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KIA opening new doors in Lindon!

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Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 4 Round Em’ Up 2023 Table of Contents Schedule of Events.................................................. 6 Mayor’s Message............................................ 8 Youth Council.................................................. 8 Youth Police Camp.......................................... 8 Grand Marshals .............................................. 10 Little Miss Lindon ............................................. 12 Jr. Rodeo Royalty............................................ 13 Lindon 5K and Fun Run .................................... 14 Pickleball Mixer Tourney.................................. 14 Healthy Lindon 5K .......................................... 15 Concert in the Park......................................... 15 Chalk the Block............................................... 16 Car Show....................................................... 16 Cowgirl Clinic .................................................. 17 Senior Social.................................................. 18 Roundnet Tourney............................................ 18 Harris Pioneer Home Tour................................ 20 Night Out Against Crime................................. 21 City Council Ice Cream Social.......................... 21 Movie in the Park........................................... 22 Chess Blitz Tourney.......................................... 23 Huck Finn Fun ................................................. 24 Pinewood Derby.............................................. 24 Farmers Market............................................... 25 Jr. Rodeo Pre-Show......................................... 26 Lindon Jr. Rodeo............................................. 26 Mayor’s Candy Scramble................................ 27 Video Game Tourney...................................... 28 Grand Parade................................................ 28 Public Safety Breakfast................................... 29 F45 Group Fitness ........................................... 30 Cardboard Boat Regatta................................ 31 Free Swim Day............................................... 31 Dime Dive...................................................... 31 Belly Flop Comp............................................. 32 KenDucky Derby............................................. 32 Concert Food Vendors ..................................... 33 Home Depot Craft......................................... 33 Lindon Cares Lawn Games .............................. 34 Exit Strategy Concert...................................... 34 Special Thanks ................................................ 35 Sports Registration .......................................... 35 Upcoming Events ............................................. 35 PARC Tax Info................................................ 36 Our Sponsors.................................................. 37 Cover Photo: Alan Walker McKindra Camp Design By: Alan Walker Produced By: Alan Walker Editors: Walker Family Parks & Rec Employees


Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy

Schedule of Events

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 6 Round Em’ Up 2023
Saturday, July 29 Lindon 5K and Fun Run 7:00 AM Lindon Elementary (30 N Main Street) Pickleball Mixer Various Times Anderson Farms (1550 W Lancaster Way) Horse Trail Ride 9:00 AM South Fork Equestrian Staging, Provo Sunday, July 30 Concert in the Park 7:30 PM City Park (200 N State Street) Monday, July 31 Chalk the Block 10:00-3:00 PM Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W) Car Show 4:00-9:00 PM Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W) Cowgirl Clinic 6:30-8:00 PM Horse Arena (200 N Main Street) tue S day, auguSt 1 Senior Social 4:00 PM Community Center (25 N Main Street) Roundnet Tourney 5:00 PM Anderson Farms (1550 W Lancaster Way) Harris Pioneer Home Tour 7:00 PM Pioneer Park (150 S 500 E) Night Out Against Crime 7:00 PM Pioneer Park (150 S 500 E) City Council Ice Cream Social 8:00 PM Pioneer Park (150 S 500 E) Movie in the Park Dusk Pioneer Park (150 S 500 E) Wedne S day, auguSt 2 Chess Blitz Tournament 10:00 AM Community Center (25 N Main Street) Huck Finn Fun 6:30 PM Fryer Park (600 N Main Street) thur S day, auguSt 3 Pinewood Derby 10:00 AM Community Center (25 N Main Street) Farmers Market 5:00-9:00 PM City Park (200 N State Street) Jr. Rodeo Pre-Show 6:00 PM Horse Arena (200 N Main Street) Lindon Jr. Rodeo 7:00 PM Horse Arena (200 N Main Street) Mayor’s Candy Scramble 8:00 PM (approx) Horse Arena (200 N Main Street) Friday, auguSt 4 Video Game Tourney 10:00 AM Community Center (25 N Main Street) Grand Parade 7:00 PM Center Street (from 700 E to Main) Saturday, auguSt 5 Public Safety Breakfast 7:30-9:00 AM Public Safety Bldg (90 N State Street) F45 Group Fitness 8:00 AM City Park (200 N State Street) Cardboard Boat Regatta 9:00 AM Lindon Aquatics Center (60 W 60 N) Free Swim Day 11:00-6:00 PM Lindon Aquatics Center (60 W 60 N) Dime Dive 1:30 PM Lindon Aquatics Center (60 W 60 N) Belly Flop Comp 2:30 PM Lindon Aquatics Center (60 W 60 N) KenDucky Derby 3:30 PM Lindon Aquatics Center (60 W 60 N) Food Vendors 6:30 PM Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W) Home Depot Craft 7:00 PM Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W) Lindon Cares Lawn Games 7:00 PM Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W) Exit Strategy Concert 8:30 PM Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W) Fireworks After Concert Pheasant Brook Park (400 N 800 W)
Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 7

Mayor’s Message

At the heart of every thriving community there are good people, good businesses, and good relationships that connect us together. Although we are only 8.5 square miles, Lindon packs in a wide variety of services and amenities including some of the highest per capita parks, trails, and open space for our residents as well as a strong and well-rounded business ecosystem that includes everything from innovative manufacturers to small businesses, globally recognized corporations, as well as some of the top retailers. Most importantly, it is the simple good daily lives of our people who live and work here helping one another that make Lindon City so special.

