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WELCOME Welcome to the reignition of Lightworker Advocate Magazine! Lightworker Foundation has now taken over the production & publishing reigns. We also have a brand new Editor in our midst and we welcome the effervescent Amy Young. We are now revolutionizing your viewing experience to the max and have transitioned into an official V-Mag (Video Magazine). The vision of Lightworker Foundation is ‘Elevating Enlightened Enterprises’. An enterprise is a person, project or business that is bold. An enlightened enterprise is a boldly elevating consciousness across the multiverse. We are supporting all those who are driving that initiative. Our integration of media is as versatile as the consciousness we wish to promote. Lightworker Foundation is a full not-for-profit enterprise that wishes to boldly uplift the planetary vibration. As much as I absolutely loved being the Director of Lightworker Reflections, the original publisher of this magazine, we are also evolving our business model consciously. Our desire to align in full not-for-profit and feed back the funds that we generate, is our priority. We are the ascended. We are the ones navigating this new reality. We are on the biggest mission to encourage all those who believe in the higher vibrational frequencies that we stand for; to unite, through words, media and powerful conversations. Are you with us? Good. Let’s do this!    - Michelle

FROM THE EDITOR I am so honoured and excited to present to you this newest edition of the Lightworker Advocate! What a beautiful labour of love working on this magazine has been for me. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with the talented and inspiring Michelle Lightworker, one of my mentors and teachers, but also so many wonderful contributors and writers to the magazine! So many uplifting and inspiring articles from people who truly "walk their talk" and are out in the world spreading the 12 Everyday Principles in their lives and businesses helping to raise the vibration of our planet. So sit back, relax and enjoy! Thank you for reading our magazine and if you feel the call to be involved in future editions or wish to share your story with one of the principles, I urge you to contact us! You never know how many people may need your message! - Amy xx


Michelle Lightworker is an Enlightenment Activist and Executive Producer of FiveD.TV. She is collaborating creatively on a multitude of projects to encourage peace and unity on the planet. Humanitarian TV/Radio Host, Film Producer, Author of 10 books, editor of Lightworker Magazine & creator of the Lightworker Practitioner Training, Michelle role models and encourages illuminated leadership of the highest vibrations. Michelle is the Director of the notfor-profit organisation Lightworker Foundation Ltd aimed at Elevating Enlightened Enterprises. Michelle worked as a Clinical Holistic Counsellor in private practice specialising in multi-addictions & trauma recovery and providing Professional Supervision for Counsellors, from 2001-2007 prior to expanding into Enlightenment Education & Activism. Michelle Lighworker, Founder

Someone once described me as effervescent and the word has stuck with me ever since. I have always had a fascination for the written word and its power to convey a message. Reading, writing and editing followed me throughout my careers. From taxation consulting, to event management, marketing and design. I have built my tool chest of resources and experience. Throw in a spiritual awakening from a journey with anxiety which lead me to a new life of enveloping the 12 Everyday Lightworker Principles. I am thankful to be the Editor of the Lightworker Advocate V-Mag. I feel so honoured to share this creative space with its contributors and readers. Amy Young Editor







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1. Star Nations: Extraterrestrials / Cosmic Intelligences Ancient ET cultures on Earth / History UFOs / Technology Telepathy (ET – Human Contact and Connection) 2. Human Ascension: Health and Wellness (e.g., Vibrational Medicine) Food and Nutrition Relationships (e.g., How to Navigate Fifth Dimension Relationships) Death and Dying / Past Lives / Future Lives (Projection of Consciousness) Channeling; Developing Intuition Vocation / Life Purpose (e.g., Entrepreneurship) Personal Growth / Self-Mastery 3. Earth Revival Science and Technology to Rehabilitate Earth Travel Destinations (e.g., Energy Vortexes / Spiritual Places) Green Living / Environment Enhancement History of Earth / Ancient Cultures (e.g., Aboriginal, Egyptian, etc.) Politics and Economies (Alternative News Series) Animals / Nature

New content is continually being released on FiveD.TV, refreshing its library on an on-going basis. For example, a new film by Lana Marconi, Ph.D., was just launched on the network and it’s called: “Orenda: Force of Consciousness.” This film is about the undeniable, intelligent, life force that flows through everything connecting all that is through vibration. This hidden power, called Orenda by Indigenous people, pulls us forward into higher realities of consciousness that includes: telepathic communication with advanced benevolent star nations, spontaneous healing, shapeshifting, directing nature at will, activating superhuman abilities, and engaging in other multi-dimensional experiences characteristic of the evolving new human desiring ultimate fulfillment.

Michelle Lightworker, Lana Marconi & Tony Dowd

Working alongside Lana Marconi, Ph.D., is Executive Producer Michelle Lightworker who is producing shows out of Australia. Michelle adds, “I am so honoured to be asked to hold space for this important service, I believe it is filling a gap that is being called forth from so many people who already resonate. From an audience member perspective, FiveD.TV is going to be a pleasant, interactive experience for people to feel safe and not judged and that’s so important when developing into our full potential—to provide a non-discriminatory environment. As well as leading the charge for Australia’s contribution of this channel, Michelle has completed a brand new TV show exclusive to FiveD.TV called ‘High Vibe Hunter’. “The earth and its inhabitants are full of higher vibrational frequencies. When we tap into them, we create a better world. For months I was the hunt to find them in people, enterprises, wild life, nature, global destinations and not so obvious places”, says Michelle. Her enthusiasm is tangible and infectious, “I’m so excited to have featured so many amazing BEings on the show!”   “In oneness we all benefit so kindly share FiveD.TV with all your family and friends and globally let’s grow together as a Fifth Dimensional community. So many exciting things unfolding! Stay tuned.” To access the multi-dimensional video library on FiveD.TV, all you need to do is choose between one of two memberships: The Explorer Plan offers a month-to-month subscription of $9 USD while the Star Memberships offers a yearly subscription of $90 USD. Gift Certificates are also available. Watch the introductory video on the website: https://fived.tv/subscription   Also look for a new book to be released on FiveD.TV called “The Next Dimension: Supernatural Stories from Extraordinary People.” It’s a collection of some the best interviews by Lana Marconi, Ph.D., during her filmmaking process of five documentaries, all of which you can watch on FiveD.TV. For inquiries about FiveD.TV send your email to: Star@FiveD.TV  In Australia contact Michelle for TV show interviews on 0433831946 or through Lightworker Foundation’s email: lightworkerfoundation@gmail.com


My Journey with Orenda I would love to share my journey of joy with you all in participating in the now award winning documentary 'Orenda: Force of Consciousness’. June 2017, we are in New York about to fly out the next day to visit the Niagra Falls on the Canadian side. Expressing my excitement on Facebook...next thing I know I get a message from the wonderful Lana Marconi who I had interviewed for Enlightened Conversations earlier that year, inviting hubby Tony and I to meet up in Toronto. I also receive the unexpected invitation of appearing in her newest film. It’s a big YES on both counts, from us! Unaware at the ease and grace of which was about to unfold, we were determined to ‘fit it in’. After spending the morning cycling around Toronto, we arrive at Lana’s studio. We have a ball filming. As well as learning the ropes, being production novices, we felt we were like kids in a brand new style of candy store. A bonus - we are invited to dine with Lana at her favourite Italian restaurant. Delicious. Another bonus, we find ourselves aligned in uncanny ways. The resonance is palpable, and we have an incredibly fun time in the process. Towards the end of the meal Lana asks us if we would like to help her with production of Orenda on her visit to Gold Coast, Australia in August. Are you kidding?. We didn’t hesitate. In fact we booked the accommodation as soon as we could. Another bonus, we took up Lana’s suggestion for lunch at a certain restaurant overlooking Niagra Falls as well. Perfect restaurant! All we had was to say ‘yes’ apparently and everything was falling in our laps. August 2017, we assist Lana with production on Orenda and meet some wonderful peeps - Naomi Witmer, Paulina Howfield and Ricci-Jane Adams who turned up to film. As well as suggesting a few being Jean Sheehan, Raelene Byrne and Tammie Pike. Thanks for turning up and saying ‘Yes’ to this incredible film. It was a joy meeting and working with you. We find the filming a rewarding piece of a very fun weekend hanging out with Lana and her buddy Stephanie Nassis (now our buddy) who also appears in the film. October 2017, we receive a message from Lana inviting us to be the Australian Production team for FiveD.TV – another big yes! And here we are June 2018. A year later being part of an award winning film, with over 50 TV productions of our own on FiveD.TV. This has shaped the way we have set up our new not-for-profit business Lightworker Foundation. Increasing people's visibility through film/TV is now a huge part of Lightworker Foundation's vision of 'Elevating Enlightened Enterprises'. The message: I hope that you say YES to alignment and joy. And enjoy the journey. That is what it is all about. Expanding, soul growth and lots of joy in the process! - Michelle Lightworker


TICKETS $12.50 / EVENT STARTS AT 6PM / MOVIE 6.45PM THE BIG SCREEN CINEMAS - 11 BULCOCK STREET, CALOUNDRA Join us with special guests for a premiere cinema screening of award winning documentary film maker Dr Lana Marconi's newest award winning film, Orenda. Special guests include: Michelle Lightworker, Jean Sheehan, Raelene Byrne, Tammie Pike,  Lauren Kurth, Naomi Witmer and Paulina Howfield.


