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Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012 14:09:04

News Jessops on the Move Jessops is relocating its Leicester store to a bigger location to accommodate the high footfall demand. The new centre of excellence store on Gallowtree Gate will showcase photo products and services including instant photo printing available within 25 minutes. The store will also feature an in-store large format printer enabling customers to take away posters, personalised wrapping paper and canvas prints within an hour. Jessops Academy photography training courses will be available in-store customers to learn how to get the very best from their photographic equipment - prices start at £119 - and the Gallowtree Gate store will also be offering Studio Express, an in-store portrait studio.

Strength in Diversification In stark contrast to the digital brands reducing their forecasts for profit, Harman Technology Limited, manufacturer of the Ilford brand of black and white photographic products, has reported a significant growth in revenue and profits. Sales increased to £23.6m from £22.6m in the year to 31 December 2011, with operating profits up to £2.2m from £1.9m the previous year. The company says new products and improved operational efficiencies have driven profits up, and that this trend is set to continue into 2013 when further products and fresh income streams will be unveiled.

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SONY RESTRUCTURE UPDATE Sony has announced steps it is taking to “accelerate structural reforms” of its electronics business, including consolidating (and closing) manufacturing operations and reducing headcounts. Amidst a highly competitive business environment, Sony has been undertaking a series of measures to revitalise and grow its electronics business. As part of its mid-term strategic initiatives announced in April 2012, Sony identified resource optimisation as one of the key ways to transform its electronics business and measures are being taken to streamline, accelerate decisionmaking processes and establish firm foundations for sustainable future growth. In its prior corporate strategy announcement, Sony stated that it expected to reduce headcount across the entire Sony Group, primarily in the electronics business, by approximately 10,000 in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

Sony Head Office

As the proportion of Sony’s finished products being produced at its overseas manufacturing sites and by external ODM/ OEM vendors continues to increase, Sony has also been taking measures, such as site consolidation, to better reflect the current scale of production, as well as steps to further enhance operational efficiency. The new restructuring measures announced today, relating to Sony’s headquarters and electronics business operations in Japan are as follows.

Consolidation of Manufacturing Sites In order to enhance the efficiency of Sony’s manufacturing operations relating to its digital Contiuned on page 03

Phones Affect Camera Forecast Camera brands including Canon are altering their forecasts for the coming year because of the effect of smartphones on the camera market.

Demand for compact cameras is now definitely in decline due to the ease and popularity of smartphone photography. Canon has cut its full-year profit and sales forecasts in line with this trend and because of the fluctuation of the dollar against the yen. Canon’s predictions are a good example of exactly the area of the market expected to be affected by smartphones: the world’s largest camera manufacturer has lowered its sales forecasts for the compact part of the business (Powershot, Ixus and other compact models) by 9.5 percent to 19 million units, but only altered forecasts for higher-end EOS models by around 4 percent. Canon’s overall forecast profit was cut by 6.4 percent to 234 billion yen due to slow markets and the fact that Canon based its full-year

forecasts on exchange rates of 78 yen to the dollar and 100 yen to the euro, and the yen gained 2.4 percent against the U.S. dollar in the third quarter. Each 1-yen gain dented Canon’s second-half operating profit by about 5.3 billion yen, they predicted in July. Worldwide camera sales are expected to fall 4.3 percent this year to around 115 million units, whilst sales of smartphones rose 32 percent to the second quarter of this year.

reacts quickly, misses nothing


Capture all the action with 12 framesper-second shooting, 1080 Full HD movie capture and continuous autofocus for movies and stills.

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BEST IMAGING INNOVATION Sony SLT, Translucent Mirror Technology

31/10/2012 14:56

2 2

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The InsIder Saying what you’re thinking and asking the difficult questions. each week the Insider reports from the front line of our industry. The Distressed Retail Property Taskforce… So, the latest incentive to boost our high streets has landed. Forget the Mary Portas review/handout, her ego has now been satisfied by the column inches and TV coverage achieved. Surely somewhere, there’s a ghostwriter squirreled away scratching out the pages of her ‘warts and all’ experiences of pulling our retailers from the gutter and saving the day. I can’t help but think that the few thousand pounds the ’12, lucky’ towns received, may just have given a lick of paint and pasted over the cracks of the most derelict cases. You might call me a cynic… you would be correct. The new DRPT boasts members from the British Council of Shopping Centres, the British Property Federation, the Local Government Association, Lloyds Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. They promise to spend six months gathering hard evidence on the true scale of the problem of indebted properties and the towns worst affected by the successes of city centre developments and internet trading. I don’t see how a group such as this can provide any real answers beyond what we

