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yoga studio, an indoor running zone for running classes and a functional area for HIIT strength classes – we can’t offer everything in every club. We can, however, make sure members have access to the whole product portfolio across the two, three or four different clubs they use. So, we look at our member data – at how members are using our clubs – and we distribute our product offering to ensure everyone has access to all products. This is a key part of our strategy and fundamental to the member experience.

Can you detail your flexible memberships? The sector’s traditional model – one membership, one price, with a binding 12-month contract – just isn’t very member-friendly. We want to offer far more flexibility. At SATS, you can therefore design your own membership and pay just for what you want. Do you want access to just one club, the full cluster, all clubs in the Nordics? Do you want a contract or not? Which of our products do you want access to? If you change your mind at any point, you can digitally upgrade and downgrade your membership – self-service – as you go along. At some point, of course, you’ll be better off opting for our full-access membership. Because it isn’t like some other European markets where you pay €120 just to access one decent club. SATS fullaccess membership costs just €60–65 a month, and

At SATS, you can therefore design your own membership and pay just for what you want


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urrently sitting at 254 clubs across the Nordics – growth that has been achieved both organically and through acquisition – SATS streamlined its branding over the course of 2018–19. The majority of its clubs now operate under the premium SATS brand. It is only in Finland that ELIXIA, always a strong brand in this market, continues to operate. However, as CEO Sondre Gravir explains: “We operate all clubs in all four markets as one company. The operational procedures, the business model, the product offering, the programming, the colour schemes, the staff education, the flexible memberships, the app… It’s the same everywhere. The only thing that’s different is the brand name in Finland.” The estate currently comprises 80 SATS clubs in Norway, 84 SATS clubs in Sweden, 30 SATS clubs in Denmark and 30 ELIXIA-branded clubs in Finland. In addition, 30 low-cost Fresh Fitness clubs operate in Norway, as well as two standalone HiYoga studios in Oslo; other HiYoga studios exist as ‘clubs-in-club’. All figures correct as at 20 August 2021.


The focus is on great classes and inspiring instructors


The SATS estate