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© Brady Kenniston

RE: Erik De Ridder

THE DAY-DATE 40 The international symbol of performance and success, reinterpreted with a modernised design and a new-generation mechanical movement. It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.

oyster perpetual day-date 40




WWW.LARIVEKNOKKE.BE Kies voor een luxueus leven, in een elegant en prachtig appartement in Knokke. Een buitengewone architectuur, uitgelezen materialen en een fantastische ligging in het hart van de elegantste stad van onze kust. In Knokke ligt de wereld aan uw voeten. De Royal Zoute Golf Club, de Royal Zoute Tennis Club, het casino en vele boetieks van de grootste internationale luxemerken zijn allemaal hier gelegen. Kortom, uw appartement wacht op u! Ga ervoor en geniet van het goede leven in één van de mooiste plekjes aan de kust.

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Edito SuperCharged 8 by Martin Gillet



Welcome to your eighth edition of SuperCharged,special edition, renamed Starman honoring SpaceX major achievement, your independent Magazine for Tesla Owners, Club Members, Shareholders and EV enthusiasts.

SuperCharged is available online, with past editions:



Byron Soulopoulos President @soulopoulos

Gwenn Schoovaerts Managing Director @gwenn85

Martin Gillet VP Global Communication and Marketing @mgillet

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VOLUME 8, APRIL 2018, ISSUE 8 | SUPERCHARGED – The independent magazine made by and for Tesla Owners & enthusiasts | CORRESPONDENT EDITOR: Martin Gillet | CIRCULATION: 20000 copies (excluding additional distribution) | FREQUENCY: Quarterly | Distribution: Tesla Owners Club Belgium members | EDITORS: Anja Van Der Borght, Ruud Van De Locht, Dimitri Van Moerkercke, Wim Vander Haegen, Jeroen Coteur, Niko D’hont, Martin Gillet | PUBLISHER: AMG Group p/a Event Expo België – Cieskensstraat 2 – 9772 WANNEGEM LEDE | DESIGN: LEO bvba – rue des Ixellois 1 – 4000 LIEGE | PRINTING: Drukkerij De Maertelaere (this magazine uses 100% ecological paper) | SALES: Erik De Ridder – tel.: 0486 13 13 13, e-mail: | ADMINISTRATIVE & TRAFFIC ADVERTISMENTS: Event&Expo Belgium – Hilde De Ridder – tel 09 228 22 84 – email: | COPYRIGHT: No part of this publication may be used, reproduced or copied without express permission of the publisher | SUBSCRIPTION: May be ordered from Dominique – e-mail: for the cost of mailing (20 euros/year)


© Brady Kenniston

Edito SuperCharged 8 by Martin Gillet

For this eighth edition, we have reached for the stars! Elon Musk and his teams are an inspiration to all of us. It was thrilling to see yet another successful launch – but this was a launch like no other before and a major milestone for SpaceX. We have dedicated the cover of this issue to this historic moment. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so we were very pleased to catch up with Brady Kenniston and share his amazing work with you. We have also highlighted the SpaceX launch, with interesting facts and figures, along with great ‘goodies’ such as paper model rockets by Alfonso Moreno for educational purposes and spending quality time with your children. All of this is open source, so we invite you to check it out! With Model 3 deliveries now underway in the USA, we reached out to some of the first Owners to find out more about them and their latest acquisitions. Some are early adopters that have already been driving other Teslas for years - while for others, EV ownership is a completely new experience. They were happy to share their insights with us. While we reservation holders patiently await the configuration invite email in our beloved inboxes, let’s take a look at their stories! ) A big kudos and shoutout to Donna, Dan, Dennis and Trevor for their insights. The rEVolution is about people and so is Supercharged Magazine. We wanted to share two great profiles of true leaders in this respect - pioneers and early adopters that have long embraced the rEVolution. Let us introduce you to Pierre Van Tiggelen and Jacques Marlot. Pierre has driven over 300,000 kilomèters (no, this is not a typo, you read correctly three hundred thousand kilomèters and counting!). Great stories, fond travel memories and testing ‘the computer on wheels’. Jacques Marlot is a distinguished engineer who was struggling to get his hands on a Roadster in the very early days, long before Tesla became a household name. Jacques shared his ‘rEVelation’ with us – from his testing prototypes in the days when EVs were still urban legends… up to acquiring his Model S. Captivating stories from a true gentleman that we had the pleasure of driving with on the Jumet ekart track, during our Club EVent. Cecoforma, a Brussels-based communications agency, talked to us about their next big happening – The Smurf Experience. This unique exhibition will take visitors through a recreated Smurfland and use the latest interactive and gaming technologies to promote the Smurfs’ role - famous Belgian icons - as United Nations ambassadors for sustainable development. At the risk of sounding ‘like a broken record’, Supercharged is only ‘as good as the energy’ we put in, along with qualitative content. As always, we welcome your topic proposals and for your collaboration with the editorial team. We look forward to hearing from you through our Club website. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust. We look forward to your impressions, stories, article ideas and feedback, as well as to welcoming you at our monthly events. Keep up the conversations online through social media, ‘share the Love’ using hashtag #TeslaClubBE. Best pictures are featured in our Instagram feed. On behalf of Tesla Owners Club of Belgium vzw/asbl, Martin Gillet Vice President Global Communications and Marketing Tesla Owners Club Belgium asbl/vzw. Thank you to all parties involved in the making of this edition and to our proof readers.

Disclaimer: Tesla Owners Club Belgium is an independent enthusiast non profit organization under Belgian laws and is not affiliated with Tesla Motors, Inc. or its subsidiaries. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, POWERWALL and the “TESLA”, “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla Motors Inc. in the United States and other countries.



Text credit: Martin Gillet

CLUB EVENTS The Club is always looking for great venues and ideas to organise cheerful events and memories. Feel free submit ideas and locations. Community at work means more ideas - and the more creative, the merrier. All our events are listed under eventbrite. Join us and plan ahead as places can be limited:

EKART - GHENT ALONG WITH SPACEX LAUNCH Due to popular demand, we are organising eKart sessions again this year. It was so much fun to slide on the track and compete cheerfully with club members. Many joined us for another electrifying race! 6

We held the first session on February 6th, 2018 in Gent. It was a memorable moment, as we also had the chance to witness history with the successful Launch of the FH, the ‘BFR’. Pictures debrief is online in your Facebook Album:


EKART - JUMET We held the second session on February 28th, 2018 in Jumet. Despite the shivering cold, we had a blast with Club Members and Tesla Fans Francophones. We enjoyed the track and the good company. As it was quite cold, we were also able to playfully drift when racing. No doubt we’ll be back again for yet another race!



Pictures debrief is online in your Facebook Album:

Text credit: Martin Gillet

NEXT EVENTS Join us! The more the merrier! Electrifying and enjoyable moments!

MAY 9TH CLUB DINNER AND NETWORKING - HOTEL TER ELST EDEGEM Mark your Agenda; club dinner along with networking and Keynote from Rik Vera. In his Keynote, Rik Vera makes “clear that the key to developing the right strategy for the digital world is Extreme Customer Centricity. It is no longer B2B or B2C. Customers look at a company as a human being. “Know me, have one conversation and make it matter”. Rik makes it clear that it is not about products or services, but (good) CEX. Bad CEX is not meeting customer expectations. Good CEX means exceeding customer expectations. Customer Centric is a mindset that involves the whole organisation and even turns the whole traditional model up on its head. It starts with the desired customer experience, then customer-focused value-driven behaviour, a stimulating culture, guiding stewardship and the right logistics and only then the right products.”

APRIL 29TH, 2018 - NEUMUNSTER ABBEY TEDXLUXEMBOURGCITY Led by proud Tesla Owner Dirk Daenen and team, TEDxLuxembourgCity is the regional version of the popular TED conferences, operated under an independent license. The mission of TEDxLuxembourgCity is to bring people together to explore who we are and the world around us. We engage Luxembourg and the greater region to share ideas and create a movement, with a view to enhancing a future for us all. The conference will feature 10 of the region’s leading thinkers, innovators, disrupters, artists and entertainers representing such diverse fields as space exploration, charity, design, human rights, music and entertainment (among others). With a view to prompting electric vehicles, we will be displaying Teslas, BMW I-series and Renault electric cars at the event. The event was sold out in 6 minutes this year. “We are incredibly humbled by the amazing support” said Dirk Daenen the TEDx organiser “We promise a bigger venue next year”. In the meantime, book your agenda for 2019 and join the online conversation by following the hashtag #TEDxLuxembourgCity

Looking forward to seeing you. Registration:

MAY 26-27TH, 2018 ERALLY NIEUWPOORT We believe in the power of community and opportunities to make Electric Vehicles shine! Thanks to our friend Karel Van Hilst, we are inviting you to spend a fresh weekend in Nieuwpoort. The Agenda includes an Electric Village and an eRally. We look forward to meeting you on the gorgeous Belgian Coast! More info:

JUNE 2ND, 2018 - ERALLY - THE NETHERLANDS Here we go again! We are very proud to support this great initiative by attending the eRally organised by our Dutch Friends. This outstanding event fully delivers on its promises, from a stunning eRally, to a warm arrival reception, with a focus on a charity goal. Join us on June 2nd for yet another fantastic day. Let’s show once more that the Belgians are in town! You can join on the day itself, or book a room for the day before. See you on the departure lane! More info:



Elegance is an attitude Simon Baker

CASTEUR EXCLUSIVE Stationsstraat 22-24 - 8790 Waregem 056 60 19 51

COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 - 2000 Antwerpen 03 231 11 11

COLMAN KNOKKE Elizabetlaan 17 - 8300 Knokke 050 96 96 44

HUYBRECHTS JUWELIERS Markt 39 - 2240 Geel 014 58 86 63

VANHOUTTEGHEM GENT Dampoortstraat 1-3 - 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45 The Longines Master Collection

Text credit @mgillet

NEWS IN A NUTSHELL MODEL 3 APPOINTED ‘POPULAR MECHANICS CAR OF THE YEAR’. We were very pleased to read Popular Mechanics’ statement, announcing that the Model 3 has been voted ‘Car of the year 2018’. We always believed in the project and the successful outcome. In the meantime, reservation holders wait patiently for the Model 3 to reach Europe, following the first deliveries in the US. (Source and Credit: Popular Mechanics) Read the full story:

UPGRADE GPS BEING DEPLOYED Tesla’s highly-anticipated new navigation and maps engine is now being deployed. On March 26th, 2018 Elon Musk announced on twitter “New nav starts rolling out this weekend. Should be considered a mature beta at first, so won’t be perfect, but will improve rapidly. With the old system, we were stuck with legacy 3rd party black box code and stale data. No way to improve.”

This is a nice move to boost the rEVolution and expand local networks. You may remember that we also announced a similar initiative by Delhaize in an earlier article. Other deployments have also been made by Decathlon and other brands. If not yet available at your local store, make yourself known to local management, make a request by mail and copy the club ( so that we can leverage the request. Source:

FIRST PRODUCTION CARGO TRIP OF THE TESLA SEMI HEAVY DUTY TRUCK, CARRYING BATTERY PACKS FROM THE GIGAFACTORY On March 7th, Elon Musk published on Instagram news on the Tesla Semi: “First production cargo trip of the Tesla Semi heavy duty truck, carrying battery packs from the Gigafactory in the Nevada mountains to the car factory in California”.

Tesla will offer MCU retrofits and a new software update is coming for old MCUs, says Elon Musk. Read the full story from Electrek (source and credit) Tesla’s new onboard computer is twice as fast as the older version, shows test says Electrek (source and credit) read the full story:

LIDL - NEW CHARGING STATIONS! It was with great pleasure that we were notified that Lidl has added more charging stations to their stores. Lidl continues to extend their charging network with their motto “Recharge yourself and your car while shopping”. They proudly updated us with the following locations: • COURCELLES: Rue du 28 Juin 1919 35-39 - 6180 Courcelles, • MOLENBEEK: Rue Delaunoy 14-16 - 1080 Molenbeek, • ZOERSEL: Kapellei 184 - 2980 Zoersel

Source: Read the Electrek Full story (Source and Credit) https://electrek. co/2018/03/07/tesla-semi-first-cargo-trip-gigafactory-1-fremont-factory-elon-musk/

Join the daily only conversations and news on twitter with the Community and over 7500 peers, join us Hashtag #TeslaClubBE



Luxe zit in de details.




• Altronik Alfred Nichelstraat 10-12 9300 Aalst 053 70 15 86

• Audiomix Liersesteenweg 321 3130 Begijnendijk (grens Aarschot) 016 56 10 62

• diMonaco Stationsstraat 66 9100 Sint-Niklaas 03 776 24 40

• HD Full Concept Chaussée de Waterloo 1170 (Vivier d’oie) 1180 Bruxelles 02 349 10 00

• Robberechts Klank & Beeld Vilvoordsesteenweg 307 1850 Grimbergen 02 269 30 79

• Verfaillie-Bauwens Knokke Lippenslaan 225 8300 Knokke 050 60 58 70

• Verfaillie-Bauwens Oostkamp-Waardamme Kortrijksestraat 356 8020 Waardamme 050 28 84 86



SPACE X “GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR STARMAN” “You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great - and that’s what being a spacefaring civilization is all about. It’s about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than the past. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars.” ELON MUSK, CEO AND LEAD DESIGNER, SPACEX (Source Space X). TEXT: MARTIN GILLET

© Brady Kenniston



FALCON HEAVY (CALL SIGN FH/BFR) WHAT IS FALCON HEAVY? Falcon Heavy, also referred to as ‘FH’ or ‘BFR’ (Big F****** Rocket) is an impressive masterpiece of Technology. SpaceX describes Falcon Heavy as follow “Falcon Heavy is the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. With the ability to lift into orbit nearly 64 metric tons (141,000 lb)---a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel--Falcon Heavy can lift more than twice the payload of the next closest operational vehicle, the Delta IV Heavy, at one-third the cost. Falcon Heavy draws upon the proven heritage and reliability of Falcon 9. Its first stage is composed of three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27 Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft. Only the Saturn V moon rocket, last flown in 1973, delivered more payload to orbit. Falcon Heavy was designed from the outset to carry humans into space and restores the possibility of flying missions with crew to the Moon or Mars.”



