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Issue 8 JUNE 2016

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! s r e k r o w t h g i L y a d y r Hey Eve Well, responsibility can often feel like it has a heavy energy around it. That's probably because so many of us have taken too much responsibility in the past for other people. So we associate this principle with a kind of heaviness. But what if this principle made our life lighter? What if it assisted us to take our power back? What if this principle was the one key ingredient to living the life you always wanted? Would you then take a moment to read through some of the articles to assist you to be inspired and to welcome through the fresh breeze of change? I am sure that if you are not already living this life, we would at very least have you intrigued. And if you are already living this way effortlessly then you are a testament to the articles that we have included in this edition on the principle of Responsibility. Thank you for that! As we are all connected in unity that means you are already doing your bit and encouraging the flow of responsibility to be taken up by those not yet conscious.

Jade Banks talks Self-Love and how we can take responsibility for it. Alana Fairchild shares how June is the month for healing and taking ownership of our heart. Medical Intuitive Jean Sheehan gives us her take on responsibility and we have tips on increasing your money flow mojo with Anne Aleckson. It’s a great issue and we discover there’s blessings, there’s inspiration and there’s creativity all wrapped up in responsibility. International Artist Werner Szendi shares how we can get our hands wet on World Handshake Day on 21 June 2016. I am excited by his colourful logo that he created as it was similar in concept to a black and white one I had created back in 2011, which I display here. I love it when the universe brings people in my path that resonate with these principles that are from the other side of the world. What a gift!

I know that we have again sprinkled magic dust over the pages to help enlighten your vision and vibration in so many ways. We are also growing up. This is our 8th edition and I am finding my groove as an editor. I am also finding the magazine’s groove too and how it wants to be put together and whom it wants in it. Julie Latcham graces our cover and shares her story in how she claimed her life and is now empowering women to do the same. We check out an Eco Oasis in Costa Rica which a family has now turned into a turn key sustainable neighbourhood system.

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I am called to say this, the goal of this magazine is to weave together and unify all lightworkers, no matter what you do or how you do it. We want to be the inclusive umbrella that you can find yourself in, free from judgment or that you have to ‘qualify’ to be a contributor, advertiser or sponsor of

Lightworker Advocate Magazine. If you resonate with our principles, then you are welcome. If you do not, then we still love you and honour wherever you are at. It’s that simple. So welcome to you, a joyful smile glides my lips as you read on and soak up the high vibrations. Please share it around so that others can also benefit. With the busyness of my involvement with the Hay House World Summit now over I am definitely going to take a break in July. I am also planning a World Enlightenment Tour in 2017 - so let me know if you want me to drop in! As I am on leave next month, I will be busy putting 2 magazines together in June. All articles for July's Edition on ‘Love’ will be due by 7 June. All articles for ‘Wholeness’ for August will be due by 21 June. Email articles to Here’s an upcoming snapshot of the 12 principles and the month that they will feature. July 2016 - Love August - Wholeness September - Joy October - Peace November - Honesty Dec '16/Jan '17 - Open-mindedness Feb – Willingness March – Forgiveness April – Discipline May – Unity June – Faith July - Responsibility Blessings of abundance to you all!

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Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 3

with Michelle Lightworker

Claim Your Life

4 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Julie Latcham has come a long way from the mum of 2 young kids living with an overworked depressed husband. Exhausted, burnout and anxious, their journey to overcome their challenges took a big leap of faith on their part. It also took a big dollop of responsibility. Now Julie holds retreats and workshops for women to assist them in claiming their self worth, gifts and to empower their own lives. Here's what Julie has to say about how she applies the principle of responsibility in her work, relationships, life & play.

How have your overcome challenges using the principle of responsibility? One major thing my husband and I took responsibility for with our life was deciding to travel around Australia with our kids. Kynan quit his job at the company he had worked at since he was 17 years old. He had suffered from depression for a long time but was improving. We decided we needed to get away with our kids and connect as a family and get back to nature. We sold Kynan’s boat and bought a Caravan and off we went around Australia for 3 to 4 months! It was the absolute best time of our lives. The kids loved it, Mia was about 4 or 5 and Jayden was about 9. We took them to Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Darwin, Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Sydney Harbour, Melbourne, Cairns, Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Cairns and so much more. Kynan and I decided if we didn’t do this holiday together as a family and be away from work and pressure and stresses of life, that it could be the end of us. We didn’t think our marriage or family would survive all the stresses and a lot of them were a side effect of Kynan’s severe depression. I am so grateful today that we took responsibility for our life ourselves and made that Australia trip happen with our children. It still to this day is one of our most fondest memories that we all talk about a lot.

How has taking responsibility empowered you in your life and made you more self-aware? I feel I always have been a pretty responsible girl, because of my upbringing. My dad was pretty strict and made us accountable for our actions. We had to confront people and apologise if we had done the wrong thing. I also think losing our family home to Bankruptcy when I was a teenager was a motivator. It was so hard on my parents, that I had this fierce drive from that day on to be responsible for myself, look after myself, look after others, make my own money and not rely on anyone but myself. I’ve always worked from age

14 to now turning 42. I guess the flip side of that is I’ve learnt more balance in the last few years where it is actually ok for me to have someone pay for me, it is ok for someone to do something nice for me without me organising everything all the time for everyone in my life! I have realised through Lightworker Practitioner Training & the Everyday Lightworker principles that I also need to receive sometimes. I have a responsibility to myself to feel loved and worthy as well, just like I want everyone around me to feel. This concept of receiving for myself took me a long time to learn. How do you take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and energy? I take full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, actions and energy by owning what I do and what I say every single day and by not allowing the negative self-talk to creep in or not allowing outside negative talk around me penetrate my aura of joy and happiness. I utilize all of my spiritual toolbox to keep my vibration high and light. This in turn allows me to only think positive thoughts, only feel wonderful every day, to take action when I need to and to have a great positive energy every day that I omit out to people and the Universe. I sometimes feel disappointed when people around me don’t take responsibility for what’s going on in their life. If they start the blame game on their circumstances, I see that most of the time they are the one that got themselves into that situation in the first place. So that helps me detach. When people say things like, “God I’m tired” or “Gee I’m sick of work”, I hear these as affirmations that are keeping them in that shitty low energy state. On closer inspection you'd probably find that they don’t exercise regularly, don’t eat healthily, drink too much alcohol, get little sleep and don’t drink enough water everyday for hydration. So that is about 5 things they can change straight away to enhance their life by taking responsibility for themselves! We have all done this before including myself. I feel it is the responsibility of each individual to control their own life through thoughts, feelings, actions and energy.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 5

Do you have a particular process that helps you to acknowledge your inner power? For me Yoga and meditation would definitely be my number one for helping me reclaim my inner power. I could be having the most terrible day or week and feeling so lost or ungrounded or burdened with too much to do or full of self doubt, but if I teach Yoga and do a Meditation, use Doterra calming oils on myself and usually one or a few crystals in front of me, I am totally transformed. I feel amazing and trust that I can do and be whatever I set out to be in life. I also find Oracle Reading cards good for some inner guidance and I love Self Help books, I have so many of them and I will just flick to a page and read it randomly for finding my inner goddess power. What creative ways do you express responsibility in your life?

myself and Kynan. What’s your opinion on Destiny vs Choice? I believe in Destiny to a certain point and especially based on someone’s karmic past life experiences or debts to pay, for example I wouldn’t exactly say, "Oh it’s that persons destiny to be a drug addict", if I see a drug addict, but I may think to myself well they are in the right place for their life at the time with the knowledge they have. Maybe in a past life they were nasty to people and one of their experiences on earth was to learn to be controlled by something or someone outside of themselves, to get them to their low point where they will seek answers or help. This is where the Choice comes in, I feel we all have a choice in life for sure and a choice to create our own destiny, to change our path we’re on at anytime. This is where Responsibility for self and self love comes in. When you love yourself and know that you are worthy of an abundant happy life, you will take your life on a road of better, nicer, happier choices, which in turn creates your destiny that you choose… LOVE THAT…

When you love yourself and know that you are worthy of an abundant happy life, you will take your life on a road of better, nicer, happier choices, which in turn creates your destiny that you choose…

I express myself creatively through Music for sure, it’s my absolute number one favourite, I put on some tunes and there are so many singers that I just love and I usually like to crank it up loud and I just sing along or dance no matter where I am, in the house, in the car, in a shop, at a party, etc. I feel I am being responsible in sharing my love for music with others, especially my children, because music heals the Soul, music moves you, music gives us passion, reason, feelings, purpose. Music has helped my family in so many ways and in particular both my children have pretty much found and know their dreams in life that they want to achieve through living a life with Music always around through

6 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

What tools specifically to do you use to take care of your energy? I truly am an Empath and it sometimes makes it difficult when I literally feel energy off someone in a room. It sends a message to me about the person. All of a sudden I feel I know this person. I can feel how low or high they are feeling, their energy or pain.