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Without it, we live a lie. With it, we can begin to live the truth of why we are here.


Without it, we live in fierce judgement and narrow-mindedness. With it we are open and accepting of all the resources we need to contribute towards our enlightenment and the growing consciousness of a better world.


Wthout it, we are resistant. With a bit of a sprinkle of willingness we can move mountains. We invite Spirit into the very nature and fabric around our every decision.


Without it, we stay stuck in toxic recycled garbage, our hearts clamouring to be let out of their prison. With it, we are free to move on, let go of the past and to love with an open heart.


Without it we feel alone, separate, abandoned & narcissistic. With it we allow ourselves to connect with the infiniteness inside everyone & together we can co-create with harmony. Competition dissolves. Cross pollination emerges.


Without it we are easily distracted and led astray. With it we are able to listen to our guidance and follow the next step we are guided to do - even if that is all we know to be true.


Without it we don't trust and we are cynical. With it, we are able to take big leaps knowing that we are always safe 100% of the time in the truest sense of the word. Spirit always has our back, even when we feel we have been let down, with faith we are able to see all experiences are in our highest good.


Without it, we blame and obsess about what others have done to us or others. With it we can stop playing the victim card, pick ourselves up and start to create the life we really want to live, free from oppression and start to role model the change we want to see.


Without it, we fear and we hate. With it, we are able to see the cry for love in any given situation and it melts our cold hearts. We are able to love ourselves enough to stand up for what we know we deserve.


Without it we feel broken. With it we feel that anything we perceive is a lack, really holds an unforeseen gift. We are able to practise self-love, self-protection, self-care, self-awareness and self-moderation.

#11 JOYÂ

Without it it we feel depressed and take life too seriously. With it we find meaning in our life purpose and have a lightfilled view of every situation.



Without it we feel unrest, anxiety, we fear boredom and we thrive on drama. With it we know that every decision that comes from a place of peace creates more peace. We become a profound transformational presence of peace.

SHIFTING THE SH*T TRANSFORMING IMPATIENCE WORDS BY LEANNE THE BAREFOOT MEDIUM PRINCIPLE - HONESTY  Sit back, kick off your shoes and allow Spirit and I, to empower you to Shift the Sh*t (fears, limiting beliefs, emotions and sabotage patterns) that are keeping you stuck or holding you back from creating the life you desire by transforming the pattern of impatience. Sometimes things fall into place to receive your desires and can move quickly, other times things move more slowly and feel like they are being delayed.  When this happens you may engage in the sabotage pattern of impatience.  Sabotage happens when your actions to achieve your desires or solve a problem are negative, fear-based and not aligned with what you want.   Impatience is the inability to accept or tolerate delay or difficulty resulting in feelings of anger, stress and fear of missing out. It often results in attempts to control situations, experiences or events. It shows up when you feel like you need to move things along quicker and you end up trying to force something to happen, wanting something to be different or for someone to take an action.  It results in you pushing against the flow of your desires, leading to fear and frustration and blocking your progress. It is driven by fear and a lack of trust, whether in yourself or in others, feeling out of control and anxious that terrible things may happen. This results in low self-esteem and control being the only way you feel safe and loved.

To overcome this, you must embrace patience by becoming conscious of whether you are reacting (fear-based) or responding (love-based) to delay or difficulties or being able to accept what is being experienced in the present moment. When you react from fear, limiting beliefs or ego, it results in you not being your authentic self or taking responsibility for your own experiences. When you respond from love, you respect and honour yourself and others, maintain boundaries, align with your desires, are your authentic self, trust your intuition and speak your truth from a place of love for self and others.

By being present to your experiences you are given an opportunity to Shift the Sh*t and change your pattern of behaviour from reacting to responding by embracing patience, acceptance, flexibility and by using the following simple steps:

Take a moment to breathe


Without it, we live a lie. With it, we can begin to live the truth of why we are here. The pattern of self-sabotage cannot be broken until we are honest with ourselves of what is truly going on.

Allow yourself to pause before taking any actions Acknowledge the situation, circumstances and experiences as well as any thoughts, emotions or fears Reflect on how you can embrace patience, acceptance and flexibility in that moment

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Identify whether you have access to the resources you need to move you forward - be it money, time, support, energy Be vulnerable and ask for help and support to move through it if you need to Breaking this self-sabotage pattern will take practice, patience, compassion and persistence, so get honest and take responsibility for Shifting the Sh*t that may be playing out in your life today! ................................................................................................................................................................................................. Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, is a gifted and a highly sought after International Medium, Channel, Twin Flame, Intuitive Love, Relationship and Business Coach as well as an Author who brings her cheeky, honest and compassionate personality to not only supporting others in connecting with their loved ones who have passed over but also supporting people to transform and shift their sh*t so they can achieve their dreams by providing insights, guidance as well as practical tools and techniques people can use in their everyday lives to create and manifest all they desire in life.

MY JOURNEY WITH EPILEPSY Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is not commonly discussed and often misunderstood without the proper education and awareness. Unfortunately, society’s awareness of epilepsy is not as strong as other common health concerns such as cancer, diabetes, aids, autism or mental awareness. I aspire to break that cycle one day; for now, I’m going to share with you my personal journey with epilepsy and how in a very ironic way, it has connected me to my spiritual journey and life purpose.


and my mother was completely distraught, frightened and called my father at his office. Although this was a very terrifying experience for my parents, it was my first true out of body experience. I was just dancing in circles, playing with the angels, all while my body was recovering from the allergic reaction I had from the vaccines I was given. From that day forward I had multiple seizures daily.

While living in Columbus, Ohio at the age of three, my mother took me to get a routine checkup and vaccinations which were very typically required at that age. Up until that day, I had never experienced a single seizure in my life. I lived a very normal healthy life. I was a very active child with a fierce unstoppable independent streak. After that doctors visit my life changed forever. As my mother recalls, she was driving us home, when I had fallen asleep in the back of the car as I usually did. When we got home, she could tell something was very wrong. My face was blue, I was sweating, I wasn’t breathing very well. She immediately rushed me over to the Emergency Room and I was diagnosed by the ER doctor with back to back grand mal seizures. They immediately put me on a breathing machine, my temperature was over 100 degrees

To make matters worse, unfortunately, there wasn’t a neurologist in Columbus, Ohio that specialized in seizures with young children. So, my early childhood years were spent going on countless road trips to Cincinnati, Ohio to get my seizures treated and controlled, so I could have somewhat of a normal childhood and study while I was in school. By age 13, I was removed from all my seizure medications, and the doctors informed my family that I was seizure free and completely healed. I eventually learned to drive, graduated school and was living a normal life like any young adult. At age 24 however, this would all change, literally at a blink of an eye.


