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Dana Nieters


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March the men’s issue

Amy Hallman

Operations support & contributing writer Leslie Ogle

advertising sales manager Stephanie Sullivan

advertising account executive Sandy Comer

distribution manager Juli Simmons

art director Chelsea Bren

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th e


I love words. I love to read them. I love to write them. I love to say them. For me, words are much more than just letters strung together; they’re magic. So, as you might guess, I also love to hear them. Words of affirmation are definitely my love language. My husband? Not so much. This difference in language preference caused a few problems in the early days of our relationship. My husband doesn’t end our phone conversations with an “I love you,” and he’s more likely to ask if I’ve remembered to turn out the porch light than to profess his affection as he drifts off to sleep. He just isn’t “that guy.” At first, his silence puzzled me. I would think, Does he not love me? Why doesn’t he tell me? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with him? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this difference in communication styles. While I’m certain there are verbose men out there, I think, in general, men and women communicate very differently. When my girlfriends and I get together, we chat. There’s usually a bottle of wine involved, and occasionally a game of golf, but the primary focus of our gathering is, make no mistake, the conversation. But when I observe my husband and his buddies at a neighborhood get-together, it’s the exact opposite. They almost always find a game to watch or a grill to gather around, and any chatter is centered on that activity. Their communication is very action oriented. When I observed this, the light bulb went off. My husband wasn’t being reticent; he had been communicating with me all along. Only I had been missing the signals because

he was expressing himself through a male communication code! No, vocal expressions of affection are definitely not my husband’s thing. But what I finally figured out is that it doesn’t have to be. He may not love words, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a profound love for me. I know this because every single day he shows me. He expresses his love through everyday actions such as eating my notalways-edible cooking; watching a chick flick with me and pretending that he enjoys it; asking my opinion; playing golf with me (I am the world’s worst golfer); saying “I haven’t noticed!” when I ask him if I’ve gained weight; putting his hand on my arm when we’re watching TV, just to say “Hi”; bringing home my favorite bottle of wine (he hates wine); texting me from the next room to see what I’m doing; killing bugs; making me laugh; and working hard each and every day to make my life easier. And when he does these wonderful, endearing things, now what I hear is “I love you” in a message that touches me far more deeply than those three little words ever could. This is our annual LKN Men! issue—and within you’ll find the stories of some exciting local guys, each of whom is following his own passion as well as some fantastic husbands who, thanks to our readers’ suggestions, get a muchdeserved pat on the back. And, we want to say a sincere thank you to Stein Mart in Cornelius for providing the fashions for our men; and to Team Nadine of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty for providing the incredible home that served as our photo shoot.

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C o n tac t Da n a v i a e- m a i l at da n a @ l a k e n o r m a n wo m a n. c o m

dana nieters


March 2015


wise beyond their years



doug balog HealthSmart pharmacy

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| march 2015


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lkn Men Dr. john ballas By: Amy Hallman


doug balog By: Leslie Ogle


dr. ryan whalen By: Dana Nieters


dr. steven folstad & dr. todd hansen By: Leslie Ogle


Gus Testa By: Amy Hallman


dr. Scott paviol By: Leslie Ogle


adam breeding By: Amy Hallman


dr. scott paviol piedmont healthcare

special thanks

Thank you to Courtney O’Leary and Tina Westphal at Stein Mart in Cornelius for their enthusiasm and expertise in providing terrific fashions for our featured men. Stein Mart is located at 20601 Torrence Chapel Rd.You may reach them at 704.895.8477 for information about any of the styles you see in this issue.


dr. john ballas ballas chiropractic


o n the c over:



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a l l f e at u r e d m e n ’ s ph oto g r a ph y by:

Tabitha Goforth, Elements Photogr aphy

Don’t Let The Cure Take You Down Or Out

Home The Men’s Room

Features lknw staff’s: What Is Your Favorite Way Your Guy Shows You He Loves You? Wise Beyond Their Years

If you’re interested in buying the property, contact Nadine at 704.806.6711 or, or visit For more information, see page 34.

dr. ryan whalen of whalen dentistry


Thank you to Nadine Deason, Team Nadine, and Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, for our exceptional photo-shoot location at 2810 Cherry Ln. in Denver. Thank you, also, to the homeowners, Michael and Martha, who were hospitable, gracious, and loads of fun!