Lightworker Advocate | June 2016 | 5

Sometimes I’d love to go up and talk to them about how they can heal their life. But I can’t do that, as it’s none of my business at that point, unless they have asked for it. I use Doterra Essential Oils to clear energy off me, especially Frankincense and Myrrh, they are both clearing of negative energy oils. I use them to get rid of negative draining energy, clear headaches and make me feel light and clear. I also white light myself with positive healing energy to ward off negative energy, I do this mostly when I am meditating, but sometimes I just do it randomly wherever I am for protection from harsh energy. I will visualise a beautiful light around me in an egg shape and closed off to keep all positive energy within me. I visualise a different colour each time I do this and it usually ends up being a colour that relates to something at the time.

So what programs, books or resources do you offer? I am a Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Doterra Wellness Advocate for Essential Oils, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Intuitive and Lightworker. I love running guided Meditation classes too. I am currently doing Michelle Lightworker’s Practitioner Training as we speak. I will have some sort of a program or videos in the near future so keep watch. If you go to my website Elixir For Life, you can subscribe for FREE and get all my updates and events. I run Women’s Wellness Yoga Retreats too, which is a passion I love, my next one is 9th to

11th September 2016, this year to be held in Byron Bay. Book your spot now for as little as $100 deposit. Look out for my new website launching soon. I love helping women find themselves and empower themselves to know how amazing and beautiful they are and to never give up. Encouraging everyone to claim their life is my purpose, my responsibility.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 7

Mind Your Expectations with Leanne Barefoot Medium As I sit here with Spirit on this beautiful and bright morning, I am asked to put together some information about expectations, which according to the Buddhist traditions are ‘the result of the wanting mind’, and how these can impact your everyday life. Hmmm now where do we start…. Spirit would like to remind you that expectations are often framed in the form of statements, beliefs or intentions which can be set at a high or low level or be either positive or negative in nature. Most of you will have had or currently have expectations, whether they are around ‘what you expect of yourself, ‘what you expect of others’ as well as ‘what others expect of you’. It is important to understand that when you set your intentions and have expectations they can either be created from a space of love and trust which allows flexibility, for all possibilities and for things to turn out better than you ever expected or from fear and doubt.   So it's important that we take responsibility for our intentions. When your expectations come from fear and doubt, you have a particular outcome or desired result in mind, are not open to all of the possibilities and they are really about allowing yourself to feel safe, comfortable and more in control of your physical reality, of what is going on around you or of how things will end up.   When you are too focused on and expecting certain outcomes, whether high or low, positive or negative, they can:  - Undermine your progress - Prevent the best possible outcome - Narrow your options - Block your imagination - Stop intuitive flow - Blind you to all the possibilities - Keep you stuck in old ways - Prevent new opportunities

8 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

As I sit here this morning with Spirit, I am reminded that all of us in our lifetime will have expectations and intentions that are from fear and doubt, this is part of your learning about how you can create your own reality. We trust that each of you will have at some point in time experienced, or will experience, feelings such as the following when any of your expectations are not successfully met: - Irritability - Frustration - Stagnation - Blocked - Stuck - Disappointment - Dissatisfaction - Disillusionment - Impatience - Tension - Anxiety - Suffering (yours or others) - Fail - Judgement (self or others)

Now, please understand that when you feel these things, it is important to reflect, look within and ask yourself if you had expectations, high or low, positive or negative, of self, of others or if others had expectations of you. If you did then this is simply an opportunity to take a new perspective, to let go of fear and doubt, to be more conscious of your intentions, to embrace love and trust, be more flexible, stay open to all possibilities and have faith that the Universe is working for you not against you!  - Leanne Barefoot Medium

Who's Responsible? with Medical Intuitive Jean Sheehan

Your body talks to you and shares your unconscious thoughts and your internal dialogue. It shows where you are responsible and what you are doing in all aspects of your health. But what about children and weight gain? Is it our responsibility as a parent or career? Best to understand with a client case study. “Mrs. Burns, what does your son, Sean, have for breakfast? And do you make it for him?” I asked at the Medical Intuitive session. “Jean, I work shift work. Shaun gets his own breakfast of chocolate and lemonade. He just loves it and it is easier for me to let him get what he wants as that way he won’t fight with me.” When Mrs. Burns brought Shaun to me he was overweight and bullied at school. He was a 10 years old. My passion was to assist the whole family not just Shaun. Mum was extremely overweight too and she was passing on her life style to Shaun but did not realise. There was something deeper rather than Shaun and his weight. Shaun’s session revealed he was weighted down with a massive responsibility that he did not tell his mum. He felt guilty for his parents divorcing and tried to sweeten his life with sugar. His dramatic weight gain was hiding and protecting himself from his true feelings. He felt like he had to be the man of the house. He wanted to yell at his parents for making him feel unloved and unsafe. He felt

9 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

so scared of what the future was for him. Shaun shared what was happening at school. He was not being bullied but he was bullying other children as he was determined not to show anyone his true feelings. So let’s get to weight problem, the original cause of why Mrs. Burns brought Shaun to me. He needed to shed this ‘heaviness’ and ‘responsibility’ off his body emotionally and now it was time to create an action plan. Mrs. Burns needed to shed her weight about what had occurred too, which we did in a separate Medial Intuitive session. She had grown up in a similar situation and her Mum always fed her food to comfort her. She became aware she was doing the same thing and NOT taking responsibility. She did not know how to set boundaries with Shaun as she wanted him to love her and him to feel loved so she would allow him to bully her too. As Mrs. Burns shed the weight and burdens we created an action plan for the whole household. Three months later, Shaun and his Mum visited me and had shed lots of weight. Their weight balance and lifestyle had changed by not throwing their burdens and weight (or emotions) at anyone else and not to stifle them. They used the strategies from our sessions. The key also was both needed to take responsibility – take control of their thoughts, actions and life. - Jean Sheehan

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 9

10 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

with Amy Young


anxiety diaries As someone who used to suffer from severe anxiety, responsibility was a big turning point for me. At first I thought responsibility meant to be responsible for my actions, grow up, be an adult, be a “good girl”. I thought that I had to be good in every situation and that others' happiness, thoughts and feelings were more important then my own. Also, I believed that I had to be seen as a “good girl” otherwise I would be in trouble, I would lose my job or I would lose my friends. There were times I would rebel against this but then felt guilty. Thoughts of being a “good girl” would continue to win me over. I felt I had to be seen this way, so I played a part that wasn’t always myself or how I wanted to act in every situation. I thought this was responsibility! I acted out of fear at times instead of love. And so began the vicious cycle of anxiety and panic attacks as I tried to please others at the expense of my own well-being. When I learnt about the Principle of Responsibility through Lightworker Reflections, I gained a new perspective on being responsible. And then it hit me...

