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Hooray! I am so excited to present to you this newest edition of the Lightworker Advocate! What a beautifully busy yet exciting few months it has been since the last magazine! With the Orenda Movie Premiere and reading all the wonderful inspiring articles we are able to present this month, it is delightful to see a pattern of self love, self care, forgiveness and faith flowing through this magazine. I hope you enjoy the newest edition! Sending lots of love and joy xx Amy

Michelle Lightworker is an Enlightenment Activist and Executive Producer of FiveD.TV. She is collaborating creatively on a multitude of projects to encourage peace and unity on the planet. Humanitarian TV/Radio Host, Film Producer, Author of 10 books, editor of Lightworker Magazine & creator of the Lightworker Practitioner Training, Michelle role models and encourages illuminated leadership of the highest vibrations. Michelle is the Director of the not-for-profit organisation Lightworker Foundation Ltd aimed at Elevating Enlightened Enterprises. Michelle worked as a Clinical Holistic Counsellor in private practice specialising in multiaddictions & trauma recovery and providing Professional Supervision for Counsellors, from 2001-2007 prior to expanding into Enlightenment Education & Activism. Michelle Lighworker, Founder


United we stand in the flow of Orenda - the Force of Consciousness! What an expansive experience it was to partake in the Orenda journey of planning the premiere for this multi-award winning film by Lana Marconi. Alongside me were 6 other cast members who shared their wisdom at the post movie Q&A. We also were  able  to  hear about their own personal connection with Orenda in making the movie. Our active audience shared how they  connect to Orenda and opened up the flow even more.   Check it out! You can also rent or buy Orenda  at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/orenda

Someone once described me as effervescent and the word has stuck with me ever since. I have always had a fascination for the written word and its power to convey a message. Reading, writing and editing followed me throughout my careers. From taxation consulting, to event management, marketing and design. I have built my tool chest of resources and experience. Throw in a spiritual awakening from a journey with anxiety which lead me to a new life of enveloping the 12 Everyday Lightworker Principles. I am thankful to be the Editor of the Lightworker Advocate V-Mag. I feel so honoured to share this creative space with its contributors and readers. Amy Young Editor









Creating Conscious Events Laura Di Mambro Cover Story


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I love supporting everything that Laura Di Mambro does in assisting us all to raise our vibration. It was wonderful to learn more about her personal journey into the world of how Conscious Life Events came into being, helping thousands of people in its wake. It was definitely enough for this camera shy natural beauty to make our cover story as she reveals her soft underbelly in this interview - Michelle (Me)

Me: What promoted you to switch gears towards the spiritual events industry? Laura: In 2011, I spiritually had a huge awakening. It was leading up from 2009 where a certain amount of events happened. Pregnancy of my son Elliott was horrendous. I went through 6 months of haemorrhaging and didn’t think he would survive but he was born 10 weeks premi. Very tiny. So that was the first thing and then straight after I went in for my 6 week check and they found abnormal cells. But that was another huge massive shock to me and I was rushed straight into surgery and then 4weeks later straight in to get even more. And then from that point, I had a phone call from my brother in England saying, “You have to come back”- this is like, just getting Elliott out of hospital, “she’s (mum's) just bones”. And I pretty much got on a plane and the next day I arrived, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and she pretty much passed away within the year. I don’t know what happened to me. I do know what happened, but I don’t ‘actually know’ what happened to me. 


I felt really light. Where the rest of my family were grieving, I just had a different experience. I know I love my mum. Something profound happened to me and I just woke up. And everything just sort of made sense. I don’t understand…I can’t even explain it because it doesn’t make sense. But EVERYTHING made sense. There’s always something more with me. I was achieving everything that I wanted to but there was always something else. That feeling of heaviness on my shoulder, it just disappeared overnight and then my gifts came through quite profoundly. I started hearing things. I actually was going to book myself in to see a shrink because I was hearing my mum talking to me. I was thinking I was wanting this to happen, you know? But that’s a really long answer to your question. That is how I ended up in this industry because the calling was, I had to just put out a call for like minded people. And I started putting things on the Peregian Beach post board. And I thought it, “would be nice to meet for coffee and just to meet people”. The response was amazing and it just evolved so quickly into what we have today 7 years later.

Me: How do you keep everything in balance? Laura: That’s been a challenge. In 2011 when I set up it was previously ‘Higher Visions’, Elliott was only 2 years old, barely 2 years, he was a year and a half and we had major health issues with him. So, it was not just being a mum, it was going through all of that as well. And he was also the catalyst for me doing this because I was searching for help. But with the balance I just do. I’m quite strict. So, I don’t take phone calls after a certain period of time, I don’t work weekends – rarely. I do have my big events but I don’t answer the phone after 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon when Elliott comes home because I’m his mum. I’m still sitting there working, but I think it’s putting things into… Me: I know what you mean…compartmentalizing? Laura: Yeah, yeah. Then after dinner I sit with him on the sofa and we have cuddles and then he has a shower and I put him to bed. So, it’s kind of having structure to everything. Me: And he’s on the (Autism) spectrum isn’t he? Laura: He is. Me: Has that helped to keep you grounded? Laura: He’s been my teacher. He’s taught me so much and that’s the balance. We are going on holiday in 3 weeks – it’s only a few weeks before my event but I’m like “No! It’s about priorities as well!”. And I’m very organised! Me: What’s been your biggest challenge with running an events industry? Laura: In the early days, I basically gave up my career as an Interior Designer, which is a well paid job, to doing something that I know was fulfilling me in my heart. The financial side was dire. And you know my husband couldn’t understand why I was pretty much giving up my degree and everything I was aiming to for this. But what I was trying to teach him was this actually makes my heart sing even though I loved designing. And I said, “You’ve got to be patient, I know the money will come”. And I earn just an average wage. I would earn a lot more as a designer but for the probably the first 3-4 years there was hardly any money coming in, it was very, very difficult. 


But I wasn’t money focused. It wasn’t about that, it was the bigger picture. So, it was the financial side and that has a massive impact on a lot of people in the industry. The challenge also is learning to say “no”. So, in the early days I wouldn’t say “no” because I wanted all these events to happen. But now I am. I’m saying “No, they can wait”. And I feel into it and go, “Okay, does feel right? Am I going to get ill from it?” Because I also did start suffering badly. I was working constantly and my health was deteriorating. So now that was another challenge, saying “no” and I’ve learnt that.

Me: What’s your favourite healing modality? Laura: So, I don’t ‘do’ any healing modality - or not. I know the reason, I’m not supposed to ‘do’ anything. I am supposed to ‘be’ here helping everybody in all different modalities and I don’t feel that I should be favouring over another. There are ones that I resonate with and ones that I don’t but there’s no....I don’t… Me: Have a favourite? Laura: Yeah and I think that’s because of me and my journey. Me: I believe you! Laura: But I know Acupuncture loves my body…

Me: I love that. What benefits have you personally experienced from being involved in Conscious Life Events? Laura: Just meeting the most amazing people. It’s like coming home. It’s like that family. And just understanding so many points of view and so much knowledge and tapping into that!

Me: What’s next for Conscious Life Events moving forward? Laura: I used to live in the “What’s next”, but I’m very much in the “Now” in the last few years - living in the now. I know that there’s more and more and more but I just let that go and I don’t even need to know what’s happening. The Conscious Life Festival and Discovery Expo will keep going because I know that they are really needed for people. That’s not the only thing. I think the whole promo side of stuff - I really want to get into - the management side of stuff, but who knows? I’m open to everything. Does it matter? I’m always going to be here! Me: Awesome!