Self Fantastic Husbands


Be The Husband Your Wife Wants


Mind, body, spirit: God’s Presence And Grace

march 2015 |





W h at


i s

y o u r

fav o r i t e


your guy shows you he loves you?


of the men’s issue, we wanted to show that we notice when our guys take the time to show us they love us. Traditionally, men can be a little less verbal in their communication style; and we recognize their efforts all the same!

In honor

Da n a N i e t e r s

“He’ll eat my cooking without complaint. And trust me, that isn’t always easy to do! I’ve never been a great cook—I set the bar at “edible.” Sadly, many meals don’t even make that standard. But he eats, or makes the effort to spread it around his plate. And while most of my new recipes end up in the trash, he never cringes (at least to my face) when I say I’m trying something new.”

Juli Simmons

Doug shows me he loves me by letting me out of the house on distribution days looking like this! It’s big because he’s actually being seen with me in public and sometimes even taking me out for a drink after work.” Amy Hallman

“Lee endures my bird obsession! When I come home with more suet or a cool new bird feeder, he’s almost as eager as I am about what new birds we’ll attract. I don’t think he’s even too surprised when I have ‘just one more’ nesting or roosting house to add to the collection. He’s even been known to heat the fountain water in the winter.”


10 LKN

| march 2015

S a n dy C o m e r

“It’s in the little details, such as putting a fresh towel over the shower for me once he has used one for himself, or doing all the dishes after I‘ve spent time to prepare a nice meal for the family or friends.” Leslie Ogle

“One of my hubby’s best qualities is his vicarious nature. After I return from a trip, outing, or family gathering, he asks me detailed questions with genuine care and interest and smiling the entire time. He also knows that my family is everything to me, so I feel very loved when he goes the extra mile for them, which he does all the time!” S t e p h a n i e S u l l i va n

“Ryan shows me love by planning little getaways with the kids. He’s always planning day trips to zoos, the mountains, and especially the Biltmore, but he’s even surprised me with a short getaway to the Georgia Aquarium and a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas. He loves when we are all together at the same time.” c h e ls e a b r e n

“Shamus always puts my ‘needs’ first, and will surprise me with my ‘wants’. For example, he’ll fill my tank up since he remembers I have somewhere to go tomorrow, and while he’s there, he’ll think of me and bring home my favorite candy bar.”

march 2015 |





c i t s a t n a F ands

e have proof! Chivalry and r o ma n c e a r e n ’ t d e a d —

they’re alive and well right here in Lake Norman. We asked you to tell us about your fantastic husbands, and you responded with nominating essays that were heartfelt, thoughtful, a n d a pp r e c i a t i v e . T o a l l our entrants, we wish you many more years of marital bliss!

b s u h


dana d by: m p il e

n ie t e


Stacey & Garth


“Garth trusts me! He knows that any decision I make for our family is one made with love, integrity, and with our family’s needs first. He supports my decisions, knowing I’m making the best choice given to me; even if it’s spending a gazillion dollars at Whole Foods or EarthFare, he never says anything about the grocery bill because I won’t shop anywhere else! Also, he is loving, intelligent, kind, laid back, and open minded. But most importantly, he lets me be me. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not; he loves me for my strengths, my flaws, and my imperfections.”

kelley & william randall


“Though William Randall is his legal name, some know him as ‘Will’ and some know him as ‘Randy.’ We met in 2007, and he stole my heart with his genuine nature and dry, silly humor. Randy has a tough exterior but is a teddy bear to those he loves—he has a great passion for helping others as well as animals. We were married for less than a year when he became the caretaker of his young nephew; and shortly thereafter, we became the caretaker of his other nephew, too. Randy is such a strong role model for these boys and shows them what a solid work ethic and commitment can do for you. And he is so kind, loving, sweet, and funny. I’m grateful for the man he is and the marriage we have. I am truly blessed to call him my husband!”


