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JP's Ultra Spritual JOY Issue 11 September 2016

Editor & Designer Michelle Lightworker +61433831946 Cover Photo - c/-JP Sears

! s r e k r o w t h g i L y a d y r e v Hey E As always, I have immensely interesting experiences on the lead up to publishing an edition of this transformative magazine. You think it’s only articles and then you really get into the energy and intention behind each and every article, author and artistic impression and then you realise, that this magazine and principles really have a life of their own. And also, that I’ve chosen it as a huge catalyst of my own learning. I actually write about the highlights of what I’ve learnt around joy in an article called, ‘The Joy Of Oneness’ so rather than speak about it here, I hope you reap the rewards of my own process of enlightenment towards Joy by reading it. My Cover story interview, going over it, writing it, listening to it and continually being amused and inspired by it was such a highlight of my whole month. Thank you JP Sears for being you and saying yes, to our Cover Story. There is no doubt I needed the words you had to say regarding Joy as they rang so true for me. And I feel that the world needs the kind of enlightenment you offer. We are blessed to have you as part of this edition. My goodness what a change this month following my trip to Bali has brought! Spirit told me to cut back on my hours and include more play-­‐time. And at the same time told me to also create a blog style for this magazine for ease of social media sharing. So that took a lot of time, however I now feel that our magazine, readers and contributors can communicate more readily and efMiciently. Another change is that Spirit is moving this magazine to a seasonal distribution. This will occur in December after our 12QR and Minal

principle of Peace in our October Edition. This makes sense! Each season, we will include all 12 principles in our magazine so each edition

will present the whole lot for your vibrational pleasure! Now that we have our blog style format, which is categorized under each of the 12 principles, we will simply add our articles under the relevant principle and build on the energy. Feel free to comment, share and spread the higher vibrations across the planet! I am excited with all our joyful contributions and articles this month. It really was a pleasure to put this magazine together. For one, I allowed it to be a joyful experience and for another, I Mind these joy-­‐focused articles reinforce my connection to Spirit in such a variety of ways. Thank you contributors! I realise that this magazine is food for me and I know that as I am fed, so too does the rest of the world beneMit. In unity we are one. If you would like to contribute towards our Summer Edition please email me your article o r a r t w o r k b y 2 0 O c t o b e r 2 0 1 6 t o You can Mind our submission guidelines on our facebook page lightworkeradvocatemagazine/ We also have a private facebook group for contributors, so if you would like to be a regular contributor, please email me and let me know. I am also interviewing selected contributors regarding their articles and what they do on my radio show each week. For details head to my webiste events.html Joyful healing hugs,

Michelle Lightworker

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COVER STORY 5-­‐9 Cover Story JP Sears

JOY WISDOM 10 Joy At The End of the Tunnel by Jacob Cooper 11-­‐12 From Depression to Joy by Carolyn King 13 Joyful Farming by Julia Shewchuk 14 Today I Choose Joy by Lynn Merrin 15 Why You Need to Infuse Your Creative Practice with Joy by Cherry Jeffs 16-­‐17 Joy Is a Fruit of the Spirit by Deborah Livingston 18 What Is Joy To Me by Sammie Thurlow Baker 19 The Oneness of Joy by Michelle Lightworker 20-­‐21 Joy: Your Spiritual Force by Dr Dawn Karima 22-­‐23 Joy By Design by Kiran Singh 24 Joy by Werner Szendi 25 Anticipation by Werner Szendi 26-­‐27 Sex & Intimacy: The Bridge between Joy & Pleasure by Leanne Barefoot Medium 28-­‐29 Joy & The Anxiety Diaries by Amy Young 30 The Soul Vibration of Joy by Anne Aleckson 31 The Soul Wealth Summit by Ryan Yokome 32 Joy is Playtime by Jessika Vidal Johnson 33 Reading for Joy by Rachel Mason 34-­‐35 Joyful Alignment by Kristie Ord





36-­‐37 Joy by Tony Dowd


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An Ultra Spiritual Conversation on JOY with JP There’s no doubt about it – the feeling of joy I got when JP Sears said that he would be honoured to be our Cover Story for this month’s issue. I was ecstatic! For one, he cracks me up every time I watch one of his viral Youtube satirical videos. I love his dim-­‐witted character teaching people how to be Ultra Spiritual -­‐ but in essence really telling them what not to do. For another, I am just so passionate about Minding ways to bring spirituality back into the every day rather than making it a joyless journey. Me: How are you? JP: Pretty good for a dysfunctional red head. Me: I love your brand – the Ultra Spiritual and it Mits perfectly with the Everyday Lightworker concept, which smashes through that. So, how did this all start for you? JP: Well the middle of the story is probably when I started doing the ultra spiritual videos. I had been doing Youtube videos for 18 months. They were all sincere, heart-­‐ felt, life advice videos and I still do those. But I would really restrict my sense of humour. I made up and believed the story that said, “Letting my sense of humour come out on video was bad for business”. So, luckily I got tired of believing that story. Turns out that story was the opposite to true. Since the Iirst one that I did in October 2014, which I initially thought would be a great one-­‐off idea, I quickly discovered these Ultra Spiritual videos are my form of art. I’ve been for a while into self-­‐ expression -­‐ teaching, workshops, retreats, speaking for over 10 years, but I didn’t have my art. And I think art for me is expressing our perspective in the non-­‐

literal form. There was just something inside of me that became very intrinsically nourished when I allowed myself to express my perspective through this art form. I think that’s maybe part of the answer. And I think another part of the answer in how I got started with these videos is that I lived or still do live all the concepts that I portray in the videos -­‐ so the Ultra Spiritual Elitism: looking for a sense of ego superiority by calling it Spirituality. Trying to gratify my ego by getting rid of my ego! Is there anything more egotistical than trying to live free of our ego? Me: Yes I’m so passionate about loving all our shadow ‘bits’. And we can’t hate ourselves back into centre. It’s not going to happen people! JP: Amen. Or being a slave to try to escape those shadow bits. For me living in Southern California for 10 years, which is a spiritual hotspot in the world, I had amazing growth in myself and I was also losing myself under the guise of spirituality. So those videos or part of how they came to be is I need them as part of my personal therapy. I need them to call myself out: shine a light on my shadow places. Probably the reason why I keep doing the videos and that they really satisfy me is because they are for me.

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Me: Do you ever get sick of wearing purple?

Me: Have you had any challenges in reclaiming joy?

JP: No I’m dysfunctional enough that I don’t get sick of wearing purple. I’m obsessive compulsive enough that I get some level of comfort out of wearing purple.

JP: Yes there are parts of me that are addicted to suffering. There’s parts of me that are addicted to shame or fear because these parts of my psyche have learned to create a sense of control around the suffering of fear, shame and my stories of suffering. So thank God there’s a part of me that’s questing for joy! Not that I’m looking to having my life exclusively coloured joy. But I do thank God that there is a part of me that desires something in life beyond the comfort of control.

