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What is EVOLVING SOUL TV Sexual Jane Marin The Art of Forgiveness Potency?

Issue 4 February 2016

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rs! e k r o w t h g i ay L d y r e v E y e H Here we are in 2016! So far, I have learnt a lot this year about the power of forgiveness. It's not surprising that in the lead up to this issue, Spirit had a lot to show me. And after realising this, more space was open for me and my life. Soon after my realisations, I got a call from Hay House LA advising me that I had been selected as one of their World Summit Speakers for 2016! Amazing what happens when we let life in and let go of that which no longer serves!

forgiveness is one of the most liberating experiences ever.

I would like to dedicate this issue to my wonderful mother-in-law Freda who passed away on 5 January. I know for her, it was an incredible life journey spanning 93 years. She had such a determination of Spirit, that her 'will' far exceeded her body's urge to expire. She was such a strong personality and had such a love of family and life. In her final days, my husband and I were privileged to be by her side. We learnt so much about how much letting go is connected to forgiving oneself. I feel that when Freda was able to accept that she had done her very best in this life, she found peace and was able to pass on.

A reminder for all existing or potential contributors, here are the upcoming month's themes. If you have an article, please submit it to us by 15th of the February so we can ensure it makes it into the March Edition. Next month we dive into Unity!

That poses the question, does lack of forgiveness keep us stuck? I know that for me, forgiveness is an energy that exists in the absence of judgement. It is one of the highest vibrations available to us. Usually we find that we are unconscious of what we are judging. Whether that be judgments of ourselves or others. Somehow stepping into 2 | February 16 | Lightworker Advocate

We have such a great variety of articles in this month's issue that will give you such deep food for thought and lift you. Our front Cover by Jane Marin speaks to the Heart Chakra and apt for connecting with forgiveness. We welcome her wonderful artwork in this month's Arty Stuff section.

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Blessings of abundance to you all!


Contents Cover Story 24-­‐29  Arty  Stuff  -­‐  The  Art  of  Forgiveness  with   Jane  Marin Forgiveness wisdom 4  Make  Peace  with  Your  Mum  by  Margaret   Sims 5  Live  and  Let  Love  by  Jade  Renee  Banks 6  Forgiveness  Sets  You  Free  by  Bridgette   Scalisi 7  Reflections  on  Forgiveness  by  Brooke  Anne   Olive 8  Forgiveness  through  Time  by  Fiona  Brown 9  The  Power  of  Forgiveness  by  Lorraine   Enright 10  Forgiveness  and  the  Darker  Side  by  Candy   Bowden 11  The  Heart  of  Forgiveness  by  Kerry  Kirwan 15  Coming  Unstuck  by  Stacy  Bridge  Reeve

Smelly Stuff 16  Oil  of  Forgiveness  by  Joy  Ashton High  Vibrational  Numerology   17  Forgiveness  is  '9'  by  Terrie  Hansen Forgiveness  and  the  Chakras 19  The  Forgiveness  Slingshot  by  Michelle   Lightworker High  Vibrational  Traveller 20-­‐21  Forgiveness  and  the  Wisdom  of  the   Elders  by  Phoebe  Hoogendyk 22-24 The Principle Project Forgiveness  with  Sky  Hayes   31 Out and About

"There is only one person to forgive, and it is me" Ken Stephens


Make Peace with Your Mum - Margaret Sims Some%mes photos   lie,   even   when   everyone   is   smiling.   They   can   tell   the   truth   for   one   person   but   the   other   person   may   be   hiding   unresolved   emo%ons. In  a  photo  of  my  mum  and  me  in  2005   that’s   the   way   it   was   for   me   –   unresolved  anger  and  unforgiveness. My   mum   passed   away   in   November   2010.   This   is   my   legacy   from   her   and   a   plea  to  you. Just  aFer  that  photo  was  taken,  a  friend  and  his  sister   visited   our   home.   I   was   overwhelmed   by   the   anger   she   felt   for   her   long-­‐deceased   mum.   In   her   heart,   she   felt   that   her   mother   had   never   appreciated   her   and   her   talents.   It   was   s%ll   consuming   her.   On   that   day   I   thought   ‘I   don’t   want   to   be   angry   at   my   mum   aFer   she   dies.’   That   started   a   journey   of   which   I’ll   share   a   liLle   with  you.   Zena,  Warrior  Princess  –  No  More I  have  always  been  the  one  my  mum  turned  to,  to  solve   her  problems.  My  dad  died  50  years  ago.  Eldest  child!   Only   daughter!   Cultural   expecta%ons   of   women!   So   Zena,   Warrior   Princess,   champion   of   the   world’s   downtrodden   (my   alter   ego)   was   born.   Over   %me   at   the   first   few   words   of   my   mum’s   problem,   I   would   drown   out   the   rest   of   her   words   and   start   mentally   solving   it   my   way.   It   got   so,   that   in   her   later   years,   I   dreaded   visi%ng   her   in   the   nursing   home.   ‘Oh   no!   What’s   going   to   be   wrong   today?’   would   be   my   over-­‐ riding  thought.