12 LKN

| march 2015

stephanie & ronnie


“I work where couples come to get married, and people ask me how is it that I married a divorce attorney. I tell them that Ronnie is not just an attorney, he’s an advocate—he helps people navigate the rocky road of divorce. And though his job is stressful, he switches modes at home to funny and caring husband. When I told him I wanted to live healthier, we began working out; and now we encourage each other every day. Isn’t that what we all want in a partner? He helps with the household chores, he plays tea party with our daughter, and he patiently works on homework with our son. He founded and coaches a mock trial team at Mooresville High School, and he serves on the board of SCAN, a local nonprofit. I know that I lucked out by finding Ronnie—my husband rocks!”

elizabeth & sam


“My husband, Sam, is a fantastic husband and father! Sam is a funeral director, which means long hours and some difficult days. He sees firsthand an immense amount of tragedy as he walks families through dark days. Still, he runs home to us with a heart overflowing with love and joy. We have such a happy home full of laughter. Even after his long days, he is immediately ready to care for our one-year-old son, Henry, who is waiting for him at the door. Sam is ready to hear about the woes of my day, though they are often minimal compared to the tragedy he witnessed that day. He leads our family to serve God with our hearts and minds. I am thankful that God brought Sam and me—we met in 4th grade at SouthLake Christian Academy— together to make our sweet family.”

jodie & mike

silver “‘Give Mike Silver a job, and he gets it done.’ My husband said that to me in grad school, and the quote typifies the man I married. Having played sports and been a coach himself, he remains the coach in our lives. Whether we were studying for Boards, planning and managing our businesses, birthing and raising children, or just changing and growing with each other, Mike has been the consummate coach. Right now, I am the one going off to work most every day. I have found that my partner, despite managing his own businesses from home, has become a master at laundry, meal planning, shopping, packing lunches, homework, disc golf, and emotional support. He is my personal chef and master martini-maker, personal assistant and confidant, business partner and friend. I am able to fulfill my goals because of him. To boot, he’s pretty easy on the eyes! Jackpot!”

charlene pell & c.h.

frazier “Seventeen years ago, C.H. Frazier looked into my eyes, beyond my disfigured face and body, and captured my heart when he told me that I had a beauty that transcended anything physical. It takes a rare, courageous man of character and compassion to love and marry a woman with a visible difference. He’s quiet and gentle, yet strong and deliberate. He’s devoted, caring, patient, wise, and romantic. He calls me ‘Princess,’ but best of all, he treats me like a princess! He’s a partner in everything from household chores to shopping and cooking. On his time off, he helps me with projects for Facing Forward, our charity that helps individuals with visible differences. He is so thoughtful and loving to my mother and family. I know, he sounds ‘perfect,’ doesn’t he? He’s not much of a cook, but he’s one heck of a sous chef!”

“he’s quiet & gentle, yet strong and deliberate.”

march 2015 |




lisa & rob

squatriglia “My husband, Rob, is my best friend, my business partner, my lover, and caretaker. He loves me for who I am, faults and all. He only has kind words when I complain about aging. He looks into my eyes and tells me I am prettier than the day we married (25 years ago), and he means it! When I was sick, we held each other, and we cried together. Then he began the research on what alternatives were available to make me better. Even though we run a business together, he protected me from office worries by handling it all, and he even went to all the different doctors appointments, too. When our child was sick, he did the same. Even though we’re business partners, he tells me not to work too much. And he chips in at home, as well. He’s been the best present God ever gave me!”

jennifer & mark


“It was love at first sight. Mark had recently graduated college, and I was a single parent in college. Though we lived four hours apart, within one year, I transferred schools, my son and I moved in with him, and we married. Over the years, Mark put me through college, adopted my son, and helped me to start a business. Though we’ve had some very tough times with my business collapsing, going through bankruptcy, and our son going through very dark times, Mark never wavered: he continued to work and provide for his family, both financially and emotionally. He has always cheered me on and supported me no matter what. He has always been true and faithful when it may have been easier to walk away. We will celebrate our 19th anniversary this month!”

danielle ratliff & bill


“My husband is the greatest because he has stuck by me during difficult times and still makes me laugh every day. When I was sexually assaulted, he didn’t run, but instead he was my rock throughout counseling and the post-traumatic stress disorder. He always manages to see the positive in situations and passes that along to me. My business wouldn’t be as successful if it weren’t for his help with marketing and long-term goals. I’m happy to crawl into bed with him every night to snuggle, and we never say goodbye without a kiss!”