Me: What’s your favourite colour and why? Laura: Blush pink. It has such a real softness and feminine. Because I’m such a left and right brain. I think I’ve got good balance. But for many years I was in the masculine, so it balances out the feminine.

For more information about Laura and Conscious Life Events please visit her website at www.consciouslifeevents.com.au

12 Everyday


Without it, we live a lie. With it, we can begin to live the truth of why we are here.


Without it, we live in fierce judgement and narrow-mindedness. With it we are open and accepting of all the resources we need to contribute towards our enlightenment and the growing consciousness of a better world.


Wthout it, we are resistant. With a bit of a sprinkle of willingness we can move mountains. We invite Spirit into the very nature and fabric around our every decision.


Without it, we stay stuck in toxic recycled garbage, our hearts clamouring to be let out of their prison. With it, we are free to move on, let go of the past and to love with an open heart.


Without it we feel alone, separate, abandoned & narcissistic. With it we allow ourselves to connect with the infiniteness inside everyone & together we can co-create with harmony. Competition dissolves. Cross pollination emerges.


Without it we are easily distracted and led astray. With it we are able to listen to our guidance and follow the next step we are guided to do - even if that is all we know to be true.


Without it we don't trust and we are cynical. With it, we are able to take big leaps knowing that we are always safe 100% of the time in the truest sense of the word. Spirit always has our back, even when we feel we have been let down, with faith we are able to see all experiences are in our highest good.


Without it, we blame and obsess about what others have done to us or others. With it we can stop playing the victim card, pick ourselves up and start to create the life we really want to live, free from oppression and start to role model the change we want to see.


Without it, we fear and we hate. With it, we are able to see the cry for love in any given situation and it melts our cold hearts. We are able to love ourselves enough to stand up for what we know we deserve.


Without it we feel broken. With it we feel that anything we perceive is a lack, really holds an unforeseen gift. We are able to practise self-love, self-protection, self-care, self-awareness and self-moderation.

#11 JOYÂ

Without it it we feel depressed and take life too seriously. With it we find meaning in our life purpose and have a lightfilled view of every situation.


Without it we feel unrest, anxiety, we fear boredom and we thrive on drama. With it we know that every decision that comes from a place of peace creates more peace. We become a profound transformational presence of peace.





My car wouldn't start the other day. I was in the drive way, running late for work, hungry because I skipped breakfast again. My hair still wet from the 1 minute shower I had just finished and I was sitting in my car preying it would start. Nope! It wasn't going anywhere. You know those days you are a rushing around like crazy and it all comes to a startling halt? Well this was one of those moments. My husband and I lift the hood of my car only to find it had no coolant and the fuel gauge was below the empty line. At this stage I'm panicking because I am late for work so we roll the car out of the driveway so I can quickly take his car and get going. And of course, I get every red light and I am stuck behind every slow car possible. As you can imagine, by the time I get to work I am frazzled, frustrated and stressed. The rest of the day plays out just like my morning: busy, stressful and absolutely chaotic. Now this is actually quite normal for me and you think I would be used to it by now. Normal as in I seem to have a pattern of creating "busyness" in my life. I always have a 1000 projects on the go and millions of things to do on my to do list. I finally get to bed after spending the night at home alone with my very active one year old trying to get him to bed whilst I'm exhausted and in tears after my crazy day. I think about my poor car from this morning. It had no fuel and no coolant being the reason it wouldn't start. It's well past it's service date, full of sand, beach towels, baby toys, clothes, shoes and old water bottles. It needs a wash and the poor thing has been neglected because I have been way too busy. And then the truth finally hits me! ...I am an exact reflection of my car. I am out of fuel, running on empty, my hair and clothes untidy and I am a disorganized mess. I have skipped meals and pushed myself to my limits once again. Another cycle of burn out that I have created for myself. Just as I thought I was getting over these cycles from my past experiences, I am hit with it again. I talk to one of my beautiful friends who helps me look at it again from a new perspective. "Find your calm in the chaos" she advises. What helps you to stay anchored and present in this moment regardless of what is going on? We all experience "busyness" in our lives but it's how we keep ourselves anchored and not let ourselves get swept up in the chaos. In the past when I have stepped out of chaos and into calm I have often found that those things that make me so busy begin to show solutions and become less busy! When I stop and take a moment to look after myself and give myself the love and respect it deserves it then starts to reflect out into my daily life. Where can you see reflections in your life that could change by being honest with yourself?

26Love Amy xx 8

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SPIRITPRENEUR SYMPOSIUM VIDEO INTERVIEW GUEST GABE SALOMON WORDS BY SUSIE BEILER PRINCIPLE - OPEN MINDEDNESS My enlightened conversation with Gabe really began when I asked how he became wise. Because I didn’t know him well at the time, what he shared with me really sparked my interest and ignited something in my soul. I had in front of me a young SpiritPreneur who was truly following his excitement in life and supporting himself financially through his spiritual gifts. I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy is really inspiring and has so much wisdom to share!” This initial conversation with Gabe gave me confidence that he could speak with us about Responsibility and Open-Mindedness. Being a pioneer in a new business paradigm (spiritpreneurship) requires a willingness to think outside the box and see things in new ways. In my view, pioneers like Gabe also have a responsibility to share the creations that come through the human vessel so that together we truly can create a shift on this planet.

.................................................................................. Susie Beiler is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with Spectrum Health Consulting LLC. Susie is a channel for the Divine. She assists her clients to discover and live their soul mission so that they can enjoy a deeply fulfilling life. She quickly accesses her deeply sensitive empathic clients core issues and offers practical steps for transformation. She is a Master of the Healing Arts utilizing the modalities that best fit her client’s needs, such as DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™, Holistic Nutrition, Spiritual Guidance & Lifestyle Coaching, and Energy Healing. After healing herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (adrenal burnout), she reprogrammed and rewired herself to live her own soul mission as a channel for the Divine. Susie is the founder and lead facilitator in The Creation Temple®, an online venue for supporting Lightworkers in their ascension process. She lives in Sedona, AZ and enjoys nature, authenticity, and high 26 vibrational food.

I discovered that Gabe truly has both of these and for those who want to create their own life of freedom and financial independence while sharing their spiritual talents, much can be leaned from Gabe’s life experience. In our second conversation, which you can watch in the video, we talked about integrity and the importance of walking our talk. He also shares about his journey into entrepreneurship. If you don’t have parents who are entrepreneurs or didn’t take business classes in college, you'’ll appreciate how he grew into his current status as a SpiritPreneur. Gabe shared his experience of pricing his first service and the dance that it became to put value to his music workshops while working with other entrepreneurs. Our discussion delved into value and how that translates into pricing one's services. I love what he shared about his process of discovering how to price services and products. I would consider it “New Business Paradigm” for sure, and no marketing classes are required! Enlightening for me was Gabe’s confidence and wisdom that he imparts when answering my question, “What advice or suggestions do you have for those just starting out, especially when it comes to getting clients?” His answer really does prove that the method that works for you may truly be different than what the marketing gurus tell us. Organic growth and following your excitement can actually be sustainable. Watch the video to get the juicy details of Gabe’s answer. It just might be the inspiration you’ve been needing to launch your own sustainable spiritual business. Susie Beiler www.susiebeiler.com and www.creationtemple.com 



Even when it seems like you aren't getting any intuitive messages or information - this is your POWER SPACE do not doubt this space! This is so important to know this! When you feel like you aren't getting any intuitive information from your meditations, your angels, guides, universe and more - you actually ARE!!!

