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Throughout this publication are stories, events and highlights from the 2018-2019 academic year and a few updates from Alumnae Spirit Day. We thank you for reading our publication! If you have items to share with us, please let us know; we love hearing from you! Share your news and updates with us at: President Ms. Peggy Slater Principal Dr. Mark Michalski Assistant Principal Mrs. Joan Mullen Director of Finance Mrs. Lisa Vance Director of Mission Effectiveness Mrs. Terri Rogan

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Director of Advancement Mrs. Kim Vogt 2018 - 2019 Edition The Ursuline Magazine is published annually for parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents and friends of Ursuline Academy. Ursuline Academy 341 South Sappington Rd St. Louis, MO 63122 314-984-2800

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A Letter from our


Ms. Peggy Slater What a difference a year makes! The summer months, as busy as they were with planning and facility projects, also allowed me some time for reflection. Beyond the many activities and achievements reported in these pages, what stands out for me are the many efforts of parents, students, coworkers and alumnae that were so very “over and above” what I could have imagined or expected. I’m beyond grateful. As an example, the newly named Bear Moms are not simply repeating what’s been done before; they’re recruiting new people and narrowing their focus to what’s most beneficial for the community. And our alumnae, some of whom also serve on the Board of Trustees, are reaching out to help younger alums reconnect with Ursuline in new ways. Heading into my second year as President, our priorities remain as I reported them this time last year: 1) to assure that current students leave Ursuline well prepared academically and well centered personally and spiritually, 2) to increase the number of young women served by the Ursuline mission, and 3) to generate the funding needed for long term sustainability. While all three are important, the first two received most of my attention during the past year. As we move further into the 2019/20 year, I will be reaching out to more of you to see how we might work together to secure the financial future of Ursuline Academy. Knowing what I now know of this community, I have no doubt that we will be living out this year’s school theme, creating new possibilities.

Peggy Slater President

Celebration Day - Class of 2023 Ursuline, Ursuline are you Ready?

Senior Capstone Project Development of the Whole Person Ursuline Academy students are provided with many opportunities to learn and live out the core values of an Ursuline education throughout their four years. The core values are the foundation for our Graduate Profile which articulate the characteristics of an Ursuline Academy graduate. These characteristics are: Serviam, Academic Excellence, Faith-Based Leadership, Respect for the Individual, and Development of the Whole Person.

The best part of each new year is welcoming the newest Ursuline Bears! At 3:00 p.m. on February 1, 2019, also known as Letter Day, the Admission’s team, students and members of the Ursuline community dashed from school to their cars, to hand-deliver celebratory signs to the front lawns of the new class of 2023.

Beginning freshman year, students work with a faculty or staff mentor to develop a portfolio based on the Graduate Profile. This portfolio is designed to be a means for students to deepen their understanding of the Graduate Profile and incorporate the Ursuline core values across all subject areas and aspects of life. Throughout the four years, students will add academic work, goal setting and reflective pieces to their portfolio. During the spring of sophomore year, sophomore parents are invited to attend a Sophomore Conversation with their daughter and a member of the Ursuline faculty or staff. This is a time for sophomores to discuss their growth over the past two years and establish goals for junior and senior year based on the characteristics of the Graduate Profile.

The incoming freshman were then invited to come to campus the following day for their first official day as bears, Celebration Day! The UA Cafe was decorated with a red carpet, lined with cheerleaders and spirit, as the class was welcomed with gifts, UA gear, and by Ursa Bear herself. The class of 2023 joins our Ursuline community already with a legacy of their own. Thirty-three percent of the class have alumnae relatives which works out to sixty-eight unique ties back to Ursuline. The Graduate Profile curriculum culminates with a Senior Capstone Project. The class of 2019 was the first graduating class to experience the Capstone Project. Throughout the school year, the seniors reflected, planned, proposed, and constructed a creative aspect for their presentation. On March 8, each senior formally presented her project to a committee of three Ursuline faculty or staff members, sharing her personal experiences of how the Graduate Profile has impacted her during her four years at Ursuline. The uniqueness of each student was evident in the characteristic of the Graduate Profile she chose to focus on as well as the creative element she designed to help share her personal Ursuline story.

It was only a short while ago...

The day was a great success from both the student and faculty/ staff perspective. Several seniors commented that they enjoyed the opportunity to look back and reflect on their four years at Ursuline. After all the presentations were complete, Ursuline faculty and staff gathered to share about the day. They talked about how moved they were as they heard again and again the impact of our mission on each young woman. It was gratifying to listen to our faculty and staff share their experiences and take pride as Ursuline educators in knowing they had a role in the formation of these young women. As an Ursuline community, we are excited for the class of 2020 to share their stories this spring. PAGE 5


Racquetball Competes in State Making a Racquet on the Court The 18-19 racquetball team worked hard throughout their season to culminate in competing in the Missouri State Championships on Feb. 24, 2019. The Junior Varsity #1 team took home the 3rd place slot.

ACA Essay Contest Winners 3 Ursuline Juniors Receive Honor Photographed from left to right: Brooke Westcott ’20, Claire Stinehart ’20, and Abigail Rathouz ’20 Each year, Catholics throughout our Archdiocese unite to answer the call of the Gospel to serve others through the Annual Catholic Appeal. The ACA impacts countless lives, and that is especially true for those of us in Catholic Education. The Office of Catholic Education and Formation works annually with the Appeal Council to conduct the ACA High School Education Program. The objectives of the Program are to educate our youth regarding the ACA’s mission to serve others, to share the good news about the Appeal’s far-reaching effects, and to make them aware of their personal responsibility to be good stewards of God’s gifts.

Individual medalist included: Caroline Kozeny 1st Place - Single Elimination Lilli Meyer 1st Place - Single Elimination Morgan Jones 3rd Place - Single Elimination Abby Schaeffer 3rd Place Single Elimination 16 members of the Ursuline team then went on to compete among 404 high school players from around the country in the USA Racquetball High School National Championships in St. Louis that was held on Feb. 27 - March 3, 2019. At nationals UA earned 11th place among girls teams. The racquetball league begins early-November and runs through mid-February when the state tournament begins. The location of the national tournament alternates between St. Louis and Portland, the two cities with the greatest concentration of high school racquetball players.

One of the great traditions of the High School Program is the Annual Essay Scholarship Contest. The essay affords high school juniors an opportunity to learn more about the mission of the local Church and its ongoing efforts to improve lives throughout our Archdiocese. The winners of the contest receive a scholarship and a framed award certificate. On Dec. 5 three Ursuline Juniors were honored at the Annual Catholic Appeal High School Essay Award Ceremony for their exemplary essays. Brooke Westcott, Claire Stinehart, and Abigail Rathouz placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively and won scholarship awards towards their high school tuition.

New Science Department Microscope Technology to Teach and Learn With this semester coming to an end, we are looking forward to next semester and all the new things that will be coming out of the science department. Thanks to a very generous donation from the O’Neill family, on behalf of Mary Alice O’Neill’s ’76 retirement, the science department was able to acquire a new microscope with a digital camera attachment. While looking through the lens, science teacher Ms. Barbara Herbst can project the image of the slide on the classroom smartboard. With the camera and wifi attachment, she can project the microscope’s view live, or take photos to integrate into lessons and presentations. As the educational world has been adapting more and more to visual learners, the microscope will serve as a great classroom resource in the coming years. Whether it be to show several examples of a biological process or pointing out the differentiating qualities to be looking for in lab work, Ms. Herbst is excited to integrate this new technology into her classroom next year. Thanks to the generous support of the O’Neill family, we can’t wait to see what’s to come from the science department through their gift to our students.

The S.A.M. Award Recognizing Athletic Leaders Written by Ursuline Lacrosse Coach Mike Hannegan and Athletic Director Jen Brooks after the May 2 Varsity Lacrosse game against Whitfield School. I wanted to share with you a special moment that happened after the lacrosse game last night with Whitfield. As I think you know, our team has been using our post game huddle to decide who on the opposing team we felt exhibited sportsmanship, athleticism, and maturity. We usually have multiple nominations so it typically comes down to a vote. It has been awesome to see the genuine excitement from our players as they discuss why they feel a certain player should be recognized. And I guess that is the point of all this – that when you play, you compete hard and give it your all, but after the game you respect your opponent and recognize those that play with sportsmanship. The inspiration for this came after our game against Whitfield last year. At the next practice our players were talking about how good one of Whitfield’s players was, but how her outstanding sportsmanship was even more impressive. I wrote to Whitfield’s coach, Maggie Young, to share what our players had said. Maggie was appreciative and passed this along to her player, Samantha, who she knew would be grateful for the compliments. Based on that experience, our team decided this year to recognize the ‘Samantha’ on each of the teams we play, and thus the SAM Award was born. SAM not only recognizes Samantha’s inspiration but also stands for sportsmanship, athleticism, and maturity. The first time our team presented this award was at the Whitfield Jamboree against who else but Whitfield. We had not named it the ‘SAM Award’ yet. Our girls loved doing it and the Whitfield girls loved the idea as well. Maggie and the Whitfield team is doing the same recognition for their opponents. Maggie is a great coach and an even better person, so having her and her team doing this lets me know we are doing the right thing. After an extremely close, hard-fought game, the two teams came together to recognize players from each team. It is amazing how a few words of kindness can mean so much for someone, and we saw that last night in the smiles on the faces of the girls that were recognized. We also had the chance to let Samantha Bolourtchi know how she inspired this.

Bearbotics Success To Infinity and Beyond! This past year, the Ursuline Bearbotics finished their third season competing in the First Robotics Competition. The team consisted of 13 girls and a few very dedicated mentors who worked tirelessly for six weeks to build a robot that could compete in this year’s game, Deep Space. During the St. Louis Regional, the Bearbotics were chosen to be on a playoff alliance with two other teams. Through many hard fought battles, their alliance ranked superior and finished in first place. This successful victory allowed the team to travel to Houston for the World Competition where they competed against teams from all over the world. The team is now gearing up for this year’s competition, Infinite Recharge, which will begin in January. Over the next few months in the off season, the team will work on securing sponsorships and recruiting new teammates. Once the season starts in January, the team will be full speed ahead on building a new robot to compete in this year’s game!

The Bearista Cafe Sips, Spirit and Student Scholarships Within its first year at the Academy the student-run coffee shop, the Bearista Cafe, has become a thriving staple of the school community. An idea that started off as an English project by Bess Ramsey ’19, Mallory Schanuel ’19, and Alyson Winkelmann ’19, has now come to fruition, paying off all of their startup costs within their first semester of business! The student favorites of iced coffees and frappuccinos are now fully benefiting students themselves. Rounding out the first year, the cafe has raised $6,305.06 for student scholarships. We are excited for their continued growth and success to come!



Retiring Co-Workers Forever Ursuline Sr. Sue Ann Cole, osu served at Ursuline Academy for 27 years. During her tenure, she was an English teacher, theology teacher, librarian, records retention coordinator, work study supervisor and anything else that was needed. When our Ursuline students from Japan stayed with us for several weeks, Sr. Sue Anne tutored them in English. She leaves Ursuline Academy as a well-loved and respected mentor to our students and co-workers. In the words of one of our current students, “I admire the absolute selflessness that Sr. Sue Anne displays. The quality of Sr. Sue Anne that stands out is her sense of peace. I see God in her and I am grateful to know her.� Of course, she did not retire. She is now serving as an archivist for the Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union, Central Province, and has an office next door to the school. Rosemary Kunz served at Ursuline Academy for 10 years as a Math teacher and ambassador for the Global Education program. During her tenure she traveled with co-workers and students to Ursuline schools in Indonesia and France, and also served as a host to one of our teachers from France when they visited us in St. Louis. In the same spirit of St. Angela, she knew each one of her students by name and also knew their stories. While at Ursuline she served as a great listener and problem-solver for her colleagues and for our young women. Rosemary also helped in our retreat program, service trips, and tutored students at The Boys Club, Girls Club with our Mu Alpha Theta students. JoAnn Gallo served at Ursuline Academy for 29 years in the Math department. She also participated in the Kairos retreat program for several years, as well as other student retreats. She was a chaperone for some of our service trips, and she was always available to our students for math help before school, during lunch, and after school. She loved teaching Math and she shared that passion with her students. JoAnn also served as a St. Louis University 1818 instructor for Ursuline Academy for 25 years, as well as AP Calculus. JoAnn also taught in the M.E.G.S.S.S.(Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students) program for many years. She mentored her colleagues in the teaching profession as they entered Ursuline. JoAnn carries the Ursuline spirit in her heart and soul.



