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Grand Marshals

Cheryl and Vaughan Austin have lived in Lindon for 43 years. Their five children; Mark, Todd, Michelle, Malinda, and Sabrina, graduated from Pleasant Grove High School. The three girls also attended Lindon Elementary. They found Lindon to be a great place to live and raise a family. Three of their children now live in Lindon with families of their own.

Cheryl and Vaughan have served in several city assignments. Years ago, Cheryl helped put together a carnival for Lindon Days and Vaughan loved participating in the parade and many other events. Their children participated in the horse events and all have loved the wonderful community spirit that exists in Lindon. Now with eighteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren they plan on many more fun Lindon Days ahead.

Vaughan served on the Lindon City Planning Commission a couple of times. During his time as a Commissioner, a master plan was put together for city development including the recreation paths that run throughout Lindon. A survey was sent out to all the families asking for their input and many things we see today in Lindon are a result of citizen’s suggestions. Our recreation paths, parks, lots for large gardens, and animal rights are just a few of the suggestions that became a part of the development plan.

Cheryl was the second daughter in her family of two children. She was born in Salt Lake City. She was a New Year’s baby and we thank her grandmother for saving her life as a baby. Her father worked for the Standard Oil Company and they moved a lot. Her favorite place growing up was Denver and Cherry Hill High School. She loved being very active and was a cheerleader among many other things. Her father was transferred to Provo and she graduated from Provo High School. She moved into the neighborhood where Vaughan’s family lived and they began dating and were married a year and a half later.

Vaughan was the fifth child in a family of six children, four boys and two girls. He was born in Afton, Wyoming. His father was a Case Implement Dealer. The family loved living in Star Valley, Wyoming. The people were the best, just like Lindon. He had the perfect childhood, the beautiful outdoors, animals, sports, and great friends. His father sold the business and the family moved to Edgemont, which was eventually incorporated into Provo. He attend Lincoln Junior High and Orem High School.

Vaughan and Cheryl have lived in Edgemont, Lakeview, Orem, and Lindon. They served in many community and church positions in all of these locations. After Vaughan graduated from Brigham Young University he taught school for many years at Orem High. Cheryl loved being involved with her children as PTA President and Cheerleading Coach at Pleasant Grove High School. Vaughan was also Scera Recreation Director in Orem while teaching. He then went into a real estate business with some very good friends.

They are very grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that has provided them so many opportunities to serve their friends and neighbors in callings, mission’s, temple and family history work, and making it possible for them to have a forever family. They spent many years serving the Young Single Adults including a full time mission to Cherry Hills, New Jersey. They are retired now and are so happy to live in a Community with the type of neighbors and leadership that love our American values and ideals. God bless America and our little corner of heaven here in Lindon.