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AUGUST 2018 / N°9

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Tesla Model S battery degradation Professor Maarten Steinbuch

Addax shows Belgian leadership in light electric commercial vehicles

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Edito SuperCharged 9 by Martin Gillet



Time does fly! Welcome to your ninth edition of SuperCharged, your independent Magazine for Tesla Owners, Club Members, Shareholders and EV enthusiasts. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust. We welcome as always your topics proposals and your invitation for collaborating with the editorial team. We look forward to hearing from you, contact us through our Club website. SuperCharged is available online, with past editions:


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VOLUME 9, AUGUST 2018, ISSUE 9 | SUPERCHARGED – The independent magazine made by and for Tesla Owners & enthusiasts | CORRESPONDENT EDITOR: Martin Gillet | CIRCULATION: 20000 copies (excluding additional distribution) | FREQUENCY: Quarterly | Distribution: Tesla Owners Club Belgium members | EDITORS: Anja Van Der Borght, Ruud Van De Locht, Dimitri Van Moerkercke, Wim Vander Haegen, Jeroen Coteur, Niko D’hont, Martin Gillet | PUBLISHER: AMG Group p/a Event Expo België – Cieskensstraat 2 – 9772 WANNEGEM LEDE | DESIGN: Event & Expo Belgium – rue des Ixellois 1 – 4000 LIEGE | PRINTING: Drukkerij De Maertelaere (this magazine uses 100% ecological paper) | SALES: Erik De Ridder – tel.: 0486 13 13 13, e-mail: | ADMINISTRATIVE & TRAFFIC ADVERTISMENTS: Event&Expo Belgium – Hilde De Ridder – tel 09 228 22 84 – email: | COPYRIGHT: No part of this publication may be used, reproduced or copied without express permission of the publisher | SUBSCRIPTION: May be ordered from Dominique – e-mail: for the cost of mailing (20 euros/year)



Edito SuperCharged 9 by Martin Gillet

We would like to wish you a great Summer, we are very pleased to hear all your positive experiences and whereabouts throughout the World. True Tesla advantage is its Supercharging network, empowering Owners to easy circulation across countries. Thank you for sharing your best tips and tricks along with pictures on our social network using the hashtag #TeslaClubBE - We are happy to share these with your Community and followers. As Model 3 has been rolling out in the USA, in past Supercharged edition 8 we have reached out to many Model 3 first Owners to find out about their new or latest acquisition. How is the Model 3 experience? From the insights or a brand new Electric Vehicle Owner to the feedback of early adopters that were already driving a Model S and/or X! Well, it was Europe’s turn to meet and greet off the record some adventurers that brought their Model 3 all the way to Europe. Naturally, it is not recommended but we couldn’t resist to see her ‘up close’ along with many reservation holders. Full debriefing and pictures are awaiting you on the next pages. Belgium is also keen to innovate with electric vehicles, find out more in this edition regarding De Lijn initiative along with Brussels Airport. In this issue we take a look on the fascinating subject of Artificial Intelligence, thanks to insights from Nell Watson, as well as the latest updates on battery degradation and advances in solid state batteries. Also good news for electric utility vehicles with the new Addax production model and plans for autonomous buses at Brussels Airport. Our great Maarten Steinbuch (remember past edition with the e-bike project at the University of Eindhoven) is back, shedding some light on battery depreciation with great insights and Owners feedback. Find out more in this detailed interview. ‘As usual’, We look forward to your impressions, stories, article ideas and feedback as well as welcoming you during our monthly events. Keep up the conversations online through social media, ‘share the Love’ using hashtag #TeslaClubBE Best pictures are featured in our Instagram feed. On behalf of Tesla Owners Club of Belgium vzw/asbl, Martin Gillet Vice President Global Communications and Marketing Tesla Owners Club Belgium asbl/vzw. Thank you to all parties involved in the making of this edition and to our proofreaders, namely Christophe, Dobrin, Laurent and Simon.

Disclaimer: Tesla Owners Club Belgium is an independent enthusiast non profit organization under Belgian laws and is not affiliated with Tesla Inc. or its subsidiaries. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, POWERWALL and the “TESLA”, “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla Motors Inc. in the United States and other countries.



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CLUB EVENTS Club is always looking for great venues and ideas to organize cheerful events and memories. Feel free to submit ideas and locations, Community at work, the more ideas, the more creative, the merrier. All our events are listed under eventbrite, join us and plan ahead as places might be limited: Up next! Join us! Have a great Summer!

JULY 31ST 2018 CLUB GOLF TOURNAMENT AND INITIATION TO NEW GOLF PLAYERS ALONG WITH BBQ (OPEN TO ALL) Let’s celebrate Summer! During the Golf tournament, you will have the opportunity to play, or for new players to experience Golf with an initiation (No prior experience is required.). 8

Let’s end this cheerful practice with a BBQ. More information and registration:

AUGUST 2018 CHAMPAGNE TOUR (LIMITED PLACES) Upon popular request, we are pleased to announce 2018 Champagne tour. In Reims, France from Friday 24 August 2018 at 20:00 until Sunday 26 August 2018 at 12:00. In order to secure quality, there are only 15 Tesla’s allowed (2 people per Tesla) on this event as some activities are limited to 30 participants. First come, First served: Register today! Included is Friday night dinner, Hotelroom for 2 nights for 2 pers., Saturday Breakfast, Exclusive visit Champagne Caves with special 4 course Lunch surprise, Dinner, Sunday Breakfast, Tesla Owners Belgium Polo, Car Sticker, etc. Not included: extra drinks at the bar & restaurant. *Don’t drink & drive!


More information and registration:

Credit Byron Soulopoulos

JUNE 18TH SUPPORTING OUR BELGIAN RED DEVILS YES! Our Belgian Red Devils have kicked off the World Cup with a game vs Panama. We had to watch together the first game of our “Red Devils”. We were welcomed at the Constant Vanden Stock stadium. A VIP treatment was provided to all supporters. And it is with pride that we witnessed their victory. This was a great moment as we then saw their progression up to the semi finals against France. No doubt, Red Devils rocks and mastered this World Cup.


Text credit: Martin Gillet

CLUB EVENTS MAY 27TH TESLA PIONEERS’ LUNCH AND ERALLY AT NIEUWPOORT DRIVERS DAYS May 27th was quite busy as the Owners were spread out across different activities, some having lunch upon invitation from Tesla, to celebrate their many years of ownership at the Pionneers’s lunch, and other many Owners taking part in the Nieuwpoort Drivers days! Electrifying Weekend! © eRally Ulric Dabe



Pictures Source and Credit: Martin Gillet

On May 9th, we had a delightful dinner and an interesting keynote from Rik Vera. In his Keynote Rik Vera made clear that the key to develop the right strategy for the digital world, is Extreme Customer Centricity. It is no longer B2B of B2C. Customers look at a company as a human being. “Know me, have one conversation and make it matter”. Rik makes clear that it is not about products or services, but (good) CEX. Bad CEX is not meeting customer expectation. Good CEX equals exceeding customer expectation. Customer Centric is a mindset that involves the whole organisation and even puts the whole traditional model upside down. It all starts with the desired customer experience, then takes customer focused value driven behaviour, a stimulating culture, guiding stewardship and the right logistics and only then the right products.

Pictures Source and Credit: Martin Gillet

Review the video of this stunning presentation on Facebook:


Text credit: Martin Gillet

NEWS IN A NUTSHELL MODEL X IS FIRST AND ONLY SUV TO ACHIEVE A NHTSA 5-STARS SAFETY RATING! Model X is the first and only SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-Star safety rating in every category and subcategory, with the lowest probability of rollover and overall injury of any SUV (source Tesla). Read more:

MODEL 3 PRODUCTION IS RISING According to news reported by Electrek, Tesla seems to have achieved Model 3 production rate of 5,000 units as employees celebrate (TSLA). (Source and Credit: Electrek) Read more: In fact even more units were disclosed online… Always under fire, sadly often for the wrong reasons, amazing Tesla teams have now been able to reach a production number of 5000 Model 3 per week but wait a minute, even 7000 Model 3 per week as per Elon Musk’s disclosed information. Read more & Source and credit: Electrek: “Tesla reaches Model 3 production milestone and record 7,000-car week total production, says Elon Musk”.


© GT Electric



Late in May, reservation holders were invited to configure their Model 3 for AWD Performance Version.

Congratulations to Electric GT! Electric GT Holdings has published the Strategic Plan for its headline race championship, which is open to all interested manufacturers.

Read mode, Source and Credit: Teslarati “Tesla invites new batch of Model 3 buyers to configure AWD Performance version”.

(Source and Credit: Electric GT) Read more: Technical roadmap: Pictures lot 3: ADD PICTURES: Do we have past picture of article with GT Electric?

INTRODUCTION OF ‘PREMIUM CONNECTIVITY’ PACKAGE “Tesla is introducing new paid ‘premium connectivity’ package to support in-car internet features of growing fleet” (Source and Credit: Electrel) Read more:

© GT Electric


Text credit: Martin Gillet


Source and Credit: Ulric Dabe


Source and Credit: Ulric Dabe

Source and Credit: Ulric Dabe

SUPERCHARGER ARLON GETS MAJOR EXTENSION! CONSUMER REPORTS IDENTIFIES ISSUES IN MODEL 3 BRAKES, TESLA RESPONDS PROACTIVELY From Consumer Reports (CR): “Consumer Reports tested the @Tesla Model 3 and found an issue with brakes. @elonmusk quickly responded. Our car has been updated and retested.” Source and Credit: Consumer Reports. Read more: the results:

Many of you have spotted major extension work at the Van der Valk hotel in Arlon. Impressive groundwork has been seen with the installation of more stalls. This is excellent news for Belgium and is perfectly aligned with Tesla Strategy to extend its huge network. This is excellent news right before the kick off of the holidays period. Hereunder some pictures to give you an idea of the work carried out in a limited timeframe! Kudos to our brave Ulric Dabe that went onsite to see it ‘Live’.

