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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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SECTION3: WILLINGNESS 26| WillingtoWin! byDr DawnKarima 28| CanWillingnessGotooFar?bySusieBeiler


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50| ListenbyRaul Estevez 52| WhyYouReallyNeedSelf-Discipline&PassionbyTina Fletcher

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

SECTION7: FAITH 55| GatetoChangebyWerner Szendi 56| WhoAreYou?byDeborahLivingston


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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Hey Everyday Lightworkers! Editor: Michelle Lightworker admin@lightworkerreflections.com | https://www.lightworkerreflections.com +61 433 831 946 | Designer: Tina Fletcher| Photo credit: Emmanuel Itier

When it comes to my life purpose there is one thing for sure, it has less to do with me, and more to do with 'we'. Every project course, magazine, film, tv/radio show or project that I create, is geared towards that mission. When I was called to create this magazine, it was about gathering the energy of 12 high vibrational frequencies as embodied in the everyday lightworker principles that I wrote about in the Everyday Lightworker Bible. Our contributors write about in these as the focus of this magazine. Now this magazine is about gathering the energy of unity consciousness with our broader community for collaboration and expansion to raise the consciousness of this planet. You will find this edition of amplified with interactive experiences such as streaming video, tv shows, films, music and podcasts! You can listen in to my introductory video above to hear more about my new TV Show Enlightened Conversations. I am excited that Lightworker Advocate has been a part of a bigger mission of collaboration consciousness. Just look at the back page with all the support and sponsors we now have. This is growing daily. I feel blessed that it supports the community and is building a united high energy force to change old paradigms. Our front cover story wrote itself before it was even planned. I stumbled into meeting Emmanuel Itier during a live stream of my TV Show Enlightened Conversations with guest Kelly Kingston from Inspired Living Events. An off the cuff remark of saying he'd be a perfect guest for the show, led to a deep and lasting connection with this Hollywood Director/Peace Activist. This is just one confirmation of hundreds. We are attracting many collaborators to bring peace in action on our planet. I am so honoured and blessed. I hope you feel drawn to support and join hands with the-ascension we are creating together. ~ PAGE 5~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Wh er e it all began .... Th e 12 Ever yday Ligh t w or k er Pr in ciples A pr in cipled (n on -per f ect ) appr oach t o ever yday lif e.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Honesty, w hat i s i t really? For m an y it is abou t bein g h on est w it h ever yon e ar ou n d you an d w h at w e r eally f or get is abou t bein g h on est w it h in ou r selves. For many it is about being honest with everyone around you and what we really forget is about being honest within ourselves. As an Intuitive Healer or a Psychic reader you have to be so honest with yourself while with clients. Stepping back and having a look after each session clarifies that what you thought beforehand may indeed be different after each experience. If you find those that in the industry find faults in what you do or how you do your work, your mind may do its best to pull you down. Standing in your own power may become harder unless you begin to ignore the so called truths within you. I mean the so called truths because you are discovering more about yourself each time you reflect on your sessions with your clients. This is where the Honesty within you can be tested as your ego steps up to the plate and does its best to distract you. Each time you look at yourself honestly you will find another cupboard draw becomes empty within you, one that was full of stuff that limited you. As you do this the part of you that allows the messages and the healing energy to come through will become stronger and you will feel more powerful. Looking at yourself in an honest light each time, will also allow you to see how strong or how true you really are and provides a guard against getting caught up in other peoples beliefs about you or their opinions. You would have already had that look and know your limits at that moment as well. ~ PAGE - 8 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Many times I have been told I am not able to do this or that it is not possible or "What do you know. You have not been doing it for long?" (Well in their eyes anyway). So being honest with myself and seeing how or what I am doing helps with this, for it is very easy to just get caught up in it all. As you can see Honesty comes in many forms and taken the time to see what you really think and what you can actually do will help you grow and become more conscious about yourself. So the next time you feel your energy drop, have a quick check and see if you are being honest with yourself and those that are around you. Ivan Beazleigh, Enchanted Healing http://www.enchantedhealing.com.au/

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Th e I m p or t an ce of

Bei n g Au t h en t i c

?I n Public Spea king it is fine to have r ole models ? but we must spea k in our own unique ma nner . We ca nnot be a nother ?them?; we must str ive to be a better us?.? Tr ish Spr ingsteen Public Speaking M entor Coach Author

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View Trish's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 There is a lot of talk around about authenticity and it really is vitally important. People will work with those they like, know and trust. You cannot build that rapport with someone who is not genuine, who is not able to come out from behind that mask of uncertainty and step up and share their message.

So w h y do w e h ide beh in d t h ose m ask s an d pr et en d? Mostly it is because we are not confident, not too sure of ourselves ? if something happens and it doesn?t quite work out then we can pretend that it wasn?t us. It happened to the person wearing the mask not me the true person behind the mask. That?s a great coping technique, however the problem is that the audience, your clients, your team your friends are not so easily fooled and they will very soon realise that you are not being genuine. The other reason is that we often try and copy that great speaker, the entrepreneur we met, the business owner that was in the media, the boss we saw and admire. We try to be just like them! However, what works for them may not; and in most cases, will not work for you. You need to find what works for you ? what are the natural techniques you have as a speaker, what are you naturally good at in business, ?polish them and shine ? stepping out from behind the mask and being you. Find what you are good at, what you feel centered in doing and do it. Som e t ips t o h elp you get r id of t h e m ask : Have the courage to be you ? yes I know that it is easy to say and sometimes not so easy to do. Take a deep breath and have those 30 seconds of insane courage? it will be worth it.

Accept that not everyone will like you and that is okay ? you will connect with those that do. When you realise and accept this it becomes very empowering. It has nothing to do who you ? perhaps your message is not for them? Let your passion shine - If you have a message that is so important that you are ready to step up and speak, so important that you have written that book, so important that you started that business; then show that passion ? believe in yourself, believe in your message and your audience, your clients and your team will believe in you. Share your experiences and stories Audiences relate to stories and when you share yours you are revealing who the real you is. Let your passion shine when speaking about your business to audiences, clients, staff, or suppliers. Be you. Tr ish Spr in gst een Multi International Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author Contact Trish for a complimentary discovery session on info@trischel.com.au www.trischel.com.au www.trishspringsteen.com facebook.com/Trischel facebook.com/trishspringsteenspeaking/ linkedin.com/in/trishspringsteen/ twitter.com/TrishatTrischel pinterest.com/trishtrischel/ Subscribe to Trischel?s YouTube channel http://bit.ly/145mDWq

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

HelpingWomenRediscover Themselves ThroughTheProcessof Divorce Underlying many of our fears around being

Some great questions to ask yourself to help

totally honest is the perceived risk we take in

navigate through the process honestly:

opening ourselves up to judgment when in fact what generally happens is the complete opposite. By allowing ourselves to be honest


work when I tell another ?little white lie??

and vulnerable we create the opportunity for people to get closer to us, to really know, love

How does my inner guidance system


What does that little voice in my head sa when I violate my own moral code?

and care for us. -

Do I say things that are variations of the

Honesty and vulnerability seem to be closely

truth of a situation or how I really feel

tied and when we withhold what is really going

about something?

on for us it keeps people from ever really


getting to know us.

When and where is it appropriate to hold back from saying exactly what I think?

It seems so easy to see faults in other people, to


easily identify the countless times they may have lied to us about even the smallest, silliest

What is my automatic response when someone asks how I am?


What do I miss out on when I have the

things when what would be much more helpful

opportunity to say how I feel or what I

and empowering is to take a good hard look at

really think?

ourselves, how we show up in our relationships and friendships and most importantly with ourselves. How do you consistently take the higher ground and maintain your integrity and honesty when faced with false accusations, when you uncover lies and deceit from your closest family and friends and when you are placed in a position where you must also look deep into yourself and identify all the times you too have failed to remain true to who you are?

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Have you chosen to see yourself as a work in progress, recognizing the areas in your life where your integrity and honesty needs a little bit of work, where you are able to speak openly and honestly with significant people in your life about


how you really feel. Where you can step outside


of yourself and identify the times you have told ?little white lies,?that seem so harmless at the time. The reality is that being honest with ourselves or with is others is not always as easy to do as we


might think. Take some time answer the questions I have posed, these will help you gain a little more self awareness, insight and understanding.

Jenny is a Certified Separation & Divorce Coach, Creator of the Divorced Women?s Club and Co-creator of the Separation Made Easy Program

View Jenny's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

You will find out more about Jenny here Facebook:www.facebook.com/DivorcedWomensClub Website:www.divorcedwomensclub.com.au To connect with Jenny Email:jenny@divorcedwomensclub.com.au Mobile:0425 210 064 ~ PAGE - 13 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

?Be open to everything and at

by Car oly n K i n g

I love this quote.? It?s a great reminder for me that everything in this world is transitory.?It also reminds me that what I believe today may change tomorrow.?I love to call myself a student of life.? This means that I am always learning and growing.?I have learned that if I want to continue on my path of happiness and enlightenment I can?t be attached to anything, especially a belief system.?

I wasn?t open to the possibility that I could change my life.?At that point in my life everything was bleak, happening to me and I couldn?t change it because it was who I was? or so I thought.?

I did it all!?

By opening my mind to seeing the world in a different light, I began to release the depressive thoughts.?

I have learned that there are so many different people out there, living lives totally unfamiliar to mine and I have opened my mind and heart to all the experiences.?

At it s cor e m y belief syst em doesn?t ch an ge.

Our life and this universe are always changing and this is a huge educational and adventurous playground.?

I believe that we should all honor and be kind to others.? But that?s pretty much it, everything else sways in the wind when I read a new book or get engrossed into a new way of thinking.

I began to look at myself as someone that is on a journey, and that I could move on from that depressive part of my story.?I opened my mind to the possibility of creating a new life.?

Having gone through depression, one of the things holding me back was being attached to the persona of being a depressive, ?poor me? person.?

Wh y cou ldn?t I w r it e an d pu blish a book ?? Wh y cou ldn?t I h ave a su ccessf u l bu sin ess h elpin g ot h er s?? Wh y cou ldn?t I speak in pu blic??? ~ PAGE - 16 ~

I wrote and published a book, I see and help many people and I speak in public every chance I get.? Now I venture out into the world.

I was originally stuck in my little world of my family and friends which was very limited.?

Now I h ave all t h ese dif f er en t w or lds of dif f er en t people w it h dif f er en t per son alit ies an d belief s an d I am em br acin g t h em all. I am a dance mum, I am a soccer mum, I am a corporate employee, I am a kinesiologist, I am an author, I am a speaker. All these personas expose me to different worlds.

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

ttached to nothing?


Get ou t t h er e, m eet n ew people, do n ew t h in gs. Open you m in d, open you r h ear t an d lif e w ill br in g you exper ien ces beyon d an yt h in g you can im agin e n ow.?An d t h at ?s w h en lif e get s in t er est in g!

Car olyn Kin g Speaker / Author / Kinesiologist PKP Kinesiology / Brain Gym / LEAP 1 0402 145 342 www.empowerkin.com.au www.empoweredhappiness.com www.facebook.com/empowerkin www.facebook.com/groups/CreatingEmpoweredHappiness

Click here for Carolyn Hosting Enlightened Conversations View Carolyn's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017


Loss is

By Kr istie Or d & Clint M or ga n Kristie says: For the past 10 weeks I have been growing a beautiful baby. Its been an incredible experience ? one I'll never ever forget. One that taught me so much about life, love and gratitude. I remember what was going on a few days before we found out. We had just got home from Bali after an amazing (and romantic) holiday together? . We got back into our business and life as per usual but I was so tired and highly emotional. Clint would even walk into the room and I?d get agitated at the sight of him. I?d cry at the drop of the over nothing Lorem ipsum dolorhat sit amet consetetur sadipscingand elitr. was convinced something was wrong with Clint. After a few days of these wild emotions I started to think.. "OMG what if I am pregnant and nothings actually wrong with Clint? " Tu r n s ou t ? I w as! There was so many mixed emotions - shock, instant love, gratitude and excitement. I felt even more love for Clint and so much excitement for our future together as a family. It was so amazing to see the look on Clint's face when I told him.

