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“Just as Infolab brought news, opinions and comment from the key figures of the photo printing trade, InPrint will bring the wider picture of relevant content to any business with an interest in the printed image ”

inprint Welcome to InPrint! There was a time when the radio was proclaimed to be a thing of the past. Cinema suffered the same fate, and yet they are both still as vibrant and as important today as they have ever been. We feel the same about print. Just as the image making industry now encompasses moving and still imagery, the photo printing trade now includes both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ printing. New technologies and the evolution of trends are feared when they rock the foundations of the industry they effect, but often - as in the case of digital imaging - there is room for change. The ability of manufacturers and traders to adapt, innovate and continue to be relevant to the needs of their customers is essential to the sustained success of any industry, and it is this need for a fresh approach which brings you InPrint: the reinvention of Infolab magazine. Just as Infolab brought news, opinions and comment from the key figures of the photo printing trade, InPrint will bring the wider picture of relevant content to any business with an interest in the printed image. In order to help InPrint readers make the most of the opportunities currently available to them, this includes updates and new technologies from the large format and sign printing worlds as well as other revenue streams open to businesses in our trade. The declining volumes of the standard 6x4” print need not herald the end of the printing trade. Instead, it can and should be seen as inspiration for businesses who once relied on this product to diversify their offering, to look at the needs and desires of their consumers and to become a sustainable, successful business for the future of printing, just as InPrint has been updated to remain the relevant, interesting and essential read for the trade.

Laura Knight, Editor

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The KODAK D4000 printer gives you true photographic quality double sided prints. Now you can produce amazing photo books, calendars and greetings cards, bringing in a whole new revenue stream opportunity.


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contents issue one

06 - News

News and updates, facts and figures from the world of printing.

10 - Special Report

InPrint investigates the threat of a Post Office monopoly on ID photographs, and brings you all the information you need to help with the campaign for a fairer deal.

rinter aphic

17 - Future Focus

Jessops’ Head of Photo, Steve Cochrane, on connecting with mobile phone photographers.

azing and whole unity. Kodak D4000: The world’s first duplex thermal photo printer. Premium quality, double-sided photos in minutes. Perfect for photobooks, calendars and cards. Runs from a PC or Kodak kiosk.

22 - Launchpad

A concise showcase of the latest products and equipment for the printing business.


24 - Show Preview


InPrint brings you the products which will be released at Sign & Digital UK in advance.

30 - Printed

A straight-to-the point conversation with a business on the front line of printing. This issue: David Jacobs, Colour Division.

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news Fujifilm Agree Supply Deal with Venture Venture Photography has sealed an agreement with Fujifilm UK Ltd for the supply of chemicals and paper to its Cheshire based imaging laboratory. The facility handles orders from Venture’s franchised operations in the UK, Hong Kong and the United States.

Venture’s Production Director Mike Sweetman commented: “Naturally, we spoke to a number of other imaging labs before making this decision. Fujifilm was appointed because of its quality product, competitive pricing and strong customer service provision.

The agreement will see Fujifilm supplying Fujihunt Professional RA4 Chemistry and Fujicolour Professional Type DP2 photo paper.

Canon to Dazzle Drupa with Biggest Ever Stand Canon will showcase its largest ever stand at this year’s Drupa, taking place 3-16th May in Dusseldorf. At 3,750 m² the Canon stand, which will also incorporate Océ as part of the Canon Group, is the fourth largest Drupa has ever had and will dominate Hall 8a. The stand’s focus will be on inspiring customers to “see the bigger picture and the business

Canon Stand, Drupa, 2008

opportunities it presents, especially in growth areas such as cross media communications,” according to Canon. With the full range of Canon and Océ technology, from image capture to output, on display, customers will have access to Canon’s full portfolio of innovative professional print products and solutions .

Over Four Fifths of All Photographs Remain ‘Digital’ According to new research from photobook website MyMemory. com, 83% of all photos taken in 2011 remained in ‘digital’ form and were never printed out. The study included 1,990 men and women aged 18 and over who had taken pictures with a digital camera in the past 12 months, and who were all asked to

6 InPrint

estimate what percentage of the pictures they had taken in that time they had printed. The study found that the average Brit had printed just 17% of the images they had taken in 2011. Those who said they had printed images in the past year said they had mainly done so in order to ‘give to others’. 52%,

of respondents said that they thought printing images in order to preserve them was important, even though the majority had not done so. Less surprisingly, 92% of respondents to the survey claimed to have uploaded images to social networking sites within the past 12 months.

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Velmex to Distribute Epson Eco-Solvent GS6000 Velmex Distribution has recently signed an agreement to distribute Epson’s eco-solvent, 64 inch, GS6000. The product provides a high-end solution to fit around the company’s existing aqueous wide format range and will be sold through a selective group of partners. The Epson GS6000 printer will provide Velmex Distribution with an eco-solvent offering to complement their current aqueous large format printer range from Canon,

which Managing Director, Mark Keeley believes will “fit very neatly around Velmex” existing product range. The GS6000 provides our resellers with a


strong eco-solvent product, which produces fast outstanding results, is cost effective and environmentally sensitive.’ The GS6000 will be sold through a selective group of resellers who concentrate their business model on providing a value added service. Velmex Distribution also expects many of the GS6000 to be sold using the Big Print Plan, a scheme Velmex launched 12 months ago.