15 YEARS Val Elking 20 YEARS Sue Thomasson

10 YEARS Meghan Jones

25 YEARS Jennifer Brooks

30 YEARS June Greer Joseph Master 35 YEARS Barbara Herbst


COLLEGES ATTENDED BY THE CLASS OF 2019 Alvernia University Bradley University Butler University Creighton University Fontbonne University Fordham University Illinois College Indiana University at Bloomington Lindenwood University Long Island University, Post Loyola University Chicago Marquette University Maryville University Missouri State University Missouri University of Science and Technology Murray State University Rockhurst University Saint Louis University San Diego State University Southeast Missouri State University Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville St. Louis Community College Texas Christian University The University of Arizona The University of Iowa Truman State University University of Arkansas University of Central Missouri University of Dayton University of Denver University of Kansas University of Kentucky University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Mississippi University of Missouri Columbia University of Missouri St. Louis University of Tennessee, Knoxville Webster University

Sophie Laposha Valedictorian

Elizabeth Trn Salutatorian, SHARPE Award

Emma LaMartina CLC Award

Lydia Rothkopf Spirit of St. Ursula












Emily Geraghty ’09 The Values of Cultural Competency On April 12, 2019, Emily Geraghty ’09 was inducted into the Missouri Public Affairs Hall of Fame at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. As stated in the recipients announcement, “The five inductees were selected as citizens with a connection to the state of Missouri who serve as examples of global citizens by defining the essence of public affairs, and who have acted consistently for the benefit of others.”

Career Day Establishing Valuable Connections The Alumnae Association hosted the bi-yearly Valuable Connections Career Day for all students on April 3, 2019. More than 30 alumnae guest speakers hosted sessions explaining their careers and their journey to professional success. The day began with a general session led by State Auditor Nicole Rogge Galloway ‘00, then broke off into panels organized by field. Students attended three sessions they were interested in pursuing or learning more about. Each session gave students the chance to engage with professionals in different fields, by asking questions and learning about the specific paths, education, and skills involved in each career. One student said of the day, “It was inspiring to see that Ursuline girls can become anything they want to be and it is okay to set your sights high and strive for a good and rewarding career.” The Alumnae Association will host the next career day in the spring of 2021.

While a student at Ursuline Academy, Geraghty was involved in numerous school activities, but the most shaping among them all was her time in Broadcast. She dedicated countless hours both in and outside of class, learning the equipment and soaking up as much as she could. As stated in her inductee announcement bio, “this interest in visual media continued to grow as she learned the skills of the craft.” Following her graduation from Ursuline Academy, she attended Missouri State University, where she studied mass media/media production. As a student, Geraghty interned in New York City with Logo, Viacom’s LGBT channel, and from there she moved to NYC after graduation in 2013 and accepted a full-time position with MTV. Since her start in NYC, Geraghty has gone on to film, edit, direct, and produce a number of videos for companies including, Allure, Bustle, and Glamour Magazine. Much of her work often focused on identity issues for women and stories of minorities. Her short documentary Pretty Big Movement Destroys Dancer Stereotypes for Iris, won the 2018 People’s Voice Webby Award. Currently Geraghty is a freelance video producer, journalist and photographer. Last year while in St. Louis, she visited and spoke with Ursuline’s Broadcast class to talk about video production and women in the media industry. She shared with students her experiences as a female creator in a predominantly male field, as well as some of her early and current projects, including a series she created and directed for Glamour Magazine entitled, “Women Sizes 0 to 28 in the Same Outfit.” Her latest project told the story of stroke survivor and St. Louis native Randy Miller who, through therapy and joining the Aphasia Bridge Chorus, was able to find his voice again. Through her platform, she has consistently acted for the benefit of others in sharing their stories with the world.

Nora Brooks ’16 Inaugural Recipient of Leadership Scholarship

Spring Hill College made an announcement that Nora Brooks had been named as the recipient of the inaugural Zarzaur Law, P.A. Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a junior who exemplifies attributes of an emerging leader. The scholarship was established in 2018 and its goal is to inspire students to focus on traits such as decisiveness, accountability, confidence and inspiration. Nora is now the President of the Business Club, a cabinet member of the SGA, where she and the President have exciting plans for campus, Vice President of her sorority and a member of the Foley Community Service Center – all while achieving excellent grades with a business major in Management and Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design.

Kalee Huddleston ’12 Doctor of Pharmacy - Creighton

On May 18th of 2019 Kalee Huddleston ’12 graduated from Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions in Omaha, Nebraska with her doctorate in Pharmacy. She was also honored as the recipient of her class with the Dr. J. Chris Bradberry Leadership Award for her excellence in leadership. This summer, Kalee returned to St. Louis to begin pursuing her PGY1 pharmacy residency at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Beth Lynch Vancip ’04 Gloria, Meet Ann Marie

The record for the youngest baby in the Stanley Cup has been set by Ann Marie Vancip, Ursuline Class of 2037, born on June 4, 2019, to parents Clark and Beth Vancip ’04. At just 20 minutes old, Ann Marie broke the record less than a day after the St. Louis Blues beat the Boston Bruins in Game 4 to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history.

Sr. Mary Ann Luth, osu ’38 Celebrating 99 Years

Sr. Mary Ann Luth, osu ’38 (UA principal 1950-1959) enjoyed celebrating her 99th birthday with not only family, and other Ursuline sisters, but with her beloved former students as well. Rosemary Phelan ’57 and Joan Parr Ward ’57 visited with Sr. Mary Ann over lunch and reminiscing at St. Francis Place in Eureka, Missouri this summer.

Ursuline Valuable Connections Connect with us on Facebook Did you know that we have a Facebook Group for Alumnae dedicated to networking, job sharing, and mentorships? Check us out and join today!


Alumnae Spirit Day A New Annual Celebration of Our Alumnae The Alumnae Association continued a new tradition in 2019: Alumnae Spirit Day. It was a full day of celebrating our Ursuline friendships and reconnecting to campus, teachers, and the Ursuline mission. The day began with the “Toast for Tradition” luncheon for alums who celebrated 50 or more years since their Ursuline graduation. Memories, school songs, and many laughs were shared over a champagne toast and coffee from our Bearista Cafe. Tours of campus followed as did our Memorial Mass in the afternoon. Later that evening, live music, food trucks, Narwhal’s Crafted bar, campus tours, spirit shopping, Thelma’s 99th Birthday Bake Sale, and children’s activities filled the night. We were pleased to honor our 2019 Distinguished Alumna, Marilyn Heckwolf Hohner ‘49 in a special ceremony. Those who attended had a lot of fun, and the Alumnae Association is excited to grow the celebrations in the years to come. “What an enjoyable day I had yesterday at Ursuline. Thanks to you and all who were involved in making this event so special for all of us. Looking forward to next year again to celebrate our days at Ursuline.” -Rosann Saracini Swaringim, Class of ’55




10 reunion THE CLASS OF 2009 CELEBRATING IN 2019


15 reunion THE CLASS OF 2004 CELEBRATING IN 2019

20 reunion



70 reunion


50 reunion THE CLASS OF 1969 CELEBRATING IN 2019

55 reunion


60 reunion

Save the date in 2020

Ursuline Alumnae



65 reunion




In Memoriam 2018-2019 This list represents deceased alumnae, family, and members of our Ursuline community reported to our alumnae office from September 2018 through September 2019. To make a report, please send the name, relation, Ursuline relatives, and graduation year(s), to Ursuline Academy. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. To report an error or omission, please contact Kim Vogt at 314-984-2814. Memorial gifts may be made to Ursuline Academy by mailing your gift along with the name of your loved one to: Thelma Hartnett, Ursuline Academy, 341 S. Sappington Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63122. Our Memorial Mass is held annually in the fall, and invitations are mailed to related alumnae and co-workers prior to the Mass. All are welcome.

Charlie Adams Patricia Adler Judy Allhoff Julia “Jill” Bender Bailey ’96 Franke Barkofske Sr. Barbara Becnel, osu Joan Quail Berlinger ’47 William Berwanger Janyce Wesling Beyer ’67 Rose Marie Digrispino Boeckmann ’44 Corelius Brouk Adele Brown Emma Bugger Bob Carpenter Aline Chapman Carver ’40 Joyce Clemens Mary Lou Cochran Edward Cody David Cole Betty Collins ’39 Aurthur Compton Jeff Coudon Carol Crow Joseph “Joe” Cyr Dieter Deuchler Lynne Yelton DiCarlo ’75 Michael DiMercurio Gene Distler Louan Marienau Dolan ’49 Robert Dolan, Jr. Sr. Martin Drouin, osu Matt Drumm Daniel Durney Stephanie Ehart Carolyn Klump Elfrink ’93 Jane Lautenschlager Farrell ’39 Edward William Federhofer Lawrence J. Folk Wonda Forester William Fortwengler Madonna Allhoff Friskel ’67 Michael and Karen Frossard Virginia Linneman Frein ’51 John Gerber Peggy Gilligan Ernst “Buddy” Goldstein Robert Bernard Grashoff Rose Wells Guthier ’49 Frieda Haenchen Mary Jane Smith Haley ’51 Robert Hallahan Jane “Mitch” Mitchellette Hanneken ’48 David Hansch Carol Hansmann Joan Lippelman Harre ’47 Cecelia Teresa Reilly Heidenry ’60 Guy Hohner Rosejoan Kisling Holden ’41 Don Johnson Sr. Colette Jokerst, osu Ruth Jones Ruth Coff Killeen ’48 John Kopolow Joanne Albrecht Krueger ’49 Michael Laughlin Sr. Suzanne Laughlin, O.P.

Mary Jayne Boyd Lorocco ’58 Patricia Walsh Marion ’44 Norbert “Bert” Markway Cheri Massa Patricia Cronin Massot ’46 Jim Mauller Mary Jane McCarthy Patrick Macdonald Shirlene Meyer Robert McKernan Sr. Rosemary Meiman, osu Florence C. Doedie Mizera June Strunk Miller ’65 Martha Meredith Monohan ’62 Clark Mooney Dave Moore Marie Mudd Jean Natsch Raymond Newsham Robert John Nickels Carol Bodlovic Nisbet ’58 Donald Nondorf Barbara Groteke Olsen ’49 Elaine Pace Harold Petry Grace Pflueger Gary Pitzer Ron Beyer Ploesser Zachary Ploesser Loretta Ploesser Margaret Porcelli ’68 Wilber Dean Powell Sr.Mary Margaret Prenger, osu Mary Ann Prives Jackie Greener Puetz ’47 Betty Raible Richard Ramsey Gloria Robbins Elizabeth Renard Ruwitch Eileen Sandweg ’75 Matt Schaeffer William Schicker Kathleen Schoeck ’72 Patrick William Schwartz Colleen Byrnes Sheikh ’59 Sr. Ann Smith, osu Michael Stern Mary Stockmann Joan Dodge Sweeney ’56 Emily Jane Szafarz Mary Ann Willett Tantillo ’61 Barbara Thompson Timothy Thornton LaVerne Turner Ana Maria “Nany” Vigil Elizabeth “Cooky” Ruemker Walsh ’72 Mary Jeanne Steuver Wehner ’44 Nancy Kay Wilson Juanita “Nita” Winton Don Wittich Sr. Wilma Wittman, osu Beth Classe Ziegler - 1968 Most Reverend Paul A. Zipfel Darlene Edwards Zoll ’56




2018-2019 Revenue

8.2% 12.7% 76.5%


Tuition and Fees

2.4% 0.2%

Inkind Donations


Auxiliary Program


Fundraising Income


Investment Income/(Loss)





2018-2019 Expenses Instructional Program Auxiliary Program


Management & General





$4,716,178 $526,315 $1,653,923 $351,130


2018-2019 Gross Fundraising Revenue


26.3% 12.5%


Annual Giving




Designated Gifts


Other Fundraising Events






URSULINE ACADEMY ANNUAL GIVING Ursuline Academy honors our donors through recognition in an annual honor roll celebrating the generosity of alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends. Their gifts support Academy operations, fund scholarships and faculty resources, and help secure Ursuline’s future. The following donors made a pledge or gift from July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.

Heritage Society The Heritage Society honors alumnae, parents, and friends who have invested in Ursuline Academy’s future through planned gifts. These gifts include bequest provisions in a will or trust, gifts of life insurance and beneficiary designations. We are eternally grateful to those who have made arrangements that endure beyond their own lifetimes. Judy Anderson Kathryn Karleskint Blumenkamp ’56 Kathleen Jones Cochran ’43 Thelma Hartnett Kathleen Wilnes Herring ’69 Challen Cody Koch ’49 Pat Lallinger ’71



= Deceased

Cheryl Linebaugh ’63 Eugene and Cindy Morgenthaler Jim and Terri Rogan Helen Georgopolous Ruesch ’51 James and Jane Springgate Hildehard Wardle Ruth Ellen Wieder ’43




Leadership Giving Society Membership in the leadership giving societies is extended to donors with an annual contribution total of $1,000 or more. Contributions made by leadership donors may be directed to any fund.

