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A Super-Charged Rendez-Vous at Tesla Europe’s Tilburg Factory

SpaceX to fly first ever lunar tourists next year

RE: Erik De Ridder

Promoting electric mobility in Belgium

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VD Manager Solutions our tailor-made solution for self-employed entrepreneurs As a self-employed entrepreneur you work hard to grow your business. Have you ever realized that an accident, professional misconduct or fire damage can also happen to you and have a serious impact on your business? That’s why we present you VD Manager Solutions. This insurance package includes all coverages to protect your business and your family. So you can live and run your business without worry.

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Purchase Private Estate: an advance on your group insurance

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Your Tesla protected With VD Electric Vehicle we offer a fully comprehensive insurance for your Tesla at a very competitive price. This insurance solution includes Third Party Liability and casco insurance. Furthermore you enjoy special advantages like a fixed exemption of € 950 for your own damage, no depreciation period of 36 months from the first registration and a free analysis and audit of your entire insurance portfolio.

Do you want more information or personal advice? Contact us on 03 482 15 30 or

About Van Dessel Insurance Brokers Van Dessel is a leading Belgian insurance broker. We give independent insurance advice to large and small companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed persons in liberal professions and individuals. As born listeners we put ourselves in your shoes to truly understand your plans. The result is a tailor-made insurance package that allows you to live and run your business with certainty and confidence.


DAMPOORTSTRAAT 1-3 | GENT | +32 9 225 50 45 WWW.VANHOUTTEGHEM.COM DI-ZA 9:30-18:00

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Tag Heuer Carrera

Omega Speedmaster

Edito SuperCharged 5 by Martin Gillet

DEAR READERS, DEAR TESLA OWNERS AND CLUB MEMBERS, DEAR SHARE- AND RESERVATION HOLDERS, DEAR EV ENTHUSIASTS, Why have we started building the Community, what in it for you, for us?

We are delighted to welcome you to your fifth edition of SuperCharged, your independent Magazine for Tesla Owners, Club Members, Shareholders and EV enthusiasts. SuperCharged is available online, with past editions: Why SuperCharged? As a metaphor to our amazing cars, we are SuperCharged, full of emotions, willingness to ‘be the change we would like to see in the World’, full of energy to nurture a stunning Community of Ambassadors, Entrepreneurs and peers and last but not least, boost the rEVolution towards a cleaner Future. We have redefined and raised the bar to the basic definition of ‘fans’. We are Community minded, Early Adopters and Influencers embracing the opportunity to change towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Quite a few years ago, we started this journey, starting to build the Community, long before Stores or even Service Centers or Superchargers were deployed. We are aiming at gathering Owners, enthusiasts, shareholders and peers together. Our mission is to support the community in general regarding the rEVolution and the EVangelization while raising the awareness of the World regarding EV. Tesla Owners Club is officially established on January 2014 as a non profit organisation, supported by its Board Members and its 2300+ members, all volunteers. We aim at providing a rich Magazine, full of insights and useful information, a regard towards the growing EV Market and Community, and some interviews, encounters of great Individuals or initiatives.

Our community is evolving constantly, growing and adding new peers and members. It’s even getting more real than ever with the huge amount of Model 3 Reservation holders. Thanks to its recurrent monthly activities and side events, the TeslaClubBE is leading networking events along with fun activities so that we can all share experiences, tips and tricks and raise the EV awareness among us and demoing our willingness to change towards a more sustainable lifestyle, reaching out for the ‘Blue Economy’ principles. We are very proud to acknowledge the Tesla Owners Club Belgium to join the Tesla Club Programs, confirming our ongoing support to sustain the transition to a new World regarding Energy.

Thank You! SuperCharged continues its journey with a fifth edition. Once again, thank you all for your outstanding support, from the warm welcome of Supercharged past editions. From direct messages to Reposts and Retweet, not to mention ideas for articles and kind words on the Magazine format, the cheerful discussions while charging at the SuperChargers; we are still overwhelmed by your adoption and enthusiasm. Supercharged is only ‘as good as the energy’ we are putting in along with qualitative content. We welcome as always your topics proposals and your invitation for collaborating with the editorial team. We look forward to hearing from you, contact us through our Club website.

VOLUME 5, JULY 2017, ISSUE 5 | SUPERCHARGED – The independent magazine made by and for Tesla Owners & enthusiasts | CORRESPONDENT EDITOR: Martin Gillet | CIRCULATION: 20000 copies (excluding additional distribution) | FREQUENCY: Quarterly | Distribution: Tesla Owners Club Belgium members | EDITORS: Anja Van Der Borght, Ruud Van De Locht, Dimitri Van Moerkercke, Wim Vander Haegen, Jeroen Coteur, Niko D’hont | PUBLISHER: Erik De Ridder, LEO | DESIGN: LEO bvba – rue des Ixellois 1 – 4000 LIEGE | PRINTING: Drukkerij Hendrix, Peer (this magazine uses 100% ecological paper) | SALES: Erik De Ridder – tel.: 0486 13 13 13, e-mail: | ADMINISTRATIVE & TRAFFIC ADVERTISMENTS: Event&Expo Belgium – Hilde De Ridder – tel 09 228 22 84 – email: | COPYRIGHT: No part of this publication may be used, reproduced or copied without express permission of the publisher | SUBSCRIPTION: May be ordered from Dominique – e-mail: for the cost of mailing (20 euros/year) Special Thank you to Dennis Pascual, Ulric Dabe, Philippe Fierens, Tom Nijsen, Simon Smidt for their review and support.


We forgot to give credit to Mr Bart van Overbeeke, photographer of the cover & other coverstory pictures published in Supercharged issue n° 4. A big thank you and gratitude to Bart! Visit his Gallery for stylish creative compositions at TRUMP the implications for Energy and Climate


COP22 MARRAKECH The future of our energy needs is a green global grid

RE: Erik De Ridder



Vakantieverhuur, concept trips en incentives


orbès /


nduze is gelegen in Frankrijk aan de oostelijke

kant van de Gard, vlak aan het natuurpark van de Cevennes. De Gard heeft vele facetten: cultuur en natuur in de meest brede zin van het woord. • T +32 475 24 09 58 •

Edito SuperCharged 5 by Martin Gillet

Your Agenda in this edition This fifth edition is yet another awesome achievement with a great line up of subjects. Starting in this edition, We will introduce the Electric GT, an Amazing project that will more than likely get your full attention. Joanna Pays will debrief you about the first Clubhouse event held at the Tilburg Factory with Geor Ell and An de Pauw. Simon Smidt will share his insights during one of his EV whereabouts. We have also collected and consolidated our ‘most useful’ Apps for EV Owners, listing the ones used daily; we trust they will provide you added value in your everyday life. Martin Janssen will introduce an interesting initiative: the belgian non profit Organisation Amperes that is EVangelizing the rEVolution and supporting the EV Community.

Conclusion Once again, thank you for reading the edito until the end (you rock but you knew that) and your ongoing support to the Community in this journey. We wish you an electrifying read, we hope you will have as much pleasure as we had to build this fifth edition. So buckle up and enjoy the ride! We look forward to your impressions, stories and feedback as well as welcoming you during our monthly events. Keep up the conversations online through social media, ‘share the Love’ using hashtag #TeslaClubBE Best pictures are featured in our Instagram feed. On behalf of Tesla Owners Club Belgium vzw/asbl, Martin Gillet - Vice President Global Communications and Marketing Tesla Owners Club Belgium asbl/vzw.



Byron Soulopoulos President @soulopoulos

Gwenn Schoovaerts Managing Director @gwenn85

Martin Gillet VP Global Communication and Marketing @mgillet

Christophe Duponcheele Network Evangelist @duponcheele

Kelly Van Eekel Event Manager @KellyVanEekel


Disclaimer: Tesla Owners Club Belgium is an independent enthusiast non profit organisation under Belgian laws and is not affiliated with Tesla Motors, Inc. or its subsidiaries. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, POWERWALL and the “TESLA”, “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla Motors Inc. in the United States and other countries.


DUINENWATER KNOKKE STIJLVOL WONEN IN HET GROEN Unieke residentiĂŤle site Prachtig groendomein aan het Duinenwatermeer Op een boogscheut van het centrum Vlakbij golf, zwembad en watersportclub


HET GROENSTE STUKJE KUST Duinenwater Knokke is een prestigieus residentieel project aan de oevers van het Duinenwatermeer. De riante appartementen liggen op wandelafstand van het strand en vlakbij watersportclub Lakeside Paradise, de gloednieuwe golf en het zwembad met wellness. Ontspanning voor het hele gezin, in een prachtig groendomein. Welkom in de wereld van Duinenwater.

Martin Gillet - Photos: Source and Credit @mgillet

CLUB EVENTS Club is always looking for great venues and ideas to organize cheerful events and memories. Feel free to submit ideas and locations, Community at work, the more ideas, the more creative, the merrier.