Near Field Communication Comes to Kiosks

Epson Enter Lab Market

Fujifilm’s SmartPix photo kiosks are about to be trialled with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, in a first for the UK market. The technology, which Fujifilm have trade marked as TAP’N’PRINT, allows users to transfer their images from their camera or phone by simply selecting their images and touching their device onto the kiosk. NFC uses shortwave wireless technology to establish a connection, and then uses Bluetooth to exchange the data. Initially the system will work with all NFC enabled Android mobile phones. Blackberry, Win OS and IOS platforms will be additional target areas for the future. The implementation of this new NFC technology will be an optional upgrade with an equipment modification for all current SmartPix kiosks to improve the ease of printing and connecting with smart phones and increase print volumes from ALL mobile phones and tablet devices. The new TAP’N’PRINT is currently on trial in a number of different photo retail outlets and is expected to be ready for a full launch in the Spring.

Epson demonstrated its first dry lab at Focus on Imaging. The SureLab SL-D3000 is a 6-colour, compact digital dry lab which has been designed to offer an ideal solution for traditional mini-lab retail environments and to offer new business opportunities for print shop owners. Nick White, Sales Manager for Pro-Graphics at Epson, commented “The Epson brand is synonymous with the highest quality in professional photo printing, and we feel the time is right to introduce an Epson-branded digital dry lab that brings added value to the market.” The SL-D3000 is capable of printing a variety of sizes, formats and products including posters and greetings cards. See the full details of the new lab on page 23!

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Identity Crisis

Government policies pose an increasing threat to high street retailers and photographers who rely on identity photo printing for profits. InPrint recognises the potentially devastating consequences of the situation and investigates what is being done to ensure the sustainability of this business. Major high street photography presences such as Snappy Snaps, Jessops and Photo-Me, and countless independent retailers are now fearing for their futures as a result of the growing monopoly in the provision of ID photos by digital providers. The printed photographic ID market, including photos for driving licences, passports and biometric residence permits, currently accounts for up to 40% of sales for independent high street photography retailers and represents £50m in revenue for these businesses this year alone, according to the Photo Marketing Association. The new threat to the industry has arisen following a Government decision in 2009 to award the contract for providing digital ID photos for online driving license applications to the Post Office. Since April 2010, these photos have been provided digitally, taken by the Post Office themselves, rather than from printed photos supplied by the applicant. This policy, which has resulted in a move away from printed ID photos, has created a financial strain on the sector that could soon become even more serious as it looks likely that the Government will employ a similar policy for the collection of ID photographs for passport applications. As it stands, DVLA applications via the Post Office must be accompanied by a digital image captured on site, as there is no facility to scan a printed photograph. Applicants are still able to submit paper forms with printed photographs if they wish, but the DVLA’s website actively encourages applicants to go to their local Post Office and use this method to apply. This has already diverted an untold amount of customers who would have preferred to have their photograph taken by a professional, some of whom may have come away from the website under the impression that it is impossible or far more difficult to do so. If the same scenario occurs with the collection

10 InPrint

Photo-Me ID Photos

of ID photographs for passport applications, as it looks likely to, the impact on photographers and high street photo printing businesses could be devastating. Potentially, the complete loss of this market to the Post Office could lead to closure for the hundreds of photographic retail points who say that ID photos account for anywhere up to half of their business, resulting in store closures and, eventually, the loss of up to 5000 UK jobs. Retailers, organisations and individuals are already taking action in an attempt to prevent this threat becoming reality. The Photo Marketing Association has assembled a petition, campaigning for the Government to reconsider the last Labour Government’s decision and asking that they facilitate a co-existence between the Post Office and the independent high street retailers for the future. Austin Mitchell, Labour MP and Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Photography, has tabled a House of Commons ‘Early Day Motion’ calling on the Government to allow competition in the provision of ID photographs. Reports are

special report flooding in from around the UK of photographic businesses who are taking action against the situation, from posters in windows to printed copies of the PMA’s petition for their customers to sign. Meanwhile, brands and retailers in the industry are expressing dismay at what they believe to be a very short sighted attempt by the Government to inspire public confidence by showing support for the Post Office. “The effects of this decision on the shops across the UK is a key concern,” Don Kennedy, CEO of Snappy Snaps said. “This Government has repeatedly expressed the importance of small businesses to the regeneration of our economy and here they have a tangible way to show their commitment to some of the smallest businesses on our high streets on the back of the Portas report”.

“loss of this market to the Post Office could lead to closure for the hundreds of photographic retail points who say that ID photos account for anywhere up to half of their business ” Olivier Gimpel, who is Chief Operating Officer at Photo-Me and Spokesman for the Photo Marketing Association said: “The major high street photography brands are facing a real threat due to the Government decision on the digitalisation of ID photos, resulting in special measures supporting the Post Office but which will lead to a collapse in the printed ID market. The Government cannot on the one hand rely on the private sector to create new jobs and absorb workers from the public sector whilst at the same time implement measures which will destroy jobs in the private sector. This contradiction must be addressed.” InPrint spoke in more depth with Olivier on the subject, and you can read the interview on page 12. So far, the Photo Marketing Association has been leading publicity on the current situation with the website, a petition, and a facility by which people can download a template of a letter to send to their local MP. InPrint asked PMA’s Director of UK Activities, Nigel McNaught, for the latest developments.