While visiting some friends at a nearby army base, just outside Tacoma, Washington, I got into a very tragic auto accident. I was sitting in the front passenger seat and the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. I completely panicked and then blanked out as soon as the airbag hit me. At that very moment I had my second out of body experience. I can remember looking at my body sitting in the car covered in blood, and waiting for the medics to come while I was having multiple seizures, my body was shaking and I was completely unaware to what was happening. I was in absolute shock! I looked over towards the fence and saw an Indian chief on a black horse with his wife on the horse behind him. They rescued me and brought me back to their tribe and placed my body down on the ground. I kept asking myself, is this real? Is this all really just a dream I’m experiencing? I could hear singing, dancing, drums playing and they were doing some healing ritual until the emergency crew flew over. They eventually got my body out of the car and flew me into the nearest hospital. Déjà vu all over again: breathing machine, doctor crews, high temperature, seizures, people trying desperately to save my life, out of body experiences. Due to the injuries from the accident I experienced a broken wrist and needed surgery and was put under anesthesia so they could operate.

Sometimes I couldn’t tell if I was having another seizure or if the energy from an object or person around me was throwing my energy off course from being such a strong empath. Eventually I learned that if I avoided my spiritual gifts and meditating regularly, the more seizures I would experience. Yet consequently the more I was in tuned with my spiritualty, spiritual gifts and was actively mediating, the less seizures I would experience. In conclusion, being both spiritually aware and having epilepsy hasn’t been anything short of easy. It’s been very challenging; though in a very ironic yin yang sort of way it has awakened me and brought clarity and balance into my life. I hope my journey and path to healing with epilepsy will bring you closure, freedom and awareness. For more of Mary Margaret’s spiritual journey and writings you can follow her on Facebook. www.Facebook.com/PoetryByMargaret

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While in surgery. I can recall seeing the Indian chief again, this time he sat me down and we went into a deep meditation. I remember seeing multiple tribal Indians standing around me performing energy healing, cleansing and healing my body. From that day forward, everything changed! My life would never be the same. I could clearly see and communicate with the chief, his wife, my ancestors, angels, auras, and my empath skills and intuition became stronger. 

#2 OPEN MINDEDNESS By choosing to view our experiences and situations with an open mind it can help us to find clarity. We can also change how we want to feel about them and what effect they have on us moving forward in our lives.




Do you have a passion for greatness? Do you feel you have hidden talents and abilities? Dreaming of traveling back in time to heal past lives or find lost and hidden history? Do you know there are parallel realities and travel to other timelines but don’t know where to start? Many of us on the spiritual path know many of these things are possible to facilitate positive changes in our life and our world. We have spent years reading self-help books, attending lectures, and listening to podcasts. But we know there is more; we know if we can reach that treasure of knowledge inside of us, we can change our lives and make the world a better place. The inner field that holds unlimited riches has been called many names throughout time. Plato called it "Truth, Beauty, and the Good"; Jesus called it the "Kingdom of Heaven Within", Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the "Over-Soul".

"...we can change our lives and make the world a better place" New discoveries in Quantum physics have found that reaching this place, where we are connected to the universe of possibilities, where we can excavate our profound magnificence can be reached. We can accomplish this through an intensive and lifelong meditation practice; which has been validated by both scientific research and spiritual principles. But many of us do not have twenty years and thousands of hours to develop these spiritual techniques to unlock our internal riches. We are ready for immediate change as a modern human and our consciousness is at the highest elevated state in history, where we can have this connection easier, faster, and have it now. Over the past six years Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ has been in research and development to assist the modern human, living in the quantum age, to have the ability to reach their Quantum Field Within™, the internal space of unlimited possibilities. By accessing this quantum field we are not only accessing our human potential, we are connecting to all that is—in the unified field, through unity consciousness.

These are just some of the possibilities for the exploration of the quantum field found inside all of us: Parallel Lives & Other Worlds Quantum Regressions Future Progressions Afterlife Experience Quantum Time Travel Activating Latent Talents & Abilities Through discoveries in quantum physics, the latest in brainwave technologies, and proven techniques, it is now easier than ever to explore new realities. Now is the time for you to unlock the divine treasure deep inside, accessing unlimited possibilities… for you and the world. Please note that when it comes to our own willingness and free will, the Wellpoint Hypnosis Method is completely different to other methods. It is run by you the client, your “higher self” or  “soul consciousness” which connects with the supreme consciousness. You have all the power of healing and control of the session by connecting to the quantum field within. This is not only life-changing but also empowering. ............................................................................................................................ Christina Calisto Winslow is a best-selling author, owner of an international spiritual publishing company, Big Country Publishing; creator of Alchemy of the Mind™ and founder of Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™. Christina brings training and support through her teaching, consultations, writing, and international speaking engagements. Currently, Christina is extensively involved in the research and development of brainwave entrainment technology and it's affect on the subconscious mind and human energy field as a co-founder of SOUNDSYNCTECH™. Copyright©2018 Christina Calisto Winslow. All Rights Reserved.

Watch Me #3 WILLINGNESS Being willing means that we are connected to our higher-self. Our higherself can guide us to make decisions from a state of love. Our free will still remains and it is up to us whether we accept or act on this guidance. Being willing to connect and listen is a beautiful place to start.


FORGIVENESS BY JEAN SHEEHAN PRINCIPLE - FORGIVENESS Are you finding it difficult to forgive someone? From the many life experiences, we have, forgiveness is probably the most challenging one of all. So, what does it really mean to forgive? To forgive is to pardon or excuse an action, experience or circumstance. Therefore, to have forgiveness is to have mercy, compassion and understanding for that action, experience or circumstance. It sounds easy doesn't it.....but there is a little more to it than the definition! Many of us have incurred painful experiences such as relationship break ups, loss of a business, death of a special person or have been hurt badly. That pain may still be within you.  For many, the idea of forgiving a person feels like they have let them off 'scot free’. To make it easier to forgive someone, take a step back from the situation and try to see it from a compassionate side. This may help in giving you a little more understanding and may ease the pain you have. 

"...take a step back from the situation and try to see it from a compassionate side."


Ask yourself the following questions: 1. What do you think was going on for them at this time? 2. Why would they do such a thing? 3. What were they thinking? 4. Were they supported, or do you think they felt desperate or in need?

Always remember that the main objective of forgiveness is to make YOU feel better so that the situation does not continue to upset your life in the future. Case Study Rhonda was happily married for 19 years and had two happy children. She was also working in her dream job as a coach and was empowering women, in particular, those who had partners working away. Everything in her life seemed to be going well until her husband started acting differently. They always had an open trusting relationship, but this was out of the ordinary and felt wrong for her; call it wife, woman, mother intuition! Rhonda decided to check her husband’s mobile phone – something she had never thought to do before. To her dismay, she discovered photos and messages from another woman. Rhonda felt all the trust and loyalty in their relationship drain away. She felt crushed, sick and upset.

#4 FORGIVENESS After further discussions with her partner, Rhonda decided to forgive her husband and rebuild the relationship. It was not an easy process, but she followed these steps: Tips for forgiveness: Firstly, allow yourself to feel the pain of the ‘hurt’ and know that it is OK to feel it. Know that there is a grieving process with forgiveness Know that to forgive does not mean you have to forget. It is more about healing your own pain and having compassion for your self To forgive someone is not making yourself wrong and them right. It is allowing you to move on and have compassion for you Review the actions and situation of what occurred. Do this with an open mind so as to see the bigger picture as stated Put yourself in the other person's shoes to gain more understanding Imagine that person in front of you and say in your mind “I love you, I forgive you’ at least 6 times. Do this for at least seven days Surround yourself with uplifting & nurturing people Stimulate the mind with positive or likeminded people/things Ensure you have a plan for the day which is focused on you, your gifts and what you are great at

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Remember forgiveness is being loving to you first. ............................................................................................................................ Introducing Jean Sheehan, internationally recognised and award winning Medical Intuitive known as ‘The Walking Talking MRI' and 3 time AMAZON best selling author. As a Nurse and an extraordinary medical intuitive Jean is able to see the anatomy and physiology within the body. She can accurately pin point the disease and what the body requires to heal itself. Working with Doctors, allied health, teachers and the medical system schools, Jean is continually requested to teach and speak about the body consciousness. Having taught at QLD and NSW universities and written for many magazines, BLOGS, websites and books, Jean teaches your body talks and biology becomes your biography. As a leader in her field, her transformational Milllennium Modality® is now accredited and recognised within 26 countries globally. Jean knew there was an innate wisdom and intuitive power within each being, which could heal itself and manifest potentiality.