ques%on was   habit,   maybe   a   family   phrase   from   mum’s   younger   days.   They   were   about   her   life   experiences,   not   a   cri%cism   of   me.   Oh!  I  didn’t  have  to  change  me  to  please  my   mum.   When   I   changed   my   reac%on   to   that   ques%on,  I  never  heard  my  mum  speak  those   words   again.   They   had   taught   me   the   lesson   I   needed  to  learn  and  they  leF. Love  and  Let  Love Like  my  friend’s  sister,  I  longed  for  my  mum’s   apprecia%on   and   acknowledgment.   I   wanted   words  of  apprecia%on.  I  rarely  heard  them. I   had   read   a   book   on   how   Introverts   and   Extroverts   act   and  think  differently.  It  was  a  talk  by  Leo  Petrik  on  this   topic   that   triggered   the   ‘Aha’   moment.   Some   lessons   take  longer  than  others  to  absorb. Speaking  words  of  praise  was  not  mum’s  natural  way  to   show   love   and   it   was   difficult   for   her   to   do.   She   did   appreciate   and   love   me   –   her   way   not   my   way.   I   suddenly   realised   that   the   care   she   took   when   choosing   cards   for   those   who   meant   the   most   to   her   was  her  way  of  saying  ‘I  love  and  appreciate  you’.  From   2006  to  2010,  I  read  every  card  I  received  and  every  old   card   I   had   not   thrown   out   with   new   eyes   and   a   new   understanding. Since  then  I  have  read  ‘The  5  Love  Languages’  by  Gary   Chapman.   My   main   love   language   is   ‘words   of   affirma%on’.  My  mum’s  main  love  language  was  ‘quality   %me’.   My   mum   stayed   true   to   herself.   I   had   changed   and  become  wiser.  Our  last  years  together  were  spent   joyously.

A lovely   lady   showed   me   how   to   look   at   it   differently.   Maybe   mum   had   solved   her   own   problems   and   was   only   giving   me   her   weekly   news   report.   Oh!   I   was   assuming,  not  listening  to  all  mum  said.  Zena  laid  down   her   sword   and   stopped   saving   my   mum   and   everyone   else.   Life   became   more   peaceful   as   I   listened   to   every   word  and  only  stepped  in  when  asked.

When my   mum   died   peacefully,   I   had   no   tears   of   anger   or   regret   -­‐   simply   loving   memories,   peace   and   forgiveness   for   myself   for   my   misunderstandings.   My   anger   has   gone   and   I   can   now   look   at   photos   of   us   together  with  love.  The  photo  at  the  beginning  of  this   ar%cle  sits  where  I  can  see  it  most  days.  

They’re Only  Words I   will   admit   to   being   super-­‐sensi%ve.   I   hated   mum   asking  me  ‘Why  are  you  so  happy?’  I  felt  she  didn’t  like   me  as  I  am  (an  op%mist)  and  that  I  was  not  allowed  to   be  happy  if  she  wasn’t.  What  stories  we  weave  around   other  people’s  words.

Margaret Sims The  Baby  Boomer  Personal  Stylist

The same   lovely   lady   asked   me   to   consider   that   this  

4 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

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Forgive and Let Love with Jade Renee Banks The principle  of  Forgiveness  is  exempli3ied  in   the   Liquid   Crystal   Rose   Quartz.     It’s   healing   and  soothing  qualities  make  it  one  of  the  most   well-­‐known   and   popular   crystals   for   Humanity  with today.    IJade t  encompasses   all  aBanks spects  of   Renee Forgiveness;   forgiveness   for   ourselves   and   forgiveness  for  others.    Wouldn’t  the  world  be   a   different   place   if   we   all   practiced   a   little   more  Forgiveness?   It   is   the   human   condition   to   judge,   compare   and   contrast.   We   all   want   to   know   where   we   3it  in,  and  we  are  all  so  eager  to  put  something   in   a   box.     To   categorise   it,   label   it   and   put   it   on   the  shelf.    Then  we  feel  safe  and  comfortable,   because   we   know   exactly   where   it   3its   in   and   we  ‘understand’  it.

another’s, and  if  it  even  matters? We  start  with  Forgiveness. We   forgive   ourselves   for   abandoning   ourselves   for   someone   else’s   Truth.   We   recognize   that   we   were   doing   the   best   we   could   with   the   knowledge   understanding   and   awareness   we   had   at   that   point   in   time.   We   make  a  choice  to  change  it.  We  make  a  choice   to   question   what   we   were   so   certain   about.   We   choose   to   let   go   of   everything   and   press   the  reset  button  on  our  Subconscious.

We choose   to   connect   more   with   ourselves   rather   than   getting   distracted   by   everything   else.     We   connect   with   ourselves   as   we   forgive   ourselves   and   we   start   to   build   a   loving   and   Forgiveness   to   me   is   admitting   that   you   don’t   trusting   relationship   with   ourselves.     We   can   understand  everything.    That  you  don’t  know   then   feel   what   is   true   for   us   and   what   is   not.   why   that   person   looks   or   acts   or   thinks   they   We   start   to   be   able   to   discern   between   the   way   they   do.     You   may   c h a t t e r   o f   o u r   never   know   and   that’s   "Sometimes we only see through the monkey   mind   and   okay.     Only   they   know   the   Voice   of   our   their   story   and   what   lens of illusion, tainted by the Spirit  within.    We  let   brought   them   to   where   influence of others and clouded by go   of   what   is   logical   they   are   now.     We   can   or   rational   and   just   only  3ilter  it  through  our   judgments that are not even our own" go   with   what   feels   o w n   e x p e r i e n c e s ,   good,   true   and   at   understanding  and  belief   home   within   our   system.   Very   often   our   looking   glass   is   a   bit   hearts   without   any   question   of   why   that   is.     grubby.   Sometimes   we   only   see   through   the   We  just  know  and  that  is  enough.   lens   of   illusion,   tainted   by   the   in3luence   of   others  and  clouded  by  judgments  that  are  not   Once   we   accept   the   power   of   our   true   even  our  own. knowing,   we   don’t   need   the   ‘why’.   We   don’t   need   to   justify   it   to   others.     We   don’t   even   We   3ind   ourselves   thinking   something   that   need  to  understand  it  ourselves.  We  just  know   was  once  said  to  us,  and  taking  that  on  as  our   that  it  is  our  Truth,  it  is  what  feels  good  within   own   Truth.   Even   believing   that   it   originated   every   cell   of   our   being   and   we   accept   it.   No   with   us   and   that   we   came   up   with   the   idea.   judgment,  no  need  to  forgive.  It  just  is. More  often  than  not,  it  came  from  somewhere   else.    More  often  than  not  we  are  living  under   Jade Renee Banks the   umbrella   of   someone   else’s   thoughts,   Certified Master Lightworker Practitioner feelings   and   reality.     This   in3luences   how   we   Certified Lightworker Practitioner Facilitator perceive   others   and   ourselves.   We   compare   Liquid Crystals Advanced Practitioner based  on  what  we  were  told  and  we  decide  if   Starchild Directives Practitioner it  3its  or  not.    When  it  doesn’t,  we  judge.  Well, we   judge   either   way.     We   decide   black   or   white,   good   or   bad,   right   or   wrong   and   so   on   and  so  forth. Tiring  stuff  right?   So   how   do   we   remedy   this?   How   do   we   clear   the   lens   that   we   see   ourselves   through   and   that  we  perceive  our  world  through?    How  do   we   know   what   is   our   Truth   and   what   is  