United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport

“As the campaign to safeguard the printed ID photo business gathers momentum, it is appropriate to give an update. “InPrint readers will understand the extent to which many photo retailers rely on the printed ID photo business for much of their profit. Indeed it has been calculated that up to 350 businesses might cease to exist if they have no ID photo business. Even if the store does not close, then some of the jobs in that store would be put at risk and that is not a situation in which these retailers, their employees or the industry wish to find themselves. “So far, more than seven hundred Post Offices have been equipped with booths for the online processing of DVLA applications and the indications are that passport photos and Foreign National’s residence permits could go the same way. Whilst the powers that be are keen to stress that the public can still make direct application with the printed ID photo, the fact that the DVLA directs the consumer to the Post Office’s online system first and the possibility that the Post Office may cease to offer the ‘check and send’ system for passport applications on paper is an indication of the direction the Government agencies could take.” “Many photo retailers have already used the letter template provided by PMA to bring this to the attention of their local MP, however the local MP often comes down on the side of the Post Office, as

InPrint 11

special report keeping the Post Office itself open is something their constituents will welcome and thus it is a vote winner. At the same time, the Government agencies are spending public money to subsidise the Post Office at the expense of private industry jobs. That said, neither PMA nor the photo industry is anti-Post Office, and neither is the industry being ‘luddite’ and trying to stop the march of technology. We simply see that the current direction stands to do far more harm than good.”

anyone else a fair chance at this business or to even express their opinions. Photo-Me contested this decision as it affects our business and we didn’t feel that it was fair. Unfortunately, challenging something like this after the fact does not remove the damage which it has already caused or the threat of the precedent it sets, which is how we have come to the current situation which threatens the future of the printed ID photograph.

Is there a solution both the Post Office and photo retailers could benefit from? “The solution the PMA proposes is that rather than have a booth at the counter of the Post Office which is costly and space consuming, the applicant instead is encouraged to visit the Post Office with his or her ID photo taken by the local photo retailer, which could then be scanned using a similar scanner to that which is used for the signature. This is an extension to the existing system and still allows the Post Office to make the application online, whilst harming the footfall of neither business. This solution would save the Government a large amount of capital expenditure, free up space in the Post Office and allow the consumer to have choice. This is the message which we have to get across to the Government we urge all photo studios and retailers to send our letter to their local MP.”

“since 752 image capture units were rolled out in Post Offices, they have made 850,000 transactions. That’s 11 to 12% of the UK’s printed ID photo market gone already ” - Olivier Gimpel

In:Print speaks to Olivier Gimpel, Chief Operating Officer at Photo-Me, about his role in the campaign to stop the Government awarding a monopoly on the provision of ID photographs to the Post Office. Olivier, how did Photo-Me become involved in the Save the Photographers campaign? As far as Photo-Me is concerned, the problem began in earnest when the Post Office was awarded the contract for collecting photographs and signatures on behalf of the DVLA for driving licenses. Because the Post Office were already operating the ‘check and send’ service for the DLA, this was done without tender, so without giving

12 InPrint

So the market you’re defending now is also a huge part of Photo-Me’s business, as well as that of the high street photo store. It is, and most importantly, it’s the only predictable and dependable market for the printed photograph. It’s the only element which hasn’t been affected by digital trends, home printing or other movements. If you remove this keystone, the businesses that rely on it have no future and it heralds the end of their business. And yes, it would be the end of the core part of Photo-Me’s business in the UK. Aren’t we talking about a worst case scenario, though? We are, but it’s a likely one. In the first year since 752 image capture units were rolled out in Post Offices, they have made 850,000 transactions. That’s 11 to 12% of the UK’s printed ID photo market gone already, which is bumped up to 20% by the 650,000 applications completed online. A tender for the provision of digital photos for residence permits was also awarded to the Post Office last year. That’s a further 500,000 photos per year, so we’ve already lost a quarter of the market in question. I’ve spoken to the Secretary of State for Transport about the decision, and the Government still claim that the market for printed ID photos is actually increasing because driving licenses now have to be renewed every ten years. But that

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increase depends on people choosing to supply their printed photos by post and, as the evidence shows us, this is increasingly not the case. Do you think passport photos, the last reliable demand for printed ID photos, will go the same way? It’s already happening. The DVLA will issue a tender in March on behalf of themselves and other Governmental agencies such as the UK Borders Agency HMRC (Her Magesty’s Royal Customs) and the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) for the collection of digital data. It’s a similar scenario to what we have seen in other countries, in that the Government want one place to be where everyone goes for their state business. That place essentially becomes a front-of-office bureau for the Government’s digital data collection, and in the UK it looks extremely likely that this place will be the Post Office.

“It could be catastrophic, which is why we are so emphatically backing this campaign, for our own sake and for that of other businesses that rely on ID photography ” - Olivier Gimpel What would the impact on Photo-Me be if this were to go ahead as planned? It would be disastrous. Consider that we have over 5,000 photo booths in the UK, providing ID photographs. The redundancy of these booths would take away up to 75% of our UK business. We then estimate that it could be up to 60% of business for an independent photo store, maybe 40% for Snappy Snaps, 15 or 20% for Jessops… It could be catastrophic, which is why we are so emphatically backing this campaign, for our own sake and for that of other businesses that rely on ID photography. We’re not against the Post Office becoming the community contact point for these Government services, at all, but since when was taking pictures a Government service? There is no reason why the Post Office cannot be awarded the tender for the data collection, with the preserve that the individual