Me: I’m sorry I’m just a clown, okay why is Joy important to you JP? JP: Because it creates a connection between myself and something larger than me. And I’m not talking superIicial Ileeting gratiIication or even happiness but to me joy is something much more vertical. And when I’m in a place of joy, whether I know it at the moment or not, I think it means I’m much more connected or allowing much more connection to something that is beyond me. Me: Thank you that’s my deMinition too and I write a b o u t i n e v e r y d a y Lightworker Bible -­‐ isn’t that amazing? JP: So that’s the right answer? Me: Ding -­‐ you got it right! You’re Ultra Spiritual now! JP: I’ve reached the next level. Me: How do you use joy as a concept in your life? JP: Purpose is synonymous with joy and I think when I’m on purpose, joy is part of the North Star. It doesn’t mean that there’s not suffering, pain or even anger present. But if Joy is in the rainbow of my experience, then that’s very important.

Me: How has joy assisted you in e m p o w e r i n g your life? J P : B e ca u s e I believe that Joy comes from a p l a ce g r e a t e r than myself there is a lot of energy in the form of inspiration that comes from joy. It’s something that gives me more energy than coffee, tea or a food -­‐ though I need food for energy. So there’s what I would call a very sustainable inspiration when I can do my best to be connected to Joy. Me: How does your higher self resonate with joy? JP: Joy is a thread, it's that umbilical chord of communication that my higher self has coming from it to me. It’s a chord of connection between me and my higher self. I think when I’ve got that connection kinked I don’t receive the nourishment, or guidance from my higher self. When I’m able to accept joy into my life, I think I may well receive more of the nourishment from my Higher Self as subtle and intangible as

6 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

whatever it is that comes through that umbilical chord to me. Me: Do you have a particular process that helps you to feel more joyful? JP: I think the biggest thing for me that helps me feel more joyful, my biggest process that helps capitalise the Ilow of more joy in my life is making sure I give myself creative time each day. Typically that’s in the mornings and on days it happens and I’m pretty darn vigilant that it happens -­‐ it's prioritised in my schedule -­‐ it’s magical, it really is. Days where I start taking myself too seriously or taking schedules too seriously -­‐ where I prioritise things that are not a priority -­‐ it starts kinking the hose of joy and I absolutely can tell the difference. Me: What’s the difference between authentic joy and false joy? JP: Yeah I think false joy has nothing to do

with joy. I think it has to do with us calling ‘short term gratiIication’ joy. So it’s kind of like calling something that’s not joy, we just call it joy. So I think self-­‐deception is the difference. Me: So what creative ways do you express yourself joyfully in your life? JP: Videos are deIinitely a big one and noticing my perspective on things. My videos are about my perspective but I have way more perspectives than I possibly express via videos. So being present enough to notice my perspective on things is for me a very joyful expression, it really is. Me: Do you have a book or program to help others to step into more joy? JP: I’ve done a lot of programs in the past, none of them are currently available right now. I will have a forthcoming book I believe it is being published March 2017 -­‐ so it will be on the horizon.

Your Horiscope said you would see this picture today.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016 7

Me: Any hints, is it top secret? JP: It is not top secret and then even if it was I would tell you and then I would have to just reincarnate you. The book is, 'How to be Ultra Spiritual -­‐ 12 and ½ steps to Spiritual Superiority’. It is written in character and I am bias enough to believe that it carries a much deeper message about shining the light on how we block ourselves from joy while believing that we are creating joy in life. So it’s just like our spiritual practices and spiritual beliefs interfere with our spiritual life. I think sometimes our pursuit of joy -­‐ those things that will bring us joy -­‐ are the very things that can block real joy. So for me the book is pretty congruent with Iinding joy in your life. It's spoken through the language of satirical comedy to deliver the message of how to be more connected to your true self and I think that joy is a natural experience when we are connected to our true self.

Me: Have you ever been criticized for your approach, your humour or have people been offended? JP: Yes and I’m also surprised at the relatively low percentage of critics and people getting offended. And also I’m okay with people feeling offended. I would never want to rob people from their emotional reaction that they get when they look into the mirror of one of my videos. When someone gets offended by one of my videos, I think that they are getting in touch with their anger in that moment that was created probably a long time ago in their life, just like the water that shoots out of the geyser. That water is not created the moment it shoots out of the geyser, that water has been there for so long. It’s just now being triggered to the surface. So I do believe it’s very therapeutic for us to get offended when that’s what we need. I think also when we get offended it is the surest sign that part of us believes something about us that we don’t want to be true. So we look into a mirror of the video and we are shown something about ourselves that we don’t like, yet part of us believes it’s true or else I don’t think we’d get offended. I don’t think we can get offended about things that we don’t own inside and much like you talking about earlier, we need to accept our shadow self. We need to accept those parts of us that feel unlovable. I think unconditional love isn’t just loving the parts of ourselves that feel lovable -­‐ it’s loving the parts of ourselves that we judge to be lovable AND its learning to love the parts of us that we judge to be unlovable, icky, intolerant, judgemental and shameful. Those parts of us we judge to be unlovable, we like them to just not be a part of us, but

8 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

when we see that it is a part of us, it’s very natural for us to have a reaction of repulsiveness about it. I do my very best to keep the heart, soul and mind with, “Always helping, not hurting”. Me: It sounds like you’ve got that reality check – your awakening with that. And I t h i n k t h a t ’ s a m a z i n g b e c a u s e t h e transaction between you, the video and the other person – that feels clear. JP: Well thank you for that. I do my very best to stay as aligned with, ”Always helping, never hurting…laughs through self-­‐ awareness” -­‐ not through inIlicting harm, punishing, bullying -­‐ so I do my best. Am I always perfect? No, yet I do my best to stay calibrated with that intention. Me: I think that’s all we can ask for otherwise we’d be Ultra Spiritual right? JP: LOL Me: I made JP laugh -­‐ I can die and be happy now!

JP: Well thank you for the laugh, your life purpose apparently has brought levity to me. So yay! Me: Oh that’s great! Apart from your book obviously what’s next for you? JP: I’m doing a lot of speaking, performance events, organiser and engagements – loving that. And I’ve also just signed on an agreement for us to develop a TV show based on my Ultra Spiritual Character. So we’ll develop the show – there’s no guarantees that it will be picked up by a network but we wouldn’t be putting our creative energy into it unless we thought we had a shot. The goal is to have fun and learn something. Whatever happens from there is a bonus. Me: That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you! Well JP, it’s been an absolute joy interviewing you! How about that for irony? Check out JP's website for more info: Or Like his youtube channel: https://

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The Joy at the End of the TUNNEL

With Jacob Cooper

Jacob Cooper, LMSW, RMT wants to share his Near Death Experience (NDE) with others, as well as offer Reiki Healing and Spiritual Counseling Services. Jacob is available to Speak at Private Events, please contact him for details.

