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Editor: Michelle Lightworker | +61 433 831 946 |Designer: Tina Fletcher | Photo credit: Michael Steadman

I am very excited that we have all 12 of the Everyday Lightworker Principles in this issue! Wow, reading them all and seeing the final product, that our wonderful new graphic designer Tina Fletcher has put together, was nothing short of amazing. It’s been an interesting move to this new format as I feel that after 1 year, Lightworker Advocate Magazine is growing up. It is no longer in its infancy and is now moving into the toddler’s energy of expansion, adventure and curiosity. We are also saying "No" to articles that we don’t resonate with! This change also coincides with the calling of my new TV/Radio show “Enlightened Conversations”. I believe we can enlighten the world one conversation at a time. The world needs to hear us dialoguing on topical issues from an enlightened view. When I first started the magazine, I didn’t realise how much it would be connecting me to the most amazing Lightfilled community of beings that are ready, willing and able to contribute their wisdom. I am lucky now to have a solid foundation of enlightened souls to call on for both the magazine and my new show. Our

blog will showcase the videos/podcasts under the relevant principle and author. If you are interested in being a part of this, please check out our EOI/submission guidelines on our website. There are lots of perks in sharing your wisdom with the greater community! The thing that really grabs me about this new magazine format is really that principle of wholeness. We are bringing the magic of the 12 together and you get a microcosm of the brilliant combo in one magazine. But did you know we now have links to jump to the principle you want? Cheeky short cuts! But go where you are called as this is what it’s all about! Our submissions for the next issue close on 20 January 2017, so get in quick in manifesting abundance for yourself! I hope you thoroughly enjoy this season’s offering. Abundant blessings always,

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2 | Cover Story On A Mission From Pleiades - Jessika Vidal

6 | Honesty 7 | Unleash Your Honesty - Michael Clarke

9 | Open-mindedness


10 | Open-Mindedness Takes Mediumship Abilities to The Next Level - Dee Gibson

11 | Willingness 12 | The Choice Is Ours - Lynn Merrin 13 | Manifesting Change: Resistance & Willingness by Leanne Barefoot Medium

15 | Forgiveness 16 | Forgiveness Is Key - Raúl Estévez

18 | Unity 19 | Ms Pride Winner Talks Unity - Lesa Myers 21 | Haters Are Always Going To Hate Hannah Andrews 23 | How Do We Create Unity? by Bridgette Scalisi 24 | Reflections on The Resonance Inspired Living Events


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28 | Discipline 29 | Harnessing The Lightworker Principles through Bikram Yoga Adrijana Pokrajac 31 | Disciplined Self-Love - Tammie Pike

33 | Faith 34 | Think Outside The Box - Dr Dawn Karima 35 | Communicating With Our Silent Companions - Deborah Livingston

37 | Responsibility 38 | Are You Being Selfish? - Trish Springsteen 39 | Burn-Out to Brilliance - Christine Furtado 41 | Riches to Soul Summit

42 | Love 43 | Love For the Perfect Girlfriend Christin Ewald 43 | The Way - Werner Szendi 45 | Agape Love - Joanne Derrick

46 | Wholeness 47 | Feed Your Spiritual Self - Rosa Carrafa

50 | Joy 51 | The Joy of Being Alive - Alexandria Blaelock 53 | Finding Joy Through Random Acts of Kindness - Carolyn King

55 | Peace 56 | Vary Your View - Denton Ramsey 57 | Give Freedom - Werner Szendi 58 | Peace Through Love & Silence Within - Tracey Rhodes 5 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine – Summer edition 2017


Pleiades Jessika and I crossed paths just under 5 years ago. I could immediately see the potential of her abilities and Lightworking awakening. She certainly took the Lightworker bull by the horns and went for it. You could say, by committing 100%, the result was a rapid ascension in both her energy and life. From Paranormal Detective work to embracing her Pleiadian channeling on her own Channel, she has come a long way in such a short time. This is proof that as Lightworkers, we usually pick up where we’ve left off in our past lifetimes and if you get the calling, go for it. You never know just what might present itself that you didn’t know you knew. When planning her interview, I was itching to ask her to share her view on some questions close to my heart. Here’s what Jessika had to say.

What is the purpose of the Pleiadians? I thought that it would be more effective to channel the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light for all of you! So here we go... "Most precious souls, it is we the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light who speak to you today. Our main purpose, goal and wish for humanity is for all of mankind to come to the universal truth and knowledge that we are beings of divine love. It is through our example as Pleiadians that we help humanity realize and come to this truth. For we as the Pleiadian race live in harmony with one another and with our beloved planet. We serve our planet, our community, and are connected with BACK TO CONTENT PAGE

one another through our sacred hearts. Yes, Dear Ones, we too have sacred hearts just as you do. We have helped liberate other planets which have gone through the same process of ascension as Gaia goes through in this moment in time. This is our purpose to bring all of you back to truth, and to the light. We are honoured to be a part of the evolution of Terra. For what an exciting time this is! It will be remembered through all of time in the history of your planet. We call this time, "The time of the great awakening". We too have gone through an awakening long ago, so we know that this mission for us to aid mankind will not be in vain. For it is of the greatest importance that all come back to the universal truth and knowledge of your divinity. For if anything were to happen to Gaia, the entire universe would be affected negatively. We wish to end this channeling with a message of divine love for all of you and to all our family of light who have incarnated on the planet as Starseeds and Lightworkers to help with the shift. You are all doing a great job and from where we stand our hearts are over flowing and filled with pride and unconditional love, for all of you. You are the children of light, predicted in your bible long, long ago, and you are loved and never alone. For it is we, your Pleiadian family of light who walk beside you each and everyday. We are the guides. We are the ancestors. We are here for you. We are only a lift in vibration and a shift in consciousness away. Namaste"

Lightworker Advocate Magazine – Summer edition 2017 | 6


What is Light Language and what does it do? Light Language is also called Soul or Galactic language. It is either channeled through from the higher self, or from another galactic being like the Pleiadians, for example. One of the greatest things about Light Language is that the energies of unconditional love, joy and peace are channeled through the vibrations of sound at such a high vibrational frequency that it immediately surpasses the conscious/ego mind and speaks directly to the soul. This leaves no room for error or misinterpretation when communicating with another person. When I channel it through it speaks straight from my divinity to theirs with no interference and because my higher self/divinity knows exactly what the receiver of the Light Language Transmission needs, it gives me, my little self Jessika the ability to just sit back and let whatever is meant to come through flow right through me. Light language can be used to transmit DNA, light and wisdom codes to the receiver. It can also be used to ground another person's energy, as well as clear and cleanse the energy in a room or home. Light language is a beautiful tool and one of my favorites to use because it lifts my vibration as well as the vibration of whomever I am channeling for immediately. Through the transmission of unconditional love it creates an intimate bond between the channeler and the receiver, connecting them through the unconditional love in our hearts.

How has healing your past life trauma activated your energy? Loving ourselves is one of the Keys to releasing, clearing and detaching from the negative energies that follow us around from life to life. Having the courage to heal our past through acknowledging that we are responsible for it is the first and far most important act of self love. It is this first step that facilitates the rest of the healing process. Everything comes back to self and back to self-love. When we are in the vibration of self-love we are connected with our divinity and are in our true GOD given power. This gives us the

ability to heal ourselves from any past trauma, as well as the ability to clear the effects that the trauma has had in our lives today. Are there any global events that others deem as 'bad' stretch you to love BIG? There are so many things happening on the planet right now that do stretch me to ‘unconditionally’ love BIG! To Love BIG is to know that no matter how ‘bad’ or as I look at it, ‘negative’ things seem, that we have to keep working on ourselves and have the unconditional love for all else to have it's experience. By creating more peace within we will experience more peace in our outer reality. We may not solve the world’s problems but we can unconditionally love everyone and everything in it. I look at this upcoming election and all that I see for the future of the United States as a huge lesson for us to grow, evolve, and awaken to our truth, through the adversity and challenges that are to come. It is time for humanity to stand up for ourselves and to change and grow together for the benefit of all. If it doesn't happen as we would like, we need to have the unconditional love to not judge.