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 5

Forgiveness Forgiveness is an act that will set you free. To forgive someone who has wronged you, you are allowing yourself to liberate your soul. You do not have to accept the wrongdoing and it doesn't make it okay but you can definitely let it go. Let go of the feelings of betrayal, resentment, anger, rejection, sadness and all things negative. Once you have felt them and expressed them, let them go. They have served their purpose to you. Your lesson has been taught and you will be stronger for having experienced the ordeal. The concept of forgiveness is not to let the wrongdoing be allowed and deemed as "okay". It is to allow yourself to break free from the chains of pain and to part with the heart break you experienced. The person still can be communicated with about what they did to you and how it made you feel; you can also still stand your ground and hold your boundaries with how you expect to be treated.

Each experience is like developing, growing and expanding inside a cocoon. You are just giving yourself the chance to spread your wings and crack out of your cocoon. Forgiveness is helpful to assist your ability to transition through life and it's stages. You are also allowing the person who made a mistake to obtain the chance to grow from this experience. Inform them of your version of events and fill them in on your perspective. Explain kindly that it was not okay but you forgive them, hopefully next time they will be wiser. Forgiveness teaches them to acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions and to be freed from the grudge. You both can move forward and gain something positive from a perceived negative situation. - Bridgette Scalisi

sets you free 6 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

Reflections   on   Forgiveness

with Brooke Anne Olive

In  my  line  of  work,  I  am  oFen  privileged  to  meet   people   who   are   on   the   very   cusp   of   new   beginnings,   shedding   their   past   lives   like   a   skin   and   bravely   star%ng   over   as   a   new   and   improved   version  of  themselves.   They   come   to   me   to   conďŹ rm   what   they   already   intui%vely   know   and   ďŹ nd   the   conďŹ dence   they   need   to   begin   again.   They   come   to   me   mostly   because   they   have   been   hurt.   They   need   to   forgive   and   move   forward.   They   are   seekers,   ac%vely  searching  for  reasons  to  forgive. It   doesn’t   come   easily   some%mes.   Forgiveness   can   be   like   a   diamond,   it   has   so   many   complicated   facets,   each   reec%ng,   refrac%ng   and   absorbing   so   many   dierent   aspects   of   the   truth.   Yes,   forgiving   is   hard.   It’s   hard   because   forgiving  another  person  means  having  to  forgive   yourself.   For   gefng   involved   in   the   situa%on   in   the Â ďŹ rst  place,  for  not  being  smart  enough  to  see   the   hurt   intended   before   it’s   inicted.   For   trus%ng   somebody   so   willingly,   that   same   somebody  who  would  later  hurt  you.   It   can   force   you   to   re-­â€?evaluate   your   en%re   existence   and   how   you   interact   with   the   world   around   you.   The   very   act   of   forgiveness   poses   ques%ons  that  can  plague  a  person.  Will  they  and   should  they  ever  trust  again  so  easily?  Can  they   move   past   the   anger   and   resentment?   What   was   the  point  of  it  all?  These  ques%ons  are  designed   to   enforce   self-­â€?reec%on.   Avoiding   answering   them   can   destroy   your   self-­â€?conďŹ dence   and   impact  every  area  of  your  life  moving  forward.

vulnerability,  hurt   and   betrayal.   Forgiving   is   a   very  real  acknowledgement  of  what  occurred.  It   means  you  can  no  longer  nonchalantly  shrug  o   the   hurts   and   sweep   the   conict   under   the   carpet.   Perhaps   this   is   why   forgiving   somebody   can  take  %me.   One   client,   a   young   mother,   endured   years   of   humilia%on  in  a  terribly  imbalanced,  compe%%ve   friendship.   Eventually   she   recognised   that   she   herself   allowed   this   friendship   to   con%nue   in   this   vein,  by  allowing  her  insecurity  issues  to  govern   how   they   interacted.   Once   she   forgave   herself   for  her  lack  of  conďŹ dence,  she  could  forgive  her   friend.   She   was   so   thankful   that   this   friend   highlighted   an   aspect   of   herself   that   needed   to   come   to   the   light.   And   although   the   friendship   was  long  over,  the  lessons  she  learnt  rippled  out   to   all   aspects   of   her   life.   She   remains   grateful   that   by   forgiving   both   herself   and   her   friend   meant  that  this  paLern  was Â ďŹ nally  broken. Once  one  is  ready  to  reect  back  on  the  conict,   forgiveness   then   becomes   a   beau%ful   giF.   It   allows   one   the   opportunity   to   see   the   lessons   involved   and   integrate   this   new   knowledge   into   one’s  life.  You  are  then  free  to  move  forward  as  a   stronger,  wiser  and  happier  soul.