On APRIL 20TH, due to popular demand and the invitation from Tesla, a hundred of us visited the Tesla Factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It was an enjoyable and insightful experience. The Tour Factory was followed by the first Clubhouse with Georg Ell, Director Western Europe and An de Pauw, Country Manager. We are very thankful for a successful event; big shout to all parties involved. In this edition, you will read the debriefing of Joanna Pays who also attended the event.

On MAY 20TH, many of you, including Tesla Owners Club Board, attended the eRally starting in Eindhoven to end in Tilburg. (Sadly this event was conflicting with the Nieuwpoort Rally where other Club Members also participated. We trust next year planning will be reviewed so that we can all participate fully at both events.) As expected, the high quality delivery of the event was met. We all had a cheerful rally, driving through typical scenic landscapes. The rally reached 13765 EUR in donation this year during the auction! We are looking forward to the 2018 edition.

On MAY 30TH, Tesla Owners Club Belgium had yet another electrifying event, at the eKart in Ghent, where we could enjoy 2 times 2 sessions: Beginners and Advanced. We are always surprised how reactive these eKart react. We enjoyed the quiet, well almost as some were drifting and having fun and the gas free experiences. Congratulation to all participants and the respective winners.

On JUNE 2ND AND 3RD, Tesla Owners Club Belgium took part in the Tesla Owners Clubs Leaders Summit hosted at the Tesla Factory in Fremont. We have gathered and met great individuals. We have met several Tesla Executives during out fruitful Summit. We will come back with more insights and full debrief in next edition. Community at work!

Club is working on the next events to take place for the second half of 2017, with your usual “First Tuesdays”. Club is also working on ‘secret plans’ to meet the different demands from the club members. Stay tuned, if not already done, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latests news and events. Free membership



Eenvoudig en snel, laat u leiden door het advies van wijnkenners

Uw wijnaankopen



Alcoholmisbruik is gevaarlijk voor de gezondheid. Drink met mate.


Source and credit Martin Gillet

NEWS IN A NUTSHELL APRIL 15TH: Belgium saw returning one of Tesla’s most influencialer Owner: Bjorn Nyland. We have met Bjorn with a cheerful ‘meet and greet’ with belgian chocolates and beers at the Machelen supercharger SuperCharged. Bjorn should have a o with a line in it. Join the daily onliney conversations and news on twitter

MAY 2017: Tesla Owners Club Belgium has been appointed by Tesla, joining officially the Worldwide Tesla Club Program. We will debrief in the next edition regarding the intiative.

MAY 2017: Belgium is now welcoming a new SuperCharger in Lummen, with 12 Stalls, ideally located near E313 and E314 freeways. The official inauguration and activation is planned for early June. We welcome this new addition to the infrastucture and we are thankful to Tesla for providing it.

Referral Program Model 3 invitation to Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. On JUNE 2ND AND 3RD, selected guests have been invited (at their own expenses) to attend a Model 3 VIP event. The Event consisted in a tour factory of the Fremont plant, a peep at the (Alpha Model) Model 3 (without the possibility to touch the car, see the details or do a test drive, as announced by Tesla prior the event) and a Q&A session with Franz von Holzhausen. Several Club Members made the trip, confirming their devotion to Tesla and the rEVolution.

Supercharging. Tesla has announced that through the referral Program, the free supercharging is now back. We assume that the earlier news of supercharging ending was giving a negative experience to potential Owners although even if we have to pay, it is still a very modest amount on a yearly basis. We are very pleased nonetheless that the supercharging is now back in the ‘buying package’.

Join the daily only conversations and news on twitter with the Community and over 6000 peers, join us Hashtag #TeslaClubBE




FOR MEMBERS ONLY A SUPERCHARGED RENDEZ-VOUS AT TESLA EUROPE’S TILBURG FACTORY April 2017 saw a first for Tesla Owners Club Belgium, with an exclusive visit to Telsa’s European factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS - PHOTOS: PHOTO SOURCE AND CREDIT @MGILLET - USED WITH PERMISSION




Many thanks to our hosts at Tesla, especially Georg Ell, An De Pauw, Marc Van Impe (Business Development Manager BeLux), Ruben Evens (Marketing Coordinator) and all staff involved. For more photos of the event, visit the Tesla Owners Club Belgium facebook page at As well as having the opportunity to explore the factory and discover the state-of-the-art facility, the event was also the chance for club members, old and new, to network and exchange stories of their Tesla experiences. As we approached our rendez-vous point, the Supercharger station at Oosterhout, Teslas from all over Belgium began to appear on our radar screen. With over forty club member cars in our convoy to be charged, it was the perfect excuse to take time out for an informal lunch at the Tulip Inn Oosterhout, organised by the Tesla Owners Club. Following explanations on the day’s agenda - and distributions of the latest copy of SuperCharged Magazine – the convoy then continued on the final few kilometers to the Tesla factory in Tilburg.

TILBURG – TESLA’S EUROPEAN HUB The inauguration of the assembly plant in Tilburg, in August 2015, was particularly significant, as it was the first to be opened by Tesla outside of the United States. The choice of Tilburg made perfect logistical sense, with its close proximity to the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp as well as excellent road and rail networks. From here, cars and components can be shipped to anywhere across Europe within 12 hours, thus reducing delivery times and optimising after sales service. The Tilburg assembly plant is pivotal to Tesla’s European operations, which have been expanding with the opening of dozens of new Tesla Store & Service Centers over the last four years. The factory has a surface area of 44,000m2. It currently outputs around 450 Model S saloons and Model X SUVs on a weekly basis,









but it has been designed to grow its capacity fitting with Tesla’s international ambitions to increase production to 500,000 units by 2020. It has yet to be announced whether the new Model 3, scheduled to be launched on the U.S. market later this year, will also be produced at the Tilburg Factory.


STATE OF THE ART INSTALLATIONS On arrival, club members were given a VIP welcome at the factory to mark this, the first visit to the site by a group of owners from Belgium. Before we began our tour, Georg Ell, Director Western Europe and An De Pauw, Country Manager Belgium and Luxembourg, explained how Tilburg is used to complete assembly of near-finished vehicles, which are shipped over in containers from the manufacturer’s main factory in Fremont, California. Among >40 elements that will be added to the vehicles, the principal operations carried out at Tilburg include the installation of the drive units and battery packs, along with a complete range of mechanical and electrical quality control tests. The cars are chauffeured around the factory on individual automated platforms, which glide around between the factory’s various installation and testing stations. Time on each station takes just around 5 minutes and vehicles are ready to ship on to customers within 48 hours. Once the battery has been connected, the car’s operating system is connected to the site by 4G. It is then able to directly communicate with the robots along its journey through the factory. Much of the quality control and software downloading processes then become truly automated – particularly those concerned with the charging, lighting, camera and autopilot systems.

Road tests, however, are carried out by qualified racing pilots, on the factory’s 750 meter long driving track – the largest indoor production test track in Europe – at speeds of up to 110 km/h. As the cars produce no emissions, there is no barrier to carrying out the road tests within an indoor environment, which ensures consistent conditions.

NETWORKING EVENT AT TESLA AND FEEDBACK FROM TESLA OWNERS Following our tour, participants were invited to meet for cocktails with some of the Tesla management, for exclusive presentations. The team then fielded a wide range of questions from the 60 or so Tesla owners present. Although these discussions remain privileged and confidential, it was the ideal time to question some of the Tesla owners present and gather some of their impressions of the car. First on the grill were Fabrice and Brigitte, proud owners of a Tesla X 75D, which they took delivery of just two weeks prior to the event in Tilburg. “It may have only been two weeks, but we have already clocked-up 4,000 km with the car” said Fabrice. “It is so easy to drive and very dynamic, despite its weight. Above all, I love the power and acceleration. It’s almost like you would imagine a







Elegance is an attitude Simon Baker

La Grande Classique de Longines

COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 2000 Antwerpen 03 231 11 11

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GOETHALS JUWELIERS Ooststraat 64-66, 8800 ROESELARE 051 20 20 27 •




flying carpet to be – no noise and it just seems to float. I am very much a ‘geek’ and quite avant-gardist, so I love the technological and multimedia aspects of the car. Elon Musk is a real visionary in this respect. Finally, I have to say that the Tesla is the only luxury car that is fiscally interesting, in terms of incentives, so as a business owner, this definitely gives an added appeal – although that is far from being the only reason for our choice.” © @MGILLET

Among the Model S owners, Dirk has been driving his 90D version for almost a year. “I have been a fan of Tesla for years and even joined the Tesla Owners Club some time before acquiring the car. This gave me the opportunity to speak with several Tesla drivers before I made my final decision. Although I have never been especially interested in cars, I have been following news on Tesla since they launched the Roadster, which really rEVolutionised the potential for electric vehicles. I clearly remember my first test drive, two years ago. The experience was unforgettable, particularly in terms of acceleration (and let’s not mention the speeding tickets I picked up during the first six months of owning the car…). As a



If you like haute couture, you will love haute architecture.