St. Angela Society +$10,000

Carl and Kelly Dunigan Imo ’87 Merry Kweiter ’89 Thomas and Denise Murphy Jackie Greener Puetz ’47 Manuel Silva and Laura Cusumano Raymond and Ann Wagner

Brescia Society $5,000 - $9,999

Eric and Brenda Long Vincent Garozzo and Michelle Murray ’90 Daniel O’Neill Daniel and Donna O’Toole Josephy and Renea Raible Colleen Raley Steve and Sue Patton Remspecher ’72 Sr. Leandra Schaller O.S.F. ’66 Troy and Kristine Schuster William and Gail Sherman Jane Reckamp Springgate ’49 Jeffrey and Leslie Steele Chris and Renee Stein Russell and Clare Ann Maguire Wick ’69 Jason and Deborah Weil Wilbur ’90

Anonymous William and Gay Appelbaum Bernyce Wesling Christiansen ’60 Thelma Hartnett

Anonymous Mark and Deanna Broughton William and Kelly Dulle Thomas and Vicki Werkmeister Dunn ’69 Michael and Lisa Frederick Dale Gould and Joan Raumschuh Gary and Carla Grewe Rachel Hedgecorth ’10 Carl Heumann Craig and Antoinette Joyce Hunt ’79 Thomas and Jane Monfort Johans ’71 Jan Lewis

Companions Society $1,000 - $4,999

Michael and Barb Beck Adams ’89 Judith Anderson Robert and Sally Chisholm Backer ’73 Stephen and Jill Wayant Balee’ ’95 Edward and Karen Barfield David and Carole McQuade Bartnett ’68 Dianne and Richard Basler Terry and Gerard Bava David and Jennifer Belrose Tyler and Kelly Horn Bender ’02 David and Beth Bender Madonna Christen Berry ’54 Timothy and Susan Ries Bingaman ’84 Rodger and Deborah Mecker Bloch ’64 William Bobnar William and Erin Brasser Robert and Kathleen Wehking Breeding ’84 David and Kathleen Broughton Steve and Susan Broun Jared and Emily Janovec Bryson ’02 Mary Fortwengler Burke ’64 Vincent and Marianne Burkemper Julie Chauvin ’87 Mara Pfile Clayton ’99 Brandon and Valari Clough Amy Wessel Corbin ’99 Laura Crandall Christopher and Cara Frigerio Davis ’04 James and Stephanie Davis



Benjamin and Jennifer Lueken Delf ’95 John and Mary Scherrer Dornhoffer ’80 David and Gayle Dryden Christopher and Diane Effer Patricia Egan Ronald and Denise Basler Essmyer ’83 Thomas and Kathy Fagan John and Melanie Fechter Thad and Patricia Costello Fenton ’76 Kenneth and Judy Austin Figge ’67 Christopher Frein James and Angie Griffin Ganninger ’87 Consuelo and Jorge Garcia Brenda Gavin DJ and Christine Gidionsen Brian and Jennifer Grant Daniel and Kimberly Groneck Michael and Joan Puetz Hannegan ’82 Heather Hannegan ’12 Willard and Mary Ann Freihaut Hannon ’89 Jim and Lisa VanHoogstraat Hannon ’89 Patricia Witt Harris ’62 John and Susan Hartnett Tim and Maureen Heidenry Margaret Hesse ’85 Thomas Hessel Jeff and Leslie Higgs Phyllis Reilly Hippenmeyer ’45 Jim Hudson Ken and Janet Wehner Janovec ’73 Dave Jockenhoefer

John and Mary Bull Johnson ’70 Steve and Jennifer Pinon Juan ’96 Kara Karraker Steve and Katie Balek Kempf ’01 Patty Kernell Jean Kiburz ’79 Bryan and Suzanne King Robert and Barbara Hunkins Kinsella ’67 Dolores Borgmeyer Klaesner ’60 Chuck and Kristin Koenig Jr. John and Anne Elli Krumrey ’77 Bruce and Linda Boyer Kunz ’68 John and Lisa Laaker Daniel and Karen Laposha Brad and Jennifer Laspe Robert and Jennifer Stewart Laux ’86 Christopher and Tracy Pitzer Lawhorn ’89 Michael and Janet Leigh Martin and Susan Puetz Lenihan ’71 John and Kim Lewis James and Ellen Lewis Stephen Lewis Todd and Tina Liberto Charles and Geri Maas Mark and Patricia Hofmeister Mantovani ’72 David Maret Joette and Carla Hoffman Martin ’70 Jeff and Sue Martini Jeff and Cindy Mash Angie Mather Pete and Dena Basler McCaffrey ’88


ANNUAL GIVING Pat McKinnis Gerald McNeive Joseph and Diane Smith Melloy ’76 Shawn Gahring and Candace Metz-LonginetteGahring Michael and Brenda Miano Eugene and Cindy Morgenthaler Thomas and Ann Morrow David and Suzanne Hartman Morton ’73 David and Elizabeth Mueller Janet and Dean Mueller Brian and Devin Hallahan Mueller ’98 Robert and Patricia Nance Jessica Janovec Neuman ’03 Dennis and Mary Cognac O’Neill ’76 Katie Ortwert Brian and Michelle Patterson Brian and Anna Pawlak Michael and Meghan Ploesser Jeffrey and Teri Powell John and Susan Quante Frank and Laurie Rebholz III Patrick and Sue Jochens Reilly ’81 Paul and Lisa Reiss

Jim and Terri Rogan Michael and Anastasia Rothkopf Chris and Diane Ruzicka Matthew and Christina Sander Charles and Christina Schaeffer Jeff and Marilyn Schneider Jon and Lisa Barton Schulte ’76 John and Stephanie Schweiss Kenneth and Lynn Seise Guy and Shannon Sextro Donald and Brenda Skosky Peggy Slater Brian and Kimberly Sneed Scott and Krista Stephan Daniel and Ann Sutter Christopher and Katherine Swingle Steve and Patricia O’Brien Szymczak ’72 Robert and Sue Thomasson Jeff and Eileen Townsend Patrick and Jane Tracy John and Lara Traina Jason and Erin Rieck Valentine ’95 Rick and Kim Vogt Dawn Weinhardt ’90

Raymond and Nicole Morton Weston ’98 Keith and Tamara Whitlock Steve and Lawana Wichmann Kevin and Holly McGoff Wiesehan ’89 Susan Wilson ’77 Ivan Schraeder and Anna Marie Wingron Karl and Kathryn Winkelmann Nancy Wojcicki ’74 Paul and Rose Wuennenberg Kenneth and Beverly Beach Young ’69 Robert and Joan Ottenlips Zilch ’82

All Gifts Under $999

Terry and Rita Andres James and Carol Kochanski Andrew ’83 Thomas and Paula Andrew Lynn Andrews Dennis and Marta Colantino Anglim ’69 Anonymous Paul and Michelle Althoff Antico ’87 Elizabeth Appelbaum ’22 James and Michelle Arand Ralph and Olivia Arand William and Ellyn Hellwig Armstrong ’71 Deborah Artman ’93 Diane Schaber Ash ’68 Abigail Ashrafzadeh ’20 Sarah Ashrafzadeh ’22 Elaine Schindler Atkinson ’59 Marcia Schaber Atkinson ’71 Thomas and Jodie Auble Richard and Jane Uxa Baalmann ’79 Brian Backer Mary Hoffman Baczynski ’72 William and Kathleen Miles Bain ’63 Chloe Baize ’20 Ellen Baldus ’20 Rose Baldus ’22 Michael and Marisue Balek Dennis and Cindy Behr Ballany ’68 Keith and Jacqueline Greco Ballard ’89 Honora Bannes ’20 Kelly Bannister ’08 Elizabeth Huesgen Banta ’77 Mark and Diane Weisbrod Barbeau ’77 Laura Barfield ’22 Kevin Barger Benjamin and Tammy Barnes Leah Barnes ’22 Sr. Ann Barrett, OSU ’63 John and Bonnie Barrett ’59

Robert and Sharyn Leighton Barrett ’66 David and Anne Barringhaus Lindsey Barringhaus ’22 Howard and Kathy Leahey Barthelmass ’68 Lynn Bartnett ’89 Elizabeth Barton ’04 Richard and Rosalie Dresner Baudendistel ’50 Kaylee Bauman ’20 John and Michele Bauman Lena Baur ’20 Dorothea Bean Robert and Therese Becherer Dennis and Mary Jo Uxa Becker ’75 Robert and Verla Becnel Jim and Kathy Paasch Bednarek ’77 Douglas and Maureen Malone Beermann’67 Mark and Mary Murphy Belgeri ’79 John and Patrice Arns Bell ’77 Meghan Belrose ’22 Francine Benoist ’21 Pierre and Kathleen Benoist Margaret O’Connell Benton ’64 Jeffery Bertram Thomas Bertts Lilly Bettag ’19 Colleen Mulligan Bettger ’09 Mary Bingaman ’19 Jane Tunze Bird ’66 Abigail Biscan ’19 Michael and Catherine Wetter Bisch ’83 Garrett and Susan Raidt Bland ’68 Jane Blanke ’73 Christine Blase ’68 Frank and Patricia Camenzind Blood ’47 Michael and Joan Nesselhauf Boelter ’79 Sara Boelter ’19 Brad and Whitney Boessen Cheryl Boessen

Anonymous Steven and Jana Abbadessa Mary Elizabeth Abbott ’76 Marc and Michelle Abel Samantha Abel ’17 Kaitlyn Abkemeier ’22 Steve and Susan Madras Abling ’67 Stephen and Patricia Holloran Ackerman ’76 Isabella Adams ’22 Mellissa Adams Rebecca Adams ’17 Shawn Adelmann Alexandria Adrian ’21 Doug and Tricia Adrian Jean Agathen ’70 Susan Qualls Agniel ’96 Ted Agniel Colleen Ahrens ’13 Christine Albert ’95 Milton and Kay Albert William and Julie Jasper Alessi ’75 Roy and Colleen McGovern Allen ’12 Jeffrey and Kathy Christian Allen ’88 Tracey Hurst Allen ’84 Henry Allhoff Donna Altepeter Devin and Kirsten Altomari Olivia Altomari ’21 Paul and Aimee Barton Alton ’92 Ana and Rosario Alvarez Dennis and Mary Anderson Douglas Anderson Gabrielle Anderson ’19 Joseph and Claudia Anderson Robert and Mary Fabian Anderson ’77


= Deceased

Meredith Boessen Olivia Boessen ’22 John Bommarito Linda Kay Book ’65 Edwin and Dorothy Mitchellette Booth ’44 Michael and Kerry Dyer Borawski ’92 Jeff and Jennifer Graves Borcherding ’92 Timothy and Maureen Hanlon Bosch ’80 Mike and Liz Bothmann Burt and Jane Welches Bovee ’54 William and Catherine Roach Bowey ’81 Rita Bollwerk Bowles ’49 Norman and Pam Bradenberg Thomas and Sandra Eichhorn Bradley ’60 Caitlin Brasser ’22 Mark Bratkowski Mary Bratzler Paul and Carol Reis Brauner ’56 Gabrielle Breeding ’22 Grace Breeding ’19 Sr. Rita Ann Bregenhorn Patrick and Shannon Durney Breheny ’90 David and Sally Britton Bretsch ’81 Lauren Bretscher ’19 Matthew and Lisa Bretscher Quinn Brewster ’22 Steven and Morgan Kloster Brewster ’92 Phillip and Christine Guilfoy Brick ’81 Kristine Brill Douglas and Jo Castellano Brockhaus ’64 Ronald and Dolores Rice Brockman ’71 Deborah Brooker ’66 Donald and Jennifer Brooks Nora Brooks ’16 Lon and Kerry Broske Josephine Broun ’22 Emerson Brown ’22 Ted and Jenifer Jost Broyles ’91 David and Angie Brumfield Francine Brungardt ’78 Maria Bruno ’09 John and Kathy Smith Bryan ’76 Joseph and Mary Nolan Bryant ’68 Mark and Anita Buechel Cindy Oldani Burch ’76 Anne Burkemper ’22 Ben and Sarah Burkemper Donald and Elaine McManemin Burrus ’53 Steve and Anna O’Donnell Burton ’72 Philip and Jan Bushnell Jill and Keith Buske Erin Butler Bill and Joann Butler Maureen Butler Jean Byron Matt and Angela McCotter Cafferata ’03 Lisa Calandro ’86 Michael and Mary Jaeger Callahan ’71 David and Patty Smith Campbell ’71 Christina Sondermann Capizzi ’98 John and Deborah Suntrup Capps ’73 James and Amy Greteman Card ’80 Maggie McCart Carlton ’03 Pedro and Susana Carrillo Richard Carver Aron and Katherine Eickmeyer Casey ’01 Christine Kraemer Cassilly ’72

Sarah Oathout Castellano ’07 Bartolomeo and Debbie Busackino Castelli ’75 Sr. Lois Castillon, OSU ’60 David and Anne Castro Ella Castro ’21 Jennifer Caton Sophia Caton ’20 Dennis and Peggy Leclair Cavanagh ’69 Christopher and Jaime Cavato Maria Cavato ’21 Pete and Pat Cavato Clay and Carol Dorlac Chapman ’60 Michael and Cynthia Koller Chapman’82 John and Peggy Chapman Todd and Holly Chapman Martha Chapo ’77 Jeffrey and Kimberly Auer Cheak ’94 John and Robin Chestnas Julianna Chestnas ’22 Jacquelyn Childress ’02 James and Judy Childress Patricia Cronin Christian ’55 Kevin and Donna Christiansen Kathryn Christiansen ’22 Jane Christman Phil and Kathy Chronister Joseph and Rhonda Cichelero Victoria Cichelero ’19 Charles and Robyn Cioffi Teresa Quante Cissi ’04 Betty Clark Stephen and Carol Schutz Classe ’60 Margaret Classe ’70 Charles and Antoinette Clayton Olivia Clough ’21 Maryanna McMullan Coad ’49 Mary Cochran-Elkin Kathryn Cody ’20 Michael and Mary Kaye Cody Lauren Cole ’19 Beverly Coleman ’77 Kaitlyn Collora ’20 Thomas and Susan Collora III Kent and Bernardine Puricelli Compton ’60 Clare Connelly ’44 Charles and Julie Conrey Robert and Elaine Gough Conway ’78 Quinn Cook ’21 Margaret Luth Cooper ’74 Thomas and Joan Palumbo Costello ’71 Jamie Kloster Cotter ’94 Gary and Roberta Burkhardt Courtin ’62 Mary Cox Michael and Lynn Creamer Sarah Creamer ’21 Sheila Bulfin Creecy ’67 Jarred and Jessica Marshall Crouch ’95 Maria Alonso Yague Cummins ’77 Amy Westmeyer Cunningham ’88 Dominic Curcuru Mark and Caroline Mannion Currin ’79 Emily Dacus ’22 John and Katie Mallon D’Agostino ’98 Katherine Dailey Kimberly Darcy ’02 Michael and Susan Darcy Patricia O’Brien Darlington ’69