already know. Fewer people shop in their local high street – fact. Also, those who are still turning a profit, can maintain their premises and attract custom. We know that ultimately, it is up to the retailer to make the shopping experience worthwhile. Not just based on price but the age-old point of service. High street shops need to be welcoming, they need to listen and they need to respond to customer requests and suggestions. Sure, positive rate reviews and rent reductions will help to compete on price but these fundamental values will always prevail. So once the six month investigation is complete, we will be far beyond the Christmas period and trading into the brand new year. Will the DRPT be able to furnish us with any information? Only time will tell.

Sony Restructure Update Contiuned imaging business, the manufacture of interchangeable lenses and lens blocks currently being conducted at Sony’s Minokamo Site will be absorbed by EMCS Corp’s Kohda Site. As Sony concentrates its mobile phone business on the area of smartphones, the operations currently being carried out at the Minokamo Site relating to mobile phones will be partially discontinued and partially transferred to Sony EMCS Corp’s Kisarazu Site. As a result of this realignment, the Minokamo Site is scheduled to close at the end of March 2013. In order to optimise personnel structure and assist employees to secure new opportunities outside the company, early retirement programs will be implemented at Sony Corporation. These measures are expected to result in headcount reduction of approximately 2,000 employees by the end of the year with approximately half of the reductions (1,000 employees) expected to be in support functions, including the headquarters of Sony. In particular, at Sony’s headquarters a headcount reduction of approximately 20 per cent is expected by the end of the current fiscal year through the introduction of an early retirement program and resource shifts. Headcount within the Home Entertainment and Sound Business Group, including the TV

business group, which has been implementing a series of ongoing profitability improvement measures, is expected to be reduced by approximately 20 per cent by the end of October 2012 due to the transfer of employees outside the Company, together with a resource shift in personnel to other operations within the Sony Group. Following the sale of the chemical products businesses completed in late September 2012, approximately 1,800 employees have been transferred outside the Sony Group (as previously announced). Sony is evaluating the actual impact of headcount reduction and the restructuring charges resulting from these measures on Sony’s FY12 consolidated results; however, no material impact is anticipated on Sony’s FY12 consolidated results forecast, as these measures are included in the 10,000 headcount reduction and 75 billion yen in restructuring charges Sony previously announced for FY12. Furthermore, as a result of the restructuring measures implemented during FY12, including those announced today, Sony anticipates an annual reduction in fixed costs of approximately 30 billion yen from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 onwards.


News Hasselblad Opens its New Design Centre in Italy “Headed by Luca Alessandrini, the company’s New Business Development Director, the centre, with its base close to Venice and the Italian fashion industry, will implement Hasselblad’s new strategy to gain market share in new consumer segments with products that boast exceptional design and engineering...”

Cullmann Now at Minox Minox GB Ltd has recently assumed exclusive responsibility for the distribution of Cullmann Titan tripods/heads and Concept One Accessories for UK/Eire. Cullmann Titan Tripod Ian Spicer of Minox GB Ltd said: “Titan is a unique product rich in quality and purpose. My team are looking forward to presenting this product to dealers who service serious photographic amateurs and professionals in the industry.”

Online Photo-Business Gurus Launch ‘Business Class’ Mark Cleghorn and Kenny Martin have launched ‘Business Class’ - a new monthly learning programme aimed at helping photographers trade more profitably and efficiently through the economic downturn. Photographers will be able to access the online classes on an ongoing or ad hoc basis for £29 per month (incl.VAT). Mark Cleghorn, founder of PhotoTraining 4U explained: “We know there are a large number of very talented creative photographers out there who just don’t know enough about running a business.” He added: “ We will be covering all the vital elements of running a professional business including; planning; promotions; pricing; web site analysis; social media soft selling; client acquisition; cash flow and of course an analysis of profit and loss.” Over two hundred photographers have already signed up for the November’s class. 3

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Our Best Yet!









The GE X600 is packed with powerful features to ensure great results • GE 26x Wide Aspherical ED Lens (Optical Zoom 26-676mm) • 14.4 Advanced CMOS sensor for High Speed Shooting - Capture all the action • Multi Exposure - For sequential shots • 1080p Full HD Movie - For amazing detail • High Dynamic Range Plus - Combines 3 exposures for the perfect shot • Object Tracking - Maintain accurate focus whilst following a subject • Li-ion Battery - Power and convenience • Electronic Viewfinder - Assists in the framing and composition of your photo

For further details contact us: Tel: 01280 827492 email:


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A Day to Remember The 2012 retail Imaging Show and Pixel Trade Awards tool place on 12th October at Mercedes Benz world, Weybridge. Event Organiser Simon Skinner discusses business, attendance and who the real winners were on the day.