“he always manages to see the positive in situations and passes that along to me.”


14 LKN

| march 2015

march 2015 |




Be the Husband


Your Wife Wants By: dr. george gately

Forty-five years and 164 days following our wedding, Jeannie died, the result of a massive stroke. Left: Jeannie & George at their 30-year high school reunion.

she was my best friend. I was not always hers. Friendship was the root of our lifelong love, and where our romance started. Our first date was just a month short of her 17th birthday. After three years, we married. However, six years later, God got my attention, showing me I’d always made everything about myself. It had never occurred to me to consider her perspective, feelings, or dreams. Still, I loved Jeannie so much! All I wanted was her happiness and a strong, contented marriage. Jeannie wanted me to love her for herself. Thus, my labor of love. After all, I had to learn how to be her best friend. For


t h at


At first, not everything worked as planned. Once, I tried laundry, but I’d mixed colors with whites, delicates with cottons, and I didn’t spot treat! We didn’t share all things in common. I greatly enjoy soccer. She cared nothing for it. She enjoyed reading, sitting on the porch. I can’t sit still for that long. But I learned to consider movies and restaurants she’d prefer, to pick up after myself (note: the ever-important toilet lid!), to give her some quiet time alone, and to help in the kitchen. I worked to remember special occasions. And I told her—and meant—every day how beautiful she was. Every day, I said, “You’re my girl, forever.” When we’d hear of others’ rocky marriages, I’d take her in my arms, look her square in the eye, and promise never to leave her and always to be faithful. When our children were teenagers, Jeannie used her extraordinary sewing skills in interior decorating. Decorating and sewing were the least of my affinities. Nevertheless, I helped occasionally. And


16 LKN

| march 2015

Below: The happy couple on their wedding day, August 24, 1968.

surprisingly, I found architecture, design, color, and fabrics to be fascinating. One of my proudest memories is Jeannie exclaiming, “Wow! You’ve really got an eye for this stuff!” One Christmas, I pondered what gift would really sweep her off her feet. She loved to dance; and though I didn’t, I decided on dance lessons. In preparation to surprise my wife, I tried a free lesson, but the young female instructor unnerved me beyond description. Undeterred, I found a charming gentleman and superb dancer, who privately taught the steps to Jeannie and then to me as I held Jeannie in my arms. Sublime! We started attending Saturday night dance events, featuring Big Band music—her favorite. I loved dancing with Jeannie. After securing her permission to dance with a girl from junior high, at our high school reunion, Jeannie and I laughed at how Ginny and I—both trying to lead—had jerked each other around until the song mercifully ended.

Making Jeannie happy—pleasing her and bringing her security—became one of my primary life goals. Mostly I succeeded—enough that she had no problem overlooking the times I goofed up. We had fallen in love as teens do; and through effort, we discovered an exquisite love that defied troubles and aging and even endures death. She was, from our first date, my best friend. Once my task, being her best friend became my pursuit, then my heart’s desire. I loved everything she responded to, making it easy to repeat. And that’s when it got simple— not always easy—but ever simple.

A father of two, Dr. George Gately uses his experiences to fire his passion to help others manage the financial challenges of parenting, college costs being one of the most foreboding. For his clients, the desired outcome is improved financial security and peace of mind and a manageable financial future. Contact George at 704.819.6267.

march 2015 |





Men’s Room by: starr miller

it has come to my attention that my husband and I are different. Nowhere do we differ more than in our organization in the closet and bathroom. You may say that I am “artistic,” and Tom is “precise.” I see makeup as art (read: big mess). I get ready to go out within a 1/2 second of the time we should leave, and he prefers to leave five minutes early. Over the years,


to have a guest room that has a full walk-in closet off the guest bathroom. About a year ago, Tom asked if it might be a good idea if he moved his clothes and toiletries into the guest suite to allow me to have more room. It was his nice way of saying, “I can’t take it anymore!” Cue the chorus! e a r e lu c k y

Now it’s time to redo the guest bathroom. Since the only guest we usually have is my father, I chose to renovate the bathroom decidedly masculine for my favorite guys. My trouble-free suggestion for designing a masculine bath is to concentrate on the textures of the simple elements, not adding more objects to the space. Oh, while they are both happy campers, I have the run of the master!