Did you find your Paranormal Investigations breed love or fear? Yes absolutely paranormal investigations can breed fear. I want everyone to understand that they can be very dangerous as well. In my personal opinion it is a lot safer for everyone, and much more productive when you just have 1 or 2 psychics that really know what they are doing walk into an investigation. When we bring a lot of people who want to hunt for ghosts that most likely already have some type of entity around them into a place where there is a real issue, it can open things up for a very scary and dangerous experience. What we focus on we draw to us, so when we open up to communicate in an already energetically compromised condition it can actually make the initial issues far, far worse then they need to be.

7 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine – Summer edition 2017


What's your life like now compared to say 5 years ago? My life 5 years ago was completely different than my life today. In 2012 I went through my awakening process and since then everything has changed. My abilities have grown 10 fold. It is through loving myself enough to heal my life that I am where I am at today. This is one thing that the Everyday Lightworker Principles has helped me to do. It is through the knowledge, acceptance and understanding of myself that has allowed me to grow and evolve so quickly. I am truly blessed in every way and I owe my life today to not only myself but my wonderful family of lightworkers all around me.

What's coming up for you that we should know about? I have been working on some amazing things as of lately that I am so excited to share with the world! I have created a YouTube channel where I do Light Language Transmissions to help all of humanity. I also just recently have started doing my journey to consciousness classes with my husband who has taught me how to clear issues, entities, energy blocks and etc. I love these classes because his abilities work perfectly with mine. I pull the information and blocks that need to be cleared and he uses his gift and Archangel Michael energy to clear them for people. It truly is a beautiful process and I am blessed!

What's your view on the Everyday Lightworker principles and how have they helped assist you in your life? The Everyday Lightworker Principles have helped me to better understand my authentic self and have always guided me to living life with the purity of love. I also wanted to say that the principle of responsibility has really helped to influence and change my life in such a unique way. Once I realized that I was responsible for all of my creations, and all in my reality, I then moved from feeling like a victim to a victor. It is that knowledge that has helped me to create the life of my dreams!


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I am so blessed to have learned so much from incorporating all of these principles into my life. I say these affirmations everyday so that I thought can be used to help others.

1. 2.

have trust and faith the divine within me to

guide me towards a future that will be for my highest and best good.

Honesty - I unconditionally love and accept importance of speaking my truth.


Open-mindedness - I unconditionally love and

reflections, my actions, and my intentions.

accept myself so much that I keep an open


myself and value my HONESTY and the

mind to all of life for I know that it is through

this openness that I am able to understand and accept all aspects of myself, all aspects of my reality, and all aspects and duality in our universe. Through my open mind I continue to expand my consciousness.


Willingness - I unconditionally love and accept myself and it is through my willingness to do

10. .

me the most love and light!

anything that I have done, and to forgive others so that I may heal and grow.


Unity - I am (GOD/HIGHER SELF/ DIVINITY) looking out through these eyes into my reality through a lens of unconditional love for all

that I see, both that I deem positive or negative,

responsibility for my creations, my

Love - I am divine love, and it is divine love that I choose to send to myself and outwards into all of creation. Wholeness - I am the wholeness of my divinity and as I feel that I am product of

and that all that I have been through in this life and previous ones have served a higher purpose for me

Joy - I am the radiant vibration of Joy and it is through the joy that I find in each moment of life that I lift my vibration to a state of purity,

acknowledging and expressing my inner child.

myself so much that I continue to raise into the

which gives me the ability to forgive myself for

so much that I am willing to take

divine love I know that I have never been broken


Forgiveness - I unconditionally love and accept vibration of compassion for myself and others

Responsibility - I unconditionally love myself

to grow and evolve on a soul level.

so that spirit continues to guide me through

my journey to the path that will continue to offer


Faith - I unconditionally love myself that I

12. .

Peace - Through connecting my conscious mind with my heart in my everyday life I know

that I have created peace within myself which pours outwards into my life in all directions. As Jesus said, when Lions (the heart chakra, ruled by the lion) can lay down with lambs (the crown chakra, ruled by the Ram/or Lamb) there will be peace in the world.

and I know that I am connected in unity to all of my reality. For the divine has never been separate from me, and the unconditional love that I am flows through me to all things.


Discipline - I unconditionally love myself that I

know the value of staying disciplined in my

spiritual work, and I do not allow others to

lead me astray from the path that I choose to take.

9 | Lightworker Advocate Magazine – Summer edition 2017



L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 10




L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 11


Unleash Your Honesty

Unleash YOUR Are you an honest person? Are you being honest with yourself right now? Imagine that you are on holiday’s, walking along the beach feeling the sun beaming onto your skin, the soft touch of the water on your feet, the sand between your toes and smelling that enriching fresh sea smell, when suddenly your mate turns to you and says, “Let’s go for a swim”. You respond and say, “No I don’t feel like it”. Deep down you would love to go into the water, however you can’t swim and you are fearful of the judgement you may receive from your friend.

This was my life for many years…. I would often react with dishonesty to people and walk away unhappy with myself and thinking why did I just say that!? The dishonesty wouldn’t stop there as I would always find reason as to why I did it and then justify the reasoning, until the dishonesty became reality, reality within my own mind.

What was driving me to this dishonesty? Fear, shame, guilt and judgement was driving me to this dishonesty. I had lost who I was from a very young age and that honest little child within me had been suppressed.

How did I release this little child from within and unleash my honesty? It is a soul searching journey of first being awakened to the fact that to be dishonest with others, I first had to be dishonest with myself. Secondly being awakened to the fact that the fear, shame, guilt and judgement I was feeling was not from others but from myself.


You need to learn to connect to your heart with self-love, connect to your mind with self-worth and connect to your body with intuition. Go within and start sharing feelings, behaviours and the truth with yourself, so to let that little child rise to the surface and unleash your honesty. Enable that honesty to freely flow through your existence as you create an ever lasting impact on people’s life. To unleash your honesty, you need to let go of the fear, shame, guilt and judgement towards yourself. Start today by simply writing down every time you have been dishonest with yourself, remembering that every moment you were dishonest with someone else, that you first had to be dishonest with yourself. Then follow up by writing the truth to each dishonest moment and know that from this day forward you have let go of the fear, shame, guilt and judgment towards yourself and replaced it with self-love, self- worth, intuition and honesty. Love, worthiness, intuition and honesty are gifts that you give to yourself and then share with others.

Are you willing to give yourself such gifts?

Michael Clarke +61 484 346 639,

L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 12



L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 13


Mediumship Abilities


Open-Mindedness Takes

Mediumship Abilities

to The Next Level

It’s so important to be open minded on our spiritual journey, and to have complete faith that Spirit will guide us every step of the way. This was brought back to me today as I sat with a beautiful client who had come for a reading. Lyn had come for a general reading and at first I felt the energy was low. As I closed my eyes asking Spirit to bring through information for her highest good, I pledged my honesty and intention to give my best. General information as to her health issues, and future came through, and I was side lined into talking about her grandson. His completed Numerology lay on the table for her to take home to him. I gave her an overview of his chart and a few pointers as to current need for him to work on grounding his energy. Once this subject was over, Lyn relaxed and I could sense Spirit making contact. “I firstly want to go to your mother who is still here on the earth plane”, I said. Spirit showed me fine veins intersecting and tightly curled together, at that moment I felt strong pressure in my chest and I also took on the slow breathing of a person having difficulty finding air.