Ernest The Park. Exclusive apartments just a stone’s throw from Brussels’ avenue Louise. • prestigious project on the former site of Solvay offices • luxury homes in private grounds • modern architecture, tastefully decorated • spacious apartments with terraces offering panoramic views • within easy reach of Toison d’Or and avenue Louise • close to the European Quarter • for further information: or 02/201 00 01


avenue Louise

place Flagey

Toison d’Or

private grounds

European Quarter




software engineer, for me the appeal is not only environmental, but technological too. I have AutoPilot and I have to say that on highways especially, I find it perfect.” Geert was a relatively early adopter, acquiring his Model S 85D at the end of 2014. “I was looking for a car for business travel and I was initially attracted to the car because of its design and style. However, once I took a test drive, after just a few meters, I was immediately convinced it was the car for me. It just felt so natural. I love the steering, the silence and the smooth acceleration. Overall, it’s just a great driving experience. We are currently looking at the Model X. My brother-in-law recently acquired one and I am waiting to see what his feedback will be after he has been driving it for a few months. However, whatever my choice is in the future, I will always stick with an electric car from now on.” All in all, the event was a resounding success, with the Tesla Owners Club Belgium very happy with the opportunity to exchange information and network in a face-to-face environment. Hopefully, this will just be the start of events that can be organised in the future.


38 mm

Ω CASTEUR EXCLUSIVE Stationsstraat 22-24 8790 Waregem 056 60 19 51

Ω CLEM VERCAMMEN Bergstraat 151 2220 Heist op den Berg 015 24 12 65

Ω HUYBRECHTS JUWELIERS Markt 39 2240 Geel 014 58 86 63

Ω RUBRECHT JUWELIERS Driftweg 7 8420 De Haan 059 51 51 40

Ω VANHOUTTEGHEM Dampoortstraat 1-3 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45


THE ELECTRIC GT CHAMPIONSHIP THE AGE OF LIGHT The Electric GT Championship will begin its first season on 25th and 26th November, at the Paul Ricard Circuit, in France. Mark Gemmell, CEO of the Electric GT, told us about the objectives and plans for the Championship.




“The Championship is more than just a race series, it is really the new battleground for 21st Century car manufacturers. Moreover, the car manufacturers of the 21st Century are not necessarily going to be the same as in the 20th century, as there are new entries. The motor industry is going through fundamental changes. There are new brands and they need a new showplace to show off their technologies. That is their interest. Our objective is to motivate consumers to move on to electric cars, by showing what production models are capable of.”

TESLA MODEL S P100DS “All the cars in this season’s races will be Tesla Model S P100Ds. As high-performance electric cars are relatively new to the market, today Tesla is the only one that can handle a circuit, but to be clear, we welcome any manufacturers and hope to see more next year. The issue is that existing manufacturers need to move on faster.”

“The Model S P100D is a huge step forward in terms of horsepower, handling and the way the weight is distributed. Here you are looking at a car that is heading towards being the best GT car there is. It is a four wheel drive with 778 Hp and a torque of 995 Nm, which means that it has a lot of power – about the same as you would get from a very, very special combustion engine, such as the Bugatti Veyron – but at about a tenth of the price. The beauty of this car is that is a high performance vehicle, which can also be used as a family car.” “To seriously show what GT cars are capable of, racing circuits will always go way beyond what is possible on the road, and the rules are fair and square. All cars competing, now and in the future, are production models in terms of performance. Watching prototypes on a circuit is good entertainment, but it’s not meaningful to the car-buying public. The only modifications to our cars are those necessary to adhere to safety standards, such as roll bars and racing seats – and we are changing to a lighter body shell, made of a new type of composite, to be announced!”




Event furniture for any occasion.




THE FESTIVAL AND RACING CALENDAR “As we are waiting for confirmation from FIA, we cannot yet publish all the information on the fixtures but the Championships will run from the first race in France, in November, to the final race of the season, in Vallelunga, near Rome, in October 2018. There will be a total of 10 races in 9 locations, including one in Belgium.” “Each race weekend will consist of a 20 minute practice session, a 30 minute qualifying session and two races – one in the day and one in the evening, each of 60 km. Because we do not have noise constraints with electric cars, we will be able to have the final races in the evening, at around 7pm. The Championship days will be not only racing, but Festival of Light days, with plenty of large-scale, high-quality unique entertainments – from electric motorbike racing, to shows from the Cirque de Soleil. These will be followed by a big party and we expect to attract between 10,000 and 20,000 visitors.”

THE AGE OF LIGHT “The sooner we make the switch to electric vehicles, the better it will be for the environment. For the Championship circuits, we have invested in a large, containerised solar array, which will be used for charging the race cars. We believe that if we can use the power of the sun, we will eventually have a society that runs on energy directly falling to earth, that is not damaging to the environment. We have had the Stone Age, the Iron Age and even the Petrol Age - now it is time to progress to the Light Age. That is why our strap line for the Championship is “The Age of Light”.”

For more information on the Electric GT Championship, the latest news, or to join as a member, visit



USEFUL DAY TO DAY APPLICATIONS AND WEBSITES New apps and websites are constantly being introduced, to help with practically every aspect of our daily electrifying lives, whether for business, leisure, health...or the connected car driver. Here is a selection of some of our recommendations for Tesla Owners and other EV drivers, based on owners’ feedback. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS AND MARTIN GILLET



PlugShare is viewed by many EV drivers as an essential for keeping range anxiety at bay, providing a complete and accurate map of charging stations worldwide. It displays the location of all the nearest charging stations, the type of charger and whether they are in service. Over 630,000 reviews and 150,000 photos from other users help to assist in last-mile navigation. PlugShare can be used as a route planner and to pay online for charging. Users can also share information on charging stations in real time, such as the number of cars queuing in line. The app can be used with iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Android. For more information visit

OPENCHARGEMAP OpenChargemap is another important point of entry, for accessing a wide network of charging stations. OpenChargemap is the global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations, updated by the Community. It can be used online, or downloaded through the major App Stores. For more information:



PLUGSURFING With more and more charging points and network operators around the world, there are more and more payment systems which require individual RFID cards or contracts. For example, to charge throughout Germany, you could need over 70 contracts. PlugSurfing is an E-mobility and payment provider which has solved this problem, by developing a virtual one stop payment


system for EV charging. Drivers can now charge at thousands of EV points throughout Europe, while PlugSurfing takes care of all of the billing and clearing between parties. For more information visit


WAZE FOR TESLA Waze is the driver’s best friend when trying to avoid the daily jam commute and for locating potential accidents on the road. The App can be installed on smartphones and Tesla Owners can also use the direct Waze link on their consoles:



2-SLEEP Heers - BEETS PATTEET Aarschot - DE NACHTWACHT Kortrijk -



VisibleTesla has been around for quite a while, as early adopters of Tesla may remember. Although no major recent updates have been provided, it can still be a useful tool for locating the whereabouts of your car. VisibleTesla is not a commercial application but was developed by a Tesla owner in his spare time. More information:


The e-kWh smartphone app gives easy access to thousands of charging stations in Europe, with an overview map showing exactly where the next available charging station can be found. The user can then activate the charging station, using the app on their smartphone to transmit their data. Once the customer data has been verified, the charging session is activated immediately. Users can easily select their charging tariffs, track the amount of power charged and their charging status, all through their mobile device. Either the charging station sends the payment information to the user’s contract provider, or the user can pay without a contract, through e-kWh’s SMS, credit card or PayPal payment options. e-kWh is available for android systems, at, or IOS at





Aligned with the “fun mood and spirit, many Owners enjoyed using these nice console pages in the past, such as KITT, the Peacemaker, Matrix and others. Many of these vanished from the web in 2013, returning a 404 error message. Thanks to kinetic, all of these console pages can be accessed through - so buckle up and switch to KITT mode!


Photos: © Will Fealy


Teslalog is a data logging tool for your Tesla. It monitors your trips stats such as KMH-MPH / SOC / Elev / WH/MILE / Temp / Current / Range / Level.It includes your acceleration graphs: Start Speed / Stop Speed / Max Power / Peak HP / Duration / Wh.As well as your charge stats: Minute intervals showing Amps / Volts / kW / Rate of charge / ETA / Range / Level % / Battery Amps. More information: © Will Fealy




Chatcar is a social networking website which gives drivers the opportunity to contact other drivers, based on their license plate, or username, as identification. The privacy of personal phone numbers and emails is respected, as the Chatcar system works as the connective middleman. Chatcar is currently developing Android and iOS apps, for advanced features such as localization and automated licence plate detection. Chatcar is a free-to-use service, developed in Belgium by Ph.Depuydt Consulting & Engineering. For more information visit Belgian Owners can also use the ‘pay per sms’ service when using the local ORES charging station. Simply visit to register and begin paying by texting the charging station ID. Got a new favourite app or website that you would like to share with other Tesla drivers? Tell us about it by logging on to the Tesla Owners Forum at

Friendly disclaimer: The owners of the website COULD SEE YOUR PASSWORD, and could probably go around stealing everyone’s cars if they wanted but rather unlikely. You’ve been warned. Perhaps change your password on a frequent basis and assess if you would like to continue to use these Apps as you drive along. Whatever Apps or websites you do decide to use, try to boost the community network by adding and validating all current and new charging stations, so that other Owners can locate them.