Join the daily only conversations and news on twitter with the Community and over 7500 peers, join us Hashtag #TeslaClubBE


The Breitling Jet Squad Jacques Bothelin Christophe Deketelaere Paco Wallaert









Dampoortstraat 1-3 / 9000 Gent

Eiermarkt 7 / 2000 Antwerpen

Stationsstraat 22-24 / 8790 Waregem

09 225 50 45 /

03 231 11 11 /

056 60 19 51 /




On 16 April, Tesla opened a brand-new Supercharger location in the Port of Antwerp, the second such station in the city of diamonds and the ninth in Belgium. To achieve that, they have spared neither cost nor effort! TEXT: J VAN ACKER – PHOTO: MARTIN GILLET

Tesla is a brand with a vision not only for their cars, but also for mobility in general. And so, they don’t just supply electric vehicles; they also provide facilities to give their customers maximum efficiency and enjoyment in the use of those cars. They’ve proved that once again with the opening of a new location with ten Super-charger terminals in the Port of Antwerp. Those terminals should ensure that Tesla vehicle owners can drive from Brussels to the Netherlands with no problem at all. The Super-chargers which Tesla installs all over Europe can fully charge the Models S and X in 20 minutes and charge them for 80% in 40 minutes. The charger terminals are always located strategically in the vicinity of hotels, shopping centres, and

restaurants, but never far from a motorway. This location in Antwerp is next to the Novotel, close to the E19, and along the A12 to the Netherlands. The opening (in typical Tesla style) went hand in hand with a some well known names and pleasant surprises. There were speeches by some famous Tesla drivers, an address by Marc Van Peel, city councillor with responsibility for the Port of Antwerp, and the official opening by Bart De Wever, mayor of Antwerp. To cap it all, there was the unexpected appearance of an imported Tesla Model 3, which even still had a Californian number plate! Mayor De Wever took a test drive and seemed impressed ... and so are we!


model 3

MODEL 3 “UNOFFICIAL EUROPEAN PITSTOPS, WITH STUNNING UP CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN BELGIUM” Since the rise of the ‘people’s car, namely the sweet Beetle, we have all much awaited a public, affordable model that could meet today’s safety standards along with most requirements from family use to personal use, all with a decent range. And of course it should be an electric vehicle! Also, a Model that could meet a decent budget as current Premium EV’s are bit more expensive.



In the last Supercharged edition, we have welcomed and focused on our US friends that have received their stunning Model 3. We were very pleased to share their enthusiasm and happiness since the day they welcomed their Model 3 at Home. Not a single day goes by without complimenting their latest acquisition. Of course, for all of us, back in Europe, unless we had the chance to see Model 3 ‘up close’ during a trip in the US or through

Supercharged or Social Media footage, we are still eagerly awaiting the European arrival. A few crazy Owners (but good crazy) decided to hit the road and share their enthusiasm of Model 3 by riding along different countries, including our beloved Belgium. The journey is not a done deal as we underlined earlier, and should be probably be avoided given the current hassle, there is no access to Supercharger network nor support but these adventurers kept looking for ways to charge slower along with safety. And by all means share their passion and insights for Tesla and their Model 3. We would like to express our sincere thank you to You You Xue for sharing his insights and letting the grand public approaching

FACT SHEETS MODEL 3 SPECIFICATIONS Battery pack (Lithium-Ion) 50 or 75 kWh TRANSMISSION: Rear propulsion or AWD DIMENSIONS (LENGTH, WIDTH, HEIGHT): 4692 / 1933 / 1443 mm WEIGHT: 1610 kg (1730 kg for 75 kWh) CARGO: Frunk 85 liters - Trunk 340 liters NORMAL DRIVING CONDITIONS: 14,3 kWh per 100 kms AUTONOMY: 350 kilometers (500 kilometers for 75 kWh) SPEED: 50 kWh: 0-100 km/h in 5,6 seconds, max 210 km/h / 75kWh 0-100 km/h in 5,3 seconds, max 225 km/h. Price announced for entry level Model 3: to be confirmed by Tesla upon opening of the configuration tool for Europe. 35000 USD (Approximately 28250 EUR).


model 3

and even test driving the Model 3, although unofficial. We were all aware this was not an official test drive but temptations were too high not to see this stunning piece of art, promising better tomorrow with more reliable true EV’s on the road. All guests onsite were very pleased by the outcome and the time spent along the Model 3, countless pictures, selfies and smiles were witnessed onsite, strengthening the idea of acquiring Model 3 from the many dreamers and reservation holders.

THE CAR THE MODEL 3 What is the Model 3? As we know, the Model 3 is the next Tesla Model, ‘simpler but still aligned with Tesla’s innovative technology and driving pleasure. Model 3 is designed to ‘reach out for the masses’ after the premier Model S and X. It combines the latest technology, the glamour, the space and the perfect lines into one brilliant piece of technology. I had the chance already to see ‘up close’ the Model 3 Alpha Model at the Fremont factorty during the Tesla Influencers Summit last year then during business trips in California where I spotted quite a few test Model 3 in the road. Several ‘Test Cars’ were spotted in the Bay Area, all with different goodies or body colors. Always interesting to see the birth of a new Model, a new era. It was the first time I could actually see once in real working conditions with a ‘true Owner’ behind the wheels.

Owner You You Xue made it from the UK, driving through France. He arrived late at night. It was a stunning surprise and discovery to see this white Model 3 arriving quietly into the night. The feelding was reinforced as our city is switching all lights off after midnight in order to save energy. After formal meetup and settling Model 3 to rest and charge on a single phase, we had the chance to share a quick meal, sharing our experiences on Tesla driving whereabouts but mostly discussing You You’s experience with Model 3. While Model 3 was resting and charging, we all enjoyed a good night sleep as we were getting ready for public encounter the next day. We had to abide by the belgian hospitality thus we offered finest chocolates and enjoyed a typical sunday breakfast on the terrace as weather was kind. The word got quickly out and before we knew it, we were surrounded by Tesla friends. In order to keep the neighborhood at peace during a peaceful Sunday, we all headed in convoy to the Genval-Overijse lake in order to take a few pictures under kind belgian weather. The Model 3 did not go unnoticed as first was escorted by many other Tesla. As we stopped along the lake, the public naturally stopped by during their walk and reach out to Owners, asking the classic questions regarding EV’s .. ‘Does it really work?’ ‘How fast, how far can you go?’...



model 3

Driving Model 3


I have driven quite a few EV’s and I do enjoy daily my stunning ‘Lady in Red’ Model SP85+ since January 2014 but this was a first time for me behind Model 3 steering wheel. Thanks to the courtesy and kindness of Owner You You Xue, I was set behind the wheels (Depeche Mode masterpiece ‘Behind the wheels’ came to mind several times as I was quite excited about this new experience). I was ecstatic, just like the first time I saw Model S prototype in the showroom “Model 3 is just another EV, same as Model S”. Well not quite.

was ready for public appearance by cleaning remains from past trips. This Model 3 is a long range version and could reach up to 500 kilometers per charge. Getting onboard, the first thing that strikes you is the space within the car. We are already used to it when driving Model S or X but here it is different. We have lots of space and extra room on doors and console. Interior finition was neat and I didn’t spot anything faulty or poorly designed.

Outside quality was nice, besides perhaps a few matching alignments but nothing serious as this one of the first batch of Model 3. We had similar adjustments on Model S and X, Tesla did the corrections de facto upon visit at service center.

What is perhaps most challenging with is to start with a central console. We are just not used to have it all consolidated onto one screen placed in the middle of the car.

The color chosen, a stunning white would not have been my personal choice as cleaning up bugs would be a daily task but truth to be said, She looked marvellous in that dress! (Whide Wedding from Billy Idol came to mind). Her Owner made sure at every step she

Wait a minute, my previous car, a fat engine in a Renault Espace had already this central ‘look with instruments’ and we were not lost in the process. Just this time, it is slightly different, in a better way, a tablet is gathering all parameters and information for the drivers.


model 3

I know it’s a gimmick but personally I would have loved, like cheaper french automotive brand or latest aircrafts, to have displayed through the ‘Head Up display’ (HUD) the main parameters such as speed. Not a first priority but rather a nice to have. The console is quite complete as you can see in the different pictures. It provides all the information for the Owner/Driver. Rear seats provide enough room for two teenagers or cargo. Frunk and Trunk were loaded with Owner’s luggage, Cargo seems quite spacious. The fact that there is not hatch, although ‘shocking’ at first when we saw the alpha model mockup did not shocked us that much when in front of the car. The car handles were integrated, just like the other Models, in the doors, with a nifty design difference. Stunning white Model 3 Owner had planned several pit stops in Europe and Belgium. We were fortunate to test drive the car -probably the first time ever a Belgian citizen was driving a Model 3 on Belgian soil - for 41 kilometers around Brussels. Model 3 was escorted by fellow happy Tesla Owners. We drove from Overijse to Genval, Tervuren, Wezembeek, to finally arrive in Zaventem/ Machelen. We wanted to avoid road work on the Brussels Ring and Model 3 owner wanted to take ‘the scenic route’. Driving the Model 3 is like driving another Model S or X, it just feels more ‘normal’ in terms of size as Model S and X could be quite large on normal European roads.

Silence is golden and of course Model 3 does not fails it reputation. Throughout my journey, the ergonomy and the different operations such as turning signals, using the horn or checking consumption for example, were quite intuitive as you would expect from such vehicle. Once again, the central screen did not cause much trouble at all, I trust it would just be our brain and resistance to change that could allow a few hours or days to get along with this ‘standard operating procedure’. I thoroughly fully enjoyed the journey towards the rendezvous point. I kept trying to compare with my Model S. Both cars are stunning and include latest technology in a peaceful silence. For sure Model S is Awesome but Model 3 completes the family offering. I’m still convinced that my early move for early reservation was the right thing to do. I do look forward to welcome a long range 4 wheels drive model in the family. If I did have concerns, perhaps it would just be the charging access as I fear it might break easily but then again I trust Tesla engineering team did their homework and tested this in full. I would rate my experience during this delightful test drive to a 4,5 stars out of five. I don’t see any other EV’s matching such a brilliant design (also access to charging infrastructure) and outcome despite current other manufacturers promises. Time will tell if we do get ‘competitors’ but don’t we say that competition is healthy as it keeps current models up to date and accurate.



Loewe bild 7 OLED

Pure Passion. Televisie is verleden tijd. Vandaag hebben we beeldende kunst. Met kristalheldere, levens­ echte kleuren. Met meer contrast dan ooit. Op een scherm dat nog dunner is dan dat van een smartphone – allemaal dankzij de OLED­tech­ nologie. Gemaakt op maat van trendsetters met goede smaak. Trakteer uzelf op een echt meesterwerk. De Loewe bild 7. Ontdek meer bij uw Loewe-verdeler of op

model 3

ENCOUNTER WITH RESERVATIONS HOLDERS, TESLA OWNERS, BRAND ENTHUSIASTS AND FANS We arrived at the Rendezvous point and the crowd welcome the Model 3. They were all eager to see up close and ‘Live’ they reservation number, and check everything personally.

LATEST NEWS MODEL 3 Always under fire, sadly often for the wrong reasons, amazing Tesla teams have now been able to reach a production number of 5000 Model 3 per week but wait a minute, even 7000 Model 3 per week as per Elon Musk’s disclosed information.