Jane Darrish Richard and Bridget Berry Davis ’79 Dustin and Loreen Brady Davis ’98 Geroge and Mary Ellen Shea Davis ’67 George and Janet Smith Dean ’72 Charles and Meggan Hallahan Decker ’94 Charlize Decker ’22 Charles and Nancy Decker Dominic and Molly DeClue Mary DeClue ’20 Robert and Mary DeClue Meghan DeClue ’22 Matthew DeFranks Todd and Elizabeth DeGrand Christine LaBlaine DeHart ’65 Kristen Janovec Deiters ’06 Francis and Genevieve DelRosario Theresa DelRosario ’22 Ronald and Sheila O’Brien DeMand ’81 Charles and Laura Dennison Elizabeth Desits ’13 Alland and Marybeth Hoey Desloge ’70 Julie Desmond Edwin and Linda Desmond Jack and Sheilah Downey Desrocher ’74 Gregory and Cathy Deutsch Glen and Patti Deutsch Jean DeVoto Monica Jones Dickens ’63 Jenny Dickhans James and Ellen Armbruster Dillon ’73 Bob and Linda Gal Dimitrijevich ’73 Stephen and Christina Ortwein Dinga ’96 Lia DiPiazza ’21 Vince and Sabrina Vitale DiPiazza ’94 Bruce and Rose Mary Wuschke Diringer ’62 Gary and Kathleen Kelly Dishno ’82 Joyce Puetz DiStefano ’78 Jenna Distler ’19 Steven and Judy Dodd Darlene Doerr Louis and Rosemary Kisling Doerr ’42 Patrick and Denise Zoellner Dolan ’77 Louan Marienau Dolan ’49 Sr. Mary Ann Dooling, OSU John and Rosemary Power Downes ’51 Robert and Dawn Landholt Downey ’86 Mark Smith and Mary Downing-Smith ’73 Daniel and Sally Browne Drago ’92 Elizabeth Dreyer ’12 Stephen and Melissa Kempfer Dreyer ’83 James and Carrie Duenwald Jenna Duenwald ’20 Clayton and Barbara Roberts Duff ’63 Faith Duncan ’22 Kent and Laura Duncan John and Anne Graf Dunlap ’70 Emily Dunn ’20 Kiera Dunne ’21 Maria Duran Garcia ’19 Jared and Patricia Ulrich Durbin ’93 Delbert and Judith Durham Teresa Niemeier Dwyer ’00 Virginia Nelson Eades ’61 Dan and Patricia Eagan Darin and Amy Ohlendorf Eakle ’88



ANNUAL GIVING Lindsey Eakle ’20 Garrett and Kathleen Murphy Eardley ’03 David and Kelley Barry Earickson ’89 James and Mary Ann Miller East ’56 Jamie Schuette Ebel ’08 Dorothy Ebeling Gerald and Susan Eddens Hannah Ederle ’21 John and Linda Ederle Margaret Ederle ’15 Steve and Maureen Flick Ederle ’84 Elizabeth Edmunds ’20 Harlyn and Jane Rath Effan ’75 Sheila Effan ’95 Emily Effer ’14 Molly Effer ’19 Molly Eggleston ’11 Richard and Jill Eichwald David Elfrink Linda Elking Joseph and Valerie Elking Kathleen Hannegan Elliott ’08 Shannon Orlando Elliott ’98 Brian and Jennifer Daus Ellsworth ’95 Mary Anne Erbs Timothy and Diana Appelhans Erickson ’71 Marie Erickson Marlene Ernst Tammy Estopare Grace Evanoski ’21 Edward and Jill Evanoski Erin Fagan ’21 Molly Fagan ’22 Gloria Fairchild Sean and Heather Fanning Loghan Fanning ’19 Willam and Frances McDonnell Farrell ’46 Michael and Patricia Nauert Favier ’60 Mary Fechter ’20 Dan and Patricia Feder Elizabeth Feely ’64 Anne Feeney Emma Feeney ’21 James Feeney Kim and Patty McCoy Fehrenbacher ’73 Kent and Nancy Weiss Felix ’68 Joanne Ferguson Kristen Figge Fred and Christine Schultz Filsinger ’72 James and Tamara Finder Rick and Susan Barnes Finley ’76 Orville and Susan Wilson Finnigan ’64 Gina Fiordelsi ’81 John and Mary Steck Fitzgerald ’65 Daniel and Stephanie Fitzgerald John Fitzsimmons Helene Flaherty Rose Marie Deichmann Fleming ’63 Lawrence and Susan Michaelree Fletcher ’66 Terrence Flynn Zack and Leah Renaud Folk ’11 Nina Folsom Kevin and Kristine Forbes Linda Vogt Forthaus ’81


= Deceased

David and Elizabeth Foshage Heidi Fox ’22 Morgan Franke ’22 Timothy Franke Natalie Fraser ’19 Daniel and Wendy Fraser Paul and Carol Raidt Frattini ’77 Edward and Camden Freesmeier Megan Freesmeier ’19 Elizabeth Frein ’22 Emma Frein ’18 William and Virginia Linneman Frein ’51 Bradley and Jane Johnson Frick ’80 Elisabeth Friedhoff ’20 Maggie Friedhoff Dawn Friedmann Marissa Friedmann ’21 David Friskel Todd and Cathleen Birkenmeier Fuchs ’82 John Furdek Christopher and Jill Casey Gainer ’83 Heidi Gale ’22 Walter and Kimberly Gale Joe and JoAnn Gallo Nicole Rogge Galloway ’00 James and Shannon McCormick Gansner ’92 Jessica Garcia ’19 Paul and Patricia Sullivan Garcia ’63 James and Mary Gardner Lillian Gardner ’21 Maria Gargiula ’20 Thomas and Sue Gargiula Gracie Gates ’19 Earl and Maureen Gates Patricia Fechter Gates ’99 Robert Gau Thomas Gau Jeff and Natalie Pequignot Geerling ’01 Marilyn Ward Gellhausen ’53 James and Karen Kesler Gender ’74 Molly Gerhardt ’19 Annie Gidionsen ’20 Mikaelyn Gil ’22 John and Bridget Gilbert Carol Bastable Gingrich ’81 Tony and Patricia Reiner Gioia ’55 Mark and Patricia Emmett Gisi ’74 Carla Gitto ’02 Joseph and Joan Wuschke Gleich ’68 Elsie Beck Glickert ’43 John and Susan Schlueter Gloss ’77 Robert and Debbie Sauder Goeke ’71 James and Elizabeth Halbruegger Goldkamp ’50 Andrew and Kristen Goldkamp Richard and Melanie Goldstein Sally Goldstein Allison Golomski ’17 Anna Gonsalves ’19 Tom and Laura Gonsalves Robert and Anne Fechter Goodwillie ’79 Jeffrey and Nicole Kozeny Gorczyca ’01 James and Diane Engelhardt Gorman ’77 John and Kate Gough Paul and Jean Grana


Debra and Michael Granada Donald and Marlene Grant Mary Grant ’22 Elizabeth Green Greg and June Greer Joe Lopinot and Mary Greteman’75 Todd Greubel Maureen Grider ’67 Timothy and Jill Talbot Griffard ’76 Doug and Mary Griggs Elaina Groneck ’22 Michael Gross Joseph and Patricia Meredith Gross ’73 Margaret Krisay Grotpeter ’60 Edward and Teddy Behr Gruener ’67 John and Jane Calacci Guenther ’76 Carla Oldani Guignon ’79 John and Nancy Kessler Guilfoy ’77 Michael and Pat Barrett Guletz ’71 Ann Gunn ’21 David and Jackie Olliges Gunn ’78 Michael and Mona Gunn Chrisell Guthrie Christopher and Lisa Ruzicka Hackett ’84 Janet Haddad Emily Haffner ’19 Jim and Gina Haffner Thomas and Sue Haffner David and Kate Nolan Hagan ’70 James and Peggy Hall John and Marsha Hallahan Bridgett Hamilton ’20 Tom and Mary Ann Murphy Hamm ’80 Mia Hampel ’22 Thomas Hampton Robert Hannegan William and Judith Hecker Hansen ’70 James Harkey Gary and Susan Weisenburg Harrawood ’67 Susan Harris ’64 Kenneth and Julie Hartenstein Brennan and Regina Hartin Julia Hartmann ’80 Chloe Hayes ’20 Robert Hayes Steven Hayes Michael Heck Katherine Heidenry ’22 Heidi Heischmidt ’13 Tom and Tina Heischmidt Gerard Helbling Jay and Karen Tichacek Helfrich ’66 John and Andy Thibault Hellebusch ’75 Greg and Joan Hempen Kathleen Hensler Richard and Karen Downer Herbert ’76 Barbara Herbst Carol Herre ’67 Norville and Margaret Herrell Jr. Mary Herries ’12 Jim and Maureen Walsh Herrmann ’77 Eric and Carissa Hess Jim Hetland Billie Heumann


Mark and Kelly Keran Hewlett ’84 Elaine Hezel ’80 Mary Anne Curran Hieb ’73 Katherine Higgins ’20 Laurie Higgins ’77 Thomas and Diane Higgins III Annie Higgs ’22 Larry and Kathy Kimmich Hill ’68 Sophia Hilmes ’19 Erin Hinshaw ’19 Linda Hinshaw Joseph and Katharine Thaman Hochmuth ’94 John and Patricia Flannery Hocken ’61 Margaret Hodge ’21 Matthew and Molly Hodge Dale and Ann Mackay Hoette ’78 Lauren Hoffman Steven and Sarah Kueper Hoffman ’99 Shannon Goebel Hoffman ’00 William and Jennifer Stein Hoffmann ’83 Shannon Hoffmann ’13 Chris Milford Hoffmeyer ’76 Marilyn Heckwolf Hohner ’49 Mike and Linda Emmett Holdinghaus ’71 Daniel and Jenny Lukeman Hollabaugh ’76 Michael and Kelly Hollander Jesse and Pat Brouder Holmes ’84 Mary Beth Logger Hopfinger ’66 Katherine Horack ’19 Stephen and Lori Horack Barbara Peters Horn ’53 Bradley and Patricia Taylor Hornburg ’66 Dennis and Carole Utterback Horstmann ’71 Sr. Maria Goretti Hotop, OSU ’52 Margaret Houghland ’20 Robert and Anne Kuethe Houghland ’88 Bradley and Jane Werkmeister Hove ’81 Emily Howard ’19 Barbara Anderson Hrubes ’64 William and Kathleen Cernicek Hubecky ’57 Kathleen Hubeli ’19 David and Lisa Hubeli Mark and Susan Huck John and Deborah Simon Hudson’82 J. M. Huether Eileen Raubach Huth ’66 Jane Hutsey Paul Hutsey Thomas and Joyce Myerscough Hyland ’52 David and Roberta McCullough Imig ’66 Carol Imo ’86 Michael and Tina Indelicato Richard and Nancy Sanders Isenmann ’81 Brett and Amy Van Hoogstraat Jackson ’92 Claire Vatterott Jackson ’06 Julie Maguire Jackson ’72 Kathleen Muldoon Jackson ’93 Nancy Feicht Jaeger ’76 Lee and Sharon Koenigsfeld Jaggie ’66 Kevin and Robin James James and Elizabeth Merritt Jarka ’00 John and Teresa Jellison Edward and Margaret Jesser Sue Saracini Jochens ’57 Larry and Deborah Garwitz Johnson ’69 Thomas and Etta Johnson Sara Johnson