Originally settled in 1861, Lindon began as pioneers moved into what was then grazing lands for ranching. This year’s theme “Round ‘em Up” reminds us of our heritage both past and present as we gather to celebrate our community. Although open lands have given way to urban farms, homes, and businesses, we are still blessed to be a wonderful town that hosts an amazing quality of life. Come enjoy the 5K run, Breakfast with First Responders, Car Show, Pool Activities, Ice Cream Social, Huck Finn Fishing, Rodeo, Parade, Concerts, Fireworks, and so much more!

Thank you for what you do to support and care for your local neighbors, businesses, and community that make Lindon a safe, neighborly and friendly place to live, raise a family, or grow a business. We have so much to be grateful for and have many more exciting things to enjoy together during our Lindon Days events!

Youth Council

Youth Police Camp

The Lindon Police Department will be hosting a Police Youth Camp from July 25th - July 28th. This Camp will be open to 9th - 12th graders who have an interest in Law Enforcement as a career. Come learn from Lindon Police Officers and see if you have what it takes to be a Cop! Sign up at

The first ever Lindon Youth Council has finished their term and have passed the baton on to the new group of amazing Youth Council members! The Lindon City Youth Council is an organization that is dedicated to providing leadership training and service opportunities for interested Lindon youth in grades 9-12. Youth Council offers Lindon area teens opportunities to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for their community, its citizens, and elected officials through service and interaction.

The Youth Council helps the elected officials understand the needs of children and youth in the community and works with groups throughout the city to provide service and leadership opportunities.

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 8 Round Em’ Up 2023
Sign Up Here
(From left to right) Daril Magleby, Jake Hoyt, Mike Vanchiere Van Broderick, Carolyn Lundberg, Randi Powell


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Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 9

Grand Marshals

Cheryl and Vaughan Austin have lived in Lindon for 43 years. Their five children; Mark, Todd, Michelle, Malinda, and Sabrina, graduated from Pleasant Grove High School. The three girls also attended Lindon Elementary. They found Lindon to be a great place to live and raise a family. Three of their children now live in Lindon with families of their own.

Cheryl and Vaughan have served in several city assignments. Years ago, Cheryl helped put together a carnival for Lindon Days and Vaughan loved participating in the parade and many other events. Their children participated in the horse events and all have loved the wonderful community spirit that exists in Lindon. Now with eighteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren they plan on many more fun Lindon Days ahead.

Vaughan served on the Lindon City Planning Commission a couple of times. During his time as a Commissioner, a master plan was put together for city development including the recreation paths that run throughout Lindon. A survey was sent out to all the families asking for their input and many things we see today in Lindon are a result of citizen’s suggestions. Our recreation paths, parks, lots for large gardens, and animal rights are just a few of the suggestions that became a part of the development plan.

Cheryl was the second daughter in her family of two children. She was born in Salt Lake City. She was a New Year’s baby and we thank her grandmother for saving her life as a baby. Her father worked for the Standard Oil Company and they moved a lot. Her favorite place growing up was Denver and Cherry Hill High School. She loved being very active and was a cheerleader among many other things. Her father was transferred to Provo and she graduated from Provo High School. She moved into the neighborhood where Vaughan’s family lived and they began dating and were married a year and a half later.

Vaughan was the fifth child in a family of six children, four boys and two girls. He was born in Afton, Wyoming. His father was a Case Implement Dealer. The family loved living in Star Valley, Wyoming. The people were the best, just like Lindon. He had the perfect childhood, the beautiful outdoors, animals, sports, and great friends. His father sold the business and the family moved to Edgemont, which was eventually incorporated into Provo. He attend Lincoln Junior High and Orem High School.

Vaughan and Cheryl have lived in Edgemont, Lakeview, Orem, and Lindon. They served in many community and church positions in all of these locations. After Vaughan graduated from Brigham Young University he taught school for many years at Orem High. Cheryl loved being involved with her children as PTA President and Cheerleading Coach at Pleasant Grove High School. Vaughan was also Scera Recreation Director in Orem while teaching. He then went into a real estate business with some very good friends.

They are very grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that has provided them so many opportunities to serve their friends and neighbors in callings, mission’s, temple and family history work, and making it possible for them to have a forever family. They spent many years serving the Young Single Adults including a full time mission to Cherry Hills, New Jersey. They are retired now and are so happy to live in a Community with the type of neighbors and leadership that love our American values and ideals. God bless America and our little corner of heaven here in Lindon.