This  is   why   forgiveness   is   such   a   hard   part   of   recovery.   It   opens   one   up   to   fresh   feelings   of  

Brooke Anne Olive 0406232775 www.psychicbrookeanne.comÂ

Lightworker Lightworker Advocate Advocate | Feb | Feb 2016 16 | 7 5

Forgiveness through Time

with Fiona Brown

When I was a small child, I remember being outdoors a lot and loved the feeling of running and playing and being in the backyard and with other kids. Life had important people and events in it that I could interweave my musings around. My life was often a story about someone else in my life and what I noticed about them. It used to be important to me that my oldest sister worked at a café on Saturdays and Sundays and we would get ‘special’ snacks when she came home. It was important that she became an air hostess and flew all over Australia. It was important to tell people that my 2nd sister was a ballerina with the Queensland Ballet Company. It was important that my 3rd sister was great at make-up, going out with boys and looking beautiful. It was so important that my Dad drove the wedding taxi because I helped him wash it and organise the pillows, ribbon and bride doll. My Mum was important because she was my Mum and made everything right. She always had time for me and made me feel Ok throughout my life. These are the types of memories I have along with weddings, birthdays, marriages, babies, parties, moving house lots of times, going to University more than once and getting the jobs I really wanted. My friends are both old and new and all are loved in my heart. It is interesting to me that most of my memories that I speak of do not have me as the central character and they are mostly funny and lovely stories about something or someone else. However, when I explored my personal and solitary memories where I am the central character, these were are the negative and unpleasant. These were centred on teenage memories where my parent’s alcoholism became a major theme in my life, living with my 2nd sister at a young age was challenging, my struggle to support myself at University, my closest friend dying at a young age, death in the family, grief, separation, divorce, depression, anxiety, loneliness and survival. As I explored my memories of situations, events and circumstances I could see that my

88 || February 2016 | Lightworker Dec/Jan 2015-16 | Lightworker Advocate Advocate

behaviour and emotional reactions could be viewed as an excuse to play the victim, to be belligerent, to blame others, to be in everyone’s business. Generally speaking, I can now see how I did not want to take responsibility for the chaos of feelings in my life. It was always someone else who did something to me and somebody else who hurt me. Yet I have not hung on to those experiences as a negative energy in my life nor do I continue to behave like this. In fact, I look back on my old self with fondness. How did I change and move on to something so very different I hear you ask? Well, I began a journey of self- discovery and personal development that included learning ways to transform old experiences and learn about forgiveness. I have learnt to forgive myself which meant I also had to take responsibility for the decisions I had made, the beliefs and thoughts I had and the actions I had taken in the past. My deepest blocks have always been emotional ones linked to traumatic or highly loaded events, situations, people and experiences. In order to move, shift, change, transform and become light and bright I have continued to learn and develop. I became a Reiki practitioner, Spirit of Light worker, Kinesiology, Body worker, dabbled in Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ and have spent many moons developing skills and practices as a counsellor and Lightworker Practitioner. I learnt that I could change all my patterns, reintegrate the past into the present, listen to my intuition and communicate with a variety of energies. I now trust the force within me and without me. I have transformed my understanding of SELF, found my truth and spend time supporting others to do the same. Forgiveness is the gateway to understanding self. It is a positive journey to PEACE. Fiona M Brown, Master Lightworker Practitioner, Soul to Earth Therapies +61438 563 883

The power of forgiveness Forgiveness is a state of pure cleansing. It releases the toxic yet at times subtle poison that eats at our soul. The heaviness, tiredness or bitterness that we can hold within our being. We may not even be aware that we have anyone to forgive. We could even believe that being tired and stressed is a normal response that partners our everyday life experiences. A combination of attempting to juggle our family, home and work life. We can believe and accept that this is a normal way to live. We may even be quite adamant that we have no-one or anything to forgive and that we have gotten over it and moved on. This may be the circumstance for some and for others they just may not be aware or want to return to that previous experience. We can be such proud individuals that we can hold onto what seems such a small bit of anger or resentment and believe that we have gotten over whatever the past issue was. Even saying at times “it’s not my fault” or “they did that to me” or “it wasn’t my doing that’s how they responded or reacted” so I have nothing to forgive “not my issue”. Or you can feel a heaviness or something is not just feeling right

and you push it aside thinking that you are stressed and it is just normal. Speaking from my experience, if you can relate to any of the above then it may be the time now for you to think about “Is there anyone that I may need to or be ready to forgive?” It could even be that it is yourself that requires the forgiveness. If you are really ready to choose a change in your life and have the life that you deserve and desire then this may very well be the place that you may need to start. The Power of Forgiveness is amazing, therapeutic and cleansing. The shift that you allow to happen by the Power of Forgiveness could be the change that is required for you to begin truly loving who you are and how you choose to live. Lorraine Enright   MechanicalMIND The  REAL  LIFE  Coach™ 0408  827  116

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 9

with Candy Bowden

Forgiveness and the DARKER side My biggest breakthrough would have to be the realisation that I had recently around Spiritual arrogance. I need to backtrack a bit here. When I speak about working with the shadow, this means more to me that just my own shadow parts. For me this also speaks to working with the dark side i.e. entities/ demons. I was once asked what the difference was between shadow parts and entities, my answer is simply, our shadow parts are those deepest darkest parts of ourselves within us. Entities are beings that exist outside of us who have made a choice to serve the light by being the darkness. They have a job to do, and that is to bring confusion or darkness to whatever level necessary for us to shine the light there. Once this is done, they are released and are free to return to the light. (there is so much more to this, but that is another topic for another day :) ) Some entities return straight to the light, but some for whatever reason remain trapped here, this is where my FIRST breakthrough with shadow began. I was asked by Beelzebub to help those entities who's jobs had been completed, but who still lingered here to cross over to the light. When I began that task, it was daily, nowadays, it is much less than that. This is what made me so comfortable about being in the dark. I truly believed that Beelzebub had given me the authority to walk between worlds in order to complete the task that I was given. This is turn made me less aware of the time that I was spending in the darkness. (remember I said earlier that the darkness does it's job very well). It made me lazy I guess, I forgot to do my daily clearing and resourcing, and my attitude became "she'll be right, I have a place here in the darkness, it's all good". What I didn't realise, was that I was spending most of my time in the dark, totally at peace and unaware. My senses had