“She has major issues with her circulatory system, and trouble breathing,” I said steadily, “Her eyes are closed and I hear prayer in her mind”. My client answered, “Yes that is correct”. I could see the lady lying in a cozy bed and being cared for with kindness and love. Then a male energy appeared, and as I began to describe him in detail, he showed me a clear picture of two people being married in front of a priest in white robes. “I have you father here. I believe this is her husband as he is showing me their wedding ceremony”. Then I heard a male voice say the words, “gammy leg’. “Who has the gammy leg?” I asked not wanting her to actually respond. “This is your brother in spirit”, I said as I heard the word “Yes” in my head. Now he is showing me the picture of a spine. This is a long spine as this man was really tall. He is also giving me the impression of being uppity, snobby, and refined. “Oh”, said Lyn, “Are you sure you only have one person?” This confused me a little, I had contact with her father, and her brother.

L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 14

HONESTY The information seemed clear, even though the energy seemed to me to be a little confused. So I gave her a little more information on the person. One has a lot to do with motor-bikes. Then she said, “I have two brothers in Spirit”. Immediately her words came out I felt a change in the way I was perceiving the people. “Oh! Yes I see one and now I see the other”. I tried to stay disciplined as I asked for more information. So not only did I bring through her father with wonderful confirmation, I now also had two brothers in the room with us.

It is so important to remember as a medium we do not know everything. I felt challenged, and so happy that I learned another new layer to my ability to be open to Spirit. I am sure the talk about the grandson heightened the vibration and allowed Lyn to relax. It is so important to acknowledge that as a medium as in every other job we never know ‘everything’.

Being open-minded always enhances and takes our abilities to the next level.

I was delighted. Lyn was emotional and grateful for the contact. I held my faith throughout the reading, and learned a new way to perceive.

Dee Gibson Psychic Medium Numerologist Author 15 | L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7




L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 16


Our willingness to be, participate, learn, integrate, listen and love are all essential to our personal growth. Our willingness to be flexible, open, and positive, allows us to expand and develop. To be available each day to opportunities, to work as a team member, to go that extra length, to be the best we can be - all takes willingness. Willingness then extends beyond ourselves and into our family and community, to serve those in need willingly, from the heart. Whether that is offering a hand to reach an item on a shelf, helping load heavy items, or more complex requests. Willingness is required in choosing to be available for those whom we love when they need to talk, advice, encouragement, or support on their path. Being of service as a human being, acting out of compassion and love is mirrored in our choice to be willing. Our willingness to change old habits for new can be somewhat challenging, but willingness to grow and

expand our thoughts and consciousness, allows the expansion of our being. When we are willing, doors open for us to walk into a new experience and expression of who we are and can become. Willingness to be open to higher learning and spiritual growth, new ideas, new lifestyles, adventures, creative projects and work, moves us out of complacency and restriction into a new paradigm. The willingness to make the best of ourselves, our appearance, our home and our family, with gratitude for what we have, will manifest more of the same. Willingness to stretch ourselves and live outside the social box of thought suggestion and expectation, allows us to live our truth and discard old patterns and values to embrace our own reality and create our purposeful future.

Willingness to grow. The choice is ours, we just must be willing!

Lynn Merrin Metaphysical Counsellor / Healer

17 | L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7



Manifesting Change:

As I sit here with Spirit today, I am guided to share some insights and wisdom with you around manifesting change. The change that you wish to see in your world whether around relationships, business, career, home, finances, spiritual or personal development, health and well-being or self-care.

Let’s explore how your willingness to let go of resistance is important in order to allow the Universe to provide you with all you need, want and desire in the world. I am sure some of you have felt like you have been trying to change things and like you keep hitting brick walls. You may feel like you are at a stalemate or no matter what actions you take your relationships, external circumstances, situations or events just do not seem to change. One of the reasons you may be experiencing this is that your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies may be holding onto some trauma, hurt or upset from the past that it has been resisting or not been willing to let go of. Resistance, a fear-based vibration, is essentially a refusal or denial of something as not being true or an inability to accept what is. We may resist accepting our circumstances, situations, events or relationships in the present moment.


When we are sitting in the vibration of resistance, we may feel like we have been working hard, trying, struggling and pushing through problems, challenges or hurdles appearing in our physical world and not getting anywhere or may engage in the following behaviours:       

Changing the subject of conversation Leaving the room Being late Getting sick Procrastinating Looking away or avoiding eye contact Flipping through magazines, books or mobile phones to distract your attention  Eating, drinking or smoking  Creating or ending relationships  Creating breakdowns whether with cars, household appliances, computers, mobile phones, plumbing etc. Resisting the changes that we want to create can result in feelings of unhappiness, frustration, confusion and overwhelm. It can make already difficult situations or events more difficult. It can prevent others from wanting to be around us and to support us.

L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 18

WILLINGNESS It is extremely important that we step into focusing on the solution rather than the problem!

So, what is the solution? Well, it’s pretty simple really, being willing to change! The reality is that whatever problem, situation, experience or event you are facing in the moment is not going to go away or be resolved until you are willing to make some choices and decisions to move towards accepting what is. Willingness allows the support, help, changes or healing we need to be brought to us with ease and grace. It is important to step into acceptance and be willing to see, hear, feel your resistance by: 1. Looking inside: Take a few moments to connect in with yourself, your authentic self, your true self, your Higher Self, the Universe using your breath and ask to see your level of ‘willingness’.

So, if resistance presents itself in your experience it is simply an opportunity to connect with and let go of the fear that has been stopping you.

Once you do that, your only task is to be willing to step into the vibration of allowing the Universe to bring you what you have been asking for in your life! By Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, International Medium, Trance Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Author is available for Soul Sessions or Programs to help and support you in letting go of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual resistance within your vibration so that you can manifest all you need, want and desire in life. Contact Leanne

2. Listen to it: Become aware of and acknowledge the situation, experiences and the events that are taking place in the moment and talk to your inner child and let it know that everything is going to be ok, it is trying to protect you and keep you safe and then ask to hear what is needed in order to move into the vibration of acceptance of what is. 3. Feel it: Allow yourself to feel the fear that is underneath any resistance, whether it is a fear of change, failure, success, making a fool of yourself, being seen, exposing yourself, being alone etc ask to feel how much resistance you are holding onto. 4. Action it: Make a 100% commitment to think and play bigger, to show up like you never have before, to take the next big bold step towards your most important needs, wants and desires. The reality is that you have put an order into the Universe, a request or set an intention to create the changes you want to have happen or appear in your world.

19 | L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7





L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 20


Forgiveness is the

By Raúl, Your Angelic Messenger

Allow me to begin by bringing your attention to the old saying "Forgive & Forget". Well, as a soul living a human experience we all struggle to forget at times! Our human brain/mind is the most sophisticated computer ever created by God, The Creator, whichever Higher Power resonates with you best. This computer files away all our thoughts, feelings and experiences. In particular, it files away painful memories, the ones that have created either a physical, mental or spiritual wound and scar. Having said all these, I for one still subscribe to the group of souls living a human experience that believe in Forgiveness!!! However, please don't confuse forgiveness with being a doormat. I do believe that when people show us their true colours, we shouldn't try to repaint them!! This simply means no longer condoning their actions and or behaviour, but forgiving them from your heart of hearts, because you don't want the hurt to neither control you nor consume you! We are simply keeping the lessons learned (not forgetting) but moving ahead with love! Let's focus on Forgiveness by clearly understanding, that we all have our own learning pathways in this life time. Because we are all one and connected, all experiences are designed by the Creator and agreed by us (our souls before taking this human body) in order to learn, grow and EVOLve through and with LOVE utilizing forgiveness as the common denominator. Release the hurt, make room for more LOVE & FORGIVENESS!!

Use whatever means necessary meditation (even a 3 minute shower mediation will not only cleanse your body but it also cleanse your soul if you allow it). Be amongst the great gift 'Gaia' Mother Nature has to offer, walk barefoot on grass, soil or sand, allow her to use the energy you no longer need within you to become a fertilizer and observe her transforming that into beautiful trees, plants and flowers. Stop and truly smell the roses, because the beauty you notice in the outside world is a true reflection of who you are inside! WOW What a gift indeed!! The energy of Angels and ascended masters are all around us! So firstly, let's forgive ourselves for all our mistakes and wrong doing towards ourselves and others with a clear understanding that they were stepping stones along our learning pathway. Then and only then we can start forgiving one another with LOVE!! Let's embrace every experience, situation and person in our past, present and future. Forgiveness does not mean that people who hurt us, need to be part of our inner circle, however, with FORGIVENESS we allow each other our individual pathways to be a soul living a human experience and to learn grow and EVOLve!! Go ahead use Your Forgiveness Key!!