I was responsible for my anxiety. I had caused this. This statement was so powerful I remember breaking down in tears and for the first time I didn’t blame my anxiety on others or any of the factors outside of me. It was all about my own thoughts and the beliefs that I had chosen. I realised that I had chosen these thoughts unconsciously based on situations that happened to

me in the past but now that I am aware of these thoughts I can see how they shaped my ideals. How they shaped my life. I could let go of being a victim and step back into my power that I had given away so many times. Don’t get me wrong, in my past I have had experiences where others have mistreated me in ways I did not consciously choose. However it was the thoughts I created after these experiences that shaped the person I became. Now I have the awareness to be able to change these thoughts to whichever I please. I owe it to myself to regain my power and shape my new life without anxiety. I became responsible to myself. I could choose to be the person I wanted to be and tend to the needs of others with love, not fear. Coupled with the Principle of Discipline, I formulated a plan to manage my anxiety and work with it so that eventually it would become only a memory of a journey I once had. I became responsible to myself and my own actions towards myself. I changed my diet, I exercised, I worked through my emotions and began to deal with my past. I realised that the balance of my mind, my physical body and my feelings were important steps in managing my anxiety. I was finally on the road to recovery. The Anxiety Diaries is a place where I have been able to share my journey with anxiety along with my colleague Kate, who also has experienced severe anxiety in the past. Although a very personal journey, we have both felt guided to share our thoughts and hope that it will one day help others who also wrestle with feelings of anxiety. For more information about anxiety, tips and resources check out the Anxiety Diaries' Facebook Community or website

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 11

Responsible Eco Oasis with Brendon McKeon We are living in an exciting time of great change on the planet and we are being called to look closely at our relationship with Mother Earth. We as humans, and stewards of this amazing planet, must tune into our relationship with nature and remember, We Are Nature. We came to Costa Rica 10 years ago with a deep desire to explore this relationship with the Earth and re-learn how to thrive in our natural environment. It was clear to us that we needed to grow our own food and stop supporting the current mono-crop, industrialized, fossil fuel gobbling, “pretend food�, monopoly that is slowly destroying our planet. We dove in head first and bought a 40 acre piece of land in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. Our primary

12 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

intention was to create a family homestead based on permaculture principals that had a huge amount of diversity and our secondary goal was to create enough surplus to make the farm financially sustainable. We wanted to mimic the patterns in nature as closely as possible, while simultaneously creating an environment abundant in resources for human needs. We spent the first years designing the farm, collecting trees and plants from far and wide, building our home, and adjusting to a new way of life in a foreign country. It was certainly a sharp learning curve filled with frustration and tears, but the joy that comes with re-learning how to take self responsibility is unmeasurable. We now have a thriving farm that provides for most of our family needs and produces a huge abundance to share with others. We have planted

thousands of trees and plants, have every animal friend under the sun and live a rich existence in a lush tropical environment. We wake up every day and say thank you for this living dream. As people often say, the greatest joys in life are the ones we share with others. Through this inspiration, we have created various platforms to offer the gold of what we have learned. For those who are wanting a larger full scale farm we offer the service of finding and buying appropriate land, farm design and implementation. We also understand that many people are looking for a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t have the desire to take on something of this scale. This is where the concept of next level Regenerative Neighborhoods was born. We are creating small neighborhoods where like minded people can thrive on their own mini-homestead. Each individual homestead is 2.5 to 3 acres in size, which is small enough to be manageable, yet large enough to grow all the food your family could ever need. The homesteads are turn-key, which means we use our years of experience to create the perfect system for you, and then offer local workers and education to make sure you are successful. We are very excited about this model for a new way of living and invite you to join us! Brendon Mckeon Youtube: Eco Oasis

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 13

Life is a Miraculous & Magical


A celestial message from Tracey Rhodes Enjoy every aspect of your life. Try to take nothing too seriously and go with the flow. When you do this all shall go smoothly. Remember nothing in life is perfect, you can be the best you are by accepting all of who you are. When times are tricky get the assistance you need but never give your power away. Ask for help but in the awareness that although you see a healer or facilitator for change you youself must do the work. We healers hold space for you to do what you need to do for your soul's growth. I may take you into different dimensions, past lives, or parts of self, but you are the one who allows the change to take place. Remember the magical power, love and beauty that you are and set yourself free!

Our beloved Tracey Rhodes has had 18 years experience training and serving in a modern day mystery school where she has learned a myriad of techniques that shall be passed onto you for your own personal growth. Tracey's selfdescribed purpose: "I am a celestial being of sound and light living in human form to help us all remember we are Spirit" Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 |15

The Elohim & Responsibility Enlightened Journeys presents Jessika. A talented Psychic Medium, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator, Angel Therapist and Psychic Detective. A channeled   message   from   Elohim   on   Responsibility   By   Psychic   Medium   Jessika   Vidal-­‐Johnson   "We   want   to   introduce   ourselves   today   as   the   Elohim.   We   have   a   message   to   all   of   you   about   responsibility.   Know   dearest   souls   that   each   and   every   one   of   you   are   divine   creators.   You   are   the   creaFve   force   behind   your   experience   here   in   the   physical.  We  want  you  to  be  aware  that  you   are   responsible   for   everything   that   has   manifested   into   your   realiFes.   You   have   created,   manifested   or   reflected   all   of   it!   Every   situaFon,   relaFonship,   person,   and   experience.   All   along   it   has   always   been   you!   You   and   only   you   hold   the   power   to   choose   and   create   your   own   desFny!   We   realize   that   this   can   be   either   very   empowering  or  frightening  for  many  of  you.   Taking   responsibility   for   all   in   your   life   can   be   overwhelming.   We   wish   to   reveal   this   universal   truth   to   you   today   not   to   overwhelm   you,   but   to   liberate   you   and   to   show   you   that   you   are   not   a   vicFm   of   anything.   When   you   remain   in   the   mind   set   of  being  a  vicFm  in  your  lives  you  give  all  of   your   power   away.   Playing   the   vicFm   keeps   you   powerless   and   in   a   constant   state   of   chaos.  Understand  right  now  that  if  you  so   wish   to,   you   can   take   control   of   the   wheel   and   steer   your   lives   in   any   direcFon   of   your   choosing.  You  are  not  now,  and  never  need   to   be   a   vicFm   of   your   circumstances   ever   again.  You  can  take  your  power  back  and  be  

- Jessika Vidal-Johnson

an acFve   creator   of   your   reality.   Each   and   every   one   of   you   are   responsible   for   your   own   fates,   for   your   own   future,   for   your   own   prosperity,   and   most   importantly   for   your   own   happiness.   We   see   that   many   of   you   have   been   relying   on   other   people,   situaFons  or  physical  materials  to  make  you   happy.  What  you  do  not  understand  is  that   your   happiness   and   well-­‐being   is   your   responsibility   and   yours   alone.   Material   items  or  relaFonships  will  be  able  to  create   room  for  happiness  and  fulfillment  for  only   a   short   Fme.   You   must   be   happy   with   yourselves   to   manifest   happiness   in   any   other   situaFon   or   experience   in   your   lives.   The   necessary   and   appropriate   changes   that  you  desire  first  must  be  created  inside   yourselves   before   they   can   be   manifested   or   reflected   outwards   in   your   experience.   You  can  do  this  through  meditaFon,  fasFng,   posiFve   affirmaFons,   self-­‐   introspecFon,   and   most   importantly   through   making   a   deep  connecFon  with  your  God  Self  or  your   (Higher   Selves).   Today,   be   a   responsible   creator   for   yourself   and   the   world.   Think   posiFve   and   loving   thoughts   about   yourselves   and   others,   take   posiFve   acFon   steps  towards  your  goals,  and  know  that  we   create   our   own   futures   through   the   power   in   the   now   moment.   Stay   present   and   posiFve  in  this  moment  now  and  smile,  for   more   good   is   to   come.   We   are   with   you   guiding   you   and   loving   you   every   step   of   the  way.  Namaste"

You may contact Jessika on Facebook at this link for a personal reading.