Hightech met een ziel Loewe bild 5 - OLED State-of-the-art OLED-technologie in combinatie met een vintage design geïnspireerd op de Sixties. Als contrast met het ultra dunne 4,9 mm beeldscherm gebruikte Loewe Creative Director Bodo Sperlein één van de oudste designmaterialen: hout. De Loewe bild 5 is modulair en uiterst flexibel, met talrijke combinatiemogelijkheden. Ontdek meer bij uw Loewe-verdeler of op


*Lees deze informatie samen met de voorwaarden op onze website

B-Square Business Flats. Dé place-to-B voor rendement zonder zorgen. • Vlakbij de Tour & Taxis wijk, een stadsdeel in volle expansie, en aan het Manhattan kwartier, waar talloze multinationals en Europese instellingen gevestigd zijn.

B-Square is een project van

• Eigen verhuurdienst met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring: Brussels Business Flats, de marktleider in verhuur aan expats. • Interessant alternatief voor de wispelturige beurs en het verlieslatende spaarboekje.

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TESLA’S MODEL 3 THE LOWDOWN Tesla fans around the world are eagerly awaiting deliveries of the first Model 3s, scheduled for later this year. As of May 2017, nearly 400,000 customers have already placed their reservations for the vehicle. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS - PHOTOS: TESLA OWNERS CLUB BELGIUM - PHOTOGRAPHER : © @MGILLET



STREAMLINED DESIGN A sleek four door sedan, with a capacity for seating five adult passengers, the Model 3 has been described as a more compact version of the Model S saloon. At just under 4.7 metres long, it is similar in size to the BMW 3 and Mercedes Class C series. The full spectrum of colour options, yet to be announced, is expected to include silver, black, blue and red as standard choices. Alloy wheels will be available in a range of metallic and matte colours. As with the Model S, the Model 3 features a glass roof that stretches from the windscreen over to the rear window. This affords passengers greater headroom, as well as a feeling of more air and light. Space has been optimised to give passengers surprisingly generous leg room, even for those in the three rear seats. Although the total capacity of the front and rear trunks are much less than the Model S, it is expected to be larger than was previously announced, in response to customer feedback. Thanks to the flat-fold rear seats, added baggage space can be gained. The car’s pure lines are accentuated by the omission of a front grill and its streamlined design continues into the minimalistic interior. The most striking feature is that there is no dashboard, but rather a 15 inch central touchscreen which displays everything from the car’s entertainment systems to its speedometer. “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need” explained Elon Musk. The standard price will include the hardware necessary to achieve level 5 driving autonomy. Added comfort features, such as self-parking capabilities and Autopilot self-driving, will be optional paying extras, which can be retrofitted. All software updates will be distributed over-air, on a regular basis.


PERFORMANCE AND RANGE The entry-level Model 3 will be capable of accelerating from standing to 100 km/h in around 5.6 seconds, while premium versions, with larger batteries and dual-motor powertrains are expected to deliver in around 4.5 seconds. Initially, only rear-wheel-drive versions will be available, with all-wheel-drive dual-motor versions to be introduced at a later date. Musk has confirmed that Model 3 owners will be able to access Tesla’s ‘Ludicrous Mode’, for even higher performance, although further details are to be announced. The range autonomy will be just under 350 km on a single charge for the base model and more for those with a larger battery. The free use of SuC stations will not, however, be included in the standard package. “It will still be very cheap, and far cheaper than gasoline, to drive long-distance with the Model 3, but it will not be free long distance for life unless you purchase that package” explained Elon Musk. On a more positive note, Tesla is expanding its network of Superchargers, with the intention of increasing its current park of 3,700 worldwide, to around 15,000 in 2018.






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PRODUCTION SCHEDULE AND GIGAFACTORY While the first deliveries of the car are scheduled for the final quarter of 2017, many customers who have pre-ordered are likely to wait until 2018 and possibly beyond. Due to the high demand, the initial production target of 500,000 vehicles a year by 2020 has been moved forward to 2018. Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, does have the potential capacity to produce this quantity. To further support this objective, Telsa Motors is to open a Gigafactory, designed purely for the production of lithium-ion batteries. The 130-acre site, in the Nevada desert, is set to open later this year, with the aim of manufacturing batteries for up to 500,000 electric cars a year by 2018. The majority of these will be destined for the new Model 3s.

PRICING AND THE SECRET MASTER PLAN Tesla’s Model 3 forms the third part of what Elon Musk’s refers to as his Secret Master Plan, with the end goal of bringing electric vehicles to a wider mass market. Step One was the Tesla Roadster, an expensive low-volume car, with a production of just 18,000 vehicles. Its mission was to prove that electric vehicles could be just as high-performance as combustion engine cars. Step Two was the introduction of the slightly lower-priced Model S and Model Xs to a larger, but still somewhat exclusive market. The Roadster, Model S and Model X have not only built the reputation of Tesla, but also financed the research and development needed to make the production of an affordable mass-market electric car a feasible business proposition.


The Model 3 is Tesla’s most accessible car, to date, in terms of pricing, with the entry level version expected to be in the region of 35,000 US Dollars. For more information visit 41


SPACEX TO FLY FIRST EVER LUNAR TOURISTS NEXT YEAR SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space craft manufacturer and space transport provider, has confirmed that its first flights to the moon with commercial passengers will take place in 2018. The return journey is expected to take around a week, to include an orbit around the moon, followed by a trip into deeper space, of up to around 400,000 miles away from earth - further than any human has ever travelled into space. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS - PHOTOS: SPACEX




ASTRONAUT IDENTITIES STILL A MYSTERY The identities and nationalities of the two private individuals who have signed up to be crew have not yet been revealed, but they are not believed to be celebrities from the world of entertainment. They have already paid significant deposits on the total cost of their flights, estimated to be at around 70 million US dollars each and are expected to begin their astronaut training this year. Elon Musk has stated that the customers have been made aware of the risk factor and that SpaceX is “doing everything we can to minimize that risk, but it’s not zero.” Final acceptance of the passengers will also be conditional on them completing the necessary health and fitness tests and on receiving licenses from the Federal Aviation Association.

LAUNCH ROCKETS, ENGINES AND SPACE CAPSULES ALL DESIGNED BY SPACEX The launch vehicle will be the new 70 metre-high Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful in the world. Its first stage is composed of three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores, whose 27 Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff - equivalent to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft. The spacecraft used for the astronauts will be a Dragon 2 capsule. The Falcon Heavy (the latest in the family of Falcon launch rockets), the Merlin engines which power them and the Dragon capsule have all been designed, developed and manufactured by SpaceX. The manned flights will lift-off from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Pad 39A near Cape Canaveral – the same launch pad used by the Apollo program for its lunar missions.



Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie and Hugh Jackman Crafted for New Heights In homage to the European explorer and his need for utmost precision, Montblanc pays special tribute with the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Quantième Complet Vasco da Gama Special Edition featuring a full calendar and a blue lacquered constellation around the moon phase, which shows the exact same night sky above the Cape of Good Hope as Vasco da Gama observed it in 1497 on his first journey to India. Visit and shop at COLMAN ANTWERPEN



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NASA SpaceX is already contracted by NASA to launch crewed missions to the International Space Station. The first of these manned flights is planned to take place in the second quarter of 2018, before the commercial passenger flight later in the year. SpaceX has already completed several cargo missions for the US space agency and successfully re-landed its reusable Falcon 9 rockets back on Earth. “We would like to thank NASA, without whom this would not be possible” said a statement from Space X concerning the commercial passenger flights. “NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which provided most of the funding for Dragon 2 development, is a key enabler for this mission. In addition, this will make use of the Falcon Heavy rocket, which was developed with internal SpaceX funding. Later this year, as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, we will launch our Crew Dragon (the Dragon Version 2) spacecraft to the International Space Station. This first demonstration mission will be in automatic mode, without people on board. A subsequent mission with crew is expected to fly in the second quarter of 2018. SpaceX is currently contracted to perform an average of four Dragon 2 missions to the ISS per year - three carrying cargo and one carrying crew. By also flying privately crewed missions, which NASA has encouraged, long-term costs to the government decline and more flight reliability history is gained, benefiting both government and private missions.”