"Please Remember, believe in Angels because they do believe in YOU! Raúl Estévez Author of "My Angels-Connections"

21 | L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7




L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 22





L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 23


Ms Pride Winner - Talks Unity I had the privilege of witnessing an awesome person being chosen as 2016 Ms Pride Brisbane this year. Her speech in readiness as finalist was very inspiring and spoke to my Spirit. Afterwards, I asked Lesa if she wouldn’t mind us including it in our magazine. Lucky for me, she said yes. Thank you Lesa. We love what you represent and believe in what you stand for.


L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 24


25 | L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7



H at er s ar e A lways G oing t o Hate


L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 26


Haters are always going to hate… yet – is that the energy we really want to be feeding into the world? Everyone has an opinion yes, everyone has shared and different beliefs… Yet… what is it to sit there and argue your point of view when people only understand from their level of perception anyway? And, what on Earth is it trying to achieve by forcing your opinion on someone – dominance, control, fear, manipulation.. these are the basis’s for war baby and this is not what you here on Earth to be in right? And then anyone trying to force their authority over someone, is a pile of fear, mis-understanding and plain old hurt. The saying ‘Hurt people, hurt people’ plays big here… What is the energy here?

This is so huge and so little understand it. And I guess, that is why I play big in the 1%…. I honestly don’t care if someone understands me or not, that is not the point of what I share what I do. I used to. But I dropped that a while ago. I really understand what Mother Theresa is saying here. When you really drop into this, understand it and live it, you realise the bigger picture here. There is a polarity yes, and there is 2 options – looking at it from Unity lenses or Separation lenses. Separation lenses see better than and less than. (fear) Unity lenses see it as all part of the whole and there is no separation in any of it. (love) Which lenses are you in?

So if the haters are always going to hate – is it acceptable to be hating?

You have a choice which ones you put on. What are you wearing today?

Do you stand for that? Do you engage and try and get someone who has already made up their mind – do what they do and waste time and energy on trying to change something that isn’t your job to change/control/authority over/power over? Hell f@*)$ing no. But what do you do about it? As Mother Theresa so wisely said – “If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend, but if you hold a pro-peace rally, invite me.”

Hannah Andrews The Life Purpose Queen If you are unsure which way you are going or where your internal compass is pointing, you can Recalibrate Your Internal Compass here, so that you can live your life, without the need to feel better than or less than others and create the peaceful planet we all say we want.

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How do We Create Unity?

Firstly, we look within ourselves. Take a deep, honest look inside and notice what you see, feel and hear.

Secondly, look around you... Earth truly is so beautiful in many different forms.

You will find that the biggest elements of your soul's purpose is love and unity. Once you realise this observation and reach this knowing, you will see love and unity within others and all around you.

Our spaceship home is filled with sweet, resilient, intelligent and loving animals of all shapes and sizes. We have multiple masterpiece paintings across the sky each day and night. Our sky allows us to gaze up at the Northern Lights, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, rainfall, twinkling stars, comets, shooting stars, the moon, the sun and all of the special designs and colours in between.

Intricate connection and unity exists through many planes, life forms, dimensions and states of existence. The most relevant and powerful source for us as human beings is right here on Earth. Unity exists within us, right now. The next step towards creating widespread unity is learning together, how to find it and grab hold of it. Awakening others to peer into their core soul and Higher Self is just the beginning of a worldwide revolution.


We have spectacular flowers from all different shades and formations with magnificent trees, leaves, vines, plants and greenery. We have mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, snow, boulders, beaches which glisten under the moon and sunlight and the seemingly depth-less sea filled with marine life and shells and corals.

L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 28

UNITY We have endless amounts of minerals and beautiful resources like crystals, water, caves, rocks and sand. We have animals and insects who fly across the skies and grace our plants with their touch to help life flourish. Our trees and plants provide air for us to breathe and water is recycled without hesitation for our consumption. We have machines which allows us to cross the seas, fly the skies and to visit magnificent land marks at our will. We have technology which provides infinite downloads of information and the ability to connect to anyone in the entire world. Human beings are aware and have an awareness of being aware. We study ourselves and one another to understand deeper findings. We have the ability to function beyond our expectations and are more incredible than we realise. We have created an advanced civilization with abundant resources from our naturally provided gardens. Once we take the time to truly acknowledge that the entirety of Earth is designed to sustain all of our lives and to prosper without hesitation or expectation, our gratitude and love for our world will ignite and fuel a great sense of unity. I know that I am guilty of wishing to see beyond the stars and hoping for a more united and peaceful place with greater, more spectacular and grand prospects. We all often forget that we are also considered alien to anyone and anything beyond Earth. We could be just as equally fascinating to other existences.

"Awakening others to peer into their core soul and Higher Self is just the beginning of a worldwide revolution"

Bridgette Scalisi. Ghoulisatheallseeingwitch Instagram: @bridgettescalisi

(Photo photographer: Venturelust Photography)

I encourage people from everywhere to join alongside and link together for the higher purpose of ourselves and the planet. We live in such a beautiful place and with more unity, we could make it even more magical. After creating unity, we will find a source of electric and elevated love which will transcend any form of love that we have ever known. Imagine what we could do with a higher frequency due to uniting forces? Go on, let your souls unite together and spread the connection.

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I had the pleasure of being invited by Inspired Living Events to the movie “The Resonance” and participating in the Q & A panel afterwards. There was a very enlightened discussion that pursued and I have included a snippet for you below – just click on the pic. For the full Q & A discussion head to our website ces/ I will be discussing more in an Enlightened Conversation with Kelly Kingston from Inspired Living Events on 21 December 2016 with another live Q & A following! What a great way to end your year! Join us on my facebook page for the live stream!

"Inspired Living Events Q & A Panel 28 October 2016 Michelle Lightworker, Greg Doyle and Lauren Kurth"


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Earlier this year I embarked on a practice to increase my flexibility and take up meditation as a way of managing the joys associated with full time work, university study and the ebbs and flows of what we know to be, Life. However what unfolded was a journey of self-realisation and transformation – a meeting with my Higher Self. Bikram is a system of yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury. Practiced in a room heated to 40°C with a humidity of 40%, classes are 90 minutes in duration. It consists of a set series, a language of 26 beginner postures and 2 breathing exercises that are for best part of the practice, performed in front of a mirror. One thing is for sure and certain, you either love it or you loathe it, but regardless of your thoughts on the practice, it’s designed to improve general health and wellness. During my first 30 days, I questioned, “What on earth was I doing?” Nevertheless, being drawn to the heat and the changes I noticed within myself outside of the hot room, was enough to know that something far greater and meaningful was occurring than simply sweating and detoxing on a surface level. I went on to courageously fulfil a personal challenge of 200 classes in 201 days. (I gave myself a day off on the 200th day to bask in the ambience of what I had actually achieved!).