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
10 Round Em’ Up 2023
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Little Miss Lindon


Queen Ellie Knapp is the daughter Chris &


is in the 6th grade at Rocky Mountain Elementary. Ellie’s hobbies are dance, riding her horse, and baking French baguettes. For Ellie‘s service project, she made “ER Comfort Kits for Kids”. She collected donations, purchased supplies, assembled 100 kits, and delivered them to two hospital ER’s. A few years ago, Ellie spent some time in the ER when she was first diagnosed with epilepsy. It felt scary for her to be in the ER, and that’s why she wanted to help provide comfort and fun for other kids who need to go to the ER. Ellie’s heart was overflowing with happiness when she received messages from the hospital telling how helpful and how much excitement her kits were bringing kids in the ER. Ellie is so happy and grateful to represent Lindon City as Little Miss Lindon. She’s excited to serve our amazing community and especially looks forward to all Lindon Days events!

Paige Williams is 11 years old and is the daughter of Dave and Angie Williams. Paige currently attends IMW. Paige loves playing lacrosse, reading, art, horseback riding, baking, anything outdoors, and being with friends and family. Paige loves living in Lindon and all the opportunities it provides! For her service project, Paige created reading workshops for kids. She had three different themed workshops where she read to the kids and created activities and artwork for them to do. Paige has dyslexia and hasn’t always loved reading. She created these workshops to help other kids in Lindon have a love for reading. She loves being able to serve her community and feels very privileged she gets to represent Lindon City this year.

Emily Omdahl is the daughter of John and Allyson Omdahl. She is 12 years old and is the youngest in her family. Emily will be attending Oak Canyon Junior High this fall. She enjoys creating art, singing, and playing the piano. Emily utilized her artistic talents to make 60 original hand-painted ornaments and earned money to purchase a Christmas tree which was displayed in the foyer of Spring Gardens Senior Living Center in Lindon. Emily is looking forward to riding on the float in the Lindon City Parade and attending Eric Dowdle’s puzzle party after the parade. Emily is grateful for the opportunity to represent Lindon City this year!

Madelyn Robertson is the daughter of James and Jenny Robertson. She is 13 years old and attends Oak Canyon Junior High. Madelyn loves to do art, play tennis, and read. Madelyn has been volunteering as a math and reading tutor for 2nd graders at Rocky Mountain Elementary. Each week she works with several students one-on-one. Madelyn looks forward to a fun week at Lindon Days, especially the cardboard boat regatta. Madelyn has loved serving in the royalty because of the friendships she is making and learning about all the behind-the-scenes things that make Lindon a great city.

Mariah Johnston Mariah is the daughter of Skyler and Nicole Johnston. She is 11 years old and attends Orchard Elementary. Mariah enjoys being outdoors and can almost always be found with a good book in her spare time! This year Mariah collected over 1,300 books to donate to women’s shelters, refugee organizations, and foster care. Her motto is “everyone should have a good book to read!” She is a great friend and is always concerned about the feelings of others. Mariah is excited for Lindon Days, and is especially looking forward to the pool day and Belly Flop contest! Mariah has loved serving in the royalty and is excited to make new friends through this experience. She loves Lindon City!

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
(From left to right) Williams, Emily Omdahl, Ellie Knapp, Madelyn Robertson, Mariah Johnston Lisa She
12 Round Em’ Up 2023

Jr Rodeo Royalty

1st Attendant Cecily Williams

is 16 years old and is the daughter of Dave and Angie Williams. She is currently attending Timpanogos High School as a sophomore. Cecily loves playing lacrosse, reading, horseback riding, caring for her goats, anything outdoors, and being with her family. Cecily loves living in Lindon and all of the opportunities it provides. Cecily was crowned Little Miss Lindon in 2018. Cecily is currently serving as the secretary on the FFA chapter at Timpanogos High School. She has especially enjoyed being able to participate in horse judging. Cecily loves animals and has a gift working with them. Her future plans are to attend Utah State University and achieve her goal of becoming a veterinarian. She loves her community and feels very privileged to live in Lindon!

Queen Alexis Walker is proud to call Lindon City her home. For all 17 years of her life she has loved horses and she has loved representing Lindon City’s “little bit of country” as part of the 2022 Rodeo Royalty. Lexi loves training young horses, especially to be ready for shows and rodeos. Her favorite events to compete in are barrel racing, western pleasure, pole bending, and horsemanship. Lexi’s dream is to compete in barrel racing at many rodeos in the PRCA circuit system, and eventually earn enough money to qualify for the WNFR. Outside of horses, Lexi loves camping, floral design, and going to Swig. She is excited to see who will get to represent the Lindon Rodeo for 2023.

2nd Attendant Aydree Weight is 12 years old and lives in Payson, Utah. She is the oldest of three children and insights joy and laughter in her younger siblings daily. She loves spending time with her family & friends, reading, baking, exploring her creativity, and being active outdoors. She is a first generation equestrian and has been riding for 4 years. She and her horse, Indie, enjoy queening, 4-h, barrel racing, and pole bending. This duo loves taking every opportunity to learn and experience new things together and are grateful to be here competing for the Lindon Jr. Rodeo Queen.

