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Foundation Forum OCTOBER 2021


Lexington Community Foundation |

 ǯ  Dear Foundation Friends, As I write this letter we are just beginning school here in Lexington and it is always a wonderful time of the year as I get to see how excited all of our students and families are for another year of learning. I also feel that way about where we are in our journey as a community foundation in Lexington. As a lifelong resident of this area, I am always so amazed at the people who had the foresight many years ago to give of their time and their resources to ensure that we would have such a strong community today. Their deep commitment and love of our community is something I reflect on continuously. Now is our time to take up the torch and ensure that future generations have a strong foundation from which to grow the Lexington area into what their dreams will be. In this newsletter, you will learn about how Donna Soflin felt called to help build the future by endowing a scholarship in her husband's name so high school students

have the opportunity to follow their passions. Additionally, she is working to provide a planned-giving gift to the foundation to help ensure its future success. We are branching out in our mission through a new “Planned Giving Society” at the foundation. This allows our loyal patrons the opportunity to provide continued support through estate planning, will requests, and financial planning. We are excited to unveil this new program as a way to build and sustain the foundation long after we are gone. Our community is a special place with special people. I want to thank you for all that you do and have done to support our community. Again, it is our turn to make a difference and have future generations look back at this work and be amazed at how we left such a strong legacy and commitment to our home. Sincerely,

Barry McFarland, President Barry McFarland, * Pres.* Mike Maloley V.P.* Larry Reynolds, Sec/Treas.* Tom Alexander * Rob Anderson Amy Biehl-Owens STAFF Kim: Booth Abby Brecks Randy Carpenter Dan Clark

Sarah DeLaTorre Jill Denker Audrey Downey** Chase Eilers Tom Feltes** Birgitte Hays Steve Heldt* Mike Maloley** Patty Mandelko Tod McKeone Tara Naprstek

Curt Rickertsen** Dave Roemmich Dave Stenberg Gail Wightman Travis Wright

Grants Board Committee d Development Mike Maloley, Chair

Financee Committeee Larry Reynolds, Chair

Grantss Committeee Tom Feltes, Chair

Kim Booth Dan Clark Tod McKeone Gail Wightman Travis Wright

Public Relations Committee Developmentt Committeee Steve Heldt, Chair Randy Carpenter Dan Clark Barry McFarland Scholarship Committee Tod McKeone Tom Fagot, advisory member

Chase Eilers Steve Heldt Tara Naprstek Curt Rickertsen Dave Stenberg

Eventss Committeee Curt Rickertsen, Chair Tom Alexander Amy Biehl-Owens Kim Booth Abby Brecks Sarah DeLaTorre Jill Denker Birgitte Hays Tom Feltes Patty Mandelko

2 | Lexington Community Foundation

* Executive Committee STAFF: Jackie Berke, Exec. Director Christy Freihage, Admin. Asst./

Program Coordinator

Rob Anderson Amy Biehl-Owens Birgitte Hays Gail Wightman

Publicc Relationss Committeee Barry McFarland, Chair Amy Biehl-Owens Sarah DeLaTorre Jill Denker

Scholarship p Committeee Audrey Downey, Chair Randy Carpenter Patty Mandelko Dave Roemmich

Dave Stenberg

  THE GIFT OF TIME When we hear the words “foundation” and “gifts” in the same sentence, oftentimes we find ourselves thinking of financial contributions. However, what would this world look like if we stopped thinking so much about what we can contribute financially, and take on the perspective of foundation volunteer, Donna Soflin? Donna has given to the Foundation in a variety of ways, but her gift of time this past year is the highlight of this article. At the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, there was a greater volume of activity than usual at the Foundation office. Aside from working to close out a very successful giving day and generate the usual year-end reports, LCF was coordinating several COVID-19 relief efforts, administering our scholarship program, and planning for the Key ’21 Dinner & Auction. And LCF, like many organizations, was short staffed. Then into the office came Donna Soflin. Donna Soflin