My yoga class is that sweltering day. It's one long, hot meditation. We put incredible pressure on you to teach you to break your attachment to external things and go within. Instead of blaming others for your own weakness, fear and depression, you will learn to take responsibility for your own life, you’ve got to face yourself in the mirror, every part you don't like, every mistake you make, every excuse your mind creates to limit your potential liberation -- there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. No escape from reality. With these kinds of demands on your abilities and attention, you will soon forget that there is anyone on the next mat in the classroom, much less notice what they are wearing. After you learn to discipline your body and mind under these conditions, you will truly be able to concentrate: no external will be able to brake your powerful focus. That's why I say the darkest place in the world is under the brightest lamp. In the Torture Chamber of my class, you will find a beautiful light, and the source of that light is within you. ~ Bikram Choudhury


L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 34

DISCIPLINE I experienced a major transformational shift in my life that resonated with higher vibrational frequencies. Bikram served as a catalyst in unlocking what has always been within me and waiting to be harnessed – my intuitive gifts, including the ability to channel messages and signs from Spirit. During this time, I have given unique and special messages to others that only their hearts have divinely and soulfully recognised. LIGHTWORKER PRINCIPLE

I recommend anyone wanting to embark on a journey of self-transformation to try Bikram. Caution is advised: it will change your life! Consider this an open invitation to enlightening the Everyday Lightworker within yourself! Personal reflection of the 12 Lightworker Principles in action through Bikram Yoga



Enlightened action through truth and integrity Performing the postures to the best of my ability on any given day Letting go of what no longer serves me


Being patient and tolerant with myself and those around me as much as possible Embracing forward-thinking and expansion


Enthusiasm through creativity, intent and purpose in all that I set out to do personally and professionally


Displaying compassion towards myself on my ‘off’ day’s and during times where I may have acted unconsciously


Shared energy in a sacred practice with like-minded people Acknowledging we are all ‘one’ regardless of our shapes, sizes, stories or walks of life


Dedication and commitment to regular practice (whether that be 6am, or double classes)


Belief in myself through a Higher Source Surrendering to trust - knowing that things would work out for my highest good, at the right place, at the right time for the right reasons Fearlessness in acknowledging and moving through my vulnerability and limitations


Accountability for my own decisions and actions Owning “my stuff/sh*t” rather than projecting onto others


Self-regard and conscious expression of self-care Getting to know the person in the mirror Profound appreciation for myself as a Spiritual Being Inhabiting body and reuniting with its intelligence through healing


Embracing and honouring myself and others through guided purpose and synchronicity Gratitude for how far I have come and where I am right now


Feeling of pure elation through the release of endorphins created through my own sweat (and in some cases tears…)


Cultivating stillness True essence of freedom that embodies all of the above Lightworker principles

In the highest of vibrations! Adrijana, Sydney The author wishes to acknowledge Elle Zezovska, Senior Bikram Yoga Teacher for her passion, integrity and guidance throughout this personal journey.

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Tammie Pike presents:

DISCIPLINED Self Discipline how does this word make you feel.

Once I started understanding what discipline really meant and spiritualising it within my life I found that the areas that I really wanted to grow and balance which ended up being my Self-love. Being in a relationship for 15 years and a mother for 7+ years I have constantly put others first. I had always put my needs last & it wasn’t until I had my youngest daughter had health issues that I crumbled into a heap. I suffered from post-natal depression, anxiety, fear and I was a mess mentally, physically & emotionally. I wanted to start to love myself again, to be true to who I was. I wanted to live again as me.

Unfortunately, self-love is also in the same boat as Do you feel inspired? Or do you feel resistance? Do you Discipline, in that within our society it is seen and think of a ‘solider like’ way of being? Or a loving fluid surrounded with negativity. You only have to look in the dictionary to see that the Western Culture deems way of creating a life that involves being consistent with your thoughts, feelings, actions & intentions that self-love as vanity, conceit, narcissism, an excessive can help you spiritualise your will & align you with your regard for one’s own advantage…. How is anyone who is not following a spiritual path, to feel that discipline higher purpose & yourself? and self-love has a positive effect when we incorporate So much of my ideals and ways of thinking have been it within our lives? We are taught that when we focus derived from the current Western culture/society & my on oneself that they are bad, wrong & selfish. personal experience. This meant for me Discipline was That got me asking the question why? associated with anger & consequences. I feel that it is because if you were to incorporate these two very empowering and enlightening modalities into your life, you will grow exponentially. You will grow away from society’s standards. This means that you don’t need to follow society’s rules to be, you exist as you are, you are happy with who you are! The most dangerous side effect (to current thinking) is that you I had so much resistance towards this subject when it inspire others to do the same. This means independent, first come up in the Level 1 Lightworker Practitioner strong-minded people creating their own lives. Training, that is until I read the words written by Michelle Lightworker that she channelled through her How does this happen? divine guidance. It smashed through my barriers and By allowing yourself to find what it is that you love opened my mind to see Discipline in a different light. about yourself & to grow those areas, to find what it is I had a lot of resentment & resistance against the word itself without fully understanding what it meant. I feel that we have taken a word and totally changed the actually meaning of it due to limited knowledge, understanding and seeing it in 2D rather then it as a whole and with many layers that it has.

that brings you joy, what ignites your passion, what gets your creating, motivated, inspired? What is your fun? Being healthy & happy and looking after your I thought that if I had discipline in my life it would mean needs first daily. I couldn’t be free, flowing and me. I would be strict, rigid and boring. How mislead I was by my own thoughts and limiting beliefs! I saw how undisciplined I was in my life due to the resistance I had that.


L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 36

DISCIPLINE To start it could be simply to write a gratitude journal It took some time to change the way of thinking and daily, meditate, nature lusting, mindfulness. Or as big being and I’m still not perfect and will continue to learn as you want like jumping out of a plane, travelling to a and grow as I keep going, though I can still say with new destination whatever brings passion, love and faith 100% certainty that it has all been worth it. into your life - do it! Find something that you can do Discipline has helped my whole Being expand & daily, weekly, yearly.

For example, growing self-love incorporates different areas of your life and body: Physical Health

grow. I love sharing with others how to do the same.

One simple way that I consistently give back to myself daily is by using intention & affirmations in my body care. It’s something that I do every single day and having a busy lifestyle it’s something that I do no matter what.

– external and internal preventative care, alternative therapist, supplements, natural products, healthy eating, movement, removing toxins from your body & home etc. It’s easy to implement, yet it’s impact is massive. I allow myself to give and receive love, I empower and nurture Your Mental Health myself and I connect with who I truly am so I feel more – counselling, coaching, alternative therapist, healthy confident speaking my truth lovingly. lifestyle (food, drinking, movement), being connected When you allow the preconceived ideas to fall away with others, asking for help, do something you are and truth of a word come through, you empower good at (this one activity can change how you think and yourself to find your reality and instead of being fearful feel about yourself instantly), accept who you are, care or resistant to a word you can create your own for others, things that make you feel and think meaning and as you do, watch yourself grow & expand positively. in unimaginable ways. Spiritual Health – growing your faith, meditation, prayer, breath work, connecting to nature, being more mindful of yourself and others, grow your compassion and openmindedness, practicing and incorporating gratitude practices daily.

Tammie Pike Earth Radiance 0409897133

Now finding what you love to do needs discipline (focus, time & energy). To follow a daily self-love ritual/routine will take discipline. To allow yourself to be in a state of openness & receiving takes discipline.

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L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 38



with Dr Dawn Karima, Global Music Award Winner & host of A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA

What if I asked you to do a favour for me? And you said, “Yes”? Seems as if I must trust you or I wouldn’t have asked you for help, right? So, then, how would it look if I texted you every few minutes or called, saying, “Hey, how about that favour? Are you doing it? Have you already done it yet? You’re not forgetting, are you?” Out of kindness, at first, you might reassure me. But if I kept messaging you, I would only increase my stress, irritate you and make it seem as if I didn’t actually believe in you or your ability to help me. Made you smile, right? Most of us trust the family, friends, even the pizza delivery guy or the lady that delivers our online shopping purchases enough not to check up on them constantly. Yet, when it comes to our prayers, we may struggle to sustain our faith. If I’m baking delightful desserts and I put them in the oven, that’s a time for them to develop into delicacies. Yet, if I keep opening the oven and pulling them out, how will the treats I desire ever manifest? See how similar that is to worrying and reasoning once we’ve made our prayers and intentions?