Providing the Technology You Need to Run Your Business Proud Local Sponsor of Lindon Days a proud sponsor of Lindon Days (801) 899-2233 Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
(From left to right) Cecily Williams, Alexis Walker, Aydree Weight 13

Lindon 5K and Fun Run

Begins Saturday, July 29

Register Here

When: 5K - 7:00am

Kids 1 Mile - 8:00am

Where: Lindon Elementary 30 N Main Street

Come show us your best stride through the beautiful city of Lindon and make the Healthy Lindon 5K and Fun Run a part of your family’s tradition this year! This run will begin and end at Lindon Elementary. Register today and get ready for the Healthy Lindon 5K and Fun Run!

Register today

Event sponsored by Wadley Farms

Pickleball Mixer Tourney

Register Here

Saturday, July 29

When: Various Times/Dates

Where: Anderson Farms Park 1550 W Lancaster Way

Come play in our unique “Mixer” Pickleball Tournament! Sign up as a single player and you will be mixed around with different teammates and opponents for each round of play. The players who get the most wins and points will land some great prizes. This is a great way to meet other players in our community and have some good friendly competition!

Saturday, July 29 8-10am - Women’s 3.0 7-9pm - Women’s 3.5

Thursday, Aug 3 7-9pm - Women’s 4.0


Friday, Aug 4 7-9pm - Men’s 4.0

Saturday, Aug 5 8-10am - Men’s 3.0 7-9pm - Men’s 3.5

Register today at

Event sponsored by K&R Premier Property Management

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
14 Round Em’ Up 2023

Horse Trail Ride

Saturday, July 29

When: 9:00am

Where: South Fork Equestrian Staging

Provo Canyon

Saddle up and join us for a beautiful morning trail ride! The trail ride will start at 9am sharp at the South Fork Transfer Station up Provo Canyon. Please have your horses tacked up and ready to ride by 9am. Participants must bring their own horse. After the trail ride a lunch will be provided and we will have a raffle with some great prizes! Participation is free.

Please contact Shawnee Rasmussen (353) 535-7719 or Floyd Harward (801) 361-8762 with questions or to RSVP.

Event sponsored by Jurassic Tacos

Concert in the Park

Sunday, July 30

When: 7:30pm

Where: City Center Park 200 N Main Street

Meet Bluegrass Thunder: a band that enjoys playing country, bluegrass, folk music, as well as hits from radio, movies, and musicals - and then tops it all off with comedy and laughter. Featuring the fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and drums, Bluegrass Thunder has a unique sound that lends their own style to each of their well-known songs. They guarantee to make you laugh, sing along, get your toes tappin’, and give you a show that will leave a smile on your face. From John Denver to Darius Rucker, Bright Star to the Eagles, there’s something for everyone to love!

Bring your chairs, blankets and snacks and enjoy the evening with us.

Event sponsored by Dominator

Have you seen the updates to the Horse Arena? Not only has the size increased, but there is new fencing, chutes, lights, and more!

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 15

Chalk the Block

Monday, July 31

When: 10:00-3:00pm

Where: Pheasant Brook Park

400 N 800 W

Nothing says SUMMER quite like sidewalk chalk and frozen popsicles! Grab the little ones and let’s get some color to the parks! We are chalking the block on our sidewalks at Pheasant Brook Park. Let your craziest creations come to life as we color in the sun! Event sponsored by Wicked Audio

Car Show

Monday, July 31

When: 4:00-9:00pm

Where: Pheasant Brook Park 400 N 800 W

Come check out Lindon Days one-of-a-kind Car Show! There will be countless cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. in all different makes and models. This is a fun, classic event the whole family can enjoy! Come hungry and try some of the food trucks! Food trucks will be listed online.

Interested in showing off your vehicle this year?

Registration is FREE online or at the registration booth day of. Award plaques will be presented.

The Car Show location has changed to Pheasant Brook Park for 2023. Please make sure to bring a shade tent if you would like shade.

Register today at Event sponsored by Woods Crane Service

1386 W 70 S Lindon, Utah 84042 801-224-8500
Sponsers of the Lindon Days Belly Flop Contest! See us August 5th @1:30 At the Lindon Aquatics Center
your Local Lindon business. Come visit our showroom! Decks! Screened Rooms! Patio Covers! Sunrooms! Carports! Pergolas! Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
16 Round Em’ Up 2023 New Location Map

Cowgirl Clinic

Monday, July 31

When: 6:30-8:00pm Where: Horse Arena 200 N Main Street

Come learn what it takes to be a cowgirl or cowboy from your 2023 Lindon Days Jr. Rodeo Royalty! There will be free pony rides and roping lessons! This event is for kids and youth. Contact Shawnee Rasmussen (385) 535-7719 with questions. Event sponsored by IMS Masonry

Support your local Parks & Rec employees by providing energy drinks today! Nothing under 200mg!!! Drop off at Community Center.