16 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine



who's Responsible?

with Fiona Brown

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All of  us  have  memories  about  our   lives,   events,   special   5mes   and   celebra5ons.   Most   of   us   can   also   re m e m b e r   m e a n i n g f u l   a n d   emo5onal   5mes,   which   can   bring   us   to   tears   even   years   later.   So   if   you   could   recall   ONE   single   5me   in   your   teens   when   you   were   o v e r w h e l m e d   b y   a   d e e p   emo5onal  pain  what  would  it  be?   Can   you   remember   the   day,   the   weather,   the   smell   of   people   or   p l a c e s ,   t h e   w o r d s ,   t h e   embarrassment  or  simply  just  the   quiet   and   sudden   s5llness   and   the   rush   of   emo5ons?   Can   you   almost   recall   every   inhaled   breath   and   every   exhaled   breath?   Can   you   recall   if   you   felt   hot   or   cold?   Can   you   recall   the   first   thought   you   had   aFer?   Can   you   recall   what   you  did  next?  Or  where  you  went   and  who  was  with  you?   My   point   is   that   we   can   usually  

recall a   5me   when   we   were   overwhelmed   by   a   flood   of   thoughts,   emo5ons,   physiological   responses   and   possibly   a   huge   amount   of   tears.   Maybe   you   ran   to   get   away   from   it,   maybe   you   smoked   to   choke   it   all   down,   maybe  you  threw  a  ball  through  a   hoop,   played   soFball,   football,   tennis,   hockey,   swam,   climbed   trees   or   did   something   to   get   the   feeling   out   of   your   body.   What   would   you   have   done   if   there   was….   NOTHING?   Like   as   if   you   knew   all   those   reac5ons   were   supposed   to   happen   but   they   didn’t?   But   your   brain   knew   that   S O M E T H I N G   s h o u l d   b e   happening? Imagine   if   you   poked   yourself   to   make   sure   you   were   s5ll   on   this   earth   or   even   pinched   yourself?   Maybe   the   saying,   “I   just   had   to   pinch   myself ”   was   about   a  

physical reality   –   a   need   to   feel   something   to   prove   it   is   real   –   to   prove  you  are  awake  and  real.   For  some  individuals  this  is  exactly   what   happens   to   them.   They   become  overwhelmed,  their  body   responses  shut  down  and  they  sit   in  an  empty  shell.  They  may  be  so   overwhelmed,  lost  in  the  moment   of   wondering   where   they   came   from  and  who  they  are,  that  they   are  not  feeling  anything.  Yes  I  am   referring  to  those  individuals  who   use   different   methods,   mostly   harmful,   to   reconnect   their   e m o 5 o n a l   b o d y   w i t h   t h e i r   physical  body  –  while  all  the  5me   their   mind   is   reeling   with   ac5vity   a n d   t h o u g h t s   a l m o s t   uncontrollably.   The   professional   term  used  at  the  moment  is  “non-­‐ suicidal   self-­‐injury”   or   you   may   hear  the  words  “self-­‐harm”.  Young   people   who   find   the   need   to   find  

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 17

acknowledgement, reduce   their   anxiety  and  heighten  their  reality   connec5on  might  use  words  such   as   “cuYng”   which   is   only   one   descrip5on  of  the  behaviour. Please  note,  reader,  the  author  is   i n   n o   w a y   m i n i m i s i n g   o r   trivialising   the   various   types   and   severity   of   self-­‐injury   behaviour   used   by   individuals,   nor   being   accusatory,   blaming   or   medical.   This   explora5on   is   from   an   e n e r g e 5 c   p e r s p e c 5 v e   o n   emo5onal   expression   only.   It   is   aimed   at   providing   simply   one   expanded   viewpoint   and   one   e l e m e n t   o f   a n   o v e r a l l   understanding   with   the   hope   that   it   can   be   integrated   into   any   future  response  or  ac5on. Let’s   look   at   the   Principle   of   RESPONSIBILITY  in  rela5on  to  self-­‐

constraint within  themselves.  Not   unlike  a  pressure  cooker.

harming behaviours. Where   does   responsibility   lie   for   such   an   emo5onally   provoca5ve   prac5ce?   The   provoca5on   is   not   for   the   inflictor   but   for   those   on   the   outside.   The   individual   is   mee5ng   a   need   they   have   in   a   way   that   they   deem   is   the   most   effec5ve   release.   They   have   taken   responsibility   for   releasing   an   unacceptable   level   of   emo5onal  

Self-­‐harming is   a   means   of   communica5ng   to   others   that   t h e r e   a r e   c h a l l e n g e s   a n d   difficul5es   for   the   individual   to   express   themselves,   to   relieve   their   own   stress   or   possibly   to   interact   with   the   world   on   an   ac5ve  and  social  level.   Let’s   consider   the   responsibility   we   have   to   others   in   our   community.   We   offer   faith   that   things   will   change,   responsibility   to   commit   to   suppor5ng   another   individual   to   explore   their   shadow   part   and   we   have   the   love   to   offer   a   space   of   non-­‐ judgement.   (We   are   always   responsible   and   have   a   duty   of   c a re   t o   o t h e rs   i f   m e d i c a l   assistance  is  required)

18 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

What would  you  say  if  I  suggested   responsibility  is  to  hold  fast  to  the   t h e r e   w a s   n o   l e v e l   o f   Trust   that   a   change   will   be   part   of   responsibility   that   you   could   the   outcome.   The   internal   and   personally   undertake   that   would   social   purpose   will   evolve   as   will   alter  another  person’s  behaviour?   the  individual. C a n   yo u   m a ke   a nyo n e   d o   As   a   lightworker,   I   see   my   something   they   do   not   want   to   personal   responsibility   is   to   be   do?  No  we  cannot  -­‐  they  must  be   strong,   centred,   calm,   open   and   willing,   in   agreement   and   be   the   available   to   the   individual.   decision   maker   of   assistance   and   Especially   in   5mes   of   crisis,   one   s u p p o r t .   W e   s i m p l y   t a k e   r e s p o n s i b i l i t y   f o r   bringing   their   level   of   What would you say if I suggested need   to   their   a_en5on   there was no level of responsibility and   offering   possibili5es   for   them   to   choose   a   that you could personally undertake different  way.   that would alter another person’s Responsibility   is   also   about   looking   at   our   own   need   to   save,   cure,   fix,   replace,   reallocate   or   control   another   person’s   choice   of   expression.   To   check   in   with   our   inner   soul   to   see   if   the   controlling   element   is   a   shadow   element   of   o u r s e l v e s   t h a t   n e e d s   transforma5on.   Our   honest   and   true   responsibility   is   to   nurture   the  individual,  love,  connect  with,   offer   peace,   provide   sustenance   a n d   c a r e .   T h e   b i g g e s t  


needs to   be grounded,   centred   and  have  an  inner  peace  in  order   to   maintain   an   environment   that   supports  an  individual  to  look  for   a n d   fi n d   a   n e w   f o r m   o f   expression.   Once   this   leap   has   b e e n   t a k e n ,   i t   o p e n s   u p   possibili5es   in   the   mind   and   body   of  the  individual  to  explore  other   forms  of  release  and  may  lead  to   a   variety   of   forms   of   expression   being   undertaken   some   of   these   may   be   illicit.   (eg:   sketching,   journaling,   poetry,   fire   making,   dancing,   clay   sculp5ng,   pain5ng,   trampolining,   photography,   movie/image   making,   working   with  animals). The  responsibility  is  to  be  willing   to   remain   in   a   conscious   state,   speaking  with  clarity  and  honesty   where  required  and  be  mindful  of   our   own   emo5onal   evolu5on   while   suppor5ng   others   in   their   own  evolu5on. Fiona  Brown   Master  Lightworker  Prac55oner

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Responsibly Feeling with Christin Ewald

"Emotions belong to us like the Earth is made out of dirt."

As I always say: "Taking responsibility doesn't just mean paying your own bills."