Most of my clients and students that I find this with - is that they are receiving way more information than they realise and are just not sure how to recognise it. Here is where the practise comes in, the skills, tools and knowledge to know what you are looking for and more.

These times you are listening - opening - waiting receiving - and this??? Is PURE GOLD! Why?? Because in this space - your spiritual muscles are opening, receiving, waiting - and this is a potent time for being at the 'spiritual gym' - you are strengthening your capacity to receive spiritual information/intuitive guidance and messages and it is so important to be mindful of your words and not say things like: - I am not getting any messages - It isn't working - I mustn't be doing it right Because - you are affirming what you don't want! Better to use language like: - I am opening to receive my intuitive messages that are for my life - I am strengthening my spiritual muscles right now - I am working on my capacity to receive my intuition As this is affirming what you do want.

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And most important, build those spiritual muscles! You are going to spiritual gym, every time you do a meditation, ask your intuition for a message and more. You can't expect to be a body builder overnight, neither have clear accurate intuition from 1 single meditation (although with the latter it is possible, you just have to have the capacity to TRUST what you receive!) If you feel like you aren't getting any messages, or that you are doing it wrong, or that your mind is taking over and 'doing it for you' - be mindful - your intuition and 'ego' are very similar - so I wouldn't discredit any information that you are receiving when you ask for spiritual guidance or sit down and meditate - because EVERYTHING is a message when you do this - the question is -DO YOU TRUST IT? That, is all you need to concern yourself with. As, any doubt in your abilities - is just this. That's all. You are the Divine Connection. Trust yourself and know that every time you ask, the information is there. You just have to recognise it. Love, Hannah The Life Purpose Queen



Forgiveness. What does this really mean? An epic translation of integrity, accountability and self #6 DISCIPLINE respect. Forgiveness is a process, not a thinking or a feeling on its own. Yes, it is a Principle, but more so, I believe it is a journey, a journey to heal ourselves from personal suffering, created from our own misunderstanding of emotional and mental well-being and the presentation of a life experience. We need not forgive anyone else in our experiences except ourselves for we are the co-creators of manifestation. We put ourselves into our shoes. We attracted people into our life to bring up an emotional pain for healing. Most likely people we love. We are all growing, expanding and contracting between love and fear based projections into life. A fantastic convergence of spirit magnets. Like attracts like. My Process is to stop the self justification foremost. ‘’I may have been in the right and “they” may have done wrong by me, but, I attracted an experience in which a scenario came into my life to give me the ability to..... lets say “Forgive”. They may well and truely have gone yet I am still here suffering inner pain via mental confusion and an emotion that has been stopped in its natural flow. Meaning that when I feed it ‘’My Story’’, it just gets worse because I cannot heal from self justification or telling myself a story. So... Let go of the identities, those people are not here right now and they may very well have grown and changed. The image of the people involved are irrelevant. So instead of a person, let's use a ball of white light. Same goes for the scenario, that isn’t here right now, again a field of white light is preferable.


Identity, story and place images are absent......Now what is left? Feelings. Just the raw emotional feeling that got stuck and suppressed way back when we first took on this behaviour to stop our natural flow of emotion. The feeling may very well just dissolve as it did with me, no need for dramatic evolution, just the willingness to feel. Feel your feelings without getting into a story! You may understand more deeply of your own accountability and manifestation. You may come to experience a deeper love for those who came into your life and played out a role to give rise for a necessary release of held back energy. When we heal the core emotion, we heal for ‘’All Time’’. Which means that we cannot go through the same scenario and be affected the same way again....ever! We may become more insightful of how to communicate, or how to identify a soon to unfold drama. Or we may just simply be more intuitive to go in a new direction and be happy! Forgiveness is a journey of truth, respect and self love. Everyone and everything wants love. Forgive yourself and embrace the essence of love within self and have faith. Kristiaan Tea Smith Liquid Crystal Practitioner Ajna Tibetan Healer Conscious Dance Facilitator Contact: 0409 535 551 otahimana@simplesite.com

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What has forgiveness got to do with colon health? When I started in the business of Gut health or more specifically colon hydrotherapy I had no idea of the rabbit holes I would go down discovering the complexity of this ancient therapy and the journey it would take me on. I can hear some of you ask how does cleaning out your colon have anything to do with love, forgiveness or responsibility for that matter. My short answer in return is everything, absolutely everything. In days gone by as far back as the Essene Bible and then before this the Egyptians, cleansing of the colon was seen as an important aspect of not just physical health but spiritual health. This journey of spiritual health is the adventure I have been on that has led me to formulate therapeutic colonics which has some shamanic practices weaved throughout the session. Water is a conduit of energy, connecting mind, body and Spirit in healing this is transformational in itself.


Whatever practice/s someone take up when they start their journey of healing, often its main aim is to clear blockages, to find ease and a flow in their life, to find forgiveness, to move on, to discover self-love again and take responsibility in your finding and the courage to take the next step. And this next step can be tricky. After spending nearly 20 years being a counsellor and also attending counselling I have seen how clever the brain and ego are at keeping the ‘story’ going. The story is powerful and is what we build our beliefs and values off which determine our behaviors at any given time.  This can also be the case when we undertake healing’s that allows us to go deep within and even purge the story and the feelings attached to this story. However, in all of this time, and even when we believe we are in a surrendered space it’s our ego that is still operating, or certainly is not far away, ready to jump back in the driving seat at any given moment. Again, making us question and second guess our healing, our progress, our forgiveness and self-love. After all, how many times have you heard yourself say, really, I have to clear all this again? I thought I did that already!


Therapeutic colonics is a tool that allows cellular cleansing and healing at a deep level that bypasses the thinking brain and interacts directly with the feeling brain and also, I believe our Spirit. Quite simply put cleansing the physical, (we really can store putrefied fecal matter and plaque all of our life, it really is not a self-cleaning system, this is a misnomer). This putrefaction causes blockages which promote inflammation which in turn promotes autointoxication releasing gases and other toxins throughout our body and brain causing us to feel foggy headed, anxious lethargic depressed. Starting to cleanse these toxins with water and breath allows our cells to release toxins but also this is the majic part we release memories that no longer serve us. I have physically seen people transform in front of me when they have had an emotional release, for the reason they were not 100% sure but the emotions surfaced, they released and the emotions were cleared and they felt amazing, clear, positive. I call this Spirit in the Belly. We are reigniting your Hara, the center of all energy that comes and goes from your body, the seat of creativity. Clearing up your Belly allowing your Spirit to find space to support you in your

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life journey which allows you to take responsibility for not only your physical health but Spiritual health, allowing forgiveness of self and others to flow and Self Love to flourish. Changing Stories Changing Lives, one belly at a time. - Sue Wilson www.bottomsupcolonics.com.au

..................................................................................................... If you would like to experience a Therapeutic Shamanic Colonic I am located on the Sunshine coast. The sessions are 1-1/2 to 2hrs in duration and cost is $199. Supporting our body to cleanse on all levels can include taking a parasite protocol that is based on herbs and structured in the lab to paralyze and change your internal environment to remove parasites. Parasites in shamanic and ancient traditions are seen as “Aliens” as something with a personality that affects the owner’s personality, making self-love difficult, I totally agree. Mention this add and I will offer you 2 of the sachets valued at $156 for free. Contact details pH 0438566711 email sue@bottomsupcolonics.com.au