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy

Senior Social

Tuesday, August 1

When: 4:00pm

Where: Community Center 25 N Main Street

If you are a Senior, grab a grandkid and come paint and sip on punch! US and Art will be teaching a guided art class for all skill levels and abilities. Their approach to teaching art is centered around creativity, and encourages all painters to experiment with different techniques and mediums to discover their personal style! Punch provided for the painters! Sign up today at

Event sponsored by Schroeppel Chiropractic

Roundnet Tourney

Tuesday, August 1

When: 5:00pm

Where: Anderson Farms Park 1550 W Lancaster Way

SPIKEBALL ROCKS! Head to Anderson Farms Park and enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in America with Spikeball! Registration closes July 31 at midnight so make sure you register before it is too late! Go to to register today!

Event sponsored by Lava River Framing

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
18 Round Em’ Up 2023
Register Here
Register Here
(801) 373-0329 UTAH'S #1 AUTOMATIC POOL COVER DISTRIBUTOR Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy

Harris Pioneer Home Tour

Tuesday, August 1

When: 7:00pm

Where: Pioneer Park 150 S 500 E

Ever wonder what is inside the old home at Pioneer Park? Come find out and take a tour of the historic Harris Pioneer home! Learn some fun facts about the home and preserved items inside. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of Lindon! Tours of the historic home are available starting at 7:00 PM or throughout the year by contacting the Lindon City Community Development department at (801) 785-7687.

Did you know Lindon has a history museum at the Community Center? Come check it out today!

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Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 20 Round Em’ Up 2023

Night Out Against Crime

Tuesday, August 1

When: 7:00pm

Where: Pioneer Park 150 S 500 E

Join the Lindon Police Department for the 2023 National Night Out! This national event is an annual community building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods a safer, better place to live. Come participate in fun activities and get to know our Police Department! Activities include cornhole with Officer Clegg, SWAT instruction and demonstrations with Officer Sanderson, fraud awareness with Sergeant Welcker and Officer Harmon, back to school with our SRO Campbell, and more! Don’t forget to meet the Firefighters from our Lindon Station! This will be a fun night for the whole family!

Event sponsored by MCR Recycling

City Council Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, August 1

When: 8:00pm

Where: Pioneer Park 150 S 500 E

Before the movie in the park, head over to the pavilion and snag a free ice cream treat served by our wonderful City Council! This is a great time to get to know your local elected officials and mingle over some free ice cream!

Event sponsored by Sego Homes

SUPPORTING LINDON DAYS Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
1657 N State Street, Lehi, UT 84043 (720) 326-6220 PROUDLY 21

Lindon City used to be called “Stringtown” before it was an official city. This was back when Lindon was a farming community for the neighboring cities. The community built a string of houses along Highway 89 giving the town the nickname “Stringtown.”

Movie in the Park

Tuesday, August 1

When: Dusk

Where: Pioneer Park 150 S 500 E

Join Bank of Utah and Lindon Parks & Rec for another amazing Lindon Days Movie in the Park! Enjoy Super Mario Bros with your family at Pioneer Park! The show will begin at dusk. Come with your chairs and blankets and have a great time with your family, friends, and our great Lindon community! BIG SHOUT-OUT to the Lindon Bank of Utah who has been the proud sponsor of Movies in the Park for many years! Make sure to visit the Lindon Bank of Utah and thank them for helping put on the Movies in the Park! Event sponsored by Bank of Utah

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
22 Round Em’ Up 2023
Lindon is gathering stories for a second Lindon history book. Share your story today!

Chess Blitz Tourney

Wednesday, August 2

When: 10:00am

Where: Community Center 25 N Main Street

Come join Lindon Parks & Rec for our first Chess Blitz Tournament! The tournament will be a fast moving chess tournament and will be lots of fun! You do not need to be a pro to play! All skill levels are accepted!

Age groups will be Under 12, 13-17, and 18+ years old. Register online for the tournament and get ready to play in our first Chess Blitz Tournament!

Don’t know how to play chess? No worries! This Tournament is for everyone. Come try your skill and be a part of this fun event.

Register at

Event sponsored by Pizza Factory

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 23 Register Here

Huck Finn Fun

Wednesday, August 2

When: 6:30pm

Where: Fryer Park 600 N Main Street

Come to Fryer Park for some good old-fashion fun! The park will be full of water and plenty of fish to catch! Come ready to get wet with your fishing nets and buckets and try to take home a WHOPPER!

There will be games and tie-dye at the park for family fun! Bring your own white shirt or purchase a shirt at the park for $5 each. Event subject to change depending on fish availability and drought conditions.

Event sponsored by Doug Smith Kia

Pinewood Derby

Thursday, August 3

When: 10:00am

Where: Community Center 25 N Main Street

It’s Back - Lindon’s greatest spectacle in racing is returning! The Pinewood Derby is back for Lindon Days so dust off your old car or purchase a new one. The track will be rigged and ready for action as cars zip down 125’ toward the finish line. Relive your childhood memories and experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat in the quest to find car perfection!