Michael and Barbara Haug Jones ’66 Liz Jones Robert and Mary Kay Pace Jones ’86 Meghan Jones Morgan Jones ’21 Sean and Renate Miller Jones ’88 Eric and Tracie Johnson Jones ’04 Beth Jones Thacker Ford and Diane Bode Joseph ’68 Michael and Paula Fadness Jung ’82 Michael Peterson and Kathleen Kaiman ’66 Edward and Carla Kaiser Hannah Kaiser ’20 Jane Bokamper Kaiser ’67 James and Amy Johnson Kaller ’97 Kristin Bruns Keane ’67 Lee and Jacquelyn Kearney Heather Kellogg ’92 Christopher and Elizabeth Sanchez Kemp ’94 Anthony and Angela Casey Kennedy ’79 Nancy Kiburz ’80 Patrick and Maureen Guilfoy Kiely ’71 Elizabeth Kim ’21 Bret and Angie Clemens Kimes ’83 Irene Hughes Kincaid ’60 Chris and Margareat Wilmes King ’75 Michelle King Mike and Jane Kinstler Whalen ’90 Benjamin and Christine Kirchoff Sydney Kirchoff ’20 Martin and Lynne Kirner Gary and Virginia Kirwin Clare Kisner ’21 Jimmy and Susie Kisner Brooke Kittner ’22 Robert Kittner and Johanna Kittner Luana Klabunde Carol Declue Klahr ’55 Terri Klaus Daniel and Ann McSorley Kleitsch ’89 Joseph Kliethermes John and Susan Rothkopf Klipsch ’80 Celia Giltinan Kneip ’74 Paul and Judith Carnoske Knese ’59 Mike and Carol Kruse Kniesche ’77 Sally Wilson Knight ’69 Leonard and Helen Knobbe Mark Viod and Janet Knobbe ’76 Patrick and Susan Hittler Knoll ’69 Kevin and Cheryll Knopf Lindsay Knopf ’21 Paul and Challen Cody Koch ’49 Michael and Rosalind Calcaterra Koenen ’57 Paul and Marie Kohl Mary Kohlberg ’22 Rose Kohlberg ’20 Amanda Kohne ’20 Daniel and Teresa Kohne Cathy Uxa Kopp ’69 Donna Korando Patricia Flowers Kosmal ’49 Patrick and Susan Radomski Kozeny ’85 Anna Kozlowski ’22 Christa Marie Kozlowski ’78 Christine Kozlowski ’70 Dan and Jane Kozlowski Janet Kramer

Ronald and Marilyn Dreher Kramer ’74 Tim and Christine Santacruz Kraus ’85 Katherine Kraus ’19 David Krawczyk Elliott and Laurie Durham Krejci ’94 Wilfred and Margaret Turner Krenn ’99 Richard and Jeri Garavaglia Krieger ’73 John and Kristin Kuchem Ella Kuehnle ’22 Casey Kumberlin Tore and Rosemary Kunz James Laaker Sara Laaker ’14 Sophia Laaker ’21 Sharon Krewson LaBarge ’68 Wayde and Suzanne Suntrup LaFond ’78 Marianne Lakin Daniel and Rosemary Michaelree Lakin ’73 Patricia Lallinger ’71 Anna LaMartina ’21 Emma LaMartina ’19 Joseph LaMartina Robert LaMear Gene and Barbara Reiner Lane ’57 Barb Lang Mary McDermott Lang ’78 Robert and Barbara Reilly Langan ’84 Richard Lange David and Suzanne Einig LaPlante ’71 Sophie Laposha ’19 Sr. Mary Lapping, OSU ’60 Barrett Laspe ’21 Ronald and Ellen Jackson Lauber ’73 Joan Smith Lauer ’66 Colleen Laughlin ’80 Michael Pendergast and Patricia Laughlin ’67 Kevin Laury Carla Marshall Lauver ’99 Margaret Laux ’21 B.L. and Roberta Pfeiffer Laventure ’53 Mark and Janet Alessi Lawder ’78 Paige Lawhorn ’21 Gregory and Elizabeth Lawson David and Leake William and Janine Mullen L’Ecuyer ’89 Janice Fleming Lee ’76 Robert and Mary McKendry Lee ’72 Emily Lehmann ’19 David and Sharron Lehnert Courtney Leigh ’21 Gary Leindecker Elizabeth Lemberger Mary Lenihan Michael and Annie Lenz Elienne Lenz ’21 Timothy and Susan Leon Sr. Martin and Teresa Leos Sophia Leos ’22 Genevieve Leritz Jane Leritz ’19 Joseph and Francine Leritz Peter and Pamela Leritz Michael and Beth Masterson Letkewicz ’75 Jeffrey Lewis Sr. Mary Ellen Lewis, FSM ’51 Ashley Liberto ’19 Jeanne Licari ’95


ANNUAL GIVING Otto Lickenbrock Kenneith and Beth Landholt Lindner ’82 Anna Lindwedel ’22 Phil and Antoinette Lindwedel Cheryl Linebaugh ’63 Mark and Jenny Linomaz Lauren Linomaz ’21 Randy and Lynn Lipson Emma Llewellyn ’21 Ron and Maria Llewellyn Rita Hoppmann Lochhead ’80 Anastasia Long ’20 Sr. Pauline Lorch, OSU ’55 Jim and Kathleen Flynn Lord ’67 Gary Lucas Charles and Margaret Fechter Lucier ’73 Kevin and Kathy Bell Lueders ’73 Charles and Mary Luntz Sr. Mary Ann Luth, OSU ’38 Joe and Natalie Romeo Lutkewitte ’02 Jim and Sue Macke Larry Magee Elizabeth Mager ’07 Julia Mager ’02 Nancy Mager Stephen and Margaret Mager Therese Mager ’05 Mary Maguire Sally Maguire ’76 Jane Maher Margaret Burns Maier ’43 Thomas and Mary Jo Utterback Mance ’66 Aimee Mankus Mike and Sharon Mantia Sophia Mantia ’21 Lucy Maret ’20 Catherine Marino ’10 John and Nancy Marino Nathan and Angie Markway Marcella Markway ’22 Michael and Nancy McCormick Marley ’66 Doug and Chris Mars Donald Martin Mary Tringale Martin ’88 Madison Martini ’21 Addison Masek ’21 Jeff and Margaret Masek Meredith Matthes ’20 Bob May Richard and Judy Harris Mayer ’61 Megan Mazdra ’22 Josh and Jennifer McCabe Jenna McCauley ’20 Jim and Jan Sandbrink McCausland ’71 Nancy McClellan Douglas and Julie Koelzer McCloskey ’66 Barry McClure Kevin and Gwen Werkmeister McComy ’74 Patricia McCormick ’70 Colleen McCorry Rebecca McDermott Natalie McDonald ’18 Thomas and Dorothy Hopfinger McEvilly ’62 Robert and Maureen McGrath ’66 Michael and Anne Dyer McGuire ’69


= Deceased

Michael and Anne Wehner McKitrick ’69 Thomas McKitrick Patricia McLendon Ellen Jaeger McMahon ’68 Katherine McManus ’20 Patrick and Stacy Barton McManus ’82 Patricia Moriarity McNally ’67 Brian and Regina Reynolds McNamara ’84 Catherine McNeive ’60 Timothy and Mary McWay Shelby Mead ’21 John and Marylou Camenzind Meagher ’56 Kathleen Mehan ’21 Mark and Debra Redeker Mehner ’73 Amy Meier ’01 Gabriella Meier ’22 William and Deborah Yung Meister ’73 Jeffrey and Cynthia Wagner Mentel ’78 Thomas and Pam Merker Richard and Kristi Boehmer Metter ’89 Judith Metz Longinette Meredith Metzger Nicole Metzler ’08 Anne Meyer Bryan and Kasey Kloster Meyer ’93 Lillian Meyer ’22 Robert Spragg and Marianita Meyer ’69 David and Mary Pat D’Agostino Meyer ’87 Olivia Meyer ’19 Robert Meyer Sandra Meyer Faith Meyers ’20 Terry Reich Meystrik ’54 Bella Miano ’21 Michela Miano ’19 Mark and Lisa Miceli Standage ’00 Kathleen Michalski ’22 Margaret Michalski ’21 Mark and Mary Michalski Tim and Tracey Delanty Michel ’86 Richard and Terese Martin Michniok ’77 Douglas and Kim Viehmann Milford ’79 Abigail Miller ’20 Dennis and Marilyn Matt Miller ’66 Ellen Mills ’04 Mark and Linda Heinlein Miner ’88 David and Kathleen Minnelli Madeline Minnelli ’20 Anthony and Sally Holdman Miskiewicz ’82 Rita Allhoff Mitchell ’65 William and Rita Mitchell Donald and Constance Benoist Moellenhoff ’66 David and Susan Moellering Jules and Clarice King Moise ’86 Marc and Maureen McCaffrey Montgomery ’95 Elizabeth Moody Sr. Margaret Moore, OSU John and Carolyn Schildz Moran ’83 Robert Morfeld Lawerence and Mary Jorgen Morini ’67 Craig and Amy Heimos Morris ’82 Mike and Patti Klingel Morrison’77 Sylvia Morton James and Patricia Jorgen Motacki ’81 Barbara Mottin

Thomas and Kathleen Fechner Mudd ’81 Kathleen Mudd ’19 Ann Mueller Robert and Christine Chomyk Mueller ’66 Thomas and Maureen Bannister Mueller ’81 Craig Mulcahy Michael and Joan Mullen Jaylene Murphy Cecelia Boyer Myers ’66 Nancy Dominguez Myers ’51 Alison Myrick ’21 Wayne and Cathy Myrick Darrell and Roxann Lee Naeger ’88 Magdalene Naeger ’21 Bradley and Yulia Naeger Malia Nance ’20 Charlotte Eagan Nations ’69 Cindy Natsch ’76 Judith Neff Elizabeth Neidrauer Eby Ness ’13 Pat and Mary Sauder Newman ’81 Emily Byrne Newsham ’49 John and Judy Niederschmidt Craig and Tessie Clemens Niehaus ’74 Jessica Niemeyer ’07 Robert and Elizabeth Niermann Allison Nieters ’08 Alyssa Nistler ’19 Andy and Nancy Lueddecke Nolfo ’66 Grace Noonan ’22 Thomas and September Noonan Sarah Nowak ’19 Walter and Joan Nowak Davind and Anna Insalaco Nunn ’83 Jeffrey and Margaret Komos Oathout ’79 Mike and Mary Jackson O’Brien ’75 Mary O’Brien ’19 Alexis O’Connell ’22 Dan and Michelle O’Connell Ben and Peggy Gremaud O’Dell ’71 Sr. Mary Catherine O’Gorman, CSJ ’50 Sr. Madonna O’Hara, OSU Kevin and Pam Ohlendorf Sarah Ohlendorf ’91 Grace Ojile ’19 Clint Olin Grace O’Malley ’22 Michael and Kelly Fitzgibbon O’Malley ’84 Bill and Barb Onder Emma Orr ’22 David and Jane Zarvos Ortbals ’70 John and Annette Ostenfeld Mary Ostenfeld ’21 Bob and Michelle Beck Osterholt ’77 Kathryn Palumbo ’68 Michael and Pamela Panneri William and Ann Jackson Paradoski ’69 Gina Parisi ’13 Stephen and Shala Zimmerman Parisi ’89 Valerie Meyer Parker ’66 Donald and Dee Anna Pfeiffer Paske ’65 Hannah Patterson ’21 James Patterson Steve and Rebecca Zuchowski Patterson ’92

Gregory and Joan Paul Megan Paul ’21 Sandi Pautler ’69 Gerry and Mary Pawlowicz Mark and Angela Payken John and Cary Flanagan Peel ’90 Tom and Krista Pelizzaro Rich and Clare Jorgen Pennington ’72 Alan and Rose Marie Pequignot Mark and Stephanie Helle Peralta ’02 William and Catherine Conte Perry ’83 Claudia Peth ’16 William and Cynthia Peth Thomas Petrillo Haley Petrus ’19 Shelby Petrus ’19 Robert and Trisha Petrus Amy Petruska ’00 Grace Petschel ’22 Larry and Pat Pfile Barbara Pfyl ’86 Rosemary Phelan ’57 Jim and Sally Jersa Phelps ’63 Crystal Phillips ’81 David and Elizabeth Weir Phillips ’75 Kevin and Jennie Picha Thomas and Anne Berry Piotter ’81 Michael and Janet Dobbins Place ’71 Maura Ploesser ’20 Anne Polansky ’22 Caroline Polansky ’19 D.J. Polansky Joseph and Kristie Hummel Polizzi ’84 Amy Kulka Polokonis ’05 Edward and Pam Ponder Eleanor McAuliffe Pons ’47 Margaret Porcelli ’68 Marcus and Tonya Portell Anna Powell ’19 Brian and Kelly Ayer Preiss ’80 Gary and Cathy Press Christopher and Beth Price Danielle Price ’22 Daniel and Nikki Indelicato Prosser ’71 Daniel and Paula Stutz Prost ’85 David and Lori Prusacki Ellie Prusacki ’22 Lindsey Pyatt ’16 Kevin and Jacqueline Acree Quigley ’72 Keelin Quigley ’21 Timohty and Kelly Stevens Quigley ’95 Maura Quigley ’22 John and Sharon Myers Quinn ’54 Addison Raible ’20 William and Betty Raible Rachel Rakey Bess Ramsey ’19 Robert and Jennifer Myers Ramsey ’88 Jackie Hrubes Rand ’75 Anne Rater ’21 Daniel and Molly Rater Martin and Gwen Clegg Ratermann ’72 Judith Ann Rath ’72 Abigail Rathouz ’20 Marc and Tammy Rathouz Regan Rathouz ’21