Donna’s purpose that day was to leave a contribution to the John Soflin Memorial Scholarship Fund. She did not intend to, or expect that, she would be helping at the Foundation “Truly, the Lexington office almost every day for the next several months, filling in area is so very fortunate wherever she was needed. From helping finish out the end of to have a Foundation the year, to stuffing thousands of envelopes, and even the so efficient and dreaded housekeeping chores, Donna was here with a smile on her face and typically a bag of chocolates asking, “What can I dedicated to embracing help with today?” community improvement in so Donna states that before working as a volunteer at the Lexington Community Foundation office, she was only many ways!” remotely aware of the Foundation’s purpose and activities. She - Donna Soflin notes that she had attended the Key event a couple times and had participated in Give Big for several years, but otherwise had little exposure to, nor interest in, the LCF. Donna says that began to change when she met with the Foundation in March 2020 to set up a scholarship fund in honor of her late husband, Coach John Soflin. She was impressed with the thorough explanation of the options available to her and the help she received in developing the guidelines for the scholarship. “Never would I have guessed my next visit to the office with scholarship donations in January 2021 would lead to an opportunity to offer some time as an office volunteer. Jackie’s patience was put to the test as she taught a retired hospital pharmacist the basics of office skills and Foundation operations!” She states that she quickly gained a great appreciation for the Foundation’s mission of community improvement, both in recognizing and addressing current community needs as well as proactively planning for the future. Her knowledge of, and admiration for, the breadth and complexity of community services, projects and local organizations coordinated through the Foundation grew exponentially every week. “The passion, dedication and commitment of Director Jackie, the Board of Directors, the various committees and community members became abundantly apparent.” said Donna. Donna says that it was her pleasure to help with office duties and more specifically to assist with the incredible amount of work and creativity it takes to prepare for and hold such a successful Foundation fundraising event.

Thank you Donna for your time, affirmation and continued support of the Lexington Community Foundation. We appreciate you! Lexington Community Foundation |


     LCF CHANGE GE E OF F LEADERSHIP IP At the annual meeting of the Board of Directors in July, TOD MCKEONE stepped down as LCF Board President and Vice- President, BARRY MCFARLAND will take over for a two-year term. Thank you to Tod for the years of service you have provided as President. Tod will remain on the LCF Board of Directors as PastPresident and serve on the Executive Committee as well as the Board Development and Development Committees

MIKE MALOLEY accepted the nomination as LCF Vice-President and will serve a two-year term before moving up to the role of LCF President in 2023.

LCF WELCOMES NEW BOARD MEMBER The LCF Board of Directors accepted the Board Development Committee nomination of TARA NAPRSTEK to fill the seat vacated by retiring member, STEPHANIE BUELL at the annual meeting in July. Tara will serve a 4-year term on the Board.

TARA NAPRSTEK * is the Director of Finance at Lexington Regional Health Center. As a CPA, she also has a small tax practice. Tara is originally from North Loup, Nebraska, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Comprehensive Business Administration with an Accounting* Emphasis from the University of Nebraska – Kearney. In addition to her service on the LCF board, Tara STAFF: is the United Way’s board president and a member of the Chamber’s business education committee. She and her husband, Cody, a Lexington native, enjoy traveling with Tara Naprstek, friends and spoiling their nieces and nephews in their LCF’s newest board member spare time. Tara will serve on the Finance Committee during her time with the Lexington Community Foundation. Please join us in Grants Committee welcoming Tara to our Board of Directors. STEPHANIE BUELL will be missed on our Board. She spent 15 dedicated years on the Board serving as President from 20172019. LCF would like to express our gratitude to Stephanie for her willingness to serve. We have valued the many years Public Relations Committee we got to spend working together and the input you have shared.

Scholarship Committee

Thank you! You have been so positive for Lexington.

Help us in welcoming Tara Naprstek and in thanking Stephanie Buell for the time she has served the Foundation.

4 | Lexington Community Foundation

    CREATING A BETTER FUTURE This past year, Lexington Community Foundation introduced the LCF PLANNED GIVING SOCIETY. The generous past support of Lexington Community Foundation by so many patrons has been able to have a significant impact on the greater Lexington community in a multitude of ways, both small and large. LCF is planning for the future by launching a campaign that will significantly increase the LCF endowment. A move that will give patrons better information about planned gifts, the opportunities to leave a legacy and to benefit this community - forever. The campaign is designed to increase the funds the Foundation has available to fulfill its mission. Such funds are identified as “unrestricted endowed” assets and can be used and distributed at the discretion of the LCF Board of Directors. A successful campaign will provide a permanent source of funding for opportunities to improve the quality of life, strengthen the sense of community and benefit future generations in the Lexington community. The PLANNED GIVING SOCIETY is our way to celebrate and say thank you to generous donors of future gift provisions through estate plans that benefit Lexington Community Foundation. You will become a member of the Planned Giving Society when you let Lexington Community Foundation know of your charitable intentions. With permission, you will be honored in our annual report. If you would like to support Lexington Community Foundation by arranging a planned gift or if you have already made a future gift intention in your will, through a beneficiary designation or with a life income arrangement, contact Steve Heldt, LCF Development Committee Chair, or Jackie Berke, LCF Executive Director at (308) 324-6704 or * *