Men tend to like contrast or monochromatic colors as a base and small pops of color. I chose the wall colors after we selected the tile. I knew he would love the herringbone, and he likes subtle monochromatic colors with a bit of contrast.

Even though my husband says, “Just paint will be fine,” I put up a pewter-colored wallpaper that gives a feel of leather on the walls.

Ceiling In the bath, I painted the ceiling a mid-range beige. In the dressing area, I put up a masculine plaid wallpaper.

Tile Think menswear. We went with a marvelous herringbone tile on the floor that looks like wood, but is natural stone.

Cabinet The older countertops were 30”, and the new standard is 36”. Since both of my boys are tall, I made the countertop 40” high. No more complaints about having to bend over to brush their teeth.

Lighting Strong, hearty, masculine sconces and flush-mount lighting was used with the chrome finish that is also found in all of the plumbing fixtures.

Artwork I framed an old painting my father had purchased in Paris in the 1960s. I suggest something with history or black and white prints. There is nothing like the contrast to bring in a masculine feel.

Mirror To balance the really high counter, I had a 48” high custom mirror—extremely tall!—made to add to the bigger-than-life feel of this small bath.

Starr Miller is the president and principal designer at StarrMiller Interior Design, Inc. Contact her at 704.896.3321 or visit


18 LKN

| march 2015


DID YOU KNOW? There are over 80,000 chemicals in use in the US alone, thousands

of which are banned overseas. Of those, only a very small percentage of those chemicals are regulated at all. Leading third party research directly links these chemicals in the products we use everyday with serious concerns and health risks.*







*Each health risk has been sourced by a vetted, third-party resource. Plese refer to for specific sources.



Melanie Jones 980-721-6137 // Molly LaPorta 312-804-1010 Visit: or

march 2015 |




Dr. John

ballas ballas chiropractic


r. John Ballas is easily characterized with boundless energy. While he may readily credit his health philosophy, his background affords additional details. Before they ever met, his parents immigrated to America, his mother, 15, on the Queen Mary, his father, a bit older, aboard the Queen Frederica. Demetrios Balatsias had $12 in his pocket. Dr. Ballas recognizes his mother as “the glue that held everyone together, teaching love and consideration.” A small age difference spanning the four siblings accounts for the youngest, Dr. Ballas’ independent streak, one steeped in leadership. An expeditor in his father’s restaurant, he was working full-time at 13. The family mentality governed: there wasn’t enough money, so everybody worked. After earning psychology and biology degrees, the future Dr. Ballas cared for his grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, for four years. This experience combined with his lifelong love for fitness propelled him toward chiropractic care. “That very first class was the first time medicine made sense to me because the approach was proactive, not reactive,” he says. “I’d never be able to say, ‘Take this and go home.’ “Health is not just physical, but chemical, emotional, and mental,” Dr. Ballas says. “Though sometimes people must take medications, my approach maximizes care to avoid more medications. Chiropractic care isn’t simply, ‘Give me a pop, Doc!’” He met his wife, Donna, in 2000. Their “explore and do” vacations include rock-climbing in Acadia, rappelling Costa Rican waterfalls, and sailing the French-West Indies. Because Dr. Ballas exercises five days a week, Donna teases they’ve used every gym in every hotel. For their 10th anniversary, they hiked Puerto Rican caverns and rainforests and snorkeled in bioluminescent waters. In March 2003, they opened Ballas Chiropractic in Huntersville. “Foremost, Donna’s my navigator. We wouldn’t be remotely where we are without her,” he says. “I come up with ideas; she makes them happen. My best friend, she keeps me going.” With staff, Dr. Ballas emphasizes teamwork. Naming every member, he acknowledges each individual’s excellence and value on the team. “I’m blessed,” he says. “I would’ve never imagined the good Lord blessing me with the first doctor to walk in the door (Dr. Tyler Slabaugh) as my best friend. They (he and wife Dr. Jessica Slabaugh) are the salt of the earth; we share the same work ethic and goals, and I love them both dearly.

a g e : 50 H o u s e h o l d : Wife Donna, niece Mariah, rescue dogs Kelsey & Suli, & cat Bear LKN t o w n : Huntersville


