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MIND body spirit By mixing the ingredients of attitude and action, we can change the flavor of our own lives. Learn to nurture your body and soul to lead a more balanced life.

a MOONLIT LIFE the tides of the ocean are affected by the Moon, as is the salt water that arises within our own bodies … it is in water that energy and emotions are stored, which is why on the night of a Full Moon, we can feel our emotions more. When the Moon is full, it is signifying a beginning or an end and, with this, we are able to fully express ourselves and know the direction forward as our soul guides us. AS WE’RE ALL AWARE,

On the night of the New Moon, however, (when the Moon is dark and not yet visible), it is a time to go within. It is a time to plant the seeds that will flourish and bloom when the Moon is full again. It is a time to dive deep inside yourself and work out that which you most want to manifest in your life. When you sync your energy up to the vibration of the Moon, not only will you feel more in tune with your emotions, but you will also be able to vibrate in harmony with your more intuitive side. I follow a lunar cycle to keep myself on track with life goals, health, well-being, and gratitude. It’s a way to remind myself of ongoing aspirations and how I will work to manifest the good, the true, and the beautiful in my life—not only for myself but for others. Life





is a cycle of birth, death, and renewal. The Full Moon reminds me to assess what has manifested in my life and to express my gratitude. And it is a time for healing—to use my energy to heal not only my own loved ones but to reach out and offer healing energy to others. Take time in the next hours to consider what gifts others have bestowed upon you … the gifts of friendship and love, of positive intentions and prayer on your behalf, the gifts of service when you needed assistance. And meditate on what you can do for others to enrich their world and nurture their spirits. We are all connected on this planet. Our energy reverberates with one another and all that makes up existence here. Our Creator wants us to live in peace and harmony and spiritual communion with one another! Be thankful for all that has come into your life and take time to lift up your prayers and intentions for this earth and for one another. w

Kathryn Ann Hornberger lives in Western North Carolina with her husband Keith and is a freelance writer and contributor to Lake Norman Woman Magazine. She began her career at age 13, writing a column for her local newspaper and is currently working on a book exploring the spiritual aspects of spousal caregiving.


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