CONNECTING WITH ONE ANOTHER THROUGH AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS B Y R A U `L E S T E V E Z # 6 D I S C I P L I N E P H O T O G R A P H S B Y R A U `L E S T E V E Z PRINCIPLE - UNITY I would like to start by offering my definition of ‘awakened consciousness’ . It is our capability to connect our Divine Being of Light to the matrix or multiverse of all that is. There/here is where multidimensional communication with other Divine Beings of Light, incarnated or not, occurs. Where? I hear you asking. Well, deep within our opened hearts! As you read these words I am connecting with you and you with me, via the energy of unconditional love, that which has brought me to write this article and for you to read it. Or, perhaps, the other way around! As we only exist in the NOW, the PRESENT, the gift from Source and the creator of all that is which resides within our hearts. As I connect with you at a cellular level, I ask you now to place your right hand on your heart chakra and breathe deeply three times. Right there is where your awakened consciousness and mine meet along with those of other Divine Beings of Light. We meet simultaneously, exchanging beautiful energies and wisdom with one another, at a cellular level. By doing so we allow ourselves to function in this current existence/incarnation at optimal functioning levels. Now move your hand in an outwards wave, sending love to everything and everyone in the multiverse. Feel LOVE, send LOVE, be LOVE and receive LOVE. Because what goes around comes around! As you observe in the photos accompanying this article, awakened consciousness is truly understanding we are all one and connected with one another, even when we are going about our day without noticing others. Our souls and divine incarnated beings might be in the foreground of the picture and sometimes in the background but still a part of the full picture.


Sometimes a simple hug or embrace is not only felt and witnessed by those involved but it could also be noticed by another divine Being of Light near by, who was guided by angels to look in the direction of people hugging and connecting with the collective energy of pure unconditional love. If you would like to change your awakened consciousness in this incarnation you must tap into the energy of being comfortable in your own skin, there you will find greater possibilities for inner peace, fulfilment, purpose and of course, love! The more comfortable you are in your own skin the more connected to your divine life mission you are. Your life is flooded by the correct people, places and circumstances to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned. All whilst maintaining your uniqueness and considering the needs of others to achieve their full potential and how you both affect one another. Here is to hoping we continue moving forward in our unique awakened consciousness with love and compassion! “Remember, believe in angels because they do believe in you!” Raúl Your Angelic Messenger https://www.facebook.com/raulestevezauthor/ .......................................................................................................................... Raul Estevez, M.Ed., is an award winning Professional Educator, receiving the Vice Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence in the year 2000 at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. He is an international Educator/Trainer, Psychic and Spiritual Healer, who has offered guidance, healing and mentorship to people worldwide. Raul in his first book 'My Angels Connections' brings to the reader a set of short stories to inspire them to connect to their angels. His easy writing style allows the reader to truly connect at a heart, mind and soul level. It has also been a wonderful experience where Raul has been able to integrate his intellectual beliefs with his spiritual ones!

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The Healing Project is a group of women reaching out to show others their expertise to help them move forward through the next stage of their life. It is a safe space for women to come together after experiencing family and domestic violence. Here women can heal, reconnect with themselves and others in nurturing and lightfilled ways. Since the Healing Project has been created, women have found their strength, wisdom and courage to speak up about their experiences and share their stories in a positive, empowering and inspiring way. “The Roar Moments” have been birthed. “The Roar Moments” is a Zine, a magazine that is self published with original texts and art work/images. The Roar is a point in time that each person experiencing domestic violence has gone through. Some remembered their Roar moment, others found theirs in sharing their story. Witnessing this has showed us how empowering and healing it is to speak up and out, anonymously or not. It has already expanded in a way that women are sharing their moment of roar outside of a domestic violent situation. You do not need to have experienced domestic violence to have a right to roar.

WITNESSING THIS HAS SHOWED US HOW EMPOWERING AND HEALING IT IS TO SPEAK OUT Originally we wanted to make this magazine a book, simply because we had so much to share. A few of our efforts to do so haven’t gotten to fruition, obviously, so we came across the Zine, which is a very authentic simple creative magazine that allowed us to lighten and underline the stories shared with pictures and art work that had been drawn along womens`' healing journeys. We finished the magazine with uplifting affirmations to show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that the tunnel DOES end and that it is possible to turn your life around and create the life you dream of regardless of your past. How you can do that is what we share and teach during meetings with the Healing Project. We hope the Zine inspires you to discover how freeing it is to allow yourself to roar, to let out what got you there in the first place and shine your light in all its glory. We are proud to be sponsoring and standing behind such an incredible creation. It did happen in the end quite effortlessly although we had moments where we each sat alone at the meeting space for the Healing Project because no participants showed up. That is just another sign of our determination. Special thanks to Fiona Brown for creating this healing group that has made a huge difference in women’s lives. Your efforts and dedication are highly appreciated.


The Healing PROJECT

A space for women by women. Women need a space to meet at, a place to come and recover and a place to heal with kindness and friendship. The group offers you a space to be safe and nourished, a moment to be cared about and to be cared for, a second to connect and to share a little of your self with us. Each month we do something creative. Come join our circle and reconnect with yourself. Children and food to share are a welcome extra.

When: Third Sunday of Every Month Time: 10am - 2pm Where: Maroochydore Neighbourhood Centre Fifth Avenue Maroochydore

The group is a women’s group because of the people reaching out, who happened to be women. To keep the space safe for everyone involved, we kept it at that. We are aware that the topic of Domestic Violence as well as the right to roar effects women as well as men and children. We are all equal. Let’s see it as a stepping stone in empowering the self to speak up, own their story and move from there into a direction each and every single person not just desires but deserves. It is difficult in some situations to let children of certain ages decide on that because our children might be too young to do so, yet let me put it this way: they do deserve an abuse-free, loving, peaceful and safe life. It is with great gratitude that I am sharing our accomplishment. For me personally it has been a massive help along the way. Sharing our experiences has showed me that: 1. It is possible to recover from the nightmare. 2. That the nightmare is real. 3. That I am not alone in this. 4. That the interest in our Zine from the public such as news papers, center care, daycare centers, etc shows that there is a need for support in this area. 5. There are people out here to help and support you. 6. EVERYONE has a right to ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!

How does discipline relate to all of this? Without discipline The Healing Project wouldn't exist. It was Fiona's guidance that birthed it and our discipline to show up along the way that created it. Discipline was with all of us when we got together and shared our ideas, worked through our stuff and wrote down our stories to share them. It is the reason why the magazine felt so effortless. Each woman exercised discipline in listening to her own heart and soul and brought forth what she felt passionate about and called to write, share and contribute to the magazine e.g. paintings, poems, photos, editing, lay out etc


Discipline is also the reason this article is in this magazine today through intuitively sharing our guidance and getting the opportunity to write for the Lightworker Avocate magazine. Thank you Michelle Lightworker. Discipline has chosen us and it couldn't be a better principle. The Healing Project is based on the Lightworker Principles! Thank you discipline for making this project and the creation of the Zine Magazine so effortless. Can you see the flow? The effortless

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flow that happened from creating the Healing Project to it launching its own magazine! Gotta love that! I love discipline. Do you? We want to see you soar! The women from The Healing Project. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Healing-Project This article has been written by Christin Ewald aka Magenta Goddess https://m.facebook.com/christinewaldismagentagoddess





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Most people hear the terms ‘Akash’ or ‘Akasha’ they tend to imagine a very large tome, in a very large library filled with every single event, word, action and thought of every single human being that has incarnated on our planet – namely, the Akashic Records. Using a word like ‘record’ indicates linear thinking, and human ascension is anything but linear. For the purposes of this article I will be using the terms ‘Akash’ or ‘Akasha’ interchangeably to describe an energy field of consciousness that encompasses what László Ervin puts forward as “…the fundamental energy state that contains and informs the ‘Metaverse’. This description of thinking puts the Akash in the Quantum realm, and if it informs the Metaverse (all current, past and future universes) then it follows that the way we desire to bring forward and create our life is unequivocally connected to the Akash, as is our ability to be aware of it and be guided by it. So how do we access this “…infinite space…” where every outcome is not only plausible, but possible? By understanding how we are driven and motivated by it, we can actively navigate through our ascension process taking full responsibility for our own journeys, raising our acceptance levels of others, and ‘IN-JOYing’ a sense of peace and wholeness that may have remained hidden until now. 