The rocket consists of different sections: First Stage, Second State and the the Payload. FACTSHEET SOURCE AND CREDIT: SPACEX.

FIRST STAGE: “Three cores make up the first stage of Falcon Heavy. The side cores, or boosters, are connected at the base and at the top of the center core’s liquid oxygen tank. The three cores, with a total of 27 Merlin engines, generate 22,819 kilonewtons (5.13 million pounds) of thrust at liftoff. Shortly after liftoff the center core engines are throttled down. After the side cores separate, the center core engines throttle back up to full thrust.” 3 cores, 27 engines, Thrust at sea level 22,819kN (5,130,000 lbf), Thrust in Vacuum 24,681kN (5,548,500 lbf) First stage includes the Boosters: “Each of Falcon Heavy’s side cores, or boosters, is equivalent to the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket with nine Merlin engines. At liftoff, the boosters and the center core all operate at full thrust. Shortly after liftoff, the center core engines are throttled down. After the side cores separate, the center core engines throttle back up.”

© Brady Kenniston

Rocket is lifting off thanks to the combination of engines lined up: “Inside each of Falcon Heavy’s three cores is a cluster of nine Merlin engines. These same engines power Falcon 9, enabling efficiencies that make Falcon Heavy the most cost-effective heavy-lift launch vehicle in the world. With a total of 27 first-stage engines, Falcon Heavy has engine-out capability that no other launch vehicle can match—under most payload scenarios, it can sustain more than one unplanned engine shutdown at any point in flight and still successfully complete its mission.”



FACTSHEET SECOND STAGE: “Falcon Heavy draws upon Falcon 9’s proven design, which minimizes stage separation events and maximizes reliability. The second-stage Merlin engine, identical to its counterpart on Falcon 9, delivers the rocket’s payload to orbit after the main engines cut off and the first-stage cores separate. The engine can be restarted multiple times to place payloads into a variety of orbits including low Earth, geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) and geosynchronous orbit (GSO).” 1 Engine, Burn Time 397 seconds, Thrust in vacuum 934kN (210,000 lbf). Space X ‘delivers’ thanks to the payload! The last section is the payload containing the errands or else to be orbited or more: “Falcon Heavy missions will deliver large payloads to orbit inside a composite fairing, but the rocket can also carry the Dragon spacecraft. The composite payload fairing protects satellites during delivery to destinations in low Earth orbit (LEO), geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) and beyond.”

© Brady Kenniston

Learn more about the Falcon Heavy, including detailed insights at


SpaceX has throughout the year imposed a business and economic model to all parties involved in space launches. Fifteen years after its creation, the company has become in 2017, the first satellites launcher provider. If you compare to the European Arianespace Programs; it is 18 launches for SpaceX, totalizing 110 tons sent ‘up in space’ versus 11 launches for Arianespace and 59 tons. The main gamechanger and huge quickwin from SpaceX are the reuse of the components, feature that was not seen before. True innovation to strengthen its economic model.

THE LAUNCH On 6th of February 2018, SpaceX entered an new era by launching the biggest rocket ever, the Falcon Heavy Demo.

The launch was ‘technical demo’ to illustrate the know how and the agility of SpaceX teams. Although quite too oversized for the satellites market, this launch confirms that SpaceX is capable of designing and operating ‘Heavy Launchers’ -Falcon Heavy is the first launcher to take off since the retirement of the rockets used during the Apollo missions in 1973, using the Saturn V - meant at a later stage to send makind to ‘infinity and beyond’ namely the Moon and/or Mars.

Many have seen the ‘Starman Launch’ as a masterly ‘free’ advertisement led by he charismatic Elon Musk. This launch was the second ‘most seen *Live* from youtube, after the *Live* Jump of Félix Baumgartner back in 2012. Truth is that this launch has shed some light on Space and its opportunities. It has woken up the interest to the younger generation and the Grand Public. Ditto President Bartlet ‘Mrs Landingham: What’s next?’

As always, many parameters are aligned for a successful launch. It is not abnormal to have the Launch ‘Go’ delayed a bit to maintain optimal odds of a successful operation. Although all conditions were more than fair, chances to failure were not underestimated. Needless to say that Teams have done an Amazing job by making this adventure a fruitful outcome. But the Launch isn’t everything, the true Masterly Achievement is the recuperation of the two rocket launchers on Earth! A Master, shining technological Momentum which opens a brain new era in the Spacial conquest.

The next chapter will be yet, another crucial milestone in SpaceX history but also the rise of the ‘Big Falcon Rocket’ -three (3!) times more powerful! First flight is foreseen circa 2020… with a first manned flight estimated circa 2025.



CLUB MEMBERS WITNESS THE HISTORY What a perfect timing! On the same day, Club organized one of its many EVents. We were running that night for the ‘2018 Cup’ and Game was on! We were able to tune in broadcast the *Live Feed* of the Launch on the wall.

In between races, we watched the different interviews and preparation phases of the Launch. And then, we all shouted the countdown, staring at the Amazing piece of Technology lifting off, amazed by such a journey from all involved parties at SpaceX. We could truly feel the cheerfulness in this moment, we could understand this day was opening a new era for Space and mankind. In many ways, we felt like our parents felt when watching the Apollo missions and the landing on the Moon. We celebrated the successful outcome and the major Achievement by toasting a ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ to SpaceX teams and all parties involved and we thanked Elon Musk once more for his Leadership.

© Martin Gillet

STARMAN - JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME (BUCKLE UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE) As underlined earlier, this Launch was a technical demo’ to illustrate the know how and the agility of SpaceX teams. The Rocket needed a payload in order to set the conditions to real. Normally, engineers only put ‘basic weight’ such as ballasts or concrete parts to load the cargo bay. But why do things in Life if can’t add a little Fun? As underlined earlier, this Launch was a technical demo’ to illustrate the know how and the agility of SpaceX teams. The Rocket needed a payload in order to set the conditions to real. Normally, engineers only put ‘basic weight’ such as ballasts or concrete parts to load the cargo bay. But why do things in Life if can’t add a little Fun? The ‘one simple idea’ … Elon Musk’s got plenty of ideas but also many items or products he could have chosen. Assuming the Hyperloop was too cumbersome to handle, final choice was set on the Tesla Roadster (first generation). Playfulness was in motion and a (fictive) passenger was added, known as Starman. So we have a shining Roadster head to Space and identified as Starman 2018-017A by NASA… we can spot him up there on his journey… ‘Do not panic’ says the ironic message on the dashboard.. While the radio playing in repeat mode the extraordinary classic from David Bowie: ‘Space Oddity’. All of it in a stunning silence as space is empty -read no air- and sound does not propagate.

© Martin Gillet

Once the Government Permit was obtained, there was not showstoppers to send this Tesla Roadster to Space! (Read “Yes, You Need A Government Permit To Send A Sports Car Into Space” from Keith Kowing )




HOF TER HILLESTRAAT 2, OOSTDUINKERKE Ontdek alles over dit uniek project aan zee, een combinatie van een moderne en duurzame renovatie met twee extra bouwlagen. Een concept met tal van voordelen, voor investeerders en voor wie een heerlijk tweede verblijf aan zee zoekt. Ma Mer is gelegen aan de zonnezijde, vlakbij de kust, in het hart van Oostduinkerke. Een plek waar de levenskwaliteit voorop staat. De ideale stek om volop te genieten aan zee.


VIA_____________WWW.BELEEFDEZEE.BE PROGRAMMA • Toelichting door de eigenaar, visie op het project en de voordelen • Frédéric Vandenhende - vastgoedexpert investeringen • Apero met het beste uit de zee


Verkoop I RooftopMay I BIV 503762 T. +32 (0)475 85 91 28 I Ontdek ook onze andere projecten op


Excerpt from the Permit: SPACE EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGIES Is authorized, subject to the provisions of 51 USC Subtitle V, ch. 509, and the orders, rules, and regulations issued under it, to conduct a launch. General. Space Exploration Technologies is authorized to conduct: (i) A flight of the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) transporting the modified Tesla Roadster (mass simulator) to a hyperbolic orbit; and (ii) pre-flight ground operations at KSC associated with the flight, as identified in paragraph (i) of this license, of the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. This license is granted subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations set forth in licensing orders A, B, C, and D and any subsequent orders issued by the Office of Commercial Space Transportation. The licensee shaii at ail times conduct its operations in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Office of Commercial Space Transportation for the activities authorized by this license. Issued: February 2, 2018 Effective: February 2, 2018

Source and Credit: View the full licence document under

In the heat of the Launch, our attention was also caught to the AXM Papers, which are scale models from the rockets! What an amazing idea! These nifty models are great to educate and entertain our children, either at Home or at school. The AXM Paper Space Scale Models is a project dedicated to the art of building scale paper models of real spacecrafts. The owner/designer Dr Alfonso X Moreno is a physician from Florida working in Research, but has a passion and talent in building paper models in the Space category. Dr Moreno has a vast number of accurately designed paper models representing the main Space Programs from the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, the Commercial space vehicles and many more. AXM Paper Models website has joined ventures in designing models for Science and Space institutions such as the Australian CSIRO kids magazine, the Ecuadorian Space Agency EXA, NASA’s Glenn Research Center (SCaN Testbed Model) and Goddard Space Flight Center. His website has been online since 2006 and as long as the Space Program is alive, his space paper models will be a valuable contribution to the Card Modeling community. ‘Read more on Alfonso’s blog’



ALBERT HERENKLEDING Anselmostraat 4-6 2018 ANTWERPEN 03 237 43 87

DEVOS KLEDING Frans van der Steenstraat 7 -11 1750 LENNIK 02 582 75 65

DE WITTE DUIF Parijsstraat 11 3000 LEUVEN 016 22 15 28

LABAERE TAILORS Hoogstraat 13 9620 ZOTTEGEM 09 360 02 47

STEPHAN MENSWEAR Graaf d’Ursellaan 41 8301 HEIST AAN ZEE 050 51 72 72


Among the long list of Space rockets and other, you will find the Falcon in Model 1:100 scale! The perfect activity for the whole family to illustrate SpaceX work and challenge our youngster to Space Exploration and Technology!. Download the (free) models here: Used with kind permission. Awesome initiative! As all work is under common creative - for free-, perhaps chime in and donate a few dollars or euros to contribute.

Find additional downloadable ATLAS V (400 and 500 series) launch vehicles at: You can also follow AXM on twitter: 19



Brady Kenniston, a talented photographer was onsite, shooting not only at the stars but also at the Falcon Heavy. He is a photographer from Bay City, Michigan specializing in portraits and sports



He posted this amazing tweet: When engaging with Brady Kenniston, We asked him if he could tell us a bit more about this momentum. Brady replied to us with this statement: “That image started out as a crazy idea but something that I had never seen before nor had really anyone else, at least when it comes to photographing SpaceX’s rockets. About a month and a half before going to photograph Falcon Heavy I went down to cover the launch of CRS-13. It was the 13th SpaceX flight to the International Space Station and I wanted test out the settings for that shot as well as getting practice tracking boosters as they flew back from space and landed only a few miles from where they took off from. Everything went extremely well and I ended up with one of the most shared shots from CRS-13 so I knew I had to recreate it for Falcon Heavy. Three times the boosters sure would create a powerful image, little did I know just how incredible it would be though. About a day before launch all of the press photographers went out to set our remote, sound triggered, cameras on the launch pad. This camera that took that shot, a Nikon D7500, was about 1400 feet away from Falcon Heavy. Based on Elon’s statements

Photo Credit Brady

RE: Erik De Ridder

we were all quite weary of setting our cameras out however. If an explosion were to happen on or near the pad, everyone’s camera would be destroyed without a doubt. Needless to say the launch went better than expected and I walked away with that iconic image along with so many more from my other remote cameras as well as the ones I shot from long range.” Pictures source and credit: Brady Kenniston, used with kind permission. You can find Brady’s stunning work on his website: or simply follow him on












SPACEX’S EARTH VIEWS NEED A LICENSE NOW, PROBABLY THANKS TO THE TESLA STUNT “NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is an American scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce that focuses on the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere) must issue licenses for any commercial spacecraft that does “remote sensing” of the Earth — or basically any vehicle that takes pictures or video of the ground from space, thanks to a law passed by the US government in 1992.” Read the full story from the Verge (source & credit)



Event furniture for any occasion.


WIN DE RACE MET FINESSEBRANDS Er zijn tegenwoordig zoveel manieren om je doelgroep te bereiken. Wij zorgen ervoor dat je de juiste personen op de juiste manier bereikt. Of je nu een nieuwe website nodig hebt, een catchy logo óf op het gebied van social media gas wilt bijgeven. Onze creaties vindt je niet alleen op de digitale snelweg want we beletteren ook auto’s. Op zoek naar een showstopper van een wagen? Laat dat maar aan FinesseBrands over!

