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New programmes focus on strengthening immunity and respiratory health

loss etc. “They’re aimed at strengthening immunity and re-educating breathing activity,” she says, adding that these have attracted most enquiries in recent weeks. “Guests are more interested in prevention and acquiring the know-how around good health that they can take home and follow as a real lifestyle.” All programmes start with a consultation with three doctors, specialists in internal medicine, thermal medicine and posture and nutrition, and are adjusted accordingly. While the minimum stay is three days, programmes extend to seven, 10 and 14 days and those on longer programmes will usually have blood and stool tests for further health analysis. The already-personal service is even more keenly observed when it comes to new government health and safety requirements following COVID-19 such as ventilation in treatment rooms, full room cleaning between treatments, compulsory mask-wearing and hand sanitiser dispensers throughout. Sauna use is only permitted with private bookings and the clinic’s pools can be used for prearranged water treatments, but the terme itself is closed. There is also now only one point of 80 spabusiness.com issue 3 2020

Vapour inhalations aid vocal chords and are at the core of a new treatment for singers entry for the entire site where, following a temperature recording, each guest is given a bracelet to wear throughout their stay. While guests coming specifically for a Long Life Formula wellness stay make up only a small percentage of business, Magnani says it’s attracting greater visitor enquiries if not, yet, greater numbers post-virus.

Thermal cure “I admit I didn’t appreciate the strong healing power of mineral waters until I came here, but I predict there’ll be a revival because the benefits are excellent and match a growing attention to nature,” says Magnani who’s made the thermal

cure a pillar of the Long Life Formula, thanks to insights from Marco Conti, a physical medicine, rehab and thermal doctor. All programmes include several hydrotherapy sessions and often use the ‘velvety soft’ local mud, extracted and sun-dried in the same way that it has been for the last 100 years. Castrocaro’s salso-bromo-iodic, sulphurous waters, springing from a nearby hill, are especially effective for musculoskeletal, gynaecological and digestive disorders. They can also aid

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Spa Business issue 3 2020  

Spa Business issue 3 2020