USING A WORD LIKE 'RECORD' INDICATES LINEAR THINKING, AND HUMAN ASCENSION IS ANYTHING BUT LINEAR... Each individual on this planet is a specialist at BE-ing exactly who we are. At the core of our being is LOVE – Universal Love – often described as the human spark or the light within. While we sometimes have difficulty identifying love ‘markers’ in others, or even ourselves at times it is important that we realise it always resides within. The nature of the Akash is to steer us towards situations that offer us a chance to share that love. Most of us understand this as Karma; a recurring event due to a lesson needing to be learned (past life karma). We are connected to the Akash biologically through our DNA, and that connection cannot be severed. It is ever present, and ever pushing. Once you are aware of it, you can learn to understand it and use it to steer your own evolution. However, we must let go of linear thinking. To enhance our understanding of the Akash we need to remember that it is dynamic and all outcomes exist within it, and while it is part of us genetically, it is not part of human ‘mind processing’. This is why most of us find it difficult to ‘read’ our Akashic Record, because ‘reading’ involves linear thinking, and the consciousness you are trying to access is quantum.  

In short, the Akash presents us with concepts of how we exist outside of time, space and linearity. Karma is related to our Akash as an emotional response to sensing that which existed in what humans call the ‘past’.  The Akash drives us towards events that allow us the choice to align with love.  This is when the Akash, through your DNA, is trying to communicate to you and you develop a sensory experience that feels ‘real’. Practitioners who specialise in releasing karma and past life regression are able to sense and ‘read’ your energy sequence in the quantum energy field of the akashic consciousness, but you can do this yourself.  You just need to recognise your innate connection to the Akash and listen when it is trying to communicate to you. During this time of ascension, everything is being recalibrated. We are all becoming aware of that which we do and do not desire in our lives. Our DNA is also recalibrating and becoming more vigorous in its communication with the human sensory perception field and we are listening more with open hearts and open minds.  As all of this is happening so to is our Human Akash evolving. 

.................................................................................................... Helene Xing Pei Burns is a 32nd Generation Lay Cha’n Buddhist Disciple, Deliberate Joy Facilitator & Divinity Coach, Internal Dialogue Fixer-Upper, Spiritual Guidance Mentor, Mental Medium and Psychic Intuitive.   In her spare time, she is the CEO of Soul Conversations, and kick-ass warrior mum of two.  Helene can be contacted via email: angeldharmalife@gmail.com or you can visit her website https://www.soulconversationswithpei.com/ You will also find she has three, yes three, Facebook pages: - Soul Conversations - Incouragemeant (spelled that way FOR purpose ��) - Life with SPoT (AKA – Spirit on Tap)

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#7 FAITH When we make that innate connection to the Akash and listen to when it communicates with us - it is up to ourselves if we follow that guidance in faith. Our higher-consciousness only guides us with love. It is up to us to choose to follow it, even if we d o n o t u n d e r s t a n d t h a t g u i dFAITH| a n c ePAGE b u5t follow it anyway. This is Faith.

SELF HEALING RESPONSIBILITY WORDS BY BRAD MCDONALD Many contemporary approaches to medicine and healing can be heavily influenced by their ability to generate profit for multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. A drug driven approach to treating serious illnesses has filtered down the line of practitioners and given the opportunity to poison the watering hole of the modern-day shaman. To name a few on a long list - steroids, antidepressants, overuse of antibiotics, immunosuppressant’s, hormone replacement therapies, pain killers and sleep inducing zombie pills, can possibly reek havoc on our minds and bodies if we are too busy cashing checks and breaking our backs working to concern ourselves with the only currencies that truly matter – TIME & HEALTH. It can be so incredibly difficult for some to receive the support and help they desperately need in a culturescape which encourages the ‘quick fix’. You’ll be alright mate, get some pain killers and get back on the horse. Dis-ease, at a root causation level, is related to deficiency and toxicity. A lack of essential minerals and nutrients which have been stripped from the food we consume and exposure to toxins on a level human nature has never seen before – heavy metals, carcinogens, preservatives, fluoride and the list goes on. However, that’s no reason to be devoid of responsibility regarding your well-being or that of your children. As the old mantra goes, the first step to fixing a problem is identifying there is a problem in the first place.


PRINCIPLE - RESPONSIBILITY As the old mantra goes, the first step to fixing a problem is identifying that there is a problem in the first place. I’m not talking about the name your condition(s) have been given, I’m talking about the decisions you have or haven’t made which have contributed to the manifestation of your current state of being. Generally speaking, you didn’t develop this condition overnight and by the same token you will not rid yourself of it so quickly, but you can heal!. Your body is a living organism with built in self-healing pathways, just as we see them in the patterns of nature. We are energetically driven to transform and rebuild and this is the belief and the message that must permeate our total being for us to emotionally, physically, spiritually and chemically heal. If you treat the symptom rather than the cause, your solution is rigged with planned obsolescence. In order to move past illness, we must work to define our deficiencies and toxicities and move past misinformation by being accountable for our beliefs and putting time aside to investigate. You may have heard the saying ‘ask no questions, get no lies’. Being critical as opposed to ignorant does not make you a conspiracy theorist. It may not be in the interest of the synthetic drug companies geared towards profit to educate you holistically about your health. It's important not to buy into the hype. 

Educate yourself via various means, immerse yourself in the holistic healing community, journey within to find your intuition, connect with your physical and return to the bosom of nature. Being accountable means, we accept our share of the responsibility for this synthetic drug gimmick we call modern medicine. We need to wind back the clock and take an atavistic approach to medicine, helping one another to do so by talking and sharing truths. Natural therapies have sustained human life on this planet for millions of years, yet we are sicker, unhappier and more full of crap than ever before. Dig into the past and it will provide you with answers. There are many fallacies within the food and wellness industry, question everything. We can be relentless seekers of truth. This journey has no end point. It is from this understanding that our company philosophy resonates. We aspire to provide quality, trustworthy, natural and vibrational products and pledge our contribution to the empowerment of the authentic individual who is willing to be accountable and share the truth.Â

The human condition is reflected in the state of the natural world and therefore to be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship. A truly healthy, happy human is one whom has harmonised with mother nature and does not view themselves as being separate from it.

About Brad McDonald - After graduating in Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, life beckoned me to gain a greater understanding of the undeniable synchronicity we share with nature and what that means for us as we step into a brave new world. I have learnt on my journey that understanding several basic concepts of human health, such as alkalinity, oxygen, essential minerals and nutrients, mind-brain-body connection, and water are vital to the individual seeking greater well-being. This is a journey that doesn't end and therefore you must be a relentless seeker of truth and preemptive in your natural medicine - don't wait until dire straights to take action. Some of us don't have that privilege, so if that is you take comfort in knowing that we can indeed self-heal, but its no single effort, you will need to be committed with a multi-faceted approach. I hope to help people realise these truths and equip them with the knowledge to self-heal. To be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship so please be conscious in taking steps towards the greater wellbeing of our planet as you go about your quest for greater health and happiness. https://www.facebook.com/AgainstTheGrainHealth

We must all take responsibility for our reckless impact on the planet and move forward with renewed vigour and determination. Against The Grain Health represents a movement towards waking up and being the change.


MAKING WAVES WORDS BY STEVEN BORDONARO PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARCUS LANE PRINCIPLE - LOVE Hola everyone. I hope all is going great for you in your world. It is in mine. I wake up thinking ‘what can I create today?’ Spur of the moment. Creative juices flowing. I jump on my bike with bright stars in the sky and the hazy golden glow of an advancing day beyond the distant horizon yet to rise. I peddle down to the beach at Happy Valley. Armed only with thongs and a metal adjustable rake. Oh, and my boardshorts and shirt too of course! I usually arrive before sunrise. The most beautiful and quiet part of the day. The only planning being that of watching the time and tide to give me an ever changing canvas to work on every few weeks or so (or whenever the planets align and the weather is kind to me). With never any concept or idea to go with in my mind, I settle on a point in the sand to start raking.

