia “Flame of Hope” torch through their leg of the statewide fundraising run, on its way to Richmond to light the cauldron to officially open the Summer Games.

12 ENTERPRISER Fall 2019

“We love being a part of the Summer Games,” explained Region 3 Vice President of Operations John Smith. “Watching the excitement and joy from the athletes is humbling and heartwarming.”

38 Years

With more than 1,500 athletes going for gold in swimming, softball, track and field, bowling, and tennis, Summer Games is the largest state-level Special Olympics competition offered in Virginia. Along with feeding attendees, Boddie-Noell has also partnered to sponsor the Summer Games for 38 years.

Special Olympics Virginia! The times may change but Boddie-Noell’s commitment remains the same.

gers hambur ’s e e d r Ha ces appy fa h e k a m



g lunche s

for athl etes, and volu nteers

Home Office Volunteers at Rocky Mount Special Olympics


hen it comes to helping a good cause, you can count on Boddie-Noell employees to be there. The Rocky Mount Special Olympics, held in May, was a perfect example. Dozens of men and women from BNE’s home office didn’t hesitate when the call was issued for

volunteers to help manage the softball throw event. From recording scores to directing athletes from one event to the next, the BNE family made sure they were there to help wherever and whenever they could. “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 13


Celebrating Hardee’s

Hardee’s of Lynnhaven Blvd.

Introducing Hardee’s StarPals Kids Meals

D Hardee’s of Hemingway

Hardee’s of Emporia

BNE Hardee’s Win Systemwide Sales Contest


leven Boddie-Noell Hardee’s teams proved to be the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender experts by winning CKE’s Chicken Tender Sales Contest. Performance for the month-long, systemwide contest was measured in two categories: Chicken Tenders as a percent of Total Lunch/Dinner sales and Chicken Tenders COMBOS as a percent of Total Lunch/Dinner sales. Winning restaurants received 30oz. Stainless Dr. Pepper Tumblers and High Sierra Big Wig Compu-Backpacks. Boddie-Noell developed and pioneered the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders in the Hardee’s system. Hardee’s 100% white meat, Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders are a high-quality product that is superior to the competition.

14 ENTERPRISER Fall 2019

Congratulations winners: HIGHEST CHICKEN TENDER SALES (as a % of L/D Sales) • Hertford • Lynnhaven Blvd.

irector of Operations Services Bill Boddie Jr. and his five-year-old son Tripp celebrated Hardee’s system-wide roll out of StarPals Kids Meals at Hardee’s of Nashville on June 19. StarPals Kids Meals include a kid’s entrée, side, drink, and toy. Hardee’s partnered with YouTube sensation Ryan of Ryan ToysReview to feature an exclusive Ryan toy line to accompany the kid’s meals. “StarPal Kid’s Meals are a great way for us to pick up future generations, plus moms and dads,” said Bill Jr.

HIGHEST CHICKEN TENDER COMBO SALES (as a % of L/D Sales) • Colt Crossing • Swansea • Sunset Avenue • Chesapeake • Hemingway • Nine Mile Rd. • Emporia • Allendale • Norfolk Industrial Park

Pictured from left to right, General Manager Sabrina Plummer, Manager Barbara Williams, and Shift Leader Shaqueia Whitehead.

Memorial Day Pride Hardee’s of Broad Street team displaying their patriotism by wearing red, white, and blue on Memorial Day.



Brenda Allen District Manager Region 2

Ruth Bazile Sr. Training & Development Manager Region 3

Bill Boddie, Jr. Director of Operational Services Home Office

Bunn Boddie Director of Corporate Support Services Home Office

Derrick Cowan District Manager Region 3

Amy Davis District Manager Region 2

Evan Howard Regional Facilities Manager Region 1

Johnny Ramsey Director of Operations Region 2

Penny Snow Sr. District Manager Region 1

Robin Wilson Director of Operations Region 2

Angela Maxwell Rick Medlin Operations Project Manager District Manager Home Office Region 3

Terry Lewis President of Hardee’s Operations

Shawn Dudley Human Resource Manager Region 2


Martha Joyner Restaurant Accounting Manager Home Office



Stan Harwood Sr. Human Resource Manager Region 2






Charles Richardson District Manager Region 2 “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 15


We are a values based family business established in 1962 that believes in people;

Operated by the best people in the industry. “With a combined total of 3,110 years of service, we are blessed to be represented by these 118 anniversary recipients.” Mike Boddie

