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The wellness industry is the ideal space to run sleep programmes

higher levels of psychological distress. Disrupted sleep often takes on a life of its own and persists even after the factors which trigger its onset have been resolved. So, the sleep difficulties unleashed and exacerbated by the pandemic will not disappear, even after Covid has been controlled. There is, and will continue to be, an urgent unmet need to provide education and guidance to address sleep problems.

Designing a sleep programme There’s a deep natural alignment between sleep education and the wellness experience. The wellness community has a tremendous opportunity to educate guests about sleep and help them to make lasting changes to their sleep routines, for the benefit of their emotional and physical health, their longevity and their quality of life. Sleep education in spas is at its 140 spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022

Poor sleep, even a single night, directly affects the ageing of our cells and increases the activity of genes which drive cellular ageing best when it combines knowledge and experience and puts sleep at the centre of the wellness journey. I work regularly with organisations in the wellness industry to create sleep programmes. These are three questions I use as a starting point, when talking with spa professionals about their approach to sleep education:

Is it comprehensive? The science of sleep is constantly evolving, and spas must keep pace with the latest research to stay current and provide guests with best practices fully informed by the latest science. The

public remains under-educated about sleep and how to make lasting changes. A sleep education programme developed in collaboration with sleep specialists, preferably someone who is board certified, provides guests with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sleeping well. Comprehensive sleep education means not only helping guests learn how to sleep better but also helping them identify specific problem areas, and guidance for follow up consultations with board-certified sleep practitioners, whether directly through your organisation or independently at home. If a client