10 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

been dulled, and I didn't notice that I was losing time, forgetting conversations that I had had, and forgetting the decisions that I had made while I was in that space. This has gone on for years. I would spend periods of time focusing on my clearing, and then I would forget, then something would happen to bring my attention back to the need for clearing and centring, and I would do it again for a while and then forget. I never meant to develop Spiritual arrogance, and I didn't even realise that I had taken it on board, until my SECOND breakthrough which happened in two parts. 1) I was assisting in a Level 3 Lightworker Practitioner Training class and we were sharing readings with each other which was profound in itself....but I realised in that moment, that I had developed Spiritual arrogance, the 'she'll be right attitude'. It was a wakeup call for me, the message was loud and clear, as they usually are, I was shown that I needed to ground myself in the Light, and that it was ok to look at the darkness, but I needed to do that through the light. In other words, in the future, I am to ask for the information through the light, allowing Arch Angel Michael to take my question there, and bring the answer back. If I choose to continue to go to the darkness for the answer, I will continue to get lost in there. No malicious intent, but simply because that is it's purpose. This was huge for me. My challenge for the next couple of weeks was to purposefully ground myself in the light every day, and choose to stay aware and awake. 2) During the second week of doing this, I had a bizarre dream, I was in a public toilet that was being haunted by the spirit of a child that had been molested and then murdered there. Her spirit was creating havoc and I remember going in to each stall to find her and just kept repeating that she was safe now, and that it was time for her to cross over to the light, the havoc died down.

I then remember going out of the toilet and telling the person that was working in the shop next to the toilets, that if it happened again, he was to go in there and tell her that she was safe now, and that she needed to cross over to the light. The scene changed and I was siting in my car parked outside the shop/toilet. I felt this crushing weight, like the life was being squeezed out of me, the force was huge. I was terrified for a split second, and then I started calling in the light for protection, for safety, for courage, for deliverance. I woke up instantly and could feel the remnants of that crushing, life sucking feeling. I continued to resource myself, and call on the light and Angels for help until the feeling left me. It was the weirdest thing that I have ever experienced. And I realised in that moment, that it is the Light that grants me the authority to walk between worlds, and the Light that gives me permission and protection to do so, and not the darkness.

And I realised in that moment, that it is the Light that grants me the authority to walk between worlds, and the Light that gives me permission and protection to do so, and not the darkness.

This was the full realisation of my arrogance, and the biggest breakthrough in working with the shadow. I still have no fear around the dark side, but I have a very healthy respect now around it's purpose, I appreciate that it does it's job very well, and if/when I need to go there again, I will only ever do it fully resourced and through the Light. - Candy Bowden

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 11

Smelly Stuff The Heart of Forgiveness

Reflecting back on my personal journey I don’t believe forgiveness is something that can be done, its something that happens. Forgiveness happens naturally when your awareness of self and what appear to be others deepens. When you realise all is one, who then is there to forgive? You come to realise that everything that occurred was for the purpose of experiencing the truth of your being.

When you realize the truth, forgiveness happens automatically. Forgiveness can’t be done with your mind, it happens through your heart.

Kerry Kirwan Soulutions ~ Awaken Greatness Wynnum Brisbane, Qld

Everything that occurred was an opportunity, an invitation to wakeup and remember the truth.

"Forgiveness means letting go of all judgment and allowing unconditional love to fill the space left behind". - Diana Crosby 12 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

16 14||November February 2015 2016| |Lightworker Lightworker Advocate Advocate

with Stacy Bridge Reeve

COMING UNSTUCK There was a time in my life when I felt stuck, in a rut and unhappy with many aspects of my life. At the time, I kept hearing or reading about the importance of letting go of past relationships and forgiving people who had hurt you. I felt this was the key to moving forward and getting the life I wanted. I had a few relationships earlier in my life where I was mistreated and cheated on. I dreamt about two ex boyfriends very frequently, almost every night. I felt this was because I hadn't let go of the hurt they caused me. So I decided to give it a go and forgive them. Before I went to bed for two nights in a row (one night for each ex boyfriend), I pictured my higher self going to these exes and telling their higher selves that I forgive them for the hurt they had caused me. I felt good. I felt freed. I thought this was what I needed to do and things would move quickly for me in the right direction. After a month or so, I realised that nothing much had changed and I was still continuing to dream about these males most nights. I couldn’t understand it. I forgave them and I meant it whole heartedly. One night when I was falling asleep, a random thought popped into my mind (thanks angels!). I had forgiven my exes but I didn’t forgive myself for being in

those relationships and staying when I was mistreated and was very unhappy. I was still beating myself up 10 plus years later. That night I lay in bed and pictured my higher self chatting to my physical self. I forgave myself for past behaviours in these relationships, forgave myself for not leaving when I should have and forgave myself for not loving myself throughout that period. I spent quite some time laying there forgiving myself. I had tears streaming down my face. It was a very cleansing and uplifting experience. I felt then I could finally move on and achieve the life I wanted. It was that same year that I met my husband at the age of 38. I don't think the start of this relationship would have been possible without this simple process of forgiving. Not just the people that had hurt me in the past, but more importantly, to forgive myself for allowing them to hurt me. I often now reflect on times of my life that I’m not proud of or times that make me cringe with embarrassment. I now forgive myself. Stacy, I wholeheartedly and with much love, forgive you! - Stacy Bridge Reeve

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 15

Smelly Stuff with Joy Ashton

Thank you Joy Ashton for sharing your smelly stuff wisdom on the Doterra Oil of Forgiveness, it makes perfect sense! It's Lavender and also the Calming/Serenity Blend. It is a synergistic blend containing Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean. "It has a powerful effect on the heart and may calm feelings of hostility, fear, anger, jealousy, rage and resentment."