Creator is way more able and way more willing to help than any human. Trusting Creator’s goodness is your seed of faith as you pray and then surrender to the Spirit. Replace worry with faith and corresponding actions. Easy for me to say, right? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. During the times when it’s challenging to walk by faith and not by sight, this idea helps me. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Personally, I made a “Something for God to Do Box”, a beaded box where I place all my concerns, which are written on slips of paper. I pray over the slips of paper, yet once I put them in the box, I believe I receive my answer. Every time I think of the situation, I give thanks or do any actions that I need to do to manifest my miracle, but I refuse to worry or to be troubled by the circumstance anymore. Whether you create an actual “Something for God to do” box or imagine one, you can THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! Think of everything in the box as off limits for worry. Think of blessings, good things, anything that liberates you from worry about what’s in the box. You’ll feed your faith and starve your fears!

Dr Dawn Karima Global Music Award Winner & host of A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA

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Communicating With Our Silent Companions By Deborah Livingston

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France Much can be said about Animals. They are much more than companions for all of us inhabiting this planet; they can be healers, guardian angels, and familiars. Their service to humanity can be understood beyond the normal view of their presence, and their silent camaraderie can bring so much richness to anyone’s life. The Native American’s read their messages and exalt their knowledge through the Wisdom of Animal Totems, and Animal Medicine. To perform basic communication with our pets, we do not need to master any technique, but rather apply our natural empathic bond with them and use basic skills of telepathy. Everyone is born with this ability, but like a muscle, telepathy needs to be trained to perform at its best. All animals communicate with each other, through smells, body language and also through telepathy. Their way of communicating telepathically is very diverse from our way; they don’t use words like the rest of us, instead, they use images, feelings, and emotions. In my experience as an animal communicator, I’ve learned there are essential elements for effectively communicating with them. These include a deep respect for them, compassion and understanding. One must never forget that Animals are spiritual beings, inhabiting a human world. Therefore, they possess alternate levels of awareness, which are certainly different from human perception, yet are still definite manifestations of consciousness.


L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 40


Many people misjudge the intelligence of animals because they “humanize� them and expect them to act and react as a human does, versus how an animal does. This is an inaccurate assessment and judgment of these sentient beings because they cannot expect to behave exactly as humans do. Having said that, they do possess certain similarities with human behavior. First, some may have more abilities to communicate, as a personal trait, while others may find it more difficult because they are timid by nature, just as some humans are extroverted and others are introverted. Also, in many cases of rescue animals, they manifest grief, fear and sometimes symptoms similar to humans suffering from post-traumatic stress. As with every person, communicating with every animal must be approached based upon its unique circumstances and life experiences, as well as its singular personality. When communicating with your pet, you need to express your message through a mindset of love, understanding and kinship. Animals possess the same complex emotions as humans do, although they can be interpreted as a bit more child-like. They grow and mature as well, but they maintain pureness and innocence, as they are not conditioned by society and illusions. They do not possess malice in their souls, and many times, when animals misbehave, you can assume that there is sound reasoning underlying their conduct. They are present, non-judgmental, and pure love. Animals are also very intuitive and spiritual, and some even see spirit themselves. To expand your consciousness, I highly recommend that everyone make an attempt to learn how to better communicate with your animals. This will broaden your assessment of reality, deepening the relationship with your animal companion and the love and insight they can bring to your life is without comparison

Deborah Livingston was blessed with the three Cs clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Since she was a young child, she has experienced vivid dreams, which foretell future events, as well as communication with the spirit world and animals. She has worked with clients all over the planet to help them embrace their spiritual gifts and determine how to move forward in their lives. She communicates with clients both face to face and through electronic media. FOR MORE INFORMATION Name: Deborah Livingston Address: Swampscott, MA Phone: 617-817-0721 Email: Web Address: Facebook:

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L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 42


Are You Being SELFISH? My passion is mentoring introverts, advocates and authors to have the confidence to step up and share their message with those who need to hear it. Why do I love working with introverts, authors and advocates? Because I am an introvert, advocate and author. I know what it is like to not want to step up and speak, to be quite comfortable working by myself – to reenergise with my own company – to feel uncomfortable, anxious and awkward when walking into meetings, networking or going to conferences. I know what it is like to be passionate about a cause, a message and to have the confidence to step up and share that passion, that message because of my speaking skills rather than feel frustrated because I couldn’t put all that emotion into words and structure to share that passion. I know what is like to write my first book and make all the mistakes you can possibly make. To know what it is like to have books on shelves and in boxes. To know and understand that it is not just writing the book – it is what you do with that book – it is being able to unlock the passion and words in the book and share it so others can find your book. Too often I hear people say I can’t speak, I have a fear of speaking – I couldn’t possible step out from behind my computer. I don’t know how to be an advocate for my business, my passion, my charity. I just wanted to write my book – people will find it, people will want to buy it. What I realised that changed my life, with the help of a mentor, and what I now share with my clients is this simple message:

It’s not about you – it’s about the people who want to hear your message. Can you really be that selfish that you will let your fear, your lack of knowledge, your lack of confidence; stop you from stepping up and sharing your passion? It could be just a few words, a sentence, an AHA moment that someone in your audience, your client hears from you that could change their world. By being selfish and letting your fear stop you from sharing your message, your passion, being the advocate you want to be; you could be depriving that person of the chance to be all that they could be. When you realise and understand the importance of this message it becomes so empowering. So take 30 seconds of insane courage and step up and speak. Make the difference you want to make in this world, change the lives you are there to change. Grab the confidence you get from enhancing your speaking skills, step up and shine brightly for those who need you to find you. Don’t make it hard for them. Remember it’s about them not you; it’s about the message not your fears, your awkwardness. Be you – don’t be selfish. Trish Springsteen Multi International Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author Contact Trish for a complimentary discovery session on Subscribe to Trischel’s YouTube channel

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RESPONSIBILITY management material and that I should really

Burnout to Brilliance

It is an absolute thrill and honour to be hosting Riches & The Soul Summit, where, through the journeys & life lessons of our speakers you will learn how to Build Your Empire, Rich in Soul, Love & Freedom. It is about creating our wealth from doing what we love & serving the world while blending the holistic approach of our body, mind and soul, and living a life filled with freedom, joy & peace. This is so dear to my heart. However, as a Business & Life coach, and professional accountant, wife (28 years) and mom, it was not always that way.

This is my Journey. Born in Jamaica, and moving to Canada in the early 1970’s, growing up, I was a very shy little girl that had big dreams of being successful one day. I honestly did not know what that would look like and read a lot of books about being successful. At 18, I was supposed to go to University; however, after my mom unexpectedly turned ill and my alcoholic dad abruptly up and left the family to go back to Jamaica, I suddenly lost the zest for school and decided to opt out. I spent the next few years regretting that I had made that decision, although truthfully I knew that in my heart it was the best decision I made at that time. Married young at 19 (and not because I was pregnant), I set out to work and make some money as an admin assistant. 8 years later, I finally met a boss that believed in my work and said that I was BACK TO CONTENT PAGE

pursuit some kind degree. I pondered with the idea and decided to go for my CPA. This was a gruelling 10 year journey as I worked full time and did my designation part time (minimum 25 hours per week). Success – I had made it! My next 7 years would prove to be the most rewarding and yet the most life-sucking too! After obtaining my CPA, I was absolutely blessed to finally have a beautiful daughter who was born on our 20th wedding anniversary (how divine). She was truly heaven sent as I thought I would never have kids.

This was the second time in my life that I witnessed myself completely manifesting my divine inner voice. I remember, praying every night to have a child and for them to be healthy. I truly BELIEVED. In this moment, I truly felt carried (I still get goose bumps when I retell the story). After working over 25 years in Business & Accounting in Senior Accounting positions and for some big companies, working 70 / 80 hour weeks, commuting and not taking care of my health, I literally became burnt out, stressed out and suddenly I crashed and burned. This was really tough for me. How could it be that what I really loved and finally making my 6 figures and really the success I had dreamed of that felt so empty?

