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photo: Mo El-Faith

“An increasing interest in the healing power of nature is evident among our guests” Mark Hennebry, Ensana Health Spas, chair


photo: Ensana

any people now want to put the massive disruption of the pandemic behind them and find a way to continue their lives. Since spring 2021 we have seen our guests returning, slowly at first and then in greater numbers. Like many sectors, spas have had to change, adapt and innovate. As a medical spa, Ensana has re-purposed some existing treatments to deal with new diseases, including long Covid. At Marianske Lazne, in the Czech Republic, Ensana has worked in conjunction with the Czech Spa and Balneology Institute on a study which demonstrated a comprehensive spa rehabilitation programme is an effective therapeutic procedure for those affected by long Covid. An increasing interest in the healing power of nature is also evident among our guests. This includes an uptick in interest for hot springs and thermal mineral spas. For decades, European thermal mineral spas have combined the natural therapeutic benefits of hot springs with modern medical knowledge, to treat numerous health conditions. Mineral-rich thermal waters can reduce muscle tension and inflammation, help regenerate cartilage, and support the production of collagen and elastin in sinews and connective tissue. Many locations with thermal water also have curative sulphurous mud which can be used in treatments: mud baths, compresses and body wraps. The pandemic has devoured vast amounts of time, energy, human capital and resources. It will continue to be a challenge, however, it is imperative that we continue to plan for the future, re-examine our strategies and stay true to our values. This is where there will be opportunities for companies with strong balance sheets and strong management teams to expand through acquisitions, partnerships and operator contracts. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022