16 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

High Vibrational Numerology with Terrie Hansen Forgiveness is

Out of all the numerological numbers 1 to 9,

Forgiveness features

in “The Number Nine”, as it is a completion number which stands for Compassion and Forgiveness. People with the Number Nine are known as Humanitarians on the Numerology Chart. The Major Arcana Tarot Card “The World” is their card and represents Universal Healing and Forgiveness. People with the Number Nine especially as their Life Path or Ruling Number (being the sum of their Birthdate), have a great passion for wanting to make the world a better place. The 9 is a highly spiritual and intuitive number, and Forgiveness is the key, so therefore it is their life’s lesson to forgive all wrongdoing and intolerance. The goal for 9's to achieve is to live with compassion and purpose.

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 17

Everyday Lightworker Oracle Cards

Out now $55.55 + shipping 18 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

The Forgiveness Sling Shot

- Michelle Lightworker

Forgiveness is like a sling shot into our future. Once we let go of the unforgiveness of the past, its like letting go of a heavy weight. Once we do, we are propelled into our future. I was guided by Spirit to give you all a quick run down on how the principle of forgiveness affects our 8 main Chakras. Crown- When we are able to hold a mind free of blame, judgment or polarized/victim thinking, we have already reached a place of acceptance akin to forgiveness. Third Eye - When we are able to see the truth of someone's journey we are able to see how everything helps us evovle. We step out of seeing things as right or wrong. Ears - When we are able to listen with our Higher Self we are not looking for blame with what others are saying; we are looking for the healing. We reflective listen. Throat - We are able to apologise when we have overstepped our own or another's boundaries and integrity and forgive ourselves for doing so. Heart - Forgiveness frees our heart to love others and ourselves in the deepest possible away devoid of conditions and expectations of perfectionism. Solar Plexus - We forgive ourselves for holding ourselves back from our inner power. Our enlightened Solar Plexus assist us

to feel our Higher Self connection without a need to apologise. However, it always has the humility to know we are never above others or our human imperfections. Sacral - We forgive ourselves for abandoning our inner child. We make an active amends by planning more self care and nurturing activities. Base - We forgive ourselves for any previous distrust in Spirit and we make action plans that reflect this in everyday life.

Do you trust Spirit 100%? The following exercise is an Activity from "The Everyday Lightworker Bible". Where could you trust Spirit more in your life? Have a think about your work, relationships, kids, hobbies, projects and material needs. Your fear of trust is highlighted by what you are most afraid to let go of. You can ask yourself, "What am I most afraid to let go of?" Then you can ask your Spiritual helpers for specific steps in helping you let go and trust. The Base Chakra assists us in implementing specific changes in our life. It grounds our decisions. Ensure that you have a good stepby-step action plan to move forward with 100% trust. Love to you all, Michelle Lightworker

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 19

with Phoebe Hoogendyk

“Upon suffering   beyond   suffering:   the   Red   Na7on   shall   rise   again   and   it   shall   be   a   blessing   for   a   sick   world.   A   world   filled   with   b r o k e n   p r o m i s e s ,   s e l fi s h n e s s   a n d   separa7ons.   A   world   longing   for   the   light   again.   I   see   a   7me   of   seven   genera7ons   when  all  the  colours  of  mankind  will  gather   under  the  Sacred  Tree  of  Life  and  the  whole   Earth   will   become   one   circle   again.   In   that   day   there   will   be   those   among   the   Lakota   w h o   w i l l   c a r r y   k n o w l e d g e   a n d   understanding   of   unity   among   all   living   things  and  the  young  white  ones  will  come   to   those   of   my   people   and   ask   for   this   wisdom.   I   salute   the   light   within   your   eyes   where  the  whole  universe  dwells.  For  when   you  are  at  that  centre  within  you  and  I  am   that   place   within   me,   we   shall   be   as   one.”   Crazy  Horse. And   so   it   is   with   all   the   ancient   tribes   we   have  encountered  on  our  sacred  greenstone   journeys.   From   the   Anagnu   of   Central   Australia,   the   Tsaatan   of   Mongolia,   the   Q’ero   of  Peru,  the  Inuit  of  Labrador,  the  Lacandon   Maya   of   Chiapas   Mexico,   the   Waitaha   of   Aotearoa/New   Zealand   and   the   Dogon   of   Africa…..they   all   extended   the   hand   of   friendship   and   sharing   of   ancient   wisdom   for   none  of  them  hold  grudges  against  the  white   people   and   any   others   who   have   wronged   them   so   much.   They   know   now   is   the   Nme   for   us   all   to   come   together   to   repair   the   “sacred  hoop.”   They  said,  that  our  journeys  with  the  sacred   greenstone  carvings  that  the  Ancients  set  us   out   on   so   many   years   ago   were   part   of   repairing  the  grid  of  love  that  surrounds  the   planet.   The   Original   custodians   of   the   Earth   have   been   holding   it   in   place.   Barely   hanging  