Responsibility to me means being responsible for your words, actions, thoughts and feelings. Don't get me wrong, they don't have to be fluffy and positively powerful all the time. I like to make sure I find a responsible way to deal with emotions like anger, range, guilt or jealousy in a loving, caring way. These emotions belong to us like the earth is made out of dirt. I have experienced that even when I start to live the life I want and things are going well for me, I feel guilt or get angry when I don't see 'the way' straight away. That is okay. I pray and ask the angels, guides and God (as I call it) to please take care

20 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

of it. If I feel really stuck I call a mentor, family or close friends for help and support. There were times when I needed all of them. That's okay, too. Asking for help and reaching out is a beautiful way to take responsibility of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes a simple, "I am scared" to a close friend or parent is all it needs. I find that when I honestly acknowledge how I feel and voice it I already shift emotions. I believe that emotions are energy. They are there to be felt, acknowledged and let go of. My hope is that you are responsible when you sit in anger next time. Should you do what I did and throw a bottle against a wall and cause a hole in it, please be responsible for that, too!



with Jade  Renee  Banks

When we   truly   love   ourselves,   we   take   Responsibility  to  care  for  ourselves.     We   serve   ourselves   9irst   and   we   are   less   consumed   by   what   everyone   else   is   doing.     We  are  not  wasting  time  and  energy  assuming   responsibility   for   the   actions   and   feelings   of   others.   It   is   all   about   us.   We   are   not   being   sel9ish,   we   are   just   taking   charge   of   our   path   in   the   world.     We   are   also   respecting   the   journey  of  others,  without  interference. Self-­‐Love   is   an   interesting   concept   that   tends   to   get   thrown   around   a   lot.     It   can   be   a   super9icial   practice   that   we   think   we   are   “doing”.     Self-­‐Love   is   a   very   personal   experience.    When  we  fully  commit  ourselves,   it   is   a   journey   that   runs   deep   within   and   has   many,  many  layers.      To  be  honest,  it  is  not  all   9luffy,   pink   love   hearts.     Hence,   why   we   may   often   avoid   it   and   turn   our   focus   and   energy   outward. It   can   be   messy,   uncomfortable   and   sometimes   painful,   but   it   can   also   be   t r a n s f o r m a t i o n a l ,   e m p o w e r i n g   a n d   enlightening.    You  can  go  through  death  after   death   after   death,   in   order   to   keep   being   re b o r n   i n t o   n e w   l e ve l s   o f   w i s d o m ,   understanding  and  love. You   are   constantly   stripping   away   and   peeling   back  to  reveal  hidden  aspects  of  yourself.    Like   theatre   costumes,   we   can   dress   ourselves   up   in   layers   of   illusion   to   play   different   roles   in   life.       We   use   these   self-­‐created   buffers   to   “protect”   our   precious   selves   all   the   while   crafting   a   reality   that   is   not   our   own   to   call   home. But   rather   the   in9luence   of   others   impressed   on   our   sub-­‐conscious   that   we   have   perceived   to  be  our  own.    The  result  of  this  shedding  of   layers  can  be  a  vulnerable,  sensitive  and  shiny   new   you   that   needs   some   tender   loving   care   before  stepping  back  out  into  the  world.

discovered within.     Not   out   of   fear   or   worry   that  we  will  lose  ourselves  again,  but  out  of  a   deeply   cultivated   love   for   self.     Just   like   a   mother   protects   her   child,   we   must   take   responsibility   to   do   what   is   in   our   highest   good.     Being   the   example   of   Self-­‐Love,   Self-­‐ Respect   and   Self-­‐Care.     Lovingly   saying,   “No”   to  the  things  we  need  to,  and  only  partaking  in   activities  that  truly  feed  and  nourish  our  Soul. Responsibility   is   not   a   burden   but   a   deep   practice  of  True  Love  for  the  Self.     A   journey   that   is   walked   alone   and   yet   supported   by   the   in9inite   embrace   of   the   Universe.     It   does   not   need   to   make   sense   to   anyone  else  but  you,  and  that  is  perfect.    It  is  a   personal  and  intimate  experience  of  devotion   that  words  can  fail  to  portray.   You  are  your  one  True  Love. You  hold  the  keys  to  your  Liberation. Only  you  can  unlock  the  doorway  to  your  own   Heart. Only  you  can  take  this  great  journey  into  Love. This  journey  is  your  Responsibility,  and  yours   alone. And  you  have  everything  you  need  within. So  travel  lightly,  dear  one.   With   all   the   Honour,   Grace   &   Integrity   of   the   Divine. Jade  Renee  Banks Certi9ied  Master  Lightworker  Practitioner Certi9ied  Lightworker  Practitioner  Facilitator Liquid  Crystals  Advanced  Practitioner Starchild  Directives  Practitioner Yoga  Teacher-­‐in-­‐training Image:  Rhodochrosite,  the  crystal  of  Self-­‐Love.

This is   where   we   take   responsibility   to   lovingly   protect   and   preserve   what   we   have  

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 21

The not-so-secret

HandShake with International Visual Artist Werner Szendi June 21 is World Handshake Day! The original idea took shape in Ivan Župa’s mind when as a child, an old man once said to him: “My son, place your hand here in the sea and you are united with the whole world.” And so the tradition of World Handshake Day began, a way and day to maintain and pass on the philosophy shared with Ivan Župa by the wise man. A day created to symbolize the gratitude and positive energy that connects all living beings with the bountiful earth they live on and with each other. I collaborated with the founder of World Handshake Day to design the logo which represents the positive unity of all people. People, the earth and water coming together to form a common unit. June 21, 2016 will be the 8th World Handshake Day and this year the project aims to reach even more people all over the world than previous years. You can contribute to this global connection by going to the vast ocean, a stream or river and place your hands in the water to support, to be one with the world in peace and positivity…and of course please share your pictures with us.

22 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

For more on World Handshake Day visit them on Facebook (https:// 124461604258648/) and watch Werner Szendi in this video from the Vienna, Danube event ( whd.shtml).

“My son, place your hand here in the sea and you are united with the whole world.” The logo I painted on the opposite page you can find here: galerie_eigene/images/welthaendedruck.jpg If you need a high Resolution Quality Picture or more pictures let me know. You can find more Infos also on my Website Thanks you for sharing and writing in Lightworker Advocate Magazine. Thank you for helping to bring all again more and more together. All the best and blessings to you Werner

World Handshake Day 21 June 2016

Everyday Lightworker Oracle Cards It's a HUGE deck but someone had to do it! * 12 principles * 8 Chakras You do the math. Whether you require advanced chakra assessment or Everyday Lightworker insight - we've got you covered.

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24 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Australia’s only  Green  Concept  Salon Opening  day:  Saturday  1123  June  2016  -­‐  10am-­‐2pm The  Green  Concept  Salon  was  founded  in  Australia  by  Nane_e  Barter  and   her  daughter  Laura,  their  aim  is  to  offer  new  innovated  systems  to  the   Australian  market  and  make  geYng  your  hair  done  safe  for  your  health  and   the  environment. Lush  use  a  Danish  system  that  is  a  way  of  life  around  the  Nordic  countries  of   Europe,  the  imported  Cer5fied  Organic  Products  are  tested  by  an   independent  chemist  for  the  safe  use  on  humans  and  for  the  waterways  and   the  life  that  is  homed  there. Nane_e  and  Laura  became  very  passionate  about  the  safe  hairdressing  systems  aFer   Nane_e  was  diagnosed  aFer  years  of  being  a  hairdresser  with  an  auto  immune   disease  and  breast  cancer.  AFer  inves5ga5ng  normal  hairdressing  prac5ces  they  were   astounded  to  find  out  about  the  many  diseases  hairdressers  and  others  find   themselves  with.

Our New  Academy We  are  proud  to  announce  the  new  academy  –  where  we  train  other  salons  to  work   under  “ The  Green  Salon  Concept”  so  other  hair  care  professionals  can  keep  you   healthy. Our  training  will  be  at  the  forefront  for  Australia  consis5ng  of  an  industry  standard,   cer5fica5on  and  full  training. We  will  be  also  introducing  our  range  of  Cer5fied  Organic  products

Come down  and  experience  many  of  the  Lush  services  and  have  a  look  around! We  proudly  support  the  Orangutan  project  and  are  taking  dona5ons  on  the  day  in  exchange  for  mini  treatment 07  5476  8315 10/330  Mons  Rd  Forest  Glen  QLD  4556 Australia  

The Principle of Responsibility & Art with Tony Dowd Chief Resident Artist at Lightworker Reflections

Wait on....  how  can  we  apply  Responsibility  to  Art?  Isn't  Art  all  about  being  unrestrained  and  free  from  rules?   Art  has  no  boundaries!    I  believe  as  Ar5sts  we  can’t  be  responsible  for  how  art  is  interpreted  by  others.  Yet  we   need  to  be  ar5sts  that  push  the  boundaries  of  our  imagina5on  and  the  norms  of    society…….so  perhaps  we   must  be  Responsible  to  be  true  with  our  inten5ons  when  we  get  crea5ve.  If  it  is  our  inten5on  to  portray  a   message  or  convey  an  emo5on  with  our  art  then  we  can  take  responsibility  for  that  inten5on.  The  piece  of  art   is  then  a  physical  expression  and  record  of  the  ar5st’s  inten5on. Personally,    it  is  my  inten5on  to  convey  serenity,  to  see  beauty  in  any  moment,  to  feel  joy  in  the  process  and   to  love  every  piece  I  do  because  for  me  it  not  a  just  a  piece  of  art  on  the  wall…  it  is  a  piece  of  me.  I  am   responsible  for  that. 26 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

Small Business Challenges

by Marketing Sage Heena Njie

Running a small business is challenging to say the least. The business is full of passion, dedication and growth, yet the running of it is very challenging. So when a crisis happens in the company or to an employee, how does the business still grow, or even continue? FP Comms is all too familiar with this. I’m Heena, FP Comms’ Marketing Sage; I started the job in September 2015. I was getting familiar with the company and the company was getting familiar with me. In November 2015, my Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Two months in the job and I’m faced with the worst time of my entire life. Not great!

