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will be offering adrenal testing and blood panel work as one of the secondary spend options. One of the most challenging aspects of this journey has been the challenge of becoming accustomed to uncertainty – keeping the faith and the focus, especially when others felt the project was dead in the water or futile. However, even though the demands on each of us are incredibly high right now, I, for one, just don’t feel fatigued at all. I’m doing this while embarking on my fourth degree and continuing to fit in time to train. I suppose when you’re working towards your life’s purpose, fatigue just doesn’t appear. I’m driven by a sense of guilt that as an industry we could have done so much more for our members and when I think of the eyewatering attrition rates in some parts of the industry, it drives me to want to give more.


GSquared has been designed for the premium end of the market, with its first location in Manchester, UK

GSquared is without question the most advanced gym in the UK. I’m certainly not setting out to upset or clash with other gym chains, but there’s no disputing that we’ve put the time, money, research and painstaking design time in to create a new standard and a new level.

What’s your vision for GSquared? I was planning on moving on from the fitness industry after years working with major (and some smaller) chains – LA Fitness, Fitness First and DW Fitness, to name a few – but had a strong sense of unfinished business. I feel strongly that gyms have held back for too long and members have lost out as a result. For more than 30 years, since gyms became multi-site, most have focused on the physical and neglected the emotional, mental and spiritual. ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 5 2021