on with   their   bleeding   finger   Nps   and   open   hearts.  Now  they  need  all  of  us  to  help  them   to   do   so   by   going   to   them,   learning   the   ancient   ways   of   the   world,   the   Universe/ M u l N v e r s e .   B y   p e r f o r m i n g   s a c r e d   ceremonies   that   hold   the   elementals/spirit   beings  in  a  healthy  place  along  with  the  four   leggeds,   the   winged   ones,   the   standing   people,   the   stone   people   and   the   creepy   crawlies…..together   as   one   with   us   all:   bringing   us   all   back   into   balance   with   the   deepest   respect   for   all   life   and   living   things   even  those  we  have  not  perhaps  considered   are   living   because   they   don’t   move   or   breathe  the  way  we  do.   We  have  heard  Uluru  breathe.  We  have  laid   our   bellies   against   her   red   stone   and   heard   her  breathe.  I,  Phoebe  thought  at  first  it  was   me.   Then   I   held   my   breath   and   I   heard   her   breathe  deeply  in  and  out  as  she  held  me  in   her   heart.   We   have   heard   the   great   river   gums   drinking   water   from   deep   underneath   the   dry   river   beds.   We   have   cried   for   all   who   have   suffered   under   beings   so   disconnected   from  their  hearts. They  hold  out  their  hands  for  us  to  come  and   learn.  So  if  you  are  called  we  urge  you  to  go,   your   life   will   change   in   the   most   beauNfully   profound  way. You   can   read   all   about   Paul   and   Phoebe’s   journeys   in   the   first   two   of   their   books   “Set   By  The  Ancients”  Book  1  &  2.  Book  3  will  be   published  in  a  few  months.   -­‐  Phoebe  Hoogendyk Paul  and  Phoebe  Hoogendyk   Ancient  Wisdom  Mentors  and   Natural  Therapist;  Hypnotherapy   and  Acupuncture.  

20 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

The Principle Project: Forgiveness

Thanks Skye Hayes for these wonderful reflections on Forgiveness. 1. Why  is  this  principle  important  in  your  life?

Forgiveness is an important aspect in life that ties in with many other principles.   Forgiveness requires a willingness to love and the discipline   to forgive someone or even yourself. It's no easy task. In order to forgive you have to be open-minded, honest and   have faith in its healing power. We are responsible for our own happiness and in the wake of forgiving an air of peace, joy, unity and wholeness exists within and around you.  2.   What’s   your   best   experience   with   this   principle   changing  your  life?

I've had many experiences where forgiveness was the key to happiness for myself and others. I've had to battle with my own emotions toward something another person had done to me. It truly was a struggle to overcome. The only way I could move past this was to rise above those dense, negative, low energy vibrations of hate and anger by forgiving. Not only did I forgive the other person for what they did, but I also forgave myself for being hurt and angry. This changed my outlook drastically and I was able to move on in life.

you know  you  or  others  are  prac7cing  this  principle?

When I feel I should be angry or mad at my own or others actions, a wave of calm comes over me that is hard to explain. Intuitively I get the feeling to forgive and let it go, to move past those bad vibes of being hurt to a feeling of knowingness and peace. You can tell when someone is practicing this principle when they react with love instead of hate toward something that would "normally" cause friction. It can be quite surprising when someone forgives you! You can feel overwhelmed, feel a release and perhaps cry or even laugh.

4. If  this  principle  was  a  colour,  what  colour  would  it   be?

Forgiveness is the calming colour of blue accompanied with fluffy white tufts and wisps, like looking up into the sky and watching the clouds slowly flow by. 5. If  this  principle  was  a  taste,  what  would  it  be?

Forgiveness tastes like sweet refreshing fruits, freshly picked in the summer afternoons. Strawberries, lychees, mangoes and bananas. 6.  If  this  principle  was  a  smell,  what  would  it  be?

3. How   is   this   principle   a   feeling   to   you?     How   do  

22 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

Forgiveness smells like the smoke of an open fire, welcoming and warm, inviting you

to sit and join in its loving glow. 7. If  you  could  sing  this  principle,  what  would  it  sound   like?    A  song  or  tone?

Forgiveness sounds like the laughter of family and friends, like a nostalgic voice or tune from your childhood, helping you to remember times of joy and happiness.

9. If  this  principle  was  an  animal,  what  animal  would   it  be?

If forgiveness was an animal, it would be best represented as a dog, all it needs is a little love, it will follow you forever, be loyal to you and comfort you when in need. The dog always forgives you, the dog just wants your company and joy. 10. What  spiritual  guides  help  you  with  or  symbolise   the  energy  of  this  principle?

Forgiveness is a circle that takes us on a journey all the way around our human emotions, starting and ending at the same place we began, love.

The spirit of the earth helps manifest the energy of forgiveness, Mother Earth is the definition of forgiveness. She keeps us grounded, channels our negativity and recycles it into a positive, she keeps us safe and protected, fed and loved regardless of the damage we do to her. She forgives our

destructive path and continues to love us as we journey to better ourselves.

12. Do  you  feel  this  principle  will  change  or  influence   the  world?

8. If  this  principle  was  a  shape,  what  shape  would  it   be?

11. How   does   this   principle   change   you   and   your   vibra7on?

Forgiveness helps us to evolve. It shakes up the lower emotions that we have become accustomed to and teaches us to try and exist in a love vibration. It shares understanding and knowledge that helps us relate to others. It accelerates our vibration to help heighten our frequencies, making us feel lighter and less dense and weighed down.

Forgiveness is the key to changing the world, one person at a time, through love and understanding. Take the time to forgive yourself and forgive those around you for none of us are perfect. Feel the freedom of letting go of hate and anger. By all means feel those negative emotions and work through them, but don't hold on to them. Let forgiveness change and brighten your world. - Sky Hayes

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 23


ff u t S rt y

The Art of Forgiveness with Jane Marin

Thanks so much Jane Marin for your wonderful front Cover. I first met Jane at the Conscious Life Festival and now we are lucky enough to have a selection of her high vibrational mandalas to meditate on and absorb in assisting us move to a place of forgiveness. Jane shares her process with us so that we gain a more indepth connection to her divinely inspired and channeled work...