ITS MISSION - TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN, OR WOMAN, HAS GONE BEFORE Tesla CEO Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002, with the aims of making space travel safer and more accessible. His ultimate plans for the company are to transport the first humans to Mars and eventually to enable people to live on other planets. “Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration” said a further statement from SpaceX. “This is an opportunity for humans to return to deep space for the first time in 45 years and they will travel faster and further into the Solar System than any before them. Designed from the beginning to carry humans, the Dragon spacecraft already has a long flight heritage. These missions will build upon that heritage, extending it to deep space mission operations, an important milestone as we work towards our ultimate goal of transporting humans to Mars.”


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• HD Full Concept • Chaussée de Waterloo 1170 (Vivier d’oie) 1180 BRUXELLES 02 349 10 00

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JEAN-DIDIER STEENACKERS THE SOLAR ARCHITECT Brussels-based architect Jean-Didier Steenackers is the leading expert in constructions which harness the energy of the sun, known as Building Integration Photovoltaics, or BIPV. Heading up architectural firm Sun Soak Design, he uses innovative techniques to incorporate solar panels into buildings and facades. His emblematic projects have included work at the French Ministry of Defense, the European Council in Brussels and, most recently, the Botasolar project in Brussels.. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS - PHOTOS: JEAN-DIDIER STEENACKERS





“My vision, when I began to explore the potential of BIPV over a decade ago, was to adapt the technologies used on the Solar Impulse photovoltaic-powered airplane project to architecture” says Jean-Didier. “We work with very specialised and advanced materials and techniques, with the aim of achieving elegant effect, as well as energy efficiency.”

SOLAR-POWERED SUPERCHARGERS “One of our current projects is with Tesla, who would like to strengthen the link between EV charging and solar energy. Our mission with them is to design superchargers with photovoltaic canopies - but they need to be aesthetically pleasing. As many of these Superchargers are on land owned by hotels, they will not be Tesla-branded and the hotels are looking for something that will really enhance their own exterior design. We have already submitted a proposal and this is currently being studied. It is a very attractive wooden, steel and photovoltaic glass structure, which incorporates the bird logo of Van der Valk hotels.”

AUDI AND VOLKSWAGEN “Audi and Volkswagen are also looking for more infrastructures that use solar energy, as a natural progression of their developments of electric vehicles. At the end of last year we submitted them with a huge project for a solar canopy over their car park, next to their factory in Brussels. This will involve the construction of a new building from steel and over 2,500 square metres of photovoltaic glass. The building permit has been granted, so we hope to see its completion by the end of the year. For the time being, the solar energy gathered will be used for the running of the building, with the surplus running into the national grid. In the future, the plan will be to also use it for loading the batteries of electric vehicles.”




SCULPTING SOLAR ARCHITECTURE FOR BEAUTY AND PRACTICALITY “There are many new ideas emerging for the use of these solar building materials, as they are so versatile. I am currently working on solar structures for public areas and for luxury fashion showrooms. One of the biggest challenges we are facing is that, for those not yet familiar with BIPV, there is some confusion between standard Chinese solar panels and solar architecture. Solar structures no longer need to be ugly, they can be curved into different forms - and in different colours by using glass printing and fritting techniques. They can even be totally camouflaged, or show a company logo. The only limit is the imagination. It’s a whole new way of linking beautiful and useful architecture.” “From my years dedicated to this specialised field of solar architecture, I can see that the trend is filtering down from emblematic buildings and company headquarters, to more every day constructions. I have seen this with my first projects for residential homes. These are for clients for whom the importance of renewable energy is crucial and who want to be ‘uplugged’ from fossil fuel energies. This means being completely free of any exterior electrical input.”




ENERGY INDEPENDENT CITIES “The next phase will clearly be working on how to bring solar farms into city spaces. This could include large structures, public spaces and carparks, as well as looking at ways to surround existing buildings. For example there is a huge potential to enhance the attractiveness of 60s and 70s buildings, by adding a solar structure on top which allows them to produce their own electricity - especially as constructions from this era often have high energy demands. Many power plants, nuclear and others, are nearing end of life, but the electrical needs of cities are continuing to grow. Looking at how we can modify city buildings to make them self-sufficient would be the perfect solution to this problem. Solar structure design would be the way to introduce renewable energies into the cities where the majority of consumers live. In Belgium, we are really pioneering in this field and we are seeing many architects from other cities coming to visit us, to gather ideas.” “In the past, building skins were a shelter to external elements. Today these building facades need to harness the energy of these elements. At SSD our challenge is to produce electricity where the consumer is, structured with architectural reflection and elegance.”

For more information about Jean-Didier Steenackers work, visit



A JOURNEY TO THE WORLD’S MOST NORTHERN SUPERCHARGER When Simon and Janty Smidt became the owners of a red Tesla Model S 90D, they were soon looking for ideas for their next big road trip. The perfect inspiration came from seeing the world’s northern-most Supercharger on the navigation display. In total, their three week journey took in 47 charging stops and over 7,700 kilometres across 5 countries. They shared a diary of their adventure to Setermoen, in Norway, with SuperCharged Magazine.





MONDAY 19 SEPTEMBER “Our next destination was the SuC in Rade, south of Hamburg. Cruising along the A1, after Bremen, we were able to reach a top speed of 223 km/h. This started to grill our energy use, taking it up to around 350 Wh/km – but as there were numerous roadworks in Germany, our average speed dropped down to 80 km/h.”

SUNDAY 18 SEPTEMBER “Our road trip began with a familiar course, from our home town in Overijse, to visit family in Groningen. We charged up in Brussels, so that we could easily reach the next SuC in Zwolle and our onboard navigating system indicated that we should arrive with around 16% charge left.” “There are roads in Holland where you can drive at 130 km/h, but with the TACC set at 135 km/h, our energy consumption shot up significantly. The system warned us to slow down to 115 km/h, in order to reach Zwolle, but in fact we arrived with enough battery left for another 49 km. While the Tesla was recharging, we took lunch at the Van der Valk restaurant, before heading on to our first stopover, with our parents, in Scheemda and Midwolda. That night, we charged up to 92%, using the standard Universal Modular Carrier (UMC) delivered with the car, which we plugged into a normal 13A household socket. This was actually one of the few times that I have been able to make use of the UMC, as in Belgium we a problem with the position of the neutral pin, which makes it incompatible. For more information about this issue, I would advise readers to take a look at the chapter dedicated to it, on the Tesla Motors Club Forum at oplossingen-belgisch-230v-neuterprobleem.31507/”

“The navigation system then advised us to travel by ferry to Rodby, in Denmark, but we decided to opt for the free SuC route, driving across the mainland. Our next stop was Middelfart (what’s in a name!), where we charged to 90%. This enabled us to travel the 270 km to the next SuC, in Löddeköpinge, Sweden.”

TUESDAY 20/9 “For the first time, we loaded fully up to 100%, as we wanted to manage the 330 km to the SuC in Uddevalla. After just 50 km, I realised that our energy consumption was too high, at 215 Wh/ km. Although we were only cruising at 115 km/h, it must have been because the road was on a gradual uphill climb. So we decided to take a coffee break and charge at the next SuC in Falkenberg. The Tesla could have taken us further but, after all, we were on holiday! At Uddevalla we topped up again, to be sure to get past Oslo.” “Our first SuC in Norway, at Nebbeness, is the biggest in the world, with 20 stalls. Popular legend may have it that the speed limit in Norway is restricted to 80 km/h everywhere – but in fact it changes fairly often, reaching 110 km/h in places. The roads in Norway gave us the ideal conditions for analysing the effect of speed on energy consumption and other averages.”







“After charging up to 90% at Lillehammer, we continued on to Trondheim. The Tesla initially indicated that we would reach Trondheim with a 7% range left, but after a few kilometers we had to drop to 70 km/h to get there. We were not familiar with the route and it could have been hilly, which would have meant that we would not have been able to make it. To be on the safe side (yes, our first time range anxiety), we diverted to the Dombas SuC. As the going was slow, with a speed limit of 80 km/h, this took 2 hours for just 157km. This was a little frustrating, being used to limits of 120 and 130 km/h on E roads elsewhere. When we continued on to Stjordal SuC it was even slower, with an average of 66 km/h over 230 km... but at least it helped our energy consumption. When you are driving in this region, you need to charge at every SuC, as there are large distances between them. Another peculiarity was seeing that two of the charging stalls at Stjordal have a vacuum system, giving a high chance of ICE-ing..”

“Our next SuC en route was Monsjoen – and finally one with a nice view. Our average consumption spiked here, as we picked up a hitchhiker, which meant about another 150kg for the Tesla to transport. After passing the Arctic Circle, it was on to the SuC in Storjord, which also has a nice buffet restaurant. We had planned to reach our destination of Setermoen by this day, but it would have meant arriving at midnight. As unlit roads and driving the car for more than 10 hours are not our idea of a holiday, we took an overnight stopover at the one but last Supercharger, in Innhavet.”