What now? With a small team already, FP Comms couldn’t afford to lose me and didn’t have the staff to cover my role, yet I didn’t want to be away from my Mum and the company didn’t want me to either. FP Comms crisis!

What were the solutions? Flexibility – FP Comms gave me the flexibility of working when I could work, working from the hospital and working from home. Sometimes, I would try to work and then would have to leave in an emergency. As times got tougher, I was given the option of not working at all until I was ready. I returned four months later after my Mum sadly passed away. Flexibility to do other work – My Mum set up a Community Interest Company called Peer2Peer Education, working to educate young people on life skills such as Sex & Relationships Education, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Child Grooming, etc. Once Mum passed away, Nicola gave me the flexibility to be able to continue Mum’s legacy by ensuring P2P was still running. I am now the Director of P2P whilst fulfilling my role at FP Comms. Roles - The rest of the FP Comms team chipped in to complete the jobs I was set to do to ensure the business continued to run.

Honesty – We work with several clients. I managed a number of their accounts and therefore some of the work was completed later than expected. Nicola, FP Comms’ Director, explained the situation and the clients understood and were happy to stay on board. Don’t stop – Just because the company is one person down, does not mean that the company has to stop working, stop growing and stop achieving. These challenges should encourage you to work harder, better and more efficiently. FP Comms didn’t stop at all. Actually, we achieved something really amazing; we got our client Puriskin into Birchbox UK May 2016. Keep everyone updated – FP Comms kept me in the loop at all times so that I knew I had a job to come back to and to give me some good news when we achieved some of our goals. Be patient and understanding – Life situations happen all the time and when it comes to it, we are all human. Treat those how you would like to be treated. Assure those who are working with you that they will get though their tough spell. And finally, listen. Sometimes, all you can do is listen. Nicola was amazing at this. She was patient and understanding and checked in on me all the time. I can’t thank her enough for that. Challenging times will come and go. What makes the difference is how you react to them and how you solve them. Make your small business into a big business by jumping over your hurdles and winning the race. “This ar)cle  was  originally  published  on  1289  May  2016  on  h=p://­‐business-­‐challenges-­‐by-­‐heena-­‐njie/  “

Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 27

The Blessing of Responsibility with Megan Freeland

The word Responsibility seems, at first, to come with the sense of a heavy burden. I googled it and found the dictionary meaning was “the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.” Yikes!

burden and fall into blame and victimhood. But in an interconnected world, we are dependent on each other to thrive, grow and create. We all must make our contribution and take personal responsibility.

I prefer to think of it this way: Response – ability: The capacity to take ownership of our own power to respond, act or action appropriately to the circumstances of our lives.

It is important to realise that by taking responsibility, or ownership of ourselves, we are in fact taking control and empowering ourselves. The tricky part can be in knowing how much of a situation we must own, and how much of it we should leave aside; those parts that were not of our doing and therefore not ours to hold on to. This is the place where we are wrestling with our sense of control and safety.

As a victim of childhood trauma, I once held a deep fear of speaking up about my pain, as I felt that I would then be responsible, or to

..."responsibility is an underpinning foundation of the structure of the healing journey..." blame, for the consequences. This meant exposing secrets and revealing other people's shame and failures. As my family did not want to take ownership of their responsibility, I was met with much anger and shame. I was forced to make a choice that led me away from them, but bought me a deepening of my spirituality and inspired the journey toward healing. Human beings can be reluctant to take responsibility because of that word ‘blame’. When we shoulder blame, we fear consequence. But, if we are acting from a place of integrity, we have nothing to fear. Sometimes it is a difficult to be The Responsible One. Humanity is still working on how much responsibility we are able to handle. We are often ready to pass the

28 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

When I took responsibility for my own part of my own story, my personal pain, and then I took responsibility for the parts I could control; my response to the pain, the ability to seek help and to shift perspective, then I was able to let go of the blame that I placed on others. I was ablet to let go of their lack of responsibility in responding appropriately to me, when I was in need. In this way, the law of responsibility is an underpinning foundation of the structure of the healing journey. It does not release others from wrongdoing; it just helps us to take back the power and control we may have lost along the way and regain our sense of personal safety....our response-ability. Responsibility is in fact us being in control and changing the world that we otherwise feel we are powerless to change. So in the end Responsibility expresses the values of Maturity, Courage, Inner Strength, Integrity, Understanding and Ownership. Learn about my book and read my blog at Follow me at meganfreelandauthor

Responsibility & Creativity

with Diane Goodchild

Responsibility is a heavy word. To accept responsibility, to behave responsibly - we take it very seriously. We learn the reality of this as we get married, accept debt and have children. It is easy to get bogged down by all this responsibility. But when our decisions about our lives are guided by our higher selves, responsibility resonates as a lighter principle. As children we express it every day by knowing what we want and not letting fear hold us back. My children teach me about the gift of growth in responsibility every day. My eldest son Gabriel wants to try out for a key role in the school play. It is a sci-fi fantasy with an alien abduction. He is almost 12 years old and has a slight speech issue which makes him unintelligible unless he concentrates and speaks slowly. He is a bit frightened by the audition process, and says, “It’s actually my subconscious that is scared; my brain is okay about it”. It is his interpretation of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. He would enjoy being on stage despite his fear of public speaking. He trusted me when I told him: “the more you do it, the better you’ll feel about it”. So he goes for it and he was

well received by the judges and he is now through to the second round of auditions. This responsibility to himself is his motivation to act when he was called upon, despite some short term discomfort. I’ve feel privileged to learn from Michelle Lightworker in her book Penning Spirit’s Message. She talks about our ‘responseability’ to turn up for ourselves, when we are asked to create something or channel. The crown chakra is called upon to express ourselves, and to heal ourselves in the process in order to create something connected to your higher self. The responsibility is to trust and to be aware through our third eye chakra to resonate at a higher level and the willingness to put fear aside in order for the love to be seen. I am a writer. Whether I think I am any good at it is irrelevant. Someone who is reading my words does not concern themselves with how I feel about my writing. They care about how it makes them feel. It would be the same if I was a painter, actor, teacher or chef. It is my responsibility to care about how it serves them. I have to get over myself to make that happen every time I put pen to paper. The responsibility of this is a built in motivator and

"...Fear and self-doubt looks for perfection and sets an impossible task. Your responsibility is to “just make a thing” and it is love and truth that will shine through, thus creating a beautiful and imperfect thing..."

30 24||June May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

makes you be the best you can. Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear, talks about how an idea is a thing that is presented, like a gift on a platter. If you ignore it, it will give up on you and find another outlet, as it is determined to be made into something. I think this is how subliminal ideas work. You think about something and sometime later you see it made into something, something you didn’t make. Someone else was given the idea as well and you took too long, out of fear or lack, and so it moved on to greener pastures. To get over the fear (ego) of creating something imperfect she acknowledges this fear and tells it that we’re going on a road trip and it is allowed to come but it can only have the backseat. It (fear) is not driving and it certainly is not allowed to comment on how

you drive – how you drive the thing is your responsibility in the creative process. Fear and self-doubt looks for perfection and sets an impossible task. Your responsibility is to “just make a thing” and it is love and truth that will shine through, thus creating a beautiful and imperfect thing. It is our responsibility to trust our higher selves enough to speak up and share our truth knowing we are all made equal. Your experience reflects mine and reminds us of our humanity and our true potential. Just as it is my son’s responsibility to stand in his power as the actor on stage. That is the magic of creation. Without our individual input, and the contributions from all the other voices that create, the world would be less than perfect.