Board Development Finance Committee Over the next 50 years, our nation will experience the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history. Most will go to heirs, some will go to taxes, but some could be preserved as your legacy for the future. Retaining even a small portion of that wealth for philanthropic purposes close to home is a historic opportunity for Lexington and for people who care deeply about the place they call home. Development Committee Events Committee Nebraska Community Foundation conducted a county-level Transfer of Wealth Study. In Dawson County over the next ten years, an estimated $718 million is expected to transfer from one generation to the next.

Making a difference - If just 5% of the estimated 10-year transfer of wealth were given to endowments benefitting Dawson County, more than $36 million could be put to work for our communities and economic development. Please consider a future gift intention to the LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION in your planning. The impact could make a world of difference. Lexington Community Foundation |


  Lexington Veteran Pavilion LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is partnering with the Lexington Veteran Pavilion Committee to raise $800,000 needed to move the project forward. A $100,000 Challenge Grant was approved by the LCF Board of Directors in May to kick off the major gift’s fundraising for the project. The primary mission of the Lexington Veteran Pavilion is to recognize veterans, educate about the military and create new cultural and entertainment event opportunities.

The facility will include an open-air amphitheater, restrooms, bench seating and a grass berm encircled by a walking path. Individual stops along the walking path will honor each military branch through educational engagement. To take advantage of match & prize opportunities, donations nations to the Lexington Veteran Pavilion are recommended during Give BIG Lexington. ngton. Online link: /story/Veteranpavilion By mail: LCF, PO Box 422, Lexington, NE 68850 8850

Patriot Wall of Recognition Star Gift Ranking “We, as committed leaders of the Veteran Pavilion project, are 100% behind this Capital our giving and in our service!” ~ Jim Bliven, LVP Committee Chair

6 | Lexington Community Foundation

 Splash Pad at Oak Park

Construction has begun at Oak Park in Lexington for the addition of a splash pad. The splash pad will provide a safe and fun environment for children of all ages. This aquatic playground will not only enhance the park’s beauty but also give families a free option for summer fun!

Johnson Lake Playground nd The proposed Johnson Lake Playground is well underway with the fundraising efforts. The playground will be installed near the outlet canal at East Shore Drive 1A. The playground will increase choices of outdoor physical activity in the Johnson Lake area for children and families that not only reside here but also for the tens of thousands of those who visit our recreation each year.

Adaptive Playgrounds The addition of an adaptive playground at Morton and Sandoz schools has been completed. Marni Baker stated that the additions of the playground equipment and accessible surfacing will provide equitable access to students of all abilities which will help to foster a more inclusive environment for all students to grow.

Lexington Community Foundation |



LCF will host the 11th annual Give BIG Lexington on November 10, 2021 ,at the Dawson County Annex Building. Since 2011, Give BIG has had a significant impact on the Lexington area community. The Foundation is thankful for the support the Lexington community has shown local nonprofits over the last ten years. Because of the generosity of donors, over * disbursed to local non-profits who are working to make our $4.5M has been community a great place to live. LCF is encouraging the community of Lexington to MAKE GOOD BETTER. This year over 80 organizations will be participating in GBL. Your generosity * helps these local organizations make a difference here. Whether it’s a small orSTAFF large : donation, every dollar counts.

Grants Committee

Public Relations Committee

Scholarship Committee

8 | Lexington Community Foundation


Don’t Settle for Good… Strive For Better. Lexington Community Foundation is excited to announce that again this year other Dawson County area communities are participating in Give BIG! We are including these outlying areas to help other communities be part of something bigger. Give BIG is about inclusion and increasing awareness for the work nonprofits do. Including partner campaigns is a great way to do this.