ACCELEREER IN STIJL EN GEEF JE CONCURRENTEN HET NAKIJKEN! FinesseBrands heeft jarenlange ervaring in het helpen van bedrijven met hun offline en offline communicatie. Meer weten? Niewsgierig naar onze diensten? CHECK WWW.FINESSEBRANDS.COM

the model 3 – insights

THE MODEL 3 INSIGHTS FROM THE EARLY ADOPTERS The very first deliveries of Model 3s have now been received by their happy owners. Supercharged Magazine caught up with some of the early adopters and Tesla evangelists state-side and in Canada, to get their first hand experiences. Thanks to Donna Ball, Dan Nainan, Dennis Pascual and Trevor Page for their insights …. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS / MARTIN GILLET



OWNER OF FIRST MODEL 3 TO BE DELIVERED IN NEW YORK Some of our readers may remember Dan Nainan, from his comedy show at Tesla World in Antwerp, in 2015. Dan is a man who has completely transformed his life, with a move from the west coast to the east coast of the US, and a career change from senior IT engineer to successful stand-up comedian. He was also the first person to take delivery of a Model 3 in New York.

IT EXPERT BECOMES COMEDY STAR I’ve been through a complete change in life in terms of my career. I used to work for Intel, and my job involved travelling around the world with execs such as Andy Grove, the CEO and co-founder of Intel. During that time, I was doing technical demonstrations on stage all over the world. Designing the demos was easy for me. Being half Indian and half Japanese, I was bred for this kind of thing and I trained as an engineer. The tough part was speaking on stage in front of thousands of people. I decided to get over my fear of public speaking by taking classes in stand-up comedy. As part of my “exam” at the end of the course, I had to give a show. My first show went really well, and that led to Intel asking me to do a performance. It blew away the audience when I did impersonations of our CEO. Some of the people there came up to me and thought I was a professional comedian rather than an IT demo guy. It was at that moment that I thought that maybe I could do this for a living. So I gave up my job at Intel and became a full time comedian. I’m a sort of clean comedy guy. I like to perform at events, corporate functions and charity galas, and I have performed in 28 countries.

TESLA WORLD 2015 Tesla World was a wonderful event which brought together around 800 Tesla enthusiasts at the Hilton Antwerp Old Town. I was flown over by Brussels Airlines in first class to give a stand-up comedy performance. It was a wonderful event for me, as I got to meet so many Tesla brothers and sisters from all over Europe. There is something about the Tesla fraternity that gives you an instant kinship with them. It’s as if we are all together in this mission to make the world a better place. I really enjoy Tesla people – in general they are smart, progressive, environmentally conscious and open to new ideas.

FROM MODEL S TO MODEL 3 Being a tech nerdy guy, I have always been an early adopter who is into computers and gadgets. So of course I had to have a Tesla! American cars are normally horrible quality, but Tesla is something new, innovative and non-polluting. I basically saved up the money from the CD and DVD sales at my shows and bought a Model S P60 in 2014. Unfortunately, I got it one month before autopilot was announced, but I loved the car anyway.


the model 3 – insights

I turned in my Model S, which was on lease, and bought the very first Model 3 to be delivered in New York. I stood in line on 31 March 2016 and waited from 9am until noon to place my reservation. After that I had to wait until 22 January 2018 until it was delivered. During that time I did at least get to visit the factory in Fremont to see the Model 3, and that was really exciting. I love my new Model 3, and it feels pretty similar to the Model S. There are some very minor differences. On the S, the door handles pop out automatically, but with the Model 3 it’s almost like a two-handed operation. The Model S was so roomy you could almost sleep in it, but the Model 3 is smaller. Also when you get directions on the Model S, there is a small second screen on the left, but you don’t have that on the 3 – there is just one screen which shows everything. Other than that, you are getting a Tesla at half the price, so it’s the deal of the century, it’s wonderful!

MODEL 3 CONFIGURATION The first deliveries of the Model 3 are only being offered with the high capacity battery, which has a range of 500 kilomèters. That suits me perfectly, so it’s fine. I opted to pay for nicer wheels with my configuration. Wheels are not something that I would usually pay that much attention to, but I did find the standard ones with three plastic spokes quite ugly. As for the colour scheme, my Model 3 is red, with a black interior – hence the nickname I have for her, Red Ruby. I was tempted to get Autopilot, but as I don’t drive that much at the moment, I didn’t take it. If I change my mind I can always get it added later on. Considering that it’s the cheapest Tesla so far, it’s surprisingly fast. It compares well against the Model S, although I did have the slower P60 version.

TESLA FAME AND POPULARITY Everyone loves the Model 3 when they see it, and they want to ride in it. A video company even contacted me to ask if they could film it with a drone. The objective was to show off the drone’s capabilities, but in fact it shows off the car as much as the drone. It’s a great video; you can view it at https://dronedj. com/2018/02/04/fly-away-dan-nainan-in-the-tesla-model-3and-the-dji-mavic-air/

Another filming adventure I had, but with the Model S, was in a TV series called Billions. The casting director was looking for actors that were also Tesla owners for the show. I contacted them and they literally called me back in about a minute. That was for an episode that was filmed in New York but set in San Francisco, so it was great fun.

ROAD TRIPS I took a few road trips with the Model S down to Florida and I am hoping to do the same with the Model 3, to go and visit some friends. So far the only trips I have taken with the new car were to Jones Beach on Long Island, New York. I moved from Silicon Valley to Manhattan quite some time ago. I love both cities, but at the moment there are only two Superchargers in the city itself. One of them is just a few minutes from where I live, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s not a problem. New York is unique as there are a lot of people, even senior citizens, who have never learned how to drive. That means even finding a gas station is hard, as there is just not that much of a driving culture in this city. On the whole, travelling around the US is easy with the Tesla, as there are Superchargers everywhere. The rest of the country is really fantastic for that. The Superchargers are always strategically placed near a movie theatre, a mall or a Starbucks, so even if you have to wait while you charge, it’s not really a problem. Plus you get to meet new friends, and that is part of this wonderful Tesla movement.

THE GEEKS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH The Model 3 represents a whole new direction for Tesla. This is a $35,000 mass-market car, whereas before they were purely targeting the luxury market. It will be even more accessible when the model with the smaller battery comes out. I love the fact that I was the first person to have one in New York, and I am very proud to be part of this massive movement to electric vehicles that is going to take place. “The geeks shall inherit the earth!” For more information about Dan, including praise from former President Obama, visit or



the model 3 – insights

DENNIS PASCUAL MODEL 3 OWNER AND MEMBER OF ORANGE COUNTY TESLA CLUB IN CALIFORNIA Dennis Pascual is no stranger to the Tesla Owners Club Belgium, having met members of the club in Fremont. Dennis is also one of the main organisers of the Orange County Tesla Club. Already the proud owner of a Roadster and a Model S, he was one of the first to receive a Model 3 in southern California...



“The Orange County Tesla Club ( Orange-County-Tesla-Club/ and groups/43) has grown to nearly 400 members. They are a mix of Tesla owners and those that have reservations for the Model 3. We even have some that work with SpaceX, as we are in the same area, as well as a few that are former Tesla employees. Orange County is one of the three main Tesla Clubs in southern California, along with San Diego and Los Angeles. We work with each other and sometimes have events together – for example next week, members from all three clubs are getting together in Palm Springs.”

ME AND MY EV FAMILY “Career-side, I was originally in the internet and telecoms space but I moved into clean technologies quite a few years back. I now work in electric vehicle advocacy and I am VP of Operations for the Americas for a company called Tritium which specialises in fast charging solutions ( au). My family’s EV journey began in 2012, with a BMW Active E. This was in fact a pilot programme for a prototype using a converted 1 Series. For two years we used the car to test the motor and batteries, for the car that eventually became the i3. That is what got me interested in EVs and why I joined the Tesla Owners Club. Basically, it was the BMW experience that convinced me to electrify my transport. A big part of my original decision to move to EVs was financial, as being in California means that using my solar panels saves me a lot of money. Nevertheless, while I was using the Active E it made me consider the environmental aspects more. I made the transition to clean energy about 3 years ago.

© Dennis Pascual

We knew that at the end of the testing programme we would not be able to keep the BMW, so I started to look around. Between 2012 and 2014, I test-drove every EV and hybrid on the market. Finally, I put in a reservation for a Model S, which was originally for my wife. That plan changed a little and instead she became the proud owner of a pre-owned Tesla Roadster (happy wife, happy life) and I took the Model S. For the short while then, we had the BMW Active E, the Roadster and the Model S. We are now back up to three electric vehicles again, since the arrival of our new Model 3, on December 30th 2017. We actually put in two reservations for the Model 3, as my wife wants to wait for the all-wheel drive version. When that arrives, I might sell the one we already have, so I am trying not to get too attached to it.”

COMPARING THE MODEL S AND THE MODEL 3 “I have often mentioned that the Model 3 feels quicker than my Model S, but mine is one of the older versions of the Model S, being a standard P85 from 2013. It is a pre-autopilot, pre all-wheel drive, which does 0 to 100 Km/h in 5.9 seconds. That compares to our new Model 3, which goes from 0 to 100 Km/h in 5.1 seconds. The top speed on the Model 3 is also much faster. All Model 3s being sold right now are rear wheel drive, with the longer battery range. The longer range Model 3, as I have, has a range of 500 km. That compares to 426 kilomèters for my Model S. For sure the range is amazing on the Model 3 but one


the model 3 – insights

© Bill Sabo @billsocalif

thing they have not changed is the vampire drain. If I leave it parked and unplugged it drains quickly - similarly to the Model S when the vampire drain was quite severe. It seems like they are making the same mistakes as before in that respect, but I know they will improve it. Anyway it’s a beautiful car and great on the inside.”

SPECS AND MODEL 3 INTERIOR “If you are one of the early purchasers of the Model 3, the only options are the size of wheels and colour (I chose blue for mine). One of the controversies about the Model 3 is that Tesla started delivering with fabric interiors, rather than alcantara, but at the premium interior price. Mine is the alcantara version, but it’s still quite minimalistic and there is only one screen. Having the speedometer in the centre takes some getting used to. On the positive side, I have to say the air-conditioning, venting and climate control is superior to any other Tesla on the market. In this aspect, they have nailed it spot on with the Model 3.”

TURNING HEADS “We are not the first to receive a Model 3, as it was released to Tesla and SpaceX employees earlier, but we are one of the first non-employees. I ordered the car at the pre-launch and actually queued up for five hours to do so. There have been a lot more of these cars sold in California than anywhere else to date. Now that we are March there are quite a few Model 3s on the road. People are spoiled in southern California and used to seeing them. It would get a lot more attention if I was on the east coast. Back in December they were still a rare item. I had a meet up with the Orange County Club to let some of the other members experience the car. About two weeks later, all three clubs met up and by then we had about 15 Model 3s show up. Some of them were customised with things like wraps, different wheels and leather interiors. We have a lot of members here who like to customise their Teslas. Personally, I’m really more of a stock guy and I like them to be the way the factory made them.”



“I haven’t taken the Model 3 on a roadtrip yet, but I have already done 3,500 kilomèters, just with commuting. With the Model S, my biggest road trip so far has been a 23 day trip from California to Maine and back – which is coast to coast. For this trip, which I called my “Here, there and Everywhere trip, I did a blog post about it every day, which can be seen at roadtripping-the-u-s-a-day-01/. This was in 2015, just as I was making the transition to clean technology.”

“I am kind of forgiving audience with Tesla, as I know the company well. I appreciate that the Model 3 is still in progress. It takes some getting used to, but I do enjoy the vehicle as it’s quite a sporty ride. Elon is always pushing back the boundaries and in my experience when new Tesla models are first launched, they don’t always hit the mark straight away. Overall it’s well-built and enjoyable to drive. I miss the air suspension I have on the Model S, as I drive in a town with a lot of potholes, but it’s zippier, faster and corners better. It’s a pleasure to drive and a lot of fun.”



the model 3 – insights

INSIGHTS FROM DONNA BALL THE DAY I EMBRACED THE REVOLUTION. Los Angeles-based Donna Ball was one of the first to reserve a Model 3, back at the launch party on March 31st 2016. The new Tesla has completed transformed her attitude to driving – from being a necessary chore, to something that she now loves…

MY FIRST EV – RESERVED AT THE MODEL 3 LAUNCH PARTY I’ve never really been much of a car person. Cars just need to do what they are supposed to do. For me it’s not about driving flat out and fast. It didn’t really love driving before, but coming back on the California highway after I picked up the Model 3 really changed that for me. The day I reserved the car was really memorable, as it was during the launch party in the spring of 2016. I hadn’t been intending to buy one, but I got a little swept up in the excitement and I borrowed

my sister’s credit card to put down the deposit (I did pay her back!). I did need a new car anyway so I thought why not! My previous cars were a 2002 Honda minivan and VW camping car from 1974 that had been purchased in Europe and brought back to the states. Both of them were wonderful cars for a family, but with my kids grown up I decided it was time for my family to get their own minivans and that I would get something for me! I took delivery of the Model 3 on December 26th 2017 and it was one of the first delivered to non-Tesla employees. It was so exciting, as it was my first ever EV. I have always been interested in new technologies and I love the fact that it’s environmentally-friendly. I consider my impact on the environment and conserving resources in most of the things I do.


