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Tanita’s Body Composition Analyser gives a wide range of health insights



ENGAGING INSIGHTS Code Fitness has partnered with body composition experts Tanita to put analysis at the heart of its programmes


Monitoring and motivating “The Tanita Body Composition Scales are not only brilliant for monitoring progress, but are also

great as a conversation starter, says McClory. “Having so much information from the fast analysis means we can focus on different things with different people.” The results of the analysis can be a focal point for workouts, depending on the desired results. “We tend to use five main pieces of information for each of our membership types,” he says. “For example, with our Good Health Membership, we focus on metabolic age, visceral fat, phase angle, muscle mass and body fat percentage. “Although there’ll be a crossover with other membership types, these aren’t the same results we’d focus on with members on other systems.”



ode Fitness launched in Newark in 2013 with a mission to help more people get results. In 2018, co-owners Steve McClory and Luke Watson, invested in a purposebuilt gym to extend the offering. Members have a variety of programmes to choose from with defined processes to help them achieve their desired goals and can choose and switch between them. Integral to the business is the Tanita Body Composition Analyser which enables members to measure and understand their progress. It’s one of the essential parts of Code’s ‘Premier’ membership and is also popular with health seekers who choose to be active elsewhere, but come to Code for their measurements and to get advice, coaching and motivation.

“Our health membership attracts members whose sole focus is health improvement,” says McClory. “This has helped us grow and develop as a business while allowing us to stand out as a gym that offers and delivers a far more personalised solution. “For example, members on our Health Membership love seeing all their results change, especially their metabolic age. No one in their 40s wants to see their metabolic age in the 60s, but they love it when it starts to come down and Opening up new markets even more so when they get the The Tanita Body Composition Analyser age below their actual age! gives Code Fitness the opportunity to “The scales create the potential target people that many would not view to develop different revenue as traditional gym members, such as those streams, including for one-off use, looking for prevention and wellness advice. regular monthly check-ins and as part of a gym membership. We’ve seen a significant improvement in compliance and retention off The Tanita Body the back of this approach. Composition Scales are not “We chose Tanita because only brilliant for monitoring they’re at the forefront of this technology. I’d highly recommend progress, but are also great them to any gym owner, as they’re for a conversation starter on always extremely professional and a variety of things supportive with everything we need.” Steve McClory, Code Fitness

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