20 YEARS Betty Artis

Roosevelt Banks

Crystal Davis

Gloria Dickerson

Hardee’s of Suffolk Suffolk, VA

Hardee’s of Bamberg Bamberg, SC

Hardee’s of Sharpsburg Sharpsburg, NC

Hardee’s of Allendale Allendale, SC

Juanita Fulk

Josefina Flores

Debra Heatherington

Sandra Henderson

Hardee’s of Stuart Stuart, VA

Hardee’s of Farrington Road Chapel Hill, NC

Hardee’s of 33rd & Main Street Louisa, VA

Hardee’s of North Danville Danville, VA

Gregg Houser

Robert Letcho

Janie Marable

Robert McLamb

Hardee’s of York Street Gastonia, NC

Hardee’s of Legion Road Hope Mills, NC

Hardee’s of Yadkin Road Fayetteville, NC

Hardee’s of Kinston Pointe Kinston, NC

Cheryl Montague

Frances Morris

Ernestine Riddick

Joseph Roberson

Hardee’s of Lawenceville Lawrenceville, VA

Hardee’s of Cantell Ave Harrisonburg, VA

Hardee’s of Franklin Franklin, VA

Field Engineer Region 4

Reetha Rogers

Vicenta Torres

Mary Walker

Travis Waltower

Hardee’s of Bishopville Bishopville, SC

Hardee’s of Azalea Plaza Wilmington, NC

Hardee’s of Danville 58 East Danville, VA

Hardee’s of Washington #2 Washington, NC

Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Wynn

District Manager Region 1

Hardee’s of Pikeville Pikeville, KY

16 ENTERPRISER Fall 2019


Jennifer Featherstone

Phyllis Hash

Caroline Richardson

Penny Snow

Jackie Williams

Hardee’s of Lincolnton Lincolnton, NC

Hardee’s of Rockford Street Mount Airy, NC

Hardee’s of Fairfield Virginia Beach, VA

Sr. District Manager Region 1

Sr. Director of Training Home Office


Wade Ayers

Donna Chilton

Hope Connor

Nancy Davis

John Deal

Hardee’s of Rockford Street Mount Airy, NC

Training & Development Manager Region 4

Accounts Payable Specialist Home Office

District Manager Region 2

Field Engineer Region 3

Kirsty Dessenberg

Janet Holland

Hattie Isaac

Tonya Jones

Kimberly Kirk

Hardee’s of Celebration Station Virginia Beach, VA

Hardee’s of Shoppes at Gloucester Gloucester, VA

Hardee’s of Bishopville Bishopville, SC

Hardee’s of Jefferson Newport News, VA

Hardee’s of Dublin Dublin, VA

30 year anniversaries continued on the next page. “WE BELIEVE IN PEOPLE” 17



Yvonne Lindsey

Dave Schmitt

Sue Smith

Mary Upshur

Lynita Walker

Hardee’s of Yadkin Road Fayetteville, NC

Vice President of Finance & Accounting Home Office

Hardee’s of Charlottesville South Charlottesville, VA

Hardee’s of Onley Onley, VA

Hardee’s of Azalea Plaza Wilmington, NC


Joann Brittle

Tony Fisher

Debra Jones

Gwendolyn Pierce

Cookie Reynolds

Hardee’s of Portsmouth Blvd Portsmouth, VA

Sr. Regional Facilities Manager Region 4

Hardee’s of Portsmouth Blvd Portsmouth, VA

Hardee’s of Smithfield Smithfield, VA

Hardee’s of Clifton Forge Clifton Forge, VA


A life that touches others lives on forever. Della Fuller Irene Taylor

Ruth Waldon

Hardee’s of Rocky Mount Rocky Mount, VA

Hardee’s of McCullers Crossroad Raleigh, NC

18 ENTERPRISER Fall 2019

Hardee’s of Grundy, Grundy, VA Della dedicated 35 years of service to our company. She will be missed by all of her Boddie-Noell family and customers.

40 YEARS “When I started as a teenager, it wasn’t my plan to stay for 40 years, but I moved into management and liked the stability of the company. I have loved working with people on both sides of the counter, working as a team, and leading the team.”


Shared thoughts from your Ministry Team

Brenda Dukes Hardee’s of Barnwell Barnwell, SC

“I thank the Lord I made it to 40 years with this company. It is joyful to work where everyone treats you like family. I have really enjoyed it!”

Eric Crowe Certified Chaplain Corporate Chaplains of America

Doris Maddox Hardee’s of Orange Orange, VA

45 YEARS “After 45 years the question everyone asks is “When are you going to retire?” My answer has always been, “I don’t know, why should I?” I work for a wonderful Christian, family-owned company who values morals and ethics and are just great people! The company has changed over the years, but one thing has remained constant “We Believe In People!” The Boddie family believes in giving everyone a fair chance, sometimes more as long as you are honest and willing to work! BNE has allowed me to work for 45 years which I am most grateful! So, when am I going to retire? Only the good Lord knows!”

Janie Herring Executive Assistant (Operations) Home Office


ork tends to get a bad rap. That’s probably because it got a whole lot harder in Genesis 3. As a consequence of Adam’s sin, God cursed the ground, “Thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you….by the sweat of your face you shall eat bread.” Even so, work itself is good. It was part of God’s perfect creation, not part of man’s punishment.

You know that feeling of satisfaction that follows a job well done? It’s called pride. And much like work, it tends to get a bad rap. But pride isn’t all bad. The kind that comes before a fall is. But the kind that comes after putting forth your very best effort is good. God Himself experienced that same feeling of satisfaction at the end of day six, when he reflected on His work of creation. And what work was God most proud of? Mankind. God made us to reflect His image. That’s means loving like He does, thinking like He does, and yes, working like He does. Then, at the end of the day, take time to enjoy the fruit of your labor.


20 ENTERPRISER Fall 2019

Best of the Best.

2018 Best Biscuit Makers and Founders Award Winners.

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