So, Simon… How did it go, from your point of view? I think it’s fair to say it was a mixed day. There were some runaway successes but there were also some relevant criticisms of the event and I think it’s only right that we discuss these. In general, it was a fantastic day for those who came. We’ve had a huge amount of feedback that visitors and exhibitors found the day beneficial as well as fun. The seminar programme was the most successful we’ve ever seen, and having it open the day drew people in early on, meaning there were attendees ready when the doors opened to the exhibition proper. It could be that this early start contributed to the show being slower in the afternoon, as people were arriving on average a good hour or two earlier than they have done to previous events, but in all I’m pleased with the way the seminars were attended and received. Those who got in early for the seminars also had the best opportunities to put their names down for Mercedes-Benz driving experiences later in the day, so I think all who turned up at that time thought it was worth the early start. I thought the venue was a fantastic, bright and spacious environment which offered some great subjects for testing out photographic gear, including the first UK viewings of the Panasonic GH3 and Sony’s RX1. There was lots to look at and do, including other technology on display for the first time including Mitsubishi’s 2013 mobile app and Epson’s Surelab, which was there with Colour Confidence, on sale for the first time in the UK. The variety of products and services on display was an excellent demonstration of diversity within the imaging marketplace: we had the likes of Tiffen who were there using their moviemaking lines, such as Steadicam, to moviemaking technologies with products like the Steadicam, Canon C300 and Black Magic’s motion picture camera. Keep your eyes peeled for the film they made, which will be online soon. Jet Tec brought along their nocontract smartphone solutions, which seem particularly relevant in light of today’s lead stories and this is now available to resellers in the UK. Zeiss were there in a private room showing their new range of CSC lenses fresh from photokina. Some of our more traditional exhibitors experienced strong sales on the day – Tetenal noted good turn out from Kodak Express stores, for which they asked us to publicise

The Panasonic Stand at the Retail Imaging Show

“Some of our more traditional exhibitors experienced strong sales on the day – Tetenal noted good turn out from Kodak Express stores” Mercedes-Benz World

their thanks – despite disappointing turn out from the independent channel. Lucidiom also reported a good amount of business activity from the exhibition, as did several other exhibitors. Proportionally to the attendance, it seems that a lot of sales and leads came in for the exhibitors, which means attendees were finding products they found interesting. So, if you weren’t there, you missed out and sadly it seems that a lot of people did. Whilst more than 500 individuals and businesses registered for the show, it was plainly evident to visitors on the day that considerably less than this number actually arrived. Given the initial enthusiasm, it’s difficult to understand why this was… A sign of the times? Perhaps people are less inclined now to leave their shops on a given day due to staffing issues or the potential for lost business… we hear

a huge amount of different minor reasons from people so it’s hard to pinpoint an individual problem. Different elements of the show received different feedback, and some mixed, but we have definitely collected enough opinions to make some informed decisions which will influence our future events. Many of the Pixel readers and contributors we spoke to have expressed more interest in our events as a networking opportunity because of their reputation for attracting key delegates from the industry. We’ve worked very hard to foster a relaxed, fun atmosphere which allows people to chat about business over drinks and dinner without pressure or the fear of being overheard by consumers. In the future, we’re going to continue to work with these strengths and create fun, dynamic events that combine the 5

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THE BIG INTERVIEW element of enjoyment and the opportunity to do something a bit unusual – like we had with the driving experiences, which really were incredibly popular – with the chance to talk with key people from the businesses our delegates need and want to work with. As we demonstrated with the Panasonic GH3 trials out on the Mercedes track, with a bit of creative thinking there are countless ways we can combine informative product introductions with enjoyable and sociable activities to make the event a fun day out as

The Kodak Stand at the Retail Imaging Show

“We’re proud to recognise Roy Sealey, who so many of you will know personally, with our Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award”

well as something which is a reasonable and justifiable day for business! The spirit of this was reflected in some ways by the success of the Pixel Trade Awards 2012… despite being a more expensive event to attend, the awards were sold out and it was a very busy, bustling and –as always – glamorous evening. You’ve no doubt read the very well deserved winners of the awards by now and we we’re proud to recognise Roy Sealey, who so many of you will know personally, with our Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award. He now enters Pixel’s hall of fame along with such well known trade greats as Stafford Ford, Gerry Dingley, Norman Harrington and Mary Walker. There were certainly plenty of people congratulating Roy and other award winners on the night, and we are truly honoured that so many people dressed up in their finest to celebrate with us. The Pixel Trade Awards are recognised as the voice of the industry, and we intend to continue this tradition long into the future.