Some even spent the night at the hotel the night before as coming from the other end from Belgium. Most people just wanted a selfie with their next car when the rest was asking technical questions. How does she feels on the road? How does it compare at all with other Models? Are you satisfied with your purchase? Some future Owners took measurements in order to make sure she would fit in his garage. It was amazing to see how this meetup turned also as a family event as many reservation holders came with their family in order to show what their next acquisition will be like. Kids were thrilled, taking selfies and pictures with their parents.

Read more & Source: Electrek: “Tesla reaches Model 3 production milestone and record 7,000-car week total production, says Elon Musk”.

Some fortunate people were also listed for test drives, they all came back with a large smile on their faces.

European and International deliveries are still foreseen for early 2019 - read first semester- (for steering wheels on the left). 4 wheels drive would probably add a few extra months wait.

Late in May, reservation holders were invited to configure their Model 3 for AWD Performance Version. Read mode and Source: Teslarati “Tesla invites new batch of Model 3 buyers to configure AWD Performance version”. https://tinyurl. com/teslarati240518

Reservation holders are monitoring closely their inbox as they are eagerly waiting to receive the configuration email.




The warm charm of wood. Een Mi Casa woning is zoveel meer dan een dak boven je hoofd. Mi Casa blinkt al 25 jaar lang uit in service en details, die staan voor een herkenbare architectuur met sfeervolle interieurs en een aangenaam vakantiegevoel in je dagelijkse thuis. Ontdek ons pas verschenen boek waarin we de veelzijdigheid van massieve houtbouw en de stijlmogelijkheden van Mi Casa in de kijker zetten. Bestel uw boek meteen via!

Mi Casa.

DEERLIJKSEWEG 218, 8790 WAREGEM — T +32 (0)56 60 79 95 — WWW.MICASA.BE

model 3

OWNER INSIGHTS Meeting and interacting with the Tesla Enthusiasts and Owners along with the EV Commmunity was an absolute privilege for me. In Belgium, I was very surprised and inspired by the strong bond and camaraderie between different people who, were it not for electric vehicles, might have never known each other. I had a very unique opportunity to learn more about how people lived in Belgium, and go more in depth about the history and politics of the country. I can also say that Bart De Wever (Notorious Belgian Politician) drove me around Antwerp in a Model 3. I greatly appreciated all the hospitality and respect shown to me during my short visit to Belgium, which truly made this a memory that I will keep with me for a lifetime. Thank you very much to everyone who made this possible, especially Martin, and I hope to use what I learned from the Belgians to eventually build a stronger sense of unity and co-operation among American electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts. I hope to stay in contact with as many people as possible, and invite anyone visiting California to reach out to me. Best wishes to everyone, and thank you for your continued support! Thank you Supercharged for having me, it’s a very special opportunity for me to be included in your publication. You You


Above picture credit : Martin Gillet

“Disclaimer: Important reminder: Tesla does not encourage nor support the export of Model 3 from the United States. Indeed,while focusing on ramping up the production, they do not have simply the time, the resources to support these private initiatives. Bear in mind that these US Model 3 are not fit for Europe -read access to Supercharger infrastructure is not possible- and local staff has not been trained for this new model. Plus no Model 3 spare parts are likely to be available in case of issues.”


Elegance is an attitude Simon Baker

CASTEUR EXCLUSIVE Stationsstraat 22-24 - 8790 Waregem 056 60 19 51

COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 - 2000 Antwerpen 03 231 11 11

COLMAN KNOKKE Elizabetlaan 17 - 8300 Knokke 050 96 96 44

HUYBRECHTS JUWELIERS Markt 39 - 2240 Geel 014 58 86 63

VANHOUTTEGHEM GENT Dampoortstraat 1-3 - 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45 The Longines Master Collection

- NIEUWPOORT Exclusief frontaal zeezicht

Opvallen in z’n eenvoud

De rust van de zee, de sfeer van de winkelstraat en een vlotte bereikbaarheid. Een uitzonderlijke en luxueuze nieuwbouw ontworpen door Govaert & Vanhoutte.

Benieuwd of geïnteresseerd? 0800 18 444

Een realisatie van ION - Eugène Bekaertlaan 61, 8790 Waregem


TESLA MODEL S BATTERY DEGRADATION PROFESSOR MAARTEN STEINBUCH Maarten Steinbuch, a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, is an expert in robotics and automotives. A respected figure in the arena of research, development and analysis on electric drive trains, projects he has been involved in include the Storm EV motorbike world tour He has himself driven over 185,000 km in his Tesla Model S P85+, which he acquired five years ago. Professor Steinbuch recently updated his article on Model S Battery Degradation, in which he draws from the latest data available from several sources… INTERVIEW BY JOANNA PAYS / MARTIN GILLET



THE LATEST DATA From the data provided by Tesla drivers, it is possible to plot a mathematical function from which it can be seen that after the first 20,000 kilometres of use, the average decline in battery performance is approximately 1% per 50,000 kilometres. The deterioration is steeper during the first 20,000 kilometres, but then it becomes more linear and stabilises. A battery is deemed to be at “end of life’, when it has lost about 20% of its original range capacity – although even after driving 600,000 kilometres, you still have a range of around 320 kilometres. These results are pretty well aligned with those gathered during laboratory testing conditions. In comparison, a normal gasoline car has a life expectation of only around 250,000 to 300,000 kilometres, after which service and repair costs start to mount considerably. This means that with a Tesla, you can drive twice as far and still have a workable driving range.

KEY TAKEAWAYS Those who haven’t yet taken to EVs are often concerned that battery degradation could be a problem and that, consequently, second hand values of the cars might be low. These data sets show that Tesla’s batteries have a particularly long lifetime and this is mainly thanks to their excellent thermal and battery management systems.

The most important thing about this Tesla battery data is that it will give people confidence that the life expectancy is much better than with standard cars and also much better then what we are used to with bicycles or our smartphones. In the future, there will be more EV manufacturers, which means even better data and better quality cars as a consequence. Prof Steinbuch would like to see more and more Tesla drivers fill in the google blog on performance to help with this. They can find the link at



Below are excerpts from Professor Maarten Steinbuch’s article, updated on April 24 2018:

TESLA MODEL S BATTERY DEGRADATION DATA Tesla Motors provides an 8-year infinite mile battery failure warranty but it doesn’t cover degradation. Therefore it is highly relevant for every Tesla driver to know what to expect of the degradation of the capacity over time, because it is equivalent to the range of your car. In the Netherlands, Merijn Coumans is updating on a regular basis, via the Dutch-Belgium Tesla Forum, a file of owners’ data, created by Matteo. The most recent (Apr 23, 2018) version of the results is displayed below. Detailed explanations are also in the google doc file, as well as at the end of this blogpost. The new files also have data input possibilities for USA and other non-km (i.e. miles) drivers.




The industry standards for car testing are the EPA for Europe and the NEDC for Northern Europe. These standards set out the rules for lab testing conditions of new cars, with cars running on rollers in order to measure energy and battery range. A new car with an 85kWh battery at 100% means that it has 85kWh of energy. This should translate to a range of around 400 kilometres, according to EPA standards and depending on factors such as weather conditions. Over time, irreversible chemical changes take place in the battery which means it has less capacity to store energy. A battery is deemed to be at the end of its lifetime when it falls to 80% of its original capacity, although the car can still effectively be driven. Even when the owner decides to replace the battery, there are possibilities to reuse it in stationary applications – such as in the home.

… AND CHARGING CYCLES Charging cycles are the equivalent of a full battery charge from empty to full. Partial cycles can be added together for the process of calculation. As an example, 4 charge operations from half to full are equivalent to 2 complete cycles. 100 charging cycles would be equivalent to 100 x 400 kilometres. Whether the same amount of cycles take place in one year or 10 years does not appear to make a difference in the ageing behaviour of the battery, so the results show that degradation is primarily linked to the full number of charging cycles.

IN THE FIGURE THE PERCENTAGE OF RANGE LOSS IS SHOWN ON THE VERTICAL AXIS. THE HORIZONTAL AXIS DISPLAYS THE DISTANCE (IN KM) DRIVEN WITH THE VEHICLES. The red fitted line has a slope above 60.000 km (say 40,000 miles) of 1% per 50.000 km (30,000 miles). On average the batteries have 91% remaining at 270.000 km (170,000 miles). If the linear behaviour would continue, then the ‘lifetime’ (still 80% capacity left) can be calculated as follows: 91-80 = 11% times 50.000 km = 550.000 km, plus 270.000 km, gives 820.000 km (510,000 miles)! Note that an ICE car has an average lifetime of 220.000 km (140,000 miles)… And remember: if an ICE fails after say 300.000 km, you have a problem. The battery in a Tesla EV after the suggested 820.000 km (ok, let’s take 500.000 km, still great!) still has 80% capacity left!





The way to measure this is to do a full charge (100%) and then check the EPA rated range (in North America) or typical range (in Europe and Asia/Pacific). In the plot, these numbers are then compared to the range numbers the car displayed when it was new. For example, for the 85 kWh Model S85 variant, this is about 400 km typical range or 265 mi EPA rated range. Even though this is mostly a reliable method, sometimes the computer in the car can’t accurately estimate how much energy the battery holds and might display an inaccurate range number. To improve accuracy, it is a good idea to run down the battery to almost empty and then charge to 100%, once a month. This is known as rebalancing the battery. However, the battery shouldn’t be left at 0% or 100% for more than 2 hours. The data collected by Merijn, also includes how many Supercharger visits were done, among other details. See the forum for more information, or if you want to upload your data. Besides Mileage vs Remaining Range, the file includes two other charts: Charge Cycles vs Remaining Range and Battery Age vs Remaining Range. From literature and research we know typically that 80% of battery capacity remains after 1000-2000 full cycles, strongly dependent on the temperature of the batteries. The data below support these numbers.



From the USA+ drivers I could find the following previous data of the Plug in America Survey, and used it to generate the following picture (in km version below). I compared all provided data with the EPA 265 miles number for the 85kWh Model S and to the 210 miles EPA number for the 60 kWh models. It is not clear of course how trustworthy this data is, and how peoples measured.