My head raced 9 months down the track and what it would feel like to have this little bundle of joy in my arms. Keeping it a secret was just not happening in our world as we began to share the great news with our family and friends. It felt right for us to celebrate with everyone and it still does feel right that we shared the news. My motherly instincts started kicking in. I became far more nurturing, loving, and a proud mum of this beautiful little soul already. We st ar t ed plan n in g ? moving house, how we would do the birth and the whole being a mum thing consumed my thoughts ? it was so surreal. We would talk to our baby and tell him/her how much we love it and sing to him/her regularly. Clint was so cute. I went through all the early pregnancy symptoms. The feeling of a hangover, tiredness, emotions running wild ? the whole lot. Plus my belly just started to get a little pudgy last week.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

~ PAGE - 18 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 Clint and I are doing ok. We see the growth and perfection in the imperfection. We see it wasn?t meant to be right now and we are so so grateful for these past 10 weeks. This experience and little soul has taught us sooo much about becoming parents, about ourselves, about love and so much about life in general. I feel so grateful to be on this earth. I'm so grateful for the people and support that we have in our lives. So grateful for Clint and so grateful for that little baby.

I felt my purpose expand and broaden as it no longer was about just me and Clint. We had this little precious gift to think about and provide for.

Su ch an am azin g Exper ien ce ... A Lif e Ch an gin g On e that has changed our life in sooo many ways. We connected to that little soul and know it was a super high vibrational baby. Sadly though last week something started to change. I started to bleed but after doing research and calling around hospitals it appeared this was a normal part of pregnancy. Things got worse though and I started to be in a lot of pain. After a day at the hospital we sadly lost our little baby. Ive never felt heartbreak or sadness like this and really never knew I could. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

We grieved and cried and reminisced on the whole experience ? and still are.

I feel a lot has shifted within me. To fully step up in life, to never play it small, to expand, to impact, to give and to lead. To act from love and not fear and from even more alignment as we just never know what?s ahead. We aren?t taught how to act towards people who are going through something like this but I do want you to know to please don?t feel you need to feel sorry for us. We believe everything is perfect and this is just part of the plan. We don?t know why it happened but we have faith it was meant to be. We have a positive outlook. We have a lot to look forward to in our journey ahead and this treasure is now a part of our purpose in life. Thank you sooo much to our friends and family who have shown so much love and support to us.

To our little angel ? we love you so much! You will forever be in our hearts. We may not ever be able to hold you but we will certainly always love you our little squishy -- mummy and daddy Xx

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Clint Shares: Wh at if w e didn't lose an d on ly gain ed? What started with a thought, infused with love and passion turned into a little creation. A life force. We literally created life as a manifestation of our expression of love... The last ten weeks have been incredible, Kristie Ord and I have shared so many beautiful moments together. Talking to her stomach. Seeing the faces of excitement from our friends and family. We became the three best friends. I've grown up more in the last ten weeks, my vision has grown and I'm now thinking of providing for not just Kristie and I but also the baby. I've checked in and reassessed my values, relationship and business. I feel extremely grateful for designing a life where I can be with her, and even in a time of distress the other day we were together.

View Kristie & Clint's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

I share from my personal experience, but although it was a traumatic experience it "Lorwas emonesit ipsum incredible love dolor filled day. sit

a met concetetur sa dipscing elitr sed dia m nonumy eir mod." Kr ist ie Or d https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kristie-Ord-240584899450806

Clin t M or gan https://www.facebook.com/ClintMorganInc/

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

From Dogma to Truth The definiton of open-mindedness?is a willingness to try new things or to hear

with Lynn Merrin Metaphysical Counsellor / Healer www.lynnmerrinspiritguide.com

and consider new ideas.

An example of an?open-minded?person is one who listens to her opponent in a debate to see if the information makes sense or if she can change her?mind. My experience to date has been the usual childhood instilled dogma of religion, education, modern medicine and politics, but for the most part, I never accepted what I was told by those in power as truth. My family was diverse with regard to religion, with grandparents of baptist religion - my grandfather a mason, my mother raised as Presbyterian, I was sent to church of England services and married into the catholic religion. Nothing felt right to me as I weighed up the beliefs of these various institutions and their spiritual content, my Libran ascendant seeming to consistently evaluate both sides of the story, but with me needing to make my own discoveries through the study of ancient texts. To me it is important to keep and open mind at all times, but also to be aware of what resonates as truth as an individual. We have our barometer, our intuition to guide us, so an open mind is the perhaps the first stage of the filtering to our own truth and everyone's truth will be what is right for them. Open-mindedness allows us to be just that, open to all possibilities. To listen, observe, evaluate and then discount what we don't accept as our truth. Without open mindedness, we are restricted to a limited mind set and experience of life. Our education system has been largely designed to inform a set criteria, with students learning verbatim and repeating the said ~ PAGE - 22 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 information to attain recognisable results. This system has not necessarily allowed for the questioning of values and truths or allowed for the open-mindedness of students. In today's world of limitless Internet news and information, the technology to reveal the truth of ancient cultures, hidden truths, conspiracies and suggested clandestine global control, we need to have an open mind as to what is really transpiring in all areas of our world. Open-mindedness allows the awareness we need to allow all information to be recognised, processed and filtered, to finally realise what is true for us as individuals to function positively in our chosen reality, fully informed and aware. Without open-mindedness, we can become blinded to reality, indoctrinated and some conclude, even brainwashed into submission by the media, religion, politics, education, medicine, or in fact any one, or any thing. The responsibility is ours to be discerning and evaluate all options regarding all area of our life, any alleged propaganda and question, with an open-mind and unbiased heart. We are born with innate, powerful intuition as our guide to navigate our journey through life and we are wise to pay attention to that nagging inner voice that may be suggesting that we seek more, question more, expect more. Opening our minds to limitless possibilities, endless abundance and the fact that we create our reality daily through quantum physics. What we focus on we manifest with our thoughts and feelings. Not all is as it seems and we need to take the reigns of our navigation journey, armed with our skills, experience, focus, personal belief in our own ability and our open mind, to allow the universe to bring what we have asked for in the right time for our highest good. -Quote Author

Keep an open mind to allow for you wish, for and deserve.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

WILLING TOWIN!? By Dr Dawn Karima, Global Music Award Winner, Indigenous Artist Activist Award Winner &Talk Show Host?

?I am so tired of my problems,? I told my Medicine Man while I was going through a trying time. ?I?m tired of talking about my problem. I?m tired of thinking about my problem. I?m tired of praying over and over about this same sad problem. You know what I am super tired of? Having me on my mind all the time!?? My wise friend smiled. ?Then, get busy blessing somebody else. Call them and ask how THEY are doing. Pray about other people?s problems. Cheer someone else up. Volunteer. Give. Share. Do something that takes your mind off your problems.

They?ll still be there when you get back, but you?ll be refreshed and ready to tackle them again with new energy.??

The kittens offer unconditional love and my friend feels uplifted and useful!?

My Medicine Man was right. Volunteering is a vacation from our own lives. We may even realize that we feel better after helping others. We may see that we don?t have it so bad after all.

?How can I help somebody else?? You may be tempted to think, ?Do you know how much trouble I?m dealing with right now? I don?t have enough money to share with others. I?m barely making it myself!? Or you may be thinking that your own crisis needs all of your time and concentration. In my own life, whenever I think I can?t help others, that?s when I KNOW I must!

Get bu sy bein g a blessin g! Clean out your closets and donate the clothing! Visit or check on an Elder. Give time or money or skills to help someone else. I have a dear friend that goes to the animal rescue and grooms and pets the kittens whenever she feels stressed.

~ PAGE - 26 ~

Selfishness is a sign that our problem is damaging our perspective.

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 My granddaddy used to say, ?You can?t help everybody, but you can help somebody!?? One of the greatest ways you can help others is by being kind and merciful towards them. ?Most problems aren?t permanent and it is truly important that we remain humble when our own storms pass over. Prepare to share your own experiences with other people who find themselves in similar situations to the hardship that you faced.? Remember how you got out of trouble? Folks helped you. Maybe it took a few miracles. We don?t have to dwell on our difficulties, but it sure does help if we remain humble and grateful once we escape. We can be patient with people who are going through turmoil. Helping them through their anguish can be a good way to remind ourselves of our blessings during a difficult time.? Who can YOU encourage today? Who could use a phone call or message? Who might appreciate your advice about what you?ve learned during your own time of strife? Sharing wisdom or simply listening can provide a powerful way for us to bless others while being blessed ourselves. I don?t know about you, but most of the time, when I set out to help someone else, I am the one who ends up being blessed!

M y gr a ndda ddy used to say, ?You ca n?t help ever ybody, but you ca n help somebody!?? View Dawn's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

Daw n Kar im a https://m.facebook.com/Dawn-Karima-174762709390180 ~ PAGE - 27 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Can Willin gn ess Go t oo Far ?

I found myself stretched too thin, exhausted,

doing things in other realms of which I have

and burnt out. I?m actually pretty great at

not been aware. This means that while I?m

self-love and caring for myself. I eat healthy

doing my thing as a human on this planet,

food. I maintain hydration. I?m constantly

other parts of me are doing their things on

hiking the Sedona trails. I listen to my body.

other planets or perhaps galaxies, and maybe

Yet , h er e I w as, on t h e ot h er side of h ealt h y.

even in other universes.

I had done too much. How did this happen?

Per h aps you ?ve exper ien ced t h is as w ell.

If I?ve learned anything on this ascension

If you?re reading this, it?s likely that you are

journey, it?s that we are much more than the

one who came to earth to assist. Chances are,

physical body. Our essence radiates far

you are not a soul who came here to ?check it

beyond where we can even imagine. We have

out?. You came with a mission and purpose.

aspects of ourselves operating in many

What I?ve learned is that people like us are

realms and realities, sometimes outside of

bridging many realities. We are bringing

our conscious awareness.

codes from other places within the multiverse

When I approached my mentor in utter

to this planet for her ascension and for the

frustration about why I was experiencing

expansion of the people here. This means we

burn out, he said, ?Your a willing soul. You

are always ?at work?. We are Bridgeworkers? .

just want to help?

We are willing souls to want to help. We are

Hmmm? ok?

so committed to our missions that we will do

What I have been learning about myself is

whatever it takes to create Heaven on Earth.

that I have aspects (parts of myself) that are

And yet, we are in human bodies. We have

~ PAGE - 28 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

? A Lightworker?s Balancing Act

human needs such as rest, play, paying our

bodies on this planet. I call it integrating the

bills, and feeding ourselves. We have our

soul aspects so that the human body is in

?work? to do here too.

charge of our experience. We must be willing

How does on e m an age t h is?

to develop awareness and set healthy

It?s starts with awareness. Of course, we must

boundaries. Sometimes the soul is willing to

also be willing to operate in this realm- to care

do more than the physical body can handle.

for and nourish the physical body. We must

It?s ok to say, ?NO. I choose not to do this act of

appreciate ourselves as humans and how

service right now.? Finally, we must be willing

powerful it is to be human. Most of us have

adaptable. What you can handle one day may

forgotten how powerful we are as humans.

not hold true the next. What you were not

We?ve been distracted by the illusions of the

able to do last week, you may now be capable

matrix. For some of us, it?s easier to ?out of the

of executing.

body? most of the time. We lik e t h ose

Be willing to enjoy the ride!

?h igh er ? r ealm s bet t er t h an t h e den sit y of

With lots of Love, Susie

ear t h .


We must be willing to be HERE, present in our


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t n e m t n e s e R g n i s a e l Re s s e n e v i g r thr ough Fo

On e of t h e m ost t oxic, n egat ive

It is important to remember that such

an d low vibr at ion al en er gies you

intense feelings as anger, resentment,

hatred and even a desire for revenge are

can exper ien ce is r esen t m en t .

part of the

Blaming someone else, making another


person wrong, placing others at fault,

experience and

suggesting others are the problem and

that they serve

cause of your emotions and feelings. This

to demonstrate

feeling essentially comes from f ear , a fear

what you

of having to look at yourself which would

understand as

mean having to experience and feel all the

acceptable and

hurt, of not being good enough, of not


being worth loving or some other form of

ways of being

not ok, so you resent to protect yourself

treated or

from and avoid the pain.

treating others

When you hold resentment you shut down

and come from

physically, mentally, emotionally and/or

the need for

spiritually, become bitter as a result of your


experience, lose your sense of joy for life

safety, love and respect.

resulting in putting up walls to protect

So, h ow do you m ove t h r ou gh or let go

yourself from similar experiences, which

of r esen t m en t in or der t o em br ace m or e

makes life in general more difficult and you

love, com passion an d u n der st an din g?