Life Media Group

The Fujifilm Stand at the Retail Imaging Show

Left to Right - Danny Williams, Roy Sealey, Alan Gomes, Laura Knight

Left to Right - Chris Castle, Phoenix Photographic, Mike Fowcett, Ben Mullay, Janice Patterson, Chris Dawson, Oliver Biddles


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Kodak Triple Award Win Thanks to a great team and great products Kodak celebrated a triple win at the Pixel Trade Awards on October 12th 2012.




For a second year running Kodak Express won the coveted industry award ‘Multiple Minilab of the Year’

As voted by his customers, Kodak Express Phoenix Photographic won the prestigious ‘Independent Minilab of the Year’

For outstanding success in selling Kodak Retail Systems, Tetenal’s Chris Castle picked up ‘Rep of the Year’

We’ve worked hard over the past couple of years on key strategies to drive footfall to our shops, and this is now paying off. Kodak Express is a vibrant and expanding network that can now offer a complete solution for retailers and their customers

The transition from analogue to digital has been made a lot easier by being part of Kodak Express, a team with the knowledge and expertise to drive business in the right direction. I have never worked with a more passionate and dedicated team

It is critical to demonstrate to retailers that they’ll get a solid return on their investment. Whatever the size of business, Kodak’s modular range of retail solutions allows me to put together a package to help them maximise their potential.

Oliver Biddles Kodak Express Business Manager

Dave Rasch Phoenix Photographic Owner

Chris Castle Kodak Equipment Sales, Tetenal Ltd

Multiple Minilab of the Year

Independent Minilab of the Year

To find out how your store could benefit from the Kodak Express winning formula call Oliver on 0116 281 5742.

Rep of the Year

Retail Systems Solutions


© Kodak, 2012. KODAK and KODAK EXPRESS are trademarks of Kodak.

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Going, Going, GONE Are you sitting on a second hand goldmine?

UK auctioneers Special Auction Services are having such success with the sale of cameras at auction that they plan to open a dedicated camera division. Special Auction Services’ camera sales started at the end of 2009 as part of the antiques and jewellery sale and first made £15,000. On the strength of these sales, it was decided that cameras should be separated out into a specialist sale, along with gramophones and records. In the March sale this year, the section realised £45,000, in the May sale £60,000 and last week £143,000 from 637 lots. The core of the recent camera section was Leicas, offering a wide range of bodies, lenses and accessories; one Leica collection alone made £45,000. A rare Leitz Compur Summicron 50mm lens made £4,500 (lot 1055) and a Leica M4-P Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Camera Outfit made £2,300. The stars of the sale were two Ilford/Peto Scott Ltd. One quite well used example made £8,000 against a £1,000 to £1,500 estimate (lot 784); one in very good condition, with original case

and unfilled-in guarantee made £13,500 against a £4,000 to £6,000 estimate. “The room was very busy and overseas bidding was strong, with one Far Eastern buyer spending more than £25,000,” explained Hugo Marsh, the Head of the Specialist Department at Special Auction Services. “It is most likely cameras will be completely separate in 2012, as the market is growing so quickly and we wish to establish Special Auction Services as the UK market leader in sales of cameras at auction.”

Unwanted Gadgets to Fund Christmas?

Britons panicking about the cost of Christmas - as over half of them are, according to recent research by HSBC, could be sitting on enough unwanted gadgets to more than fund their celebrations. HSBC uncovered that average shopper spends a total of £561.28 on presents, food and socialising in the run up to the big day, leaving a gaping hole in their household budgets and often putting extra pressure on already struggling credit cards and overdrafts. However, new findings and last year’s trends suggest that unwanted household electronics may be the answer, as e-waste specialists Dineromob calculate that the average household unwittingly hoards around £800 worth of unwanted gadgets which it could make back through resale, whether via eBay or cash-for-gadgets companies such as themselves. The popularity of a number of cashback or

discount schemes in the electronics and imaging markets this last year which relied on the returning of outdated or unwanted goods for a discount on a new version, cashback or credit toward other products suggests that iPad Nano similar schemes may provide an extra draw for high street retailers to attract customers in store. Mark Schneider, UK Sales Director at Dineromob said, “Every home in Britain has at least one gadget they no longer want which they could sell for cash. A laptop computer in good condition may be worth an average of £150, while an iPod Nano could fetch over £50.” These sums could go a long way to relieving the pressure on cash-strapped Christmas shoppers.