Partner Campaigns

The communities participating in the giving day this year are Cozad, Elwood, Overton, and Sumner. You can find their giving day pages by going to and clicking on their giving day icon on the GBL homepage. Each community has a list of its local organizations. Search their causes by scrolling through their leaderboards at the top of their homepage. Watch for more information about the locations of the giving day headquarters in each of these communities. We’re making it easy for donors to donate.

Lexington Community Foundation |



LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION hosted the 20th annual K Key event on April 24, 2021. This year’s Key looked a little different as the event went virtual with the added element of live streaming. The community was encouraged to make the most of the situation by having their Key event with their families at home. Once again, Lexington did not disappoint us. Several new local businesses featured items on the auction, along with new exciting offerings from longtime supporters. Thank you to all the area businesses es and individuals who continu continue to support pp the Key. y Your dedication too the Lexington community is greatly appreciated. Thousands of people are directly impacted by your continued ontinued generosity. *


Grants Committee

Public Relations Committee

Scholarship Committee

10 | Lexington Community Foundation






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‡‰‹‹‰‘†ƒ›ǡ…–‘„‡”ͶǡʹͲʹͳ Reserved, Limited Seating Only

†‹˜‹†—ƒŽ‡ƒ–•ǣ̈́ͳʹͷ ƒ„Ž‡•‡ƒ–‹‰Š– ƒ„Ž‡•‡ƒ– „Ž‡•‡ƒ– Ž‡•‡ƒ––  ‹‰Š– ”‡†‹–ƒ”†•……‡’–‡† ”‡†‹ ‹–– ƒ” ƒ”†• ” † •  ……‡’–‡† …

‘šͶʹʹȁ͸Ͳ͹ƒ•Š‹‰–‘ ‡š‹‰–‘ǡ͸ͺͺͷͲ ͵ͲͺǤ͵ʹͶǤ͸͹ͲͶ ‘ˆˆ‹…‡̷Ž‡šˆ‘—†ƒ–‹‘Ǥ‘”‰

Lexington Community Foundation |



ƒ—ƒ”›ͳǡʹͲʹͳǦ‡’–‡„‡”ͳͷǡʹͲʹͳ In memory of George “Les” Allen Lexington Education Association (Scholarship) Steve & Bonnie Atwood (LVFD)

Kevin & Mary Fiene (LVFD)

Jim & Pat Longly Duane & Jan Phillippi Bill & Donna Stewart (LVFD)

Mac's Short Stop Tom & Marianne Straka (LVFD)

Gary & Mary White (LVFD)

In memory of Rolland & Dorothy Bamesberger Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Bill Barrett Elsie Barret In memory of Neal Boyd Mogens Knudsen In memory of Robert Carr Mark & Patty Jones Marie McCormick Rod & Jane Schroeder Mac's Short Stop In memory of Frank Champman Marge Bader In memory of Roberto Cordero Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Lawrence Cronk Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Santiago De Anda Mac’s Short Stop Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Kay Denker Mogens Knudsen Mac’s Short Stop In memory of Myrna Eggleston Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Dan Else (Dawson County 4-H)