Ther e is no love without for giveness, a nd ther e is no for giveness without love. Bryant H. McGill

being less able to express love for self or others.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 The best process you can use is firstly be

Jou r n alin g pr ovides a saf e space w h er e you

willing to acknowledge, feel and experience

can sim ply w r it e dow n , f u lly expr ess an d

the hurt, find the feeling of not good enough

get t h em an y st u ck em ot ion s an d f eelin gs

or not worth loving and then cry, yell, scream,

ou t , w it h ou t ju dgm en t , in an open an d

whatever it takes to no longer need or hold

h on est w ay so t h at you can m ove in t o

onto the resentment.

f or given ess.

Once you have done this you are able to move

To do this simply start by identifying one

into forgiveness, that is a conscious decision

person who you feel angry, resentful or hurt

to release yourself from hate, resentment,

by and then:

animosity or anger, to accept past experiences


as they were and a choice not to seek revenge or punishment from those who may have

Descr ibe the situatio n, event or experience involving this person


Ack n ow ledge the emotions and

harmed you or wronged you in some way.

feelings that have been brought to the

Forgiveness is not about the other person, it

surface for you

does not mean you are condoning,


Begin to explor e the possible reasons

overlooking, endorsing or excusing the

or circumstances which may have led to

behaviour, it is about being willing to release

this event or situation happening or to

yourself from any toxic or destructive

the person treating you this way so you

emotions and feelings or hurt and pain from

can begin seeing things from a different

the past.


This then allows you to take your power back,


Iden t if y any possible solutions or

take situations, experience and events less

actions you can take to transform or

personally and embrace peace,

resolve the situation or experience (eg.

understanding, compassion and empathy for

Raise the issue with the person

self (and others) so you can change your story

involved, talk to friends who support

to one which is much more empowering and

and encourage you, engage a

positive moving forward. If like many people,

therapist/counsellor or let go of the

as a child you took on beliefs about negative

situation/close the door on the

feelings or emotions being wrong,

relationship completely)

unacceptable or inappropriate to express or

If you feel you are not ready to forgive, it is

give voice to, then you may find a process of

important to acknowledge this and to simply

-Quote Author journaling helpful to support you in shifting

allow yourself to be willing to move towards

and transforming the energy around the

forgiveness at some point, as this will let the

person, relationship, situation or experience.

Universe know you want to let go and for the

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Jour na ling pr ovides a sa fe spa ce wher e you ca n simply wr ite down, fully expr ess your self. help and support to be provided for you

By Lean n e, Th e Bar ef oot M ediu m ,

to know how to do this at the time that

International Medium, Trance Channel,

is right for you. When it comes to

Spiritual Teacher and Author d desire in life.

working with forgiveness, it is important


to remember to forgive for yourself. The Temple is a FREE monthly Magazine

Forgive yourself or others for not

published electronically by Leanne, The

knowing, for holding on to old

Barefoot Medium for subscribers containing

resentments, situation, experiences or

articles, affirmations, tips, tools, guidance and

relationships, for any damage caused by

interviews with experts, conscious

you or others, for protecting yourself

practitioners, advocates and leaders in their

from being hurt, for blaming others for

field to support you in your journey of

problems, situations and experiences in

connection, transformation and growth

your life or where others have blamed

through Love, Soul and Spirit.

you as well as any times where you may


have made life more challenging, difficult or a struggle when it may not have been necessary. Remember, you can only make choices, decisions and take actions from where you are in any given moment in time, with the level of awareness you have and by doing the best you possibly can with the knowledge and wisdom you

Jessica Lange

currently have. When you have more knowledge, wisdom and understanding, you do better, have better and are better in each moment.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 Th e com m on def in it ion of f or given ess, an d on e w it h w h ich w e all iden t if y; is ceasin g t o be an gr y or r esen t f u l, t ow ar ds a per son or even t , becau se of on e or m or e exper ien ces of ou r lif e. Th e exper ien ce m ay be r eal or im agin ed; of w h ich w e ar e con sciou sly or u n con sciou sly aw ar e of t h e sou r ce. I think it necessary to look at un-forgiveness, to truly understand the need for forgiveness. Buddha said, "Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else - you are the one who gets burnt." Un-forgiveness is a common human trait, and there are times when the experience of life seems to justify such an attitude. The type of abuse, how it was perpetrated, and the degree of lasting harm will determine the perspective the person will develop leading to a belief about themselves, and life in general.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

Un-forgiveness will enter into the psyche in some form, either against oneself or against the perpetrators. Un-forgiveness against oneself takes the form of shame, self loathing, self doubt, a lack of self esteem and self confidence. Un-forgiveness against the perpetrator takes the form of anger, resentment and blame.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

All forms of un-forgiveness is damaging to the person holding onto it. If the un-forgiveness is held against oneself it creates blockages against living a happy, relaxed fulfilling life, because the belief is that one is not worthy of the best love and life has to offer, bringing forth self sabotage or immobilization in fear. Even though we may not have suffered extreme abuse, we all seem to have taken on some form ~ PAGE - 34 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

?An eye for a n eye ma kes the whole wor ld blind.? M ah at m a Gan dh i

of un-forgiveness; often with little understanding of why we feel that way. It can take various forms which are difficult to recognize as un-forgiveness. Judging another for being different, disabled, or not as we desire them to be, is a form of un-forgiveness; of them or of the Divine for allowing it to happen. Forgiveness does not condone the damage done, yet it must start with understanding the other person, for without it, there is no possibility of a true, deep lasting shift in ones perception and belief. It is essen t ial t o look in t o t h e sou l of t h e ot h er per son seek in g t h e cau se of t h eir beh avior . Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

Is it the only way of existing, the other knows? Did the cultural or family belief passed down from generation to generation, create the actions? Was their perceptive coloured by the experience of a lifetime, or a generation of lifetimes, of war and racial genocide? Mahatma Gandhi said, ?An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.? The collective world view still seems to revolve around the opposite as we indiscriminately bomb innocent families ?in the war on terror.?

A look at our history tells us we have lived through violent times where rape, pillage, murder and genocide was accepted as the normal way of life; such that we have all brought with us from various lifetimes much trauma within our soul which must be transmuted, now or later. I believe that spiritual maturity brings a knowing that whatever happens in our life has been created by us, either in this lifetime or in previous ones. We have a knowing that we are eternal, spiritual beings living ?a great earth adventure?to increase our spiritual maturity; through the experiences we are having. Once we can accept this perspective and belief, there is no need for forgiveness, as we hold no anger, resentment or offence against any person or experience.

We live in a state of grace where unconditional, non-judgmental, infinite love is our greatest treasure. - Joan Derrick https://joanederrick.com/ joan@joanederrick.com

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

You Are All The Ones You Have Been Wait ing For The Yeshu'a Letters Part One Excerpted From The Yeshu'a series, endorsed by multi-award-winning, best- selling authors, and Lightworkers, healers, and Heart-leaders around the world.?

Precious Beloveds, Each of you resides in my heart, as I do in yours, for there is in truth only one heart. You are me. And I cherish you. You ar e all t h e on es you h ave been w ait in g f or . This is the Age of the Illuminated Heart, of the Great Awakening, a time of Remembrance, when the Great Secret long lost to Humanity is increasingly revealing itself to you every moment. With Love and Joy and Infinite Gratitude, you now know in your Heart of hearts that, no matter the seeming differences, you are all the very same: shining epiphanies of Goddess. Fear not, beloved reflections, the time is come when we may freely speak. Indeed God was always Goddess, as Source is Consciousness Itself. And in this feminine age, the Age of the Holy Spirit, what this truly represents is the balance of female and male, with the feminine in command, in the physical Universe the Law of Mitochondrian DNA. Although it has been hidden from you and become corrupted, this is the same Law mentioned in the Bible, the same Force depicted in Stars Wars: the Sacred Unity of all Life in the Universe.

The female-male balance is born of the Woman. ?And no matter any patriarchal plot to the contrary, this is not a man's world. It is a woman's world. Plain and simple. Ask your heart if this is so, because it knows all. From it nothing is hidden. In purely spiritual terms it is best said thus: the Father is born of the Mother. What most still call God is truly Goddess, the Source beyond all sources. Ever it has been so. The human heart, from which all Creation is born, the feminine indwelling everyone and everything, the Holy Spirit Herself, allows you even to breathe. And the divine flower of your hearts is now opening, petal by petal, revealing to you that the wondrous spiritual Queen-Kingdom of which you have always dreamed is nigh. Most precious reflections, today you are all of the bird tribe; the Hopi and other Indigenous traditions tell you this. ?Ask for and accept your wings and soar above it all; devote yourselves to uplifting Humanity and nothing else, get out of your own way, and rise.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 Rise forevermore. In your heart you know I am ever of the bird tribe? Beloveds, now so are you. Verily, no matter what soon transpires in the three dimensional world, you now have a six year window, 2016-2022, to come to thine Ascension. ?Each comes to the true spiritual path in their own time. Yet you now have a slowly closing quantum-divine window before you. Th er eaf t er M ot h er Ear t h w ill m ak e livin g t h e t h r ee dim en sion al lif e in cr easin gly im possible.

For many, the coming changes will be difficult to endure. Soon there will be no in-between; the seemingly all-important fourth dimension will completely collapse, exactly when you will it? in very palpable ways this is already the case? and for those not devoted to the Source beyond all sources this will cause much fear. Yet none can escape Love?s eternal promise.

Spir it w ill m an if est in t h e w or ld. Your political and business leaders ever more polarized, the patriarchal institutions

Many of you still need and cling to the support of large crowds of people, whether it be religions or other strict systems which are much like religions. Many others of you have long been consciously walking the Path. One is not wrong and the other right. But ultimately those who still cleave to the security blanket of large masses of people will be required to release from them and all their cultural inheritance to achieve their Ascension. No guru or large group can bring you to fullness.

You ar e Th e Way. And the world you know is about to change. Forever. All around you occurrences magical abound. Understand: the Age of The Illuminated Heart means your heart is opening, petal by petal, chamber by chamber, and your true quantum-divine nature is being unveiled. ? As Earth begins Her Ascension, moving from three dimensional life to the fifth dimension, your heart is the engine uplifting you to do the disintegrating before thine eyes, your same. As a species, you are now cognitively governing systems grow increasingly moving beyond mere space-time awareness conservative. With Love Pure, see them as into frequency domain (conjugate physical they are: hopped-up roosters fighting in the space) awareness. In the frequency domain, backyard for dwindling crumbs of power, space and time are not limitations to your when verily they have no power. Pay no perception. In purely scientific terms, this is attention; gaze upon and learn from the New what is happening, what you are creating, and Children and create the New Illuminated within your heart I breathe, guiding you every World, for fooled they are not. step along The Way. ~ PAGE - 38 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 They will teach you. Surely as the awakening begins, some people choose the dark and others the Light, but fear not, in due course the New Children will teach the teachers, and Love will win. Fifth dimensional life awaits thee. Come. Walk with me through the golden-azure-violet forests, each step a joyous prayerful-meditation, a celebration of your indomitable hearts, and together we shall eat my Mother 's best cake of divine figs. Bathe

angels, each and every one. Many of you are enamored with science. Yet verily science will not be sufficient for you to achieve your Ascension. The most gifted scientists have always been profoundly mystical with a deep faith in Humanity, and inherently knew science is but a mind-tool in service to the Heart. Remember: science is tied to space and time and gravity and every illusion of the holographic three-to-four dimensions? It is the attempt to prove the existence of Love? which will never be defined. Most scientists still cannot grasp the ninety-six percent of your physical DNA that is blank is a direct corollary to the cosmic DNA, the exact percentage of dark matter and energy in the physical Universe. Believe me, beloveds, becoming quantum-divine is yet merely another beginning, for upon your transformation into pure Lightbodies you will continue to learn of and then master becoming beyond quantum. Many of you are still uncomfortable with certain aspects of the Language of the Heart, often because you mistakenly see it as the tongue of religion. Praising God(dess), expressing your love and joy and gratitude, issuing blessings, instantly forgiving, unconditionally loving, radically trusting, seeing the very best in people, and the Light within everyone and everything: all of this and much more are a part of your mission imperative. And science does not give you this.