22 LKN

| march 2015

“I deeply enjoy mentoring; while we’ve been successful, my competition is myself. The lake population can sustain the growing number of chiropractors. Great coaches like Dean Smith and John Wooden focused on what to do; their perspective wasn’t focused on what the competition might have. Here, the importance is communicating the message of health. If you’ve got a great recipe, why not share it?”

march 2015 |





balog healthsmart pharmacy


or Doug Balog, owner of HealthSmart Pharmacy in Mooresville, choosing a profession came easily to him—and early in life. At 16, Doug knew pharmaceuticals would be his calling. Growing up in the small steel mill community of Follansbee, West Virginia, Doug often heard his father advising him to pursue a profession—pressing the fact that the steel mills were not going to provide a livelihood. Since Doug excelled in math and science, he began considering the medical field. “I grew up about a half mile from a community pharmacy,” Doug explains. “After spending an afternoon with the pharmacist there, I realized that’s what I wanted to do. It suited my bend toward science, and I could truly help others. Setting my career in motion, I headed for college and never looked back.” However, owning a family pharmacy in a world of Walmarts and Walgreens was not always an easy pill to swallow. After only four years in business, Doug learned that the state would cite eminent domain—and would demolish Doug’s building—in its decision to widen Brawley School Road. Doug spent time and expense to relocate his pharmacy further down the Brawley Peninsula and again, later, at its current location on Williamson Road. “It’s been a long journey,” Doug sighs appreciatively, “but we are blessed and grateful to serve the good people of Lake Norman.” Doug remembers a man once came into the pharmacy and asked him about a problem he was having with his foot. Concerned, Doug sat with the man and learned more about the situation, and he advised the man to see a wound specialist. “Even though this was years ago,” Doug recalls, “this man recently returned to the store to thank me. He said he did see a specialist and, because of my advice, he was treated accordingly and avoided amputation. He said that had I not taken the time and care to consult with him, he would have surely lost his foot!”

a g e : 43 H o u s e h o l d : Wife Lorrie; sons Garrett (12), Colton (8), & Maddox (6), cat Ginger, & black Lab Pearl LKN t o w n : Mooresville


24 LKN

| march 2015

True to his altruistic nature, Doug provides the medicine for host families of Solace for the Children, an organization that provides medical care for children from war-torn countries. Also, Doug coaches youth baseball and is a Cub Scout Cubmaster. When he speaks of his work and his family, Doug smiles proudly, never underestimating the significance of either. “My father has probably been the most inspiring person in my life,” he says. “He raised me with a relentless passion and tenacity and excellence—from helping me obtain Eagle Scout as a boy to owning my own business today; he always taught me to be compassionate and that any small act of kindness can make a huge impact.”

march 2015 |




Dr. Ryan

whalen whalen dentistry


he movie Frozen. Selfies. Yoga pants. Taylor Swift. They’re all really popular right now. The phrase, “Open wide”? Not so much.

In fact, having a patient exclaim, “No offense, but I hate the dentist” is something Dr. Ryan Whalen faces every day. Perhaps it’s his quiet and reassuring manner; maybe it’s the calming office environment; or possibly it’s his attentive and caring staff—but after only minutes in Dr. Whalen’s chair, patients find their fears dispelled. Then again, it doesn’t hurt that his typical humorous response of “Really? I’ve never heard that before!” almost always brings a smile to the patient’s face. “I do my best to make patients feel comfortable,” Dr. Whalen says. “My goal is to really cater to that. We know and greet our patients by name, and we build relationships with them—that makes a big difference.”