L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 44


I literally sat on my couch and was downright depressed. When the “treadmill of life” stopped running I fell off! For some reason, I suddenly felt unaccomplished and unsuccessful in my life. The truth is on paper, I was very successful, but deep inside my soul, I completely was burnt out and broken. After watching a TON of TONY ROBBINS videos, I decided to hire a Dream Builder coach. This exposed me to a whole new world of personal development, pursuit of passion and thought processes. It left me thinking, why were we not taught this in schools at a young age? By working with her, the next 3 months were life changing for me, which helped me to go from depressed to feeling fulfilled. I had found my calling….

I realized that I needed to serve the world and help them to transform their lives. This work felt so fulfilling to me. Without realizing it, I had reignited my passion for teaching and helping people, a pursuit that I put on hold to complete my CPA. It was during this time I discovered the online world of entrepreneurship and various online communities (that’s a whole other story & article (smile), that when I was in my corporate world had no idea existed. That’s when I decided to finally open my coaching business. As a Business & Life coach, and professional accountant, my speciality is to help

heart-centred, passion-driven entrepreneurs, professionals or individuals go from BURN-OUT to BRILLIANT.

I help them to Conquer their Inner Game, Win at their Money Game, while designing their freedom lifestyle. So, in a nutshell, this is WHY I decided to do this summit. It truly warms my heart and soul to Inspire, Impact & Interact (my motto) millions of people around the in the world to BELIEVE that this is real and possible. Don’t miss out on this event. Please join us in spreading the word to the world. Interested in working with me? Reach out & lets connect. Go to my website and click the pop to schedule a FREE 30 min Discovery & Strategy Session. Much Love & Blessings,

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RESPONSIBILITY Riches and the soul summit



L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 46



L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 47



for the Perfect Girlfriend Love. I have always wanted to be 'the perfect girlfriend'. It has been my dream ever since I was a teenager to find a good man and be his wife and make him happy. After separating from the father of our child, and being in a new relationship, I have today come to the conclusion that 'finding the one' is not the answer. You know how Jim Carry said it about money, "I wish you all to be rich. You will find out it is not the answer". Same with finding 'the one', your soulmate. Sure, it is one of the loveliest things to fall in love and be in a healthy supportive relationship with someone that always has your back, yet, it is not the answer. Loving yourself and stepping into the vibration of love is. I can remember the moment it happened to me last week. I went to bed. That day my special person told me he would like my hair better than before I had my haircut. A few years ago, I would have done anything to let my hair grow back again to please and look good for him. I did feel deflated because I thought it suited me and it was 'me'. After a while I said to myself: "You know what? I love it! I love it anyways. You don't? That's okay. I do. It's me and I am enjoying it". That night I felt love from the core of my being. Love for my haircut, love for my messy thoughts, my past, the present, my future. I sent love to all directions of time that night. I loved myself for my imperfections. For not being 'the perfect girlfriend or woman'. I am okay with that. I love myself and I find that is all that matters. He might like my hair better as it was before the cut. I love myself more than ever by leaving it the way it is because I like it. BACK TO CONTENT PAGE

I have never felt better and reflecting on my wish to become someone's perfect girlfriend I realise how unloving that is to myself and the other person. I am lying and I create a false picture of who I am. That, in the long run made me very unhappy and angry. No one has felt truly loved in those past relationships. More so bordered to abuse. Today I love myself and find the more I love myself the better my relationships become. There is more respect, joy and of course love. Here are a few tips on how to bring love into your life: I like lying in bed first thing in the morning before I get up and breathe love in. Yup, it's that easy. Breathe love in and everything else out. Love in. Everything else out. Do that for a few minutes, feel it filling you up and surrounding you. Notice the difference between what happens after you start your day after a love meditation compared to other mornings. What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Any surprising events happening after a love meditation? Become aware of the differences and how it benefits you. Let me know how you go and if it was helpful to you. Find my contact details below. May love fill your heart and the rest of you. +61455657628

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If two make their way, then they are stronger than one. When one is tired, then carries him the other. When one has lost his way, hands him the other hand. If one loses hope, talking to him the other courage. When two go together one way then they go the way of love.

The Way

acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

by International Visual Artist Werner Szendi

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Agape I am blessed. I now realise the last twenty years without a partner, has given me time and space to live alone in the midst of nature, absorbing the calmness and beauty of my surroundings. I am without the pressure of balancing the needs and vulnerabilities of another person with my own needs and vulnerabilities. My solitude had given me the time and stillness to find the essence of who I am; what makes my heart sing, and the space to follow my destiny.

I have learnt about love – agape love. It has become my life’s lesson to know the nonjudgemental, unconditional love of the Universe. I have varying degrees of success. I find it easy to send non-judgemental unconditional love to the people I don’t know in their suffering millions. It was impossible until I come to know, without a doubt, that life is eternal. It’s much harder to find the non-attachment necessary to be, and give agape love with the ones I love dearly. I see them struggle with their own issues; of being frozen in grief or running from the pain of experiences held deep within. I would give unsolicited advice, and my greatest lesson was from a daughter with obesity issues, who told me, “I know you love me, but there is always a BUT….”

Arriving there, I found her sitting in the office area with an ice pack on her ankle, which she’d injured tripping on a raised display area. My daughter was looking at me with eyes shining with the most amazing expression of self-love. The shop people had showed her the utmost respect, taking care to treat her like the most valuable person in the shop. I had never seen such a look on her face. I asked myself, if these strangers could make my daughter feel this way, what was I doing to make her feel otherwise. It was my biggest lesson in agape love. We discussed this anomaly later, and she said those fateful words. I decided never again, to give unsolicited advice. It gives the message, ‘you are not capable of living your life to my expectations.’ It is difficult to allow the people you love so much, to suffer their own agonies! We see everything through the filters of our own perspectives, which are not applicable to anyone else. I have to trust in the agape love of the Universe; to be the conduit of agape love– non-judgementally and unconditionally. I must allow everyone to take their own journey in whatever form that takes. Joan E Derrick Author of The Spiritual Heritage for Children Series

I thought I was a good mother, loving and caring for her and stepping in when she was unable to care for herself. One day we were in a shopping centre, shopping separately, and planning to meet at the food hall for lunch. I heard over the centre inter com that I was required to go a certain shop.


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WHOLENESS wholeness


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Feed Your

Spiritual Self It is the spirit we are blessed with that gives us the opportunity to grow and naturally progress to our next soulful experience as a human being walking the earth, that nourishes us towards greater wholeness. How does ‘wholeness’ feed your spiritual self? Being whole with your faith is like walking peacefully hand in hand towards your marriage with your life journey. When you are born, a babe is nurtured without labels from society and its expectations. It is referred to as complete soulful wholeness. Once this babe evolves to an adult it then is challenged with society’s behaviours and their wholeness is then ‘contaminated’ to adjust to what is expected of them. Wholeness, in spirit is transforming from willingness to feed the soul to living it. This is what satisfies us when we most need our human selves to be healed and restored from mental and physical aguish. How does faith determine how you perceive your human wholeness? As a devotional faith guide, my role is to encourage you to regain your faith when hope feels as though it is diminishing from your spiritual self.

“Tree of Hope” Growth from the roots that spread from the tree Spiritual Aspects Rosa Carrafa |


Wholeness is derived from purity, intentional commitment to have a relationship with your faith. To restore or heal your belief in yourself and or the situation you are either being challenged in or perhaps celebrating in, one may require to ‘strip’ themselves of their reality. Admit, if you prefer, how you may have fallen or have unfortunately been treated.

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Have you taken responsibility for your own actions? If so, then sanctification or forgiveness towards you being whole again is well on its way. Wholeness begins with you. Your investment in yourself and your faith are the keys to you unlocking the doors of freedom of the soul. This freedom will lead you through the one door that will simultaneously then keep opening as your progress to your next great mission in life is being welcomed. Remember, your wholeness in spirit, as a contributing member of our community is in you.