As I sit here on this beautiful Monday morning at 5 o’clock contemplating ‘unity’, thoughts of judgement, tormenting and silence come to mind. There is a smallness in our world that needs oxygen to grow into something much bigger. As this darkness arises and comes to mind, I start anew and choose to focus on ‘the light’. When you turn the light on in a room, the room is still full of the same stuff that you didn’t want to see when the light was out but you can see it and choose to do what you can with it, when you are ready. Within us, we all have our room of stuff and sometimes we shine the light on it and other times we turn the light off, shut the door, walk away and say, “No, not now.” Just like with any room, you can sort out what is in this room comprehensively, for you, at just about any time. By seeing this part of ourselves as a room we can distance ourselves from it and keep it in perspective. We can decide what is in that room and we can see what is in that room and we can change it up as much as we want to while still being really real about it AND magical AND while still allowing for the miraculous. We can even put the room in context. For example, if the room is a room where other people frequent, it could be a public room. Or it could be your home office etc

So, in terms of unity, we all have ‘this room’ and ‘these rooms’ with all manner of things in it. And some of these things grow and some stay the same. I never picture fighting in these rooms nor venom in the garden of the world around me. I never expect negativity either. Yet it exists. You can weed it out, not see it, hope a seed of it won’t fly in off the wind and plant itself in the garden of your life and mind...yet it still exists. So we need to see and we need to weed. We need to sort and we need to tend. We need to take time to do those things that enable us to flourish and to help others ‘sort their stuff’ and ‘love what they find’ and ‘use the resources that reveal themselves’. But we shouldn’t keep the door closed forever. There’s beauty in there. We shouldn’t be afraid to weed. If we’re afraid of ‘things that go bump in the night’ or ‘thorny noxious weeds’, we just need a bigger light and thicker pair of gloves. Better resources. Higher resources e.g. principles. May the rooms and gardens of your life be beautiful, bright and clean. May you put in the effort to nurture, maintain and sustain them. And may the things that bother you be few. Love always, Therese



You feel swamped. You've just been to the shopping centre and now you feel wiped out. You recall seeing countless faces - sad, happy, stressed, chatting - your mind is spinning! You feel like lying down and having a sleep. But first you need to get a bit (or more!) chocolate from the cupboard. It will lift the haze. It will give you energy again and make you feel better ..Surely!? If you've ever felt this way, you know how debilitating it can feel for an empathetic, susceptible person being around crowds, especially if there is no connection between people (ie in shopping centres, tubes, trains etc). You understand why you feel like going for anything like coffee, alcohol or chocolate to distract you from this horrible feeling of inner swampedness and tiredness. Some people don't understand. Your family members might say, "just don't be so sensitive" or "just don't take ion what others say" - but that doesn't help. They don't get it. It's not that easy. You feel swamped. Controlled by the energies hanging around people, and you don't even know why. You feel wiped out... That's why you love your solitude, even if you're generally outgoing and social. You love going into nature.  It calms down the storm - or shall I say move the 'slow thick soup' that your brain feels like in this moment? Taking on other peoples stuff is a serious issue that most people aren't even aware of. I used to suffer from this too. 

Growing up in a small village in south Germany, it knocked me out every time I spent a day in Munich. My whole system wasn't used to it. I looked at faces. I felt their stories, they pains, their emotions. My boyfriend later always kept questioning me, how I could possibly know what these people went through. I couldn't tell him. I simply knew. I kept growing and digging. I looked for the deeper reason behind it all. Why did it affect me so much being around many people although I was such a social butterfly at the same time? I loved being around people, but at the same time needed to spend just as much time by myself again. To process. To cleanse. Over the years, I learned so much more about energies and how they work. When my husband and I met in 2008, I got to know a whole other level of knockedout-ness in a person being affected by others. Wow!! We came to realise that it is super imperative to know how to hold your space. And this is about knowing how to reclaim yourself just as much as it is to then stay in this inner strong place.

I call this Spirit Embodiment. Stopping hovering over our own heads, but instead actually integrating our own spirit into our physical body. Being 100% present. IN OUR BODY.

The main key to understand is the Principle of Discipline: Spirit embodiment is an ongoing practise - a state of being. When we do it by now and then, it brings some peaceful moments, but that's about it. For true Spirit embodiment to occur, we need to have an ongoing daily practise, that helps us get out of a busy mind and into the body. It's a practise that we need to keep up also (and especially!) when it is busy. When we show up to do regular spirit embodiment practises and hold our space, it helps us to become stronger, to be more centred, calm, resilient and in the flow. We also become quicker at recognising when we are stuck, when we are responding to other peoples' energy around us, and what we need to shift in order to get into the flow again. If you'd like to learn a very powerful and fast way to do this, you can download my Water Tap visualisation technique for free. If you are keen to learn more and participate in a powerful group learning environment, join my 1-day Workshops "Free Yourself. Clear Your Shit". You'll not only learn keys to holding your own space effectively, but also learn how to self-clear any triggers that would usually throw you off centre. Â

Following are 7 good Reasons why Spirit Embodiment & holding your space could be a life changer for you too: 1) Clarity & Calm If you generally feel wiped out after a few hours at the shopping centre, you'll be amazed how calm and clear you will feel when you claim and hold your space. 2) Energy & Vitality Instead of getting drained like a battery, you can continuously keep recharging yourself within. This will result in a massive increase in energy levels - which won't be used up once the day is over! 3) Grounded & Centred Continuously checking in with yourself and holding your space allows you not to only protect yourself, but to also feel yourself wholeheartedly. You will feel grounded, centred and connected within. 4) Inner Peace This inner connection and feeling of alignment allows a feeling of inner peace wash over you. Fear and worry leaves your mind and instead of hardening towards people you don't like, you feel compassionate and understanding.

And if you're interested in receiving support in clearing away the trapped emotions, blockages, energies and beliefs that are holding you back from fully embodying your own Spirit, book in for an online Clearing/Coaching Session or in person Premium Reflexology and Feet Reading Session with me.

5) Knowing yourself By continuously checking within, you gain more and more understanding of yourself and your own needs. This attention and awareness that you are gifting yourself, will lead to a sound connection with your intuition too - your inner wisdom & truth.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey! :)

6) Responsibility With continuous inner checks and holding this space, you know what's yours and what's others. This allows you to take ownership of your own feelings and in turn leads to you taking responsibility for your own life

Sand Mew Founder of The Footprint Connection Reflexology and Purpose and Success Mentor at 'Sand Mew - Monetise your inner calling' www.TheFootprintConnection.com www.facebook.com/thefootprintconnection www.facebook.com/sandmew

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7) Protecting others By you holding your own space, you hold space for others too. By you being honest to yourself and your own needs, you know where you start and where others end. That in turn allows others to claim their space too and not take on your stuff either.Â



FAITH: WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF IN TROUBLE, LET IT BE BY LEANNE BAREFOOT MEDIUM PRINCIPLE - FAITH As I sat back, kicked off my shoes and allowed Spirit to connect with me and help write this article on Faith, I immediately had The Beatles song “Let it Be” with the following words come into my awareness:

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be Whisper words of wisdom, let it be Sir Paul McCartney received inspiration through a dream from his mother Mary, who died when he was 14, that brought him a sense of peace when he was experiencing challenges and needed support. Ironic that a passed loved one connected, provided inspiration to support him in leaving challenging times behind and to move forward in life. There are times in life we all go through troubled times, it is part of life …. In times like these, you may experience a variety of emotions ranging from frustration, anxiety, confusion, anger, grief and guilt.  You may also have limiting stories, around relationships, family, business, finances, health and well-being or spiritual path like ‘nothings working’, ‘it’s too hard’, ‘There is an always obstacles’, ‘I am not worthy of ____’ etc keeping you stuck in resistance or fear.