Luikersteenweg 151 bus 16, 3700 TONGEREN 012 39 15 00

Kuringersteenweg 343 3511 KURINGEN 011 26 21 61




Parijsstraat 11 3000 LEUVEN 016 22 15 28

Rammelstraat 22 – 24 9340 LEDE 053 80 07 96

James Ensorgalerij 24 8400 OOSTENDE 059 70 99 60


SCHEDULED FOR DEPARTURE IN 2021 SELF-DRIVING BUS AT BRUSSELS AIRPORT Brussels Airport and De Lijn, the Belgian public transport company, have announced that they are to work together on a pilot project for a self-driving electric bus at the airport. The vehicle will be one of the first of its kind to drive in Belgium in mixed traffic. Text: Joanna Pays – photos: Brussels Airport




DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING The two-phase project is already underway with the Dutch constructor, 2GetThere. The first of these phases includes two years’ of development and full testing of the technologies involved. During this time, the constructor will carry out initial testing at their own premises, in Utrecht, in various weather conditions and traffic situations. The subsequent tests, at the airport itself, will take place in the Brucargo business zone. No passengers, visitors or staff will be on board during the testing period. First tests with the new shuttle bus will begin in 2019, without passengers, at the constructors’ premises. Further trials will be carried out at Brussels Airport, at the beginning of 2020.

A PIONEERING PROJECT FOR BELGIUM Brussels Airport Company and De Lijn first entered into an agreement for deploying self-driving shuttles at the airport back in 2015. Following further studies and the selection of 2GetThere as the constructor, the pilot project has now been given the green light. Brussels Airport Company and De Lijn are sharing the costs of the project together. “As an intermodal hub where various means of transport connect seamlessly with each other, Brussels Airport is constantly studying new possibilities for expanding this hub in a sustainable way” commented Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company. “This technologically innovative project to have a self-driving electric bus operating a fixed route, also fits in with our environmental commitment to keep the impact on our surroundings as low as possible.” “Flanders is taking on the role of pioneer” added Ben Weyts, the Flemish Minister for Mobility. “In other countries driverless vehicles are already operational, but that is often in a separate lane with a steward on board. Here, the aim is to have the self-driving shuttle drive autonomously on the public roads. This is cutting-edge technology that really appeals to the imagination. We are making an investment in the future, in greater efficiency and in a more attractive range of public transport.”

Once trials are successfully completed, De Lijn and Brussels Airport Company will take the final decision on whether to deploy the self-driving shuttle on the airport grounds. The intention is for it to be used for the transport of passengers, visitors and staff on the route between the terminal and Brucargo as from 2021.

BRUSSELS AIRPORT IS OFFICIALLY CARBON NEUTRAL For many years, Brussels Airport has been leading the way with numerous sustainable efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In June it was awarded carbon neutrality certification - the highest level of airport carbon accreditation - by Airport Council International. This certification affirms that Brussels Airport is committed to permanently reducing the airport’s CO2 emissions and that residual emissions are offset. The presentation of the certificate took place on the 20th of June, 2018 during the annual ACI World and ACI Europe congress, of which Brussels Airport is the host. “Brussels Airport has been working for years to limit its impact on the environment” underlines Arnaud Feist. “This forms part of our long-term vision of further developing the airport in a sustainable way. Each and every business activity, project and management decision is tested against its impact on the environment. This conscious global approach has enabled the airport to reduce its carbon footprint year-on-year. Our target is to emit 40% less CO2 by 2030. Last year, we achieved a reduction of 34% in comparison to 2010. We are therefore well on our way to achieving our target.”




Loewe bild 7 OLED.

De kunst van perfectie. 32


Met de Loewe bild 7 luiden we een nieuw tv-tijdperk in. Met een levensechte kleurweergave en contrasten die scherper zijn dan ooit voor mogelijk gehouden werd. En dat op een scherm dat dankzij de oledtechnologie dunner is dan de meeste smartphones. Het resultaat is het meest buitengewone kleurenpalet en de fijnste kleurschakeringen tot nu toe. Van oledtechnologie naar volmaakte beeldcompositie De Loewe bild 7 toont dankzij de oledtechnologie schitterende, contrastrijke beelden (HDR) in UHD. Deze nieuwe beeldbelevenis en de beeldoptimalisatie van Loewe vormen samen VantaVision, geïnspireerd op de donkerste substantie op aarde: VantaBlack®. Die stof reflecteert namelijk zo goed als geen licht, maar absorbeert het net voor meer dan 99 procent.

6mm dun scherm afgewerkt in afgerond aluminium graphite grey

Dankzij de oledtechnologie worden beelden samengesteld uit zelfoplichtende pixels, de organische lichtemitterende diodes. Anders dan bij een lcd-scherm vereist deze technologie geen achtergrondverlichting. Wanneer het scherm uitgeschakeld is, is het zwart, zonder lichtweerspiegelingen. De reactietijd bedraagt minder dan één microseconde. Van fonkelende helderheid tot de zwartste duisternis. Elke pixel kan om het even welke kleur aannemen, en dat met een bijzonder precieze, tot nog toe ongeëvenaarde lichtintensiteit. De aangrenzende pixels worden niet overstraald, waardoor het contrast sterker is dan ooit tevoren. Dankzij de oledtechnologie loopt de contrastomvang van de Loewe bild 7 op tot vijf cijfers – van het donkerste zwart tot het lichtste wit. Indrukwekkend op het eerste gezicht – design en techniek Bild 7 werd vervaardigd uit fijn op elkaar afgestemde, hoogwaardige materialen in stemmige kleuren en pure vormen. Het minimalistische aluminiumkader in grafietgrijs met afgeronde hoeken roept een bepaalde afstandelijkheid op. En de stoffen achterkant verbergt de technische aansluitingen.

Geïntegreerde Soundbar van 120 watt met 10 luidsprekers

Wanneer de Loewe bild 7 ingeschakeld wordt, beweegt het gemotoriseerde display naar boven en komt de verfijnde en enorm krachtige soundbar vrij. Met in totaal 120 watt muziekplezier bestaande uit zes drivers en vier passieve basmembranen wordt de ruimte gevuld met een stevige bas, perfecte filmgeluiden en puur muzikaal genot. Het tv-toestel kreeg aan alle kanten een kaderloos design en ziet er ook in het midden van een ruimte voortreffelijk uit. Bevestig het toestel aan de muur, of zet het al dan niet op de sierlijke voet in het midden van de kamer. Ook een technisch hoogstandje is de nieuwe gebruikersinterface van de Loewe bild 7. Die gidst de gebruiker heel eenvoudig doorheen de belangrijkste functies en is perfect aan de behoeften van de consument aangepast. Vrijheid in een nieuwe dimensie – slim tv-kijken Dankzij de Loewe bild 7 komt entertainment los van tijd en ruimte. Uitgesteld kijken, programma’s pauzeren, series automatisch opnemen of een live-uitzending terugspoelen: alles kan dankzij het slimme DR+ opnamesysteem met geïntegreerde harde schijf van 1 TB. Daarnaast kunnen opnames voortaan ook via de smartphone bekeken worden. Door de handige streamingfunctie wordt tv-kijken ook mobieler dan ooit: bild 7 streamt liveopnames en muziek bijvoorbeeld handig naar een tablet, zodat de consument zijn lievelingsprogramma gewoon in een andere kamer kan bekijken (vrije, niet gecodeerde zenders). Of de consument nu kiest voor satelliet, kabel-tv of antenne: de Loewe bild 7 is voor alle digitale tv-mogelijkheden geschikt. En met zijn geïntegreerde entertainmentapps zoals Amazon Video en Tidal kan de consument de grootste sterren rechtstreeks in zijn woonkamer verwelkomen. Series, kaskrakers en songs naar een hoger niveau tillen? Dat kan het best via Bluetooth met behulp van een draadloze koptelefoon. De Loewe bild 7 kent geen grenzen, van uw tv naar uw koptelefoon, of van uw smartphone naar uw scherm. Loewe producten worden ontwikkeld en vervaardigd in Duitsland, sinds 1923! Loewe bild 7 - beschikbaar in 55”, 65” en 77” -


Kinematics geïntegreerd


IMEC RESEARCH HUB ACHIEVES BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE WITH SOLID-STATE BATTERIES imec, the international research and innovation hub based in Leuven, has been making breakthrough advances in solid-state batteries for EVs. Its latest developments open the way to new levels of performance - including greater energy density and faster recharging speeds. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS / MARTIN GILLET – PHOTOS: IMEC






A NEW CHEMICAL COMPOUND FOR SOLID STATE ELECTROLYTES According to imec, the rechargeable Li-ion batteries currently on the market still have room for improvement - but not enough to allow vehicles sufficient range and autonomy. imec’s researchers are working with a new type of chemical compound to create solid state electrolytes, rather than the wet electrolytes traditionally used, to increase the energy density of battery cells.

Compact and lighter, the solid state batteries will also become relatively cheaper. “Cost projections show that the cost per kWh will fall from 300 dollars, to 130 dollars by 2020 – although our customers are looking to target below 100 dollars per kWh” says Bart Onsia, imec’s business development manager for battery technology. “Wet electrolyte cells also require extensive battery management systems but with solid state batteries, much of these systems will become redundant, as solid state is inherently safer. This will further bring down costs of EV ownership.”

The electrolyte is applied into the battery cell in a liquid form, which then solidifies into a material that has exceptionally high conductivity of up to 10 mS/cm. The prototype Li-ion batteries created using these solid state electrolytes have already achieved an energy density of 200 Wh/litre and can be fully charged in two hours. This is a new milestone for solid state batteries and the technology has the potential to improve these results even further.

“The main difference with the solid state electrolyte that imec has developed, is that when it is applied on the electrode it is still in a liquid state” explains Bart. “The liquid settles between all the electrode particles to maximise conductivity, before solidifying. Being able to apply the material in liquid form has a big added advantage in that production processes remain largely the same, so there is no need for reinvestment in manufacturing.”

“Unlike wet-batteries, our solid-state batteries will be compatible with metallic lithium anodes with a target of 1,000Wh/litre at a charging speed of half an hour” says Philippe Vereecken, principal scientist and program manager at imec. “This, together with their longer lifetime and improved safety, makes them a promising compact battery technology for tomorrow’s longrange vehicles.”

“We need to look for more density and faster charging but currently, if you charge faster, the energy density decreases, so there is somewhat of a trade-off between the two” says Bart Onsia. “In order to go beyond this, you need to change the technology itself and that is what we are doing here. The challenge was to develop a solid electrolyte with sufficient ion conductivity.”



OEF, HIER MOET U TENMINSTE MAAR ÉÉN PITSTOP MAKEN Communicatie is zoals een race. Hoe minder stops u moet maken, hoe minder tijd u verliest. Bij FinesseBrands vindt u 13 communicatiediensten onder één dak. Zij pakken uw volledige communicatie aan. Van de kortste Facebookpost tot de langste vloersticker. Met maar één doel: meer respons, meer clicks, meer verkoop.



IMEC – A COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH HUB “Several companies are already involved with our research throughout the value chain, including material suppliers, equipment suppliers, battery cell manufacturers and auto manufacturers. Interest in solid state batteries is definitely growing, as I noticed when I went to the recent Advanced Automotive Battery conference in Germany.”