Love does. and frolic in the blue crystal pools. Enter and imbibe the essence of the Temple of Rejuvenation and of the Temple of Healing, until they become yours. Caress lovingly the tender Unicorn: trace your hand across his noble neck, breathe his quantum air, and hear well his song, his wisdom words, and recognize his voice is thine own. For you are

Th er e is n o gr eat er in t elligen ce t h an pu r e em pat h y. In your conscious Ascension process, many of you are also concerned about becoming separated from your husband or wife or friends who may not be Ascension-engaged? You still think in three dimensional terms, about physical realities, timelines, theirs and yours, and so on. As you

~ PAGE - 39 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

becoming me, so very dear you are. Call f or you r w in gs; accept your birthright as Light-beings of the bird tribe. For the time is come. Cherish yourselves, beloveds. Truly cherish yourselves so you may cherish all else.

move into the fifth dimension, completely releasing from the physical world, you enter into the timelessness of the Eternal Now. Th er e is n o t im elin e. And truly, beloveds, there are many who travel back and forth at this very moment on important missions, and there is no separation. If some of your loved-ones do not ascend with thee, fear not, whatever world they end up living on in the physical matrix, ever you may be with them, as you are everywhere simultaneously, and they will feel your presence, as you have become pure essence. There are many former physical Earth humans beyond the fifth and six dimensions who travel back and forth, assisting their beloved families and friends. And the precious Arcturians and Pleiadians and many others are helping you. Here at the advent of 2016 the Universal Christ is born. There are no more shadows. There is no more hiding. Allow your true Light-nature to shine, out in the open, so all the world shall see. Demonstrate your Love. Fearlessly open your Illuminated Heart. For everything I have done you shall do and more? In such lovely ways each of you is

You have no need to look under every rock for all the dark places you have been; already you have thoroughly studied all of it. Become devoted, precious ones; cease searching for me out there, and discover me within yourselves. Entirely devote yourselves to Love Itself. Embrace your true nature. And soar. Here you are now, standing before me. How glorious the sight of thee is. How joyous i am to see thee, ye beauteous, awakening souls, ready to embark on the next stage of the journey, the journey all Love makes. How i have awaited thee with such loving patience.

Fin ally you w ak en t o t h e dr eam . If ever you should doubt me or that these are my words, call my name. With nothing save Love and Joy and Grace, call my name, and i will be there, as indeed i always am, and ask me. Then, like the lovely trill of the whippoorwill, the murmur of the stream, the call of the sweetest breeze, if you listen closely, you will hear my voice, confirming all you have felt and read and seen to be true. I have shown you The Way. Now it is your turn. You are all the ones you have been waiting for. I cherish you.

by Pietro de la Luna www.yeshuamagdalen.com/ yeshuashiddenstory.homestead.com/

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Fo r Go d d esses U n d er T h e So u t h er n C r o ss The Goddess is Alive and Magick is Afoot Many of us in our own unique and beautiful

Then again you may believe Her to be

ways come to a moment in our lives when

something separate and remote from you ?

we feel the call of the Goddess Within and

as a super powerful BEing of Energy who is

Around us. We become increasingly aware

so brilliant that you haven?t felt ?worthy?of

that She is reaching out to us, calling our

Her attention and/or of seeing yourself as

names & encouraging us to join with Her.

an ?expression?of Her.

Depending on your beliefs, experiences and

She has many names and many faces this

outlook, you may know Her as a LIVING

Goddess under the Southern Cross for She

BEing who enriches your everyday life. She

is you & me & all our sisters and yes, even

may appear in the guise of an ancient

our brothers, whomever and wherever we

Grandmother who guides and inspires you,

are. You may have heard Her called: Isis,

watching over you in the kitchen; appearing

Astarte, White Buffalo Woman, Rainbow

when you ?journey?or meditate or in

Woman, Sekhmet, Mary Magdalene, Quan


Yin, Shakti, Baiame the Rainbow Serpent, Ix

For you, She may be a ?metaphor?or symbol

Chel or Cerridwen.

of what you aspire to be and how you

In Truth, each of us are Goddess & all are

desire to live your life.

Her children for She is within ALL. As you

Maybe you?ve read or seen myths about the Goddesses and Gods, the sacred beings of western and other cultures and they?ve intrigued and inspired you.

wander the spiraling pathways of daily life you discover that we are all one BEing, many parts of the whole. And that there are innumerable pathways to oneness.

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

[re]Connect W ith Your I nner Goddess in D aily Life & Ceremony

In this Now, Goddess is inviting her

Open yourself up & allow your memories of

daughters, the Mystic Shaman women, to

the times you?ve walked Her path to

step forward as healers, teachers, seers,

empowerment to surface.

dream/vision workers, drummers/dancers

See Her dancing and weaving Her way into

and guides to begin the work you were born

your life in this very moment. In this

to do in ritual, ceremony, journey / trance

awareness reconnect to Her Beauty and

work through drumming, singing, chanting,

BEing. Feel Her tapping you on the shoulder

dancing and many other forms of Shamanic

gently urging you to Awaken NOW.

experiential work. See YOU n ow ? you an d Sh e ar e ONE. Ow n Wh y? Because in these changing times our

w h o you ar e m y sist er s, f or w e ar e called.

Pachamama is being polluted, exploited and treated with disrespect. Women are being called to awaken & stand up for Her & the

Bless-ed BE

well-being of future generations.

Lynn Solang Smith, BCA, Grad Dip Ed, Cert

I in vit e you t o list en qu iet ly n ow.

Holistic Counselling, Dip Body Psychotherapy,

Focus inwards via your sacred Heart Chakra -

Munay-ki Rites teacher

listen to the sweet voice of your spirit. Hear

Website: http://rainbowlabyrinth.com

Her whispering your name, inviting you to

Email: lynnasmith2002@hotmail.com

join with Her on this magical dance of energy that is called ?LIFE?[Living Intuitively Fully

Phone: 0421864909


Click here for Lynn Hosting Enlightened Conversations

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The definition of unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole.?Unity, united as one, units of the whole. Combined cells creating what is. When we live in unity, we are one. We then

be the one drop in the ocean, waterfall,

work together to be of like mind, cohesive,

river, or lake and in unity as a whole and be

working for the same thing, the same goal.?

conscious of making the necessary change

We are normally united ?as a family, as a

within ourselves.

business, community and as a country, and

Not h in g ch an ges u n t il w e do and the

as a united force, we are stronger than we

whole of mankind will not change without

are as individual units.

the conscious change of the individuals of

In unity, w e w or k t oget h er as a class, a

humanity on our planet.

school, a neighbourhood, a community, a

Un it y, u n it ed w e st an d an d divided w e

country and a world united as one in

f all and there is an alleged energy present

strength.?If we were all united as a global

on earth that has systematically?

humanity, there would be no wars, no

implemented?division and?derision amongst

famine, no crime or violence against other

our cultures and people to create

living beings and no disintegration of our


social fabric as a human race. It is u p t o u s as in dividu als, to unite? Unity, a st at e of ?exist en ce in past

ourselves as fragmented beings living at the

civilisations according to records coming to

whim of?societal dictates and create

light and hopefully, a state we will achieve in

harmony within our family, community,

future times with the current energy shifts

country and planet, even if that is in

and changes to the old ways and devotion to

thought, feeling and intention.

ego and material?existence we have

-Quote Author

Visualisation and affirmation are based on

experienced in past?millennium.

quantum?physics and proven to manifest Of course we return to the concept of unit in

energy to matter, so, we as individuals can

unity and the need for us as individuals to

~ PAGE - 44 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

make a difference in working in unity with all who want to create a world of peace and harmony, prosperity and unity. Unified as one race of human beings unified in caring for our planet, all sentient beings and the good of the whole. It st ar t s w it h u s. When we become integrated and united in body, mind, emotion and spirit, we are in unity and become an example to all around us. As the pebble in the pond, the ripples are felt and the?changes are real. Un it y, or separ at en ess. One is positive, the other is negative. It is our choice,,the end result is?apparent as it has been in past?civilisations that have succeeded, or failed in identifying with one or the other.

You must be the cha nge you wish to see in the wor ld

by Lynn Merrin

M a hatma Ga ndhi

Metaphysical Counsellor / Healer www.lynnmerrinspiritguide.com

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

e e r F r e w o Willp Discipline Ar e t h er e w ays t o

Do you find there are some

We can always succeed at

over com e self -sabot age

things you are always


an d pr ocr ast in at ion ? Are there ways to be

dedicated to and some things

?Focusing on intention rather

you aren't dedicated to at all?

than goals, may help you


disciplined, without having to

?Thank you

use willpower? My secret to discipline is to

self-sabotage, chaos,

maintain discipline indefinitely?. I apply the use of intrinsic

never use any willpower. This

procrastination and

goals to my addiction

means I don't wrestle with my

inner turmoil, what

process. Ideally, I want clients

own mind, about whether to do something or not. If you are using willpower to stay disciplined, it may be time to step back and examine why you are really doing, what you are doing. A goal with a strong enough purpose, makes discipline easy. Real discipline comes from taking action, that is in alignment with who you are. The reason self-sabotage exists, is to guide you back to something, that is authentic for you. If you were to peel back all the 'should dos' and 'need tos' in your life, what would be left?

higher purpose are you trying to reveal to me??

to avoid using willpower, wherever possible. We focus more on what they

The answer is always within.

get, from their habit or

We will go within, or go

addiction and how to satisfy


that core need, from a

In a healthy eating example,

healthy source.

is the goal extrinsic or

Telling someone their

intrinsic? Extrinsic refers to an

addiction is bad doesn't help

outer reward, like gaining

them quit. Finding out what

pleasure or losing weight.

their needs are and how to

This type of goal requires

satisfy them, is a surer path

willpower and may not last.

to recovery.

Intrinsic refers to an inner reward, like nurturing your body, or self-love. It is not possible to have constant pleasure and weight loss, every week. On the other hand, self-love is both the action and the reward.

You can apply this same reasoning to something you no longer wish to do. Examine what you get from an old behaviour and then find multiple avenues to meet that need from a better, more aligned source.

~ PAGE - 48 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 I like to ask people what the

what is already important to

more, eat better food,

top 5 things are, that they are

you, is another way to build

exercise your body, be still

most dedicated to. I ask them

discipline that lasts.

and take 3-5 positive actions

some questions, including;

On a good day it is easy to

each day. In 1 year you will

where do they spend their

take positive action. On bad

have taken over 1000 positive

money, time and energy?

days, it can be harder to get

actions in the direction you

Some people might say it is

our energy moving. I have a


family, work, friends, nature

philosophy for what to do on

Remember, the next time

and reading.

a bad day. On bad days I

you are using willpower to

If they have a health goal, we

don't turn to unhealthy

stay disciplined, ask yourself,

can see that 'health' didn't

habits, drink wine, or

what is the purpose here? Is

even appear in their top 5.


this really true for me? I

They are disciplined in what is

I use stress as a signal, to look

sincerely hope this message

already important to them

after myself more. You can

offers you a new way to

and are not disciplined in

turn self-sabotage around

approach discipline. One that

things of lesser importance.

180 degrees. On bad days,

can improve your results and

Creative linking of goals to

take more positive action, not

personal alignment.

less! Breathe deeper, hydrate


ly in ew : ar e t r u In Revi t a h t s e. ct i o n y o u ar o o se a o h h C w h t ch en t w i t n 't m a o m d n t g i l a a s th f t h in g o o g t . Le nd t i c sel f n e h t our m i y u a r e r t u f yo ok a d ay s l o d ss. a b n O , n o t le e r o ge m dy t o ch an r e an d b o w o ra w illp si d e f o n 't u se n i o h D c r a Click here for b i t ... se an y h a . e d s r po Jseremy t i n g an Hosting a l r e al p u e r o al s a Jer em y Walk Ier ai n i n g r i n si c g t n r el y gEnlightened e m n . el y o http://inspirehypnotherapy.com n g p ai n i d iConversations d o n 't r o v a d r e an Join me on Facebook: p l easu https://www.fb.com/groups/ selfmasteryandtransformation

View Jeremy's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

r e w ns A e Th ys a w l is A in With

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What's Your Excuse ?