There will be two divisions: 0-12 year old and an OPEN division. In the OPEN division, any car that meets the qualifications is able to race (not limited to BSA wheels and axles).

One car per person. No pre-registration necessary. We will have prizes for our top cars and other prizes awarded throughout the event.

Check out for official rules/details. Event sponsored by Tucker’s

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 24 Round Em’ Up 2023

Sunset Farmers Market

Thursday, August 3

When: 5:00-9:00pm Where: City Center Park 200 N Main Street

Join us every Thursday evening at Lindon’s Sunset Farmers Market. Enjoy listening to local musicians as you shop for your favorite essentials! Find local vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, milk, flowers, artisan baked goods, handcrafted soap, and much more! Don’t forget to grab dinner from one of the many delicious food trucks!

Event sponsored by Mizu Pool Covers

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
Lindon was originally spelled LINDEN like the tree. Because of a spelling error, the town ended up with the unique spelling Lindon!

Jr Rodeo Pre-show

Thursday, August 3

When: 6:00pm

Where: Horse Arena

200 N Main Street

Grab your boots and hat and head down to the rodeo arena to experience Lindon’s “little bit of country.”

Pre-rodeo entertainment includes the stick horse race and cash cow starting at 6pm. All pre-rodeo events are free and require no registration.


Cash cow: ages 10 & under, and 11 to 17

Stick horse race: ages 3-7, 8-16, 17+

Event sponsored by Fiiz Lindon

Lindon Jr Rodeo

Thursday, August 3

When: 7:00pm

Where: Horse Arena

200 N Main Street

It’s Jr Rodeo Time! The Jr Rodeo will start at 7pm sharp and include mutton busting, steer riding, pole bending, and barrel racing. Be sure to stay for the whole show for your chance to win some great raffle prizes! After the rodeo, everyone of all ages can join us in the arena for a dirt dance!

Open spots for events are limited and online preregistration is required! There will be no same day entries for any event that requires registration. Participants must bring their own helmets for mutton busting and steer riding. No helmet, no riding. Must have your own horse for the horse events.

Pre-registration Events, $10 entry fee per event

Mutton Busing: 3+ years old, weight under 60 lbs

Steer Riding: 12-16 years old

Pole Bending: any age

Barrel Racing: any age

Register at

Event sponsored by Fiiz Lindon

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
26 Round Em’ Up 2023
Register Here

Mayor’s Candy Scramble

Thursday, August 3

When: Approx 8:00pm

Where: Horse Arena

200 N Main Street

At the end of our Jr Rodeo, make sure to take part in the Mayor’s Candy Scramble, it’s FREE!! Search through sawdust for candy galore! The adult group will have some extra prizes hidden throughout the sawdust! Don’t miss out on this popular event! Who doesn’t love candy?!

Event sponsored by Elite Turf Supply Our Strength is Building Your Future G O G R E E N W I T H A R T I F I C I A L T U R F C o m e v i s i t o u r s h o w r o o m i n L i n d o n ! FREE $250 OFF CONSULTATION & ESTIMATE CALL OR DROP BY OUR LINDON SHOWROOM (385) 376-3685 ELITETURFSUPPLY COM TURF INSTALLATION FOR LINDON RESIDENTS *when booked by Sep. 31, 2023 2642 W 400 N SUITE 500 LINDON Save water, time, and money on water bills and maintenance. Give your kids a soft, clean, and safe play surface. Increase your home value and improve your short game. Get rid of muddy paws and yellow spots in your lawn for good. Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 27

Video Game Tourney

Friday, August 4

When: 10:00am

Where: Community Center 25 N Main Street

Do you want a chance to show off your Super Smash Bros skills?! Join us for our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Video Game Tournament in the Community Center gym! Age groups are 8-12, 13-16, and 17+. All equipment is provided, personal equipment not allowed. Grand prizes for the winners of each group! No walk-in registration, sign up today at lindon-days!

Event sponsored by Utah Valley University

Grand Parade

Friday, August 4

When: 7:00pm

Where: Center Street

700 E to Main Street

Did you know that the Little Miss Lindon families design, construct, and decorate a new float each year?! Watch for this season’s float at the parade!

Grab a spot on Center Street with your family and watch our Lindon Days Grand Parade. Cheer and wave to the bands, dancers, local businesses, and elected officials. There will be floats, horses, bands, and much more! Collect flyer’s, coupons, merchandise, and candy galore!

Event sponsored by Rocky Mountain Power

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 28 Round Em’ Up 2023
Register Here

Utah Counties own Metal Recycling Partner

Public Safety Breakfast

Saturday, August 5

When: 7:30-9:00am

Where: Public Safety Building 90 N State Street

Meet Mayor Lundberg and the Lindon City Council along with the Police and Fire Department as they cook a pancake breakfast for the community. This event is FREE to the community so bring your whole family. We will serve pancakes, sausage and a variety of fruit. Come eat and have a great time with the Public Safety Department and the Elected Officials.