Faith is often connected to religion and explained as having trust, assurance and confidence in God and in times of difficulty it is suggested we pray to God, to ask for his help and for him to draw close and increase our level of faith. God is simply an energy. I call upon Spirit. That is: my loved one’s who have passed, Spirit Guides and the Universe, to provide guidance and support, to increase my level of faith as well as provide strategies to move through challenging times.

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Here are 5 tips, to increase your level of faith in trouble times: Forgive: Acknowledge where you are holding unforgiveness around past experiences, challenges or decisions you perceive as ‘wrong’ or where you failed Ask:  Ask Spirit:  Is this true for me? Am I ready to let go of this story?  Is it time for change?  What am I being invited to allow in? Integrate:  Choose to integrate new experiences, tell yourself new stories, align your thoughts, emotions and actions with what you desire, look for evidence of the new Take:  Each day take steps that feel right, create momentum towards what you want and let the Universe know you have faith Have fun:   embracing joy – watch a movie, sleep, go to the beach, connect with nature - your relaxed energy makes it easier for the Universe to deliver what you desire So, in times of trouble allow Spirit to whisper words of wisdom and Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…..

- Leanne The Barefoot Medium ........................................................................................................................................................................... Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, is a gifted and a highly sought after International Medium, Channel, Twin Flame, Intuitive Love, Relationship and Business Coach as well as an Author who brings her cheeky, honest and compassionate personality to not only supporting others in connecting with their loved ones who have passed over but also supporting people to transform and shift their sh*t so they can achieve their dreams by providing insights, guidance as well as practical tools and techniques people can use in their everyday lives to create and manifest all they desire in life.

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When I see new life coaching clients, what consistently surprises me are the huge numbers of those with High Functioning Anxiety. High Functioning Anxiety is when an individual looks really together and successful on the outside, but when they start to open up it becomes clear that they are riddled with worry, over analysis and hyper-vigilance. They’re often outwardly ambitious while experiencing an undercurrent of perfectionism and a diary full of over-commitments. In zeroing down on how these individuals, myself included, need to heal, what continuously comes up is the importance of releasing the grip of attachment to future outcomes. Those with anxiety constantly live in the future and are often planning, daydreaming or creating goals. In some cases, these come to fruition and for others they remain an idea. When we are attached to things happening in a certain way it robs us of our ability to fall into flow with the universe.


So how can we better manage this clench on the future? We can do this by surrendering our attachment to having things unfold in a certain way. When we do our part and then have the faith that the divine is going to gift us the best possible outcome, that’s the sweet spot. Surrender by its very essence means to stop fighting. Imagine the relief that will flood your senses when you finally stop the hustle of controlling everything and align.


When I’m consciously surrendering, I like to imagine that anything I’m holding onto gets put into a vacuum chute that gets sucked up and is delivered directly to the universe. So if I’m hoping for a certain outcome in business, in a conversation or with relationships, I do my part. I take the action I need to and then I metaphorically stick the rest in the chute and let it go. And here’s a kicker, just when we think we’ve mastered surrender, it’s probably time to surrender some more! By bringing this consistent release into our everyday, we can reduce the sting of high functioning anxiety and any of the associated symptoms. Wouldn’t it be a relief to give our need for control a break?

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- Tammi Kirkness What is High Functioning Anxiety? It is when an individual has many anxiety related symptoms but continues to outwardly perform and succeed. It’s when the individual is excellent at covering up their struggle through achievement and has perfected looking like they’ve got it all together.

........................................................................................................................... Tammi runs a six week eCourse called Learn to Manage Your High Functioning Anxiety. Tammi is an international speaker, life coach and spiritual teacher. www.visionscopecoaching.com.au/ www.instagram.com/visionscope_coaching/ www.facebook.com/VisionScopeCoaching/


WOMEN SEEDING CHANGE WORDS BY POLLYANNA DARLING TREESISTERS COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & STRATEGY, AU/NZ COORDINATOR PRINCIPLE - RESPONSIBILITY When I was little the world seemed abundant with dazzling animals - rippling grey rhinos, ponderous elephants, prowling tigers, majestic whales, vast-winged eagles. Now many of these animals are endangered and my heart hurts. The recent plight of Tahlequah, the orca who carried her dead calf around with her for weeks, left me a broken teary mess. Post industrial revolution culture has not been kind to the planet that sustains us and all life. We have focused on satisfying individual needs and desires without thought for future generations or the creatures we share space with. In the almost 50 years that I’ve been on Earth, we have brought ourselves to the brink of catastrophe. The world is burning, flooding, shaking and melting. Yet we were born for these times. We are here at a momentous time in Earth’s planetstory, one where we have the opportunity to remember who and what we are. We are of Nature, not separate from it. We are part of a vast, infinitesimally complex, closed system that birthed everything from the amoeba to the crystalline structure of a snowflake. We are made of the dirt, the trees, the rain and the bones of our forebears. Every moment of life has brought us to this point. Now we need to respond. The word ‘responsibility’' literally means our ability to respond. Yet we cannot respond appropriately without opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to feel what is taking place on the planet. Do we have the courage to face our deeper feelings, and especially our grief? Allowing our true feelings about the state of the planet can lead to deep grief - as it did for me and so many others who let Tahlequah’s story touch them. We live in a culture that is grief averse, yet grief is a transformative, creative emotion. It opens us up to the raw depths of heart and soul. In its aftermath, inspiration, peace and ingenious wisdom often follow.


TreeSisters is a both a response and an amazing experiment. Our members fund the planting of more than 2 million trees worldwide, restoring water tables, habitat and community. We provide consciousness shift programs that help women reconnect to their love for their own nature and Nature herself. At TreeSisters we ask: can we make it normal for everyone to give back to the trees and the planet? Can we find a collective way to respond appropriately? What we’re discovering is radical and worldchanging. Far from being ‘negative’ emotions, grief and sorrow are transformational, especially when witnessed. When we support and witness one another, alchemy happens. What we’ve found is that when women are supported to feel their grief about the instability of Earth at this time, they discover their love, their leadership and the power to act in their communities… to respond - not from desperation and fear, but from a deep love of life. We cannot face our collective grief alone. We need each other.