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Listen There's an Angel on my window seal!!! To my heartfelt surprise!! Which got me to sit up on my bed!

inner light and shine it to everyone to the world to the universe, because what goes around comes around!? Honour your mind, body and soul, by taking

The Angel introduced him/herself (as Angelic energy carries both feminine and masculine energy) as a messenger from the Creator bringing a message of

care of them with unconditional love and compassion this way you'll be able to share that love and compassion with others.?

Willingness to believe in them but most

Acknowledge your creativity and genius

importantly to believe in us!!

(remember this is also for you reading this)

The energetic aura around this beautiful Angelic being was as beautiful as an

that makes you uniquely you and able to be part of the oneness, learning and helping others learn!

Aurora Australis beaming an energy of

We are bringing you another message of

love and healing!! ? This Angel said to me "Okay Raul, although I am delivering this message to you, because we know how willing to embrace us you have always been, this message must be shared with as many souls living a

activation and acceptance of your own truth, your own unique voice and pathway which your soul signed up before receiving your current human body, in order to grow and EVOLve.?

human experience as possible", hence

Listen to your intuition in quite times that is

why I am writing this article.?

when we communicate clearly with you, take

The voice was a clear as the colours of its Aura, he/she said in a melodic voice. "Firstly release all expectations on how we should look or appear to you we will always appear in a way that will be most comfortable to you in order for you to truly listen.?

a cup of your favorite herbal tea, sit under a tree amongst nature and listen to us whispering to you in the breeze,. Simply be willing to receive our whispers of PURE LOVE honoring your individual journey, your amazing highs and lows which makes you a significant soul living this incredible human experience,. Don't run away from us,

Please be receptive to our love and light and

embraces us, we are always willing to

practice an unbending intent to find your

embrace you, feel, hear and see our energy is

~ PAGE - 50 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

always there available to you all!" This angel on my window seal also told me to, "Continue working on being willing to move away from anger and fear and replace those with humility and heart centered living in service to others, LOVE! Remember to be willing to honour other people's pathway without judgment as you do not know what they have been through along their journey, so be kind to them! You must increase your self reliance and ability to manifest what you truly need.? Our gift to you and everyone is pure willingness to enjoy being a soul living a full human experience!! We the Angels are always with you , when in need of help a simple thought "Angels please help me" and we shall show you the way!! Keep an eye on our loving signs, coins, feathers, numbers , repetitive

Click here for Raul Hosting Enlightened Conversations

thoughts or phrases just to mention a few, be willing to receive them!?" Rem em ber believe in An gels, becau se t h ey do believe in you . Rau l Est evez? Your Angelic Messenger Author? "My Angels Connections" "My Little Angels Talk To Me" https://m.facebook.com/raulestevezauthor/ www.crystalbluebutterfly.com.au

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View Raul's Enlightened Conversation with Christie Lyons airing 7 March 2017

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Why You Really Need Self Discipline & Passion ?All successes begin with Self- D iscipline. I t starts with you.? ? D wayne ?T he Rock? Johnson the discipline is what gets you up and keeps

I love this quote;

you going forward. Imagine that you have I love that it gives you back control of your success and reminds you that you are the most integral part of whatever you decide to do. If you have found your passion in life and wanted to create a business from that,

always wanted to run a 10-kilometre race. You sign up, you are all excited, and then you realise you actually have to run the distance. Without the discipline to train you will not succeed. Imagine if you ran your business the

understanding that self-discipline is a major

same way. You need to do the work!

factor will definitely help you on your journey.

Having discipline may sound too rigid for following your dreams.

Having a daily routine allows you to know what you are doing and to plan ahead.

However, it helps take your Motivation and transforms your vision into reality. The

This means you do not miss tasks and you

motivation may have gotten you started, but

streamline your time. Doing this not only

~ PAGE - 52 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

makes you more efficient it helps your

hour of study; just choose and stick to it.

conscious and sub-conscious mind to work

This might feel like a lot of work now, but

more efficiently. It lets you build your business

eventually, it will become a habit that allows

to suit your lifestyle and dreams.

you to do it automatically and then spend

By having a routine, you allow yourself to be

your other time on doing what you love.

able to take the tasks that are important and

Moreover, maybe with it becoming a habit,

do them first and then finish off with minor

you might find you actually love it.

jobs. This way you will feel as if you are

Havin g self -disciplin e com bin ed w it h you r

moving forward and creating your own

passion s pu t you ah ead of t h e cu r ve an d

victories. This does not mean that you are so

gives you t h e secr et t o m ak in g t h in gs

structured that you do not allow for

h appen . One without the other means you

opportunities to take you further, in fact, it

either burn out or simply lose interest. As it is

allows for you to embrace possibilities. It stops

easy to have a passion and dream of bigger

you from being bogged down in the ?business?

things, the hardest but most rewarding thing is

and not open to new opportunities that come

when you have reached your goal and know

from following your passion and life?s mission.

that it was you that got you there.

The easiest and best way to achieve the

By Tin a Flet ch er

self-discipline you aim for is by repetition. Do it once and then do it repeatedly. For example, start each day with an hour of writing or an

www.Pipaka.com www.facebook.com/Pipaka

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

~ PAGE - 54 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017


by Wer n er Szen di, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60 cm

A gate is a passage to a space, a new plane, a new reality, or just a new state. We are on the threshold of huge changes in the world that force us to change ourselves. Lifestyle and habits are not destiny. They are selected and can be changed. The most important steps on the path to change are: To formulate dreams, visions and goals - to leave the past behind - to let go of old habits and dare new things - to believe in oneself and to live the new .

View Werner 's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker and Tony Dowd

h t t p:/ / w w w.szen di.at / ~ PAGE - 55 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Who Are YOU

Th e sou l is t h e spir it u al cor e.

Emma Hardinge Britten wrote.

It has travelled the cosmic universe through

"But this darkness," I cried. "Oh, for the light, for

many timeless periods making little stops here

but one ray of the blessed sunlight! Why cannot

and there recording experiences & growth and

the sun of heaven penetrate these awful

cultivating infinite wisdom and eternal love


and light and through it all discovering and

"And so it does, Child. Here, as everywhere else, is

unveiling our true divine higher self. It is the

heaven, and light and sun; but where are the eyes

essence of who we are. Your soul is your

that can behold it? If heaven be not within us, in

innermost being, your higher self, who you

vain we seek it elsewhere. If our eyes are ever

really are.

turned in upon self, they are blind to all besides.

So I?d like to engage by asking all of you, who

From the soul's center goes forth the true light or

are you? Do you know? I?m not talking about

darkness of the land of souls.?

your name your nationality, where you were

It is my belief we all come here with a soul

born, your hair color, eye color or even the

plan to carry out with the sole purpose of

color of your skin. I?m not talking about your

discovering and getting to know another piece

gender, your faith, location of your education,

of our soul through planned human

job or parents. Who are you? Do you know

experiences with other souls.

your soul?

~ PAGE - 56 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 As the quote indicates the light always resides

M y st or y t ou ch ed h er sou l cor e and

in the center of the soul but it is the darkness

inspired her to keep fighting and go on to

and all that one may endure to lead them to

survive and take back her life and complete

the core of their soul and discovering the

her soul plan mission. She went on to survive

color of their light and who they truly are.

and went through a vigorous adoption

On ce w e discover an d aw ak en t h is par t of

process and now has a son named Aiden.

ou r sou l an d k n ow w h o w e ar e w e ar e able

Today Carrie knows who she is. She is a

t o acceler at e ou r spir it u al gr ow t h .

survivor. She is of eternal love and light. She is of the power of strength, hope and faith.

I?d like to share a personal story that I like to call ?the meeting of the souls? a soul teacher

She became my teacher and inspired me recently.

who taught the soul student and then then reversed roles the soul student became the

This summer I was at the height of my recent

teacher and the soul teacher became the

plateau of being close to my spirit and the


spirit world. After returning home from the Arthur Findlay College my own brother was

My friend Carrie lives in Canada now but is originally from Scotland. Her early life with her mom and step father was one of abuse, lack of love and support and even sexual

struck by the universal law of nature in the form of stage 4 lymphoma. It brought me to my knees. Carrie kept reminding me that I also had an inner power of light and love and


to bring that healing power to my brother.

As a result she became pregnant and her

She kept reminding me of who I was. I had to

parents took the baby boy and raised him as

ask myself, who am I? It wasn?t until this

their own. The tragic life story didn?t end

morning while I was brushing my teeth that

there. Carrie moved to Canada and got yet

the answer was with me all along hanging

into another domestically violent relationship

around my neck. I had been discovering who I

where her boyfriend beat her so bad she gave

am, my soul core of my spirit all along. I am

birth to their baby girl 2 months early and

wearing a peace sign as a symbol of when I

named her Sophie. Sophie passed to the

unveiled my nature state of peace during my

spirit world 2 days later.

spiritual transformation. I am wearing the

Several years later Carrie developed cancer in

love eternal circle which is a symbol for my

her kidneys and lungs which she has since

eternal love and light and I am wearing an owl

conquered but wanted to give up several

which is a sign for my eternally acquired soul

times until she came across a memoir I wrote

wisdom. I am peace, light, love and wisdom.

about my own life conquering challenges that

Together Carrie and I continue to inspire one

ultimately enables me to have a spiritual

another and help each other reveal our true

transformation and awakening.

divine higher-self also known as the soul.

~ PAGE - 57 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 In closin g h er e?s a passage f or M essages

beings in our own right, and not just as ?

f r om M ich ael :

well ? undifferentiated blobs of energy.

According to many spiritual teachers, all human beings are, in reality,

Being physical throws our experiences and choices into extremely sharp relief in a way that is not possible otherwise.

spiritual beings on a human journey. We reincarnate as human beings in order to evolve as souls. Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and

This is how we learn who we are and how to become all that we are.

So I ask you again ?Wh o ar e you ?? Bio:

capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is. It is a long journey, but that?s okay because the soul is eternal.

Deborah Livingston is an award winning International Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Author of Strand of Pearls and a Shaman. Deborah has been attending the Arthur Findlay College in

Sou l Evolu t ion

England annually where she takes

The soul?s journey is really a process of

mediumship course and is a member of

evolving. This means growing in

the Spiritualist National Union. Deborah is

consciousness, steadily progressing

a member of Shay Parker ?s Best American

through different levels or stages of

Psychics and listed on Bob Olson?s best

consciousness. How do we grow in

psychic medium directory.

consciousness? Through taking on challenging experiences in physical form. These cause us to make important, ?soul-searching? choices and call upon us to discover our inner resources.

In t u it ive Psych ic M ediu m Debor ah Livin gst on Website: www.deblivmedium.com 617-817-0721 Debliv11@gmail.com

Bu t w h y in ph ysical f or m ? Why would a perfectly happy spiritual being decide to inhabit the physical realm with all of its limitations and difficulties? It is precisely so that we can experience the state of what feels like total separation from others and from the rest of reality. Only by going into this physically separated human form can we know ourselves as

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

~ PAGE - 59 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Ownership Relationship are exciting, new adventures fully immerse us in that dream, where we as a couple want to become the powerhouse of laughter, happiness and 1001 joyful selfies making even the most determined cynic melt. What we don?t realise is selfies have filters. Colour adjusting, smoothing and retouching filters. #denial. We, as people have emotional filters, hell, some have whole desalination plants working on their issues. When it comes to how you feel not even a highly tweaked Mayfair filter can change that. Since beginning on my own spiritual path my ability to hide or deny my ownership became not only detrimental to my health but an occupational hazard. It follows you, it popped up in my aura and held energetic blockages and traumas within my body. We all struggle with one area or another in relationships but the constant theme I hear that leads to wine inspired Friday evenings is...... Wh y doesn't He/ Sh e m ak e m e h appy an y m or e?! I am sure you, at one point in your life, have been so caught up with a passionate

u o y Do ? t i e v a h relationship that all of sudden you don?t know who are? Staring blankly, confused and hurt that, he/she forgot that you twist your hair counter clock wise when you need some affection, messaging your friends, ?I was being so obvious with my hints,he/she doesn?t know me at all...?!? How frustrating it is when your partner doesn?t intuitively remember all the ?helpful? tips and tricks about you that you have so cleverly written, decorated and pinned to the fridge. How easy is it for you to go from 0 to complete anti-relationship when they haven't called you to express their undying emotion/your mood/sentimental union? When your partner is not engaging you as often as your happiness desires can lead even the strongest of person straight to the bottle opener. The spiral of ?I want to know everything about you? to ? I feel like we are room mates who don?t have to close the bathroom door any more", seems to become a steep and rapid decline to all assuming unhappiness. Here?s the thing, when we become so intertwined with our loved ones and give everything about ourselves to each other, we do just that, Give ourselves away.