Your faith never leaves you. You may leave your faith. YOU and YOUR FAITH balance perfectly and then celebrate your victory with WHOLENESS. You are never alone. In spirit, you are joined with your creator, your universal food for your soul.

As written and art by Spiritual Aspects - Ms Rosa Carrafa. Devotional faith Author page - RosaCarrafaAuthorIllustrator/

Praying Angel – Acrylic on Canvas Spiritual Aspects Rosa Carrafa |

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of being

The gift of life is an amazing thing, but how do you do justice to that gift? How could you ever repay it? After a decade of declining kidney function and five years on dialysis, I received a kidney transplant and a second chance at life. Thanks to the generosity of an unknown family, I had the opportunity to find an answer.

For me, joy comes from many things; the satisfaction of helping others, the pleasure of a hot cup of tea, the pride in achieving a goal, or the delight of seeing the stick insect when everyone else sees a twig.

The first (obvious) way to do justice to the gift of life is to live a "good" life; one that makes the sacrifice of another's worthwhile. To be happy, live large and suck the marrow from the bones of life. All that stuff.

With those things in mind, I chose five things I value; beauty, friendship, pleasure, wealth, wisdom. Except I call them virtues because I see them as things I need to actively develop into states of excellence.

I started with the best of intentions, but it doesn't take long to sink back into the thoughtless routines of everyday life. And by the time I reached the third anniversary of my transplant, all memory of a good life had faded.

Each virtue was defined according to my sense of joy. For example, beauty includes elements of taking care of my body, my home, my garden, and choosing what to wear each day. And friendship includes family, friends, the creatures that share my home and garden as well as contributions to the wider community.

Right up until a rejection scare brought it back front and centre where it should have been all along. And this brings us back to a more fundamental question, one debated by philosophers for centuries; what makes a good life? Or more particularly, what would my version of a good life look like? What would it value, and how would those values guide my choices?

My virtues are my path to joy; they help me narrow my options to only those that bring me closer to developing excellence. And because excellence doesn't happen by itself, I use them to set goals. For example, to increase the beauty in my life by planning and planting garden beds, or increasing pleasure by reading more books.

I think most of us fundamentally want to be happy. And if we are all honest, we don't just want to be happy, we want to be profoundly happy, we want joy. So, what brings you joy, and how do you bring it into your life?

It may seem too regimented to plan for joy, but how do you know you are joyous if you don't know what it feels like? And how can you find joy if you don't know where to look for it?


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“And this brings us back to a more fundamental question, one debated by philosophers for centuries; what makes a good life?”

Writer and philosopher Alexandria Blaelock advocates embracing precious things like beauty, friendship and wisdom. Discover more at 59 | L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7




One thing that I have learned over the years is that when I randomly help someone, or even just offer them a smile I feel better for it remember a time when I was in the car park at the local shops and I saw two elderly men putting some groceries into their car when one of the bottles of soft drink fell out and rolled under the car.

I offered to help and their response was quite unexpected, “No thanks love, I don’t trust that you won’t run off with our bottle of coke!” and then they both burst into laughter. Although they declined my help I couldn’t stop giggling and saw them about an hour later walking around. They gave me a wink and a smile as I walked past. They were both obviously having a great time and their happiness infected me! Looking back now I’m not actually sure which random act of kindness made my day more, mine for offering to help, or there’s for their jovial, upbeat manner. Either way, we both got a laugh out of it.


L i g h t w o r k e r A d v o c a t e M a g a z i n e – S u m m e r e d i t i o n 2 0 1 7 | 60


These are just a few ideas of Random Act of Kindness that you can bring into your life. But the main thing to remember is that when you are genuinely interested in the people around you, you will feel more connected and that brings in happiness. Until next time remember, Happiness Starts with a Smile

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This will only TAKE A SECOND, but here's the honest truth, the living light, and the path to set you free...

 See, it goes like this: Your mind tells your eyes what to see.
Your brain tells your ears what to hear. Your thoughts tell your mind's-eye what to perceive. And your mentality affects every facet of what you believe to be true -and assume your reality to be.

Let’s learn to LET GO of all the aggressive anger and raging resentment caused from aging aches, to hard-heart breaks, to cell-bound chains, to pressures, stressors, strains and pains. Let’s let go one area, one brick, one choice, and one issue at a time. Then step-by-step, tear-by-tear, time-aftertime, again-and-again, release those negativenagging evil demons, and replace them with the positively-placed principles that transparently embrace a constant-caring, compassion-centered, life-changing, love-laced lifestyle.

What you hear: and how you apply and reply to sounds and spoken-words

This lifestyle I've personally-dubbed "Channeling Changes."
But as I've said before: my name as Denton Ramsey and the show's title of Channeling Changes are NOT what is important.

What you see: and assume to be reality

What IS important is the message and the lifestyle.

What you smell: and the moments and memories associated with such scents

What IS important is accepting, believing, and changing your pre-wired mentality -- while striving to live by example, selflessly serve, and unconditionally love.
And, one again, this isn't about me.
It's about living that love-laced lifestyle.

Ultimately, YOU control everything around you:

What you taste: and how you have been raised to understand what foods are "good" or "bad" for your health or well-being

 What you touch: and the results from such actions and one's pre-trained knowledge on what the object is based on how it feels

Truly LIVING it. Through how we think.
How we act.
How we react.
And how we interact.

Are you ready for this sacred journey?

Starting to make sense yet?
 This bare-bones breakdown is not intended cause alarm, anger, fear, or resentment. In fact, my hope is that it will allow you to openly think, begin to see, and readily receive the knowledge that ALL of us as humans in this human race - must learn to LOVE and LET GO. Truly LOVE one another; selflessly, compassionately, faithfully, and wholeheartedly. Every single day. Every single encounter. Every single moment. Every single being.

Denton Ramsey is a 37-yearold lightworker who was recently led to start a podcast and website called "Channeling Changes: The Power of Positivity." (The show's site may be found online at He resides in Central Texas and may be reached via email at

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If we truly love someone, we need to give him the freedom: the freedom to make his own decisions, the freedom to live as he wants - not the way we want it. If you let go of something you are a bit happier. If you let go a lot, you're much happier. If you let go completely, you're free. Freedom is the supreme good of man.

by International Visual Artist Werner Szendi


acrylic on canvas, 73 x 40 cm

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through and To be peaceful we need to come out of our heads and sit within our heart. This is one of the first things I share with a client to take their thoughts from their brow and let them slide all the way down into their hearts and sit within the still clear flame within. The flame is the source of all our strength, power and wisdom. It is where we KNOW real and true PEACE. Just take a moment now to try it … breathe and go within.

Meditation also helps to still your mind and bring a peaceful state to your being. Many say I can’t completely still my mind when I meditate. And that is ok you are human and some days it is easier to mediate and other days much harder, depending on what is happening within and around you.

Feel it … be still in it … call in Divine Peace and feel it.

However, every effort to find peace will always bring a certain amount of peace to you, it all depends on the amount you are allowing yourself access. Remember you are your healer and you ‘FEEL’ peace. So for peace to reside within you must FEEL it.

Peace is a feeling and not a thought. Peace is a way of being and not ‘a doing’. Peace is only ever found within and never outside of self.

Please feel free to download my free meditation half way down my website home page called “Clear Quartz Temple of Purity” -

When I take a Transformation with Sound Session or workshop people always walk away saying ‘I have never felt so peaceful! All thoughts have been wiped away and I feel still, present and peaceful’.

May peace be in your heart, mind and soul and may you remember the true essence of peace, as it is the gateway to Divine Love.

This is what real peace does for you. It slows your mind down so that you can feel the undercurrent of love in your life. Music wipes away the dross and opens you to a peaceful, loving state that transcends time and space. Think about listening to your favorite song, it takes you back in time and place when it meant so much for you. You can see, smell and remember the people and situation you were in that very first time.

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Lightworker Advocate Magazine Summer 2017 Edition  

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