"...Your experience reflects mine and reminds us of our humanity and our true potential..."

24 | May 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

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Responsibility with Lynn Merrin The definition of responsibility as the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone, is a part of life and a state we all come to accept one way or another as we venture through life, if not as children, or teens, then as adults, responding to the challenges of day to day experiences. As a child, our responsibilities are minimal, but if we do not accept responsibility in early adult-hood, nature has a way of teaching us, as happened to me being given a baby to care for as a single parent as my lesson. No escape, just step up to the mark. With time, we come to learn to be responsible for our thoughts, our emotions and our words as we learn that what we think, feel and say, creates our reality and our experiences. What we think, we manifest, so we have the benefit of considering our choices and determining mindfully, to think positively, hold positive visions and goals and to consistently bring our thoughts back to a positive state and be responsible for what and how we think. Our words impact our subconscious mind in creating our world as words are also energy. Being responsible for what we say and how we say it, is a part of the tapestry we weave. There is a great responsibility in choosing words as they can heal, or wound ourselves and others, in choice and in tone. The same applies to our emotions and how we feel at any given time. We can choose to allow events to impact our emotions, or we can create a safe space to process the information and experience and deal with how it makes us feel responsibly. We can then allow the healing and acknowledge the experience for what it was. This may seem ideal, but as a daily habit, all is possible with personal development and spiritual growth. Our responsibility extends to our choice of selfcare, in our nutrition, hydration, oxygenation, 32 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

movement and cleanliness and also our care of others. Our body is our physical vehicle and requires nurturing and maintenance to sustain us through life and should not be taken for granted. We have a responsibility to our family, friends, animals neighboured, country and to the our planet in thought and deed, to be the drop in the ocean, the power of one, to set an example, do the right thing by living beings and our environment and be the change we wish to see in the world. Our responsibility extends to being selective in what we allow to come into our life, not only our internal world. For example, what impacts our mind and beliefs through media and other sources. Allowing or not allowing our energy to be affected by the negativity of those around us or on social media or our TV screens. We can choose to accept or be impacted by negative words spoken to us, about us, or in our presence. It is our choice to screen what filters into our world. Responsibility and responding to our needs and the needs of others, being of service, leading by example, making a difference and making necessary changes to be who we are meant to be in a sustainable environment on a planet equipped to carry many generations to come. When I decided to take responsibility for my own health, beliefs, thoughts, feeling and actions, my life changed for the better. I take responsibility daily for creating my reality, with each thought and word and for the way I respond to any circumstance. There is no blame for me, I wrote my script and chose my lessons and experiences and I take full responsibility as I walk my path with confidence and courage, creating each step with determined thought, vision, trust and faith.

Chakra Affirmations for Responsibility with Michelle Lightworker

Here's a little snapshot of affirmations to help you check in with yourself as to how holistically you are embracing the principle of responsibility at the moment. Take a moment to say each of these affirmations out loud 3 times. Do you sense resistance or tightness in your body when you say any one of these affirmations? If so, you may need a responsibility tune up! For more information and activities be sure to check out The Everyday Lightworker Bible.

Crown Chakra

I   take   ownership   of   my   thoughts Ear Chakra

I   am   aware   of   &   take    responsibility   for   my   receptivity Third Eye Chakra

I   see   &   take   responsibility   for    the   reality   I   have   created Throat Chakra

I   take   responsibility   in    expressing   myself Heart Chakra

I   take   responsibility   to   create    healthy   connections Solar Plexus Chakra

I   am   responsible   for   creating    healthy   relationships Sacral Chakra

I   take   responsibility   to   nourish    myself   in   healthy   ways Base Chakra

I   take   responsibility   for    containing   my   reality Lightworker Advocate Magazine | June 2016 | 33

June calls forth

Heart-centred Responsibility with Alana Fairchild A divinely delicious month of June lays ahead. This is a double 6 month, bringing the frequency of love (six being associated with the heart chakra) into focus, along with the divine feminine blessing of abundance in the material world. June is a month to heal and restore ourselves, as we lovingly but firmly challenge the views we have held about the material world. That includes matters of money, our bodies, relationships, sexuality, career and possessions. Feelings of guilt, shame or fear about such matters can inhibit the ability to live with the joy of the spirit in this physical world. Whatever our beliefs have been about the material world, we will have had the opportunity to learn something from them. And now we have the opportunity to upgrade our beliefs so that they support us in living the kind of life that we want to live. The 6 frequency is very creative, and any belief system we want to empower in our lives is up for grabs. We can choose whatever feels best for us. If we are willing to evolve into it, we can live the reality of it. Divine love, ever generous in its support of our spiritual journey upon this earth, will show us the way. Whilst we may love the idea of divine guidance showing us the way to fulfil our dreams and destiny, when it comes to really trusting in the gritty moments, there can be hesitation, or downright tantrums (yes, I’ve thrown a fair few of those myself). It’s the mind, not the heart, that says, "Oh, I’ll trust with everything except this issue …” or “I’ll trust unless I am 34 June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

asked to confront that thing I don’t want to do.” If we allow the mind to trump the wisdom of the heart, the whole system shuts down and we unintentionally block the divine from providing us with the help we have requested. Just because our mind doesn't understand the wisdom behind what is happening as yet. The biting of the hand that feeds finally ends when we understand that in allowing the divine to guide us, we are actually not going to be denied anything worth having. Instead we will be loved in a way that we have never known. With abundance, grace and sweet tenderness.

"It’s the mind, not the heart, that says, "Oh, I’ll trust with everything except this issue …" The full moon of June 20 is known as the Full Strawberry Moon and in other traditions, as the Full Rose Moon. A beautiful meditation for this month is to reflect on the rose of divine love blossoming in your heart during the full moon, or perhaps if you are feeling like you need to get some playfulness in your life, frolicking and feasting with the divine in a field of ripe succulent strawberries! Feel what it is like to have a loving, trusting relationship with the divine in your own heart. From that place, you’ll find the unknowns of life to be less frightening and more exciting. You’ll be willing to trust without condition and in doing so, empower grace in your life.

This beautiful, heart-felt month reminds us that we are worthy and to claim our rightful divine inheritance. Whatever is in your heart has been placed there by divine design. What truly matters to you matters to the divine too. When you are in sacred creative partnership with the divine, all that is required to bring your visions to life in the world will be provided. Most of the manifestation process is actually about getting out of the way. So whatever thoughts, stories and history you have been holding on to, especially if it doesn’t reinforce the reality that you want to experience, be willing to let it go this month. Instead why not use the divine deliciousness of June to be a time to nurture yourself with joy, which is the divine frequency. Connect with those

that you can really talk with, play with and laugh with - ah yes, whether it’s watching crazy cat videos online or hanging out with that person who seems to trigger your ‘I’m laughing so hard I can hardly speak’ tendencies, giving yourself permission to feel silly, don’t-need-a-reason-for-it joy will help you have fun whilst you dethrone your doubts, distrust and demons this month. May you feel the beauty of your own divine heart this month, and be so utterly loved-up, it overflows into the world around you. I’ll be speaking about the spiritual meaning of 6, as well as some exciting new release updates in my newsletter this month. ©2016 AlanaFairchild

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When Blame turns to Pain with Movie Therapist Lynn Anderton

Well, aFer   six   months   of   denial   on   my   part,   I   knew   that   he   wasn’t   coming   back   but   what   I’d   just  discovered  was  about  to  change  my  view  of   rela5onships   forever!   It   answered   many   of   the   puzzling   ques5ons   I’d   had   about   the   uncomfortable   rela5onship   I’d   been   in   for   the   past  three  and  a  half  years.    