~ PAGE - 60 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 Ou r Pow er , ou r self r espect an d ou r h appin ess. Somewhere in these relationships our expectation shifts from ourselves to our partners. We have non verbally instructed them to produce our happiness or take the responsibility for it. We all grow and learn in the time we are here on this earth, making connections and commitments, but nowhere in that initial meeting do we have a conversation where we say-- ? How do you feel about guessing?"

Ownership is taking the time to look at what you cause to yourself, how you treat others, what we reflect out to the world and how we interpret it when it comes back. Ownership of my actions, for others reactions was the single most powerful lighting bolt that struck me in a relationship that was flat lining.

Can you h an dle r espon sibilit y? You seem like a clear candidate for the position of complete control of my happiness...Good Luck !? Ter m s an d Con dit ion s. Its a mammoth task and you will be audited at every point until you get it right and even then, if I have to instruct you how to do it, it wont be correct then either.... Bet marriages and dating shows would close up shop with that as the fine print. When, in 2017 with the amount of technology and available resources to actually communicate did we break down and stop talking? Part of the Journey that I have taken in my line of work as a Lightworker has been complete awareness. What I radiate out into the universe, what I receive and what MY responsibilities are to myself and in this union. Becoming a Lightworker has shoved me right in the firing line of accountability and ownership. All I know is regardless of how you look at it positive or negative my battery was flat.... I had to be the one that made the change. It had to start with me, for me.

If youhave ownership,youhaveyour ownpower,self respect, empowerment andtruth.

If you have ownership,you have your own power, self respect, empowerment and truth. It can be hard to blame ourselves, it can be hard to accept pain from a situation that we unintentionally may have contributed to create. When you own it, you have the power to change it. The work has to be done from your soul first. Lightworkers and anyone who even has the slight awareness of energy will tell you.. You are responsible for everything in, around and what you give out in your own life. Assumption is the negative,

~ PAGE - 61 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Assertiveness is the positive. So here is a list of thoughts and actions every time you find yourself feeling unhappy in a moment in your relationship. 1. What mood were you in, in your last interaction. 2. Did you state what you wanted or needed from the interaction? 3. Were you honest in your approach. 4. How did you show empathy and compassion? 5. When did this become a problem, is this funnelled from another event that was left unfinished? 6. Are you self-respecting and following through? 7. Have you been practising self-love?

see if you have actually broken up with yourself and need some mood lighting, time and rest to really get to the core of why you act like you are. Take your personal power back and boost your relationship with some much needed love. You have the capability to have a relationship full of love and trust and decorated reminder notes. Give yourself that much needed attention, compassion and ownership. Sam an t h a M oir Love and Light Intuitive Readings www.loveandlight-intuitivereadings.com www.facebook/loveandlightintuitivereadings Ph: 0401 494 197

When you find yourself pondering, wishing or contemplating your partner and their lack of commitment to the cause, take a moment to ~ PAGE - 62 ~

Click here for Samantha Hosting Enlightened Conversations

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Fu n d t h is pr oject Now ~ PAGE - 63 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Ar e you an over -giver ?

Do you easily t ak e on t h e

They come to me in pain,

other in the end either.

pr oblem s of ot h er s?

because this pattern has

Yes you may be more capable

Do you find yourself

created relationships that are

than those around you, but

sacrificing your needs for the

one sided, they often feel

are you encouraging their

needs of others?

invisible, unheard, unfelt,

own independence, resilience

unseen. They may be sick,

and growth if you step in to

tired and exhausted as a

support and do all the time?

result of this unbalanced

Think of your responsibility as


a series of batons. You have

care you give to others or just

Is this you? The hard truth is

responsibility for your health,

from worrying about their

that by taking on the

your happiness, your


responsibilities of others you

response, for supporting

haven?t yet accepted the

yourself, for your finances,

ultimate responsibility ?

for expressing your truth, for

Responsibility to Yourself.

your creations. As does

This self sacrifice is ultimately

everyone else. If I take

unsustainable, unloving and

responsibility for someone

unkind to YOU.

else?s happiness, now it?s me

And it doesn?t work for the

that has their happiness

Do you have difficulty expressing what you want and setting boundaries? Feeling exhausted from the

In my work as a transformational coach for women, I work mainly with over givers. Caring people who naturally support others often at the expense of themselves.

~ PAGE - 64 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 baton. The other person

Possibly there was no one else

have withdrawn your support.

doesn?t have it anymore and

to do it and it became a habit.

They may fade out of your life,

they can?t choose to pick it up

So w h at can you do if you ar e

or quite possibly your

and run with it. They will often

an over giver ? I

relationship will evolve to a

be glad you have it and lean on you for it but that?s because they don?t believe they can run with it. They don?t believe they

whole new level as you learn to t?s time to hand back the batons you?ve been carrying that don?t

communicate your feelings, needs and boundaries.

belong to you. They weigh you down. Imagine the person in

This journey of self

front of you and visualize giving

responsibility isn?t always easy.

back the responsibility batons

Yet what will open up for you is

you have taken on, and take

greater self-love, greater

responsibility for your part by

energy, greater joy and

We pick up the others baton in

apologizing for picking them up

presence. Your impact in the

the first place because we feel it

in the first place. You have

world will be all the more

makes us valuable, because we

co-created this. Neither of you

powerful as you direct energy t

are seeking love, affection or

is the perpetrator, neither of

those willing to take

attention for being the helper.

you is the victim.

responsibility and ready to

are capable. The truth is it?s only them that can run with it, it?s only them that can change their own life.

This pattern usually has its origins in childhood, maybe without playing the role of the giver you may have felt rejected or that you didn?t belong?

receive your guidance and When you do, the other may not like it. They may even throw tantrums about random things

support. To those grateful for it. You?ll be freer to live your soul aligned life.

?sensing immediately that you

View Leigh's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

Leigh Ror k e www.leighrorke.com 0416272103 ? https://www.facebook.com/leighrorkecoach/ ? https://www.instagram.com/yoursoulalignedlife

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017


?I can n ot bel ieve you said th at?? . ?H ow dar e you ?? . ?A r igh t n ow?? .?You ?r e doin g th is to spite m e?? .?H ow dar can ?t u n der stan d wh y you won ?t m ak e m e h appy for on c Sou n d f am iliar ? Yes? Well, m e t oo. How dare anyone cause me pain. How dare they be so bloomin?selfish! How stinking rude!! All of these thoughts and feelings have gone rushing through my head at one point or another like being in a rush of river rapids after a severe storm. I knew I shouldn?t have gone into the river because I heard the warnings, I felt the warnings, I saw the warnings, but I did it anyway. I went in thinking I knew better. How could I have possibly thought I was better than Spirit? How could I have possibly thought I was better than the Universe? Surely I knew better to know better? I see now that I didn?t take responsibility for my own actions and reactions to people and certain situations. I see now that I needed to stand strong and take responsibility for all that I am and for what?s to come and whoever or whatever is to come before me. I went into the river knowing a storm was brewing. I went into the river knowing the possibilities of being fearful and hurt and perhaps spiraling out

~ PAGE - 66 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

r e you ser iou s??? . ? You ?r e m ak in g m e feel so m ad r e you get you r own way AGAIN?? .?I?m so an gr y,I ce?!!

of control, something that I could have easily avoided in the first place had I have taken responsibility. I went into the river after many, many warnings from loved ones and Spirit. I went into the river blaming the storm for how the river flowed in its natural beauty. I didn?t take responsibility. Now I understand and now I take responsibility for my health, wealth and happiness. I no longer jump into the river blaming the storm. Blessings in abundance to you all, Katrina Hunter https://www.facebook.com/pg/katrinahunterbelovedone33 khbelovedone@gmail.com +61407665654

~ PAGE - 67 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

http://visionscoalition.com I ntroduci ng V i si ons Coal i ti on ~ PAGE - 68 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

~ PAGE - 69 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Shape Living I n Tr ut h & I n Love

As I reflect into ?my world from a deeper aspect? I take a look now from where I'm standing and the highs I feel in life that makes the lows seem so worthless. Well who am I ? I am Leilah I am t h at . That I am. I grew up in Cape Town alongside 2 sisters, 1 older and one 10 years younger..Without sounding clichĂŠ, as I was growing up I felt out of this world. Feelings of isolation, and sadness cocooned me. I have had a childhood some may call dysfunctional - it was from one extreme to the next. Happy family, sunny holidays with BBQs, food, family and music. We all felt really safe. But living in my life was the most unpredictable. Moments one could experience..I could be asleep praying that there was night time, no blood on the floor, no broken glasses and no shouting.. The fear I was living seemed to become normal to me.? Through all of ?this, there was one thing that felt very peaceful and was the safety in my heart. The voices in my head often moved me forward from where I was to where I was going. This is when I knew I was different. I had a very positive voice in my head comforting me saying, ?Don?t worry one day your life will be so different.? "One day you will exercise your power."? I had FAITH. I believed in me when nobody believed in my voice because back then it was not okay to speak your truth. It was not okay to open your heart and express love. No such thing of boundaries existed. Although we had no phones and no Internet, I had one thing that was priceless - my imagination - the voice in my head, giving me Inspiration ?and HOPE.? The pain carried on I started feeling stupid. As I was growing up, when I was 10, I had ~ PAGE - 70 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 become aware of the darker voice who I can now identify as the ego trying to press me down. I was sexually abused from a young age until I was 12yrs old. In silence. I knew that speaking my truth would result in conflict possibly death - as my father, who loved us deeply, was a very aggressive man and nobody could approach him directly. I then tolerated the abuse until I had a cry for help (panic attacks) which resulted in me being hospitalised. It was then I was forced to talk. My life continued to change. I continued to be the soft fragile little girl who always choose LOVE and just wanted harmony. My father who was an extremely strong man was very philosophical. He used to talk to us and we would pretend we had no idea of his words. Little did he know that I was listening. He used to inspire me to have courage? The ability to do something even if it frightened you.. He was a man of strength. A man of bravery, he never gave up on his visions and his dreams and that will always stay with me..

I used to talk to adults and what I used to say would mesmerize them. A bit like an old soul? as we say. My mother chose a relationship with another man who was my step-father. Sometimes I wonder what our past-lives ?were, as he terrorised me. He abused me and my mother. My coping mechanisms could cope no more. I tried committing suicide. I just did not want to be on earth.. I moved on a year later. I traveled, settled in England. I met my husband who contributed towards my growth and gave me that safety net I once longed for. We called it our 'bubble'. We ?often laid in bed for hours and we would speak yet I was unaware of who I was, my true Identity. He helped me showed me I too had power. This really helped. But first I had to learn the art of FORGIVENESS, without this I couldn?t move forward. Through forgiveness there's

My father died. My mother carried on. Life changed. I used to hear her voice crying out as she would hang the washing on the line thinking thinking how she would cope. She use to talk to me and we coped. This is when I started seeing my power. She used to have terrible menstrual symptoms and I used to lay my hands on her and the pain would go.

~ PAGE - 71 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 unity and no separation. If I move away from love and forgiveness, my vibration drops too. I then become in a lower vibration.

judgment. Bringing a deeper form of unity is bring the human race together.

There were moments I hated him and moments when I loved him like a crazy animal who is fearlessly obsessed. I am thankful to him for all the gifts he showed me. Even though he was forbidden to see me. My life continued to test me but one thing I can say is that I won?t change the women I have become. I won?t change the lessons in life I have gone through. I LOVE MYSELF. I love the hero I am, as I have fought to become her. These are the tools in my life box. I take full responsibility of my life. I can only move forward and not live backwards. We all have scars and bleeding wounds but we don't want to live out of it. Today my passion is working with people, people who live in fear and are afraid to speak their truth.