The Mandala Oracle was inspired by a series of dreams in which I was instructed to create these mandalas. All of the mandalas are channelled and illustrated with layer upon layer of pieces cut from my own photographs. Being a photographer as well as an artist and healer, I have folders and folders containing thousands of photographs, and I appeared to be divinely guided to the ones which contained the right colours and light for each individual mandala. I never seemed to have to search. The Oracle contains four sets of 12 Mandala illustrations including the Chakras, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and 72 Names of God. The text is a collaboration with my dear friend Vikstar!

24 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

The first 12 to come through were the Chakras, so I have included here the Heart Chakra and the Higher Heart Chakra. Both of these Mandalas can be focussed on to assist with issues of forgiveness and compassion for oneself and for others. The readings are as follows. Heart Chakra The Heart Chakra appears to remind you that love truly heals all. Love is the only way. It is love that will see you through this experience. Free yourself and all others from your need. The connection you are seeking lies not in another but within yourself. See yourself for who you truly are. You are everything you need to live a rich and wonder-full life. You are light. You are life. You are love. Practice compassion and forgiveness for self and others. Let go of your ego. Understand that all are on their own path, the behaviours of others is not about you. Give love freely to others without condition or expectation of return; you are honouring the highest part of yourself by doing so.

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 25

Higher Heart Your Higher Heart has been activated. The love that you are and that you radiate into this world has reached new heights. There is a great sense of peace and comfort knowing you are connected to the love that is all. You have the ability to love beyond the bounds of conformity and constraint. You are immune to the conditions that have defined love in the past. You begin to see past the demonstration of pain in others 26 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

behaviour and instead, you see the innocence of the true spirit within. Recognise the beauty and magnificence that is the essence of you. Celebrate the wonder of this revelation by radiating unconditional love and kindness towards the self at all times. You may have noticed that your sensitivities and feelings have heightened. Know that your innermost feelings are here to guide you. Trust your empathic abilities and they will serve you well.

Archangel Zadkiel You are experiencing a phase of empowerment. Free yourself from the attachments that keep you from your higher purpose. Detach and move freely into the space of oneness. I am setting you free from self inflicted habits and limitations. Allow me to purify your mind so that your thought patterns become more positive and light filled. Anything is possible, your being is unlimited; I am making you aware of your exponential potential. The light of creation resides within you; see light, know

light, be light. I am here to help you see this experience from a higher perspective. I am showing you the path to the gateway of forgiveness. I will reveal the whole truth. The truth will set you free. It’s time to make amends with self and all others. Free yourself from judgements. Understand all are in their perfect place, just as you are now. Know that I bring the creative resolve that will enable you to move forward at this time.

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 27

Quan Yin Give thanks for your current phase of enlightenment. Celebrate all that you are in spontaneous delight. I enable in you the ability to see the blessings in all experience and interaction. Whether real or perceived I transmute all wrongs so that you are free to let go of the past. I will protect you as this new Earth is birthed within and around you. As humankind ascends beyond oppression and abuse I am calling many to share their 28 | February 2016 | Lightworker Advocate

experience of love’s light. Your light is called for in these times of great suffering. Know that your healing of the divine feminine within also empowers others. All that was wounded is healed. You ascend from strong foundations. Your Earth connection is strong. Now is the time to open up and let the world see the power of your love in action. You have mastered the fire that burns within, use it now as the fuel to ignite loves spark within others.

The final set of mandalas are from the Kabala - the 72 Names of God. I had never heard of this when I began creating the oracle but another series of dreams pointed me in the right direction. Here I am sharing Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Angels are comforting you at this time. You are relieved of all anger and resentment. You are filled with compassion, mercy and forgiveness. You see all as equally deserving of love. You love yourself unconditionally. You teach others how to love by the way you love yourself. Your relationships are strengthening. Know that love and light will lead the way.

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 29

Get Michelle Lightworker's latest book!

If you   feel   the   urge   to   write,   draw,   paint,   dance,   sculpt,   teach   or   make   movies,  you  may  be  in  the  channel  already  and  not  realise  it! This  book  will  assist  you  to  unblock  writer’s  block  and  get  those  creative   juices  3lowing  into  any  projects  that  you  have  in  mind.   Jam-­‐packed  with  96  activities  to  unleash  your  channelling  power,  you  will   be  on  the  road  to  in3inite  creation  in  no  time  at  all.   For  those  of  you  who  have  a  well-­‐trodden  channelling  ability,  it  will  show   you   how   to   birth   those   projects   that   are   calling   you   and   ground   your   intention.   Channelling   is   the   marriage   between   Spirit   and   humanity.   Calling   on   12   high   vibrational   principles   (Spirit)   cross   sectioned   with   8   main   Chakras   (humanity),   it   will   assist   you   to   evolve   your   spirit,   heal   your   body,   increase   your  energy  and  resolve  emotional  baggage.

Out And About.....

No boring stuff for us!

Life is fun at our Lightworker Practitioner's graduating ceremony. No boring stuff for us Super Hero grad party all the way! That's my husband Tony aka Green Lantern and I (aka Poison Ivy - hey who said she was a villain, she loved mother earth's plants) on the left. Our wonderful Master Lightworker Practitioner Lois Rowley is there with me on the right. Okay, okay I took off my wig for the student photos! Life's too short not to make it a joy!

Opened my first ever Art Exhibition. The delightful Phyllis Araneo show cased her Light Bright Exhibition: Modern Mandalas for the Busy 21st Century Mind at the Arts & Ecology Centre, Botanic Gardens, Maroochydore. So yummy you could taste the high vibrational nourishment!

Lightworker Advocate | Feb 2016 | 31

Issue 4: February 2016  

Lightworker Advocate Magazine Issue 4 February 2016

Issue 4: February 2016  

Lightworker Advocate Magazine Issue 4 February 2016