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Tim AM2 Hollingsworth welcomes CIMSPA/REPs deal to create a single directory for physical activity professionals


IMSPA and UK Coaching

our ability to provide skills,

have signed a deal to

training, recognition and

combine the Register of

career development.

Exercise Professionals (REPs)

"This, in turn, will empower

with the CIMSPA Exercise

the workforce to deliver even

sb sb



and Fitness Directory.


for everyone seeking to

made by Sport England

be active in communities

CEO, Tim Hollingsworth, at

right across the country."


All current REPs members

Conference on 27 February.

The move will create a single HCM

will be given the opportunity

directory for all exercise and

CIMSPA membership scheme,

to transfer directly into the

fitness professionals, resulting

■■Mark Gannon, CEO of UK Coaching (left), Sport England CEO

with the new directory being

in a unified recognition

Tim Hollingsworth (middle) and Tara Dillon, CEO of CIMSPA

hosted and managed by

system for people working

CIMSPA – while UK Coaching


"A single directory will enhance our ability to provide skills, training, recognition and career development"

in the sector and a single endorsement mechanism for training providers.

will deliver insurances and give access to its knowledge and training platform.

Speaking at the event,

so so


more positive experiences

The announcement was

UK Coaching acquired REPs

Hollingsworth, said: “Sport

towards building a unified

England welcomes this

and excellent sport and

the professionals working

the register ever since.

important milestone

physical activity workforce.

in our sector will enhance

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in 2017 and has operated

"A single directory for

leisure opportunities

IOC chief Thomas Bach offers update on Tokyo Olympic Games as Coronavirus forces shutdown of sports events

leisure opportunities



nternational Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach has admitted

"In the meeting of the IOC executive board neither the word 'cancellation' nor the word 'postponement' was even mentioned"

that the escalating

Coronavirus outbreak is posing

has also been postponed

challenges for athletes trying

from February to May.

to qualify for Tokyo 2020. The list of sports events being cancelled due to the virus is getting longer each day ■■Bach said the IOC has set up a joint task force to assess the potential threat posed by COVID-19


"I can tell you that in the meeting of the IOC executive board neither the word

The Tokyo Games are set to take place in the Japanese

'cancellation' nor the word

capital from 24 July to 9 August.

'postponement' was even

Speaking during the IOC's

mentioned," Bach said. He added, however, that a

– and has included many of the

executive board meeting,

elite events acting as de-facto

Bach said that – despite

qualifiers for the Olympic

the widespread effect the

the organising committee of

and Paralympic Games.

virus was having on global

Tokyo 2020 had been formed to

sport – there are no "ongoing

discuss and assess the potential

in Tokyo, designed to train

discussions" over moving or

threat posed by COVID-19.

volunteers for the Games,

postponing the Tokyo Games.

More: Read moRe online

An event taking place

joint task force led by IOC and

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