The art flows from me... Whatever I am feeling at the time seems to flow from me. It’s like my body is my hand and my rake is my brush. From there, the next hour or two seems like a dream. Losing all concept of time, I float above the sand. Drawing. Designing. Flowing. In and out. Around and around. Dodging the eddies and ebbs of the currents of water that run erratically around me trying to find their way out to sea and that will slowly and eventually consume my spontaneous artwork on the flat smooth sand. I draw what I feel on the day. I feel what I draw on the day. Every day is unique. While I am on the sand, I receive the most wonderful, positive and heartwarming comments from the public that walk or jog past me on their morning ritual from the boardwalk stretching to Kings Beach. People even come down, walk, chat and wander through my art. Taking photos. Dreaming. Mesmerized. Getting lost in my maze of lines and swirls that I create. Most people smile. Many people watch. A lot of people think sand crabs or other worldly beings have been busy during the night.


For me it’s a chance to express the joy and love I have in my life. From family, friends, to our diverse environment and the special life we have, to a sense of how lucky we are to live in such an amazingly beautiful place like Caloundra. Although this ephemeral art gets washed away within hours, it is never lost within me. The designs I create and what I rake become a memory that I cannot erase. Perhaps a never forgotten memory for the people that view my art on that particular day. How blessed am I to give art to people? Forever in their minds. To me that’s priceless. What a joy it is to create something within nature. And for people. And for me. I love my life. For more from Steven Brodonaro visit his Facebook Page Facebook.com/bordolinedesign ............................................................................................. In his decades-spanning practice, Steven Bordonaro has explored a variety of styles through different materials and mediums. From his love of surfing and nature, to travelling all over the world and being inspired by the art and architecture of many cultures and peoples both modern and historical. Steven has developed and painted a multitude of dynamic and inspirational artworks and large format murals. Not only here on the Sunshine Coast, but also painting private commissions in his various styles from Hawaii to England, Scotland to Canada and the United States to Spain. Recently developing and producing beautiful, organic sand-art the size of a football field, on low tide and very early in the mornings, on various Sunshine Coast beaches. Creating such works perfectly link his art with his love of all things nature and its elements.

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NOTE: In order to understand the content of this article you will need to know that the sub parts of the principle of wholeness are: care, love, awareness, moderation, protection (C.L.A.M.P.) What have you noticed for yourself lately? Have you got some things that you’ve processed really clearly that you’re working on bringing to the world? Taking your voice out into the world is a big thing, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s even a big deal to simply know and keep your truth (and energy) clear, strong and solid for yourself, let alone discussing and sharing it with the world. I was taught, “The most important thing is that you know the truth as you stand before someone.” I would say, “That’s a starting point...until the world requires you to step up to the next level and stand up for yourself”. It is true to say that speaking up for yourself is also a form of self-protection. And, yes, moderating your style of communication is also. Both of which require you to be actively aware of yourself and the world around you. Or to be practicing the m.a.p. of Wholeness. Repetition is a foundation of belief. The more you hear something the more likely you are to take it in as truth. You want to make sure that your ‘truths’ form your filters for the world around you and, when you’re a parent or role model or carer/nurturer of any kind, you will want to make sure that what you’re saying is completely congruent with what you’re thinking. In other words, to have the strength of mind to have the strength of your convictions. Love and care for yourself enough to say, “Hey, I’m worth hearing and listening to so I am going to practice communicating that.” And when other people do that, ask yourself, “What is my stance here?” and respond accordingly. Let all of your being communicate who you are with the world! Let your chakras be fully voiced! It’s not okay if someone else is constantly having a say over you. Let your actions speak as loudly as your words and strengthen yourself as you go. The journey of standing up for yourself is not necessarily an easy one but if you don’t do it no-one else can really do it for you on your way to complete independence.

Speak up. Even if you have to discover what that means for you. I have found that amongst strong voices that I have felt that my voice has been drowned out as if in a sea of speakers raging at maximum volume while my voice feels like it’s not even mic’ed up. Hear yourself first and then find your medium for channelling that voice into. It’s worth it. You won’t regret it. And the more you do, the more you will want to do. Because your are worth it. I want you to know that as someone who had spent a lot of time on stage and in front of a microphone, in various forms, that I went through a time after that in which I had to get my voice, on multiple levels, back. What I was naturally gifted and worked hard with was taken away from me...and I fought hard to get the strength to get it back. And I felt that there was a lot of lack of belief that came at me from other people; that people only took me at face value. So I found my voice again, for me. And you can too. Be strong, be resourceful, be determined, have courage, speak your truth, see clearly and communicate with resonance...and each and every one of your chakras will be smiling! And happy chakras make for a happy life! And we all want that! www.instagram.com/weirtherese





There are many words to describe joy, mine being among the flowers. Flowers bring up feelings of delight, pleasure, memories, happiness, radiance and bliss. As you delve into these words it becomes an uplifting experience, can you feel it? A sense of joy and peace. The aroma of sunshine, a connection to heart, you can breathe it in. It’s like a smile and a joy that opens you to love. I wonder if that was what Dr Edward Bach was experiencing as he communicated with the flowers. It is said that they spoke to him, taking him on a journey to discover their healing qualities. It must of been Spirit invoking its power upon him to bring this amazing gift of healing to the world. A healing of balance, love and sprinkles of joy. Illuminating the magic that is us. Flower essences bring joy to those who use them, they are produced by capturing the flowers unique vibration. Flower essences bring about joy to the user due to the high vibrational frequency they contain. The user is assisted by balancing their emotions on a spiritual healing level. You can picture the flowers in their joyful state. Their unique vibration and the doctrine of signatures of shape, colour, habitat and the cheery little faces hiding beneath the petals that they possess. There are many to choose from, the Bach range, Australian Bush Flowers or Living Essence and many more.

Flower essences are used to change the frequency associated within the 6th charkra to release negativity from the mind that form our emotions. Like a water lily its doctrine of signatures being grounded in the earth and open to the universe, the white and purple species is suggestive of spiritual connection. The water lily would be used to balance us when we are not grounded, disconnected and have a lack of focus. Whereas a pink rose with its heart shaped petals is of course to bring out the love in you. What a joy to able to feel, see and breathe in the hidden talents of the flowers. To use their image, their decoration, scents and joy. No wonder the flowers are used at farewells, healing and celebration. There are many to choose from, all bearing their unique signature to relieve the ailments of the mind and dilemmas. The joy, found in the language of the flowers. https://www.facebook.com/naturalkate.com.au

More on Flower Powers

The energy in nature is balance and harmony. The flower of a plant is the highest frequency of that plant and is expressed with beauty, a gift of joy and often a beautiful fragrance. We as vibrational beings use our energy centres especially our 6th charkra associated with the mind. When used constantly we can become unbalanced. The energy in nature is balance and harmony. The flower of a plant is the highest frequency of that plant and is expressed with beauty, a gift of joy and often a beautiful fragrance.  

#11 JOY


HEALING THROUGH ART BY CHERYL HART    PRINCIPLE - PEACE In my late 20's I answered a calling to explore painting. Even though it felt crazy given my accounting career and a long held belief that I wasn’t creative, I discovered that painting represented the unfolding of possibilities within my life. It became a journey of faith, as I started to experience the power of art as a catalyst for change and healing. It was a creative space to reflect and an outlet to express feelings and emotions. This healing essence was embodied in my Divine by Design body of work, which emerged 3 years ago while I transitioned through my marriage breakdown and divorce. This body of work helped me to find a place within myself where forgiveness felt natural. It helped me to move through the wounding and was an outlet for my pain. While painting the nude male form in its angelic representation I felt its vulnerability, strength, and most profoundly, I felt its divinity. I felt the gentleness that can be embodied under the protection of the masculine. Each piece held a message that would help me to move through my grief. I was able to step out of the story of my divorce and into a place of healing, into a space where I started to feel joy. I was able to make peace with the masculine energy and presence, not just in my life, but also within my own inner self. As I healed and evolved, so too did my work, with more colour and vibrancy finding its way onto my canvas. It was then that the vision for the my piece “Grace” emerged. She embodies the essence of grace and symbolises the wisdom of trusting my own heart and embracing the joy that lies in the unknown. Through art I found my own truth. It’s complicated in its simplicity. It’s driven by love and a desire for true connection. A connection that sustains us and guides us during dark times. It assures us that we are not alone, that we do belong, that we are heard and more importantly, that we are seen.