14 InPrint

UK Driving Licence

brings in their printed ID photograph. This would both strengthen the Post Office’s business and allow for photographers, photo stores and brands like Photo-Me to stay in business. It would also save the Government money, which is sure to be a hit with taxpayers. How would this option save the Government money? I see it this way: the fee for the Post Office’s ‘check and send’ service was £4. Now, the fee to have your signature and picture collected to be sent with your application is £4.50. You can’t realistically value the taking of and ID photo at 50 pence when high street photographers and photo stores are charging £6 and upwards for this alone! Obviously, a profit margin is built into this figure but one must also consider the costs of equipment and the photographer’s time and skill. Only a subsidised service could afford to charge 50p for this, especially when you consider that each of those 752 Post Offices have had equipment installed and, presumably, their staff trained to take ID suitable images, which we all know is not the easiest task. The roll out of these machines is costing £42 million for five years, which works out as £55,000 per machine, but only 50p per picture? You can do the maths there. A scanner for signatures and photos would be much cheaper and could be rolled out to many more stores, which would improve consumer convenience. Is there an effect on the service consumers will receive? Other than having to travel miles to the nearest Post Office which offers the service? I think

special report there’s no doubt that there will be. I spoke to the Post Office and apparently they don’t show their customers the pictures because that would take up too much time. So now, not only do you have to look like a convict in your ID photograph but you don’t even get to check it before it becomes the first picture anyone sees of you for the next decade! The Post Office staff themselves aren’t photographic professionals and don’t particularly want to collect the pictures, as it’s time consuming and scanning a printed picture would be just as good for them. They just want the tender, which I am convinced they will receive and so they should, but there is no reason it has to involve photography. So how, as an industry, do we change this situation? I’ve told Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Transport, that she personally can save 5000 jobs with the simple addition of two sentences to the tender. This is the crux of our campaign: all it needs is for the tender to stipulate that “The successful tenderer’s proposal must allow for the use of printed ID pictures which can then be scanned into a digital format. In order to avoid any negative impact on the existing photographic service providers from the private sector, the tenderer system shall not integrate the capture of live facial images.” Her conclusion was what I would call ‘neutral to positive’… she’s a politician, so who knows? I’m not confident anything will happen but it would be great if it did. We also have an MP on the case, Sir Paul Beresford, Conservative MP for Bookham, who understands our concerns. He has repeatedly written to the Minister for the Cabinet Office about the matter and has now posed a Written Parliamentary Question about the retention of the printed ID photo market. This is in addition to the Early Day Motion, the letters and the petitions which retailers and their customers can get involved with. Do you feel that the Government is overlooking the needs of the private sector in order to support the Post Office? We understand that the Post Office is a cornerstone for communities but it is also a business and it has

ID Photos in Figures Here are the exact numbers of appplications which required ID photos in the year 2009-2010, so you can see exactly what our industry stands to lose. • 1,065,970 new driving licence applications in 2009-2010 • 1,447,182 driving licences renewed in 2009-2010 • 5,193,182 passports issued in 2009-2010 • Circa 500,000 residence permits issued 2009-2010 to survive on its own two feet. I stress again that we are not against the Post Office, but we are against the Government subsidising schemes that ensure its continued success without properly taking into account the effect it will have on the independent businesses it claims to want to protect. We are against the Post Office being awarded an unfair deal which will put others out of business, when there are solutions that would allow for the Post Office and small businesses to be supported. I’ve spent way too much time in the last year talking to politicians, and they all claim to be so grateful to the private sector and want to help, but their actions don’t back this up. Here they have an opportunity to prove their point, but they’re doing the opposite. We’re not asking for subsidy or support, just for free enterprise. The official policy is the security and digitisation of Government data, but the unofficial agenda is the preservation of the Post Office. What we need is for them to understand that these two things are not compatible if they just allow ID photos to be scanned at the Post Office, where the data is collected. What’s the problem with that? All we’re asking is to stay in business. For resources and more information, visit

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future focus

Going Mobile

InPrint speaks to Steve Cochrane, Head of Photo at Jessops, to find out how Jessops is connecting with customers taking pictures on mobile devices.

What has Jessops done in order to attract the business of those printing from mobile devices, particularly Apple users? We offer applications both in store and online that allow Apple users to print their images from their chosen device, because we see that this will be an increasingly important area of business going forwards. We have the PrintShop app, which is an iPhone app allowing users to order prints direct from their phones and have their printed order sent to their home address, and we offer downloadable software for Mac and PC which allows the user to create anything from our photo merchandise range at home. Lastly we can also now offer in store mobile connectivity via hydra cables in all stores, which allow Apple and other mobile users to tether their phone to the kiosk and automatically upload all their images in one transfer. This is much quicker and easier than using Bluetooth, which was previously the only option. How is Jessops promoting these services? The app is prominently available on the iTunes store and we have promoted it with press releases, web activity and in-store materials. We hope that it will gain momentum as it is reviewed and discussed on app forums and platforms. The software is currently talked about in that way, in addition to the promotion we do in-store and online. We have made a limited splash in the press about our in-store mobile connectivity, and have point of sale materials talking about it instore, but in the future we will be actively promoting this on our website, with national press coverage, through our affiliates and hopefully through mobile phone companies themselves.

Jessops Canvas Prints

“we now offer in-store mobile connectivity via hydra cables in all stores, which allow Apple and other mobile users to tether their phone to the kiosk and automatically upload all their images ” What return on investment is Jessops expecting from this? It’s difficult to quantify the return on investment for mobile printing specifically. Our aim is to grow our entire Digital Print category by over 10% this year and all initiatives play their part in achieving this. What we can see is that images used on photographic products which originated from a mobile device increased by over 40% year on year when measured in Jan 2012.