© Donna Ball


the model 3 – insights

THE STAR SHIP Mine is a rear wheel drive version with the larger battery and extended range. I wanted the larger battery version, as range anxiety is always the first question that comes up about EVs. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the performance in this respect, as it matches up pretty well with what is on the dashboard. In fact even at an average of 110 Km/h, it can still do around 500 kilomèters from a full charge.

© Donna Ball

I took the premium package with autopilot, but I’m still having trouble trusting it on crowded freeways to be honest. Anyway, she drives really easily and accelerates well when you need to. Last week I went down to San Diego county which involved taking some mountain roads. It was the most enjoyable road trip I have ever had.


I chose a silver model with a black interior and took the aero wheels option, which is probably why my nickname for her is Star Ship. Inside it is plenty roomy enough. The dashboard took a little getting used and if I could have done, it would have been something that I might have changed in terms of where things are located. For example the navigation is on the far side of the screen. That could be updated, but now that I have been using it a while it is fine. On the other hand, I’m really happy with the sound system.

For my family it wasn’t such a new thing to see a Tesla. My sister is quite well known in the California Tesla community, as she was one of the first owners of the Roadster that was not a Tesla employee. Other Tesla owners are excited to see it when I pull up to a Supercharger, so there is a lot of interest in it from them. I do live in an area that has a lot of Tesla owners, especially as we are quite near SpaceX. Even two of my neighbours have Teslas so that in itself is not so unusual, but seeing a Model 3 still is a bit of novelty.

It drives well and I am very impressed with the road holding. Last week I took it to the foothills and it was most enjoyable drive I have ever had in my life. I love the quiet aspect of it and it handled beautifully. The acceleration is awesome and it makes a big difference when you are trying to change lanes or join on to the highway. So far the fastest speed I’ve taken it up to is about 140 Km/h.

I’ve noticed since I got the Model 3 is that I am just smiling every time I talk about it. I have never enjoyed having a car so much. It makes me happy for so many reasons. I like the fact that I will never have to go to a stinky gas station again, I like the way it looks and I love the technology. I’d never leave it if I could.

© Donna Ball


© Donna Ball



the model 3 – insights

INSIGHTS FROM TREVOR PAGE FOUNDER OF THE MODEL 3 OWNERS CLUB Trevor Page from Aurora, north of Toronto, and is the founder of the Model 3 Owners Club forum and YouTube channel. He purchased a Model X in December 2017 and has a reservation for a Model 3, while he awaits the first deliveries in Canada…



Tesla is definitely something that attracts people from the technology sector, they totally get it. I myself am from a technology background and I founded the Model 3 Owners Club forum back in October 2015 ( I have been following Tesla for around 10 years and my aim is to share that knowledge with as many people as are interested. I knew the Model 3 would be a really big deal and I wanted to do something for all of the new people coming into the Tesla and EV fold. I felt that I had something to offer and I wanted to create a forum with a friendlier feel and a fresh take on things.

© Trevor Page

The day after the launch of the Model 3, in March 2016, we added a YouTube video showing some of the details of the car. It kind of went viral and to date the video has had over 1.5 million views ( . We now have thousands of followers on the forum and the YouTube channel from all over the world. Now that deliveries have started to begin, there is even more traffic flowing to the sites.

Having driven them both, the Model X is a very large vehicle compared to the Model 3, but that’s OK I like a big car and we are a two car family. The Model X and the Model 3 we are awaiting both have autopilot – in my opinion you cannot have a Tesla without that! We haven’t decided on all of the specs for the Model 3, but aside from autopilot it will most likely be the standard model.

The objective of the forum is to give the newcomers to Tesla a discussion area that is more welcoming to neophytes and very specifically geared towards the Model 3. We have excellent moderators and there are strict rules about behaviour.


I was the first Canadian to drive the Model 3. An early owner reached out to us in early September last year and we were able to use one for a couple of days. The Model S and Model 3 are very similar in some ways, but the control systems on the dashboard are different. I see a lot of progression in the interior design but some reduction in costs at the same time (such as with the seats).

I acquired my first Tesla, a Model X, at the end of 2017. We are really enjoying driving it and I can’t ever see myself going back to a gasoline car. We chose the Model X mainly as a primary car because it fit our needs better. Of course we still have our Model 3 reservation but we are waiting for the standard model, which hopefully should be arriving in early 2019.

Above all Tesla, like Apple, understand the sex appeal of their products and how this aspect them gives them real selling power compared to their competitors. In this respect, the new Roadster will be a very, very exceptional “halo” car that will focus even more attention on Tesla.



the model 3 – insights

ential treatment for deliveries, but this has a lot to do with the fact that current owners can deal better with early issues with the car. They are building the high-end specs now and the lower end specs will hit the markets in 2019. I’ve also put up a video guide on YouTube about the configurations possible and costs in Canadian dollars, so you can use that to gain a pretty accurate idea in other local currencies com/watch?v=PtWG1rGeRqs


There is always the possibility that I might get another make of EV in the future, but Tesla offers a very compelling package and their Supercharger network is their ‘ace in the hole’. Canada is a very large country where most of the population is very concentrated, so Tesla has been building a large number of Superchargers and they are expanding their reaches in the midwest and east coasts by the end of 2018.

DELIVERY WAITING TIMES IN CANADA The time frame for first deliveries of the Model 3 in Canada has been updated to spring 2018 for the first production models and 2019 for the lower range battery and four wheel drive versions. There are two showrooms, in Vancouver and Toronto, that have received Model 3s for display, and both have been swamped with requests. In fact there was a sort of frenzy, with lines ups around the corner in order to get a chance to have a quick two minute tour of the car. On the forum there has been a lot of frustration about the wait times, although some understand the situation where Tesla is at the moment. Some are frustrated that current owners get prefer-

With the risk of using a cliché, the vehicle is really a lot more impressive when you see it first hand and drive it, rather than look at it in pictures. Photos do not do it justice. It is drop-dead beautiful. The interior is simple and very Scandinavian in a way. This is a car that has been designed as part of a vision of the future. One day we will be living in a society with self-driving cars and Tesla is working towards this future. If you look at the interior of the Semi truck, you can see it is plucked directly from the design of the Model 3 – an indication of Tesla’s design direction for future cars and likely a Model S and X refresh. There will come a tipping point for EVs when the cost parity is more or less at the same level as for combustion engine drive trains. When that happens, it will be game over – especially when you factor in the total cost of ownership and the fact that some countries are starting to get on board with the idea of banning new ICE cars in the future. My recommendation for readers that are keen to buy one but do not have a reservation number yet, is to watch lots of YouTube videos and join the forum. Owners from all over the US, and soon Canada, are posting their experiences, so there is a wealth of knowledge out there already.



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PIERRE VAN TIGGELEN ONE OF THE FIRST MODEL S OWNERS IN EUROPE AND 300,000 KILOMÈTERS ALREADY! Supercharged Magazine caught up with Pierre Van Tiggelen, EV evangelist and owner of one of the first ever Model S in Europe. We caught up with Pierre just as he was driving through the landmark barrier of 300,000 kilomèters on the clock. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS / MARTIN GILLET


© Pierre Van Tiggelen



Pierre Van Tiggelen took delivery of his Model S back in September 2013 and has since been using it to travel all over Europe. “I am a heavy driver. I work in the IT consulting and cyber-security arena and my clients are international organisations, so I need to travel a lot. I became an early adopter of Tesla, as I had long been waiting for an easier-to-drive car to come on the market. In September 2013, there were other EVs on the market, but they were cars with ranges of only up to 100 or 150 kilomèters, which wasn’t enough for me.”

MAKING THE MOVE TO TESLA “I had been following EVs in general and I had test driven a Roadster. Then around 2010 or 2011, I heard about the plans for the Model S, so I that is when my search ended and I began my wait. It turned out to be a wait of two and a half years and there are not a lot of people willing to hang on that long for a car. It’s already been over two years since I reserved a Model 3 for my wife and in the end it will probably be closer to 3 years. She currently drives a combustion-engine car but the Model S has proven to us that we can manage on 100% electric.”

THE FOUR CORNERS OF EUROPE “My ambition is to drive my Tesla Model S to the four corners of Europe. I’ve already taken it up to Scandinavia in the north, southern Italy and 600km east of Moscow. The last segment is the western corner of Europe, in Portugal. This will be an easy one, as the Tesla SuperCharger network is rapidly spreading throughout Spain and Portugal. I’m just back from a meeting in the US and that was the first time I’d taken a plane since I had the car, as I have been making all my business trips in the Tesla. Driving the Model S is such an enjoyable way of travelling and gives you the opportunity to do things you would not be doing in an ICE car, like meeting fellow Tesla enthusiasts at charging stations. You sometimes need to plan your journey for charging, but that gives you the chance to explore new places so it adds to the enjoyment.”


“My Tesla S is a P85 of the first generation also known as the ‘Classic’ Model S, it has a rear wheel drive system. It is the P performance version, but frankly I don’t need to use all of its performance very much. I probably did more so at the beginning but afterwards you become a gentler driver.

“The un-initiated often confuse power sources with EV charging stations, or SuperChargers. The EV driver primarily needs electrical power connections which can be found literally everywhere in the world. Nearly every house has power available, so in a way it’s better than gasoline. For instance, if you are in Eastern Europe or Russia, you can always stop in places like garages and hotels to ask for power. The power grid is extremely well designed in Russia. This is historical as the Soviet revolution in 1917 made power available throughout the country. Sometimes you need to be a bit DIYoriented and have a few adapters, but it’s not a big challenge.

I have a daily driving average of around 250 to 300 km a day, so it means I rarely need to recharge during the day. As I live in the countryside, it is easy to charge at home. I also have plenty of solar panels, so I like to think it’s the sun that’s powering my journeys – although it’s the grid that is stocking that energy for me. We have a powerful three phase 32A wall socket and the car is fitted with a 22kW charger. This allows me to fully charge within 2 to 3 hours and that is really useful if, for example, I go out in the evening after work.”

When we were in Russia, people really wanted to help us when we asked if we could charge up. When requested, we paid just 10 or 15 euros to compensate for the price of the electricity. They were very curious about the Tesla and wanted to learn more about it – and test it. My advice is that if you are going to these different countries, you need a range of different chargers, a 22 kW mobile charger, three phase adapters and a single phase adapter. When I’m on road trips I also have my own ground rod for earthing, that I hammer into the ground to create my own neutral connection.”











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SPREADING THE WORD “Lots of people are asking for a test drive. I have had well over 100 drivers in the car, with me sitting next to them of course. It is so easy to drive and I don’t hesitate to let people have a go. Some of them have driven up to the full acceleration! More than evangelising, I like to try to convey to people how convinced I am about e-mobility being where the future is. Moreover, I believe that ICE cars are inevitably going to become part of history very soon. As we move forward, more car manufacturers are starting to pick up the baton and we will be seeing more battery developments, greater range and lower prices. I believe this game change will now happen much quicker than I anticipated when taking delivery of my Tesla Model S. With Tesla owners, there can be a bit of an ‘iphone effect’ of wanting to have the latest model. Some owners change their Teslas every time a new one comes out, so they are already into their 3rd or 4th one. As EV cars don’t wear, they are perfectly drivable for almost unlimited period of time, this means that more and more people will have access to second hand Teslas. The longevity of EV cars is maybe not such good news for car manufacturers...

EXPERIMENTING WITH THE BATTERY “I charge the battery up to 100% nearly every day and I have been analysing its life quite closely. This is not normally recommended, but I want to see what can be done using the full range. For me this is a whole new science for drivers, about understanding how a battery behaves with regards to ageing, charging and temperature - by far the most important parameter. If the battery is cold it behaves completely differently. I am collecting data to provide my own operational feedback to car users and the car industry. I hope Tesla will appreciate my efforts. I have often let the battery go down to zero on purpose, so I can train myself how to react if that happens. These kinds of situations could eventually create a problem, but you just need to react the right way and follow procedure. I have only been stuck at the side of the road - in an unwanted way - once on a road trip. The battery management was indicating an incorrect range available, so I was stuck on a Germany highway less than a couple of kilomèters from a supercharger. Tesla road assistance came to my aid at no cost, recognising something had gone wrong.”


© Pierre Van Tiggelen

Convincing people to lay out a lot of money is not easy, but once the initial investment is done, there is almost nothing more to spend. I have free power and hardly any maintenance. My ongoing costs have been practically zero – and that’s after 300,000 kilomèters. That’s the message I am sending out to people and as the initial price goes down, it will be more accessible. It feels like this car can last practically indefinitely. It’s not going to rust and there is hardly any wear on the vehicle or the motor - only an accident could arm it. I have never even changed the brake pads and I don’t expect to before I reach 500,000 kilomèters. The only thing is the battery capacity, which does go down a bit. I have probably lost between 10 to 15% of the battery since I have had the car.”

“The bad thing is that there is no choice on the market for long range EVs. Many manufacturers are making announcements about long range in the future, but with Tesla it’s already here. It’s hard to understand why traditional manufacturers took so long to get on board. I appreciate Tesla very much, but I agree with the CEO of Tesla, whose interest is to have as many electric cars on the road as soon as possible, not just Teslas. He is pioneering this. I would consider cars on the market other than Tesla, but unfortunately, right now, there aren’t any.”

