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Spas can model environments for society to follow

showing the way with its national policy of ‘Living the Hundred Year Life’. If we want our populations to live healthily to 100 years, the work has to start prior to conception to ensure parents-to-be are healthy and not damaging their health, and that of their child, by behaviours like smoking, drinking excessive alcohol and eating harmful food. Children need to learn how to live a life which results in a healthy century. Education centres and the workplace need to create realities which embody and enable mental and physical wellness. City planners, urban developers, conservationists, the food industry and others can all be engaged, incentivised and directed towards creating a world where wellness and flourishing are the touchstones for measuring progress. 112 spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022

Clean air, clean water and natureenriched environments are all part of the re-set we can and should be pushing for, as well as creating models to show how it can be best done.

Prioritising staff It is the creation of these models to show best practice where the wellness industry can step in: from the personal to the macro level of environmentallysustainable and socially enriching environments. Spas can offer comfort, healing and recovery for guests and should also prioritise this for their staff. The message of mental wellbeing has to be lived at all levels in order to be conveyed effectively. As is well known, when employees are happy, and feel taken care of, their productivity increases and

the business flourishes. Nurturing is the best means of counteracting The Great Resignation. As this becomes part of the culture of spas and wellness programmes at each level of their operations, the lived message of wellness will convey through to guests and community and ultimately to the reputation of the brand. l n About the author: Harvard-trained public health specialist, Professor Gerard Bodeker, chairs the GWI’s Mental Wellness Initiative and co-founded the forest immersion programme, Ayus Wellness Borneo. He is senior adviser to Joali Being, Maldives, a judge for Destination Deluxe Awards and is widely published including Wellness for a Healthy Asia and Healthy Ageing in Asia.