I’d known   nothing   of     but   now   aFer   being   subtly   led   by   a   movie   into   the   dark,  fascina5ng  world  of  the  uncaring  I  felt  like  I   had  found  my  crock  of  gold.    There  had  been  a   part   of   me   that   had   known   that   something   wasn’t  quite  right,  that  this  wasn’t  just  about  my   neediness   but   something   more   on   his   part   and   that’s  why  I’d  taken  the  decision  to  go  back  into   it   fourteen   months   earlier   to   try   and   figure   things   out.   But   essen5ally,   I   became   the   girlfriend  that  the  boyfriend  didn’t  love,  the  plus   side   though   was   that   I   had   become   stronger   in   myself  as  a  result. What  I  now  felt  was  that  it  would  be  so  easy  to   stay   in   the   comfortable   place   of   laying   all   the   blame  on  him  and  his  condi5on.  The  only  way  I   was  ever  going  to  recover  from  this  was  to  take   responsibility   for   the   part   I’d   played   in   the  

36 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

rela5onship.  And  what  I  discovered  opened  my   eyes   in   terms   of   people’s   capacity   to   care.   I   knew  that  if  I  didn’t  combat  my  need  to  please     people  who  didn’t  feel  the  same  way  about  me,   then   it   was   quite   likely   that   this   would   happen   to  me  again. My   learning   came   from   a   familiar   source,   the   movies   that   I’d   viewed   previously   essen5ally   became   my   best   friends   as   they   helped   me   recognise   my   behaviour.   As   I   began   to   emulate   the   characters   behaviours   I   responded   differently   to   people’s   demands.     It   took   some   5me   as   I   had   to   test   out   my   theory   from   the   lessons   in   the   da5ng   arena,   but   eventually   I   was   strong  enough  to  say  ‘no’  when  I  needed  to    and   mean  it.     Taking  responsibility  was  far  more  painful  than  I   could   imagine   but   as   they   say   there   is   no   gain   without   pain.   It   has   been   worth   the   effort   of   crossing   that   line   between   comfort   zone   to   feeling  that  I’ve  made  the  right  decision  because   I’ve   take   responsibility   for   myself   first   and   foremost.  -­‐  Lynn  Andertson

Taking Responsbility for our

Money Flow Mojo with Soul Speaker Anne Aleckson Often, when we open to our innate skills or spiritual gifts and make a decision to use those skills in a meaningful business we find ourselves being blocked in all directions.

lack of love for self. How do I know this? Because love for self would include being perfectly ok with having and making money so YOU can live a good life.

This can then lead to the spiritual dis-ease of dismissing the importance of all the things we need in order to live a fulfilled and healthy human existence.

2. Fall in love with self. Do whatever you need to do to boost and raise your level of care and love for yourself. Start treating yourself as someone who deserves to have a healthy income in order to have a healthy life and body. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from Psychology 101…the very bottom of the pyramid and many levels below self-actualisation are the basic human needs and if you can’t even care enough about yourself to take care of those things then that is also exactly what you will get from the Universe through the law of attraction.

So what is blocking us from receiving income from our service? One of the main problems that I have found blocking income from conscious entrepreneurs who are or who want to be doing their purposeful work in the World is a belief system that says that once you are on purpose the Universe will take care of all the other stuff. I liken this belief to the romantic dream that a knight in shining armour will show up one day and take you away from your horrible life or what might be called the Cinderella complex. It is so dis-empowering, this thought that something or someone ‘out there’ will come and fix everything. When I see this complex in gifted spiritual entrepreneurs I know that lurking somewhere within them is also the romantic version of this belief and fixing one will fix the other.  Now how do you go about healing the Cinderella Complex when it comes to money? 1. Change the belief system.   There are many modalities that will help with this first step and I think changing the way you look at things is a good start on that, so I’m going to tell you what I know about this, "I will be good and I will use my special gifts in the service of humanity and I will save the World and IF I DO THAT then the Universe will take care of the money for me" way of thinking.

3. Take action to create money flow. As someone who took this ‘path often travelled by spiritual workers’ I can tell you that the very best way to create a healthy business and self-esteem is to start creating income and being of service in your unique way. Just get started giving and allowing yourself to receive and as you do what you do and receive money for it you will find that the fears you thought would hold you back forever just slip away in the busyness and in the joy of finally, finally allowing yourself to live. Then, and only then, will the Universe through the law of attraction give you what you are now willing to give yourself…and even more. Quick tip: If naming your price for the work you do is a problem for you then I recommend that you get a coach or mentor who can help you find the perfect rate to get started with and work with you to get over your fear of asking for the money. If you are interested in finding out how to find your purpose and start making money from it in a open-hearted and conscious way get in touch with me.

The Cinderella complex is rife with, if not selfloathing then at least a level of un-self-love or

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Responsible Skin Care Why Coconut Oil May Not Be Good For Your Skin with Soul Spa Academy Skin Expert Janine Hall

There are many benefits to using coconut oil with its super rich fatty acid which allows your skin to simply drink in all that yummy goodness. However for all its benefits and there are many as I’m a huge advocate for this delicious nut. It cannot be used alone as your single go to oil to help moisturise your skin.

Many women use this as their 'go to' oil to help hydrate their skin and were under the belief if they were using this oil it was also exfoliating their skin. They’re actually two different processes and if you want to exfoliate you’ll need to use some form of mild abrasion such as clay (never use nuts on your face as they are too coarse) to remove your dead skin cells.

Allow me to explain: Your skin is a walking talking reflection of you and your inner health, and there are somethings that this amazing super EFA can’t do. And that’s exfoliate (unless your using the shredded meat).

Exfoliation is the key to helping your lymphatic system move blood  and oxygen around your face and body. If your body begins to become stagnant this can be one of the causes for sluggish looking skin.

Top Tips! Always exfoliate first before applying coconut oil or you will only begin to clog and enlarge your pores. Great exfoliants for your body: cinnamon powder, walnut husks, oats, magnesium flakes, shredded coconut, black tea, coffee beans. Great exfoliants for your face: clay, orange rind, beetroot powder, spirulina, calandula, fine oats. Soul Spa Alchemy Active Botanicals contain clay in the cleansing/exfoliator and leaves your skin feeling silky soft smooth and hydrated.

38 | June 2016 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine

The Principle Project:

Responsibility with Artist Phyllis Araneo Artwork by Phyllis Araneo "Small Voices Clear Big Confusion"

1. Why is  this  principle  important  in  your   life?


5. If this  principle  was  a  taste,  what  would   it  be? Full  and  strong.

As sen5ent  beings  we  are  aware  that   there  are  con5nual  challenges  and   decisions  to  make  in  life,  whether  they   be  moment  to  moment,  daily  smallish   decisions,  to  monumental  challenges  to   overcome.  It  is  our  responsibility  to  deal   with  them  how  best  we  can.  Best  for  us   individually  as  we  create  our  personal   space  and  best  for  the  greater  good  as   we  are  also  responsible  as  co-­‐creators  of   the  bigger  picture  with  empathy  and   awareness  of  all  of  life.

6. If this  principle  was  a  smell,  what  would   it  be?

What’s your  best  experience  with  this   principle  changing  your  life?

9. If this  principle  was  an  animal  what   would  animal  would  it  be?

My best  experience  is  this  here  and  now   that  I  take  full  responsibility  for  crea5ng! 3. How  is  this  principle  a  feeling  to  you?   It  feels  empowering  and  feels  like  a   relief.  Because  I  know  I  am  in  charge  and   can  create  what  I  need. How  do  you  know  you  or  others  are   prac@cing  this  principle? I  know  we  prac5ce  this  because  we  are   alive. 4. If  this  principle  was  a  colour,  what   colour  would  it  be?

Non toxic. 7. If  you  could  sing  this  principle,  what   would  it  sound  like?  A  song  or  tone? Gregorian  Chant. 8. If  this  principle  was  a  shape,  what  shape   would  it  be? Organic,  not  geometric.

Lioness. 10. What spiritual  guides  help  you  with  or   symbolise  the  energy  of  this  principle? Abraham. 11. How  does  this  principle  change  you  and   your  vibra@on? Strengthens  it. 12. Do  you  feel  this  principle  will  change  or   influence  the  world? It  changes  and  influences  our  world  as   we  change  -­‐  our  thoughts,  beliefs,   ac5ons  and  interac5ons.

Purple, royal,  awesome.

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Issue 8: June 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine  

Issue 8: June 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine is on the Principle of Responsbility.

Issue 8: June 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine  

Issue 8: June 2016 Lightworker Advocate Magazine is on the Principle of Responsbility.