FRIDAY 23/9 “This last 52 km leg of our journey before arriving in Setermoen was very slow, as we had to cross by ferry. After more than four hours, and seeing our first moose in the wild, we finally arrived at the northernmost SuC in the world!”





PERFORMANCE AND EMISSIONS “During the first five days, on the 3,296 km to Setermoen, average consumption was 193 Wh/km, average power 40 kWh and average speed 89 km/h.” “Over the following two weeks we took a more leisurely pace, to admire the touristic delights of Norway, before returning home to Overijse. During our total journey of 20 days we drove 7,765 km, with an average consumption of 204 Wh/km. This relatively high level can be mainly attributed to the colder temperatures. Overall, our total energy consumption was 1,570 kWh, which saved 352 kg CO2, compared to what we would have used by driving a petrol-engine car.”

“Looking at the energy consumption of 40 kWh with the 90D, I conclude that we charged too much” analyses Simon. “Ideally the energy consumption should have been around 75-85 kWh, in order to make full use of the 90 kWh battery. This means that even with a 60 kWh battery, this journey could be done easily.” 55

More information on performance and energy consumption during the journey can be found at file/d/0B40reJs4rl1NWnBwenRtTE1pcGc


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Experience beauty and technology in perfect harmony. Polarization replaces glare with radiance. Depth. Hue. Photochromic technology adjusts to the light. Shadows become texture. And Spectral Control® fine tunes light. What was once subtle now shimmers. Once you discover Serengeti, you’ll never see the world the same way again.

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AMPERES PROMOTING ELECTRIC MOBILITY IN BELGIUM Amperes is a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to facilitate the migration to electric mobility and sustainable transportation in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Created two years ago, by a small group of dedicated individuals, its activities include lobbying and raising awareness of the importance of sustainable transportation. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS - PHOTOS: AMPERES ASBL



“Lobbying is an important part of our activities – but it’s also one of the challenges, as we need to become more recognised” explains Martin Janssen, VP and Co-Founder of Amperes (also known as the Association pour la Mobilité Propre Electrique et Responsible). “We are, however, growing and we are already starting to be seen as a

technical reference. Most of Amperes’ members have been driving electric cars, from a variety of manufacturers, for a long time. Public and private organisations often come to us, to ask for advice on what kind of charging infrastructures they should put into place. As an example, we are currently in contact with some of the major gas stations and they have been sharing some of their plans with us for



offering electric chargers. Many of their questions are about the charging habits of EV users. One of our advantages is that we are fully independent from any commercial or industrial interests and we just want to see more electric vehicles on the road. We can give advice from real-life, experienced EV drivers.” “We are totally independent from any manufacturer and that is how we want to stay, as it makes us more objective. From what we have seen from our own members, their leading concerns are different, depending on what car they drive. For example, Nissan Leaf owners are pushing hard to have more public charging infrastructures, while Tesla owners would like to see government incentives for buying electric cars.”

INFORMING AND EDUCATING The top-line objective for Amperes is to inform those not yet converted to the idea of electric cars on their ease of use – not just for individuals, but for company fleets. As such, Amperes coordinates, attends and speaks at specialised events for private companies, on the subject of EVs. “A recent example is UCB, who asked us to come for a day to arrange test drives, give lectures and explain what it is like to own and drive an electric car” says Martin. “Usually we take some of our members’ cars with us, but manufacturers often provide us with one or two vehicles. These test drives are an important part of the persuasion process. Many people are still quite wary about making the conversion and see it as a challenge. Generally though, once they try an electric car for themselves, they see it not only as a good and viable proposition, but in fact a better alternative.”

WHY CHOOSE THE REVOLUTION? “People may ask me about why we need to go for the rEVolution, but my answer to that would be – is there really an alternative? We know all about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment and our health - and for that matter the geo-political implications of the petroleum market. At some point in the future, we will be forced to transition to something else – and the direction we are lobbying for is solar energy.” “A discussion in our team is that we can point out all of the environment advantages of EVs, but it won’t be enough to convince those drivers who is in love with their performance cars. However, if you can show them that electric cars can be more sexy, you can win them over. In this respect, Tesla are doing a good job in my opinion, as otherwise the market for EVs would still be fairly restrained. I myself do own a Tesla. I never imagined that I would spend that much money on a car, but I don’t regret it.” “The biggest challenge with running a non-profit organisation is finding funding, otherwise our manpower remains limited to what we can do outside of office hours. Our financing for running costs mainly comes from the events that we do for private companies. It’s not difficult to meet people who would like to be convinced about EVs, so it’s really more the matter of manpower that we need to overcome.” For more information, or to become a member of Amperes, contact




A barn full of barn finds


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delta pools monoblok zwembaden


Delta Pools & Ponds Veldekens 63 – 9991 ADEGEM T: 09 377 49 86 M: W:


delta ponds monoblok zwemvijvers

MILIEUVRIENDELIJK MONOBLOK ZWEMBAD / ZWEMVIJVER Delta Pools & Ponds is het huismerk van Jomarco. Een Delta Pools zwembad is een monoblok zwembad dat standaard vervaardigd is uit een hoogwaardige polypropyleen structuur. In tegenstelling tot het materiaal gebruikt bij polyesterbaden is dit een milieuvriendelijke kunststof vrij van osmose. Zo word onze polypropyleen geproduceerd onder dezelfde omstandigheden als drinkwaterleidingen. Door de supergladde afwerking gebeurt het reinigen van bodem en wanden in een handomdraai en dit zowel mechanisch als manueel. Al deze kwaliteitsvolle monoblok zwembaden worden ontworpen, berekend en vervaardigd uit 10mm massieve polypropyleen platen in een productiehal in BelgiĂŤ. Dit laat ons toe om het productieproces met bijhorende kwaliteitsnormen nauwlettend op te volgen.



Polypropyleen is een kwaliteitsproduct dat in de massa is gekleurd en daardoor uitermate UV bestendig is. Polypropyleen verdraagt net zo makkelijk tropische temperaturen als vrieskou. Dit stoere materiaal beschikt standaard over een lage thermische geleidbaarheid, waardoor het door het gebruik van onze 10mm dikke wanden en bodem niet noodzakelijk is om het bassin te isoleren. Indien gewenst kan als optie extra isolatie worden aangebracht.

Een Delta Pools & Ponds heeft geen enkele beperking en is verkrijgbaar in alle vormen en afmetingen. Ook het design van het bad, wat door zijn rechte hoeken er strakker gaat uitzien en het ontwerp zijn vrij te kiezen volgens de specifieke wensen van de klant. Zo kan men kiezen voor een klassiek skimmerbad, hoogwaterlijnskimmer of overloop zwembad tot een zwembad of zwemvijver met grasrand wat ervoor zorgt dat elk Delta Pools & Ponds een uniek meesterstuk is dat zich moeiteloos laat integreren in uw tuin.




Persoonscontrole: Organisatie van inkom- en uitgangscontroles op beurzen en in winkels en hotels.


Statische bewaking: Het bewaken van gebouwen en omliggende perimeter. Eventueel met hond.



T +32 (0)14 53 82 50 E INFO@DMG-GROUP.BE

Mobiele bewaking: Preventie door controles van ramen en deuren, verdachte personen en voertuigen.

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The history of the shoe manufacturer Ambiorix goes back to 1895. Over the last hundred years or so, the company has gone through difficult times, but since the Vavedin family took it over ten years ago, Ambiorix finds itself once again in a positive spiral. The brand took on a more contemporary image and has begun to take some rather innovative steps. For instance, a line of ladies’ accessories has been launched. The MAX handbag is the first result of the cooperation between Ambiorix and the designer Linde Hermans. TEXT: JEROEN COTEUR - PHOTOS: AMBIORIX

Shoe manufacturer Ambiorix can look back upon a rich tradition of over 120 years of existence. However, in the last decade, a lot of things have changed significantly. “Thanks to the contributions of the Vavedin family, we have seen a tremendous evolution in models and materials,” explains Jef Vandebeek at Ambiorix. “So, in addition to the old-fashioned classic Ambiorix shoes, we are also focusing on leisure and casual shoes. In addition, we are sticking to our three pillars: comfort, quality and design. All of this has ensured that we are able to see superb results and that our international positioning is on the rise.”

TAKING STEPS TOWARDS ACCESSORIES Until recently, Ambiorix was essentially only focused on men’s shoes. But not long ago they dared to break new terrain. “With our shoes we are naturally part of the leather industry. So we asked ourselves a few years ago, why shouldn’t we make accessories for women with the same quality that people have come to expect from us? With the help of Innovatie & Design Euregio (IDE – Innovation and Design for the Euro Region), an organisation that links companies and designers, we sat around the table with various designers. And finally we made the choice to work together with Linde Hermans.”