InPrint 17

serious data storage. ioSafe SoloPRO

• Fireproof to 1550°F for 30 minutes • Waterproof to 10’ for 3 days • Capacities up to 3TB • Plug-and-play simplicity • USB 3.0 or eSATA

ioSafe Rugged Portable

• Crush protection up to 5,000 lbs. • Drop protection up to 20’ • Waterproof to 30’ for 3 days • 500GB or 1TB • USB 3.0 or FireWire 800

18 InPrint

disaster-proof hard drives ioSafe Inc., 12760 Earhart Avenue, Auburn, CA 95602

future focus How important is printing from mobiles to Jessops’ business overall? 6x4” and 7x5” printing is still essential to the photographic industry, not least because they are key to introducing consumers to other photo products. Mobile printing is also key to educating consumers as to the benefit of using cameras for picture taking instead of or as well as via their phones. If they print with us in store we have a contact point to talk about the best camera technology available to meet their photographic needs.

“We are expecting a spike in film printing across key periods such as the Olympics and the Jubilee, as there is more demand for single use cameras ” What trends do you see shaping Jessops’ digital printing business, other than mobile printing? We find that storage and easy viewing access of images on media devices has reduced the printing of photos, however this has moved the market place away from bulk photo printing and towards an area of high value single image objects such as Wall-Art. We have found a much lower rate of decline in film printing than is being published as the market average, which we believe may be because of convenience, as we have 160

Jessops Photobook

prominent stores offering film processing facilities. We are expecting a spike in film printing across key periods such as the Olympics and the Jubilee, as there is more demand for single use cameras. A few trends can be attributed to circumstances – signs of the times, if you like. For example, a cocoon effect of people staying at home more brought about by the recession has contributed to strong growth in products such as Wall-Art. We also expect to see a big focus around personalised mobile and tablet paraphernalia this year as well as high quality home objects such as cushions, beanbags and clocks etc. Have you any further plans to introduce new services? We are always listening to our customers through market research, store contact and online feedback. We will continue to innovate and evolve to match their needs, whatever they might be in the future.

InPrint 19

Fujifilm has recently announced two key promotions within its Photo Imaging Business Division. Neill Harris has been promoted to General Sales & Technical Group Manager for Photo Imaging following the decision of Chris Pearce, the current Technical Group Manager, to leave the company and move to be with his family in America. Robin Hamblett takes over the role of Business Group Manager for Photo Imaging and as such will be responsible for looking after the company’s key multiple and retail business accounts supported by Key Account Managers, Ruth Hurley, Linda Bemrose, Leyton Prosser and Paul Austin. We interviewed Neill just after the announcement of his promotion to ask him to give us his thoughts on all aspects of the current photo imaging market and Fujifilm’s role in it. Can you tell us what new responsibilities your new role brings for you? My new role will mean I have responsibility for the Imaging Support Group, so that covers everything from software development and support, through to equipment service support. This adds some very exciting new challenges, and as the title suggests I will now be more involved in some of the key technical decisions on the direction of our software solutions, which as we all know is what drives any photo business nowadays. What do you see as the main challenges facing Fujifilm and photo imaging in the next year or so? The main challenge is finding the right offering that will help the photo consumer create more with their images, and at the same time making it fun. We have recently conducted some focus groups and are in the process

20 InPrint

of working through a lot of information. The next challenge, once we have the output from all this information will be how to deliver it all. Are there any technical advances in our industry that you see on the horizon? The advances in software capability will shape where the photo industry goes in the coming years. By providing a multi-channel software offering it will take us to the next level, and will provide consumers with the ability to connect more easily with their images and will enable them to store, share and most importantly, print. The high street continues to operate under challenging economic conditions, and it seems that companies who provide photo related products and services are among those that have felt the effect most sharply. What is Fujifilm own strategy for success?

Fujifilm are committed to strategies that will ensure we are here for the long term. Understanding the needs and requirements of not only our own customers but also their customers too means that we can continue to provide new and innovative photo imaging products. This will help drive new business opportunities and so ultimately help us to maintain our position as a leading company in the photo market. How do you see the trend for phone photography going forwards from where it is now? It will undoubtedly grow. You only have to look at how many people are capturing images on mobile phones, which in some cases is the preferred everyday capture device to a digital camera. The key is to unlocking all the images and providing the right solution to get them to print and create. Have you any advice to photo retailers on how best to

advertorial encourage the public to carry on printing and how do you think the imaging industry should utilise the power of social media? Photo retailers can play an important part in providing the means by which consumers can easily access their photos online but they need to make their customers more aware that this service is available. Our recent research has shown that providing easy access to images on social media sites is key to an increased level of printing. So our job is to provide the portal to these sites through our software and use that to help the photo retailer drive printing. Are there any plans to release a printing app for Apple or Android? We are about to release an app for Android phones which will enable image transfer via Near Field Communication (NFC), using our “Tap’N’Print” solution. In addition we will be providing a tethered (cable) solution for Apple phones. We are looking to introduce apps so that customers with Smartphones can easily send images for printing to their chosen location. This will cover both collection at store or post to home. Do you see home printing as a threat to photo retailers? From what we understand, and have learnt recently, home printing is not a threat. Yes, consumers will try it as they believe it is easier, cheaper and less time consuming, but once they realise that is not the case, they then find an even easier

Neill Harris and Robin Hamblett

way to get all the images they want printed by going to a photo retailer. If you were an established photo retailer with a limited budget to spend on equipment what would you invest it in and why? I would be seriously looking at a wide format printer. The range of products that are available to the photo consumer from the wide format printer such as canvas, poster, montage and banners will easily show a quick return on investment. You can give one piece of advice to give to photo retailers – what is it? Listen to your customers. By listening and understanding what they want will ensure the sustainability of our industry and will keep them printing those precious memories.