Event sponsored by Central Bank

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F45 Group Fitness

Saturday, August 5

When: 8:00am

Where: City Center Park 200 N State Street

F45 Training Lindon will be hosting a free outdoor community workout for all ages and fitness levels. Come burn some calories with us at the beautiful Lindon City Park! The workout will be 45-minutes long and led by F45’s certified personal trainers. Fun, high-energy music, food vendors, free water, and a great fullbody workout!

Event sponsored by Wild Heart Aesthetics


Did you know that Lindon City has some of the highest per capita parks, trails, and open space for our residents? You can check out the parks and trails by visiting

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
30 Round Em’ Up 2023

Free Swim Day

Saturday, August 5

When: 11:00-6:00pm

Where: Lindon Aquatics Center 60 W 60 N

Lindon residents may swim for free all day at the Lindon Aquatics Center with proof of residency. We will have fun activities provided throughout the day and MERMAIDS IN THE POOL! Entrance is not guaranteed. Non-Residents are welcome to use a punch pass or pay for entry during regular business hours.

Event sponsored by Infiniti Creations

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Saturday, August 5

When: 8:00-9:00am (check-in)

9:00am (race starts)

Where: Lindon Aquatics Center 60 W 60 N

Participate in our 9th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta! Participation is free. Express your creativity and build a two-man boat solely out of cardboard and duct tape. Race down and back in our lap pool for the fastest time. After the racing, we’ll have a swamping competition. Compete to be the last boat floating! Entry for spectators is free! We welcome everyone to come be involved at this entertaining event! Life Jackets are required for all participants and must be provided by participant.

Event sponsored by Ace Rents

Dime Dive

Saturday, August 5

When: 1:30pm

Where: Lindon Aquatics Center 60 W 60 N

Come dive for some dimes! At this event, Bank of Utah and our Little Miss Lindon Royalty will be tossing $800 worth of dimes for the three oldest age groups and small toys for the two youngest groups. Test your diving ability and snag some free money for spending or saving.

Age Groups: 0-3 (floating toys), 4-6 (dimes and toys), 7-10, & 11-14

Event sponsored by Bank of Utah

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 31

Belly Flop Comp

Saturday, August 5

When: 2:30pm

Where: Lindon Aquatics Center 60 W 60 N

Join us for our 6th Annual Belly Flop Competition! Competitors will flop into the deep end of the lap pool from starter blocks. Our panel of judges will score the flop based on creativity, belly painting, water splash radius, splash sound, redness, etc. Prizes will be distributed for Best Splash (first, second, third), Most Creative Belly, and of course, Red Belly. Sign up at the tent inside the pool. This competition is for belly floppers of all ages.

Event sponsored by Sunsational Homes


KenDucky Derby

Saturday, August 5

When: 3:30pm

Where: Lindon Aquatics Center 60 W 60 N

Sign up for our 9th Annual KenDucky Derby when you arrive at the pool for Free Swim Day. We provide the numbered ducks, you provide your name. Participation is free and for all ages. The fastest duck down the slide, through the lazy river, and to the finish line will be our Grand Prize winner. The 24 ducks following our champion duck will receive grab bags. Participants must be in attendance to win. Come cheer on the ducks and hope that lady luck is on your side.

Event sponsored by Tagg-N-GO Car Wash

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 32 Round Em’ Up 2023

Concert Food Vendors

Saturday, August 5

When: 6:30pm

Where: Pheasant Brook Park 400 N 800 W

After a week of Lindon Days fun, finish your day at Pheasant Brook Park. We’ll have a handful of food vendors set up and ready before and during our evening concert. There will be a variety of vendors to choose from, so bring your family and come hungry!

Event sponsored by Hungry Tummies Everywhere

Home Depot Craft

Saturday, August 5

When: 7:00pm

Where: Pheasant Brook Park 400 N 800 W

Gather your little builders to spread their DIY wings and craft with Home Depot Kids Workshop Kits! Kiddos will learn basic building skills as they follow the steps to create a unique craft including all materials needed to complete the project, totally free! These projects are an amazing way to spend some quality time with the kids, without any handyman experience required!

Kits Donated by Home Depot

EXPERTS Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
Giving your vehicles the Love they need. your truck and trailer
City has a BIG celebration coming up. Next year is our Centennial Anniversary! The city was incorporated in 1924 making 2024 our 100th birthday! 33

Lindon Cares Lawn Games

Saturday, August 5

When: 7:00pm

Where: Pheasant Brook Park

400 N 800 W

Before the party gets started, come play at the park with your favorite lawn games. Corn hole, 9-square, frisbee golf, and more! Get dinner at the food trucks and play some lawn games before the concert starts!