FUTURE EVOLUTIONS “Beyond this, the next generation of battery technologies that are being explored are lithium sulphur, which is lighter but more voluminous, and lithium air, which will be a compact, high energy solution” says Bart. “These are some of the technologies that we are researching for the future. “EV ownership will already have grown substantially before our latest solution hits the market and there will be other breakthroughs in the meantime. It’s a question of continuous evolution. For now, in order to encourage more users to transition to EVs, we need to put forward the advantages more – rather than the disadvantages, such as the driving range.” “We are exploring the potential of solid state battery cells to the maximum. We are tackling all of the issues one by one, but we are already on a fast evolution track. This new cell technology is the way forward and it is what the industry and road users are looking for – with lower costs, longer range and shorter charging times.

Founded in 1984, imec is a non-profit research hub which collaborates with companies and institutions from around the world in several fields of electronic and digital innovation, while approximately 15% of the foundation’s work is founded by the Flemish government. Around 4,000 researchers from eighty nationalities work in imec’s headquarters in Leuven and in its various sites around the world. “One of the great things about imec is that here companies that are normally competitors, come together to do very advanced research” says Bart Onsia. “Our main themes are digital, energy and nano technologies, mainly related to semi-conductors. The focus is on technologies which can be transferred to industry, which differentiates us from university style. Bringing innovative battery technology to fruition and transferring it to the market will require the involvement and commitment of the world’s major material suppliers and battery producers. imec is actively inviting all interested parties to participate in its collaborative programmes.”

Imec imec-magazine-february-2018/engineering-betterbatteries-to-drive-the-electrified-future The advanced automotive battery conference Europe:



BODART OPTICIENS 33 rue Royale 1000 Bruxelles 02 219 30 60

OPTIEK JO WARNIERS Stapelstraat 10-12 3800 Sint-Truiden 011 68 47 67

OPTIEK DE PAUW Tiensestraat 30 3000 Leuven 016 23 61 92

SPOOREN OPTICIENS Winkelcentrum Donk Patio Donksesteenweg 240 2930 Brasschaat 03 645 05 02

OPTIEK PORTEMAN Rijselstraat 12 8900 Ieper 057 20 09 71

OPTIEK VAN NESTE IZEGEM Marktstraat 45 8870 Izegem 051 30 69 83

OPTIEK VAN NESTE HOOGLEDE Ieperstraat 38 8830 Hooglede 051 24 15 35

OPTIQUE LAUWERYS Place de la louve 8 7100 La Louvière 064 22 56 46

OPTIVUE Doorniksestraat 25 8500 Kortrijk 056 25 54 56

MODEL // LIVIO 8683 / ANDREA 8689 / Available in prescription © 2017 Serengeti Eyewear


Het zicht waar iedereen van droomt

WONEN IN DISCRETE LUXE Stijlvolle en luxueuze appartementen met ruime leefterrassen Schitterende ligging aan het Duinenwatermeer in Knokke Elegante kustarchitectuur Prachtige centrale binnentuin


Ontdek het aanbod op of bel ons op 050/20.00.30 DUINENWATERKNOKKE



Ch. de Waterloo 1170

Liersesteenweg 321 3130 Begijnendijk (grens Aarschot) T 016 56 10 62

1180 Uccle T 02 349 10 00


ADDAX SHOWS BELGIAN LEADERSHIP IN LIGHT ELECTRIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Addax is gaining attention for its fully-electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) - designed, engineered and manufactured in Belgium. A pollution-free solution for transporting goods and services in urban areas, the first vehicle model was launched at the end of 2017. The company is the brainchild of three partners - Daniel Kedzierski, Jérôme Lefebvre and Jean-Charles Carrette. Together their ambitions are to ramp up production and expand distribution to more countries. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS / MARTIN GILLET – PHOTOS: ADDAXWESTLEASE 42




THE CONCEPT For Addax Motors, small electric vehicles are the way forward for distributing goods and services in cities. In this respect, the company aims to be “a partner in mobility” for companies, providing a complete design, build and maintenance solution. The concept revolves around a compact and agile eLCV, packaged together with an efficient aftersales service for maintenance and repairs. Addax’s current model, the MT10, comes with an open or closed cargo box and a variety of customisation options. Range autonomy is around 100km, making it well-adapted to the needs of the urban delivery and service vans which typically travel less than 50km a day. Customers have the option to lease or purchase the vehicle, with prices starting from around 27,000 euros, including the battery. Vehicles can be personalised according to the customer’s needs, directly at the factory. As regards after-sales service, Addax monitors its vehicles through an embedded onboard system which allows repair technicians to localise and repair the vehicle directly. Moreover, thanks to this technology, the technician knows exactly what spare parts he needs to take with him.


“Although leasing companies do not normally provide vehicle maintenance, that is what we ended up doing. Our next step was to start our own “flying doctors“ service, specifically for small utility EVs. That part of the problem we were able to manage, but not the structural issues related to design and manufacturing. From this, we then started to think about designing and creating our own eLCVs. Every day that we spent repairing other manufacturers’ vehicles helped us to better understand how they function. We used the knowledge and experience that we built up during this time to input into our engineering specifications for the development of our own vehicles.”



The three founders of Addax gained their entrepreneurial experience in the eLCV market with Westlease, a vehicle leasing company. Each of the partners brings to equation a further contribution, with their respective backgrounds in finance, law and engineering.

The first Addax prototype was completed in 2015 and, following a period of testing and modifications, production was launched at the end of 2017. Design and engineering takes place in Addax’s headquarters near Courtrai, while assembly is performed at the factory of the company’s production partner, Rhenus SML, in Genk.

“When we began working in the field of electric utility vehicles, several years before we were producing our own, we were leasing a variety of models from different manufacturers to our customers” explains Jérôme Lefebvre, General Manager of Addax. “We often received complaints from our clients about the structure and concept of these vehicles not being adapted to their needs. The other major problem was that there was no service network for us to offer to our customers. These manufacturers are probably good in their own countries in terms of after sales service, but not abroad.”

Assembly is mainly carried out by hand and nearly all of the MT10’s components, including the chassis, cabin and battery, are made in Belgium. “Having our production here in Belgium means that we have full control of all the parts and the assembly - and that we can leverage our country’s reputation for good quality” says Jérôme Lefebvre. “Assuring good quality in the automotive sector is a challenge, but we have the advantage of speaking the same language as our suppliers and being located close to them.”


We create the setting Y ou share the memories



Y O U R E V E N T, Y O U R S T Y L E

EX TRAORDINARY EVENTS | +32 (0)3 369 69 56 | +32 (0)2 709 09 50 | +32 (0)3 369 33 03


GROWING INTEREST “Over the last two years, there has been much more interest from businesses in electric vehicles” says Jérôme. “We have already reached the point where around 80% of populations live in urban areas. City centres are overcrowded by vehicles and up to 50% of CO2 and NOX emissions are due to commercial vehicles, particularly with their frequent starting and stopping. As we know, these emissions are harmful to health and the noise of these engines is another problem for inner city dwellers. One of our missions with Addax is to help to improve this situation. We believe that the future of urban mobility will rely on clean vehicles.” “As awareness of the effects of pollution grows, we are seeing more individual and collective initiatives being put in place to address these problems. Several cities are starting to restrict the access of polluting vehicles to their centres. Companies need to find new solutions for transporting goods and services. Institutions and local government organisations are also showing a great deal of interest. Early adopters of our vehicles include municipalities in Sweden, high schools in Belgium and other institutions who want to do something positive on the communications side.”

KEY CHALLENGES The future looks promising for Addax, but it is not without challenges to come. One of these is finding the human resources to expand. The company currently has 12 staff of its own, in addition to the employees working on the assembly line with its production partner. “Although we are still quite a small company, we are growing and we are looking for more staff with the engineering and R&D skills we need” explains Jérôme. “This is not that easy, as we are competing with larger companies with all the benefits they can bring. What we can offer them, with Addax, is the opportunity to develop their careers with us as we grow.” “Another challenge is that, in terms of product development, if there was a little more flexibility in terms of compliance, it would allow greater innovation. In Europe you have to comply with rules and standards before you can put a vehicle on the road – and that makes sense. However, many of these rules are too restrictive, especially with regards to our type of vehicles which are not designed to be driven at over 50Kmh.”

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Besides the Benelux region, Sweden is a big market for Addax. “We have a very good partner there who manages our distribution and after sales service” says Jérôme. “As we go forward and open in more countries, this will be the next big challenge for us – finding the right partners. We need to work with companies who not only have a good understanding of the product, but the right business model and philosophy. We are working on this at the moment, particularly in France and Switzerland.” “Although this is still rather a niche market, we would like to become a significant player. At the moment it is not really attracting the larger auto manufacturers. Their way of thinking tends to be that if they don’t have the current potential to sell hundreds of thousands of vehicles, it isn’t worth doing the investments. However, just look a Tesla as an example. A few years back they were really the only serious player on the EV market and now most auto brands have launched or about to launch their own versions.” Addax aims to produce just over 100 vehicles this year, as in this initial phase the company wants to ensure that there are no quality issues. With around 50 vehicles already out of the factory, they are well on schedule. They expect to rise to 300 to 400 vehicles a year by next year and nearly 1000 vehicles annually by 2020. For more information visit

VIEWS ON RETROFITTING “When it comes to retro-fitting, there are companies doing that, but our view is that you really need to conceive the whole thing as an electric vehicle, right from the beginning” says Jérôme Lefebvre. “For one thing, you need to take into account the weight of an electric motor or an engine and a battery or a fuel tank, when designing the chassis and the centre of gravity. Frankly, I’m not convinced that retrofitting it is a good solution, or that it is even economically viable.”




Residentie De Surfers

Zeedijk 327-328

Koning Ridderdijk 73-74



La Plage: T 059 30 15 13

La Plage: T 059 30 15 13

Danny Pauwels: T 0478 20 15 81

Danny Pauwels: T 0478 20 15 81

Met 40 jaar ervaring op de teller realiseerde Real Houses tientallen succesvolle projecten, steeds met een focus op de Belgische kust. Stuk voor stuk bieden zij residenties met zicht op zee en kenmerken ze zich door een perfecte ligging, een hoge afwerkingsgraad en de relatie die ze met de koper opbouwen. Het belangrijkste is dat de koper er gelukkig wordt en blijft. Ook voor een investeerder is dat belangrijk, omdat die voorwaarde prioritair is bij verhuur of latere doorverkoop. Ontdek al onze projecten aan de Belgische kust:

Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie and Hugh Jackman Crafted for New Heights In homage to the European explorer and his need for utmost precision, Montblanc pays special tribute with the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Quantième Complet Vasco da Gama Special Edition featuring a full calendar and a blue lacquered constellation around the moon phase, which shows the exact same night sky above the Cape of Good Hope as Vasco da Gama observed it in 1497 on his first journey to India. Visit and shop at COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 2000 Antwerpen 03 231 11 11

COLMAN KNOKKE Elizabetlaan 17 8300 Knokke 050 96 96 44

VANHOUTTEGHEM GHENT Dampoortstraat 1- 3 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45


in Ghent




A new concept, a new name in Ghent. The former Young Watch shop has made way for Vanhoutteghem Boutique. A clear choice for luxury, style, and experience. The customer takes centre stage more than ever before.