Trudy Else Mark & Victoria Spelts

In memory of Kathleen Kerner Aaron & Nikki Salomon Mac’s Short Stop In memory of Barton & Marian Kline Kline Kids In memory of In memory of In memory of Wes Esslenger Marion Henderson Marian Kline Mac’s Short Stop Aaron & Nikki Salomon Mogens Knudsen In memory of In memory of In memory of Bernard Eubank Alan Hill Don Kline Madeline Caldwell (LRHC) Michael & Patti Maguire Muriel Shea (Library) (Robb Cemetery) In memory of In memory of In memory of Marge Fagot Kenneth Kugler France Hofferber Marge Bader Dave & Carolyn Aaron & Nikki Salomon Mitch & Jackie Berke Fairbanks Heldt, McKeone & Copley Ken & Marie Wellman Kurt & Erin Kugler Mogens Knudsen In memory of (JL Fireworks) Mike & Patty Mandelko Mary Nell Huerta Aaron & Niki Salomon Joe & Linda Miller Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Aaron & Niki Salomon Kathryn Lessig In memory of Jan Wightman Mickey Hundley Marge Bader Tim & Sheryl Wozny Aaron & Niki Salomon Reynolds, Inc. In memory of Joe & Linda Miller In memory of Cliff Foster Gary & Mary White Patricia Lewis Mogens Knudsen In memory of Larry & Sandy Hock In memory of Dorothy Ingram In memory of Ethel Girhan Doran Post & Associates Nancy Lindeman Heldt, McKeone & Copley In memory of Aaron & Nikki Salomon Michael & Patti Maguire Leona Jones In memory of Joe & Linda Miller Jim Lundgren Aaron & Nikki Salomon Steve & Bonnie Atwood Marge Bader (LVP) Don & Barb Batie (LRHC) In memory of Roger & Bonnie Mae Barry Chris & Jill Denker (LRHC) Phyllis Hanson Randy & Peggy Carpenter Wade & Brenda Aaron & Nikki Salomon Mike & Karla Denker Eschenbrenner (LRHC) In memory of Jim & Jeanette Hain Steve & Lori Gierhan Reva Jean Krings Ted & Kelly Harvey (LRHC) Hatfield Lance & Sue Kizer Dave & Peggy Hanna (LRHC) Albert & Susan Lamberts John & Tami Reynolds Kurt Kline (LVP) Aaron & Niki Salomon Mac’s Short Stop Chris & Kira Larsen Muriel Shea (Library) (LRHC) Aaron & Niki Salomon Nancy Sorensen Ron & Mitzi Leininger VFW Auxiliary (LVP) Tom & Judy Wisdom (LRHC) David Zahua (LVFD) In memory of Mogens Knudsen In memory of Velma Jones Mac's Short Stop Genie Hawks Aaron & Niki Salomon John & Audrey Strauss Marge Bader In memory of In memory of Mitch & Jackie Berke Sunya Kash Mary Maloley Heldt, McKeone & Copley Carole Philpot Mogens Knudsen Tom & Audrey Downey In memory of In memory of Mogens Knudsen John Kerner William & Lucille Mac's Short Stop McCandless Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Maurice & Judy Andres Shirley Heine (Robb Cemetery) Aaron & Nikki Salomon

To remember; to pay tribute to; to honor; these are the people who have touched our lives.

12 | Lexington Community Foundation



ƒ—ƒ”›ͳǡʹͲʹͳǦ‡’–‡„‡”ͳͷǡʹͲʹͳ In memory of Mac's Short Stop Carol McFadden Jan Wightman Jeff & Gail Wightman Mitch & Jackie Berke Mike Jeffrey (Robb Cemetery) In memory of Mac's Short Stop Bernice Pebley In memory of Heldt, McKeone & Copley Arline Miles Aaron & Niki Salomon Aaron & Niki Salomon In memory of Brent & Connie Smets Martha Peterson (Library) William & Meredith In memory of Orthman Galen Moris In memory of Marge Bader JoAnn Phillippi Dave & Sheri Giesbrecht Aaron & Niki Salomon (Lions Club) In memory of Rex & Sheryl Hunt Rowan Rabe Mike Jeffrey (LVP) Mogens Knudsen Mitch & Jackie Berke (JL Trails) Toby & Amy Biehl-Owens Heldt, McKeone & Copley (Library) In memory of In memory of Jim Murphy Duane Rasby Marge Bader (LVP) Mike & Patty Mandelko Mitch & Jackie Berke In memory of Heldt, McKeone & Copley Connie Rhode (YMCA) Barry McFarland Ed Darby Tom & Audrey Downey In memory of John & Angie Fritton Sane Richardson (LVFD) Sharon Grippin Jim & Jeanette Hain (Tennis) (Hero Flight) Mogens & Sally Knudsen In memory of Scott & Mary Lundgren Mary Lou Robles (HMMV) Bill & Meredith Orthman Teetor Anesthesia (LRHC) Mac’s Short Stop Doran & Pat Post (HMMV) Jeff & Mimi Post (HMMV) In memory of Aaron & Niki Salomon Ray & Mary Lou Robles Dennis & Pat Samway Rod & Jane Schroeder Ron & Mitzi Leininger (LRHC) Al & Katy Seberger (HMMV)