Fujifilm built their business on film. What does Fujifilm see as the future of film photography? We continue to make film and the single use camera is still an important part of our product portfolio. Instax, our instant camera and film seems to be taking on a cult status in some countries, and this could give the market a much needed boost with the younger generation looking at exciting ways of capturing images. Once they can see the real benefit of a physical print they will then realise how important it is, and could be the key to releasing all those images stored on line. As the song goes – “The children are our future” and how right that might be!

InPrint 21

Your Essential Guide to the Latest Launches



The HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw enables businesses save time and money through efficient operations and energy savings from built-in features such as HP Auto-Off, Instant-on Technology and both Ethernet and wireless connectivity. Featuring HP’s ePrint and AirPrint technologies, this printer also enables printing from mobile devices, such as smartphones and iPads. This new category of HP LaserJet MFP (multifunction product) features a camera embedded into a hinged arm that is elevated above the capture stage of the device. The camera uses a highquality optical lens and a high-resolution sensor to capture an image of any document up to 216 by 297 mm, A4 (8.5 by 11 in, letter) or any small object. A total of six images are captured per scan or copy— three with flashes from different angles and three in ambient light conditions with different exposure levels—producing virtually glare-free and shadow-free images. These separate shots are then automatically combined into one seamless image of equal quality to a digital still camera and with better depth-of-focus than images from a flatbed scanner.

This new combination of wireless functionality, A3+ printing and glossy photo output allows fast, easy printing from laptops, desktops and the latest generation of mobile devices via Epson’s iPrint app. The 1500W, which prints on glossy paper, plain paper, envelopes, iron-on transfers plus CDs and DVDs. Standard 4 x 6 inch (10 x 15cm) photos all the way up to panoramic and A3+ prints are supported. The 1500W uses Epson’s Claria 6-colour, dye-based ink-set to achieve vivid and long-lasting results with a glossy finish.

PHOTOMART STRUT MOUNTS Photomart has introduced a new range of photo strut mounts. The new range is in black and also features a stylish black or gold border around the aperture and will be available in all the usual sizes up to 8’x10’. They are expected to be available from April 2012. In addition to the release, Photomart has dramatically reduced the price of their existing range of black strut mounts with a silver border. These mounts are now selling for as little as 12p per mount when purchased as a box of 100 mounts is required. Photomart is also giving away a free box of mounts for every four boxes purchased as a limited promotional deal.

22 InPrint

launchpad THE NORITSU QSS-38 SERIES Color Confidence, UK reseller for Noritsu, has announced the QSS-3800 and QSS-3801HD cost efficient silver halide minilabs. The QSS-3800 is an entry-level minilab using a 300dpi laser engine, whilst the QSS-3801HD offers advanced features like a 640dpi laser exposure system, a 12-tray order sorter, and colorimeter and uses a high definition 640dpi laser engine. In addition to their small footprint, both machines have a useable work surface where the EZ Controller can be installed, which allows for a configuration that takes up to 40% less space than when the EZ Controller is placed on a separate table. The QSS-3801HD has a standard 6x4” print productivity of 1480 prints per hour, and the QSS-3800 is capable of 740 prints per hour. Both models are capable of producing an impressive 420 prints per hour for the 10x8” and 350 prints per hour for 12x10”s. For varying speeds and print surfaces, the new machines can handle paper widths up to 305mm (12 inches) and the maximum print length is 914.4mm (36 inches), making it possible to provide a wide variety of print services such as photo book covers.

An optional dual magazine system increases the number of prints and/or variety of prints possible without changing magazines Brand new for the QSS-3801HD, the EZ Controller software has the unique ability to interrupt orders in process to give priority to urgent orders. LED lamps on the order sorter are used in conjunction with this to indicate which orders have been interrupted and which print trays hold the interrupted order for a smoother workflow.

EPSON SURELAB SL-D3000 DRY LAB Epson’s new 6-colour, compact digital dry lab can print on glossy, matt and lustre media up to 12-inches wide to produce a huge range of products including photos, greetings cards, invitations, flyers and promotional leaflets. The SL-D3000 utilises Epson’s Micro Piezo printhead technology, to deliver accurate reproduction and a maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440dpi. The power-efficient SL-D3000 has been designed to offer lower impact on the environment and total cost of ownership than other solutions. To lower the cost per print, the printhead and LUT are carefully configured to use ink economically. The optional ‘OrderController’ software, which includes basic photo re-touching, makes setting up jobs easy, and the SL-D3000 can automatically move finished prints to an optional A4 job sorter. With convenient wheels and a small footprint, the SL-D3000 can be positioned in a corner to save space, as it is operated from two adjacent sides.The dual-roll model allows two different media types and or two different roll widths to be loaded simultaneously, and a single-roll configuration will also be available.