In order to provide complete service to the customer, Ambiorix developed the “Personal Pair” service. “With this programme, we aim to give the customer the chance to order their shoes completely in accordance with their own wishes. The customer chooses, the model, leather, colour and sole. In addition to all of that we can also provide a personalised inscription or a matching belt to make the whole set complete. This way you can have an exclusive product for a unique price-quality ratio.”

Linde Hermans has an independent designer office in Houthalen which devotes itself to a variety of assignments. “At the moment, for example, I am working on organising installations, scenery for exhibitions, art projects, et cetera,” explains Hermans. “But the world of Ambiorix was not foreign to me. During my education I always followed shoemaking, and for my final thesis I actually went to Ambiorix to get information for my thesis work. So, my interests have lied in this direction too, for certain. We came to the conclu-










sion pretty quickly that a handbag would be the most accessible item and thus the most logical first step into the world of women’s accessories.”

GARÇONNE STYLE Linde Hermans had essentially carte blanche for the design of the handbag, but she wanted to incorporate the strengths of Ambiorix into the design as well. “The brand stands for something that is classic, authentic and timeless, and I wanted to return to that. A handbag in in garçonne style, with a touch of manliness, without too many frills. In the first pass, I made four different models, and Ambiorix went ahead and chose one which would work further together on. We took our time so that we could deliver the expected quality. All in all, there were seven prototypes, to which we kept adding improvements until we were completely satisfied.”

SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH At the end of 2016 Ambiorix was finally able to launch its first handbag: MAX. “We made a conscious choice for a more manly name, because it also reflects the character of the handbag. And the X in the back makes the obvious link with Ambiorix. The first reactions in the stores were thoroughly positive. For the year-end

the sales were also very, very good. The first versions were black with brown, and then there was a lighter-coloured version. Now there are a few versions with summer tones added to them. But just like with our shoes, we can also personalise our handbags. We just brought out an exclusive ostrich model which was a real success.”

IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE In any case, the successful launch of the MAX handbag leaves a sense that there will be more. “In the fall, we will be coming out with the next bag,” Hermans continues. “This will have the name FELIX. We are in fact also working on a coin purse, which we now have in its prototype phase. In any case I have lots of ideas, but of course they have to be developed one by one, and that takes time.” “From the Ambiorix side, we hope to build on a long-term cooperation,” adds Jef Vandebeek. “Of course everything depends upon sales. But at the moment it’s quite good, and we are thinking of adding it to our inventory in order to be able to deliver it faster.”






BR 03-94 RS17 ·


Residentie De Surfers

Nieuwpoortlaan 151-161

Kon. Ridderdijk 73-74

De Panne


Agence Mulier: T. 058 42 12 39

Agence La Plage: T. 059 30 15 13

Agence Mulier: T. 058 41 35 61

Danny Pauwels: T. 0478 20 15 81

Nergens schijnt de zon meer dan aan de kust en dat is voor velen een goede reden om er vaker te vertoeven. Wie kiest voor een verblijf aan zee, kiest ook voor de heerlijke momenten met familie en vrienden. Het is leven en beleven, genieten en bewonderen. Met meer dan 35 jaar ervaring op de teller realiseerde Real Houses tientallen succesvolle projecten, steeds met een focus op de Belgische Kust. Stuk voor stuk bieden zij residenties met zicht op zee en kenmerken ze zich door een perfecte ligging, een hoge afwerkingsgraad en de relatie die ze met de koper opbouwen. Ontdek ook onze andere projecten aan de Belgische Kust:

Het vakantiegevoel in je tuin, het hele jaar door

Een zwembad of waterpartij aanleggen doe je niet alleen omdat je graag zwemt, maar ook omdat dat je woning en tuin een extra dimensie geeft. Een zwembad of waterpartij brengt de vakantiesfeer bij je thuis, is een sociale ontmoetingsplaats voor vrienden en familie en vormt een spetterende attractie voor de kinderen.

"Inox vergt nagenoeg geen onderhoud" Nouv’eau maakt voor jou een waterpartij of zwembad van roestvrij staal op maat of renoveert je bestaand zwembad. We kiezen voor inox omdat dat materiaal onverslijtbaar, onderhoudsvriendelijk, hygiënisch, uv- en vorstbestendig en milieuvriendelijk is én een tijdloos design heeft. Daarnaast kun je bij ons ook terecht voor een poolhouse of wellness-centrum of terras- en tuinontwerp. We zorgen altijd voor een tot in de puntjes uitgewerkt resultaat. Door passie gedreven en gewapend met ervaring creëren we je totaalproject alsof het voor eigen gebruik zou zijn. Nouv’eau is je enige aanspreekpunt; wij zorgen dat de violen van alle betrokken partijen gelijk gestemd raken. Zo hoef jij alleen nog maar uit te kijken naar de realisatie van je waterdroom. » inox zwembaden en waterpartijen » zwembadrenovatie en onderhoud » wellness » totaalprojecten INFO@NOUV-EAU.BE


TEL 09 277 91 94








SWIMMING IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD A swimming pool or swimming pond in your own backyard is a dream that many people not only cherish, but are also realising today. But how do you start such a project? What are all the things you have to take into account? And what are the options that are available on the market? We asked three specialists these questions.






NOUV’EAU Nouv’eau from Deurle (Sint-Martens-Latem) specialises in Inox swimming pools and water features, often integrated in ‘key-tothe-garden’ projects. “We deliver and install inox swimming pools and water features, take care of swimming pool renovations and take on everything that comes under the concept of wellness in the garden,” Philippe D’hont tells us. Why exactly inox (stainless steel)? “First of all, there is the brilliant aesthetic aspect (literally and figuratively). The reflection of (sun)light on the material creates an inviting, clean water feature with a beautiful interplay of light and a very natural-looking water colour. Depending on the reflection of the sunlight, the colour of the sky and the surroundings, you continuously have a new picture. Inox is not only indestructible, but also very maintenance-friendly. The material has no pores or irregularities, which makes it extremely maintenance-friendly as well as hygienic. It is with good reason that it is one of the most- used materials in the food sector. Algae or micro-organisms cannot stick to them. The dirt that enters the pool and does not go through the filter, sinks to the bottom, where it can be simply vacuumed out by a cleaning robot, so that it

doesn’t stick. You don’t have to manually vacuum and scrub. Inox also excels in terms of service life duration. Currently, the oldest known inox swimming pool is 50 years old (Austria) and it is still in excellent condition, without renovation or repairs. In theory, an inox swimming pool should last for 75 years. The energy-efficiency also plays a positive role. The sunlight is reflected innumerable times, which naturally warms up the water. The 2mm-thick inox plate is surrounded by 8cm of insulation. The water therefore not only heats up quickly, it also retains its temperature very well. Studies have shown that an inox swimming pool is 30 to 40% more energy-efficient compared to other swimming pools. Also important: inox does not tear or shrink, does not become porous, does not fade and can even freeze over without incurring any damage. With respect to installation, it only takes us about a week. What sizes are available? We have both standard solutions (6 m, 8 m, 10 m or 12 m in length and 3 m or 4 m in width) and pools that are custom-made. We also provide the detailed technology, because a quality pool also deserves an equal solution for that aspect.”









 

vrijblijvende offerte actief in heel België, Frankrijk en Nederland

Rue de la Naverie 3 • 7760 CELLES • • • 0475/689185 • 0473/384266 • 069/452107



Luxe assistentiewoningen Unieke locatie op het strand van De Panne Panoramisch zicht op zee en duinenreservaat Fiscaal gunsttarief van 12% btw Gespecialiseerde verhuurservice

Bel 02 342 09 09 of via


DELTA POOLS & PONDS Jomarco from Adegem (Maldegem) specialises in indoor and outdoor swimming pools, both monobloc pools and architectural, installed or self-construction pools. Under the name Delta Pools & Ponds, the company has now also started its own production of monobloc pools. “Our monoblocs are manufactured entirely in Belgium and are made of polystone, a massive, 10 mm-thick plastic that is very smooth, which minimises dirt adhesion and guarantees easy maintenance. A great advantage of monobloc pools is also the quick delivery and installation at the end customer’s site. In terms of dimensions, we have no limits. With other manufacturers, you are often restricted to standard models and dimensions, but both the material and our own production allow perfect custom work. And this has not escaped the attention of many architects, which is why they have

found their way to Delta Pools & Ponds. After all, they are often the first contact person, when an end customers wants to design their yard and consider a swimming pool.” Polystone also lends itself perfectly to swimming ponds. “The material and the accompanying advantages, as well as the short turnaround time are identical to those of the monobloc pools. The difference is only in the technology. For a Delta Pools pool, the customer can choose a skimmer, overflow or underflow system. For swimming ponds, there is generally a natural filtration via a swamp zone, possibly combined with mechanical filtration. In fact, you may be assured that anything is possible for us, and we can easily take care of the installation of the technology and the detailed finishing (of the edge finishing across the patio up to the pool houses), along with our sister company Jomarco.”