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My deep sorrow in witnessing Tahlequah’s grief prompted the words you are reading. I grieved with other treesisters, receiving the salve of a supportive sisterhood. On the other side of grief is my passionate love for this world. How much can we allow ourselves to love this world? Our grief is a measure of our love and what we love, we protect and care for. Our love, leadership and ingenuity are all needed. Together we can bring our planet and ourselves into thriving balance. This is true response-ability. - Pollyanna To join us please visit: www.treesisters.org To find out more about our tree-planting programs you can visit: www.treesisters.org/home/trees To join our free Inner Journey of Awakening, please visit: www.femmiversity.treesisters.org/inner-journey TreeSisters is a UK registered charity and a global network of women giving their gifts in service to life. ................................................................................................................................................................................................ Pollyanna Darling - TreeSisters Community Engagement & Strategy. TreeSisters holds a piece of Pollyanna's heart and she has been involved since it was a tiny seed. She's also an intuitive coach, mother of four boys, award-winning author, singer, passionate Earthlover, women's empowerment facilitator, and loud laugher. All of her work is focused on helping women to make strong connections to their empowered wholeness so they can live deeply satisfying lives and create their deepest longings - always with an eye on sustainability, unity and giving back to the Earth. She is dedicated to helping women live bigger and have significant impact on the future of our planet and the one people that inhabit it.

THE ART OF LOVE Isn’t it nice when you just LOVE what you do and do what you LOVE? This was evident when I caught up with Michelle Gair from Arts N H’arts in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


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We started our interview with love in our hearts and a sparkle in our eyes. Michelle made me a cup of her raspberry flavoured herbal tea and we chatted as she showed me around the place. It was evident and not surprising that the many people who are drawn to work here are very talented and this was reflected in the art, love and endless stream of creativity around the premises.

As I started to interview Michelle you could feel how much she loved being there, this was shown in the warm nurturing words that came from her mouth. “It’s a wonderful place to work, it’s a beautiful space where everyone is accepted and free to talk about their emotions”. She then went on to say as I continued looking at the unlimited supplies of angel cards and spiritual trinkets, “I love the energy here it is high and vibrant and everyone who works here can feel spirit”. This was evident as I too could also feel the light energy while there, it was uplifting, and it brought a sense of comfort and happiness to my mood. Michelle felt inspired to show me some of her artwork and I could see the reflections of spirit guides and sprit animals that she translates into form, this was easily mirrored on the black paper which she uses to channel and capture the images that she sees. I asked her about her calling to become a psychic artist and I was fascinated to learn of her encounter with a woman, also a psychic medium and how she encouraged Michelle to step into her gift, planting the obvious seeds that of course sprit wanted her to receive. You could tell by the way Michelle spoke about her love of drawing, especially when using colour and what it meant to her. It was evident that she had found something very special and it came from her heart. When questioned further about her gift she was quick to mention her love of channelling spirit. Channelling is when spirit takes over and allows you to be the vessel that brings forward the information from a higher place. With her eyes closed and simply trusting the outcome of the images appearing on the pages of her sketch pad is the way Michelle brings these messages to life. She showed me many drawings, some being trees, shapes, guides and owls.


She went on to explain that she has a totem owl (spirit guide) that sits on her left shoulder and communicates with her, no wonder she is so wise and can help so many. She went on to say that she is especially interested in the colours that she chooses to use as they reflect the emotions that she is picking up on. Colours representing the energy of someone or even herself. Michelle explained to me the events of her day, her seeing the colour green from the clothes she had chosen to wear to the many symbolic signs that had come to her through others that morning - this being indicative of how she was feeling and what she needed to do to heal, as green is the colour of healing. Michelle has always been psychic and started to tell me of her encounters when she was a child. She explained that what she saw really scared her, so she subconsciously blocked the images that came to mind. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she started to open and embrace her gifts. She went on to say that it was when she came to Australia from the United Kingdom that she really started to connect on a deep level. About four years ago she had a very clear dream, a dream that bought strong messages to her about why she knew things, why she had premonitions, would know the outcome of conversations before they were finished and how she just 'knew' stuff. As she sat and chatted to me I couldn’t help but look upon her with admiration and a feeling of happiness, knowing that she had created and stepped into a life that obviously delighted her. As we started to wind down I was very fortunate to be on the receiving end of a colour card reading and then later on in our interview a full three card physic reading. As I began to shuffle the colour cards I set an intention to receive information regarding my chosen career. I flipped over the “Indigo Card – Improve on your vision” Michelle in true form went straight into what spirit was telling her in relation to me and the indigo card. She went on to exclaim that I needed to go with my gut instincts, to do what I felt inside myself and to broaden my vision of how to take my work into the future. She went on to say that she felt that I had an amazing gift of healing and that I knew exactly how to use it. She added that endless possibilities and opportunities will be presented to me as time moves forward and that my skills and knowledge would help many people in the future. What a blessing to be able to hear those words. If you would like to contact Michelle, you can find her at Arts N H’Arts shop 10, 152 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba and on Facebook. You can contact Michelle directly on 0422498566 – shellcutz@hotmail.co.uk You can follow Kate Marchington at https://www.facebook.com/naturalkate.com.au/



We all have a story. It is either based in fear or love, which are the only two motivations from which we live our lives. Fear is based in the ego and love is our soul expressing its divinity through our hearts. Fear drives us to react instead of respond to situations and this becomes a natural pattern. We are conditioned with many untruths as we grow up, which continue to trigger our fear responses as our beliefs about ourselves and life are established. We are also influenced by our unknown past lives, soul beliefs and DNA. Over my 25 years, as a professional natural health practitioner, medium, healer and mentor, I continually had clients coming to me with health issues that I discovered were linked to deep emotional and psychological hurts, ranging from grief to all types of abuse. Self-sabotage was high on the list, therefore self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth were all very low. These presented in different forms with each client, but they all had the same bottom line belief, that they were not good enough or enough for themselves or anyone else. Wholeness, joy, love, peace and success were sadly lacking. They had broken souls and hearts and the devastation was hard for me to watch.

"They had broken souls and hearts..." A young male of 35 years old came to me one day with his main concern of how to lose weight. As this was a growing epidemic I decided I would accept the challenge to find a resolution that was right for him. For me, there is only one source of healing, the Creator. I spent time communicating with my divine guidance asking to be guided with healing for this man. What occurred during the first session, was nothing less than extraordinary and the results were equally matched. Yes he did lose weight, but something more astounding happened. As the 6 sessions progressed the magnitude of this sacred energy healing being channelled through me unfolded. Little did I realise that this was the catalyst of me pioneering a new unique selfdevelopment healing programme.


I discovered that this healing was clearing all the effects of self-sabotaging, self-doubt, the hurts and effects of abuse that each client had suffered on all levels, of their beings. I taught each client about themselves, their motivations, thoughts, emotions, and perspectives and how they were holding themselves back. Their lives were changed positively and profoundly. Self-love, acceptance, self-esteem and confidence were re-established. Healing was rapid, gentle and very effective.

".Their lives were changed positively and profoundly..." This programme was pioneered by me in 2013 and approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. It is also an approved practitioner course for those wanting to work with deeper levels of healing. Two years later I was blessed to be gifted a second level to this healing which assists individuals to move into the Fifth Plane, where unconditional love and forgiveness are your life principles. This opens the doors wider to ascension if you choose. This programme is suitable for adults and is adapted for teenagers. Nantah Ensom www.nantahspiritualschool.org www.facebook.com/Nantahspiritualadvancement

For more info about Nantah's Spiritual School Click here

FiveD.TV is a worldwide subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming service that provides curated conscious media in three primary channels— Star Nations, Human Ascension, Earth Revival—to its global subscribers. Many of its growing titles are available for streaming exclusively on FiveD.TV through most devices connected to the Internet and some of the programs are generated by content produced or owned by FiveD.TV. FiveD.TV has for its symbol the “merkabah” also spelled “merkaba” and that represents the divine light vehicle allegedly used by Ascended Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Welcome home to the Fifth Dimension.




