HCM Issue 11 2021

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Penny Southwood Xn Leisure One of the biggest shifts across the population over the last 18 months is the adoption of technology with a further focus on self-service and agility. The positive news is that the fitness industry has definitely followed this path. Like everyone, I’ve been able to reflect on my personal priorities, carbon footprint

There’s been an evolution towards a more enhanced holistic health offering, with the support of technology

and how I spend my spare time. Dual or hybrid membership and streaming solutions are clearly part of the future now that most gym-goers have been able to create setup at home. My team has been able to adapt quickly, allowing our partners to offer streaming services. Moving forward, I can also see that health and wellbeing, community and direct connections with loved ones will be bigger than ever.


Dual or hybrid membership and streaming solutions are clearly part of the future now

Hugo Braam Virtuagym An exciting shift is at the heart of more hybrid approaches to fitness that seamlessly blend the physical and the digital. One notable change in this area is in the use of online video workouts. Fitness providers can give their clients the flexibility to work out when, where and how they want. This improves engagement and positively impacts retention. Another evolution has been towards a more enhanced holistic health offering. Where before a fitness business would focus on physical training, with the support of technology, clubs can now relatively easily add services such as meditation, sleep

Wellness tracking complements workouts

tracking and nutrition coaching, all integrated into one seamless mobile app experience. The final advancement is around the approach to wearable technology, which has become integral to our gym experiences. Wearables can now be easily synced with club fitness apps, enabling instructors to provide far more personalised training and content. Being able to easily monitor a client’s health provides a far more complete perspective, informing realistic goals and the strategies to reach them. ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 11 2021