ECOVIE As a specialist in the installation of swimming ponds, Ecovie from Celles is active all over Belgium. Experience, custom work and fast installation are presented as the main advantages by Jelle Ronse. “But also, first and foremost, the quality of the water and the easy maintenance, which is much less intensive than for swimming pools, factor into the advantage of a swimming pond. A swimming pool has hard water, while in a swimming pond, it is soft, which makes the skin smooth.” Ecovie provides exclusively custom work. “The customer can contact us by email and give us the desired dimensions. We then provide an estimate for the classic solution, so that the customer will have a good idea about the price. If there is further interest, we will visit the site and then create a detailed quote based on the desired shape, size, implantation, accessibility, etc. After approval, we will get to work. Thanks to our experienced installers, this is done quickly and efficiently. The walls consist of prefab concrete; once they are installed a ‘drying period’ is not required and we can immediately do the finishing and install the plant filter. This, along with reed beds, has become Ecovie’s specialty.”

What about maintenance? “To maintain a swimming pool, you need chemical products; this is completely different for a swimming pond, because there is organic life, for example – plankton – in the water. Vacuuming once in a while is sufficient. Other than that, hardly any maintenance is required. Every five years, the filter plants can be pruned. And a swimming pond also gets through the winter without any problems. You don’t have to pump anything out or cover anything. When the swimming season is over, you have a beautiful, decorative pond for the rest of the year. Other options, such as heating, LED lighting, stairs of your choice, cross-current, etc. are also possible in a swimming pond.” A ‘golden’ four-leaf clover






WE ASKED OUR INTERVIEWEES TO GIVE US SOME GOLDEN TIPS FOR PROSPECTIVE SWIMMING POOL/POND OWNERS. 1. TIMING: place your order on time. Installation can then be quick. Spring is the busiest time of year and so there might be a longer waiting period. If you want it ready for summer, a decision early in the year is recommended. 2. CHOICE OF MATERIALS: opt for high-quality materials. Top quality is more expensive, but a swimming pool should last a lifetime. It is better to wait a bit longer (save up for it) than to save a few thousand Euros now and then regret it in five or ten years. 3. TECHNOLOGY: often perceived as a necessary evil, but is just as important as the pool or swimming pond itself. A high-quality pool required a technological pallet that is sustainable, functional and energy-efficient. A beautiful pool is useless if the water is not clean. 4. PROFESSIONALISM: have your pool installed by a company that links experience to expertise. Ask for some references and talk to people that have a pool. And always choose a company that offers good customer service, including after installation.


supercharged - immo

T 050 62 19 20 - - Ref: P007

Ref: V713 Nieuwbouwproject Brunello Gezellige appartementen centraal gelegen in de Leopoldlaan, vlakbij de Zeedijk en Lippenslaan. Dit project bestaat uit 6 appartementen, één per verdieping, die elk tot in de puntjes afgewerkt worden. Woonkamer met parket, open keuken met alle comfort. Eén tot twee slaapkamers, badkamer met ligbad of douche. Elk appartement is voorzien van een terras zowel aan de voor- als achterzijde. Ieder appartement beschikt over 2 fietshaken. Prijzen vanaf € 299.000

Fermette Damme Authentieke fermette op een terrein van +/- 2000 m², rustig gelegen in Damme, met vlotte verbinding richting Knokke-Antwerpen. Zonovergoten perceel met aangelegde tuin, genietend van veel privacy. Deze oase aan rust is absoluut te ontdekken! Mogelijkheid tot projectgrond, meer informatie beschikbaar op ons kantoor. EPC: 690 – UC: 1931404 Vraagprijs: 550.000€

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) - M 0475 73 27 40 - M 0487 37 69 74 - - Wij beschikken over een eigen klusdienst voor het verhuurpatrimonium en voor de verkoop een eigen verhuisservice


VILLA MET POOLHOUSE TE MOERBEKE • Goede verbinding E34 • verwarmd zwembad/poolhouse • perc.opp. 1.500m2


• Geothermische waterpomp + zonnepaneelinstallatie • aangelegde tuin en terras

• zéér ruim en veel lichtinval • perc.opp. 439m2 + bew.opp. 188m2 • Bouwjaar 2016

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) - M 0475 73 27 40 - M 0487 37 69 74 - - Wij beschikken over een eigen klusdienst voor het verhuurpatrimonium en voor de verkoop een eigen verhuisservice



• volledig afgewerkt in- en buitenshuis incl. de prijs • bouwjaar 2017 • mooie percelen met landelijk uitzicht

• modern of landelijke stijl • vlotte verbinding Kust-Antwerpen (E34) • percelen 300m2

• U kunt de woningen reeds bezichtigen • 3 slaapkamers met mogelijkheid tot 5 slpks

• 334.213€ incl. Registratie/BTW, excl Notariskosten • gelegen in rustige verkaveling

supercharged - immo

T 055 30 92 90 || || REF. 1500069


Villa met projectgrond in hartje Sint-Martens-Latem. Op een totale grondoppervlakte van 3571m² bevindt zich een design villa met relaxruimte, 2 woningen en een perceel grond. EPC 390 kWh/m2/jaar (Unieke code: 20150125-0001725468-1), Vg, , Gdv, Gvkr, Gvv, Niet overstromingsgevoelig

REF. 1452469

REF. 1273010

HUIS, KRUISHOUTEM, NOKEREPONTWEG 27 Op een landelijke ligging in het pittoreske dorp Wannegem-Lede, bevindt zich deze knappe en karaktervolle open bebouwing. Ondanks de schitterende ligging worden er hier geen toegevingen gedaan op vlak van bereikbaarheid dankzij de nabijheid van de E17 en N60. EPC: 436 kWh/m2/jaar (Unieke code: 20170414-0001952244-1), Vg, , Gdv, Gvkr, Gvv, Niet overstromingsgevoelig

REF. 1468003



De “Cleyne Gaevers” omvatten een historisch accurate reconstructie van een 17e eeuws Vlaams landhuis te Zingem. Een majestueuze inkomhal met 16e eeuwse zwarte marmer dallen en traphal met gaanderij en astronomisch renaissance fresco op het plafond, leiden u binnen. 0 kWh/m2/jaar (Unieke code: ), Vg, , Gdv, Gvkr, Gvv, Effectief overstromingsgevoelig

REF. 1502642


Exclusief eigendom: prachtig domein van 14ha middenin de velden en bossen. Oprit met vergezicht, harmonieus landhuis met bijgebouw. Verschillende weides, paardenstallen en een vijver. Hier kan u een eigen leefwereld uitbouwen in volle natuur! EPC 343 kWh/m2/jaar (Unieke code: ), Vg, , Gdv, Gvkr, Gvv, Niet overstromingsgevoelig


Multifunctioneel pand met authentieke uitstraling, op een landelijke en groene locatie. Dankzij vele bijgebouwen en burelen is dit pand geschikt voor wie de wonen-werken wenst te combineren! EPC: 474 kWh/m2/jaar (Unieke code: 20161125-0001913302-1), Vg, , Gdv, Gvkr, Gvv, Mogelijk overstromingsgevoelig

REF. 1384795

VILLA, BRAKEL, HOOGBOS 13 Uniek wonen op een groene en landelijke locatie, waar ruimtelijkheid, lichtinval en leefcomfort centraal staan... Dit alles op een grondopp van ca. 1,5 ha met paardenstallen, dubbele garage, aangelegde tuin en weides. EPC: 318 kWh/m2/jaar (Unieke code: 20100416-000050594500000001-9), Vg, , Gdv, Vkr, Gvv, Niet overstromingsgevoelig


CASTEUR EXCLUSIVE Stationsstraat 22-24 8790 Waregem 056 60 19 51


CLEM VERCAMMEN Bergstraat 151 2220 Heist op den Berg 015 24 12 65


COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 2000 Antwerpen 03-231.11.11


JAN MAES WIJNEGEM SHOPPING CENTER Turnhoutsebaan 5 shop 256 2110 Wijnegem 03/354 14 41


RUBRECHT JUWELIERS Driftweg 7 8420 De Haan 059 51 51 40


VANHOUTTEGHEM TIME & JEWELRY Dampoortstraat 1-3 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45

The superlative-charged chronograph. 50 mm case in BreitlightÂŽ. Exclusive Manufacture Breitling Caliber B12 with 24-hour military-style display. Officially chronometer-certified.

THE COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA Rooted in the history of motor sport and watchmaking, the legendary chronograph that was born to race. It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.

oyster perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA

Supercharged 05  
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