“Every home in Britain has at least one gadget they no longer cash”

Deals & Promotions Nikon Compact Giveaway Nikon UK has announced its new EDG promotion which entitles customers to a free Nikon COOLPIX AW100 Coolpix AW100 or P310 compact digital with any purchase from the Nikon EDG range. Customers purchasing any product from the EDG range, including fieldscopes and binoculars, until 31 January 2013 (inclusive) can claim a free Nikon COOLPIX AW100 or P310 camera worth £279.99 each (RRP). All claims must be received by 1 March 2013. For further details about the promotion and terms and conditions visit:

Canon’s Cumulative Cashback Canon has launched its Winter Cashback offer, giving consumers a chance to make Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year, and receive up to £160 cashback on purchases. But that’s not all: if they purchase two Canon products included in this offer, they’ll receive an extra £25 cashback bonus. The cashback offer is claimed by downloading and completing a claim form and returning it to Canon along with the original receipt by 28th Canon EOS M February 2013. To take part and to see the entire range included in the offer, including a handy savings calculator, consumers simply need to visit:

Free Lens with Olympus OM-D Consumers buying an Olympus OM-D Dec 31st 2012 can claim a 45mm portrait lens Olympus OM-D absolutely free by redemption. Both the OM-D and the 45mm were awarded Gear of the Year status at the recent Practical Photography and Digital Photo Awards. This offer will only be valid for the UK and Eire and only through authorised accounts. Full terms and conditions are available at 9

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to Midwich


exceptional high end monitor, ideal for photography and design markets SMS27B970D

• 27-inch PLS LED (16:9) • 220cd/m2 of brightness (standard mode) • 2560 x 1440 resolution (wide quad-HD)

• Built-in speaker 7 watt • Generous connectivity • Comes with 2 year warranty

audio visual • barcode solutions • consumables • consumer electronics • copy/print/scan/fax • digital imaging • digital signage • hi-technology • large format displays • security solutions • tft displays • video conferencing • whichlamps • whichmounts


Please call our dedicated sales specialist team on:

for more information or queries 10

Terms & Conditions: Prices are trade and exclude carriage and VAT. Prices are correct at time of publication, please confirm at time of ordering. E&OE. All transactions are in accordance with our full terms and conditions, a copy of which is available upon request. All trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. Your calls may be recorded for training or demonstration purposes. Copyright © Midwich Limited 2012. Midwich Limited, Vinces Road, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4YT. Job Number: -EJD2364-Q4-12.

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Nikon Ditches Film for Filming

Landmark change to rules reflects changing landscape of photography.

Nikon’s Photo Contest, running for the 34th time this year, has had subtle yet important changes made for this year’s competition. The last contest, which ran two years ago, allowed for the submission of scanned pictures taken on 35mm or APS film, but this year, the rules state that Scans of photographs taken with film cameras are not eligible.’ The contest, which is open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world, has been running since 1969 and this rule update is a significant landmark in the changing world of photography. The contest will continue to accept images that have been retouched using image-editing

software, and for the first time this year will also add a movie category, allowing those with Nikon’s Nikon D600 latest cameras to showcase their technologies and features for video making. No such thought seems to be spared for Nikon’s F6 and FM10 - their still-current film cameras, which can no longer produce shots eligible for the competition.

World Without End

Cooke lenses bring warm, filmic quality to digital production Lenses by Cooke Optics were used to capture a sweeping vision of the Middle Ages for ‘World Without End’. Director Michael Caton-Jones worked closely with Cinematographer Denis Crossan to create a version of the Middle Ages. The drama was shot on ARRI ALEXA cameras with Cooke S4 lenses, varying from 18mm to 180mm. Crossan comments: “Cooke lenses seemed ideal for this project. Keeping it filmic and painterly on a digital medium really helped. I like the qualities you get from Cooke lenses – sharpness and resolution without being harsh, and their depth and tonal warmth helped create that look. Light hitting a sensor has a different image quality that can often appear harsh and in your face, so trusting a lens to get the image in the way you see it means having one less thing to worry about.” In keeping with the period setting Crossan kept the lighting as naturalistic as possible, staying true to light sources such as candles