When I was asked to write an article for the Lightworker Advocate Magazine I said YES without hesitation. I am on vacation at the moment, which is joy, yet writing an article is joy to me too. The topic is joy. Woohooooo. How much more joy can fit into a moment? With this question asked, I saw more joy every day. We can choose joy and grow and expand in it. It is a wonderful way to live life. You feel connected and joyful. How about the moments that aren’t joyful? You can choose joy as well. You can call up on joy in any given moment in time. I personally saw more flowers, the sun's rays, people laughing. I found myself talking about things that bring me joy and moments where people shared theirs with me and how it lifted me up. I love joy. To be honest, I believe it to be the truer version of happiness. It is solid and pure, a sense of connection. Whereas happiness is a fleeting, passing by moment just like loneliness, sadness and grief. They are all real in a way. At the same time you can find joy in these, too. I used to believe it is crazy to admit that I do enjoy being sad and cry. I enjoy the sense of release and that I feel my feelings as they arise. Emotions we call unpleasant seem to be wanted to get through quickly or even better: not at all. Can you find joy in the dark times? The darkest of dark times? You know just how people can turn sh*t into gold so can we find joy now? Are you willing to be willing to live a life in joy? Are you choosing to be joyful? What are the changes you notice when you focus on joy? EnJOY I am in Germany on holiday, seeing family and friends and while I do what I love my life grows. It gets me every single time how our life becomes and expands in more joy when we choose joy. It reminds me of a time in my life where someone told me that I could choose to grow, learn and live in joy instead of fear and control. I heard her. I didn’t quite understand how it works but I was seriously interested. Who doesn’t want to live, learn and grow in joy? Who? Christin xx



How do we find Peace amidst the chaos of change? When we are being dragged through the fires of transformation. When life as we know it is dissolving around us like the caterpillar in the chrysalis.  How can we find peace in our minds and in our heart?   How do we maintain our centre to walk calmly across the coals without getting burnt? And is it necessary to maintain a peaceful demeanour as our world shifts and turns, evolving us to the next spiral of our consciousness? Or is it quite okay to get a bit messy, to let our nourishing routines slip and unhealthy habits to creep back in? In the short term, yes it is okay. We are not designed to be perfect and poised all of the time. Life throws us curve balls and tips us out of balance for our own learning and growth. We need these times of disarray and disorientation. It is more than okay and it is actually necessary! However, we can learn to move through these experiences with less agitation and disharmony and more grace and ease. We can set our intention as we wake each morning of how we would like to meet the day.

We can say to ourselves “No matter what happens today, I choose to move through it with grace and ease. I choose to trust and stay in the flow of my own vibration. I choose to recognise those distractions and dramas that attempt to pull me off path. I choose to see them and to keep moving forwards. The more I do this, the easier it gets. I call on assistance from my spiritual support to stand guard and keep me in alignment”. The more you get to know what alignment looks like and feels like, the easier it is to connect into each day. Like train wheels connecting with the train tracks, keeping you on track.

The vibration and frequency within the mineral kingdom that most aligns us to Peace is Angelite, the stone of Peace. It is a powdery blue colour and a sacred stone to the Angelic Realm and Archangel Mary.  We can call on this master frequency to assist us in times of mental agitation and emotional disharmony.

"...Angelite, the stone of peace."

There is also a yogic principle that resonates strongly with the vibration of Peace. It is the yogic attitude of Ishvara Pranidhana, which translates to ‘surrender’. Not surrender in the sense of giving up, but surrender in the sense of handing it over. Which is another beautiful mantra to help us cultivate Peace when life is in upheaval. “I am willing to surrender to the higher purpose of my soul”. The principle of Peace, the frequency of Angelite and the attitude of surrendering to the higher order of things are beautiful tools to help us navigate back to our true path. We soon learn to recognise that when we are in alignment with our soul, we naturally feel a deep sense of peace within our being, no matter what is happening around us. - Jade

Jade Renee Banks Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Healer Liquid Crystals Advanced Practitioner Certified Master Lightworker Practitioner Ph: 0450 582 586 jadereneebanks@gmail.com www.jadereneebanks.com

More on Peace..

Lightworker Practitioner Training Christin Ewald As you know I graduated with my Masters :-) Yay!! Still dancing and celebrating!! I am so proud of myself.

Thanks to the Lightworker Foundation as of 2018 the Master Lightworker Practitioner Certification is now a FREE (YES FREE) online course that qualifies graduates in over 40 IICT approved modalities to help you enlighten yourself on a personal and professional level. We talk to Christin Ewald, one of our recent graduates who completed her Master Lightworker Practitioner course. Hi Christin, what was it that guided you to untertake the LPT course?  I used to be a Reiki Practitioner back then, still am. My practices and curiosity about energy healing and manifestation lead me to a lady who practised Buddhism. I wanted to learn more about Buddhism but she recommended Michelle and the LPT course. Her daughter has done level 1 a couple of months before hand. The lady said she had a good feeling about it. I trusted and called Michelle. While talking to her on the phone I already started manifesting the first payments and I went from there.  What was your favourite part of LPT? Meeting like minded souls that work, life and come from a place of ethics. It felt like paradise, wonderland and a dream given up come true at the same time. What was the most unexpected part of the LPT journey?  That I made it all the way through to level 7.    What advice would you give to others wanting to undertake LPT?  Take one step in-front of the other. Your first step is done. Take the next. You have to want this to get all the way through and love yourself.



When I first started the training I had no clue I would actually make it this far. True story. I was just amazed to meet other people who share the same ethics as I knew inside of me where liveable. I felt so lonely, wondering through the world looking for my place, people, something. Hola, did I find things commencing this training! Thank you very much to everyone who has walked along side with me. It wasn't always easy. Not so much the training itself but the personal challenges as well. I guess it comes hand in hand. I learned so much and I think without this training I wouldn't be where I am at today. I am deeply grateful for all the support and the simple fact that people live what they believe in and share and spread this light. Thank you thank you thank you. You and a couple of other people I met along my way restored my believe in humanity. I am so very proud to be Master Lightworker Practitioner and part of this tribe of incredibly awesome world changing leaders. Thank you so much. If you would like to work with me as your mentor, now you can on every level. Love, Christin xx



Reviewed by Michelle Lightworker

“A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records – Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration” by Melissa Feick, Founder of the Spiritual Expansion Academy Melissa has given her readers an opportunity and methodology to expand to their highest soul potential in this life time. I found this book immensely thorough in describing the process of accessing the Akashic Records and transcending Karma. Thank you for composing this Divine strategy to assist the world to unwind back to peace, love, joy and unity. – Michelle Lightworker Here’s a little bit of an excerpt from Melissa’s book on Transcending Karma as it relates to the Akashic Records.

