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ENCOUNTER WITH RESERVATIONS HOLDERS, TESLA OWNERS, BRAND ENTHUSIASTS AND FANS We arrived at the Rendezvous point and the crowd welcome the Model 3. They were all eager to see up close and ‘Live’ they reservation number, and check everything personally.

LATEST NEWS MODEL 3 Always under fire, sadly often for the wrong reasons, amazing Tesla teams have now been able to reach a production number of 5000 Model 3 per week but wait a minute, even 7000 Model 3 per week as per Elon Musk’s disclosed information.

Some even spent the night at the hotel the night before as coming from the other end from Belgium. Most people just wanted a selfie with their next car when the rest was asking technical questions. How does she feels on the road? How does it compare at all with other Models? Are you satisfied with your purchase? Some future Owners took measurements in order to make sure she would fit in his garage. It was amazing to see how this meetup turned also as a family event as many reservation holders came with their family in order to show what their next acquisition will be like. Kids were thrilled, taking selfies and pictures with their parents.

Read more & Source: Electrek: “Tesla reaches Model 3 production milestone and record 7,000-car week total production, says Elon Musk”.

Some fortunate people were also listed for test drives, they all came back with a large smile on their faces.

European and International deliveries are still foreseen for early 2019 - read first semester- (for steering wheels on the left). 4 wheels drive would probably add a few extra months wait.

Late in May, reservation holders were invited to configure their Model 3 for AWD Performance Version. Read mode and Source: Teslarati “Tesla invites new batch of Model 3 buyers to configure AWD Performance version”. https://tinyurl. com/teslarati240518

Reservation holders are monitoring closely their inbox as they are eagerly waiting to receive the configuration email.




Supercharged 9  

The independent magazine for tesla owners and enthusiasts

Supercharged 9  

The independent magazine for tesla owners and enthusiasts