KEY TAKE-AWAYS FROM BEING A TESLA OWNER “The very few times I have driven an ICE car in recent years, I felt like I was going back into history. I used to be a classic car enthusiast and I do own a couple, but I just don’t feel like driving them anymore. Normally people use those sorts of car at the weekend, but I don’t even do that anymore. The Tesla is so much more enjoyable than those stinky cars! In Italy, especially in Tuscany, you can drive with the windows open, with no noise and the smell of nature around you. Those are the kind of experiences you could never have with an ICE car.”



transport & environment



© Transport & Environment


transport & environment

TRANSPORT & ENVIRONMENT CAMPAIGNING FOR CLEANER, SMARTER TRANSPORT Transport & Environment (T&E) is one of Europe’s most influential organisations campaigning for sustainable transport and emissions reductions. Julia Poliscanova, the T&E’s Clean Vehicles and Air Quality Manager, spoke with Supercharged Magazine to explain more about the organisation’s valuable work. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS


LOBBYING AT LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LEVELS T&E is a non-profit, non-politically-affiliated NGO which represents some 53 groups from 26 countries working at local, national and international levels. Its overreaching mission is to advise and lobby policymakers to improve their transport policies to reduce harmful impacts on the environment and ensure that the planet’s resources are wisely-used.

of land and other resources are all key issues for us” says Julia. “We are constantly looking at pro-active measures to achieve our goals in all of these areas. Among the groups we work with are European institutions, expert working groups for the European Commission, the International Maritime Association and the International Civil Aviation Organisation.”

“T&E is really a think-tank” explains Julia Poliscanova. “When it was launched 28 years ago, we set out our main objective as being to influence policy-making towards more sustainable transport and a cleaner, more healthy environment. Since then we have grown in importance and contributed to a many high-profile EU policy changes including, most recently, measures on testing requirements for diesel vehicles.”

T&E’s work has been particularly high-profile since the Dieselgate scandal which erupted in 2015. Since then, T&E has gone beyond advocating for tighter air pollution targets for car manufacturers, to focus on how those targets are actually enforced. This includes reforms to the vehicle testing system, which is a goal that the organisation has long been lobbying for.

3.5 MILLION MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS Federating the T&E’s 3.5 million members and supporters are a team of around 25 full time members of staff, headed up by William Todts, the organisation’s Executive Director. “We are a mix of policy-oriented, communications and technical staff, including data analysts and engineers” says Julia. “There are different teams working on cars, trucks, aviation, shipping, fuels and regulatory matters. All of us are based in the European-heartland, in Brussels.” T&E focuses on several areas, including road cargo transport, shipping, aviation, biofuels and of course the encouragement of the use of EVs. “Climate change, air pollution, noise emissions and the use


“In our view, the European Commission is taking the environment and climate change very seriously, but national governments are lagging behind. One of the very visible examples of this is dieselgate. Most people involved in the industry were already aware that diesel cars were emitting way more emissions than the permitted levels – but local governments were turning a blind eye. Consequently, we eventually had a scandal on a mass scale. While governments are not taking action, a growing number of cities are starting to take matters into their own hands. Among the cities that have promised to implement actual bans on diesel cars by 2025 are Paris, Madrid, Oslo, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Rome and Athens.”



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transport & environment


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A major step forward has been the introduction of Real Driving Emissions (RDE) for diesel cars. This means that, in future, vehicle emissions must be tested on the road as well as in laboratory conditions. These RDE tests must include segments on motorways, urban and rural roads, with each segment covering a distance of at least 16 km. “Over the last two years, the discoveries of new emissions scandals has shown that Dieselgate was just the tip of the iceberg and made the need for test reforms undeniable” says Julia. T&E is also the leading NGO working on improving emissions standards for trucks and the organisation has achieved a commitment from the European Union to push for these standards to be proposed on 2 May.

CHALLENGES IN EUROPE “Our main challenge is that transport emissions are still growing” explains Julia. “Road transport is the biggest culprit with regards to emissions. This is especially an issue in Europe, as it’s difficult to get member states to take action because the car manufacturing industry is very important to their country GDPs. Nevertheless, it is crucial that we get national governments to act. We have been working on reforming the ways air pollution tests are carried out and complied with, including getting tests carried out on real road conditions. These tests will start to be implemented as from 2020. We want to see governments enforce these measures on the car manufacturing industry.”

COP 23 T&E was present at COP 23 in Bonn, notably with its support of a side event on the consequences of the global demand for palm oil which is destroying natural habitats and displacing local populations. “I think one of the key issues of for us at T&E is the lack of overall urgency on climate change that we seeing” says Julia. “During COP 23, two of the biggest elephants in the room in this respect were the aviation and maritime sectors, as they were pretty much excluded from any action plans during COP23.”

THE PLATFORM FOR ELECTROMOBILITY Cutting emissions from traditional ICE cars is only one part of T&E’s strategy for improving the environment. In 2016, it teamed up with industry players to promote the cleaner alternative of electric vehicles with the launch of the Platform for Electromobility http://www. . The initiative brings together major EV industry players (including Nissan-Renault, Tesla and Siemens) along with cities, public transport providers, cyclists, rail operators and civil society groups that wish to promote e-mobility. Its task is to accelerate Europe’s transition towards sustainable multimodal electro-mobility. Already its impact is being felt by Europe’s lawmakers. The European Commission’s Low Emission Mobility Strategy included steps towards a mandate for manufacturers to supply ultra-low (plug-in hybrids) or zero-emission (battery electric) vehicles. The challenge is now to secure a mandate, which will give certainty and economies of scale to carmakers and provide Europeans a wider choice in electric vehicles.




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“The number of electric vehicles is growing exponentially, but this is particularly being boosted by Chinese manufacturers. The main problem appears to be in Europe, with the lack of effort to properly market and sell EVs. There are over 400 models of petrol and diesel cars but only around 20 EVs. This means that consumers are confronted with a lack of choice.” “We have now the European commission proposal that requires car manufacturers to sell 15% of emission-free vehicle by 2025 and 30% by 2030. Even though this is less ambitious than the targets that have been set in China, and even below the targets that Chinese manufacturers themselves have promised, we still fear that the European car industry will not accept these directives. They want to continue selling diesels as, for years, they have been making investments in the wrong technologies. In the US and China, the share of diesel vehicles is less than 5%, but in Europe it is over 50%. Biased regulations and taxation advantages were responsible for creating this situation.”

GETTING INVOLVED T&E welcomes the opportunity to work with new member organisations across Europe who are looking for the chance to help shape future European transport and environment policy. For more information visit sharer.php?u=https%3A// how-join&t=How%20to%20join or For the Platform for Electromobility whitepaper on European Electric Charging infrastructures in 2020 and beyond, visit



INSIGHTS FROM JACQUES MARLOT BELGIAN EARLY ADOPTER AND PROUD OWNER OF TESLA ROADSTER AND MODEL S Jacques Marlot was one of the first people in Belgium to acquire a Tesla and is now the owner of both a signature Tesla Roadster Sport and a signature Model S P85.



© Jacques Marlot




© Jacques Marlot

A native of Belgium born in 1932, Jacques Marlot is a retired Civil Engineer who specialised in the Metallurgy sector throughout his working life. Always passionate about anything electrical, in the 1940s and 50s one of his hobbies was assembling radio and television sets from parts bought in retail shops. In 1964 he built an all-electric house and installed all electrical systems himself, including heating, lighting, power sockets, electric boards and divisional meters. Moreover, he has always been a serious motor enthusiast. “During the 1960s, I competed in several races on different circuits such as Zandvoort, Zolder and Francorchamps” says Jacques. “Up until the end of the last century, I always had high-performance petrol cars, including 7 Alfa Romeos, 3 Jaguars and a Mercedes.”

THE REVELATION “In 2000 my views were quite different from now and I wrote an article explaining why I thought that there was no future for electric cars. The article fell into the hands of Gaston Maggetto, a Professor at Vrije University of Brussels. He called me and told me “You did not understand anything! Come to my lab, I’ll explain!” Always curious, I went along to visit him and he gave me the keys of his Peugeot 106 Electric, insisting that I take it for a drive. After just 15 minutes I was a fully converted EV enthusiast. The engine power was only 11 kW, with a maximum speed of 91 km/h and just 75 km of autonomy. Nevertheless, the torque I experienced with the car when starting and regeneration during the slowdowns opened up a new world to me.



JACQUES MARLOT IS A MEMBER OF: The Electric Auto Association Sauvons le Climat EFN - Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy Mouvement Citoyen 100 TWh


So that was my conversion to EVs - but in October 2000, there were less than 20 of them in the whole of Belgium. Fortunately for me, I was able to find one had been registered in 1998 to an Icelandic owner who had been based in Ostend, Belgium but recalled to his own country. I bought it without hesitation and thus began my campaign for electric cars. In 2003, I supported my friends Felix Kramer and Ron Gremban of Calcars (, the inventors of the hybrid rechargeable car (PHEV). They had a Toyota Prius in which they had installed lead-acid batteries, enabling them to drive 30 to 40 km in electric mode. This was done despite opposition from Toyota, who in fact immediately cancelled the car’s warranty and refused to communicate any information about the software that needed to be modified.”

THE ROADSTER “Naturally, as I was already on the lookout for any developments in the field of electric cars, I was very excited about the presentation of the Tesla Roadster in August 2006. With my love of sports cars and electric cars, I made up my mind to buy it immediately. This was before the days of Elon Musk being at the helm of Tesla, so I made contact with Martin Eberhard, then CEO. He informed me that his roadsters were restricted to customers living in the six US states where he had points of contact, so that he could track cars and intervene in case of need.

© Martin Gillet

But by this time I was already 74 years old and I wasn’t sure for how long I’d still be able to drive. I wanted a Tesla Roadster right away! I made contact with a Belgian friend based in New York to order a Roadster in his name, so that he could send it to me in Belgium.”

PROBLEMS…. “The first glitch was that the Roadster was not yet approved in Europe! I made contact with the relevant ministries, managed to convince them that it was a purchase for my own use and was able to negotiate a one-shot certification. The second obstacle turned out to be more difficult to overcome. To obtain the one-shot approval, I needed to fill out a simple twopage form, with all the characteristics of the Roadster, along with the “Signature and company stamp of the manufacturer”. I filled out the form and sent it to Martin Eberhard, who kindly replied “Nice try Jacques! But I explained to you that I only sell to customers who live where I can intervene if necessary. If your New York friend buys a Roadster and sells it to you, you will first need to pay for the transport from New York to Antwerp and if there is a problem with the car, you will need to pay for transporting the car from Belgium to the US to solve it. That’s not reasonable. Sorry!”



There was still a problem however. At my home, the garage is in the basement and I was wondering if a car as low as the Roadster could get in and out without scraping the floor. In 2009, I had never seen a Roadster close up. There were no Tesla dealers in continental Europe and I only wanted to confirm my order if I was certain that a Roadster could get in and out of my garage. Simon Rochefort, who was then the delegate for Tesla in France and the Benelux, did not have one for me to try, as we had to wait for the first deliveries to arrive. It was Paul Bossens, who received the first Roadster in Belgium, who came to my home on 28 October 2009. Happily, the test to try and get his Roadster in out of my garage succeeded. I confirmed my order, paid the invoice on 1st November 2009 and my Signature Roadster #0168 arrived at my house on the 27 January 2010.

THAT DAY TOOK 10 YEARS OFF MY AGE! I have now installed a system which will allow me to power my house in case of a power outage, because with the green talibans who want to stop nuclear power plants, we will eventually have power failures! In this regard I am glad to have found a suitable inverter. This can be seen on the photo at the following blog http://, where I can also be seen from the back.

TESTING A PROTOTYPE “In 2007, Tesla started to experience financial problems and even bankruptcy was being rumoured. I was still desperate to drive a faster EV than my electric Peugeot 106 of the time. It was then that I made contact with Green Propulsion, a start-up at the University of Liège. Green Propulsion had just bought the shell of an old Ford Escort from the 1970s and their project was to install Li-ion batteries and an electric motor in it (and then later add a thermal engine). This vehicle was to be the prototype of the future Imperia ( As I considered that I had no time to wait, I decided to acquire the prototype AND to participate in its development. In 2008, I carried out over 1,000 km of tests at the wheel of this prototype – which, at the time, was still 100% electric and not yet a hybrid.”

FINALLY BACK TO TESLA “In March 2009, the first Tesla Model S was presented to the media. It was then that I understood that the problems of Tesla had been solved with the arrival of Elon Musk. I ordered my Roadster on 2 April 2009 and payed my deposit of €10,000. Then, that very same month, I made my first down payment for a Model S.

“I regret that it has become more and more difficult to find roads where you can indulge yourself with a Roadster. It is true that there are circuits, but you are limited to a few laps. For example at Francorchamps, we have fun for 3 laps and then we receive the message “Power Limited” and we only have 100 kW. That means we get caught by all the thermal cars that we overtook during the previous laps - then you have to go back to the pits, so as not to damage the image of the electric car.”

NO GOING BACK TO ICE VEHICLES “I had to wait until September 2013 for my Model S (Signature #S15069) to arrive, but I am still driving both the Teslas frequently. I prefer the Roadster, but I take the Model S when I have a journey to make with over 50km of highway (as on highways, one cannot really enjoy a Tesla Roadster!) As soon as the online site opened on 10am on 31 March 2016, I placed my order for the Model 3. As my garage is only intended for two cars, I will resell my Model S when I receive the Model 3. Over the last five years, I have only driven in electric cars and I will certainly never buy another thermal car. I will keep my Roadster until my death, because I like it immensely. It is the most exciting car I have ever driven.”







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* Geldig op alle toestellen vermeld in de Loewe-actiefolder, geldig van 1 april tot en met 14 juli 2018 .