Why did you opt for a new name for the completely renewed shop? Young Watch was surely a concept in Ghent and the surrounds?

Does Vanhoutteghem Boutique provide a unique experience online as well?

Familie Vanhoutteghem: Young Watch was certainly a concept. But, after 15 years, the shop was due for a full upgrade. Not just a facelift, but a complete metamorphosis. We’ve retained the strengths of Young Watch (excellent service and a wide choice), but we’ve added several things in the new shop. Vanhoutteghem Boutique is a totally new concept, unique in Ghent and Flanders. That obviously requires a new name, too.

Our online web shop gives customers the same quality, the same customer focus, and the same experience. What’s more, we also give gifts ordered via the web site a subtle dash of perfume. Just as we appeal to all the senses in the shop, we do that, too, for our online customers. That adds a little extra to the experience when customers open the wrapping. In the shop or online, shopping at Vanhoutteghem Boutique is much more than just choosing a watch or jewellery.

The new shop is charming, elegant, and yet completely accessible. It’s all designed to give customers a wonderful experience. To that end, we’ve spared no cost or effort. The interior is absolutely modern and enticing. People love coming in, we’ve already noticed that. For the decor, the experience, the many indoor displays, and the beautiful presentations of the very latest trends in watches and jewellery.

Vanhoutteghem Boutique Dampoortstraat 2 - 9000 Ghent Open: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Tel. +32-9-2255045 SHOP ONLINE:

How would you describe the new shop? What can customers expect?

BRANDS: Armani - Balmain - Buddha To Buddha - Calvin Klein - Certina - Daniel Wellington - Diamanti Per Tutti Hamilton - Hugo Boss - Junghans - Michael Kors - Rosefield - Seiko - Skagen - Swatch - Ti Sento - Tissot - enz.






After the launch of the now renowned TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, TAG Heuer has added to the collection with the Modular 41. The latest version is smaller in diameter and specially designed for smaller wrists. De TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 is in tune with the latest technology available in Silicon Valley and is also a splendid Swiss watch with the Swiss Made label.

Discover the luxury world of Gucci. The individualistic Italian brand has been famed for years for the double G and the eccentric combination of colour. Gucci combines high fashion and expertise with no problem at all. The noble materials, the Swiss works, and the individualistic Italian design are the assets of these extravagant watches. Price: from €1100 Price: from €335

BLUSH JUWELEN, CLASSY & TIMELESS Blush seduces every woman with its timeless collection of 14 carat gold jewels, sometimes interplayed with zirconium. Romantic and stylish, with a dash of frivolity, that’s Blush. Each jewel from Blush tells a story in which refined finish and attention to class blend to make a jewel of irresistible charm. Must haves to remember are the splendid gold necklaces with zirconium. Price: from €169


RADO POP-UP STORE Until August 2018, Rado, one of the world’s most popular watchmakers, is coming to Vanhoutteghem Boutique to present its latest models. As a special guest, Rado is exclusively presenting the latest RADO True Thinline Nature collection, which will be on show in several designs. Immerse yourself in the ageless universe of Rado. Discover, encounter, and feel the power. In short, a unique experience. RADO POP-UP STORE | DAMPOORTSTRAAT 2 | B-9000 GHENT | May to August 2018 inclusive.





INSIGHTS ON THE FASCINATING WORLD OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR OUR WORLD INTERVIEW WITH NELL WATSON Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson is a renowned computer science engineer who travels the world educating and lecturing on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence and AI & Robotics. She kindly shared some of her insights on AI and its challenges with Supercharged Magazine. INTERVIEW BY JOANNA PAYS / MARTIN GILLET – PHOTOS NELL WATSON




Science and computer programming have been part of Nell Watson’s world since her formative years, influenced by her father who was a rocket science engineer. The co-founder of two companies Quantacorp and EthicsNet, Nell has been deeply involved in the realm of Artificial Intelligence for nearly a decade.

“Robotics can be defined as an embodied form of cognition which can interact within a 3D environment. These robots can come in many different forms and one of these is autonomous vehicles, which are like a robot that you can climb inside.”


“There are multiple potential levels in autonomous driving, ranging from cruise control, to full autonomy. We are already at a point where vehicles can navigate urban environments in most situations, but rural situations are more difficult, as they have less road markings. Fine-tuning these types of nuances will be difficult, as will be socialising the behaviour of autonomous vehicles.”

“Quantacorp, the machine vision company which I co-founded in 2011, is really involved in the visual recognition side of AI” explains Nell. “It can turn two photos taken by smartphone into a 3 D model, principally used for body measurements for clothing. This is really providing a solution that enables mass customisation of products. This system was developed over a long period. It involved a lot of hand coding at the beginning and then, as technologies developed, we started to use far more sophisticated mechanisms for coding.” “I founded this venture as I had anticipated that smartphones would soon be able to deploy artificial intelligence. The company is doing very well now and I have just taken on a great new CEO to run the company. This means that I am able to devote more of my time to EthnicsNet, which is a non-profit company which focuses on teaching machines pro-social behaviour.”

DEFINING AI AND ROBOTICS “In very broad terms, Artificial Intelligence can be described as any system that mimics how a biological organism might function. Traditionally, in the past, it was hand-coded, like a vast decision tree of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decisions. Technologies have now advanced to the point where we have developed ways of teaching machines about the world, by introducing them to sets of experiences. We now see deep learning which involves sophisticated algorithms, with multiple layers of understanding. This deep learning enables machines to create more nuanced decisions. It could be compared, in a way, to how a chef creates recipes – by varying ingredients, proportions, cooking times, temperatures and other parameters.”


“More than just rules of the road to be obeyed, there are ways of behaving that may or may not be perceived as acceptable social behaviour – so it’s important for machines to know how to be grateful and friendly on the roads too. When you think about it, an autonomous vehicle doesn’t just have its own life experiences, it has the experiences of other autonomous vehicles being pooled together. These shared experiences are what are so important and valuable.”

TEACHING ETHICS TO MACHINES “Over the last five years there has been much more interest in machine ethics. This is a domain of expertise that is emerging around the concept of ‘socialising’ machines and teaching them to understand human values. That is why I co-founded EthicsNet. It’s all about safeguarding a dataset to teach machines to act in a way that is kind and friendly. Even very intelligent brains need sets of virtual experiences to better understand the world and the things that human beings are likely to find acceptable. With this, we are heading towards a more intuitive form of artificial intelligence.” “If machines are to increasingly act as ambassadors in the world, it’s important that they understand the things that people value. At the moment we are seeing machine intelligent systems which are




in some ways superhuman, but this intelligence is restricted to narrow domains such as detecting a tumour. At this stage, there is still very little generalisation of knowledge between networks. When we reach this point, we will have something that will be much more aligned with biological intelligence.”

NEW OUTCOMES WITH BIG DATA “Going back to machine intelligence needing to understand the world, data is very important in order to be able to do this. Thankfully we have a huge amount of data to leverage. Up until around the year 2,000, civilisations across the globe created 5 billion gigabytes of information. By 2010, this same amount of information was doubling every 10 hours and in 2018 it is now doubling roughly every 60 seconds. We are now almost drowning in data and it is this more than anything else, including algorithms, which is really pushing artificial intelligence forwards. We are now able to drive experiences for machines because of all of this data.”

THE BENEFITS VERSUS THE RISKS – LOOKING TO THE FUTURE “I am cautiously optimistic about the future of AI. There are deep challenges to be addressed, but I think that there are also tremendous opportunities. We need to learn how to socialise machines, so they can show empathy and we can work with them in a trusting relationship. If we look at our ancestors and how they interacted with wolves, they were able to grow from a level of initial distrust, to eventually forming such strong bonds with them that they became ‘man’s best friend’. We need to work on ways to move forward similarly with machines.” “We are going to delegate a lot more decisions to machines in the future. This could be things such as deciding the best place to meet for lunch with friends, given dietary requirements and preferences. For this machines need to have a cognitive load. They will be able to generate more solutions and even imagery and designs, so we are

likely to see a lot of customised experiences being created for us by machines, like a type of magical concierge. This can even move on to a deeper level, for example machines understanding if we have had a stressful day, what is our budget and what clothing we should wear – just as a very good friend or a faithful butler would help to guide us in our private lives.” “The World Economic Forum has predicted that around 65% of the children that are currently in kindergarten will be working in jobs that don’t yet exist today. There will be lot of new roles, but also different types of challenges. As this new economy progresses, there will be requirements for quite specialised types of talents. Not everyone will be able to meet these needs, so perhaps we will look for other ways of helping people. Personally, I am heartened by the idea of a robot-controlled business entity that has money to hire, invest and trade on the market – but whose dividends are paid to shareholders in a way that doesn’t require taxation. I am convinced that in the future we will see hybrid organisations that are part AI and part human controlled.” “In the 19th century we harnessed the power of steam locomotives to cross the continents and the oceans. Later, throughout the 20th century, we recognised that we could use these things to generate electricity. We began to use it to explore possibilities for heat and lighting and then to manipulate radio waves and electro magnets. In our time, artificial intelligence is emerging as a new utility that we can apply to just about any problem and it is going to transform every aspect of our lives - just as electricity did. So we must embrace it and make use of it - as those that do not will go the way of the Shire horse and traction engine….”

LINKS For information on Quantacorp visit For information on EthicsNet visit






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Wie wil investeren in vastgoed houdt maar beter rekening met de heilige drievuldigheid: locatie, locatie, locatie. En die van Duinenzee kan moeilijk beter. De stijlvolle assistentiewoningen hebben een idyllische ligging op het strand van De Panne.




