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rethink renovation T H E R E ’ S A N E W W AY TO M A K E O V E R YO U R H O M E , I N S I D E & O U T

exterior painting service, Spray-Net offers a 15-year no-peel warranty. That’s almost unheard of in the painting industry. Spray-Net can offer this warranty because they manufacture their own specially formulated paint. To provide you with superior durability and a flawless finish, Spray-Net formulated a polyurethane paint for kitchen and bathroom cabinets that combines the best of all worlds: • the adhesion of a soft alkyd • the flexibility of urethane • the hardness of a polyurethane


efinishing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is one the most cost-effective ways to update your home and boost your home’s value. After all, you know what they say, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.” Now, Spray-Net offers you a way to easily transform the look of your kitchen and bathrooms without having to spend a ton of money on replacing your cabinets or live through a disruptive remodel. Whether you want cabinets in the popular color of Chantilly Lace or a trendy choice like Hale Navy, or maybe you want to paint your island one color and other cabinets another color, Spray-Net can make your dream come true.

Here’s more good news: It can take Spray-Net as little as one day to transform your cabinets. Spray-Net’s cabinet painting process is so unique that it’s been featured on HGTV and endorsed by Sarah Richardson, TV personality and one of the leading interior designers in North America. You can head to their website to check out the range of colors offered for cabinets (custom colors are always an option, too) and try out the Visualizer to imagine what your kitchen cabinets would look like updated with Spray-Net. The best part is the price will blow you away. Just like its

This formula makes the Spray-Net coating flexible enough to avoid cracking, hard enough to avoid chipping, smooth enough to wash easily and tough enough to block stains. Their paints come in a low toxicity, waterbased formulation that conforms to Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association standards. The result is a seamless factoryquality looking finish that will have your friends asking you where you bought your “brand new” cabinets.

“I am just beyond thrilled! My favorite thing about Spray-Net was the guarantee. No chipping, peeling, fading… you just can’t beat that!” – Jaclyn Colville, Interior Designer

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