Tim & Alice Speak

In memory of In memory of Ronnie Rogers Ollie Schoneman Marge Bader Marge Bader (LVP) Marilyn Bailey Mitch & Jackie Berke Mitch & Jackie Berke Randy & Peggy Carpenter Joyce Boyd Dan & LuAnn Clark Randy & Peggy Carpenter Chris & Jill Denker Heldt, McKeone & Copley Mark Jones Tim & Jane Davis Scott & Mary Lundgren Mitch & Tiffany Denker Mike & Ronda Maloley Chris & Jill Denker Doran & Pat Post Fagot Refrigeration & Jeff & Mimi Post Electric Dennis & Pat Samway Tom & Cathy Fagot Al & Katy Seberger (YMCA) Brent & Connie Smets Sheri Farrar In memory of Ted & Kelly Harvey Brad Sherman Duane & Debra Klein (JL Trails) Chris & Kira Larsen Sandy Anderson Steve & Allison Luther Don & Becky Densberger Michael & Patti Maguire Rick & Penny Emil (FFA) Cinda Henn Mike & Patty Mandelko Jan Kreitz Tod & Michele McKeone Mary Jo Long Bradley & Shawn Nick Donna Malone Toby Owens & Amy BiehlBev & Bill Page Owens (4-H) Bonnie & Steve Pfister Ronald & Gayle Paschall Paula & Barry Pfister Dave & Chris Roemmich Carole Philpot Dave & Sheila Rowe Vickie & Lee Power Aaron & Nikki Salomon Bonnie Satler Melissa Schorg Greg Sherman Larry & Sharon Jeff & Lori Sherman Steinberger Nathan Sherman Brad & Jill Williams Pat Sherman Tom & Judy Wisdom Peggy Sherman Travis & Danielle Wright Sandra Sherman Gary & Nancy Wright Darlene Trautman Dave Zauha (JL Trails) Leon & Jodi VandenBerg David & Karla Zlatkovsky Brad & Jill Williams In memory of Judy Wixson Ona Sage Aaron & Niki Salomon

GOODBYE TO A FRIEND Wayne K. Weston, MD 1937-2021 The LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION has been run by volunteer community leaders for more nearly four decades. In May, we lost former LCF Founder and Board member, Wayne Weston. Wayne was an original founding member of the Foundation, signing the articles of incorporation in 1982. He served on the Board of Directors from 1982-1984. It is the vision and contributions of early leaders, like Wayne, that make it possible for the Foundation to have the presence it has today. It is with great respect that we remember Wayne Weston. Lexington Community Foundation |



ƒ—ƒ”›ͳǡʹͲʹͳǦ ‡’–‡„‡”ͳͷǡʹͲʹͳ

Brad Sherman Greg Sherman Jeff Sherman Peggy Sherman Penny Sherman In memory of John Soflin Rogene McPherson

In memory of Cathy Stone Mogens Knudsen

In memory of Mick Tingelhoff Margery Woodman

In memory of Kristi Strohmyer Mitch & Jackie Berke Brent & Connie Smets In memory of Joe Taft Tom & Cathy Fagot

In memory of Loton & Myrna Todd

In memory of Lee Stewart Thomas &Laura Fincken

Aaron & Nikki Salomon In memory of Doris Thompson Duane & Jan Phillippe

In memory of Jack Sherman (JL Trails)


(JL Trails)



(JL Trails)

Brad Sherman Greg Sherman Jeff Sherman Peggy Sherman Penny Sherman In memory of Dean Wheeler Marge Bader (LVFD) Mogens Knudsen Mac’s Short Stop

Back-to-School Brigade® is Operation Homefront's annual nationwide school supply collection and distribution campaign. Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree Inc. have joined forces for 12 consecutive years to collect and distribute school supplies for (military) children. This year the students within the district get to use the school supplies collected from our Lexington Dollar Tree store. Pictured on the right is Dollar Tree Assistant Manager, Deb Medina and sales associate, Aleah Biehl. Sandoz Principal, Barry McFarland, picked up the boxes of school supplies from the Foundation office. LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is pleased to serve as Lexington’s Operation Homefront volunteer agency.