Hightech met een ziel Loewe bild 5 - OLED State-of-the-art OLED technologie in combinatie met een vintage design geĂŻnspireerd op de Sixties. Creative Director Bodo Sperlein gebruikte hout als contrast met het ultra dunne 4.9 mm beeldscherm. Loewe bild 5 OLED biedt talrijke combinatiemogelijkheden. Ontdek meer bij uw Loewe-verdeler of op


A BLUER SHADE OF GREEN CECOFORMA’S SMURF EXPERIENCE TO PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Cecoforma, a Brussels-based agency specialising in large scale events and communications projects, is actively involved in promoting sustainable development. The company’s latest project is The Smurf Experience, a brand new exhibition opening in Brussels Expo on 9 June. As the Smurfs reach the











respectable age of 60 years, the exhibition will highlight their important role as United Nations ambassadors for its sustainable development goals. Chloe


Éditeur responsable : L’Usine à bulles asbl - Stéphan Uhoda.

Beaufays, Cecoforma’s marketing & communications manager told us more. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS © Ceceforma



“Many of the events that Cecoforma works on concern sustainable development and that goes right back to our origins in the 1980s when we were involved in procurement for developing countries” says Chloe Beaufays. “Recent projects have included the URBACT City Festival for sustainable development in cities, the European Culture Forum and the promotion of the Formula E Grand Prix.”

“In putting together the Smurf Experience, we wanted to mix the two themes of the sixtieth anniversary of the Smurfs and their role in promoting sustainable development” explains Chloe. “This is will be more than an exhibition, it will be an immersive experience. The visitor will literally enter into the world of the Smurfs, into Smurfland. There will be the Smurf Village - complete with mushroom houses and trees scaled up to human size, Gargamel’s house and birds that the Smurfs fly on. Here the visitor will be led through an adventure to save the planet, to fight the villainous Gargamel who is set on polluting and destroying the environment. Our objective is for kids to learn about sustainable development through adventure and role playing in the Smurf Village. We have been putting together content linked to some of the UN’s 17 goals, such as clean water and clean energy. Some environmental themes are tricky to adapt to the world of the Smurfs – as for example, there are no cars – but content of the show will also cover recycling, climate changes, life underwater and life on land.”

Cecoforma’s latest project is the production of the Smurf Experience – an exhibition that has been created in the framework of the 60th anniversary of the Smurfs. Invented by Peyo in 1958, the cute little blue guys have become a national symbol of Belgium, with fans of all ages around the world. Tolerance, solidarity, friendship and protecting the environment have always been the values embodied by the Smurfs and because of this, they have been chosen by the United Nations as ambassadors to represent the 17 UN Sustainable Develop Goals for 2030, under the heading “Small Smurfs, Big Goals”. sustainable-development-goals




©Marcos Vinals Bassols

IMPORTANT MESSAGES For Cecoforma, the key message of the event is to focus on and promote the UN’s sustainable development goals by bringing them to a wider audience in a fun way. In parallel, they are working on an educational plan about the goals that will be sent to all the schools in Belgium.

THE SMURFS GO TECHNO Although on one level, the Smurfs’ target public are children between 3 and 11 years old, Cecoforma did not want to limit it to that audience. “We wanted to bring interesting content for visitors of all ages, so we have used a lot of fun, interactive technologies. There will be virtual reality, holograms, video-mapping, virtual reality, kinect effects and life motion captors to give a 3D gaming like experience to visitors and let them really be part of the exhibits. Our motivation was to attract people of all ages but looking at the advanced reservations that have already been booked on line, there are already many more tickets that have been booked for adults. This shows that there is clearly a lot of nostalgia and affection for the world of the Smurfs.”

“We also have a second objective that is really important for Belgian tourism and that is to remind people that the Smurfs are Belgian” says Chloe. “They are famous all around the world, apparently with a 95% recognition rate, but everyone thinks they come from their own respective countries. We want to promote the Smurfs as part of our national heritage. As such, we have a lot of support from the Wallonia region, VisitBrussels and various radio stations and newspapers to publicise the event. 2018 is the official year of the Smurfs and there will be other activities during the year – for example they will be the official mascot of the Brussels 20 kilometre marathon on 27 May.” “We also have our own objective as a company of course, and with this show Cecoforma is strengthening its position in the arena of organising large scale events.”




Luxe assistentiewoningen Unieke locatie op het strand van De Panne Panoramisch zicht op zee en duinenreservaat Fiscaal gunsttarief van 12% btw Gespecialiseerde verhuurservice



© United Nations


THE UNITED NATIONS 17 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS TO TRANSFORM OUR WORLD The Smurf Experience will spread over 1,500 m2 at Brussels Expo, where it will open its doors to the public on 9th June 2018, running for 9 months. Following on from this, Cecoforma hopes are for it to become a touring exhibition that will travel the world over the five continents. For more information and to reserve tickets, visit As from May 2018, the site will contain dedicated content for schools, with a pedagogical file that can be downloaded. You can support the eveing but liking and sharing the Smurf Experience facebook page at #smurfexperience To view the trailer of the event, visit

GOAL 1: No Poverty GOAL 2: Zero Hunger GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being GOAL 4: Quality Education GOAL 5: Gender Equality GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production GOAL 13: Climate Action GOAL 14: Life Below Water GOAL 15: Life on Land GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal For the ‘Lazy person’s guide to saving the world’ which lists plenty of simple to make actions to help to meet the sustainable development goals, visit





Anselmostraat 4-6 2018 ANTWERPEN T 03 237 43 87

Parijsstraat 11 3000 LEUVEN T 016 22 15 28

J.B Nowélei 43 1800 VILVOORDE T 02 251 03 95

WONEN OP HOOG NIVEAU PRACHTIGE PANORAMA’S, HARTJE STAD 1, 2 en 3 slaapkamerappartementen, penthouses en duplexen Subliem, zeldzaam uitzicht over Schelde, park en stad Centrale ligging op Nieuw Zuid, Antwerpen Unieke architectuur, met dynamisch spel van licht & ruimte

Ontdek het aanbod op nieuwzuid antwerpen of bel ons op 03/336.00.00








Did you know that... indoor air can sometimes be polluted up to ten times more than outside air? This pollution is the result of combustion processes and particles of maintenance products, textiles and furniture materials. These pollutant substances – with formaldehyde as the most frequently occurring – may cause not only irritations and allergies but may also lead to serious respiratory issues. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to this.

FLAMANT WALL MATT AIR CARE: BECAUSE OUR HEALTH MATTERS! AN INNOVATIVE MATT PAINT THAT DESTROYS UP 80% OF POLLUTANTS IN THE AIR. In collaboration with specialised paint expert Tollens, Flamant has developed a purifying formula, which is applied to the matt wall paint of the brand: Air Care Technology. It has an active resin that purifies indoor air by catching the main pollutants from the air and destroying them and converting them into healthy molecules. The Wall Matt paint is active as soon as it is applied and stays effective for seven to twenty years – as proven by independent laboratories – depending on the level of pollution. During its entire service life, the paint is guaranteed to have a purifying effect. The purifying Wall Matt paint is therefore the ideal paint for any indoor living spaces, especially children’s rooms and bedrooms.



A SELECTION OF 128 SUBTLE COLOURS THAT PURIFY INDOOR AIR The Flamant paint collection is known for its sophisticated colour pallet. The ultra-matt, powdery look of the Wall Matt paint is unique in this: it gives the colours an unprecedented depth and guarantees a beautiful result and a perfect finish. In addition, the paint is very user-friendly and easy to apply. The purifying Wall Matt wall paint bears the European eco-label and is available in selection of no less than 128 colours. A selection that 5 to 7 new shades are added to every year.







7 NEW TREND COLOURS IN 2018 In 2018, Flamant opted for power and softness, with both subtle classic and trendy colour nuances. The colour pallet this year includes three clear blue shades (Splash, Paradiso and Blue jeans), two earthy colour schemes (Marais and Delicioso) and two soothing halftones (Orage and Rouge Martine). Does Flamant’s revolutionary Air Care Technology appeal to you? Visit one of the Flamant outlets/, or visit a Tollens-dealer /


Loewe bild 7 OLED.

De kunst van perfectie.

Met de Loewe bild 7 luiden we een nieuw tv-tijdperk in. Met een levensechte kleurweergave en contrasten die scherper zijn dan ooit voor mogelijk gehouden werd. En dat op een scherm dat dankzij de oledtechnologie dunner is dan de meeste smartphones. Het resultaat is het meest buitengewone kleurenpalet en de fijnste kleurschakeringen tot nu toe. Van oledtechnologie naar volmaakte beeldcompositie De Loewe bild 7 toont dankzij de oledtechnologie schitterende, contrastrijke beelden (HDR) in UHD. Deze nieuwe beeldbelevenis en de beeldoptimalisatie van Loewe vormen samen VantaVision, geïnspireerd op de donkerste substantie op aarde: VantaBlack®. Die stof reflecteert namelijk zo goed als geen licht, maar absorbeert het net voor meer dan 99 procent.

6mm dun scherm afgewerkt in afgerond aluminium graphite grey

Dankzij de oledtechnologie worden beelden samengesteld uit zelfoplichtende pixels, de organische lichtemitterende diodes. Anders dan bij een lcd-scherm vereist deze technologie geen achtergrondverlichting. Wanneer het scherm uitgeschakeld is, is het zwart, zonder lichtweerspiegelingen. De reactietijd bedraagt minder dan één microseconde. Van fonkelende helderheid tot de zwartste duisternis. Elke pixel kan om het even welke kleur aannemen, en dat met een bijzonder precieze, tot nog toe ongeëvenaarde lichtintensiteit. De aangrenzende pixels worden niet overstraald, waardoor het contrast sterker is dan ooit tevoren. Dankzij de oledtechnologie loopt de contrastomvang van de Loewe bild 7 op tot vijf cijfers – van het donkerste zwart tot het lichtste wit. Indrukwekkend op het eerste gezicht – design en techniek Bild 7 werd vervaardigd uit fijn op elkaar afgestemde, hoogwaardige materialen in stemmige kleuren en pure vormen. Het minimalistische aluminiumkader in grafietgrijs met afgeronde hoeken roept een bepaalde afstandelijkheid op. En de stoffen achterkant verbergt de technische aansluitingen.

Geïntegreerde Soundbar van 120 watt met 10 luidsprekers

Wanneer de Loewe bild 7 ingeschakeld wordt, beweegt het gemotoriseerde display naar boven en komt de verfijnde en enorm krachtige soundbar vrij. Met in totaal 120 watt muziekplezier bestaande uit zes drivers en vier passieve basmembranen wordt de ruimte gevuld met een stevige bas, perfecte filmgeluiden en puur muzikaal genot. Het tv-toestel kreeg aan alle kanten een kaderloos design en ziet er ook in het midden van een ruimte voortreffelijk uit. Bevestig het toestel aan de muur, of zet het al dan niet op de sierlijke voet in het midden van de kamer. Ook een technisch hoogstandje is de nieuwe gebruikersinterface van de Loewe bild 7. Die gidst de gebruiker heel eenvoudig doorheen de belangrijkste functies en is perfect aan de behoeften van de consument aangepast. Vrijheid in een nieuwe dimensie – slim tv-kijken Dankzij de Loewe bild 7 komt entertainment los van tijd en ruimte. Uitgesteld kijken, programma’s pauzeren, series automatisch opnemen of een live-uitzending terugspoelen: alles kan dankzij het slimme DR+ opnamesysteem met geïntegreerde harde schijf van 1 TB. Daarnaast kunnen opnames voortaan ook via de smartphone bekeken worden. Door de handige streamingfunctie wordt tv-kijken ook mobieler dan ooit: bild 7 streamt liveopnames en muziek bijvoorbeeld handig naar een tablet, zodat de consument zijn lievelingsprogramma gewoon in een andere kamer kan bekijken (vrije, niet gecodeerde zenders). Of de consument nu kiest voor satelliet, kabel-tv of antenne: de Loewe bild 7 is voor alle digitale tv-mogelijkheden geschikt. En met zijn geïntegreerde entertainmentapps zoals Amazon Video en Tidal kan de consument de grootste sterren rechtstreeks in zijn woonkamer verwelkomen. Series, kaskrakers en songs naar een hoger niveau tillen? Dat kan het best via Bluetooth met behulp van een draadloze koptelefoon. De Loewe bild 7 kent geen grenzen, van uw tv naar uw koptelefoon, of van uw smartphone naar uw scherm. Loewe producten worden ontwikkeld en vervaardigd in Duitsland, sinds 1923! Loewe bild 7 - beschikbaar in 55”, 65” en 77” -

Kinematics geïntegreerd


THE BEST SOLUTION IN FUNCTION OF THE CUSTOMER With an extensive selection of insurances, investments, mortgages and financing, Business Firm Geert Dehaese has been taking care of clients for over 25 years. “It is important that we are 100% independent and therefore able to select from a wide range, so that we can guide the client in the best possible way.” TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN





Business firm Geert Dehaese offers its extensive program of financial services from an excellently located office in the centre of Sijsele. Manager Geert Dehaese can rely on over a quarter century of experience. “I took my first independent steps as an insurance broker in 1992, after I had taken over the company from my father. I used to work from the parental home, but in July of 2003, we took the step to a new and, more importantly, more easily accessible location in the centre of Sijsele.”