I have two babies, one girl and boy. I try my best not to raise broken adults but rather empowered human citizens of the earth, To live in wholeness. In alignment with?body , mind and spirit.? To teach them to look at life as a teacher and see what life is reflecting at them, how people can come into their lives to challenge them as I had been challenged and then to learn to HONOUR their POWER and not be AFRAID of their VOICE. Don?t be afraid of your past. Love every aspect of yourself; pain and pain free - set yourself free, move from your past. Find your destiny! Life is a journey. We experience the unexpected turns and bends but we must focus on our destination . And while we reach our destination be thankful for what we see and feel and have overcome on that journey? You are love. Much Love, Leilah Mirza

I work with people looking at the inner child helping to assist them with being honest with their life purpose, not being afraid of


Click here for Leilah Hosting Enlightened Conversations View Leilah's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Lov e i s encompa beauti f ul , ex h i l ar ex pansi v e and Wh en love is allow ed t o f low f r eely

There were so many?years of feeling

t h r ou gh u s, an d ou r lives, it is t h e m ost

unlovable, unworthy, suffering from

w on der f u l an d em pow er in g f eelin g, t h at

depression, turning to drugs and alcohol,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

en velopes u s com plet ely.?

searching outside of myself for love, running

Love hasn't always flowed freely through me

away from love. I felt swallowed up by

though, and I have known the opposite to

darkness, self-hate and toxic shame.?It felt

love.?And it is in knowing this that I now truly

like love eluded me.?The pain felt unbearable

understand love and consciously choose to

at times and I felt so alone and empty and as

live in its presence.

though no-one?understood.?And yet there was always that spark of love in those

My journey of love began when I was born into this life and adopted out as a newborn.? The perception of being rejected and being unlovable, would play out so many times, in so many ways and over so many years.

others.?Helping others to feel love, reminding them of ever-present love within.? Love still managed to flow through me in all of the darkness I was experiencing.

I Lorem am clairsentient, and from when I was very ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr. young, I was acutely aware of feeling other people's emotions deeply, as though they were my own.??I also knew things - like what people were thinking, what?they were going to say?to me, who was calling me on my

In my early twenties, I completed a Diploma of Aromatherapy and so began a more conscious awareness of love, of glimpsing who I truly was.?After leaving an abusive relationship I joined a regular weekly meditation/psychic development?class.?I felt

phone.?Growing up, I was the person who people came to for advice, for loving

like I had come home, found the place where I belonged and was held in love.?I had?found

kindness and guidance.?I have always known love, even if I wasn't consciously aware of

my tribe.?Regular meditation classes and connection with like-minded people helped

this.??Even when I myself felt so disconnected from love and consumed by darkness, for so many of my younger years, I was still able to remind others of love.?

moments when I would help and guide

me to find, and live, my life purpose.?I loved learning about how to evolve on every level of?my being, learning about chakras and auras and the impact emotions have on our

~ PAGE - 74 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

assi ng, rati ng, f ree.?

Kar en An dr ew s-Rober t s

being.?This was a huge turning point for me.

Coaching/Mentoring/Healing is my gift to

?I set up my business doing clairvoyant

myself and others.?My Soul purpose is to

readings, healings and entity/lost soul removal

empower others to step into their true

- coaching others to find the love within them

essence, to be the most lightfilled version of

and to lift their vibration.?I began running my

themselves.?To be connecting in a lightfilled

own meditation/self-development classes.?I

way with others.?Consciously choosing to live

also continued my own learning through

in such a high-vibration brings healing to

further courses, books and speaking to

mind, body and spirit.?We transcend our ego

mentors -?and this learning continues to this

with such ease and grace.?In focusing on our

day.?I met my soulmate and we now have four

truth, on love, everything within us that is not

beautiful children who all teach me so much

love, simply falls away.?I believe in our healing

about love?Love is a very conscious choice for

journey's being light, joyful, simple and gentle.?

me now in everything I do.?Love has set me

So that is what my clients experience.?I so love

free and given me wings.

what I do and I am so passionate about helping, and inspiring, others.

This has all led me to where I am now and I am so grateful for every part of my journey.?

Love is my reason for being here on this

Every moment, every person, everything that

planet, at this time. My life is flowing so freely

has helped me to remember love, is held

and beautifully now, and is filled with so much

within me in such gratitude now.?My life is

joy and purpose.?I am committed to my daily,

truly filled with, and overflowing with, love.

conscious practice of self-love, through meditation, EFT Tapping, visualizing, and

My business has evolved enormously over the

affirmations. With love, anything is possible.

last nineteen years, as has the way I help my clients. Lightfilled Women: Enlightened

Click here for Karen Hosting Enlightened Conversations View Karen's Enlightened Conversation with Michelle Lightworker

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Daily PositiveAffirmations HelpswithSelf-Healing& Self Worth M an y people h ave psych ic r eadin gs t o seek in sigh t or an sw er s t o qu est ion s an d issu es t h at t h ey ar e dealin g w it h . They seek guidance to get that dream job, dream partner, money, luxuries, to reconnect with an ex-love to name a few. Many times the guidance or insights given are just that ?guidance and insight? to the situation or topic at hand. How we choose to do with that information both mentally, physically and spiritually is up to the individual. For exam ple: for many who find themselves in a repeat pattern of either failed relationships be it with a romantic, platonic or family, it can stem from past traumas or deep seated issues that have not been healed within one's own psyche. Lack of love f or on eself an d valu in g on eself is the biggest factor from my experience as a healer helping many to clear the root cause and provide balance again. Many do not love themselves enough or remember their self-worth and that they matter. They are constantly in search of finding someone or something that will fill that void as opposed to finding it within themselves first and become whole. This can be caused by a lack of love shown by their parents or being bullied growing up which tends to shape how we perceive the world and ourselves. In most cases we self-sabotage and set ourselves to fail. Each and every individual deserves respect, loyalty, trust, kindness and compassion and most importantly unconditional love. From my experience before any of these basic human gestures can be received and accepted, it has to come from within oneself for oneself first without ego because this is a human right to have. For exam ple, a person may get themselves involved with another whom is attached to another person and go through the struggles of wanting love and attention but unable to have it fully and hurting through the process. It becom es a daily gr in d on w an t in g love an d goin g ar ou n d in cir cles to force the hand or expecting the other person to become unattached so you can fully be with ~ PAGE - 76 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 Da ily positive a ffir mations sa id to oneself a nd believing in those wor ds ma kes a ma ssive differ ence to one?s menta l, emotiona l a nd spir itua l gr owth a nd incr ea ses the positive vibr ations. them but deep down knowing it is not going to happen. When it does fail, the grieving and hurting process begins and somehow we move onto another similar relationship and repeat pattern! This in turn causes anger, resentment, and loss of faith in the universe. It is not to say that it is the individual's fault, however the situation needs to be looked at logically with no emotions attached. "How is this affecting the individual and is it in their highest good ?", are questions that need to be answered. Also with repeat patterns, "Is it lack of self- love and self-worth that the individual chooses to just settle?". This avoids the quick fix and directs inquiry to the root cause. Fear plays a m ajor par t causing us to believe "Maybe we I deserve it" or "Is something wrong with me?" or "Am I just not good enough?" When we believe in ourselves and know that we only deserve what is good and in our highest best interest and we are worthy of what the universes wishes to provide for us - then we are on the right track. Daily positive affirmations said to oneself an d believin g in t h ose w or ds makes a massive difference to one?s mental, emotional and spiritual growth. They increase the positive vibrations for positive things to occur in our lives and help remove any negative energies that we may hold within our psyches. Also, with those positive affirmations, is the thought that the universes is working for you instead of against you and that everything occurs in divine time. Words are powerful when used with purity for oneself to move forward in life and to negate or clear negativity in ones life.

Annie Keightly https://www.fb.com/Psychic-Annie-Spiritual-Healer-527501270757837 ~ PAGE - 77 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

~ PAGE - 78 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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3 Simple Steps to Nour Your Child Spirituall Young children are in a different state of consciousness to adults.

They are not yet fully grounded to earth and still in quite a dreamy state. Children are still ve spirit world they've just come from. However, children don't normally verbalise much about their spiritual connection. They are

be in their very new physical bodies and pulling them up into their head to verbalise too ear disservice to them. So how do you nourish your child spiritually whilst staying very grounded to earth?

Instead of asking them to recall things out of the blue (which young children find very difficu abstract concepts, provide them with practical, everyday experiences where they can explor connection in a very concrete way.

~ PAGE - 80 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

1.Ar t an d cr eat ivit y ar e t h e per f ect br idge f or ch ildr en bet w een t h e spir it u al an d ph ysical w or lds. So for example, instead of asking your little one, as soon as they wake up, "What did you dream about?" or "What colours did you see?", you could instead provide drawing materials for your child to go to or keep them by the bed, so they can do this first thing in the morning. If they need to express about their dream they will do it on the paper, if something jogs their memory they may talk to you about it or they may not.

2. Ch ildr en lear n t h r ou gh im it at ion

rish ly

You can model the spiritual tools that you use, without explicit 'lessons'. Do this simply by having your crystals and oracle cards, or whatever else you like to use, out where your children can see them, ask questions and explore if they want to.

3. Tr u st t h em Trust and be open to however your child's spiritual connection

ery connected to the

looks. This is probably the most important step. Through building this strong foundation of trust in the early years, children will be empowered to trust themselves.

busy learning how to

rly can really be a

To t r u st t h eir ow n in t u it ion an d in n er gu idin g st ar an d f ollow it . Learn more about nourishing your child spiritually, in the Raising Lightfilled Children eCourse

ult) or teaching e their spiritual

with Belin da Con n elly, Certified Lightworker Practitioner and Early Childhood Teacher www.lightfilledchildren.wordpress.com

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~ PAGE - 82 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

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Darkness Ended up Being t

that has ever Shone upon Me... Be Af t er spen din g 20 year s loat h in g m yself ? Depr ession ? An xiet y - Sabot agin g m yself - Self -M edicat ion - Addict ion s ? Par t yin g ? Toxic Beh aviou r s ? Dat e Rape ? Dom est ic Violen ce ? Weigh t pr oblem s an d t h e list goes on . None of that prepared me

On e cou ld say I h ave don e

whole world changes. If it

for Accidently taking my

it pr et t y t ou gh in m y lif e?

wasn?t for all of the hard

own 80-day old baby boys

One could say I was really

times I would not be the

life - Pre- and Post Natal

given the raw end of the

woman I am today and still

Depression ? PTSD ? loss of


yet to become.

But I don?t say that?

How did I f in d t h is Joy

my Nan, Pop, Dad, Loss of Twin that I had to carry

w it h in ?

inside me for the duration

I don?t think that..

of my pregnancy, my new

I don?t ?FEEL? that..

husband leaving me during

Its called purpose. I have found my purpose here in this life as Bec McMillan.

experienced the loss of the

Wh at I do say an d f eel is Gr at it u de ? Joy ? Love ? Appr eciat ion f or bein g m e.

relationships with my two

How is t h is so you m igh t

beacon of light to help

sisters and best friend of 30

ask you r self ?

guide you through the

my pregnancy whilst I was experiencing a nervous breakdown and I also

years which lead to me planning my own death. All of this took place within in a matter of ONLY 2.5 years?

Let me explain to you all,

My purpose is to help Inspire people to never give up. My purpose is to be the


that once you become

My purpose is to SHINE

conscious and enlightened

SHINE SHINE even though it

within your soul, then your

still gets dark at times.

~ PAGE - 86 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

the Lightest Beam of Joy

ec M cM illan I f ou n d m y Joy w it h in by

All of these fancy titles don?t

discover in g n ew w ays t o

mean a thing though without

?be? ?

Joy within your soul and at

I turned to Crystal and

times I have lost that Joy for a

Essential Oils, which lead to

little while.

me becoming a published

The reason I lost my Joy was

DESIGNER with a front Cover

stepping out of my

Fashion Edition of Profile

consciousness and into my


ego too much and forgetting

I turned to nutrition and

to ?love? and ?nurture? myself.

exercise which lead to the

So t o f in d you r Joy you n eed

loss of 22 kilos and becoming

t o ?f in d? you r self ?love?

a Model, Presenter, Radio

You r self an d f in d you r

Presenter and Actress.