Event sponsored by Lindon Cares Coalition

Connect with

communities that care coalition Jamie

Exit Strategy Concert

Saturday, August 5

When: 8:30pm

Where: Pheasant Brook Park

400 N 800 W

Can you say fun?! YES! Look no further than Exit Strategy!! The group rocked audiences from Vegas to Orlando, Vienna to Barcelona, and Cannes to Malta -- don’t forget LINDON! They know how to move a crowd! They will get the crowd up and on their feet! With a collection of high energy funk, blues, and pop classics, they will have you singing, dancing, and laughing all night long!

Following Exit Strategy, there will be a GRAND FIREWORKS SHOW! Don’t miss out on a night of pure fun! Fireworks to follow at approximately 10PM. Event sponsored by Crumbl

LINDON CARES before a crisis hits
is dedicated to improving relationships and social health in the Lindon area.
-ben franklin
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy
34 Round Em’ Up 2023

Special Thanks to:

Jeff & Karen Acerson

Gary & Christine Walker Family

Dan & Traci Stone Family

Shawnee & Shane Rasmussen

Floyd & Shannon Harward

Little Miss Lindon Royalty & Family Members

Lindon Days Jr Rodeo Royalty & Family Members

Youth Council Members

Mayor Carolyn Lundberg

City Councilmembers

Parks & Recreation Staff

Lindon Police Department

All Lindon City Staff

To the residents of Lindon for making this city a special place to live! ROUND EM’ UP!!

Sports Registration

Take a peak at the upcoming Lindon Parks & Rec youth sport leagues this year! New Fall Soccer starting 2023! Mark on your calendars and don’t miss out!

Register at

Celebrate Lindon Days with Factory Flavorites

Have you walked Heritage Trail? The trail goes from the mountains to the lake!

Upcoming Events

Want to see what events are coming up for the remainder of 2023? Check out the list below and don’t miss out on the fun activities in Lindon!

See more info at

Showcase Concert Aug 11 City Park

Joshua Creek Concert Aug 12 City Park

Shane Lee Concert Aug 19 City Park

Stevens Party Concert Aug 26 City Park

Exit Strategy Concert Sept 2 City Park

Spooky Movie Oct 6 City Park

Halloween Spooktacular Oct 27 Community Center

Turkey Bowl Nov 22 Anderson Farms

Tree Lighting Dec 4 Community Center

Santa Parade Dec 11 Lindon City

NOTVALIDWITH EXP.OTHEROFFERS. 9/15/23 NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS. EXP. 9/15/23 SCAN FOR MENU Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy SPORT REGISTRATION SEASON NEW Fall Soccer Jul 1-Aug 5 Sept-Oct Indoor Soccer Jul 1-Sept 8 Oct-Nov Basketball Jul 1-Nov 30 Jan-Feb Spring Soccer Jan 1-Feb 23 Apr-May Baseball Jan 1-Apr
Jun-Jul Flag Football Jan
1-Jul 12


The Lindon PARC Tax will be on the election ballot this November for the residents of Lindon to decide if they want to renew this sales use tax for another 10 years.

PARC is an acronym for Parks, Arts, Recreation, & Culture. In 2013, 66.7% of Lindon City voters approved a 1/10th of 1% (0.1%) increase in the local sales and use tax as a means of enhancing funding for local recreational facilities and parks, as well as support for arts and cultural organizations within Lindon City.

Where does the sales tax come from?

Revenue comes from all shoppers (Lindon Residents and Non-Residents) who shop and do business in Lindon. The city estimates that up to 45-55% of sales taxes received within Lindon are paid by individuals and businesses from outside the City. Other near-by cities have also passed a similar tax including Orem, Pleasant Grove, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Provo, and Payson. All customers that shop in those cities also pay the tax to the respective city.

What is the sales tax revenue used for?

PARC Tax revenue may be used for parks, trails, community arts, historic & cultural programs, the Community Center, Aquatics Center, and potential grant funding for non-profit cultural organizations with a heavy presence in Lindon.

How much is $0.01 Sales Tax??



Remember to watch for the PARC Tax question on the November Ballot. To learn more, go to Thanks to the Lindon Residents for the last 10 years!

Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 36 Round Em’ Up 2023
Example Purchases Cost of Purchase Tax Dollar Amt@0.10% Groceries $300.00 $0.30 Rental Purchase $190.00 $0.19 Car Purchase $23,750 $23.75 Phone Bill $29.95 $0.03 Dining Out $45.00 $0.05
Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy Want to be a sponsor in 2024? Email us at Emerald Topaz Platinum Gold Silver Friends FLOORING SOLUTIONS BY DESIGN Title Sponsor Ruby
801 - 226 - 0359 Specializing in complete residential and commercial improvements 40 Years of Excellence in Excavation Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 38 Round Em’ Up 2023

Bank on the best!

Pleasant Grove | 801 S. Pleasant Grove Blvd.| (801) 785-9844


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With our in-house mortgage servicing, we get your information to someone who can make a decision quickly and accurately so you can close and move into your dream home as soon as possible.


We believe in being good to each other and creating a solid work-life balance for our employees


With over 132 years of service, we continuously aim to provide top-notch customer service.


Lindon Days EST. 1924 alittle bit of countRy 39

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