News Sony Returns to BVE North 2012 At BVE North 2012, which takes place at Manchester Central on 13-14 November 2012, Sony will once again bring together a group of experienced industry experts to demonstrate how it is accelerating change in the media and broadcast industry, and how its products and technologies can cater for every budget and production requirement. Alister Chapman, a freelance cameraman with over 20 years of experience will examine Sony’s big sensor camcorders, and how to tailor them to suit individual requirements; Neil Thompson, who has worked in engineering roles for the BBC and Sony, will present a straight forward guide to Sony’s high-end digital motion picture F65 camera and how it can be used for maximum quality HD projects. All seminars are free to attend and seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q3 Smartphone Shipments Exceed 157m

Screenshot from the TV Drama World Without End

and torches, with some additional bounce light to enhance the fall-off effect. The anti-flare quality of the Cooke lenses proved particularly useful when shooting with flames. “With candles and torches everywhere, Cooke lenses never have a problem in terms of flare - in fact, occasionally with larger torches they would sometimes produce an elongated ellipse when moving through the frame, which I really liked,” says Crossan. ‘World Without End’ is due to air in Germany, Spain and Italy over Autumn/Winter 2012, and in the UK (Channel 4) in early 2013.

Mobile analysts Juniper Research estimate that smartphone shipments exceeded 157 million in Q3 this year. In the third quarter of 2012, Samsung shipped a record 56.3 million smartphones, almost double the market share of its rival Apple. However, with the festive season still to come, and with a new and refreshed product line, Apple is expected to better its sales in the fourth quarter. While other smartphone vendors, including Nokia and RIM, have posted disappointing shipments for the third quarter, LG posted a 24% growth with a record 7 million smartphone shipments. While LG has posted a profit for its smartphone business, it is still facing a challenge when competing against the likes of Apple and Samsung. 11

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Your Essential Guide to the Latest Launches Name: Lomogrpahy Belair RRP: TBC Release Date: Immediate

Name: Nikon 1 V2 RRP: 10-30mm Kit: £799.99 Nikon 1 V2 10-30mm & 30-110mm: £969.99 Release Date: 22nd November 2012

Lomography’s new Belair model features an incredible autoexposure feature (never before seen on a 6 x 12 medium-format camera), 3 picture formats, long and multiple exposures, two interchangeable lenses and much more. This daring and pioneering 6x12 film camera that will not only bring a new amazing level of lens quality to Lomographers, but a whole host of exciting new developments that make the most of the 120 film photography format. Offering never-before-seen sharpness, depth of field and ultra-wide photos, the Belair X 6-12 takes 120 film and flies it into a whole new dimension of Lomography. Not only can you choose between the normal automatic shutter speed feature and long exposures but also take pictures in 3 different formats: regular 6 x 9 photos, 6 x 6 squares or 6 x 12 panoramas. This versatile camera also features an interchangeable lens system, allowing you to attach either a 90mm standard lens or a 58mm wide-angle lens with more lenses to come.

Offering new levels of speed and more accurate performance, full creative control, and wireless methods of image transfer, the Nikon 1 V2 is a versatile new addition. Now, Nikon’s next-generation EXPEED 3A dual-image processor that can process images at 850 megapixels-per-second. Swift shooting speeds of up to 15 fps with continuous autofocus, and up to 60 fps with fixed-point AF, enable high-quality images of even super-fast action.The advanced hybrid AF system boasts fast phase-detection AF for high-speed movement, and contrastdetect AF for capturing subtle details even in low light. The sensor instantly switches between the 73 phase-detection focus areas and the 135 contrast-detect focus areas depending on the scene, ensuring superb images and movies in a wide range of environments. With an increased 14.2-megapixel resolution and 160 to 6400 ISO light sensitivity, the Nikon 1 V2 delivers detailed photos and movies, even in low light situations. Nikon’s CX-format CMOS sensor offers the ideal balance between system size, speed, light sensitivity, resolution, and depth-of-field, enabling high-quality still image and movie recording without sacrificing portability. Shoot in advanced movie mode with the Nikon 1 V2 and you can record Full HD movies at 60 and 30 fps and 60i, 60p, and 30p frame rates, with full control over shutter speed and aperture. Film with a smaller frame size and you can achieve dramatic effects in extreme slow motion, with recording speeds of up to 1200fps. Shoot in movie mode and you can get the best of both worlds by capturing full-resolution photos (aspect ratio 3:2) while filming a Full HD movie.

