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Fabio Alemanno Design

Yon-Ka develops triple action night mask

Fabio Alemanno Design has expanded its collection with the addition of semi-precious stones which can be used to enhance feature walls, flooring, pools, hammam tables, heated loungers and bathrooms. As well as adding a touch of style, the stones have metaphysical and medical properties which positively support physical and mental health. KEYWORD: Fabio Alemanno Design

Following three years of development, French skincare brand, Yon-Ka, has unveiled a resurfacing overnight mask, complete with triple-action effectiveness, which uses a clean, natural formula. Designed to offer anti-ageing benefits and encourage radiant skin, the Glyconight 10% Masque relies on a vegan formula complete with 10 per cent pure glycolic acid to help resurface skin, encourage cell renewal, accelerate the synthesis of collagen and refine skin texture.

Towelling poncho ideal for outdoor wellness


Portable fitness unit revealed


PENT Fitness

Luxury fitness equipment supplier, PENT Fitness, has launched a portable multifunction SOPHIA fitness unit which showcases a host of PENT’s sleek workout gear, including dumbbells and kettlebells, weights, a medicine ball, a balance ball, yoga block, recovery roller, exercise mat, skipping ropes, a push-up device and a yoga belt. There are also slots for towels, water and an iPad.

BC Softwear’s SwimSoft Towelling Poncho is ideal for spas and hotels offering outdoor wellness and hydrotherapy activities. Made with SupremeSoft fabric for fast drying and energy-saving properties, the ponchos have lightweight plushness on the outside and absorbent towelling for a cosy feel on the inside. Generous and roomie, the robes are designed to give full coverage – with a hood for added warmth – and underarm slits and side slits for easy changing on the beach or by the pool. The ponchos can be embroidered with any hotel or spa logo or plain text and are available in slate grey and pebble finishes. The need was identified when a group of spa industry friends took an early morning wild swim and observed how nice it would have been to have a bespoke designed post-swim robe. KEYWORD: BC Softwear SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 303