14 | Lexington Community Foundation

Aaron & Niki Salomon In memory of Shirley & Dean Wheeler Tim & Sheryl Wozny In memory of Wayne Weston Mark & Patty Jones In memory of Clayton Yeutter Cristena Yeutter

2021 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS LCF awards 82 individual scholarships each year valued at $148,850. LHS STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS

Stan & Kay Linch Memorial Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship

James D. Miller Memorial Scholarship

Elmer Sotelo

Warren & Leta Batie Scholarship

Kennia Garcia-Retana (1st yr) Tailyn Kounnavong (2nd yr) Casey Arnold (3rd yr)

Richard A. Brown Memorial Scholarship Ivan Lazo

Richard & Phyllis Brown Hendrix Memorial Scholarship Carlos Romero

Class of ‘77 Scholarship

Elizabeth Gomez-Paz

Holton Edeal (1st yr) John Howard (2nd yr) Riley Kopf (3rd yr) Ethan Woehrle (4th yr)

Otto & Esther Murdock Scholarship Karely Perez

Raymond (Ike) Neff Memorial Scholarship

Orlando Orozco-Rodriguez

Ruth Edna Reynolds Montgomery Memorial

Macey Johnson

Jessica Ramirez-Zamore


Norman W. & Shirley A. Reynolds Scholarship

Christian Bran

Brian D. Eilers Memorial Scholarship Jaxson Fagot

Emerson Memorial Scholarship Chandler Flynn

Housel Family Scholarship Jason Tovar

Neal Kohl Memorial Scholarship

Noah Converse

Athea Roberts Memorial Scholarship Omar Sanchez

Lexington Education Association / Karen Robinson Memorial Noah Converse Xavi Galvan-Rodriguez

Celia Velasquez-Lopez

Gary Shubert Memorial Scholarship

Lexington Community Foundation Annual Scholarship

June Shubert Memorial Scholarship

1st year Keith Allen Mackenzie West 2nd year Alfredo Con Damian Salinas 3rd year Darlene Gomez Brayan Martinez 4th year Camille Anderson Hana Brock

Lexington Men’s Soccer League Scholarship Yoskar Galvan

Lexington Optimist Club Service to Youth Scholarship Macey Johnson

Kyle Ellis

Alex Ramos

John Soflin Memorial Scholarship Noah Converse Dylan Richman (2nd yr.)

Francelene Skinner Memorial Scholarship Enrique Flores Janette Ortiz

Shirley Trautman Memorial Scholarship Jamie Colon

Robert & Barbara Wade 4-yr Scholarship Daniel Arevaldo (1st yr) Jasmine Anaya (2nd yr) Lucia Castro-Jacobo (3rd yr) Molly Con (4th yr)

Robert & Barbara Wade 2-yr Scholarship Caden Neben (1st yr) Efren Aguirre (2nd yr)

Charles A. Walker Memorial Scholarship Tami Lehmkuler

COLLEGIATE SCHOLARSHIPS Alumni Scholarship Chloe Gonzalez Mollie Rowe Tanner Rowe

Ann Crawford Alexander Memorial Scholarship Mackenzie West

Norall Scholarship Kaylee Beyea Todd Hope Dowling Jaxon Fagot Chloe Gonzalez Kaitlin Harm Chandler Flynn Johanna Jimenez Makenzie Johnson Trevor McKeone Remmy Rocha Tanner Rowe Brooke Speer Stephanie Vielmas Madelyn Vogel

Ken & Jane Reynolds Family Scholarship Addison Sund (1st yr) Hope Dowling (2nd yr)

Pat Ruppe Scholarship Edvin Ortiz

Mark and Vera Turner Scholarship Mallorie Buescher Coleman Evans Nia Martinez Madison Sutton

Byron & Bessie Wightman Collegiate Scholarship Karina Mendoze (1st yr) Nia Martinez (2nd yr)

John & Jan Wightman Collegiate Scholarship

Lucia Castro-Jacobo (1st yr) Johanna Jimenez (2nd yr)

The Foundation administers awards available to students at all collegiate levels. Scholarship information is updated regularly on the Foundation’s website and through posts on our Facebook page. Lexington Community Foundation |


THANK T HA NK Y YOU OU too our Event Sponsors. Our success in being able to raise money through our annual events is directly related to the support you provide us. We are partners in making g an im impact in our community!


For more information on how you can become an Event Sponsor contact the Foundation or visit:

607 North Washington P.O. Box 422 Lexington, NE 68850

Phone: 308-324-6704 Tax ID# 47-0794760

The LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION establishes endowment funds and Administers the income for the betterment of the Lexington community. The LEXINGTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization under United States tax laws. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent applicable under the relevant tax law.

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Foundation Forum October 2021  

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