Joy has always been at the forefront of my everyday life because of my perception and choice. There was once a grade school teacher that I had who asked my class to write up nice personality traits about each student in the classroom on a piece of paper which was given back to each student. My teacher highly recommended us to keep our sheets of paper with positive comments about ourselves as she discussed that the words and affirmations provided by fellow classmates may provide a ray of light in any experience. From this, I had an understanding of the power of fond memories and positive statements thrown my way and the purpose of using it as a spring board to experience joy in my moment to moment existence. One moment that particularly added to my life that has enabled joy and strength to come to the forefront was my profound near death experience. I experienced the other side and was greeted by hundreds of angels, spirit guides and my soul family at five years old when I had my near death experience, which came because of suffocation. Apart from the beauty and celestial beings that I saw firsthand, the most powerful and greatest lesson that I digested from that experience was when I was brought into the light after experiencing the dark tunnel. The allegory of the light at the end of the tunnel when we

cross over informed me that regardless of our external circumstances we always have a forever flame and light within that has an ability to transcend any darkness that it is faced with. That light cannot be damaged, altered or taken away and it is there in many ways to transform darkness into light.

"we always have a forever flame and light within that has an ability to transcend any darkness..." From my powerful near death experience at the age of five I have been able to understand and incorporate the truth that life is an internal experience and the light within is our deepest joy and it is our duty to give over that light to the world outside of ourselves. It is my best hope that many can incorporate light at the end of the tunnel message from my near death experience as a model and guide to assist in providing joy and lighting up our planet with the light within that cannot be shaped or altered by darkness. From our unified connection to the light, we will undoubtedly be a part of a higher vibration that will bring ultimate joy and transformation to life itself.

10 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

From Depression to with Carolyn King


My name is Carolyn and I have been a practicing Kinesiologist for over 5 years. I am a mother to 2 beautiful school age kids and wife to a wonderfully supported husband, all who have been my “guinea pigs” over my years of study. I have studied a variety of different Kinesiology techniques including Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Brain Gym, LEAP and Primitive Reflexes. I also am a public speaker and author, and have just released my first book entitled Empowered Happiness - Discovering Bliss Beyond Depression.

About 3 ½ years ago I hit what I call my rock bo7om. I took a handful of sleeping tablets because I just wanted to get away from everything. A?er years of playing the vic@m and blaming everyone else for my misery, something changed that day. I flicked the switch in my brain that was causing my vic@m-­‐hood and decided it was @me to do something about it. I no longer wanted to be a passenger in life, with no control. I wanted to be in the driver’s seat, dicta@ng the course of my life. My first 2 ac@ons on my journey to happiness were to book in for regular kinesiology sessions and to commit to regular sessions with a spiritual counsellor. For me, I needed to address the issues from 2 different perspec@ves. The counselling sessions forced me to start taking responsibility for my ac@ons and emo@ons by helping me figure out where they stemmed from. The kinesiology sessions further enhanced these sessions by going deeper to determine where the emo@ons were held in my body and then help me to release them. I learned that I was playing the vic@m because I was scared of my authen@c self, the person I was meant to be. All my life I had been interested in all things spiritual. From an early age I was a7racted to both aromatherapy oils and crystals. In my

twen@es I did a few spiritual courses in Reiki, crystals, Angel Intui@ve and aromatherapy but I never did anything more with them. I always wanted to write but didn’t do anything about it. I had been stuck in a life where I wasn’t being true to myself. Once I began the sessions with the counsellor and the kinesiologist, I started having more confidence in who I was. As a qualified kinesiologist I started seeing clients. Ini@ally I would get a client here or a client there but I usually stuck to the kinesiology process and avoided the spiritual side as I was s@ll too scared to own who I was. A?er about a year I started to own all my skills and abili@es. This included my Reiki, Crystal Healing and Angel Intui@ve skills. Once I did this, my business started to flourish. I now see clients for all sort of different healings and I don’t limit myself to just one modality. I have no problem at all integra@ng some or all of the modali@es into a single session. That’s the beauty of kinesiology. Each session is unique to the individual at that point in @me. I also wrote a book about happiness called Empowered Happiness, D i s c o v e r i n g B l i s s b e y o n d Depression. It is jam packed with the @ps and techniques I used to find real, las@ng joy.

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So what advice can I give you to find real joy in your life? Follow your dreams. Find out what you truly want to do in life and start making it happen. Take action! It may not turn into a full time career initially, but I do truly believe that if you are passionate about something that success with follow. The positive energy you put into it is always paid back by the universe. After all, it’s the law of attraction and reciprocity and who are we to question it! Until next time remember, Happiness Starts with a Smile.

If you would like to know more about my book or for more general information pleasecontact me at or check out my freebies at You can also check out http:// or connect with me on

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Joyful Farming with Julia Shewchuk Julia Shewchuk, recent Bronze Stevie Award winner, Goat mother, soap maker and farmer with many more abilities, is passionate about a natural lifestyle creating products that can be used in your daily life. “Serenity Farms is about creating a happy and healthy life for its residents, practicing sustainability along the way and making the planet a better place, one hoof print and one soap at a time! Serenity and soap is good for you, good for your body and good for the planet”. Julia Shewchuk, Serenity Acres Farm & Goat Dairy. Julia and her husband Wayne fell in love with the country lifestyle. Once her and her husband settled down on a 30- acre homestead, they started to reduce their footprint on this earth. As of today their once 30- acre farm is now 80 acres and it runs on solar energy. With an admiration for animals since she was little, the farm is home to many animals, some including to 58 dairy goats, 16 Angus Cattle and 100 laying hens, just to name a few.

It takes discipline, passion and an open mind to do what Julia does. Julia’s mission is to make a difference in our planet. She believes every one has the ability to make a change in the world in our own way. Why is Joy important to you? Joy gives me energy and increases my productivity, and let’s me love life. Doing things with joy makes them not feel like work at all. Joy can be shared, will multiply, and comes back to you in many different ways. How do you use it as a concept in your life? Breathe in peace and breathe out joy. I’m using it to maintain balance in my emotions and keeping a positive spin on emotions even in the face of stress. I’m trying to bring joy to others with small gestures to make other people smile. Have you had any reclaiming your Joy?



I have always reclaimed my joy, sometimes it just took a little longer. When you focus on joy, it will come back to you, easier than each attempt before. I don’t look at a glass half empty or half full, I look at the glass and know that it can be refilled. For more about Serenity Acres Farm or to get to know Julia better, please visit the website below. truth-and-transparency-in-labeling-ofserenity-acres-products

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with Lynn Merrin Metaphysical Counsellor/Healer The definition of Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Joy important to me as the ultimate feeling of happiness, whether that is my experience or the experience of someone else, that I am witnessing. I use joy as a concept in my life by allowing myself to be present to experience joy whereever I am. Whether that is being in the company of a baby, a baby animal, an example of the numerous wonders of nature, or somone experiencing greaet news, or bliss. Of course there are always challenges in life, and I have indeed experienced challenges with reclaiming my Joy following sadness, loss, grief and despair, but I have learned with time, that, "This too shall pass" and the choice is mine. Returning to Joy has empowered you in your life, by my taking control of my emotions and staying above the line, choosing positive thoughts, feelings and words to stay in control of how I feel. My Higher Self resonates with Joy as I meditate daily and tap into that energy and allow myself to be available for joyful experiences in my life as they unfold. I know to look for signs in the sky of playful clouds, children's faces, puppy's tails, an elderly face, newlyweds, a new parent and whatever is around me on any given day.