The process may not always be elegant but it’s okay to honour where you’re at, and find acceptance for the choices that have brought you to where you are. Love and joy are not the end goal or the light at the end of the tunnel. LOVE and JOY are the journey. We are here to connect with who we are, with our soul’s desire to express, to experience, to feel, to create and to BE. Painting is the bridge that takes me home to my own heart and soul. It has become my way of finding peace and understanding for transitioning through life. It is where I play and have fun and I have come to realise that painting will always be my way. I believe everyone has their own ‘space’. Their own activity or calling through which they may feel this connectedness. Whether it be painting, surfing, singing or business, from my heart to yours, may you find your sense of connection. For each of us it is different but you’ll know when you find it. Time will stand still and you will feel an effortless flow. When you’re in that space you don’t wish to leave, but even when you do, the impact of the connection with the divine that you create will be carried with you and felt in every area of your life. If you have found it, honour it, and stay true to it! Cheryl Hart www.cherylhart.com.au www.facebook.com.au/cherylhartIntuitiveArtist www.instagram.com/cherylhart_Intuitive_Artist

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Challenging the Status Quo By IICT Founder and CEO, Lawrence Taylor Ellyard Like many things, necessity is the mother of all invention, and so it was with the IICT. In 1996, as some of you may know, I was running the International Institute for Reiki Training. At this time we had several practitioners ready to practice in the marketplace so I was seeking to provide a banner for our Reiki Therapists as well as access to insurance cover. However, I wanted to provide an alternative to the path traditionally offered by associations. Being active in the natural health industry through my teaching and speaking engagements, I came across the same complaints from practitioners from all walks of life. Common concerns were high membership fees as well as the need for continued education, which for the most part seemed like adding on courses that were not always seen as useful by the practitioners concerned. Another complaint was the costs associated with travelling to training courses to accumulate points to maintain Association membership. I decided I wanted to provide my Reiki practitioners with a membership that had all of the benefits, but none of the limitations, that many Association memberships entailed. After a considerable effort I was able to secure an agreement with our current broker to provide professional affiliation and insurance for our Reiki graduates. With everything in place, we announced the membership to our Reiki therapists. As soon as we launched the membership, a funny thing happened. We had Reiki practitioners asking if the insurance could cover them beyond Reiki and would also cover them for other natural therapies. I took it upon myself to contact our broker and found they would also be happy to cover these other common natural therapies. Because we had one of the best rates available at the time, soon word-of-mouth spread and we found that complementary therapists, other than Reiki therapists, were approaching us. As more and more therapists joined our Reiki Institute banner, we continued to provide professional membership for therapists who had additional modalities to Reiki.


"As soon as we launched the membership, a funny thing happened"


For other practitioners who held qualifications across several therapies, it often meant joining several associations and taking out different insurances, simply because they could not roll all their therapies under one banner. All this got me thinking – ‘Someone should do something about this’. Then one day I realized, I was that someone. It was time; the practitioners were many and there was a definitive market need for an all-encompassing body for the industry. In 2002, I decided it was time to create a new banner to cater for all our members who did other complementary therapies. I wanted a name that had room for growth and encompassed the industry as a whole. Thus the name was born: The International Institute for Complementary Therapists or IICT, for short. The vision was realized – to become a professional body for the entire natural therapies industry. In preparation for founding the IICT I carefully compared the codes of practice and ethics of many therapies and associations. From these I developed our own unique code that contained all of the necessary items for professional practice yet provided enough flexibility and diversity for natural health practitioners. By forming the IICT we found our niche in providing a general banner for therapists who practiced many different therapies, yet did not necessarily require professional affiliation with different associations for each modality practiced. After much negotiation with our insurance brokers, we were able to extract their recognized list of natural therapy modalities, at the time 120 in total. In 2018 the IICT membership is a combination of many therapists from over 1,300+ modalities. We now have well over 10,000 members and as we grow, so our community grows. We are an online community but more importantly, we are a community offline. And this is where you implement your talents that help others and touch others’ lives. I’m pleased to be in some small way, part of that collective journey. Thanks for reading our story. Being a member of the IICT makes you part of it.


Lightworker Practioner Training Through WILLINGNESS, I have completed the course and I have to tell you, I am a changed person from when I started this course. With an OPEN-MIND I was able to grow, learn and evolve which feels exceptional. While taking this course, I was able to trust, have FAITH and I have overcome more resistance and blocks than I ever could have imagined.

Thanks to the Lightworker Foundation as of 2018 the Master Lightworker Practitioner Certification is now a FREE (YES FREE) online course that qualifies graduates in over 40 IICT approved modalities to help you enlighten yourself on a personal and professional level. We talk to Kelly Larsen, one of our recent graduates who completed her Master Lightworker Practitioner course in less then 5 months! Hi Kelly, what was it that guided you to untertake the LPT course? What guided me to undertake the Lightworker course was when I was told by someone last year that I was a “Lightworker”. I had never heard of such a thing so I decided to do some research. After reading several articles, I knew that I was a Lightworker. I have always been a Lightworker! At the time I just didn’t know that was the term for it. I just thought I was great at helping people all these years. I was spreading love and positivity like it was going out of style!  What was your favourite part of LPT? I am thrilled to have met and been able to work with Michelle and meet so many amazing and wonderful human beings along the way. What was the most unexpected part of the LPT journey? I have to say the most unexpected part of the journey is the growth and evolving I have done along the way. I learned more about myself in these last 5 months than I ever have my entire life. The blocks and resistance that I came up against and overcame were life changing. Honestly, I feel like a changed person. I have let go of so many fears and limiting beliefs. It feels incredible. I feel like a snake that has just shed its skin and the skin was my old story. It’s a new me now. What advice would you give to others wanting to undertake LPT?  Don’t give up! I thought about giving up myself several times and I am so glad I didn’t. I kept being guided back to the course and I am grateful for that guidance everyday. I can’t wait to start helping people become more aware, helping to empower them, to raise their vibration and helping to heal.


After I was HONEST with myself and was FORGIVING for having judged myself so harshly, I took RESPONSIBILITY and became extremely DISCIPLINED. I finished level 4 and something happened inside. I had this boost of self-confidence and knew that I could do this and that YES, I am a Lightworker and I have been practicing this for most of my life. Back then I just didn’t know what it was that I was doing this for people. People have always told me I have this presence that lights up a room. Now I understand. I am WHOLE just as I am and have been all this time. I live my life by these 12 principles. I am extremely grateful for Michelle and to have been able to participate in this course. The knowledge I have gained is phenomenal. I have learned so much and plan on putting my tools and skills into place immediately and start helping people heal through spreading LOVE, positivity PEACE & JOY. In UNITY!!! Love & Light, Kelly Larsen Lightworker Certified Master Lightworker Practitioner



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We have two Archangel candles to give away thanks to the divine Cheryl Hurst. Simply email us with your favourite article in this magazine and why. Email to editor.lightworker@gmail.com. Entries close September 30. Winners notified by email. About the candles - I started my Reiki journey in 2004. Since then I have progressed to be a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Angel Intuitive . I was guided by my Angels to make Reiki infused candles. In 2015 I started testing my first candles to make sure the Reiki energy was infused. In 2016 Archangel Michael instructed me to make candles using his healing energy. I was very excited about this, and in my enthusiasm to perfect this style of candle I asked lots of questions. In a little over 12 months of working with Archangel Michael I have developed a candle that has his beautiful healing energy.  I started selling them in 2017. The candle has a Lavender fragrance and comes in one size (medium) and has an Archangel Michael medallion on it, so after you use the candle you have a reminder of Archangel Michael to keep with you. I was then inspired by Archangel Raphael to develop another candle with healing energy. The Archangel Raphael candle took about six months to be developed and tested and it is now available for distribution. This candle has a Freesia fragrance, comes in a single size (medium) and includes an Archangel Raphael medallion. The next candle will be from Archangel Gabriel and I am now just starting the testing, so keep your eye out. I use 100% soy wax and candle fragrance oils. To keep the candles as natural as possible I avoid using colours. The Archangel Range comes in a medium size candle, which has a burn time of approximately 30 hours at a price of $15 each plus postage and handling.  www.reikihealingcentre.com.au www.facebook.com/reikisoycandle Click on the TV to hear more about Cheryl's candles.