Anna Raumschuh ’22 Jeffrey Rausch Rodney and Jane Brockland Rawlings ’75 Kenneth and Linda Rechtien Edward and Mary Raidt Reck ’74 Theresa Reck ’02 Michaela Redohl ’14 Robert and Maureen McDonnell Reed ’71 Thomas and Tina Reichardt Kevin Reid Caitlyn Reilly ’19 Edward and Sharon Reilly Laura Reinders James and Donna Willenbrock Reinhardt ’67 Kathryn Reinlein Richard and Nanette Vishion Reis ’60 Stephanie Sonnenberger Reitemeier ’89 Michaela Reitinger ’21 Dan and Sharon Renaud James and Marilyn Cass Renick ’57 Tara Rice ’12 Fonda Fantroy Richards ’73 Kirk and Maureen Kelley Richter ’66 Nancy Gough Riemer ’76 Madonna Riesenmy ’70 Abigail Riesmeyer ’19 James and Marcia Pace Riganti ’77 Rose Rinke Jacob and Erin Corkery Risk ’00 Louisa Grashoff Ritchie ’76 Richard and Susan Ritzel Patrick and Julie Mounts Robert ’02 Lauren Grana Robertson ’03 Lauren Robinson ’21 Joanne Roeger ’75 Jennifer Frossard Rogers ’91 Larry and Julie Altemeyer Rogers ’77 Anne Palmer Ronzio ’92 Madelyn Rose ’22 Matt and Karen Rose Michael and Tricia Vogt Rosh ’90 Ron and Debbie Mattingly Roth ’79 Lydia Rothkopf ’19 Garry Barbara Fechter Roufa ’68 Meaghan Roussin ’19 James and Kathleen Gough Ruggeri ’67 Lauren Rutherford ’20 Bridget Ruzicka ’21 Ellen Ruzicka Leonard and Karen Colantino Ruzicka’71 Karly Ruzicka ’19 Kevin Ruzicka Patricia Ruzicka ’09 Ray and Nancy Puetz Ruzicka ’73 Sr. Elisa Ryan, OSU ’62 Jane Benz Ryan ’75 Michael and Marilyn Huesgen Sabo ’71 Mary Safron ’80 John and Diane Sarli Salarano ’74 Tony and Mary Salerno Victoria Sallee ’20 Linda Sampson John Sanders Caryn Sandweiss Caroline Saunchegraw ’20 Jeff and Mary Saunchegraw Susan Saxton ’66

Lisa Schaefer Abigail Schaeffer ’20 Timothy and Jennifer Schaeffer Mallory Schanuel ’19 Michael and Cindy Coleman Schaper ’74 Donald and Mabourne Rauscher Schaper ’66 Andrew Scharlott Ava Scheller ’22 Mallory Scheller ’20 Mike and Melissa Schellhase John and Carolyn Scherting Hannah Scherzinger ’21 Tom and Nancy Scherzinger Monica Schibig ’84 Mary Anne Schierman ’66 Chris and Brenda Schildz Jean Schildz ’76 Laura Schildz ’78 Megan Schimpf ’20 Thomas and Cathy Charleville Schloeder ’78 Rebecca Schmidt Joseph and Lori Schmitt Paul and Beth Schmitz Greg and Tara Schneiderhahn Madeline Schneiderhahn ’22 Lucy Schoemehl ’22 Arthur and Mary Schomaker Rebecca Winschel Schriefer ’01 William and Tina Schrimpf Elaine Meyer Schroeder ’57 John and Gerri Reiker Schroeder ’74 Lauren Schuh ’22 John and Sarah Schuh Frank and Diane Schuler Terry and Mary Ann Bannister Schulte ’79 Robert and Stephanie Mecker Schultz ’66 Bernard and Mary Ellen Noonan Schulz ’68 Paul and Sandra Lakin Schumacher ’64 Maureen McKay Schumacker ’64 Marilyn Schunzel Margaret Schurk ’04 Carole Schuster ’19 Brianna Schutzenhofer ’20 Caitlyn Schwartz ’22 Richard and Ginny Rosemann Schweiss ’69 Tony and Patti Altemeyer Sebben ’72 Allyson Sedlak Walter and Jacqueline Thornhill Seeger ’51 John and Katherine Chagnon Sehnert ’65 Donald and Jennifer Seiler Elizabeth Seiler ’22 Mary Seise ’13 Charlene Sennewald ’71 James and Mary Roe Sertl ’59 Sophia Sextro ’20 Raj Shah Ronald and Mary Bokamper Sharek ’65 Jennifer Zielonko Shaughnessy ’99 Louis and Sally Logger Shaw ’71 Linda Sheahan ’71 Michael and Kathleen Morrell Shepard ’82 Michael and Mary Allhoff Sheridan ’62 Bradley Sherman Mike and Kelly Brady Shillito ’82 Mark and Margaret Lottes Shlanta ’86 Tia Siebenman ’21 Richard and Vicki Bitter Siebert ’71


ANNUAL GIVING Melanie Sievers ’21 Robert and Charlotte Simcox Jeannine Sinak Karen Sinak James and Mary Hayden Sinclair ’80 Betty Sommer Skaggs ’46 Elizabeth Skoff ’20 Mark Skoff Richard and Helen Skoff Rachel Skosky ’21 Patricia Slattery Ray and Linda Raidt Slesinski ’81 Gabriana Smith ’22 Roberta Blackwell Smith ’39 Sharon Smith ’69 Stephen and Janine Smith Jeff and Bridget Lampe Smithmier ’80 Calista Sneed ’22 Matthew and Jussara Snyder Daniel and Michele Snyder Tom and Bobbette Snyder Cameron Soell ’20 Jeffrey and Jaime Soell Sharon Solomon Thomas and Sharon Solomon Ruth Ann Perry Spears ’56 Marikay Euson Speckert ’66 Maura Speiser Craig and Angela Spihlman Erica Spihlman ’20 Michael and Michelle Durney Spinks ’88 Greg and Sandy Spinner Caroline Springer Lily Springer ’19 Elizabeth Hamtil Stacey ’01 Madeline Stadler ’13 Holly Stanze ’19 Christina Steck Cynthia Steiger ’83 Anna Stein ’21 Kara Steinbrecher ’18 John and Nancy Steinbrecher Robert and Judy Klug Steiner ’67 Rose Steinhart ’19 Molly Barker Stephenson ’79 John Fellows and Kristi Sternberg Donald and Regina Rhodes Stiehr ’66 Russ and Kathleen Stinehart Daniel and Teresa Reilly Stoeckel ’88 Addison Stotts ’19 Brian and Sally Stotts Sarah Stotts ’22 Thomas and Stephanie Stotts Edward and Amy Schmidt Stowe ’72 Robert and Anne Marie Abbott Strate ’93 Thomas and Kathleen Bersett Stremlau ’97 Anne Marie Striebel ’97 Victoria Sturm ’98 Kathy Sucher ’74 Dale and Bobbi Krieg Sudholt ’92 Rebecca Sudholt ’21 Joe and Jane Venneman Sulze ’54 James and Janice Summers Abigail Sutter ’19


= Deceased

Jim and Patricia Sutterer Steve and Mary Maul Swaney ’78 Stephen and Cindy Rognan Swanson ’86 Gary and Maribeth Ostrander Sweaney ’63 Ayden Swiney ’20 Jeffrey and Shannon Swiney Emma Swingle ’19 Charles and Judith Swisher Edward and Nancy Klausner Tabash ’67 Kathleen Conway Tankersley ’57 Michael and Leslee Tate Christine Taylor ’96 Jennifer Kruse Taylor ’99 Ron and Mary Joern Tecklenburg ’78 John and Monique St. Pierre Tedino ’70 Tim and Linda Schaeffer Tegeler ’89 Carol Tenting ’65 Abigail Tepen ’19 Anna Thiel ’21 John and Tricia Thiel Charles and Margaret Thomas Jr. Meagan Thomas ’09 Roy and Karen Thompson Michael and Michelle Dunlap Thompson ’80 William and Cynthia Rachubka Thorne ’71 Thomas and Maureen Wittich Thornton ’75 Teresa Luth Thornton ’72 Sara Thuston ’13 Marilyn Tibbles Cheryl Pfeifer Tiburzi ’79 William and Peggy Ogletree Tichenor ’59 Thomas and Mary Pat Kelley Tierney ’72 Madison Tillman ’22 Daniel and Bernadette Steck Tolbert ’64 Sharon Tolbert Isabella Torregrossa ’20 Victoria Torregrossa ’22 Carol Townsend Muiren Townsend ’19 Grace Traina ’22 Catherine Treese Janet Tremblay Dave and Mary Tretter Laura E. Tretter ’22 Amy Nobel Trn ’79 Elizabeth Trn ’19 Dave and Jennifer Trousdale Erica Cyr Turley ’06 Judy McDonald Turner ’77 Stephen and Turner Michael and Joan Milde Turnure ’71 Jackie McCann Turpin ’59 Susan Tuteur Margaret Guilfoy Tyler ’74 Robert Uhlenhop Marilyn Kopff Unger ’63 Jason and Sally Unger-Schroeder ’93 Robert Unterreiner Sandra Urschel ’60 Denise Vago ’89 Michael and Anne Rothkopf Van Cleave ’75 Christine Emmett VanBooven ’79 Ray and Donna Parish Vandiver ’82 Elle Vatterott ’05

Jacqueline Payer Vaughn ’45 Roy and Sarah Pfeifer Vaz ’81 Kyla Verslues ’22 Lea Verslues ’21 Carol Luth Viamontes ’70 Matt and Kelly Vincent Emily Viragh ’22 Antonio and Lia Vitale John and Susan Vogt Jenna Voss Anna Vuch ’19 John and Maria Lefoldt Vuch ’84 Glenn Waeckerle Grace Wagner ’19 Thomas and Mary Murray Wagner ’77 Bruce and Catherine Finley Walker ’61 Susan Wilmore Walker-Spalding ’71 Leonor Wall Gina Wallis Jeff and Christine Schindler Wallweber ’96 Mark and Angela Walsh Angela Walsh Christine Klein Walsh ’69 Judy Raubach Walsh ’58 Joseph and Kathleen Walsh Walsh ’83 Maureen Walsh ’73 Phyllis Barrett Walsh ’52 Kent and Colleen Dunigan Walters ’67 Genevieve Walters ’04 Don and Joan Parr Ward ’57 Chloe Weaver ’20 James and Rosanna Weaver Charles and Ruth Uxa Weaver ’71 Brooke Weber 22 Larry and Chris Weber Lauren Weber ’22 Shauna Weber James and Margaret Smith Wegman’71 Carrie Wehking ’03 James Wehner William and Diane Krueger Weidle ’67 Catherine Shepherd Weidner ’58 John and Lisa Persov Weidner ’78 Russell and Aurelia Brennan Weil ’65 Karen Weisbrod ’76 Karen Wellons ’76 Amy Wendl ’21 Steven and Stephanie Heitzmann Wendl ’90 Jane Wendling Michael and Stephanie Werden Michael and Polly Kelly Werkmeister ’81 Mike and Mary Werner Sara Werner ’21 Hugo and Kathy Westbrook Thomas and JoAnne Westcott Emma Weston ’21 Gracie Whalen ’21 Michael and Jane Whalen Douglas and Marcia White Isabelle White ’20 Brian and Mary Ann Gilliam White ’85 Tony and Karen Gentemann Whitehead ’63 Alexa Wibbenmeyer ’21 Audrey Wichmann ’22

Patricia Widener Stephen Wilhelm Roger and Linda Brown Wilhite ’79 Clifton and Kelly Wilkerson Jr. Olivia Wilkerson ’19 Jeffrey and Vicki Birchler Wilkes ’73 Mark and Carolyn Mueller Williams ’83 Stephanie Williams Jeff and Carol Puetz Wilmes ’89 Olivia Wilmes ’22 Kenneth and Monica Pace Wilson ’75 Adrian and Joyce Wilton Abigail Wingron ’20 Alyson Winkelmann ’19 Daniel Winkelmann John and Kathleen Bundschuh Winkler ’81

Nancy Vogler Wisleder ’61 William and Janet Milde Wittenauer ’64 Craig and Sue Wittich Wohler ’69 James and Ellen Puetz Wojcicki ’69 Robert and Mary Chisholm Wojciechowski ’62 Marvin and Anne Mazur Wolfe ’73 David and Kathleen Miller Wolfersberger ’63 Christopher and Carolyn Powell Wolz ’83 Joel and Barbara Ludwig Womack ’67 Bob and Kathy Irwin Wood ’75 Sophia Woods ’20 William and Jan Woods Paul Woodward John and Julia Checkett Wright ’71 Anna Wuennenberg ’21 Steven and Kelly Wuennenberg

Erin Wurtsbaugh ’20 Michael and Deborah Wurtsbaugh Roy and Judy Sauder Yarbrough ’74 Theresa Yorker Lauren Younger ’20 Robert Younger Nancy Ecker Zak ’48 Stanley and Sandy Anderson Zaremba ’70 Alexandra Ziemianski ’19 Glennon and JoAnn Zipfel Kelly Zipfel ’20 Bryan Hettenbach and Annette Zobel Charlene Zoeller Samantha Zuehlke ’13

Foundation, Corporations, and Organizations Giving Albritton Financial Services Amazon Smile Anheuser-Busch InBev Anheuser-Busch Foundation Ansira Bender Inc. Biltmore West Building Complex Boeing Brake Landscaping & Lawn Care Inc. BSN Sports Busey Bank Cadence Technology Solutions Captiva Marketing Carmody MacDonald P.C. Carondelet Plumbing & Excavating Company, Inc. Catholic Supply of St. Louis Danna McKitrick, PC Eco Fit Equipment, LLC Embrace Our World Orthodontics Enterprise Bank and Trust Fabick Charitable Trust Flooring Systems, Inc. Frederic Co Inc Garlich Printing Company Gateway Advantage Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, Inc. Girl Scouts Troop #1438 Glazer’s G.J. Grewe Brokerage & Development - R. Solution Grant Contracting