InPrint 23

Sign & Digital UK 2012

The latest in sign making and digital printing will be on show at Birmigham’s NEC this month. InPrint brings you a compact preview of the products making their first appearances at the show. Having passed the milestone of its 25th anniversary, Sign & Digital UK - the UK’s Premier Visual Communications Event - is returning to the NEC as the national market place for the sign and display industry. Sign & Digital UK, which takes place from 27-29th March 2012 gives attendees exclusive access to the sign making and digital printing industries’ latest innovative products, technologies, services and applications. In addition to brand new products making their first appearances, visitors to the show will find live on-stand seminars, expert advice, interactive sessions and hands-on demonstrations. The packed seminar schedule for this year features a programme of talks from Corel, explaining the lbrand’s latest offerings and advice for businesses. Various workshops will run across the three days at the show, which will include topics ranging from an overview of new features to harmonising colour in design of a CorelDRAW product. The ever popular Adobe Theatre also returns for 2012, hosted by Terry Steeley from Iridius

and featuring demonstrations, tips and creative solutions. Also returning, for its third year, “The Signmakers’ Workshop” will be presented by expert signmaker Paul Hughes of Western Signs & Printing and the popular Price It Guide. Visitors to this stand are promised to learn some new industry tips and tricks which are sure to benefit their business. Brand new for this year is the Green Trail, which will highlight any exhibitors with products on display at the show with an eco-friendly or ethical element. A wide range of products will be featured including ‘green’ ink and media, printers, recyclable display products and sustainable solutions from the digital signage sector, so this area is a must-see for businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Also new for 2012 is the 25 Year Gallery, which is being installed to celebrate over 25 years serving the sign and digital industry. Visitors to the gallery will be able to see historical signmaking products and equipment from the last quarter of a century through a host of photographs of those who have worked in and shaped the industry.

Sign & Digital UK

24 InPrint

show preview Sign & Digital Launches Across the three days of the exhibition, around 200 exhibitors will have hundreds of new products for visitors to see for the first time at Sign & Digital UK. Here is a round up of brand new technologies and products you will not want to miss. Agfa Graphics – the new 2.54 x 1.54m Anapurna M2540 FB makes its UK debut at Sign & Digital UK. It is a dedicated flat-bed printer with a photo quality engine, featuring six colours plus white, which ensures highly durable prints with excellent adhesion on a multitude of substrates. Also showing for the first time in the UK is the 2.05m: Anapurna M2050 which has quickly become a best seller as a highly cost-effective platform for companies wanting to produce top quality graphics. Users also benefit from its UV-curable output and the ability to print direct to 2 x 3m rigid and 2m wide flexible materials. Hybrid Services / Mimaki will host the UK and Irish launch of the Mimaki JV400-LX latex printer. The new Mimaki JV400-130LX and JV400-160LX feature state of the art Mimaki latex inks and are the first machines to incorporate Mimaki’s cutting edge print engine. Mimaki JV400-LX

Fujifilm will showcase its latest LED UV printer – the Acuity LED 1600 – for the first time in the UK at Sign & Digital UK 2012. The LED UV printer will be joined by Fujifilm’s new XMF web-to-print system and a wide range of innovative Euromedia products.

Arizona 318 GLUV flatbed

Océ will be hosting the first UK public showing of their new Arizona 318 GL UV flatbed, the latest development in the Océ Arizona Series, the world’s best-selling UV flatbed printers for the display graphics mark. The Océ Arizona 318 GL system is a highly-capable introductory UV flatbed model that offers smaller print producers entry to the world of high-quality UV flatbed printing.

Maxicam will display for the first time in the UK the MAXI-C 1325 CNC Router. The MAXI-C 1325 is an ideal MAXI-C 1325 machine for the signmaking workshop as it’s come with very few costly extras. The machine is highly specified in its standard configuration and all the customer really needs to decide is the size of the router table. Granthams is using Sign & Digital UK to promote its latest solutions for wide format digital output including new exciting printers and technologies to be launched at the show this year!

InPrint 25

show preview Epson will demonstrate the SureColor SC-S30600 for the first time in the UK at Sign & Digital UK 2012. The new 64-inch SureColor SC-S30600 is a four-colour printer which has been designed from the ground up to offer efficient and environmentallyfriendly signage print production.

Josero Limited / Triangle Ink will be launching a new printer at the show featuring Epson DX5 technology and Eco Solvent ink.

EcoJet 180E

L f

S k

In SureColour SC-S30600

Insight Sign Systems will be launching three new products at this years show. “Highlight HV “ a small bright, economical to run through light, “Halo-Light” an Led based alternative to neon for accent and border lighting, and finally “Spectra Speedfab Frame” - a cost effective alternative to folded aluminium panels.

Spectra Speedfab Frame

Zund UK will hold the UK launch of S3 with a revolutionary direct-drive system, the S3 is built for speed. The NEW cutter excels with unprecedented price/performance as well as exceptional Zund S3 productivity.

Antalis McNaughton will be unveiling an exciting new pan European range of wide format papers, self adhesives, banners, textiles and wallpaper suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. INDASOL will be officially launching their SIGN BLOCK product. SIGN BLOCK is a versatile Polyurethane material designed for use in 3D lettering and images.

InkTec Europe will be hosting the European launch of the latest addition to the Jetrix range of UV printers, the new Jetrix 2030 is the fastest printer yet in the Jetrix range. Indasol Sign Block

S.B. Weston Ltd, UK manufacturers of Weston Boxes, will launch a unique new print storage box into the range. The SRA3 is to solve the problem of storing and preserving open reams of SRA3 paper.