Thanks to the awesome team at Against The Grain Health you have the chance to win a Peppermint Lip Balm or Delicious Danni Coffee Scrub! These products are simply amazing on the skin and smell divine! To enter email us with which product you would like to win and why. Email to editor.lightworker@gmail.com Entries close September 30. Winners notified by email. Against the Grain Health products are comprised entirely of 100% natural, high quality, ethically sourced, raw ingredients provided by suppliers whom share our philosophy. Its our mission to steer the dialogue away from symptom driven, bandaid approaches to health and educate individuals about alternative forms of healing which walk the line between positive scientific understanding and the test of time. Our alchemy is not possible without the wondrous creations of our natural environment. For example, the diligent and selfless Bee whom facilitates life on every level. We seek only to holistically facilitate natures best, and combine it in such a way that everyday skin products are infused with plant medicine for the mind, brain, body and soul. We encourage those who agitate the status quo and in their individual missions come from a place of integrity, bringing us back to a place of harmony within the bossom of mother nature. Join us in our mission and go 'Against The Grain' For more information about the company and their products please visit their website www.atghealth.com


PUBLISHING MY STORY BY RIA SARAH This book was originally thought of as I shared the experience of when my mother went missing. As I considered writing about this experience the memory of myself leaving my family home came to memory. When I was 15, my mum’s heart broke as I moved interstate to live with my father. It all came crashing home the night I got a call that my mum was missing in April 2015. Day after day went by and still no sign of her. As much as this felt like it shattered my soul into a million pieces, I will be forever grateful for my deep soul searching. No matter how lost, distraught, alone that I felt at this time, there was something inside of me that knew to keep going. At the time I couldn’t quite explain it as everything was so emotional. Everywhere I turned I heard, ‘have they found her?’, ‘any news on her mum?’… My thoughts were, ‘I can hear you.’ These four days felt like an eternity and an experience I would never wish on anyone. Looking back I felt this space of peace within. The peace to carry on, to hold on to all that is dear, to be with what is. This peace that I found within was and has been my saving grace. As I talked about the event I started to plan the book. I discovered that I had two parts already written. The second part was about my despair, my grief and showing my mum how Australia came together to search for her. I knew there was to be a third part tying it all together. As I gave the book space, it developed, and I also grew. I was working on myself personally and it occurred to me that I had placed expectations on my mum.  I saw her, I see her in all her power. However I quickly learnt that anyone and everyone is so much more than my expectations. That’s where my third part of the book came to life and the title of the book; ‘I love you, I’m Sorry'. That’s where I am sorry. As I complied this book I learnt so much about myself. I learnt unconditional love to its core, I learnt about boundaries and I have learnt about compassion for one's journey. I let go of the expectations that existed in my mind as I know that another person’s greatness is so much more than a picture that I hold in my mind. Writing this book I had the desire for it to be a letter of love, a present for my mother. When all said and done, it was so much more. It was a journey; it was my journey. It was only ever my version of events, my story. The expectations I had of this book quickly dissipated and fell into thin air as the real and true reasons for this journey showed its true colours.  For me getting really honest with ME, opened me up to the infinite possibilities that are out there waiting for us to grab them, hold them and mould them into our pure greatness.  

You can purchase Ria's book "I love You, Im Sorry" here.




Writing has been around for thousands of years, starting around 3000BC where Sumerians then Egyptians and Mesopotamian’s recorded events, history, laws, ideas, theories etc. Interestingly, nearly every Psychic, Healer or Spiritual Leader will advise you to write down your dreams, thoughts, feelings etc. The question is why? Scientifically speaking, your handwriting is your brain pattern on paper. However, spiritually speaking it is the door to your soul. It communicates the essence of your Higher Self, your Soul, your feelings, your thoughts, your future, your physical condition and energy. Your Guides and Angels will communicate through your writing. You are told to write it all down, not because you’ll forget it but because there is MORE to know! On that cheeky subconscious level, you are drawn to picking up a pen or pencil because you need that personal outlet, a connection and feeling of wholeness. Writing shows you exactly what is going on, what is coming and what has been; all you need to do is look a little closer. I call myself an Intuitive Graphologist. What does that mean? Graphology is the study of handwriting and my Guides (shout out to Archangel Raziel) have shown me patterns, symbols and other amazing images within each person’s handwriting which help me see the future, help with any issues going on in their lives and help them heal and find their own inner joy. My main goal is to get everyone to use their door and open to Spirit. Go inside and have a look around.  Writing is insightful! What is in a name? Shakespeare, that is a great question!  Your first name and even the letter “i” reflect your inner sanctum, your last name reflects the role you play in your family and how you feel about them. Whilst your signature displays your persona, how you wish to be portrayed and perceived. Therefore, your signature will always look different to your written name.   One of the simplest exercises you can do to see how you’re really feeling about yourself is to write your name and look at how it slopes.  Does your name slope up from the baseline?  Does it slope downwards?  Is it straight as an arrow?  If your name slopes upwards, it means you are feeling positive about yourself.  You have a healthy connection with your inner child and feel love and joy for yourself.  If your name slopes downwards, it means you have a lot of negative thoughts/feelings that are impacting your life and how connected you feel not just to yourself but to others as well.  If your name is straight without any slope, it means you are realistic.  You try to be more grounded and practical in how you view yourself. Joy is something you can find in your name; how do you want your name written?  This kind of thinking promotes transformation and growth. Go grab a piece of paper and a pen, write down what you’re thinking and feeling and take a moment to look deeper.   Are you seeing tension? Love? Joy or Peace? 

................................................................................... Lexy is an Intuitive Graphologist who channels your handwriting; connecting directly with your Guides, Angels and/or loved ones to deliver messages from Spirit to help you in your Soul's journey. Her readings are full of fun, laughs and vibrant colour. Lexy also specialises in tea leaves, oracle cards and aura readings. Whatever reading, we guarantee you'll love it!




Have you ever walked into a forest, walked to you found a tree that called you in, invited you in to sit with him. Sitting with your back against the tree, you become still, the tree is communicating to you, telling you to open your heart, open your mind, open your soul, now truly listen to the forest, listen to the music, to the calls of the animals, listen to their voices that is a language, that if you listen and practice listening, you will realize what they are saying. For me listening to the animals is such a normal act of life. I don’t think anything about it anymore but just constantly in heart space, honouring them in all aspects of my life, from their gifts for my tool work to their messages they are gifting me, when they come to me. Even the Spirit of the dead talks loudly. At times there is a synchronicity effect happening where events roll along and the animal medicine backs it up, pulling these events together into a story. The difference with the story is it has a foretelling, a type of prophecy attached to it, guiding you. The only thing you have to do is come into heart and let go of all the taught rules and trust in what you are being shown. It’s like playing with a tarot deck and drawing the cards except these animals are alive and speaking an old language that humans have forgotten to listen to. Every animal has a meaning, an energy and a voice. They have been coming to us, more and more, wanting us to hear their truth, their vibration. Mother Earth has been changing, she has been reaching out in many ways to try and get us humans to stop harming her. Slowly more people are awakening and listening and being conscious, raising the vibration of peace and love. Her children, the animals have been coming to us more, trying to share their medicine with us, their message. Have you noticed an animal that keeps coming to you? Keeps crossing your path. Or running or flying in front of your car, making your heart beat hard with the close encounter. This animal is trying to tell you something. Become the tree and listen, be still and feel into it and you will understand its message. Every time I start working on a new tool, I listen deeply to the medicine of the animal; listen to its Waiata, its song, its story. What it wants me to do with its medicine, how the tool is to be put together, if there is to be more than one medicine and what crystals to use. I am just the vessel, this is their work, their song that they want people to hear. They call in the owner for each tool because that person is ready to hear the song and grow from it. They will expand that song and make that song their own. - Arohanui

.............................................................................................................. Steph is the creator behind Magically Eccentric, the making of Shamanic & Wiccan Tools. I am guided by the animals and my Aboriginal Guide in what I do, listening to the medicine as I create each tool. Not always am I allowed to use the animals I find, so they are given back to mother in ceremony and blessings. I’m grounded in Mother Earth, as I am her vessel, and I’m here to do her work. This work forever keeps blowing my mind, my constant teacher and healer for my own journey on this plain.

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