Greensfelder Hemker & Gale PC Grey Eagle Distributor - Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler Hudson Services Italia-America Bocce Club Imo’s Pizza Kendra Scott Lawrence Enterprises Les Ursuline Lindwedel Jewelers Mary Queen of Peace Church Mash Works LLC McMahon Berger, PC Mercy Health Meyer’s Trees & More, LLC Midwest BankCentre Mike And Pat Mueth Family Fund Mitch-Stuart Mr. B’s Pool Center Inc. Netcom, Inc. Nevco Sport Nordmann Photography Orlando’s Orlando Family Foundation Phillips 66 Company Primary Eye Care Pro Am Golf R.W. Basler & Company, Inc. Reinhold Flooring, Inc. Roeslein & Associates, Inc. RPS Insurance

RubinBrown LLP SABRE - Security Equipment Corp. Segue Equity Group, LLC Shepherd Foundation Sonus Benefits St. Louis Business Forms, Inc. St. Louis Cold Storage St. Louis Sportswear Incorporated St. Peter Parish-Kirkwood Stallone’s Formal Wear Stifel Bank Students’ Collections The Banker McCabe Group LLC The Dance Center of Kirkwood The Daniel and Henry Co Ursuline Academy Alumnae Association Ursuline Academy Bearista Cafe Ursuline Academy Fathers’ Club Ursuline Academy STUCO Ursuline Convent-Alton Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Co Inc Villa Lighting Supply Wayne Automatic Sprinkler Corp Weinhardt Party Rentals, Inc. Wells Fargo Windsor Acres Neighborhood Association Wired Technologies Woemmel Plastering Co. Inc. World Wide Technology Foundation YourCause Youthbridge Community Foundation

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Alumnae Giving Madonna Christen Berry Jane Welches Bovee Terry Reich Meystrik Sharon Myers Quinn Jane Venneman Sulze

Class of 1938 - 13% Sr. Mary Ann Luth, OSU Class of 1939 - 13% Roberta Blackwell Smith

Class of 1955 - 16% Patricia Cronin Christian Patricia Reiner Gioia Carol Declue Klahr Sr. Pauline Lorch, OSU

Class of 1942 - 6% Rosemary Kisling Doerr Class of 1943 - 8% Elsie Beck Glickert Margaret Burns Maier Class of 1944 - 8% Dorothy Mitchellette Booth Clare Connelly Class of 1945 - 8% Phyllis Reilly Hippenmeyer Jacqueline Payer Vaughn Class of 1946 - 15% Frances McDonnell Farrell Betty Sommer Skaggs Class of 1947 - 16% Patricia Camenzind Blood Eleanor McAuliffe Pons Jackie Greener Puetz Class of 1948 - 7% Nancy Ecker Zak




Class of 1950 - 8% Anonymous Rosalie Dresner Baudendistel Elizabeth Halbruegger Goldkamp Sr. Mary Catherine O’Gorman, CSJ Class of 1951 - 19% Rosemary Power Downes Virginia Linneman Frein Sr. Mary Ellen Lewis, FSM Nancy Dominguez Myers Jacqueline Thornhill Seeger


Class of 1952 - 10% Sr. Maria Goretti Hotop, OSU Joyce Myerscough Hyland Phyllis Barrett Walsh Class of 1953 - 22% Elaine McManemin Burrus Marilyn Ward Gellhausen Barbara Peters Horn Roberta Pfeiffer Laventure


= Deceased

Class of 1957 - 39% Kathleen Cernicek Hubecky Sue Saracini Jochens Rosalind Calcaterra Koenen Barbara Reiner Lane Rosemary Phelan Marilyn Cass Renick Elaine Meyer Schroeder Kathleen Conway Tankersley Joan Parr Ward Class of 1958 - 9% Judy Raubach Walsh Catherine Shepherd Weidner

Class of 1949 - 36% Anonymous Rita Bollwerk Bowles Maryanna McMullan Coad Louan Marienau Dolan Marilyn Heckwolf Hohner Challen Cody Koch Patricia Flowers Kosmal Emily Byrne Newsham Jane Reckamp Springgate

Class of 1954 - 17% Anonymous

Class of 1956 - 21% Carol Reis Brauner Mary Ann Miller East Marylou Camenzind Meagher Ruth Ann Perry Spears

Class of 1959 - 18% Elaine Schindler Atkinson Bonnie Barrett Mary Ann Freihaut Hannon Judith Carnoske Knese Mary Roe Sertl Peggy Ogletree Tichenor Jackie McCann Turpin Class of 1960 - 30% Sandra Eichhorn Bradley Sr. Lois Castillon, OSU Carol Dorlac Chapman Bernyce Wesling Christiansen Carol Schutz Classe Bernardine Puricelli Compton Patricia Nauert Favier Margaret Krisay Grotpeter Irene Hughes Kincaid Dolores Borgmeyer Klaesner Sr. Mary Lapping, OSU Catherine McNeive Nanette Vishion Reis Sandra Urschel Class of 1961 - 7% Virginia Nelson Eades Patricia Flannery Hocken Judy Harris Mayer Catherine Finley Walker Nancy Vogler Wisleder Class of 1962 - 12% Roberta Burkhardt Courtin Rose Mary Wuschke Diringer Patricia Witt Harris Dorothy Hopfinger McEvilly

Sr. Elisa Ryan, OSU Mary Allhoff Sheridan Mary Chisholm Wojciechowski Class of 1963 - 24% Anonymous Kathleen Miles Bain Sr. Ann Barrett, OSU Monica Jones Dickens Barbara Roberts Duff Rose Marie Deichmann Fleming Patricia Sullivan Garcia Cheryl Linebaugh Sally Jersa Phelps Maribeth Ostrander Sweaney Marilyn Kopff Unger Karen Gentemann Whitehead Kathleen Miller Wolfersberger


Class of 1964 - 11% Margaret O’Connell Benton Deborah Mecker Bloch Jo Castellano Brockhaus Mary Fortwengler Burke Elizabeth Feely Susan Wilson Finnigan Susan Harris Barbara Anderson Hrubes Sandra Lakin Schumacher Maureen McKay Schumacker Bernadette Steck Tolbert Janet Milde Wittenauer Class of 1965 - 8% Linda Kay Book Christine LaBlaine DeHart Mary Steck Fitzgerald Rita Allhoff Mitchell Dee Anna Pfeiffer Paske Katherine Chagnon Sehnert Mary Bokamper Sharek Carol Tenting Aurelia Brennan Weil Class of 1966 - 27% Sharyn Leighton Barrett Jane Tunze Bird Deborah Brooker Susan Michaelree Fletcher Karen Tichacek Helfrich Mary Beth Logger Hopfinger Patricia Taylor Hornburg Eileen Raubach Huth Roberta McCullough Imig Sharon Koenigsfeld Jaggie Barbara Haug Jones Kathleen Kaiman Joan Smith Lauer Mary Jo Utterback Mance Nancy McCormick Marley Julie Koelzer McCloskey Maureen McGrath Marilyn Matt Miller Constance Benoist Moellenhoff Christine Chomyk Mueller Cecelia Boyer Myers Nancy Lueddecke Nolfo Valerie Meyer Parker Maureen Kelley Richter Susan Saxton

Sr. Leandra Schaller O.S.F. Mabourne Rauscher Schaper Mary Anne Schierman Stephanie Mecker Schultz Marikay Euson Speckert Regina Rhodes Stiehr Class of 1967 - 24% Susan Madras Abling Maureen Malone Beermann Sheila Bulfin Creecy Mary Ellen Shea Davis Judy Austin Figge Maureen Grider Teddy Behr Gruener Susan Weisenburg Harrawood Carol Herre Jane Bokamper Kaiser Kristin Bruns Keane Barbara Hunkins Kinsella Patricia Laughlin Kathleen Flynn Lord Patricia Moriarity McNally Mary Jorgen Morini Donna Willenbrock Reinhardt Kathleen Gough Ruggeri Judy Klug Steiner Nancy Klausner Tabash Colleen Dunigan Walters Diane Krueger Weidle Barbara Ludwig Womack Class of 1968 - 16% Diane Schaber Ash Cindy Behr Ballany Kathy Leahey Barthelmass Carole McQuade Bartnett Susan Raidt Bland Christine Blase Mary Nolan Bryant Nancy Weiss Felix Joan Wuschke Gleich Kathy Kimmich Hill Diane Bode Joseph Linda Boyer Kunz Sharon Krewson LaBarge Ellen Jaeger McMahon Kathryn Palumbo Margaret Porcelli Garry Barbara Fechter Roufa Mary Ellen Noonan Schulz


Class of 1969 - 18% Marta Colantino Anglim Peggy Leclair Cavanagh Patricia O’Brien Darlington Deborah Garwitz Johnson Sally Wilson Knight Susan Hittler Knoll Cathy Uxa Kopp Anne Dyer McGuire Anne Wehner McKitrick Marianita Meyer Charlotte Eagan Nations Ann Jackson Paradoski Sandi Pautler Ginny Rosemann Schweiss Sharon Smith Patricia Strayer Christine Klein Walsh

Clare Ann Maguire Wick Sue Wittich Wohler Ellen Puetz Wojcicki Beverly Beach Young Class of 1970 - 15% Jean Agathen Margaret Classe Marybeth Hoey Desloge Anne Graf Dunlap Kate Nolan Hagan Judith Hecker Hansen Mary Bull Johnson Christine Kozlowski Carla Hoffman Martin Patricia McCormick Jane Zarvos Ortbals Madonna Riesenmy Monique St. Pierre Tedino Carol Luth Viamontes Sandy Anderson Zaremba Class of 1971 - 32% Ellyn Hellwig Armstrong Marcia Schaber Atkinson Dolores Rice Brockman Mary Jaeger Callahan Patty Smith Campbell Joan Palumbo Costello Diana Appelhans Erickson Debbie Sauder Goeke Pat Barrett Guletz Linda Emmett Holdinghaus Carole Utterback Horstmann Jane Monfort Johans Maureen Guilfoy Kiely Patricia Lallinger Suzanne Einig LaPlante Susan Puetz Lenihan Jan Sandbrink McCausland Peggy Gremaud O’Dell Janet Dobbins Place Nikki Indelicato Prosser Maureen McDonnell Reed Karen Colantino Ruzicka Marilyn Huesgen Sabo Charlene Sennewald Sally Logger Shaw Linda Sheahan Vicki Bitter Siebert Cynthia Rachubka Thorne Joan Milde Turnure Susan Wilmore Walker-Spalding Ruth Uxa Weaver Margaret Smith Wegman Julia Checkett Wright Class of 1972 - 29% Mary Hoffman Baczynski Anna O’Donnell Burton Christine Kraemer Cassilly Janet Smith Dean Christine Schultz Filsinger

Julie Maguire Jackson Mary McKendry Lee Patricia Hofmeister Mantovani Clare Jorgen Pennington Jacqueline Acree Quigley Gwen Clegg Ratermann Judith Ann Rath Sue Patton Remspecher Patti Altemeyer Sebben Amy Schmidt Stowe Patricia O’Brien Szymczak Teresa Luth Thornton Mary Pat Kelley Tierney

Andy Thibault Hellebusch Margareat Wilmes King Beth Masterson Letkewicz Mary Jackson O’Brien Elizabeth Weir Phillips Jackie Hrubes Rand Jane Brockland Rawlings Joanne Roeger Jane Benz Ryan Maureen Wittich Thornton Anne Rothkopf Van Cleave Monica Pace Wilson Kathy Irwin Wood

Class of 1973 - 35% Sally Chisholm Backer Jane Blanke Deborah Suntrup Capps Ellen Armbruster Dillon Linda Gal Dimitrijevich Mary Downing-Smith Patty McCoy Fehrenbacher Patricia Meredith Gross Mary Anne Curran Hieb Janet Wehner Janovec Jeri Garavaglia Krieger Rosemary Michaelree Lakin Ellen Jackson Lauber Margaret Fechter Lucier Kathy Bell Lueders Debra Redeker Mehner Deborah Yung Meister Suzanne Hartman Morton Fonda Fantroy Richards Nancy Puetz Ruzicka Maureen Walsh Vicki Birchler Wilkes Anne Mazur Wolfe

Class of 1976 - 25% Mary Elizabeth Abbott Patricia Holloran Ackerman Kathy Smith Bryan Cindy Oldani Burch Patricia Costello Fenton Susan Barnes Finley Jill Talbot Griffard Jane Calacci Guenther Karen Downer Herbert Chris Milford Hoffmeyer Jenny Lukeman Hollabaugh Nancy Feicht Jaeger Janet Knobbe Janice Fleming Lee Sally Maguire Diane Smith Melloy Cindy Natsch Mary Cognac O’Neill Nancy Gough Riemer Louisa Grashoff Ritchie Jean Schildz Lisa Barton Schulte Karen Weisbrod Karen Wellons