While I don't have a particular process that helps me to feel more Joyful, I looks for signs of it in people faces, experiences and nature. It is there, if we look and ar e open to experiencing it. For me, the difference between authentic or false Joy is in the feeling, not the expression and we can all fake joy to appease others, to conform to social standards, or fit in in a situation, but true joy radiates from the entire face and every cell of my body in my opinion and experience. I express myself Joyfully in my life, by being with those who bring me joy, who are happy and uplifting people. Playing with my five year old granddaughter and her new puppy and kitten allows me to express joy and inturn experience theirs. Singing and dancing, usually alone, brings me joy as the music carries my soul. Creating a sketch of somewhere I love and travelling to places I love expresses my joy. I have written four self-help, motivational books for youth based on Confidence, Ambition, Love and Serenity as guides to balance their lives, and I trust that ultimately, there would be joy in their newfound experiences as they reclaim their power. To me, Joy is the ultimate happiness expressed and I seek it, choose it, welcome it, embrace it and appreciate it as the most positive expression I can witness and experience.

14 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

Why You Need To Infuse Your Creative Practice With JOY with Cherry Jeffs

We’re hard at it, right? We’re clocking up hours in the studio or at our writing desk. But are we present? Are we experiencing JOY?

Or are we instead worrying about meeting an upcoming deadline? Or the slowness of our progress? Or whether that character really adds anything to the plot or that blue bit at the bottom left really belongs there... We fail to notice that JOY has gone out of the room. You remember Joy, she’s the one who’s always hanging around when you start something new. She wears bright clothes and she’s full of optimism and excitement. Just when did she leave?

Plus I bet that like me, when you’re joyous you can work at warp speed. So there’s no point in saying that you don't have time to stop and analyse what you’re feeling! You can save yourself a lot of time if you don't spend it doing something that’s making you miserable… We need to stop in our tracks every time we find ourselves not enjoying the process and ask why. I thought about which part of the project was the most exciting for me - and why.

When you finally realise Joy’s gone, it’s like someone turned the light off in your studio. Or the sun off in your world. Earlier this week, I was working on my second artist's book and everything felt kind of heavy. I was forcing myself to work but I’d rather have been anywhere than in the studio. I was literally dragging myself in there. I sat down and took a break. I looked around. Where was Joy? As soon as I realised that the joy had gone out of my work, I knew I couldn’t go on in the same vein. Something needed to change. It’s so hard to take time out when it already feels that you’re way behind with everything. Yet it’s the most essential time to do it. What's the point in knocking up hours or ticking off tasks if there is no joy? That’s not creating, it's debilitating!

I decided to ignore everything else for the moment and start working with that part. I bet you can guess what happened can’t you? Joy came back into the room. My motivation returned and I worked quickly and decisively and well. Happy accidents occurred and sparked a new idea. Suddenly even the bits that had felt burdensome and lugubrious before, began to energise. So next time your creative work starts to feel like a millstone round your neck, take a break. Look around and see if you can spot Joy. If you can see her, make a beeline in that direction. If she’s left the room, ask yourself why. Think about what you can do to entice her back in. Go do that.

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Joy is a Fruit of Spirit "When we are centered in joy, we a5ain our wisdom." Marianne Williamson Deborah Livingston was blessed with the three Cs -­‐ clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsen@ence. Since she was a young child, she has experienced vivid dreams, which foretell future events, as well as communica@on with the spirit world and animals. She has worked with clients all over the planet to help them embrace their spiritual gi?s and determine how to move forward in their lives. She communicates with clients both face to face and through electronic media.

with Deborah Livingston

The theologian Peter Kree? declares, ”Joy is more than happiness, just as happiness is more than pleasure. Pleasure is in the body. Happiness is in the mind and feelings. Joy is deep in the heart, the spirit, the center of the self.”

how much they accumulated in wealth and power; but instead, they asked, “Did you have joy?” A?er this ques@on, the heart of the postulant was weighed on a scale against a feather, to measure its purity.

Throughout many years of experience as a The canons of Buddhist doctrine propose spiritual advisor, I have mentored my clients that every single soul on this planet is in to pursue their lives in such a fashion, always pursuit of happiness allowing space for "realize that joy does not demand time and that living with j o y . I t i s j o y , w i t h o u t interes@ng that joy nor space, but just the willingness to suffering, is one of can be so easily embrace a changed mindset.." the primary goals understood, yet ever yone should and so difficult to a7empt to reach during a life@me. prac@ce. Some people find the prospect of prac@cing joy extremely difficult to accept It is fascina@ng to me, as a professional and implement, as they are busy raising Psychic Medium, to witness how joy families, working their jobs, or running on contributes to people’s lives, not only now, the proverbial treadmill of life to make ends but throughout history. The Egyp@an Book of meet. Despite life’s obstacles, most people the Dead, ri ch i n ceremoni al ri tes have one major goal in common when asked surrounding the a?erlife, references the main about what they truly desire -­‐ “a happy life”. ques@ons asked by the God’s of the Spirit It is difficult to realize that joy does not world to the candidate seeking Eternal life. demand @me nor space, but just the The God’s did not inquire about the willingness to embrace a changed mindset. individual’s good or bad deeds, nor about

16 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

The human existence is indeed a most challenging experience, at @mes. The variety of situa@ons and roles we actualize in this life can bring about @dal waves of emo@on that o?en make our understanding of lives fairly complicated. So what is joy? How can one achieve a joyful state of living? My personal inspira@on comes from one of the most popular quotes phrased by the scien@st Albert Einstein, “ There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” At the end of the day, life is an indescribable opportunity of wonder. Sir Thomas Merton in one of his journals also wrote: “You idiot, start dancing. What are you doing just sicng around? You should be dancing because life is such a banquet, life is so beau@ful.” Joy is derived from a permanent state of gra@tude and a heart awareness of the interconnec@on among all beings. Because

a state of joyful bliss can only be felt from a peaceful heart, I personally believe it is a fruit of Spirit. The concept of the fruits of Spirit differ from the gi?s of Spirit, mainly because the g i ? s a r e c o n s i d e r e d a s g r a c e f u l dispensa@ons from the Divine Spirit, as the fruits are born within the heart of an individual, which I would say, would be a trademark of mature souls. The "Fruit of the Spirit" is what happens when the Divine Spirit indwells a believer. The "fruit" is the product of the Divine Spirit's cul@va@on of character in heart. FOR MORE INFORMATION Name: Deborah Livingston Address: Swampsco7, MA Phone: 617-­‐817-­‐0721 Email: Web Address: h7p:// Facebook: h7ps:// DeborahLivingstonMedium

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What Is Joy To Me? with Psychic Today UK TV's Sammie Thurlow Baker

Joy and what it means is, in my opinion, as individual as the way we breath, think and live.