Karma is a key element to the evolving soul, especially in such dense energy like Earth. Karma is the Law of Attraction, and your vibration is a reflection of your Karma. You are connected with all the people in your life because you are Karmically entangled. You attract these people in your life to become completely aware and present with your Karmic entanglement so you can transcend it. A significant aspect of healing Karma is to be open to your actions and reactions to the events in your life. To experience deep healing, you will need to take personal responsibility for yourself. The spiritual master teachers always stress personal development to their students. It’s through personal development that we transcend our Karma. The best way to know if you are working on your Karma is if you are working on yourself. It is not about achieving perfection; it’s about cultivating self-realization, which means looking at yourself and your actions honestly and without judgment. We spend lifetimes working through the same Karmic patterns because most people are not self-aware. Be different. Decide on one area of your life that you want to start transforming and go into the Records for guidance. When you make major inner and external transformations, you know you are working on your Karma. When you begin to recognize the Earth from the perspective of a higher consciousness, you will see through the illusion, and your Karma naturally starts transforming. You came to Earth to transform and master the Karma which accumulates in your Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies. I have heard many spiritual people insist that there isn’t any Karma. They don’t believe God is handing out Karmic punishment for misdoings. I agree, Karma isn’t about punishment, but if they are denying Karma, they are missing the amazing opportunity to transform and transcend their Karma. You don’t need to believe in Karma for it to affect your life. It is part of your experience here. The Law of Karma is what attracted all the things in your life, like your new job or your best friend. I also have heard people say how they worry that Karma will never end and that every second you are creating more Karma. This fear holds you in the illusion that it is impossible to overcome your past and your past Karma. That is such an unfortunate belief. Karma isn’t a tally sheet. It is an opportunity for growth and transformation. You can only hold onto Karma if you hold onto the lower emotional and mental pain that the Karma has caused. Most Karma comes in patterns, and once you realize we are all working on the same patterns you no longer need the Karma attached to those patterns, you can transcend them. When you give your power away to ideas like these, you are not taking responsibility for your actions and for who you are. You are not a victim of your Karma. You have the ability and the tools, through the Akashic Records, to transmute any and all Karma, past, present, and future. 


BOOK REVIEW  /   BOOK REVIEW   /   BOOK REVIEW It’s time for you to take back your Karma from the Karmic hamster wheel and transcend into your higher state or full potential. Once you transcend and master the Physical, Emotional and Mental planes and energy bodies, you also transcend your Karma, which is what the Ascended Masters have already done. Transcending Karma The Akashic Records are a living energy that is in constant movement and transition, just like your energy field, or aura. Your energy field is a reflection of your current state of mental, physical and emotional health. Your aura’s energy and colors are constantly moving. It dances and swirls around you the way a river rapid flows around rocks. The colors all intersect and move within each other. It is not really about the color of your aura which changes with circumstances and moods; it’s about the clarity and brightness of the energy around you. The Akashic Records are moving around and dancing an energy dance. Since it is a living energy, it can be shifted and changed. So once you transcend your Karma, then that old Karma is expunged from the Records. As you dissolve more and more of your Karmic patterns, the easier it is to access the positive soul Karma and positive soul qualities. Karma works through the Law of Attraction. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your soul qualities more present in your life and to have a greater connection to your higher consciousness? You have that potential as you work within the Records. Your Karmic patterns use the Law of Attraction to guide you to master the Physical, Emotional and Mental levels and bodies. We are all stuck in the wheel of Karma which is the reason we incarnate on Earth over and over again. Being caught in the wheel of Karma means you are getting caught in the illusion or the false reality of the self that you believe is who you really are. That self would be considered the ego identity. So many see the self as a name, a job, and a family. It has stories of hurt and anger, but this is only a reflection of the truth of who you are. The ego’s identity is the illusionary self and can be changed and transformed by doing the work in the Akashic Records. When you go into the Records, you start to understand the limitations of the egoic identity, or those things the ego believes to be true. The ego itself is a part of the illusion. What’s the truth of who you are, really? The truth of who you are is not the ego; it is the whole Divine self. When you clear the old patterns in the Akashic Records, you start to dissolve the ego identity and become the higher consciousness identity of All That You Are. In Chapter Eight, I will explain more about the ego and reality. Most souls reincarnate because they are still working on Emotional Karma, Mental Karma or Physical Karma. Do not assume that just because someone has physical limitations that the only thing they are working on is on the level of the Physical body or Karma. It is also possible, for example, that they could have wanted to transcend the Mental body and they chose to do it through physical limitations. People are different, which is why the Records will give you specific information for each person you work with during Akashic Records readings. You can transcend it all. No matter what type of Karma you are working on, when you start working in the Akashic Records, you will notice that the process is the same. Your intention in the Records is to transcend the old Karmic patterns. The wheel of Karma is more like a spiral. As you move up, you may come back a little, but the movement is always outward toward expansion and Oneness. The reason you are moving in this spiral is that, habitually, you will keep seeing yourself as the ego-self and you will get drawn back into the illusion. You reincarnated into this lifetime because you were still holding onto the past story of your emotions, anger, and resentment. You didn’t transcend the illusion in the last life, so you needed to come here again to work through the same patterns. You have the gift of transcendence available to you through the Akashic Records right now, so I suggest you use the Records fully. You are moving toward the Oneness and raising your vibration so you can become your true self while in a physical body.

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LIGHTFILLED PRODUCTS - LIGHTFILLED BUSINESSES EARTH RADIANCE - THE SELF LOVE KIT I have experienced the loss of self that comes with sacrificing ourselves for others, the pain of putting myself last and the weight of taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness and the anguish of not believing that I am not worthy of any of it. I gave everything I had until I had nothing left and then kept giving because that was what I thought was my responsibility. I was a mess and a master at hiding it, because that was my role. I had to be this perfect person to be allowed to feel love, to be accepted. I forced myself to function correctly for the world around me, even my husband didn’t see the struggle within me, saying ‘but you weren’t sad all of the time’. He couldn’t see the self-loathing, anxiety and fear that plagued my inner self. I was isolated from the world and the ones I loved as I tried to be the idea of what society thinks a woman should be. In those moments when I was alone with only myself I would hide my vulnerabilities, my feelings and confide in the comfort of a written testament to my inner turmoil. That it would flow, unbidden yet hidden away from the world, until that was all I was. I was a being of sadness, despair & in a constant state of unhappiness. I saw nothing and felt nothing as the darkness overtook my life. I gave everything I had until I had nothing left and then kept giving because that was what I thought was my responsibility Then one day, I was crying on the floor overwhelmed and drowning in my fears, when the darkness was broken and beacon of light streamed through, it was a thought, no, it was more, it was a knowing. I knew in that moment that I could no longer live like this, I deserved more. I deserved to feel good, to feel joy& to be loved by the most important person in my life… me! I wanted to change. I made the choice to seek help which came in the form of life coaching, that first session changed the course of my life and I loved it so much, everything that I thought I knew changed completely in 60mins & my mind & heart were opened up to a life I knew I could live if I chose to. After that first session if felt like I was given permission to allow myself the time to get to know who I was, love that woman & start doing things that felt good for me and me alone.  I re-learned my worth. After my self-healing journey I decided that I wanted to help other women who were experiencing what I had, to help them find themselves, to understand what they were worth and to then love that person. My passion was ignited me & it directed me to a path I had never even contemplated for myself. From that passion Earth Radiance was born. A platform where I can coach, support & assist women like you and myself to be better, to love themselves, and learn to live life full of joy through services, workshops, courses & products. Self-love and care is the first step to unlocking the life you have always dreamed of and deserve. So join me & give yourself the permission to invest in your transformation. I want to help you help yourself & most importantly Love yourself. So much love, Tam xo


These organic & natural products have been hand selected to support you on cultivating your self-love by enticing you daily to take conscious & connected time just for you by using intention & affirmations to create solid foundations in you loving you, so you can live a life that you love to live. - Tam xo





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