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We’re certainly looking at the international market. The US is looking most appealing at this point As much as this first development has been protracted due to the pandemic, it’s been a blessing in disguise, as it’s given us the chance to review and make changes and additions that make it a spectacular space.

What equipment have you specified? We went with Watson Gym Equipment for free weights and resistance and Freemotion for cables. Ian Thorpe of Fitness Systems has also been involved.


Why Manchester? I was born and raised in the city, so it made sense – especially given the number of personal and corporate contacts I have here. This provides me with an unfair advantage over outof-town fitness brands hitting the city. I feel a bit sorry for them, as we’ve cornered the high-end market. How many locations are you planning? We’re aiming to have the first three open in the next year to 18 months. The second site, which will be connected to a residential development, is currently at the legal stage.

The longer-term picture is to roll out into every city and financial district, with potential growth into residential locations alongside the commercial.

Will you go international or franchise? We’re not looking at franchising – I feel too purist in what I’m doing – but we’re looking at international markets. Having consulted for gym chains in Europe, I’d intended to hit European cities first, but contacts and friends in the US are pushing me to go there first, so the US is looking more appealing at this point. What’s your plan for delivering on digital? We’ve pretty much got it covered with the 12-week online transformation, which is free to our members and available at a small charge for non-members. Once we’re settled into the first site, GSquared streaming will be made available in people’s homes. I believe the streaming service will be well received by those who see GSquared as a lifestyle brand that’s committed to utilising cutting edge research and information.

McGlynn says GSquared will be far in advance of other gyms in Manchester in terms of the overall offering 18

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