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Ilana Alberico, founder and CEO

Background SpaSpace is a technology platform which provides turnkey spa management solutions including payments, scheduling, SEO and local marketing, and therapist sourcing allowing spas to reopen with ease. This automated spa management solution delivers custom KPI reporting and dynamic yield management to drive revenue while lowering costs.

Streamlined Operations: SpaSpace app allows for on-demand reservations, realtime communication, and touch-free mobile payments with a spa services team made up of former spa operations professionals. Added Stability: Peace of mind in the face of another crisis like COVID-19 knowing that you have a responsive, flexible business model that can be operated without a front desk.

Main products and services


Financial Wins: As a wellness facility, you can use SpaSpace to activate spaces and drive additional revenue through real time wellness and beauty service bookings, improved guest satisfaction and opportunities to expand your client base. You can see a reduction of your operational overhead by an average of 60%. SpaSpace offers yield management analytics based on data and improves long-range forecasting. Expert Therapists: Improved therapist talent pool and fulfillment through the flexibility of services and modalities. Done-For-You-Recruiting: Dynamic, on-demand staffing and the ability to scale up or down quickly. Personalised Spa Experiences: Personalised spa services based on the needs and preferences of guests.

SpaSpace was made for spa veterans to revolutionise the traditional spa model for operators, guests and providers. SpaSpace is a tool which will match guests’ needs with specialised therapists at locations on our network. It will allow more spas to open with fewer challenges and still provide high-quality service. SpaSpace is a platform for therapists to get back to work, where they want and when they want.

Top clients Privai | Spa + Salon; Spa Space Chicago; Art of Balance Wellness Spa; Poseidon Spa; R+R Wellness; The Spa at The Wharf.

Where in the world? We are currently in the US and expanding.

Future plans Our vision is to empower the freedom to live well for everyone. We believe that by bringing wellness into the hands of people we can make that vision a reality.

Who’s who? Ilana Alberico, founder and CEO; Chris Craig, executive board member; Jaclyn McClure, senior vice president; Emmett Moore, chief financial officer; Jim Dass, vice president of people and administration.

What the clients say “Our partnership is what makes spa viable. SpaSpace’s personalised approach to booking spa experiences gives guests a sense of confidence and builds loyalty.” Lori Kiel, chief revenue officer, Kessler Corporate, Autograph Collection “Now that we use SpaSpace, our workforce is more engaged, more experienced, and better matched than ever before.” Christina Stratton, co-founder ISM “I love the schedule flexibility, real-time compensation, and feeling of empowerment.” Melissa Donaghy, massage therapist, 14 years experience SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 265