Class of 1974 - 17% Margaret Luth Cooper Sheilah Downey Desrocher Karen Kesler Gender Patricia Emmett Gisi Celia Giltinan Kneip Marilyn Dreher Kramer Gwen Werkmeister McComy Tessie Clemens Niehaus Mary Raidt Reck Diane Sarli Salarano Cindy Coleman Schaper Gerri Reiker Schroeder Kathy Sucher Margaret Guilfoy Tyler Nancy Wojcicki Judy Sauder Yarbrough Class of 1975 - 23% Julie Jasper Alessi Mary Jo Uxa Becker Debbie Busackino Castelli Jane Rath Effan Mary Greteman

Class of 1977 - 20% Mary Fabian Anderson Elizabeth Huesgen Banta Diane Weisbrod Barbeau Kathy Paasch Bednarek Patrice Arns Bell Martha Chapo Beverly Coleman Maria Alonso Yague Cummins Denise Zoellner Dolan Carol Raidt Frattini Susan Schlueter Gloss Diane Engelhardt Gorman Nancy Kessler Guilfoy Maureen Walsh Herrmann Laurie Higgins Carol Kruse Kniesche Anne Elli Krumrey Terese Martin Michniok Patti Klingel Morrison Michelle Beck Osterholt Marcia Pace Riganti Julie Altemeyer Rogers

Judy McDonald Turner Mary Murray Wagner Susan Wilson Class of 1978 - 15% Francine Brungardt Elaine Gough Conway Joyce Puetz DiStefano Jackie Olliges Gunn Ann Mackay Hoette Christa Marie Kozlowski Suzanne Suntrup LaFond Mary McDermott Lang Janet Alessi Lawder Cynthia Wagner Mentel Laura Schildz Cathy Charleville Schloeder Mary Maul Swaney Mary Joern Tecklenburg Lisa Persov Weidner Class of 1979 - 19% Jane Uxa Baalmann Mary Murphy Belgeri Joan Nesselhauf Boelter Caroline Mannion Currin Bridget Berry Davis Anne Fechter Goodwillie Carla Oldani Guignon Antoinette Joyce Hunt Angela Casey Kennedy Jean Kiburz Kim Viehmann Milford Margaret Komos Oathout Debbie Mattingly Roth Mary Ann Bannister Schulte Molly Barker Stephenson Cheryl Pfeifer Tiburzi Amy Nobel Trn Christine Emmett VanBooven Stephen Wilhelm Linda Brown Wilhite Class of 1980 - 16% Maureen Hanlon Bosch Amy Greteman Card Mary Scherrer Dornhoffer Jane Johnson Frick Mary Ann Murphy Hamm Julia Hartmann Elaine Hezel Nancy Kiburz Susan Rothkopf Klipsch Colleen Laughlin Rita Hoppmann Lochhead Kelly Ayer Preiss Mary Safron Mary Hayden Sinclair Bridget Lampe Smithmier Michelle Dunlap Thompson



Class of 1981 - 14% Catherine Roach Bowey Sally Britton Bretsch Christine Guilfoy Brick Sheila O’Brien DeMand Gina Fiordelsi Linda Vogt Forthaus Carol Bastable Gingrich Jane Werkmeister Hove Nancy Sanders Isenmann Patricia Jorgen Motacki Kathleen Fechner Mudd Maureen Bannister Mueller Mary Sauder Newman Crystal Phillips Anne Berry Piotter Sue Jochens Reilly Linda Raidt Slesinski Sarah Pfeifer Vaz Polly Kelly Werkmeister Kathleen Bundschuh Winkler Class of 1982 - 11% Cynthia Koller Chapman Kathleen Kelly Dishno Cathleen Birkenmeier Fuchs Joan Puetz Hannegan Deborah Simon Hudson Paula Fadness Jung Beth Landholt Lindner Stacy Barton McManus Sally Holdman Miskiewicz Amy Heimos Morris Kathleen Morrell Shepard Kelly Brady Shillito Donna Parish Vandiver Joan Ottenlips Zilch Class of 1983 - 10% Carol Kochanski Andrew Catherine Wetter Bisch Melissa Kempfer Dreyer Denise Basler Essmyer Jill Casey Gainer Jennifer Stein Hoffmann Angie Clemens Kimes Carolyn Schildz Moran Anna Insalaco Nunn Catherine Conte Perry Cynthia Steiger Kathleen Walsh Walsh Carolyn Mueller Williams Carolyn Powell Wolz Class of 1984 - 10% Tracey Hurst Allen Susan Ries Bingaman Kathleen Wehking Breeding Maureen Flick Ederle Lisa Ruzicka Hackett Kelly Keran Hewlett Pat Brouder Holmes Barbara Reilly Langan Regina Reynolds McNamara Kelly Fitzgibbon O’Malley Kristie Hummel Polizzi Monica Schibig Maria Lefoldt Vuch Class of 1985 - 4% Margaret Hesse Susan Radomski Kozeny


= Deceased

Christine Santacruz Kraus Paula Stutz Prost Mary Ann Gilliam White Class of 1986 - 7% Lisa Calandro Dawn Landholt Downey Carol Imo Mary Kay Pace Jones Jennifer Stewart Laux Tracey Delanty Michel Clarice King Moise Barbara Pfyl Margaret Lottes Shlanta Cindy Rognan Swanson Class of 1987 - 4% Michelle Althoff Antico Julie Chauvin Angie Griffin Ganninger Kelly Dunigan Imo Mary Pat D’Agostino Meyer Class of 1988 - 9% Kathy Christian Allen Amy Westmeyer Cunningham Amy Ohlendorf Eakle Anne Kuethe Houghland Renate Miller Jones Mary Tringale Martin Dena Basler McCaffrey Linda Heinlein Miner Roxann Lee Naeger Jennifer Myers Ramsey Michelle Durney Spinks Teresa Reilly Stoeckel Class of 1989 - 13% Barb Beck Adams Jacqueline Greco Ballard Lynn Bartnett Kelley Barry Earickson Lisa VanHoogstraat Hannon Ann McSorley Kleitsch Merry Kweiter Tracy Pitzer Lawhorn Janine Mullen L’Ecuyer Kristi Boehmer Metter Shala Zimmerman Parisi Stephanie Sonnenberger Reitemeier Linda Schaeffer Tegeler Denise Vago Holly McGoff Wiesehan Carol Puetz Wilmes Class of 1990 - 7% Shannon Durney Breheny Jane Kinstler Whalen Michelle Murray Cary Flanagan Peel Tricia Vogt Rosh Dawn Weinhardt Stephanie Heitzmann Wendl Deborah Weil Wilbur Class of 1991 - 4% Jenifer Jost Broyles Sarah Ohlendorf Jennifer Frossard Rogers

Class of 1992 - 13% Aimee Barton Alton Kerry Dyer Borawski Jennifer Graves Borcherding Morgan Kloster Brewster Sally Browne Drago Shannon McCormick Gansner Amy Van Hoogstraat Jackson Heather Kellogg Rebecca Zuchowski Patterson Anne Palmer Ronzio Bobbi Krieg Sudholt Class of 1993 - 6% Deborah Artman Patricia Ulrich Durbin Kathleen Muldoon Jackson Kasey Kloster Meyer Anne Marie Abbott Strate Sally Unger-Schroeder Class of 1994 - 6% Kimberly Auer Cheak Jamie Kloster Cotter Meggan Hallahan Decker Sabrina Vitale DiPiazza Katharine Thaman Hochmuth Elizabeth Sanchez Kemp Laurie Durham Krejci Class of 1995 - 7% Christine Albert Jill Wayant Balee` Jessica Marshall Crouch Jennifer Lueken Delf Sheila Effan Jennifer Daus Ellsworth Jeanne Licari Maureen McCaffrey Montgomery Kelly Stevens Quigley Erin Rieck Valentine Class of 1996 - 4% Susan Qualls Agniel Christina Ortwein Dinga Jennifer Pinon Juan Christine Taylor Christine Schindler Wallweber Class of 1997 - 3% Amy Johnson Kaller Kathleen Bersett Stremlau Anne Marie Striebel Class of 1998 - 6% Christina Sondermann Capizzi Katie Mallon D’Agostino Loreen Brady Davis Shannon Orlando Elliott Devin Hallahan Mueller Victoria Sturm Nicole Morton Weston Class of 1999 - 5% Mara Pfile Clayton Amy Wessel Corbin Patricia Fechter Gates Sarah Kueper Hoffman Margaret Turner Krenn Carla Marshall Lauver Jennifer Zielonko Shaughnessy Jennifer Kruse Taylor

Class of 2000 - 5% Teresa Niemeier Dwyer Nicole Rogge Galloway Shannon Goebel Hoffman Elizabeth Merritt Jarka Lisa Miceli Standage Amy Petruska Erin Corkery Risk Class of 2001 - 4% Katherine Eickmeyer Casey Natalie Pequignot Geerling Nicole Kozeny Gorczyca Katie Balek Kempf Amy Meier Rebecca Winschel Schriefer Elizabeth Hamtil Stacey Class of 2002 - 7% Kelly Horn Bender Emily Janovec Bryson Jacquelyn Childress Kimberly Darcy Carla Gitto Natalie Romeo Lutkewitte Julia Mager Stephanie Helle Peralta Theresa Reck Julie Mounts Robert Class of 2003 - 4% Angela McCotter Cafferata Maggie McCart Carlton Kathleen Murphy Eardley Jessica Janovec Neuman Lauren Grana Robertson Carrie Wehking Class of 2004 - 5% Elizabeth Barton Teresa Quante Cissi Cara Frigerio Davis Tracie Johnson Jones Ellen Mills Margaret Schurk Genevieve Walters Class of 2005 - 2% Therese Mager Amy Kulka Polokonis Elle Vatterott Class of 2006 - 2% Kristen Janovec Deiters Claire Vatterott Jackson Erica Cyr Turley Class of 2007 - 2% Sarah Oathout Castellano Elizabeth Mager Jessica Niemeyer Class of 2008 - 3% Kelly Bannister Jamie Schuette Ebel Kathleen Hannegan Elliott Nicole Metzler Allison Nieters

Class of 2009 - 3% Colleen Mulligan Bettger Maria Bruno Patricia Ruzicka Meagan Thomas Class of 2010 - 1% Rachel Hedgecorth Catherine Marino Class of 2011 - 1% Molly Eggleston Leah Renaud Folk Class of 2012 - 3% Colleen McGovern Allen Elizabeth Dreyer Heather Hannegan Mary Herries Tara Rice Class of 2013 - 9% Anonymous Colleen Ahrens Elizabeth Desits Heidi Heischmidt Shannon Hoffmann Eby Ness Gina Parisi Mary Seise Madeline Stadler Sara Thuston Samantha Zuehlke Class of 2014 - 3% Emily Effer Sara Laaker Michaela Redohl Class of 2015 - 1% Margaret Ederle

Class of 2016 - 2% Nora Brooks Claudia Peth Lindsey Pyatt Class of 2017 - 3% Samantha Abel Rebecca Adams Allison Golomski Class of 2018 - 2% Emma Frein Natalie McDonald Kara Steinbrecher Class of 2019 - 61% Gabrielle Anderson Lilly Bettag Mary Bingaman Abigail Biscan Sara Boelter Grace Breeding Lauren Bretscher Victoria Cichelero Lauren Cole Jenna Distler Maria Duran Garcia Molly Effer Loghan Fanning Natalie Fraser Megan Freesmeier Jessica Garcia Gracie Gates Molly Gerhardt Anna Gonsalves Emily Haffner Sophia Hilmes Erin Hinshaw Katherine Horack Emily Howard Kathleen Hubeli Katherine Kraus Emma LaMartina

Sophie Laposha Emily Lehmann Jane Leritz Ashley Liberto Olivia Meyer Michela Miano Kathleen Mudd Alyssa Nistler Sarah Nowak Mary O’Brien Grace Ojile Haley Petrus Shelby Petrus Caroline Polansky Anna Powell Bess Ramsey Caitlyn Reilly Abigail Riesmeyer Lydia Rothkopf Meaghan Roussin Karly Ruzicka Mallory Schanuel Carole Schuster Lily Springer Holly Stanze Rose Steinhart Addison Stotts Abigail Sutter Emma Swingle Abigail Tepen Muiren Townsend Elizabeth Trn Anna Vuch Grace Wagner Olivia Wilkerson Alyson Winkelmann Alexandra Ziemianski

Unique Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Gift IRA Charitable Rollover Gift If you are 70½ years old or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit Ursuline Academy and receive tax benefits in return. You can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as ours without having to pay income taxes on the money. Why Consider This Gift? Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see the difference your donation is making. You pay no income taxes on the gift. The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you benefit even if you do not itemize your deductions. If you have not yet taken your required minimum distribution for the year, your IRA charitable rollover gift can satisfy all or part of that requirement. A Gift of Stocks Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, or other securities will receive a tax deduction based on the value of the security on the date of the gift. With long-term appreciated securities, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair-market value of your gift and avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation. A Gift in Your Will or Living Trust A simple, flexible, and versatile way to ensure Ursuline Academy can continue our mission for years to come is a gift in your will or living trust, known as a charitable bequest. For more information on making a gift to Ursuline Academy, please contact Kim Vogt at 314-984-2814.


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