To work with spirit, the masters and Angels is truly a joyful experience, passing their wisdom and comfort to others.

It is, without question, heavily influenced by our outside world and the people we surround ourselves with. By our experiences and encounters in life.

However for me true, honest, complete joy comes from how I feel inside. Being totally honest and authentic with myself. Joy to me isn't necessarily just skipping down the road on a sunny day, but more about the appreciation to feel free, with breath in my body and choice in my sitting in the heart.

Joy for some is defined by what we have, where we go. The "An individual restaurants we eat in, sofa we sit on and holidays we have. It's to be able to sit in authenticity of their life, and And because joy IS my responsibility and such an individual allowing that to be shared without know that what I feel thing, that's perfectly is real. ok. It can be used a fear or intimidation" demonstration to the That is my outside world of how interpretation of joy. much joy we have in our world. An individual sitting in the authenticity of their life and allowing that to be shared I've been privileged enough to experience without fear or intimidation. that type of joy, and I've been lucky enough to lose it. Enjoy your joy, whatever form it comes in, because if it works for you it's no body I've been blessed to experience motherhood else's business. and the sheer unadulterated joy of holding your children, kissing them, wiping their tears, embracing their every breath. My life is full of joy through the work I do.

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with Michelle Lightworker

The Oneness of Joy When the busyness of life and the deadlines loom – that is when we need to see if our joy balance is in check. Sometimes we think that we need to get things done before we can play. I know, I am a recovering workaholic and sometimes the joy of ticking off my To Do List surpasses my intrinsic need to play, laugh and feel that connection to Spirit flow through me in every single moment of the completion of that To Do List. I find it ironic that I tend to get more done when I am in my sweet spot of joy. When I am listening to Spirit not only on the next thing to do, but how to do it, that’s when I find that time not only warps and I get more done, but I don’t feel strung out at the end of the task. It’s like, along the way, I have been filling my cup rather than depleting it. So then, I don’t need to ‘play hard’ to compensate. I’ve been playing along the way and there is such a lightness in my being. People even say to me, you look different, a lot lighter in your energy. It is true. I definitely know how serious I can make life. Like, my job is to enlighten the planet right? Wrong. My job is to allow myself to connect to joy. Joy is the light shadow of my infinite connection to Spirit. If I do this and if I truly believe in the other Everyday Lightworker Principle of Unity, then I know that in every moment that I allow joy into my being, I am feeding the rest of the world automatically. That is what I call ‘guilt free receiving’. Because if I put a limit on how much joy I am ‘allowed’ then I put a limit on how much joy I give to the world. We are all one. As I feel and allow the Divine Connection to weave and ebb through me, I allow and give permission for the rest of the world to feel it too.

This is being of true service. Service is not devoid of joy. Service is not only about giving, it is about allowing ourselves to receive and not feeling the need to give everything away the minute we receive something. Feeling the compulsion to give to serve as a knee jerk reaction – says, “I don’t feel there is enough” and we feed this belief back into the world. So the next time you are given something – anything – take a moment to be grateful, to let it in, to allow the Divine Spirit of joy sit in your whole body in that moment and breathe. Breathe joy in and out. And know that in that moment, you are a pinnacle of joy that is shining back to the world. You are shining back which is the very birthright of everyone’s essence. Without even realising it, - you are giving.

"Like, my job is to enlighten the planet right? Wrong. My job is to allow myself to connect to joy." When you do this, you also say, “I am enough, we are all enough, we all have enough” and guess what? More comes to you. You attract more because you are allowing the infinite source to flow through you. You believe there is an infinite source. You know everyone has access to this infinite source. You know that as you receive, you are not taking it away from anyone else. Yes, joy equates to abundance. So welcome to joy AND abundance! Let it flow, release the guilt and really know WE ARE ONE. I thank you in advance.

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Joy: Your Spiritual Force with Native American Global Music Award Winner, Author Radio Host & Speaker Dr Dawn Karima Good News! No matter what you’re facing in life, I know a spiritual force that will help you! All of us are guaranteed one thing in life….Trouble. Trouble comes to every life, regardless of age, stage of life, gender, nationality, personality, education or economic situation. Never fear, the antidote to Trouble is JOY! Yes, I said JOY! No, not happiness, that’s different. Happiness is based on circumstance, situation and who’s around us in our lives. Let’s look at it like this: If you are only happy when you are eating ice cream, what happens when your ice cream melts or runs out? Right! You’re no longer happy. N o w, J o y … t h a t ’s s o m e t h i n g

"Joy is the calm delight that fills our souls and sustains us no matter what is happening around us.."

different. Joy is the calm delight that fills our souls and sustains us no matter what is happening around us, no matter what we do or do not have. Joy is our strength. Joy helps us to survive some of the deepest depths of despair and come out stronger on the other side. Joy strengthens our souls so that we can withstand the storms of life and learn lessons during them. Happiness is conditional, yet Joy is unconditional. Happiness is rooted in external circumstances, yet Joy is a part of our internal environment. Happiness is based on favorable situations, yet Joy can be part of our mindset in any situation. Happiness is an emotional feeling, yet Joy is a spiritual force. So, how can we tap into the spiritual force of Joy? In my book, WHAT TO DO IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, which you can find on Kindle, I share some shortcuts to seeing Joy, unspeakable and full of glory. One of the very best is simple…gratitude. Gratitude is the only attitude worth having. Being thankful raises you to a higher spiritual level, one where the

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spiritual level, one where the Trouble you’re facing has less impact. Yet, in the midst of Trouble, how can you help Spirit to preserve your life and elevate your energy? Be Grateful. Counting your blessings is a rapid way to release Trouble and to realize that more things in your life are working for you and in your favor than you might think at the moment. Make a list of everything good in your life, even if it seems hard to do at first. Trouble has been the biggest issue in your conversation and thought life for a while, so it may feel strange to magnify the good things you enjoy. Do it anyway! Pause and calmly think about each blessing. Fill your heart, your mind, your spirit with thanksgiving. The more you are thankful, the more you will realize that you have even more things to be thankful for and that you have many more good things in your life

than bad ones. Start with the tiny things, the little things and as your list grows, you are increasing your spiritual force of Joy and you’re elevating your perspective. Let your Joy be your strength…Count your blessings!