CREDENDO+ PURE BELGIAN WITH AN EYE FOR QUALITY AND DETAIL Credendo+ from Roeselare designs, makes, and sells outdoor terrace furniture, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor lights, all made from high-quality natural materials. Business manager Kurt Velghe says: ‘Everything is customised according to our own design and made entirely in Belgium; we think that’s very important.’ TEXT WIM VANDER HAEGEN – PHOTOS: CREDENDO+



Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to outdoor life. An attractively designed terrace, an outdoor kitchen, a perfectly tendered garden, a pool house, and stylish outdoor lights are all part of a trend which has gained ground in recent years. The garden, and especially the terrace, has become an extension of the living room, partly thanks to the integration of large glass sections into the architecture. The choice for quality furniture indoors has been a given for much longer, but on the terrace, too, people are opting increasingly for attractive designs, which withstand the ravages of time. It’s pre-

cisely in that context that Credendo+ feels completely at home with its extensive range of products originating in nature. Kurt Velghe outlines the business philosophy of Credendo+: ‘Class and refinement in combination with a good feeling, but also, and especially, quality are the assets which we promise unconditionally every time. Our furniture items allow wood and light textures to go together in ergonomically responsible designs which we design and develop all on our own. We strive for a unique style and integrate natural products such as tropical hardwood, messing, and Corian in the various collections.’



CREDENDO + Brugsesteenweg 346 8800 Roeselare



At Credendo+ furniture, they preserve the unique structure and equally unique character of the tree. ‘No two specimens are identical as regards look, even if they are the same type. During the production process, we check the furniture constantly for quality, something which is really essential for us. We finish the wood with natural oil or furniture soap.’

‘We serve clients all over Belgium and notice that we appeal particularly to clients who occupy themselves with the interior, fashion, and art. Our range is geared to self-conscious people with an eye for detail, quality, and durability. They can come to us for more than just the purchase of furniture, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor lights. We also give considered advice and like to give tips about the terrace design, including a drawing to scale. We also work together regularly with landscape gardeners and garden designers in order to design gardens in line with state-of-the-art practices.’

Credendo+ opts for the best quality not only in the construction, but also this applies equally to the materials, which are also all woven in Belgium and even in their own local region. ‘All our materials are weather-proof and can easily be exchanged and washed. They are exceptionally pleasant as regards structure and feel and in many cases (just think of our velvets for outdoors) are comparable to light indoor materials. Thanks to our colour box, clients have a choice of twenty-five colours to colour in the structure as required. Moreover, the hardness of the seat (the ‘density’, as we call it) can also be adjusted. In short, at Credendo+ we supply 100% customised work and strive for personalised designs. Just about anything is possible, and we really do make every effort to meet client wishes.’

OUTDOOR SHOWROOM The Credendo+ programme is subdivided into four themes: Retro, California, Chevy Chic, and the recently added Brussels. ‘The collections are characterised by a specific individual style so that we offer each client a suitable solution to fit in well with both their own taste and the style of the home. Anyone wanting to have a look can visit our web site or ask for a catalogue. From May this year, people can also visit our brand new outdoor showroom in Roeselare.’



Altronik Alfred Nichelstraat 10-12 9300 Aalst 053 70 15 86

Audiomix Liersesteenweg 321 3130 Begijnendijk (grens Aarschot) 016 56 10 62

diMonaco Stationsstraat 66 9100 Sint-Niklaas 03 776 24 40

HD Full Concept ChaussÊe de Waterloo 1170 (Vivier d’oie) 1180 Bruxelles 02 349 10 00

Robberechts Klank & Beeld Vilvoordsesteenweg 307 1850 Grimbergen 02 269 30 79

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Geen kabels. Niets houdt je tegen.

Het woordmerk Bluetooth® en de bijbehorende logo's zijn geregistreerde handelsmerken van Bluetooth SIG, Inc. waarvoor een gebruikslicentie is verleend aan Bose Corporation.



GOOD LOOKS, GOOD VISIBILITY, AND GOOD WORKS The philosophy behind the Danish spectacles trademark monkeyglasses® is summarised in a single catchphrase: ‘look good while doing good’. Monkeyglasses® combines Scandinavian design seamlessly with ecologically responsible enterprise and its sustainable selection of glasses and sunglasses targets people who, apart from being self-assured, also want to go through life ecologically. We talked to creative thinker Mai-britt Seaton. TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN – PHOTOGRAPHS: MONKEYGLASSES®





BIOLOGICALLY DEGRADABLE MATERIAL The team from monkeyglasses® not only treat waste with precision, but they also choose their raw materials with the utmost care. ‘Our frames look like wood, shell, or crystal, but they are made from a special biological degradable material. Monkeyglasses® are made from cotton acetate, a special sort of plastic which consists of about 95% cotton cellulose and wood pulp. The material is hard to produce and requires a long production process to achieve the desired effect, but it is certainly very ecological. For some models we use a very thin material, which is barely 4mm thick and very light, and that increases user-comfort.’

AWAY WITH THROWING AWAY De boodschap die Mai-britt en Morten Seaton van bij de oprichting The message conveyed by Mai-britt and Morten Seaton since the birth of monkeyglasses® in 2009 exudes sustainability from A to Z. That applies not only to the timeless design and quality of the handmade glasses and sunglasses, but also and especially to the duo’s approach to enterprise. ‘Right from the start, we opted clearly for sustainable enterprise,’ says Mai-britt to open the discussion. ‘By making quality and sustainable products, we want to put a stop to the throw-away culture. In our company we try to keep waste to an absolute minimum. What is left from the frame production would normally end up on the scrap heap, but we use it again at monkeyglasses®, for instance, to make creative accessories or pretty ornaments. You need a dash of fantasy and a creative mind to treat the planet in an ecologically responsible manner. We try to prove that day after day with monkeyglasses®.’



Van een villa naar een appartement, La Rive geeft u vandaag die unieke kans om in te tekenen zonder afbreuk te doen aan de uw vertrouwde luxe en comfort. Uw doordacht appartement is ontworpen om u precies het comfort te bieden dat u zoekt.


De appartementen en tuinen van La Rive baden in een zee van ruimte en vloed van daglicht. De grote terrassen kijken uit over het rustige Zegemeer of het Casino en de zee is altijd vlakbij. La Rive is zonder twijfel een niet te missen kans. U vindt er wat u altijd heeft gewild: uitmuntendheid bij het meest begeerde vastgoed.

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DANISH DESIGN ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONE Although we designed the frames primarily for a fairly young target group, the models seem to appeal to a much wider public. ‘Generally, our public is aged 25 and above, but, obviously, younger people are also welcome. These people are both fashion conscious and ecological and wish to make a statement by wearing our glasses. They want high quality and a unique design to suit their personality, but they also have an eye for ecology and green issues. We believe sustainability should be accessible for everyone. That’s why we offer a wide range of collections to make monkeyglasses® available to all ages and budgets. We also believe our products must always be affordable. Our Scandinavian home market is obviously still important, but nowadays we also have customers all over Europe and in Asia, and more and more consumers from Canada and the USA want to buy our sustainable frames.’

Mai-britt and her partner form an ideal team. ‘I myself have a background as a designer in the fashion world and I’ve also worked as a graphic designer. Morten, for his part, comes from the world of optics and boasts years of experience as an optician. Our combination of expertise and know-how means we can supply the required aesthetic and technical quality.’ As a creative designer, Mai-britt often looks for inspiration in her homeland. ‘My experience as a fashion designer obviously plays a part (lifestyle really is my thing), but I link that to Danish design, which has always had a strong identity. Copenhagen, for instance, inspires me greatly. For that matter, our name is a Danish ‘play’ on the word ‘brilleabe’, which can be translated as ‘monkey glasses’. Moreover, the English translation of a Danish expression ‘travelling in monkey-class’ fits in nicely with our philosophy of affordable products.’





CHARITY When asked about their plans for the future, Mai-britt replies: ‘Each step that we take is with a view to “doing better”, for our environment, our own people, our products, our customers, and the charitable projects and organisations which we support.’

A LITTLE TRUST The latest collection from monkeyglasses® is called ‘Trust’. ‘All we need is a little trust,’ say Mai-britt and Morten Seaton. ‘Trust that your actions achieve something. Trust that whenever you opt for sustainable products, it isn’t just a drop in the ocean, but that your choices really do make a difference. Trust that together we can change the way in which we consume. Trust that together we can ensure that the planet which we leave for our children is in good condition.’ The Trust Collection is simple, lean, and sustainable. ‘All frames are made from biologically degradable cotton fibres and stainless steel. The Trust Collection, like our other collections, is made with care and attention for the planet and for the people who are involved in making glasses.’

One of those projects is ‘Save the Orangutan’, a Danish non-profit agency which works from Borneo to save the endangered Orangutan. ‘The rain forest is their environment, but it’s being destroyed, so the animals get dispersed, become fewer in number, and, alas, end up on the black market. Furthermore, we, together with Syn For Sagen i Afrika, also collect old spectacles which, after an inspection and after an eye test, are made available free of charge to people who live in poverty. Syn For Sagen i Afrika is a non-political and non-religious organisation which depends on volunteers and works together closely with local organisations in countries where they are active. On average, they do about 250 eye tests per day and have so far distributed over 10,000 pairs of glasses in Africa and Latin America.’ monkeyglasses® is being introduced in Belgium by Technop from Destelbergen. For more information and sales points visit -


Edward is verliefd. En dat zal een invloed hebben op uw vermogen.

San José, Californië, VS. Edward, een gentleman van 83, heeft een oogje op Susan. Om te bewijzen dat hij nog ‘hip’ is, zoekt hij haar op in een zelfrijdende auto. Een teken dat de vraag voor voertuigen met Artificiële Intelligentie (AI) in de lift zit. De onderneming die deze wagen bedacht, nam ondertussen 15 mensen in dienst. Van ingenieurs en roboticaspecialisten tot databeheerders. Dit stimuleert andere bedrijven op hun beurt om het potentieel van AI verder te ontwikkelen, voor zelfrijdende voertuigen, maar ook voor smartphones, videogames en domotica. En dat opent dan weer nieuwe perspectieven voor de ontwikkeling van steden, regio’s en zelfs landen. Maar eerst en vooral voor Edward, ook al is hij 83. Om die redenen adviseren onze Private Bankers om onder andere te beleggen in bedrijven die focussen op Artificiële Intelligentie. Dankzij de informatie van onze specialisten in 70 financiële centra wereldwijd, kunnen ze rechtstreeks inspelen op marktevoluties en de beste beslissingen nemen. En dat maakt een groot verschil voor uw vermogen. Meer info op

Investeer in uw leven Deutsche Bank AG, Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Duitsland, HR Frankfurt am Main HRB nr. 30000. Deutsche Bank AG Bijkantoor Brussel, Marnixlaan 13-15, 1000 Brussel, België, RPR Brussel, BTW BE 0418.371.094, IBAN BE03 6102 0085 7284, IHK D-H0AV-L0HOD-14. V.U.: Steve De Meester


We kunnen steevast rekenen op een snelle en correcte service.

VM Media begeleidt en adviseert ons bij het kiezen naar de juiste oplossing en hecht veel belang aan een goede dienstverlening na verkoop.