26 InPrint

For further information on exhibitors and the seminars at the show, please visit You can also pre-register for free on the website.

L m o c R m R w iP im


O p c fr s c F th fr c


L o o s




Lucidiom Delivers Complete Package for UK Photo Retail Suite includes updated software for online, kiosk, mobile and production. Innovative, Profitable Photo Site Lucidiom’s Photo Finale photo website is modern and intuitive. Consumers edit photos, order prints, create books, build cards and calendars and share everything with friends. Retailers tailor products and services to match their brand and appeal to their market. Retailers who combine the Photo Finale site with Lucidiom’s in-store kiosks and custom iPhone app can revive their entire digital imaging category in a matter of days.

Easy to Print Facebook Photos On Lucidiom’s APM photo kiosk, consumers can order anything from prints to books to specialty gifts. Now, they can order prints of their Facebook photos or use them alongside pictures from their camera and phone in a book, calendar or other creative product.

web and mobile all on the Lucidiom platform achieve efficient order fulfillment, streamlined configuration and are able to present a consistent branding message and product line.

Custom iPhone App for Stores The new iPhone/iPad app from Lucidiom is named and branded for each retailer. Users can sync their device to view photos they have stored online with that retailer, as well as upload new ones, share collections and order prints from online photos or from photos stored on the device. The app is designed to be custom branded for a store, which means a quick-to-market mobile solution for chains and large retailers and incredible power for a single independent retailer.

A Seamless Photo Centre Lucidiom’s seamless system of digital imaging ordering devices enables retailers to collect orders from consumers wherever they are: in store, online or on mobile. Retailers with kiosk,

Please contact Kevin Andrews on: • Direct 01279 874160 • Mobile 07791 951005 InPrint Lucidiom Finance Ltd, The Stansted Centre, Parsonage Road, Takeley, Essex CM22 6PU27



Now there is a new platform for the growing commercial digital printing market, Digital Print UK. Showcasing the very latest technologies, equipment, supplies and services for companies involved in digital printing, including creative and design, pre-press/ media, production print, output, fulfilment and end-use. It will also be an essential opportunity for those looking to enter this important market sector.

Spanning 3 days at the UKís premier exhibition venue, the Birmingham NEC, Digital Print UK offers the unique opportunity of getting you, your business and your products and services in front of an essential target audience who are looking to make serious enquiries and decisions.


18-20 September 2012, Halls 7&8, NEC, Birmingham

be part of it



For further information please contact Chris Rushton, Sales Manager or Alan Caddick, Senior Marketing Manager on 020 8651 7100

28 InPrint




Courtesy of HYBRID Services Ltd. Terms & conditions apply, see website for full details


HNOLOGIES AND APPL I C O N D I S P L AA T I O N S Y 27-29 March 2012, Halls 3 & 3A, NEC, Birmingham











register online at InPrint 29

printed Each issue, InPrint calls a UK printing business to bring you the essential information about life on the front line of our trade and prints the results. This issue, our spotlight falls on David Jacobs of Colour Division in West Hampstead. Our margins have been hit, but not to the extent that retailers have felt with hardware sales. The nice thing about print is that your cashflow is not tied up in stock.

David Jacobs Colour Division, West Hampstead InPrint: First of all, David, tell us what Colour Division offers. David: We started off doing business printing, about forty years ago. Later on we added photo services, and these are the main stays of our business today. We don’t see these parts of the trade as separate any more: we are not a photo shop, we are not a printing shop, we are a one stop shop for our customers’ needs! InPrint: So what could we buy from Colour Division? David: Anything from a 6x4’ print to a run of ten thousand leaflets. We have a small studio for portraits, which some of our customers use for PR purposes and we can produce spiral bound documents with covers, photobooks...allsorts. InPrint: What’s your main money spinner at the moment? David: Work from small businesses is the main part of our sales at the moment. We’re talking one or two-man (or woman) bands, start ups and small enterprises. We do have a few larger clients, but I think many of them have their own printing facilities and don’t need as much done externally.

30 InPrint

InPrint: What’s not worth selling? David: We’ve had to introduce a minimum charge for business printing, because we had people wanting us to print one or two word documents or PDFs and it just isn’t worth it. It would drive us completely mad, plus I don’t think the average consumer has any idea how much our equipment and consumables cost. It does put a few off but I can’t say we miss their business. InPrint: How green are you? David: We do our best, but it’s almost impossible to be completely green in this industry. We’re fortunate in that digital printing is more environmentally friendly than lithographic printing, and that we use a dry lab, which is a greener option than a wet lab because of the lack of chemicals and lower power consumption. We’re making an effort without being completely neurotic about it. InPrint: What’s your top sales technique? David: We try to offer a one-stop-shop, so if someone comes in for a business card, we try to sell them a whole package, which can include business card and letterhead design, as we do artwork and design in house, in addition to any and all of their printing needs. InPrint: Last but not least, where do you stand on the ID photo issue? David: It’s something a lot of our customers ask for, so if the market is going to stick around, it’s something we’ll look at providing. We’ll soon see!


INTRODUCING THE MUTOH 1204 VALUEJET ECO-SOLVENT PRINTER A compact, versatile printer for professional results, enabling you to enter the world of signage printing to produce;





FOR ONLY £9,999 + VAT & DEL

ONLY £3,050 + VAT & DEL


InPrint 31

32 InPrint

InPrint - March 2012  

Retail Solutions for the Print Professional. Volume 1 - Issue 1

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