Also making a difference are office features such as chair-side televisions, warm blankets, and aromatherapy. And the range of treatment choices that Dr. Whalen offers, using the latest technology available, make dentistry faster and less painful than ever before. Dr. Whalen’s motive is simple but worthwhile: “I enjoy solving problems for people; it’s rewarding when we help!” Growing up in West Virginia, Dr. Whalen knew from an early age that he wanted to go into medicine, and at Virginia Tech, he decided on dentistry. Studying and playing on a championship golf team didn’t leave much time for extracurricular activities, but Dr. Whalen did manage to have fun, too. Just ask his wife, Brooke. It was while performing a fraternity skit in which his role was to dance shirtless while lip-syncing “I’m Too Sexy” that he caught her attention. After dental school, he and Brooke settled in Lake Norman and married in 2008. Still a lover of the game, he would be on the golf course, if he had spare time, he says with a shrug. Grinning, Dr. Whalen adds that he does have a standing golf date every Wednesday with his favorite golf buddy these days, his four-year-old daughter, Belle. In fact, family time tops his list of favorite activities. “Every man should learn to be selfless when necessary,” Dr. Whalen says. And if that means donning the appropriate garb and minding his p’s and q’s to have a tea party with Belle and one-year-old Lane, he’s all in. Dr. Whalen knows that time with Brooke is important, too: “A romantic evening is when we break away from the stress of every day and get out for an unplanned dinner. We’ll often get caught up with each other and talk for hours.” Dr. Whalen recognizes he is “not really a check-the-next-thing-off-mylist kind of guy.” He explains, “I’m more go-with-the-flow. I try not to pass up opportunities that present themselves; and that philosophy has enabled me to do many memorable things, so I think I’ll stick with it!”


26 LKN

| march 2015

a g e : 34 Household: Wife Brooke; daughters Belle (4) & Lane (1) LKN t o w n : Cornelius

Dr. Steve

folstad Dr. Todd hansen


carolina vein associates


reat minds think alike, and this is certainly true for Dr. Steve Folstad and Dr. Todd Hansen of Carolina Vein Associates in Mooresville. In addition to being devoted to their families and their patients, both physicians have experience in emergency medicine and bring that expertise to their practice. “I am very proud of the office that we have put together in Mooresville,” Dr. Folstad says. “It still amazes me how a brief in-office procedure can so significantly impact the quality of a patient’s life.” Dr. Folstad grew up in Minnesota but met his wife while working in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Wake Forest University where she was a physician’s assistant and he, a faculty member. They have lived in the Lake Norman area since 1998 and have owned two lakefront homes, enjoying everything life on the water provides. When not busy with work, the couple enjoys travel and time with their daughters. “Both our girls are competitive swimmers,” he says, “and we spend a significant amount of our free time traveling to swim meets.” Similarly, Dr. Hansen met his wife in the emergency department at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center; and, like his partner, Dr. Hansen uses his knowledge of emergent care in the practice. “In medical school, I found that I liked doing procedures that improved people’s lives,” Dr. Hansen says. “For the same reasons, I find that treating people with vein disease has been the most rewarding part of my medical career.” One of Dr. Hansen’s favorite pastimes is distance running, and he has completed 10 marathons and a handful of half-marathons. “I also love to travel,” he adds. “Two of my favorite trips have been a family ski vacation in Big Sky, Montana, and a trip to Florence, Italy, where my wife and I ran the Florence marathon.” Dr. Hansen grew up appreciating the value of hard work, quoting Thomas Jefferson: “‘We often miss opportunity because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.’ My grandparents were farmers, so I grew up with the nostalgia of farm life, where overalls and hard work were just part of life. It’s a philosophy the doctors share.”

a g e : 56 H o u s e h o l d : Wife Tate, daughters Makenzie (14) & Madison (13), son J.T. (27) who lives in Austin, TX, & dogs Tibideaux & Roux LKN t o w n : Mooresville

a g e : 50 H o u s e h o l d : Wife Mary Kay, sons Cole (13) & Drew (10), daughter Spencer (12) dogs Oreo & Rusty, chameleon Ossie, Eyelash Gecko Candy, uromastyx lizard Addie, horse Babe, & nine chickens! LKN t o w n : Farm near Cleveland, NC

Both doctors are passionate about vein disease and work diligently to make sure those suffering can receive proper care. One of their initiatives, the Compassionate Care Clinic, is designed to help the underserved in the area. “We are partnering with local free clinics and vendors to offer free vein care at our office every other Friday morning,” explains Dr. Hansen. “We also enjoy providing community education and are always on the lookout for opportunities to get the word out about vein disease.” march 2015 |





testa On Point carolinas realty

a g e : 65 Household: Wife Beth, son Jason; son Kevin and his family live in Mooresville LKN t o w n : Mooresville