Dominique Sergant Zaakvoerster van AMG Groep

DE PRODUCENT VOOR AL UW DRUKWERK Duivenkeetstraat 17 / 9280 LEBBEKE / / 0474784487


Meesurfen op de exponentiële groei van artificiële intelligentie. Zelfrijdende auto’s en slimme steden zijn enkele voorbeelden van de vele concrete toepassingen van artificiële intelligentie, één van de favoriete beleggingsthema’s voor 2018 bij de strategen van Deutsche Bank. Ondersteund door hun expertise zullen de Private Bankers van de bank hun cliënten laten meeprofiteren van de ongeziene opmars van artificiële intelligentie.



$40.000 $34.381 $30.000 $24.161

$16.241 $10.529



$6.629 $1.378












De komende decennia zal de opmars van artificiële intelligentie de robotisering een boost geven. Daardoor zal niet alleen de productiviteit in ondernemingen toenemen, maar zal de consument ook nieuwe diensten aangeboden krijgen. Momenteel evolueren we van een fase waarin artificiële intelligentie de verzameling en verwerking van gegevens bevordert naar een fase waarin ze zeer concreet processen zal kunnen verbeteren. Zo zal er in het grafische informaticacircuit al vanaf dit jaar een nieuwe generatie van elektronische chips opduiken die concreet inzetbaar zullen zijn.

“Dit jaar zal er waarschijnlijk een ‘industrie 4.0’ ontstaan, waarbij artificiële intelligentie in dagelijkse producten zal worden geïntegreerd”, voorspellen de strategen van Deutsche Bank. “De meest voor de hand liggende toepassing ervan is de industriële robotisering van de productiefase. We denken aan intelligente ondernemingen, waarbij informaticasystemen de fysieke bedrijfsprocessen runnen en gedecentraliseerde beslissingen nemen.” Ondernemingen zetten wel al robots in, maar kunstmatige intelligentie zal ze veel efficiënter en energiezuiniger maken. Het gebruik van algoritmen die automatisch leren en zo hun prestatie verbeteren, zal die evolutie nog versnellen. In het toepassingsgebied van consumenten verwachten de strategen van Deutsche Bank de opkomst van nieuwe geïntegreerde systemen die een combinatie maken van

verschillende grafische elektronische circuits. Enerzijds degene die bestemd zijn voor intelligente leeralgoritmen en anderzijds klassieke informaticasystemen die meer op de besluitvorming zijn gericht. Dat zal zeer concrete gevolgen hebben.


“Zo zullen almaar meer autobouwers hun zelfrijdende wagens, die nu al in testfase zitten, in het verkeer brengen”, voorspellen de strategen, “iets wat grote gevolgen heeft voor de ondernemingen die dergelijke chips en informaticasystemen ontwerpen. In de praktijk zou de totale omvang van die markt de komende vier jaar wel eens elk jaar kunnen verdubbelen. En tegen 2021 zullen de systemen waarschijnlijk uitgroeien tot een sector die miljarden dollars waard is.”


Bron: Deutsche Bank

Investeer in uw leven

Na de creatie van de mechanische ridder door Leonardo Da Vinci aan het einde van de XVde eeuw, hebben we vijf eeuwen moeten wachten op het eerste grootschalige gebruik van artificiële intelligentie via de spraakassistenten in de mobiele telefoons. Maar de revolutie is aan de gang en binnenkort zal artificiële intelligentie alom tegenwoordig zijn. Deze spitstechnologie zal de komende jaren in almaar meer domeinen worden ingezet, want ze laat een heleboel goederen en diensten beter functioneren. Vandaag heeft de consument nog een futuristisch beeld van artificiële intelligentie, terwijl deze in bepaalde sectoren toch al sterk aanwezig is. Zo doen gezondheidswerkers een beroep op krachtige algoritmen om tal van databases, in het bijzonder met gegevens afkomstig van klinische proeven, te verwerken en met elkaar te vergelijken om zo de beste opties voor toekomstige behandelingen te vinden.

VERSPREIDING VAN CAMERA’S De sterke groei die op korte termijn wordt verwacht, zette de strategen van Deutsche Bank ertoe aan om van artificiële intelligentie een van hun favoriete beleggingsthema’s voor 2018 te maken. De verwachte versnelling in de ontwikkeling van artificiële intelligentie berust ook op het idee om in de toekomst ‘intelligente steden’ te bouwen, waar de bewoners geavanceerde diensten krijgen aangeboden, op basis van nieuwe technologieën. Een van de eerste vereisten voor de ontwikkeling van dergelijke ‘smart cities’ is de verspreiding van camera’s die essentieel zijn voor de werking van intelligente algoritmen om, bijvoorbeeld, het verkeer te kunnen regelen. Hoewel sommigen bezwaren hebben wegens de bescherming van de privacy, lijkt een uitbreiding van die camera’s onvermijdelijk. “De verspreiding van camera’s is slechts één van de domeinen van de artificiële intelligentie die net in een beslissende fase is gekomen”, verklaren de strategen van Deutsche Bank. “Zelfs


als er in 2018 maar de helft van de beloften wordt ingelost, dan nog zal de praktische toepassing van technologie het leven van de mensen ingrijpend veranderen tegen het einde van het jaar.” De strategen voorspellen dan ook dat de inkomsten van bedrijven die actief zijn in artificiële intelligentie exponentieel zullen toenemen. Want almaar meer ondernemingen zullen deze technologieën in hun activiteiten integreren (zie grafiek). Hoe kunnen particuliere beleggers een graantje meepikken van deze structurele groei? De Private Bankers en beheerders van Deutsche Bank helpen hun cliënten daarbij. Aan de hand van de aanbevelingen van de strategen van de bank, die hun overtuigingen baseren op analyses door de experts van Deutsche Bank op het terrein in een zeventigtal financiële centra wereldwijd, kunnen zij de juiste beslissingen nemen en ervoor zorgen dat de portefeuilles van hun cliënten ten volle meegenieten van de ongeziene opmars van artificiële intelligentie.

Publireportage; de hier weergegeven informatie is geen beleggingsadvies.



En dat zal een invloed hebben op uw vermogen.


De inkomsten van artificiële intelligentie zullen naar verwachting omhoogschieten.


Edward is verliefd.

CENTURY 21 Second Home - First choice for your second home!

supercharged - immo

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Genieten van de omgeving, met grote glasramen met uitzicht op de golfbaan en de zee. De villa’s hebben een garage op de kelderverdieping, eigen zwembad, volledig uitgeruste keuken, airco en vloerverwarming. De unieke omgeving waarin de woningen en golfbanen zijn geïntegreerd in de natuur, geven een exclusief wooncomplex als resultaat.

Halverwege tussen de zee en de bergen ligt een van de meest exclusieve residentiële buurten van Costa Blanca. Alegría Village is een prachtig privaat wooncomplex met woningen van 2 /3 slaapkamers en halfvrijstaande villa’s met zoutwaterzwembad. Een wooncomplex met een hele grote gemeenschappelijke zone, zoutwaterzwembad, kinderzwembad, jacuzzi, sauna en fitnesszaal.

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) -  0475 73 27 40 -  0487 37 69 74 - - Kom naar onze gratis infodagen vastgoed Spanje en Turkije! Kijk op voor meer info en inschrijving.


SITE MET KANTOREN, MAGAZIJNEN EN LOFT’S TE GENT Ideaal voor woon-werk combinatie. Unieke site: 2 lofts: opp. 321m2 en 240m2; 2 pakhuizen met tot. Opp.: +/- 440m2; bureel, sanitair, keukenruimte tot. Opp.: 845m2; loodsen opp.: 888m2 Kijk op voor een digitale rondleiding. Vraagprijs: 2.900.000,00 euro excl kosten.

GEZELLIGE RUIME NIEUWBOUWWONINGEN TE LEMBEKE Modern staaltje architectuur met doordachte ruime en lichtrijke indeling!! Deze gezellige woningen worden instap-klaar opgeleverd met afwerkingsmaterialen naar uw keuze! – privé autostaanplaats en (fietsen)berging inbegrepen. Verkeersarme ligging, dichtbij noodzakelijke faciliteiten. Kortom TOP WONINGEN!! (ook mogelijk casco aan te kopen) E-peil: 60, Prijs: €235.000,00 excl. kosten, Vg Gdv Gvkr Vv Wg.

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) -  0475 73 27 40 -  0487 37 69 74 - - Kom naar onze gratis infodagen vastgoed Spanje en Turkije! Kijk op voor meer info en inschrijving.

WIND- EN WATERDICHTE HALFOPEN BEBOUWING TE LOKEREN Zeer gunstige ligging – CASCO oplevering voorzien in voorjaar 2018. Indeling: inkom, bezoekers toilet, leefruimte met open keuken, berging, garage - eerste verdieping: drie slaapkamers, dressing, badkamer en afzonderlijk toilet. Kijk op onze website voor meer info. Prijs: €275.000,00 excl. kosten, Vg Gdv Gvkr Vv Wg.

SPANJE LOS OLIVOS Luxueuze gesloten residentie in Ciudad Quesada.veel groen, gem. zwembaden en parkeerplaatsen. Het project bestaat uit appartementen op 2 woonlagen: begane grond met een eigen tuin en een penthouse met eigen dakterras. kijk op onze website voor meer info! prijs vanaf 189.000,00€ excl. Kosten.

Investeer in een verborgen stukje groen en laat uw geld groeien.

Unieke investeringskans in een groot park aan de Triomflaan in Elsene. Triomfeer alvast over uw rendement. • Duurzaam project met hoge afwerkingsgraad op bijzondere locatie • Kapitaalkrachtige huurders: eurocraten, gastprofessoren VUB, medisch personeel nieuw hospitaal, ... • In het bruisende centrum van Elsene, vlakbij metro Delta, station en grote invalswegen • Eigen verhuurdienst gespecialiseerd in verhuur aan expats, het ideale huurpubliek Wandel door uw investering op of bel 02 201 00 02

ZOMERKIJKDAGEN 21 & 22 JULI - 11U TOT 16U 11 & 12 AUGUSTUS - 11U TOT 16U Ontdek dit uniek project aan zee, een combinatie van een moderne en duurzame renovatie met twee extra bouwlagen. Een concept met tal van voordelen, voor investeerders en voor wie een heerlijk tweede verblijf aan zee zoekt. Ma Mer is gelegen aan de zonnezijde, vlakbij de kust, in het hart van Oostduinkerke. Een plek waar de levenskwaliteit voorop staat. De ideale stek om volop te genieten aan zee.



Albert I laan 57 Oostduinkerke

Verkoop I RooftopMay I BIV 503762 T. +32 (0)475 85 91 28 I Ontdek ook onze andere projecten op