Name: Memoto Lifelogging Camera RRP: TBC Release Date: TBC Memoto has introduced an intelligent micro-device that captures every moment of your life in photo keyframes. These spontaneous shots can be effortlessly searched, shared and revisited at any time using Memoto’s innovative web service and mobile application. At about the size of a postage stamp, the Memoto camera connects to your clothing with a small stainless steel metal clip. Its advanced software organises the photos to work as a photographic memory that can be accessed at any time, even after many years. Once connected to a user’s computer, the Memoto camera will automatically begin uploading the photos taken to the Memoto Web Service, which catalogues the pictures (moments) by time, date, place and even lighting conditions that can be easily searched and shared. Name: G-Wiz Squared Cases RRP: £19.99 Inc VAT Release Date: Immediate The G-Wiz Squared case provides perfect protection for 4 of the new PLUS lll radios. With its movable padded dividers you can customise the interior to fit any combination of MiniTT1, FlexTT5, Plus ll OR MultiMAX plus accessories. Batteries, cables or adpaters can be stored inside the zippered pocket. Attachment straps on the backside of the case secure the G-Wiz case to a camera bag, backpack or travel gear with button snaps. G-Wiz Squared cases are available in blue, orange and black.


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THE LAUNCHPAD LAUNCH PAD Name: iPad Mini RRP: From £269 Release Date: Immediate Apple has introduced iPad mini, which is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the third generation iPad. The new iPad mini features a stunning 7.9-inch Multi-Touch™ display, FaceTime® HD and iSight® cameras, ultrafast wireless performance and an 10 hours of battery life every inch an iPad, yet in a revolutionary design you can hold in one hand. Apple also announced the fourth generation iPad featuring a gorgeous 9.7-inch Retina display, FaceTime HD camera and ultrafast wireless performance. Both iPad mini and fourth generation iPad come with iOS 6. iPad mini comes in a beautiful new aluminum and glass design that is just 7.2 mm thin and weighs only 0.68 pounds, and features a front-facing FaceTime HD camera and a 5 megapixel iSight camera on the back with advanced optics for taking sharp still pictures and recording full 1080p HD video. The iSight camera includes video image stabilization and both cameras feature backside illumination to let users capture great pictures in low light. iPad mini also allows easy sharing of photos with friends and family using iCloud’s Shared Photo Streams. The new fourth generation iPad features the amazing 9.7-inch Retina display and includes a new Apple-designed A6X chip that delivers up to twice the CPU performance and up to twice the graphics performance of the A5X chip, all while delivering an incredible 10 hours of battery life in the same thin and light iPad design. Other new features include a FaceTime HD camera, twice the Wi-Fi performance when compared to previous iPad models and support for additional LTE carriers worldwide. Name: 13-inch MacBook® Pro RRP: From £999 Release Date: Immediate Apple also introduced an all-new version of its popular 13-inch MacBook Pro featuring a stunning Retina display and all flash storage in a new compact design. At a mere 0.75 inches and 3.57 pounds, the remarkably portable 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is 20 percent thinner and almost a pound lighter than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro packs more than 4 million pixels into its 13-inch Retina display, nearly twice the number of pixels in an HD television. At 227 pixels per inch, the Retina display’s pixel density is so high the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels at a normal viewing distance, so images look sharp and text looks like it does on the printed page. With four times the pixels of the current 13-inch MacBook Pro, you can view and edit video in pixel-accurate 1080p and see a new level of detail in high resolution images. The 13-inch Retina display uses IPS technology for a 178-degree wide viewing angle, and has 75 percent less reflection and 28 percent higher contrast than the current generation. Name: AF-S NIKKOR 70–200mm f/4G ED VR RRP: £1,172.99 Release Date: 29th November, 2012 The next-generation Vibration eduction system incorporated in this lens allows for up to 5-stop compensation, enabling photographers to shoot at shutter speeds five stops slower than would otherwise be possible. Three modes are available: Normal for everyday shooting, Active to minimise the high-frequency camera shake experienced when shooting from a moving vehicle and Tripod Detection mode. Both Normal and Active modes offer a stable viewfinder image, which ultimately makes focus-point acquisition and framing far more comfortable and precise. Tripod Detection mode reduces vibration due to shutter release when the camera is mounted on a tripod. Crafted to deliver outstanding resolution and contrast in diverse conditions, the optical construction boasts 20 elements in 14 groups, and Nikon’s Nano Crystal Coat is employed to combat flare and ghosting. Well-balanced in terms of size, weight, price, and image quality, this lens also has a dedicated tripod collar ring, the RT-1. This lens comes with a lens cap (LC-67), a lens hood (HB-60), and a lens case (CL-1225) included.