?pu r pose?.

I started Mentoring people

If you haven?t discovered your

struggling which lead to

purpose as yet, ask yourself

becoming a powerful

what changes do you need to


make to start loving yourself

World Wide.

enough to find yourself ? .

I started writing, which lead

Th e an sw er s ar e w it h in

to becoming a Co-Author of

you ? t r u st you r self .

The amazing Book Called Th e

Your intuition never lies?

In spir at ion Bible and my

energy doesn?t lie. xx

Second book project called To Have Risen Again st All Odds.

Love Bec xx #inspirebybec

~ PAGE - 87 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Feel those Sunny Days Breathing in ocean blue skies Just feel those sunny days Savour the touch on your skin Kisses from sweet sun rays The beautiful scent of salty air How it does release my mind Cleansing ocean breezes, I have missed This is peace on earth for mankind My feet let?s reacquaint the sand As we head for the rolling waves Feel every grain, of the golden land That creation so preciously gave Then rest my soul, at the waters edge Distant waves, reaching out for the sky Breaking water touches and cools my skin Melodies of seagulls, gliding peacefully nearby.

Morticia Quill (Copyright all rights reserved)

~ PAGE - 88 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

L i f e i s a jou r n ey t h at can p r ov e t o be at t i m es, f ar f r om sm oot h sai l i n g. We can feel held back, due to obstacles,

in what our mind and spirit essentially

barriers and tests. We can all lose our

responds to, our earth?s roots. The

sense of direction at times, which in

water is especially healing, with the

turn impacts us spiritually and

symbolic and physical action of the

emotionally. The most important thing

cleansing and washing away. Take the

is to remember, we are only human and

time to nourish your soul and clear your

that we are susceptible to weaknesses

mind, enjoying the outdoors whenever

and faults. We must acknowledge these

possible to assist yourself in moving

lapses in judgment and feeling

forward. Seeking and embracing our

disconnected. To move forward a good

true inner happiness and nurturing it, is

step is to literally stop in our tracks and

the key. Remembering some personal

embrace a fresh perspective on our

time out is necessary and beneficial for

current situation. By detaching from the

us all, make time for you!

materialistic influences and emotionally dramas that can drag us down and

Morticia Quill.

deceive us. We need to allow ourselves to reconnect to who we are, essentially humble souls thus enabling us to move forward. A beautiful tool to assist us get back on track, is available readily abundantly in the form of our beautiful, natural environment. Healing and peace can be found in surrounding ourselves

~ PAGE - 89 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Book Lau n ch

Aspect s of M e

BUY NOW https://white-light-for-the-soul. myshopify.com/collections/ white-light-book-shop/products/ aspects-of-me Book launch signing celebrations of Aspects of Me on 11/02/2017 with the White Light Universal publishing director and team, Christie Lyons and Lauren Kelly.

Click here for Rosa Hosting Enlightened Conversations

Book signing table set up. Painting which is the cover of the book Aspects of Me 'Golden sun'. Full write up of the painting is inside the book . Which is available on the 'shop now' button at

~ PAGE - 90 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Exclu sive! Wat ch f r ee f or a lim it ed t im e

Click Here to

Wat ch Tr ailer

Click Here to

Wat ch Tr ailer

~ PAGE - 91 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

555-555-5555 1234 5th Ave. NYC, NY 00000 www.website.com

~ PAGE - 92 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017


by Wer n er Szen di, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 90 cm

A bridge creates a connection. Bridges connect elements, landscapes, nations, people and worlds. Often steep cliffs have to be climbed and mountains must be overcome, until you can build bridges and get together. Often a stone is laid in the way, from which one can build bridges. However, bridges can also be left behind, then they are a symbol of separation. People ~ PAGE - 93 ~ should build more bridges than walls.

h t t p:/ / w w w.szen di.at /

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

The thing I love about Emmanuel Itier is that he doesn?t hide his humanity. Is it possible for t his self-proclaim ed 'mad Frenchman' t o be a Peace Act ivist ? You bet . I had the pleasure of meeting Emmanuel in person at the Inspired Living Events film night in Brisbane for his movie humanitarian documentary ?Femme: Women Healing The World?, which he was inspired to create when he became a father to his first son in his 40?s. After a string of Hollywood thrillers such as, ?Scare Crow ?& ?Tell Me No Lies?, he asked himself, ?What can I do to inspire my kids? And I thought documentaries are the answer because they are a political platform for a film-maker. It?s really a major way you can express yourself, where you can enjoy debating about a subject. And I didn?t want to preach, I didn?t want to argue, I just wanted to show them what the world has to offer?. Emmanuel took upon himself to explore ?God?in his first documentary penned the ?Invocation?. ?One day I was frustrated with the Universe and God and so I did a movie about it?. During this time interviewing many Spiritual men such as Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, he intuitively felt drawn to interview women.

"I t?s not a n ea sy r ide. I t?s not a n ea sy life, but TOGETHER we ca n do it."

~ PAGE - 94 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017 ?Their answers were so outside the box?, says Emmanuel and this led to him interviewing 100 women for the creation of Femme, which is produced with his business partner Sharon Stone. ?The first time I had a vision for my first doc: ?The Invocation?, I heard the voice of Sharon Stone as the narrator. I found out afterwards that I had a friend who knew her. From there it took me 3 years and 15 to 20 different version of ?The Invocation?to convince her to come on board as a narrator, a producer and my partner of now 4 features!? Femme went on to air at the Cannes Film Festival and win many industry and activism awards. Emmanuel felt the movie was also a tribute to women, ?It was definitely a love poem because, without women we simply wouldn?t exist?. The movie explores how over the past 3000-4000 years, the masculine has removed the feminine, not only in the Temple, Political rim and the Economical scene, but also within ourselves. ?If you tell a little boy at 4 that you?re only good at taking a gun and go and have fun you are really castrating that side of him that

within and without. Relationship for me is about 3 circles of life because it?s a flow of what goes around comes around. These are the 3 circles: Circle of the Soul ? All stimulation that is intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Right there it?s a lot of work. Really as a human being it?s really hard to get inspiration so imagine dealing with each other, but it?s about work, it?s doable, but we?ve got to work. is protecting that is loving and visa versa, if you tell a little girl at 4 that you only belong at one side of the kitchen, you are removing from her all this attributes that could help her fight for a better life.? Emmanuel believes that this castration of our feminine has led to real modern day issues within men and women in our society such as depression, which is one of the causes of suicide. ?Depression is about that loss of relationship within and without?. ?It?s (Femme) not about replacing patriarchy with matriarchy, it is is about the power shift - the complementary whole. We need to revisit the notion of relationship. And when I say relationship, it?s relationship ~ PAGE - 95 ~

Circle of the Body ? We are energy as a body. Einstein and others said, ?Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed?Once anybody goes, boom, we keep going on an energy level. We believe deeply that some energies are totally compatible. And we can sit next to each other and feel really good.

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Exclusive offer ! Click to watch Femme & The I nvocation fr ee for a limited time We don?t have to have sex! It?s about being happy with yourself.

Circle of Fate/ Destiny ? fate is what you are born with, an incredible deck of cards: Your sex, your education, your nationality, everything that makes you and something you didn?t choose. You are here, you are who you are, and nobody?s going to change you. By intuition and wish, you are going to want to achieve something with yourself. And that?s the toughest thing because it?s so hard to become that individual Being, that?s going to blossom, that?s going to be happy within himself or herself and with others. Especially when trying to get into relationship, because not all relationships are necessarily compatible or complimentary. It doesn?t mean that we need to fight. We can

co-exist and live side by side and say, ?F%&* man I love you anyway?and that?s it because instrumentally you are a creator of love not death.? It?s not enough that Emmanuel is the First President of the Rotary E-Club of World Peace! Or that he's on the Board of Directors for Darfur organization fighting to protect women and children in Sudan: This inspirational Hollywood Director is creating ?Peace, one movie at a time?, with the ?Oneness Collection: Documentaries for a Conscious Humanity?, a series of 5 transformational documentaries. These movies have a variety of subject matter to unpack how we can achieve peace on our planet ? in action. He embarked on a recent trip t Australia recently to record for his first 2 films -Quote Author for the collective, ?The Cure? and ?We The People?.

~ PAGE - 96 ~

'?The Cure?is all about Healing the Mind, Healing the Body. It?s a study of medicine, health and nutrition. The 2nd, ?We The People?is a film focused on the Re-Evolution of Economics and

Politics.? Choosing his movies now he follows this formula, ?Is it going to inspire people, is it going to trigger their mind, liberate their soul, unprogram their formatting, is it going to wake up people and push them to become an Agent of Peace! Let?s Become Peace in Action!?

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Cir cle of Fate/Destiny ? fate is what you a r e bor n with, a n incr edible deck of ca r ds:

Finally Emmanuel wants us all to remember what life is about, ?It?s about rediscovering your relationship within and without. I did Femme for that, I did Femme for each other, to really look at each other & dare to say, ?I love you?, dare to say, ?You know what, I?m going to make it work?. It?s not an easy ride. It?s not an easy life, but TOGETHER we can do it. I wish you all to: Choose love and not hate, life and not death and celebrate it with power and emotion. So let?s heal in Oneness, we can do it.?

~ PAGE - 97 ~

Oh and Emmanuel?s favourite quotes rocks, ?You cannot kill what cannot die?. Amen.

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

TheOnly Light Missing by Nick Reeve

One fragment of light just broke a darkened room, One flame in the night just created a different view, One stranger's smile just made your world brand new, And all that is missing from this picture now is you. One envious mind destroyed the world you knew, One secret desire to walk in somebody else's shoes, One poisonous tongue just broke a heart in two, But all that it needs is to connect with you (Chorus) And if you don't know what works for you, Just do what you know how to do, Or the only thing blocking that dream is you, I'm leaving the light on for you, So just keep doing what's working for you,

Cos the only light missing to me is you (Bridge) I am the street light I'm burning out brightly I'm lighting your way back home I am the telephone line through the desert Connecting the world into one One leap of faith to start your world anew, One humble heart that connects everyone to you, One perfect soul who always know what she needed to do, She's the treasure buried deep inside of you (Chorus) And if you don't know what works for you, Just do what you know how to do, Or the only thing blocking that dream is you, I'm leaving the light on for you, So just keep doing what's working for you, Cos the only light missing to me is you

Pl ay th i s Song ~ PAGE - 98 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Di vi ne M asculi ne &


What are we creating? A platform of truth, of healing and of

bringing you and we ALL: the greatest topics,

awareness of Rising into our wholeness.

solutions and gatherings for this coming age

Helping Raise the Frequency of Earth.

of fire, purification and liberation for all

Discussions, Online Summits, Events -

sovereign beings of love.

Interviews- Uncovering the inner truth and

An Inspire Destiny Quote (Mother company

balancing your androgynous true soul nature.

of NENYN and Inspire Unity Movement):

This is a Summit affiliated with ?New Earth

Website: nenyn.org/divine-masc-fem-rise

New You NOW? Foundation: ?A Foundation for


bringing Events-Online/Offline, to the Masses,


sharing top Solutions for "Heaven on Earth in our Time". Collaborative, Affiliations, Love.? and also a supporting sponsor and promoter of Lightworker Reflections and Enlightened Conversations by Michelle Lightworker. This will be a recurring summit in time and a daughter product of my newly co created ?New Earth New You NOW? foundation ?

~ PAGE - 99 ~

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~ PAGE - 100 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

h t t p:/ / w w w.bw f or u m .or g/

~ PAGE - 101 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

Thank you to our wonderful Spon

Lean n e Th e Bar ef oot M ediu m


~ PAGE - 102 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

nsors, Collaborators & Supporters

Wer n er Szen di In er n at ion al Visu al Ar t ist

~ PAGE - 103 ~

Lightworker AdvocateMagazine? March-May 2017

~ PAGE - 104 ~

Profile for Lightworker Foundation Ltd

Lightworker Advocate Magazine Mar-May 2017  

Lightworker Advocate Magzine Mar-May 2017 Issue 14

Lightworker Advocate Magazine Mar-May 2017  

Lightworker Advocate Magzine Mar-May 2017 Issue 14