FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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Editor’s LETTER

Two-way coaching Content providers have been hugely active in the fit tech

market since the start of the pandemic. We expect the industry to move on from delivering these services on a ‘broadcastonly’ basis as two-way coaching becomes the new USP


oes the acquisition of VAY by Nautilus confirm we’re at the dawn of a new era in fit tech? We think it does.

VAY is a specialist in AI and motion

capture and its proprietary technology

enables computers to understand

human movement using cameras, such as those built into smartphones.

VAY then provides personalised,

AI-driven feedback on reps and form, improve their exercise outcomes.

Nautilus plans to integrate VAY into its

JRNY platform to offer coaching and form


in real-time, to coach the user and

The acquisition of VAY enables Nautilus to deliver live feedback

tracking and expects the upgrade to enable it to scale JRNY to the point where it

represents 20 per cent of revenues by 2026. Before the acquisition, VAY was

system agnostic, but it’s not yet clear whether Nautilus will share VAY or keep it solely for its own use.

Up to this point, the majority of digital

We expect content providers to move to providing two-way coaching as rapidly as they can As a result, it’s ever more challenging

fitness offerings from both B2B and

for companies to gain a clear

deployed a one-way model – either

strong investor story – in this space.

direct-to-consumer providers have

live or on-demand – where participants ‘consume’ content but have little or no engagement with the provider.

Even where some level of interaction has

been possible, this has primarily been set up

for general engagement and has not typically delivered technical coaching to the user. We’re now expecting other content

competitive advantage – and build a

The advent of increasingly sophisticated

AI is bringing technical coaching within the reach of more fit tech content

suppliers and as a result, we expect twoway services to emerge as a new and

powerful USP for the early adopters, as the drive to stay ahead continues.

There will be a race to acquire businesses

providers to graduate from a broadcast-

such as VAY that can deliver ready-made

model as rapidly as they can.

disruption in the fast-emerging fit tech sector.

only model to a two-way coaching

The fit tech sector is growing fast, with

investments announced seemingly every

week, making it a highly competitive market.

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solutions, heralding a new period of

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Liz Terry, editor, FitTech @elizterry