One of the advantages that Geert likes to highlight is the indepedence of the office. “We don’t work for one bank or one insurance agency and therefore have no obligations to one particular institution. Because of our freedom, we can offer a choice from a very wide selection of financial services on the market. Since 2015, we have been collaborating with hypotheek.winkel. This allows us to choose from twenty-five financial institutions to assist people in the best way possible in applying for a mortgage,



RES for example, to purchase a home. The choice to collaborate with hypotheek.winkel was definitely a good one. Through this program, we can figure out perfectly what the maximum amount is that the client can borrow, based on various parameters, such as income, other financial obligations, etc. We look at what exactly people want, of course, and then search for the best solution with the best terms through the program, always in function of the request of our client. We then propose a loan that the people are comfortable with and aim for a solution that is within their means. From the office, we always ensure guidance from A to Z. We take all the red tape out of our clients’ hands; we do all the paperwork, submit the file, make arrangements with the notary public, etc. We do everything fast and meticulously, according to the rules and ensure that we can give the client perfect peace of mind.”

COMPETITIVE RATES People who need insurance can also come to Geert Dehaese. “Here we can also rely on a wide selection. We go to people’s homes and extensively gauge their needs and wishes. Based on that, we can then figure out which insurance company will be best for them and we can let them experience the full value of a good and suitable insurance policy. In terms of prices, we can also present the best terms. It is not that, because we are independent our prices are higher. On the contrary, because of our extensive network, we are able to offer very competitive rates. Particularly when it comes to auto insurance, we work hard to be able to get the best rates available.”

Another advantage is that Geert has been collaborating with RES for the past fifteen years. “RES is a payment system that uses a type of local currency, whose aim is to stimulate the local economy. RES has the same value as the Euro, but is only accepted by affiliated RES dealers. Hundreds of merchants, shops and restaurants already accept RES as currency. Thanks to this collaboration, we have many independents and KMOs among our clients.”

WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING Many brokers work locally, but the door of Geert Dehaese’s office, which now has one employee, is open to everyone. “Of course, we have many clients from the area, but also from other places further away; people know where to find us. We have clients from all over the country and we attribute that both to extensive word of mouth advertising, which is still the best way to acquire clients, and to our independent way of doing business. We don’t look at what is the most favourable solution for us but choose the best solution for the client from a wide spectrum. Today’s financial world is very complex. We like to point the client in the right direction.”

BUSINESS FIRM GEERT DEHAESE Dorpsstraat 146 8340 Sijsele




# W A T C H B E Y O N D


www.bel l ross .com


MEN’S FASHION FOCUSES ON COMFORT AND VERSATILITY Now that winter has given way to warmer temperatures, the selection in clothing shops is also changing. What can we expect in terms of men’s wear this summer? We contacted several leading brands and asked them what they had in store for the modern, well-dressed man. TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN – PHOTOS: SCABAL, VAN WINKEL, ZILTON


COLOURS AND COLOUR COMBINATIONS When it comes to colours, summer trends show a wide range of options. On the one hand, many collections rely on strong foundation colours, like navy and denim; on the other hand, light colours, like beige and light-grey, complemented with other pastel shades are making a comeback. According to Sophie De Coene, men’s clothing stylist at Terre Bleue, today’s fashion is increasingly switching over from ‘tone-on-tone’ to brighter colours, while graphic aspects are coming out of the woodwork. We are thinking of jacquard, shirts with colourful prints, striped motifs and other colourful creations. So, this coming summer, it is going to be all about colour and patterns, and according to the trend-watchers, that is an expression of positivity. Colour combinations set the highest tone and that can be contrasting; light colours paired with a bright colour and warmer shades compete with cooler colours. Other fashion houses prefer to stick with something quieter and a more subdued colour pallet with pastel shades, such as mint-green and light-yellow, light-grey and off-white. If you prefer to keep it a bit darker, you may opt for blue, army-green and taupe, with or without a (subtle) accent in a brighter colour.

BROAD(ER) FUNCTIONALITY Many collections focus on clothing that lends itself perfectly to several ‘situations’. This can be done, for example, by making it possible to mix and match articles, with the emphasis increasingly on comfort and fit. The contemporary man likes to be well-dressed but is not prepared to sacrifice comfort. Clothing must be comfortable and at the same time stay stylish in all circumstances, while stiffness is no longer tolerated. The versatility of the collections, with functional items that can be worn at the office, during leisure time and even for night-life, are therefore characteristic for 2018.







SCABAL Scabal was founded in 1938 and has grown to be the world’s main producer of luxury textiles. The company supplies to elite clothing manufacturers and renowned fashion houses. Scabal also makes its own ‘label’ suits, coats and shirts, both tailor-made and prêt-àporter. You can find Scabal shops with clothing and accessories all over Europe and Asia. The most recent shop was opened in Seoul, Korea, in December of 2017. Today, Scabal, whose heritage weaving mill, incidentally, has been operating uninterrupted since 1539 (!), is still family-owned. The completely European production also makes the brand unique. Its own materials are produced in the factory in Huddersfield in the United Kingdom; the clothing comes from its own factory in Germany. They only work with the best raw materials, which come directly from the suppliers. By managing the entire chain, or as they themselves indicate: ‘from sheep to shop, field to fold, and camel to coat’, Scabal ensures its well-known quality.

Scabal presents itself as a luxury brand for men’s clothing. Both the materials and the collection are of the highest quality. The collections consist of custom solutions for suits, jackets and shirts, as well as for leather coats. Scabal also offers customers a broad range of options for creating unique, personalised items. Scabal focuses on a broad range of customers: from wedding attire and ‘red carpet’ outfits to the gentleman who wears Scabal for both business and informal occasions. Each season, Scabal’s Head of Design Campbell Crichton-Dunn creates a new collection based on his world-wide impressions. For SS18, he was inspired by the ‘sailing spots’ of South England to create an informal, yet stylish collection that can be worn by the weekend sailor while enjoying a relaxing evening out. Scabal also tailor-made a selection of leather jackets for SS18. Customers get to choose from a selection of models and pick out their own colour. The available colours reflect the season-related inspiration with a mix of classic blue and cream-coloured and brown earth shades.







VAN WINKEL FASHION Van Winkel Fashion, located in Budel in the South of Holland, presents itself as a shirt specialist. In addition to shirt brands Ledûb and Blue Crane, Van Winkel Fashion brings the well-known shirt brand John Miller, which was launched in 1989. The founder of the family company, Mr. Sjef van Winkel, always felt annoyed with messy-looking collars on his shirts. Collars that curled up, flimsy collars and clumsy buttons were a thorn in his side. “I can do better!”, he must have thought when he started the family business Van Winkel Fashion in 1949. During the 1950s, Van Winkel Fashion primarily manufactured for the Dutch army. And after that, for big Dutch clothing stores, like C&A and HIJ. In 1963, Van Winkel Fashion took the leap to launch Ledûb, the first of their own shirt brands for the upper-mid-segment. John Miller was added to this in 1989, with shirts for the higher segment. The well-known and liked shirt brand focused on self-confident, fashion-conscious men between the ages of 35 and 55. Important core values of John Miller are perfect luxury shirts of top quality with a personal, sophisticated style. Constant innovation in shirts that follow the latest fashion trends is another characteristic of the company. In order to be aware of the fashion trends, Van Winker Fashion’s designers visit international fashion fairs and trend seminars, and they get inspiration in the major fashion cities. They also look at the current retail season, of course. Based on that inspiration, they get to work with an overall seasonal theme, which is then translated into various smaller collections. These smaller collections are provided separately and are geared towards retails and the consumer. Comfort is an important element in the creation of the collections and this certainly applies to men’s fashion too.

In addition to breathable, easy-iron fabrics, Van Winkel Fashion also offers stretch fabrics, made of 100% cotton and soft, knitted fabrics. The luxury fabrics combined with the perfect fit ensure a high degree of wearing comfort. Today, informal shirts are more important than traditional dress shirts for wearing with a suit. That is why Van Winkel Fashion offers a wide collection of sophisticated informal shirts, like denims and attractive, subtle prints. John Miller offers both non-iron shirts and a collection of easy-iron shirts. Of course, you can also get unique shirts custom-tailored at John Miller. All your wishes around sleeve length, fit, fabric choice and details, like your own initials, are granted according to your own personal taste with this. Corporate social responsibility with attention to humans and the environment is a priority of this shirt specialist. All John Miller shirts are manufactured in their own factory in Macedonia, where fair and safe conditions for all 200 employees are first and foremost.


The warm charm of wood. Een Mi Casa woning is zoveel meer dan een dak boven je hoofd. Mi Casa blinkt al 25 jaar lang uit in service en details, die staan voor een herkenbare architectuur met sfeervolle interieurs en een aangenaam vakantiegevoel in je dagelijkse thuis. Ontdek ons pas verschenen boek waarin we de veelzijdigheid van massieve houtbouw en de stijlmogelijkheden van Mi Casa in de kijker zetten. Bestel uw boek meteen via!

Mi Casa.

DEERLIJKSEWEG 218, 8790 WAREGEM — T +32 (0)56 60 79 95 — WWW.MICASA.BE




ZILTON Zilton is a family company that was started in 1898, when the great-grandfather of the current manager Paul Declercq started with the production of caps. The rise of cars and the onset of the hippie culture of the 1960s, however, greatly reduced the importance of the cap. The company then decided to start producing trousers. The reason for that step was as simple as it was logical: not everyone wears a cap, but everyone wears trousers. Zilton did not choose the easiest path and opted for a (then) unprecedented combination of ‘casual’ and ‘strictly dressed’ in one collection. With success, because bringing the informal and the stylish together in one label is still the day-to-day motivation behind the brand. Presenting a collection twice a year requires a continuous process of creativity and inspiration. Building an identity, understanding what men pay attention to, searching for character and the right style: these are the ingredients that have been branded into Zilton’s DNA. “We don’t feel that we have succeeded in our mission until we have been able to align ourselves with the very latest developments in the current fashion look in the major cities, in an accessible way,” is their motto. “Our trousers must always surprise, and at the same time possess that one important aspect: comfort. We manufacture trousers for men who need to feel comfortable in a contemporary style that does not compromise quality in any way. The result is a diverse selection of fits and a wide assortment of durable fabrics. For the summer collection of 2018, Zilton is boosting the trouser collection with a vitamin treatment. Colours form an optimistic pallet with powdered on un-powdered

shades of orange, azure-blue variations, combined in innovative ways with shades that we traditionally used to consider wintry. Vulcanic earth shades and the red-orange of lava streams give the silhouettes a masculine and sophisticated impression. The olive and kaki green variants, which are joining the blue shades in the category of must-haves, fit in very well with this. Zilton is playing with sophisticated detail finishing on both the inside and the outside of the trousers again. Striving for harmony between colour and detail remains a permanent Zilton value. In terms of fit, the entire collection consists of a balance between comfort and slim fit. Wool, cotton and denim are available in increasing fits. The top garments are also following the spirit of the urban traveller. The jackets are worn in a relaxed way with these summery trousers and combined with shirts with exuberant liberty prints, retro-chic micro-patterns or playfully- treated basics.





Kuringersteenweg 343 3700 Tongeren 012 39 15 00

Kuringersteenweg 343 3511 Kuringen-HasselT 011 262 161

Parijsstraat 11 3000 leuven 016 22 15 28




graaf d’ursellaan 41 8301 HeisT aan Zee 050 51 72 72

nestor de Tièrestraat 135 9700 oudenaarde 055 31 75 35

Kruindersweg 94 3630 MaasMecHelen 089 76 24 62

ALWAYS STYLISH, NEVER ‘STIFF’ With an extensive collection of casual-chic and high-quality men’s clothing, Terre Bleue has acquired a prominent position in the fashion world today. The brand deliberately focuses on the man that appreciates quality and style. “We do not stand for ‘stiff’ collections, but rather, opt for contemporary garments that give people a good feeling and in which they can move comfortably,” Sophie De Coene, men’s’ clothing stylist, explains; clearly the vision of Terre Bleue. TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN – PHOTOS: AN VAN GIJSEGEM



Extensive experience in the fashion world is the least we could say about a prominent brand like Terre Bleue. The company from EkeNazareth was founded as far back as 1938. “At that time, there was not really such a thing as ‘attire’”, says commercial manager Peter Perquy, son of current CEO Dirk Perquy. “My great-grandfather and uncle started with a wholesale business in underwear, socks, hats, etc., back in the day. Only when my grandfather, along with his brother, took over the company, were our collections expanded with ladies’ clothing. At that time, business was limited to buying and selling; there was no individual stylistic and creative interpretation. When my father Dirk came onboard in the eighties, he felt the time was ripe to start creating collections and building a brand. That was – and is – an excellent way to make a difference. Through the years, we tried different collections with varying rates of success. The children’s line under the name CFC (Chummy Face Company), for example, was a result of this. After the turn of the century, we have taken a very important and successful step with the creation of the brand Terre Bleue. Initially, we concentrated on ladies’ clothing. In 2009, men’s fashion was added to that; at that time more from the point of view that we should also be able to dress the husbands of our female clients. And because that was well-received, we have systematically been expanding the collections, both for ladies and for men. Today, our men’s collections can be purchased in a dozen of our own shops and sixty ‘multi-brand’ outlets. Men’s clothing is also clearly present in our webshop.”


FIT, QUALITY AND COMBINABILITY What exactly does Terre Bleue stand for? On the website we read ‘casual chic’, but that is too broad a concept according to stylist Sophie De Coene. “We manufacture both leisure and business attire and create ‘total look’ collections with garments that are perfectly combinable with each other. That means that we offer trousers, T-shirts and polo shirts, as well as jackets, shirts and sweaters. Terre Bleue stands for wearable clothing that is suitable for different occasions. The style is indeed ‘casual’, perhaps more classic with a twist. We wanted to be a little more creative with the fashion trends and translate them for the classical man who wants to dress according to the current style, without exceeding his comfort zone. In short: our customer is someone who appreciates style and quality and is abreast of the trends, without wanting to take the lead.”

