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●● Created by immersive wellness

company Sensync, the Vessel offers a programmable touchless VR experience delivered in a pod to displace guests from the burdens of their mind. ●● During the treatment, guests lie in the pod and use a VR headset to see, hear, smell and feel sensations of nature. ●● Proposed benefits include improved attention, stress reduction and mood enhancement. ●● Cleaning takes two minutes and requires replacement of disposable face inserts on the headset and all contact surfaces being wiped with disinfectant wipes. The pod is capable of withstanding hospital-grade disinfectant. ●● The Vessel offers one 40-minute programme priced at US$135 (€118, £108) or two 20-minute programmes costing US$75 (€65, £60) each. ●● Sensync estimates spas could offer eight to 16 treatments per unit per day ●● Price: US$98,000 (€85,801, £78,183).

The Vessel offers programmable VR experiences and a 40-minute session costs US$135

ARTOFCRYO.COM: Vaultz ●● The Vaultz series by artofcryo.com

Users can select from a menu of 10 pre-set underwater massages

UNBESCHEIDEN: Hydrotherapy Tub Caracalla ●● Unbescheiden, based in Germany,

●● Treatments last between 20-30 minutes

makes the Hydrotherapy Tub Caracalla which provides an underwater massage. ●● Operated via touchscreen, guests select from a menu of 10 pre-set treatments, with the option to adjust pressure settings. ●● Benefits include muscle relaxation, enhanced in the warm water, and reduction in tension. ●● The tub has built-in hygiene options including automatic rinsing or disinfection functions which take five minutes each.

and can range between €30 (US$34, £27) to €80 (US$91, £73) in price. ●● Assuming a spa is open for eight hours, approximately 15 treatments can be carried out per day. ●● Unbescheiden recommends combining treatments with face and body modalities of all types, for example, shower experiences or further massage and facials. ●● Starting price: €20,000 (US$22,866, £18,232).

includes three different types of whole-body cryotherapy chambers. Treatment times are individually set via a unique software system and usually last around three minutes. ●● Benefits include enhancing immunity, anti-ageing, muscle rehabilitation and stress relief. ●● It’s considered a COVID-safe treatment as it’s touchless and guests can wear protective masks and gloves and are provided with shoes so they don’t come into contact with surfaces. ●● What’s more, viruses do not like the extreme cold temperatures (-110˚C) of cryotherapy. ●● The stainless steel floors in the chambers are capable of withstanding hospital-grade disinfectant. ●● Sessions cost £80 (€89, US$101), but guests can have up to five daily and artofcryo.com estimates spas could offer 50 treatments a day in a single chamber under corona-friendly restrictions. Or it says up to 200 sessions could take place a day in its multi-room vario Vaultz model under normal circumstances. ●● The single chamber has a base-line price of £100,000 (€110,886, US$126,869). spabusiness.com issue 3 2020 71

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Spa Business issue 3 2020  

Spa Business issue 3 2020