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Alcohol is a poison which reduces sleep quality and slows down digestion

It’s a little known secret that people who remain curious live longer and are more healthy we drink our body has to work to tackle the invader. If we’re eating while drinking alcohol the food is stored as fat while the body sets to work metabolising the alcohol. Drinking alcohol also dramatically reduces the amount of deep sleep we get – in my case by 50 per cent.

KEEP CURIOUS While the majority of the interventions are scientifically proven (see boxout), we also use some which we know work but aren’t backed up by science, such as establishing a purpose in life. Research has found that curiosity is key

to good mental health and longevity. In a polarised world, it also makes us less judgmental. It’s a little known secret that people who are curious live longer and are more healthy. ● ■ About the author: Anna Bjurstam is Six Senses’ wellness pioneer. Previously, she founded Raison d’Etre Spas, developing spa brands for a range of top companies including Aman Resorts, Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. She is a founding board member of The Global Spa Summit

SCIENTIFIC ELEMENTS: longevity testing platform; epigenetic testing; genetic testing; biological age testing; pace of age test; hallmarks of ageing test; PRP injections; exosome injections; vitamin, mineral and amino acid infusions; autologous MSCs; longevity plasma treatments; advanced neutraceuticals; circadian rhythm therapy. SPIRITUALITY: energy medicine, finding joy and purpose, meditation, yoga, sound baths, group talks, coaching, gratitude practices, LK meditation and metta, IMT therapy, healing, Shamanic healing, love your heart programme, culturing curiosity and the sense of awe. LONGEVITY: nutrition, intermittent fasting, ketosis, movement, HIIT, massage, beauty, grounding, forest bathing, biohacking, immunotherapy, mental wellness, cryotherapy, breathwork.