STRICT TESTS At the start, the company had the name ‘Duror’, an abbreviation that stands for ‘Durable comme de l’or’. The name may have changed, the philosophy has not. “Durability and quality are very important to us. That means that our fabrics are still always tested strictly today, because they must meet the highest quality stand-



ards. Our target group is consciously looking for quality and is also prepared to pay a little more for this. But another priority for us is wearability: nothing stiff, but clothing that makes the wearer feel good. That is exactly why the fit is crucial and is subjected to extensive testing in the preparatory process, both on mannequins and on real people, before we put a product in the shop. We are not a company that just rashly jumps on a trend; on the contrary, we work on a collection for a long time, with one goal in mind: it must fit well immediately.”

TRENDS 2018 Our last question is: what can we expect in 2018? “The summer collection has strong basic colours, such as navy and jeans, but pale colours, such as beige and light-grey, are becoming more important”, Sophie decides. “On the other hand, fashion today is switching from tone-on-tone to brighter colours – the so-called brights – and we work with graphic aspects, such as jacquard, the combination of navy/white in sweaters, printed shirts, stripe motifs and fresh-looking multicolour creations.”

INSPIRATION Terre Bleue does not skate on thin ice. But where does Sophie get the inspiration? “That is something you can’t describe in just a few words; it is the result of a broad approach. We work together closely with trend bureaus and listen to trend-watchers to get a general idea of what direction fashion is taking. In addition, we always keep our eyes and ears open. We look for interesting colours, keep an eye on what happens during the fashion weeks, identify trends, consult books and magazines, etc. Incidentally, that is not limited to the fashion world; we also keep an eye on the developments in, for example, the arts. And then, of course, there are the international fabric fairs in Milano, Munich, Paris, etc., where manufacturers introduce their latest products. All the elements together form the basis for a new collection and that is not done overnight. Before effectively switching to the effects of models, the selected fabrics undergo a series of tests. Washing, shrinking, shape retention, colour fastness, etc.; they are all carefully tested several times. Only then do we start on styling the models, which are then produced by selected sub-contractors – each the best in their field – according to our strict criteria.” We also very much take the customer into account. “It is unique to Terre Bleue that we have frequent contact with our customer,” Peter adds. “We like to include that feedback in our process, to finally achieve a collection that is innovative enough to stand out without wanting to go too far. And we do this every season.”



Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie and Hugh Jackman Crafted for New Heights In homage to the European explorer and his need for utmost precision, Montblanc pays special tribute with the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Quantième Complet Vasco da Gama Special Edition featuring a full calendar and a blue lacquered constellation around the moon phase, which shows the exact same night sky above the Cape of Good Hope as Vasco da Gama observed it in 1497 on his first journey to India. Visit and shop at COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 2000 Antwerpen 03 231 11 11

COLMAN KNOKKE Elizabetlaan 17 8300 Knokke 050 96 96 44

VANHOUTTEGHEM GHENT Dampoortstraat 1- 3 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45


INSTANT CLASSY! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS Details make the difference between an ordinary outfit and a fashionable look. The right finishing and details for each piece of clothing are important to Studio Terre Bleue’s designers. Do you enjoy alternating between tough, sporty and dressy styles? Studio Terre Blue, the team of designers and stylists, created a men’s collection with a lot of colour.


Terre Bleue regular fit chino € 119,90

Terre Bleue Pull € 119,9

Terre Bleue polo € 84,90


VALUED AT € 14.90 WITH A PURCHASE OF AT LEAST € 170 Valid with a purchase of at least € 170 from the Terre Bleue men’s collection summer, valid from 22 april on, as long as supplies last. Promotion valid at all Terre Bleue boutiques and in the webshop. Cannot be combined with other promotions. 1 duo pack per person. Only valid with this coupon or online with this code: DISCOVERSS18.

Terre Bleue checkered shirt, regular fit € 89,90


Exclusive tents for extraordinar y events

Let There Be Light specialises in the rental of unique lighting and decoration pieces for any venue that wants to set itself apart from the crowd. We deal in atmosphere. Visit our website and guide yourself through our current collections. We hope you will enjoy your journey!

Organic N.V. Molenveldstraat 18 2630 Aartselaar - Belgium



-1 5 %


*GELDIG TOT 30/06/2018,

bij een huur- of aankoopbedrag van min. 500â‚Ź




We kunnen steevast rekenen op een snelle en correcte service.

VM Media begeleidt en adviseert ons bij het kiezen naar de juiste oplossing en hecht veel belang aan een goede dienstverlening na verkoop.


Dominique Sergant Zaakvoerster van AMG Groep

DE PRODUCENT VOOR AL UW DRUKWERK Duivenkeetstraat 17 / 9280 LEBBEKE / / 0474784487


IT’S ALL ABOUT PRINTS & PATTERNS No matter how well a man is dressed, it is often the shoes that really make an outfit perfect. Shoes not only ensure that a man looks well-groomed; they are also important for the well-being of the feet and, by extension, the entire body. And there is more: in the world of men’s shoes, fashion trends also play a role. TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN








If we can believe the trend-watches, details and sophisticated finishes in 2018 ensure new ways of decorating men’s shoes. In the ‘sporty’ category, it’s about heavy reliefs and sturdy models – including biker boots, which are in style – which are giving leisure style an ultra-modern look. The slightly more formal shoes, also indicated as ‘classics’, have contemporary components. Sandals are also getting a sporty re-adaptation thanks to the increasing importance of technical outdoor sports. What we are learning from shoe brand Ambiorix, which was founded in 1895 and has been the loyal supplier of the Belgian Olympic team the Rode Duivels and many clubs involved in Belgian football matches, 2018 is ‘all about prints and patterns’. Ambiorix has been recognised as the ‘Officially Recognised National Supplier of Belgium’ since 2009. The ambassador of the shoe brand is film director and presenter Erik Van Looy. When he was contacted by Ambiorix a few years ago with the request to become the figurehead of the brand, he agreed immediately. Later, Eric said that the request had come at the right time, because he just needed some new shoes. Since 2007, the family group Vavedin has been running the company and provides Ambiorix with a new impetus, where quality, wearing comfort and design remain central. Currently, Ambiorix produces 100,000 pairs of shoes annually at its factory in Tongeren, which has 50 employees.

The new summer collection of Belgian Ambiorix excels in variations on the ‘prints’ theme. By resolutely opting for the mix of artisan craftsmanship and contemporary technology, the collection will have great appeal next summer and not only to the loyal customers. Ambiorix also came up with and created models for a non-traditional clientele. Creativity and originality, both in the shapes and in the materials and colour schemes, set the tone. The model Aramis New Box, for example, has a striking, razor-sharp laser drawing. Technology in function of contemporary design. Practical, attractive and with uncompromising finishing; these are the ideal shoes for strolling. For the model Alghero, it is the graphically designed relief print that sets the tone. This very current shoe combines a city look with a trendy drawing. Can be worn both with a suit and the latest jeans. It’s been a trend for a while already: coloured soles and coloured shoelaces remain popular. The Amaro model proves that nature influences the materials. The variety of the warm colours and in the drawing on the leather are endless. The surprising details in the finishing of the heel, sole and tongue give the model, which has animal prints, some extra character. Every day, Ambiorix’ passionate employees prove that comfort and quality can also be very attractive. For the production of its shoes, Ambiorix uses only natural materials. Because of the use of these fine materials, and the processing by experienced craftsmen, Ambiorix shoes exude unparalleled class.



Spring Summer

ALBERT Herenkleding

Drieluik_SS18.indd 2


Anselmostraat 4-6 2018 ANTWERPEN 03 237 43 87

Brusselsesteenweg 129 1980 Zemst 015 62 73 73

DEVOS Kleding

CARMI Korbeek-Lo

Frans van der Steenstraat 7-11 1750 Lennik 02 582 75 65

Tiensesteenweg 8 3360 Korbeek-lo 016 46 84 68



WITH A TWIST In the world of high-end shoes, the name Bommel is very wellknown. Since 1734, Dutch shoe manufacturers have been creating hand-made shoes, where fit and quality go hand in hand. In 1996, the father of Reynier, Pepijn and Floris van Bommel, the ninth generation, who is at the head of the family company today, created

the brand name ‘Floris van Bommel’, after his youngest son, who stepped into the company himself, three years later. Floris is a talented, creative person, who managed to turn the earlier, classical image of ‘van Bommel’ into a contemporary brand that still focuses on quality but adds a ‘twist’ to it. In 2008, the brothers van Bommel opened their first store in the centre of Antwerp. Today, Floris provides the creative input, Pepijn is the commercial director and Reynier is the general manager. “We still make ‘high-quality shoes’, Floris says. “We use a lot of materials and perform a lot of operations that the average shoe manufacturer of today may not appreciate.” The result of that philosophy is a contemporary men’s shoe with a twist that often gives the shoes (and sneakers too) a more ‘colourful’ key, both literally and figuratively.





CENTURY 21 Second Home - First choice for your second home!

supercharged - immo

T +32 (0)478 34 34 21 - -



Genieten van de omgeving, met grote glasramen met uitzicht op de golfbaan en de zee. De villa’s hebben een garage op de kelderverdieping, eigen zwembad, volledig uitgeruste keuken, airco en vloerverwarming. De unieke omgeving waarin de woningen en golfbanen zijn geïntegreerd in de natuur, geven een exclusief wooncomplex als resultaat.

Halverwege tussen de zee en de bergen ligt een van de meest exclusieve residentiële buurten van Costa Blanca. Alegría Village is een prachtig privaat wooncomplex met woningen van 2 /3 slaapkamers en halfvrijstaande villa’s met zoutwaterzwembad. Een wooncomplex met een hele grote gemeenschappelijke zone, zoutwaterzwembad, kinderzwembad, jacuzzi, sauna en fitnesszaal.

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) - M 0475 73 27 40 - M 0487 37 69 74 - - Wij beschikken over een eigen klusdienst voor het verhuurpatrimonium en voor de verkoop een eigen verhuisservice


RUSTIG GELEGEN VILLA TE HEUSDEN Deze villa laat je bij een bezoek direct wegdromen! Indeling: salon, leefruimte, keuken, 2 slpkrs, badkr, ruime open zolder (2 extra slpkrs mogelijk) grote tuin! Een moderniseringskuur is noodzakelijk. De grote oppervlakte geeft heel wat mogelijkheden. Perc opp: 3326m2 bew opp: 377m2 EPC:282. Vg Gdv Gvkr Gvv Wg. Vraagprijs: €649 000

GERENOVEERDE WONING IN LANDELIJKE OMGEVING TE SCHORISSE Laat u verrassen door de prachtige omgeving, rust, natuur en zéér mooie aangelegde tuin! Indeling: GLV: 2 inkomhallen, wc, berging, ruime living, kkn, wasplaats, garage, atelier – 1e verd: wc, badkr, twee ruime slpkrs, polyvalente ruimte. Ideale woning + ligging voor een B&B! bew opp:290m2 perc opp: 1755m2 EPC: 451. Vg Gdv Gvkr Gvv Ag. Vraagprijs: €399 000

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) - M 0475 73 27 40 - M 0487 37 69 74 - - Wij beschikken over een eigen klusdienst voor het verhuurpatrimonium en voor de verkoop een eigen verhuisservice

FEEL GOOD WONING TE ZELZATE Deze héél lichtrijke woning werd in 2014 grondig gerenoveerd – indeling GLV: woonkamer met zicht op grote tuin, praktische keuken en voldoende berging. Boven vindt u 3 slaapkamers en badkamer - OB met carport. Bouwjaar: 1960 Renovatiejaar: 2014 EPC:306. Vg Gdv Gvkr Gvv Wg. Kl. Beschrijf mog. Vraagprijs: €269 900



Investeer in een verborgen stukje groen en laat uw geld groeien.

Unieke investeringskans in een groot park aan de Triomflaan in Elsene. Triomfeer alvast over uw rendement. • Duurzaam project met hoge afwerkingsgraad op bijzondere locatie • Kapitaalkrachtige huurders: eurocraten, gastprofessoren VUB, medisch personeel nieuw hospitaal, ... • In het bruisende centrum van Elsene, vlakbij metro Delta, station en grote invalswegen • Eigen verhuurdienst gespecialiseerd in verhuur aan expats, het ideale huurpubliek Wandel door uw investering op of bel 02 201 00 02


Residentie De Surfers

Zeedijk 327-328

Koning Ridderdijk 73-74



La Plage: T 059 30 15 13

La Plage: T 059 30 15 13

Danny Pauwels: T 0478 20 15 81

Danny Pauwels: T 0478 20 15 81

Met meer dan 35 jaar ervaring op de teller realiseerde Real Houses tientallen succesvolle projecten, steeds met een focus op de Belgische Kust. Stuk voor stuk bieden zij residenties met zicht op zee en kenmerken ze zich door een perfecte ligging, een hoge afwerkingsgraad en de relatie die ze met de koper opbouwen. Het belangrijkste is dat de koper er gelukkig wordt en blijft. Ook voor een investeerder is dat belangrijk, omdat die voorwaarde prioritair is bij verhuur of latere doorverkoop. Ontdek al onze projecten aan de Belgische Kust:

Supercharged 08  

Starman, a special edition of Supercharged

Supercharged 08  

Starman, a special edition of Supercharged