A Conversation With Dawn Karima (radio show): conversationwithdawnkarima.html The Desire of Nations (CD): The Stars of Heaven (CD): What To Do If You Don't Know What To Do (Kindle Book): B01D2OK4TM

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JOY BY DESIGN Feel Healthy, Happy & Beautiful My name is Kiran Singh, I am a Single Mum (by choice) and a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur. I am a Life Coach at Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire, an Author and Residential & Hospitality Interior Designer at STUDIO KIRAN SINGH, Founder and Editor-inChief of Vivacious Mum, My Unique Home and Passion for Food. I run a local support group for single parents through Gingerbread. Expert at The Women's Room, HerSay Expert and Interior Expert at Just Do Property. The realities of motherhood often make it difficult for mums to feel in tip top condition all of the time. Sleepless nights, the juggle of home and work, and relentless domestic chores leave you feeling depleted of energy. However, by adopting some of these tips, you can begin to change your life for the better and start to feel healthier, happier and more beautiful than ever before! Sleep! A good night’s sleep and young children rarely go hand in hand. However, by allowing yourself more time to catch up on some much-needed zeds, the more likely you are to feel refreshed and focused the next day. It is recommended that women get around eight hours of sleep per night. If you’re in for a broken night’s sleep due to your feeding routine or teething, make every effort to go to bed earlier. I’ve known mums who hit the sack straight after their children’s bedtime just to catch up on much-missed sleep. If you find it difficult

to actually sleep when going to bed earlier, settle down and relax by reading a book or lazily chatting with your partner. Avoid taking work to bed or watching too much TV, as this can increase stress levels and prevent you from switching off. Eat Well Most mums try to lose as much weight as they can following the birth of their child but this can have a detrimental impact on energy levels. Rather than dramatically cutting calories, opt for a healthier plate of food at meal times and snacks. Ensure you take the time to sit down and enjoy your meals, rather than eating them around your other tasks. Balance your nutrients so you are getting a good boost of vitamins and minerals; vital to maintaining focus and motivation. Eating healthily is especially important for breastfeeding mums. If you have older children, eating healthily will encourage them to do the same. Don’t forget to top up on Council Pop: drinking

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plenty of water helps you maintain a healthy body, clear skin and a focused mind! Exercise My articles this month have focused on self-care and taking time out to exercise is a great way to enjoy essential me-time and reinvigorate your body and soul. However, you don’t have to get a gym membership to fulfil your exercise needs, you can get plenty of exercise when you’re with your kids. You might be lucky enough to have a Mums & Buggy exercise class in your area or you can simply catch up with your friends with a walk through a local park. Walking your children to school is a great form of exercise, and having to dash when you’re running late helps all the more! Stay Positive Many mums rely on a good network of supportive friends to share stories and parenting tips. Unfortunately, some people do not positively enhance our lives. Sometimes, friends can be continually negative about their situation and constant doom and gloom can impact on your outlook and the way you view your life. Some people get a kick from making other people feel small. If you find yourself with these sorts of people, continual negative influences and opinions can leave you feeling drained and devalued. Try to step away from such black clouds that tend to hover around when you least want or need them. Instead, try spending time with positive people who share your interests, values and opinions. Don’t feel you have to stay stuck in a rut with negativity: you always have a choice about the people with whom you spend your time.

Invest In Yourself You may have enjoyed a wealth of hobbies, interests and activities before you started a family. Welcome these pleasures back into your life so they can reinvigorate you and reawaken your lust for life. If you have returned to work, decide how to achieve your best work/ life balance, especially if you want to progress your career or achieve some work-based goals. Investing in your personal interests and goals will enable you to become the woman you truly want to be. Doing all of these things will give you the energy you need to focus on you. Once you have introduced these elements into your life, you will start to notice how uplifted you feel. Your appearance will probably change and seem much more like the old you. If you are enjoying a healthier diet with more sleep and exercise, your hair and skin will become radiant. You will start to glow, which will inevitably give you the confidence boost you need to go out there and achieve your lifelong goals!

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by Werner Szendi

Joy is a very high vibrating, beautiful energy. It is part of unconditional love. The best way to make yourself happy is: to try to bring joy to another. 2011, Acrylic on canvas with crystals (SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS), 50 x 50 cm

24 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

Anticipation... by Werner Szendi 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60 cm

Anticipation is the greatest joy :-) Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016 25

Sex & Intimacy: The Bridge between Joy & Pleasure with Leanne Barefoot Medium In all roman)c rela)onships, the need for joy and pleasure o4en goes hand-­‐in-­‐hand with the need for physical touch and inDmacy, an absolute essen)al element of all rela)onships as it helps to ensure each person has the ability to thrive and grow as an individual physically and spiritually as well as helps to support the long-­‐term success of the rela)onship itself. Each of us experiences joy as a feeling deep in our hearts, in our souls and into the centre of our being which can also result in a sensa)on o4en referred to as pleasure, which is felt and experienced deep within the physical body as a result of this joy. We all want to feel joy and pleasure in our lives, it is a natural part of our human experience, in fact our physical bodies desire to be held, loved, stroked and pleasured, are built for connec)on and to thrive on joy and pleasure. The physical act of sex or love-­‐making provides each of us with not only the opportunity to procreate but the space to open our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to expressing and experiencing soulful feelings of joy, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and love with another human being. This is where we as individuals must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to receiving loving physical touch -­‐ the kind you naturally experience in the early days of connec)ng with a partner -­‐ where you lovingly explore each other’s bodies, where you are physically present in the moment, where you let go of everything else around you and simply surrender to self, each other and to Spirit. Without the opportunity to express and experience sex or love-­‐making, we as humans can feel incomplete, disconnected from ourselves, from others and even Spirit. Unable to embrace or feel joy and pleasure, we may simply avoid sex or in)macy with others. This may result in denying or dismissing aspects of

26 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

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our authen)c self -­‐ of who we are at the very core. When this happens and we have not experienced loving physical touch for some )me, we may have forgoFen how to be touched and we may not know how to allow others to lovingly touch and pleasure us in return, even if we are in a rela)onship. Our en)re energy field may be, consciously or unconsciously, saying “touch me” or may be screaming for “pleasure” yet we may not be experiencing the true joy and pleasure of in)macy, sex and love-­‐making. If you feel your ability to embrace in)macy and your sexuality has become stagnated or blocked, which in turn can impact your personal and spiritual development, the following )ps might help you to reawaken your natural urges and desires to feel joy and pleasure through connec)ng with another:

Surrender: Agree to surrender to self, to each other and to Spirit during the act of physical touch, in)macy and love-­‐making and let go of control so that you can simply melt into each other’s minds, bodies and spirits Trust: Allow yourself to trust that a sense of well-­‐being, joy, pleasure and love is possible with another, that you know deep inside how and where to touch and are willing to be touched, following your ins)ncts and seeing where it leads Remember that the purpose of sex and in)macy is to help us have a loving connec)on with ourselves and our partners so that we are then able to receive more love, joy and pleasure in our everyday lives. As humans you all have natural urges and desires to feel this type of joy and pleasure in connec)on with another. Give yourself permission to feel it, to

"Our entire energy field may be, consciously or unconsciously, saying “touch me” or may be screaming for “pleasure” yet we may not be experiencing the true joy & pleasure of intimacy, sex & love-making" Show up: Simply allow yourself to show up and be willing to touch and be touched by another with the inten)on of bringing love, joy and pleasure Clarity: Be clear about why you want to touch or be touched and stay focused on this inten)on, whether it be for the purpose of nurturing, comfort, pleasure or procrea)on Space: Allow a space for the energy of love, joy and pleasure to come in, whether through music, dance, conversa)on or silence -­‐ whatever inspires you Presence: Be present and in the moment, focusing on the sensa)ons of touch, the breath, the eyes, the movements of the body, the sounds and feelings, allowing yourself to simply be

feel another opening under your touch, to feel yourself opening under the touch of another and to discover the depths of joy and pleasure in the body, mind and soul. This will then also allow you to experience a deeper connec)on to life itself and to embrace a deep and profound sense of love, joy, pleasure and gra)tude for yourself, others and Spirit.

By Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, a gi5ed natural medium, channel, spiritual teacher and author who is available for readings, healings, mentoring sessions and personal and spiritual development courses. Contact Leanne

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with Amy Young Would you ever think that joy and anxiety could work together? I remember in the days when I suffered from severe anxiety that being too joyous actually made me feel even more anxious. If I would laugh too much or my heart rate got a little higher I would start to panic. The things I used to love doing became the things I would avoid. Like going to the movies, playing sport, riding on roller-coasters or travelling on an aeroplane. Even simple things like jogging, dancing and drinking wine. I avoided these situations because I believed I would suffer a panic attack. I actually thought it meant I could never be happy again. I would always have to be cautious and try to stay in control at all times. As you can imagine life got frustrating and sad as I told myself each day that I could no longer do the things I loved. What was the point? Why bother looking forward to anything exciting any more? However at the back of my mind I always knew, and hoped, that this would pass. But the question was of time. When? When would I be cured? When could I enjoy my life again?

Joy & The Anixiety Diaries to myself was early in the morning. I was very fortunate to live near the ocean and I always enjoyed taking photos so each day I planned to wake early, walk to the beach and capture my progress with my camera. Wow! Was I surprised! I realised that waking early meant witnessing the beauty of sunrises over the ocean. I was so proud of my photos that I begun to share them with others and every day I became so excited to wake early and go for my walk. I realised that during these times of beauty I was so focussed on getting to the beach and capturing an image that I had very little time to think about anxiety. I started to feel safe and that it was a routine, a rewarding routine. I would also use the walk as my mindfulness meditation.

Over time I learnt that I was suffering from anxiety. I slowly realised that I was right. I can overcome this. I will be able to do the things I love again! But for now I just needed to learn to manage my anxiety and work towards conquering it one step at a time.

I decided to start small. Each day I would make a goal to incorporate something fun. I was working in a full time job so the only time I had

28 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

I would feel each step, repeat affirmations as I moved and notice as much of the beauty around me I could. The trees, flowers, animals, ocean and more. It had always been there but now I could really see it and appreciate it. It's like a whole new world had opened up to me. I felt awakened. I was full of gratitude and once again, joy! So if you are reading this I challenge you to schedule in some time for joy each day. It can be something small, a hobby you once had or always wanted to explore, reading, painting, tv, coffee with a friend. Anything that makes you

happy. Remember you are choosing this time to feel joy only and give yourself permission to really feel it. Even if it is as simple as giving a person or animal you love a very long hug, direct all your thoughts into that very moment and just feel the joy. We can all make time for joy each day, we just need to choose to and allow ourselves the time to do so. If you do take on the challenge feel free to share your thoughts with us at the Anxiety Diaries. Connect with us on our Facebook page or at our website or find me on Instagram as Amzjay22. We would love to hear from you and share joy. Until then, en-joy your day!

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The Soul Vibration of Joy with Anne Aleckson

Joy is the beginning of all creation and delivers the gift of creativity.

foods you eat (think beetroot and citrus fruits) and keeping Amethysts close by.

The soul connected to the energetic or vibrational frequency of joy carries an independent, adventurous spirit into friendship, collaboration and creativity and a life lived with a sense of freedom and abundance.

As a soul in joy you have the ability to tap into your innate evolutionary gifts of merging your two minds (right and left brain), taking trips into the past and the future to get a glimpse of what is to come or to heal a past hurt. In the energy of joy you can also start to embody the Creator DNA and truly step into your higher senses.

A joyful soul knows how to play and is comfortable in an ashram or a dance club feeding off the natural high that comes from true beauty. The soul that knows joy can indulge in hedonistic moments and is wise enough to know that keeping a little mystery to oneself is also an advantage.

“The Best Freedom Is Being Yourself” -­ Jimi Hendrix Connecting in the vibration of Joy through your soul can be achieved through daily rituals of meditating and walking in nature as well as keeping a little violet in your life with the clothes you wear, the

Tapping into the Soul's vibration of joy and taking steps to stay there through daily practices of meditation and connection to your soul and higher self, will awaken your soul connection and activate your spiritual gifts so you can Mind your purpose and start using it to increase your money Mlow and step into fulMilling y o u r h i g h e s t p o t e n t i a l i n t h e s e evolutionary times. Bio: Anne Aleckson is the Soul Speaker, giving a voice to the power within through direct voice channeling a highly evolved non-­‐physical stream of consciousness (All-­‐ That-­‐Is) who provide not just information but transformation through the vibration of the spoken and written word. Do you know your Soul Vibration? Take the quiz and Mind out today –

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Joy Time is Play Time A channeled message by Psychic Medium Jessika Vidal-Johnson Most treasured ones, we are visi)ng you today to bring forth a message from the creator for you about joy. The divine wishes nothing more than for you today in this very moment to experience an overwhelming abundance of joy. We know that recently on the planet there has been much turmoil and despair. This is because there is need for much change on your planet. We understand that Joy may be the last thing from your minds at this )me and that many of you do not see it as a priority. We are here to tell you that it is )me to make joy a priority once again! Joy is exactly the light-­‐hearted medicine that your planet needs right now, as it is so contagious! What beFer way to spread to the world and your loved ones than an immense amount of happiness! One of the most amazingly healing aFributes about the power of joy and laughter is its ability to bring everyone into the present moment. We remind you that each and every present moment spent in the vibra)on of joy only draws in more happiness and abundant blessings for all. Yes dearest ones , happiness is also a very important form of abundance and some would even say that it holds the greatest amount of wealth. One of the divine creators favorite aFributes about mankind is its ability to play with

one another any given moment uni)ng some)mes even the most opposite of people. As many of you grow older, start families, enter into ambi)ous and )me-­‐consuming careers, you take on the responsibility of adulthood and forget how to enjoy life. You forget that when you put joy on the back burner you not only are limi)ng you own life, but the lives of your loved ones as well. When spouses and families stop having fun with each other, they also stop enjoying life together as well which then causes them to dri4 apart. We laugh as we remind you of the saying, "A family that p l ay s t o g e t h e r s t ay s together." However this silly statement is en)rely true! So we say to you whether you are at work, at home, or out with friends -­‐ take the )me to play today. Laugh with a stranger, spend )me with a friend, interact with a pet, play a video game, or see a movie. Be a child again! Pencil in your busy schedules some )me for bliss. Release your inner child and feel the libera)on of all of your worries and perceived limita)ons instantly dri4 away. Spend a day in Neverland! We love you most precious souls and we smile as bringing this message forward has brought us great amount of joy. Namaste hFp://