Name: Corel PainterLite RRP: £54.99, VAT included Release Date: Immediate Painter Lite gives digital art enthusiasts an affordable way to experience realistic digital painting. With a wide range of brushes including acrylics, markers, impasto and special effects, Painter Lite opens up a world of creativity for anyone looking to pursue an interest or future career in digital art. Painter Lite delivers one of the most realistic digital art experiences featuring:

• Wide range of brush categories from digital watercolour, oil brushes and air brushes to pencils, pens, sponges, chalk, pastels and crayons • Trendy tools and effects like blenders, palette knives, kaleidoscope painting and mirror painting to inspire creativity • Easy-to-use interface and navigation with built-in help • Ability to pair with a digital art pen and tablet to experience pressure sensitive brush control that behave like traditional art tools • Most comprehensive entry-level digital art software for Mac and Windows with progressive drawing tools and lifelike natural-media brushes. 13

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INSIDE TRACK Memories Made Easy American photobook service Mixbook is offering a mobile app and a simple formula for iPhone-sourced books: 20 photos, printed on 20 pages, for 20 dollars. “There are many people for whom photobooks are purely an intriguing concept, not a must have,” the company says. “We aim to change that with Mosaic. We’ve focused on each step of the experience from creation, to printing and binding, to packaging, to shipping, all the way through to unboxing. It’s more than just an app, or a book. It’s an entire experience.” The app is fast and seamless, the company says — and easy: “Just tap. Quickly pick those great birthday or BBQ photos, flip through the stunning book preview, and order.” The books are 7-inches square, with a linen cover. Photos are printed on paper “engineered specifically for our presses to ensure colours are vivid and blacks are inky.” Mosaic books are $20, and printed within 48 hours and shipped UPS second day air. “You’ll get your Mosaic while the memories are still fresh in your mind,” Mixbook adds.

Tiffen Receives Emmy for Filters Tiffen to be recognised with award at the 2013 CES show The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences named Tiffen as a recipient of the 64th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy award. The Tiffen Company reports it will be honored for its Infrared Neutral Density (IRND) glass filter technology for digital motion picture cameras. The award ceremony will take place January 10, 2013 during the Consumer Electronics Show. Tiffen says its IR pollution control filters were first designed five years ago. The newest

designs combine effects to reduce multiple surfaces and potential reflection from stacked filters, while the Glimmer Glass component “adds a distinct silver sparkle, allowing image-makers to craft beautiful and unique images.”

PRO at 2013 PMA@CES

The Photographic Research Organization (PRO) will hold four days of meetings for PRO members and affiliates during the 2013 PMA@CES event, Jan. 8-11, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nev. PRO activities will begin Wednesday, Jan. 9, and runs through Saturday, Jan. 12. “We will be helping our members navigate the show floor, and highlighting key vendors at both PMA@CES and International CES,” said PRO President Mike Worswick. “We will also hold member meetings to summarise what we are seeing on the trade show floor, meet with vendors, and share our thoughts

and strategies coming out of the PMA @CES event.” “For PRO members, the advantage of attending PMA@CES is that it concentrates imaging related vendors in one location on the massive CES floor. Being at PMA@CES allows our members to use their time more efficiently,” Worswick said. “We want to make sure our members take full advantage of all the imaging.








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ProAm Reduce Pricing

ProAm Imaging have reduced their prices by up to 33% despite facing increased costs from many of their suppliers. John Greenwood, ProAm’s MD said: “ We decided to review our prices in order to re-enforce our position as market leader in this competitive sector. Although we are confident that we offer the best quality prints, price plays such an important part in decision making these days. Hopefully with these new lower prices, whether quality or value is the criteria, we should be able to help”.


With no minimum order requirement, this means that colour managed prints can now be supplied from as little as 10p for 5”x 3 ½”, 5”x 4” or 6”x 4” with larger sizes such as 10”x 8” at 50p or 12”x 10” for 70p looking amazing value. ProAm Imaging can print any size up to 18”x 12” which now costs just £1-20. All prices include 20% VAT.

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digital redefined With groundbreaking technology, classic design and brilliant optics, Fujifilm’s X Series redefines digital. Pure photography. Pure joy.

Peerless quality.

Compact precision. Breathtaking power.

Premium class.

Incredible flexibility. Effortless style.

X-Pro1 Awards

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