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Reading For Joy With Rachel Mason from Rachel's Readings

This month's card for Joy is Friendship.. A lovely gentle reminder of how important friendship is to us. The Angels are telling me that this month spending time with friends will be very important and beneficial to you all. Great friends are always there for you and this month is no exception. I know you are busy with responsibilities but it's important to take time out , relax and have fun. All this fun will raise your vibration and inject joy into your life and this has a very healing effect on you. Nurture your friendships and make dates to meet up with friends you haven't seen for a while and above all feel the joy that friendships bring. Have a lovely joyful September. Love, light and sparkles to you all â?¤

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with Kristie Ord

Joyful Alignment One big thing I spoke about recently at the 'Reclaim Your Power' event is the ecstasy we feel when we are in FULL ALIGNMENT. Wh a t h ap p en s wh en we a re i n alignment? We are given extra energy, words and wisdom flows through us. We feel wholeness, we feel home and content, we feel creative and that we are on track. When we are NOT in alignment things don't seem to flow effortlessly. I notice when I've said YES to things that aren’t in alignment I feel drained, tired, frustrated and things just don’t flow. When I am in alignment though and doing the work that deeply drives me, people around me comment - they thank me, words flow through me, opportunities that are in alignment come to me and I feel whole.

“How do I get in alignment?” Alignment is a journey of peeling off the layers bit by bit and connecting to yourself to truly know yourself and what brings you to life. It’s about understanding what you are naturally gifted at, what you most love talking about and where you completely come alive. I’ts about recognising you have all the answers you need within you and to just freaking TRUST them. For me it’s when I’m helping others see their true potential, unleash their gifts and build their business / influence. It’s when I am doing the tasks that bring me to life, speaking from my heart and sharing what’s true to me. So I wanted to share a few ways to get in alignment. First of all you will know RIGHT now if you are in alignment or not. If you aren’t here’s what to do:

Someone in the audience asked me,

34 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

For me it’s when I’m helping others see their true potential, unleash their gifts and build their business / influence. It’s when I am doing the tasks that bring me to life, speaking from my heart and sharing what’s true to me. So I wanted to share a few ways to get in alignment. First of all you will know RIGHT now if you are in alignment or not. If you aren’t here’s what to do: * Follow your intuition and the messages. For example when I had a cafe this message and knowing kept coming to me that It wasn’t right for me... to leave the cafe and go speak on stages across the country. Then I got a message to move to Burleigh having never really been there before. So these messages kept coming to me and I trusted them and followed them. FOLLOW the messages. * Meditation / sit in nature. Just sit and see what comes to you. It could be you need to make a career change, a relationship change, a move... a lot of answers come to us in meditation.

* Understand your strengths. When you know your strengths you can understand yourself on a much deeper basis and give yourself full permission to just be you and do what you are good at in order to thrive. * Take the necessary actions / investments to go live that life of alignment. Invest in yourself. If you KNOW you are here to be a speaker then take the actions / investments required to make that a reality so that dream doesn’t just dwindle in the back. * Choose to show up as you. The more we are honest to others about our beliefs, values, thoughts and the more we whole heartedly express ourselves the more we will feel more in alignment. * Just TRUST. Trust yourself to back yourself, go after what feels right without thinking if its crazy or not. Trust that you are fully supported at all times and trust that when you follow your soul’s calling and work from a place of alignment you cannot fail. You can never fail at being your true authentic self.

Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016 35

The Principle Project:


my life immensely. I found that by having this almost daily experience of joy my life has become much more posiFve, I connect with nature more and carry this posiFve energy with me throughout the day. 3. How is this principle feeling to you? How do you know you are prac@sing this Principle?

with Tony Dowd When I first met my husband I knew I had tapped into a deep source of joy. Nine years later and lucky for me that source is on a con@nuum! I called him a Dolphin on our first ever date and he s@ll resonates such a pure joy for me. And I was definitely ready for it! Thank goodness. So who be7er than to share his insight with you on joy for this issue? Here's what my husband Tony Dowd had to say about all things joy: 1. Why is this Principle important in your Life-­‐ To me Life should be a joyous Experience. We need to choose Joy in our life and make it important to us. It is important because if we do not choose Joy or let me even say, “demand Joy” we will find that we aDract other negaFve energies into our life which become all consuming and distract us from experiencing Joy.

The principle of Joy becomes a feeling of normality. To the extent that I can feel the joy in any moment or situaFon I am faced with. By living in the present and acknowledging the Joy, we are not waiFng for something to happen to make us joyful. Sure there are moments when we are not in joy but during these moments we must be disciplined to ensure we can return to joy promptly and feel the posiFvity joy brings into our lives. 4. If this principle was a colour what would it be? To me it would definitely be Blue-­‐ Aqua as it resembles the Ocean. 5. If this principle was a taste what would it be? I don’t know if this is a taste but I think it

2. What’s Your best Experience with this principle changing your Life? The experience I can relate to is something which brings me joy every day. There are many things I do that gives me joy but I would like to say Re-­‐discovering Surfing in my middle age has brought me tremendous joy and has changed

36 Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016

"By living in the present and acknowledging the Joy, we are not waiting for something to happen to make us joyful" would be bubbly.

symbolise the energy of this principle

6. If this principle was a smell what would it be?

I am lucky that I am able to tap into joy quite easily but I think Budda is a good go to ask for assistance in tapping into your joy.

I think the smell aOer a late aOernoon summer storm would be it for. 7. If you could sing this Principle what would it sound like? To me I always seem to whistle a lot when I am feeling joyful. So nothing in parFcular just whistling. 8 If this principle was a shape what shape would it be? Feel free to edit this response but if joy was a shape I would have to say Boobies! Boobs just look joyful !..... but if you need a G rated Response let me say a brand new surSoard. 9. If this principle was an animal What would it be. Without a doubt a Dolphin … You just cannot look at a dolphin and not feel joy!

11. How does this principle change your vibra@on? When I am in joy my vibraFon in harmonious and light 12 . Do you think this principle will change or influence the world? I believe if Joy become the number 1 focus of humanity the world would be a more joyous place .. . If all our choices are made from a place of joy we may find that the people around us are being influenced by such joy and wanFng to be in joy with us. -­‐ Tony Dowd

10. What Spiritual Guides help you with or

Lightworker Advocate Magazine September 2016