ith more than 35 years in real estate, Gus Testa, partner and realtor at On Point Carolinas Realty in Mooresville, is quite comfortable in his car. In fact, there’s a Travis Tritt song that goes “…put some drive in your country/Keep country drivin’ on/When the music gets you movin’/You know that can’t be wrong,” which resonates with Gus and the many miles he drives daily. But he doesn’t mind; he just turns up the country music on his stereo and sings along, melting away the miles. Gus and his family moved to Lake Norman from Branford, Connecticut in 1993, which wasn’t a simple decision for this Italian sibling of six. But the economy and the weather inspired the move; and Beth’s parents suggested they scout out North Carolina, volunteering to watch the boys so Gus and Beth could visit uninterrupted. They were stunned by the flowers blooming in January, and were taken with how friendly people were. “They actually waved and seemed to say hello to us through their car windows,” Gus recalls. The Testas were hooked. Soon after arriving, the family drove back for a wedding, and any question about whether they’d made the right move disappeared. Stopping for gas along the New Jersey turnpike, they witnessed the attendant cursing an elderly couple for advancing forward too slowly. Since moving to Lake Norman, Gus reveals he’s a bit more extroverted. After losing three siblings very close together, he thinks he reprioritized some things and feels less worried about “stuff.” He relishes time with his grandson, Dylan, who at 1 1/2 years old is soon going on a family trip to Disney World. And, for now, Gus may be the more excited one! Gus and Beth have been married for 33 years. But if he hadn’t changed careers early on, they may never have met. After college, Gus spent four years in cost accounting, but even this introvert needed more. He earned his real estate license and began working for Beazley Company Realtors. In December 1980, he transferred to a new office, and by January—while on business in Hawaii—Gus declared to a friend that he would marry that girl in the office. That girl was Beth, and they had yet to go on their first date. In 2004, Gus partnered with realtor, Kim McBee, and last August, the team held its grand opening of Sisters Cove in Mooresville, a boutique residential development of only waterfront homes. Each week, they have lunch together. “It’s important not to take any relationship for granted,” Gus says. “Our partnership takes out any competition. We’re business partners in the truest sense.”


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40% Off




Tiffany &Co.





RSvP 704-664-EYES (3937)

548 Williamson Road, Suite 1 • Mooresville, NC *Discount cannot be used with insurance. *Donate cans of food to receive 40% OFF or 10% off per can – up to 4 cans

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fter deciding that becoming an astronaut may not work out in third grade, Scott Paviol turned his sights on becoming a doctor. Today a valued physician at Mooresville Dermatology Center of Piedmont HealthCare, Dr. Paviol, who earned his degree from Penn State College of Medicine, can’t imagine doing anything else. “The community responsibility always appealed to me,” he says. “I’d noticed my dad (a dentist) and my friends’ dads were well-spoken, respected, and volunteerfocused.” In medical school, Dr. Paviol provided health care to underserved in Ecuador. He met his wife, Heather, during his residency; and the two successfully maintained a long-distance relationship for the three years. The deal was sealed when he invited her to travel cross-country, a la When Harry Met Sally. “Heather is the best thing that ever happened to me. She’s taught me strength, perseverance, and ambition—and occasionally, how to dress,” he laughs. After residency, the couple wanted to move south. “Dr. Simon graduated from University of Michigan’s dermatology residency and invited me to join her practice,” Dr. Paviol says. “I chose dermatology because on any day, I deal with skin cancers, eczema, rashes, acne, cosmetics, and surgeries, in patients of all ages and backgrounds. It’s satisfying to work together with patients who take an active interest in skin care.” Dr. Paviol is grateful for his influential support. His father stressed positivity and being kind; his mother modeled honesty, respect, and consistency. This tri-sport high school athlete still enjoys intramural sports. The team aspect and camaraderie influenced his professional philosophy. “At work, be a family with like-minded goals, and have family support at home. My drive is second to none; my passion is experiencing new things and improving myself. Personally, I love challenges. Life can feel boring without something to overcome.” With a love for travel, Dr. Paviol has visited Germany and Austria and hopes soon to go fly-fishing in Montana. One special trip involved a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. During a year-long research program at National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Paviol was invited to the Bush family Christmas party. “One of my friends was close with President Bush’s daughters, Barbara and Jenna,” he shares. “It was surreal to meet the president and first lady at the White House. We had to be cleared a few weeks before; and when we got there, my friend walked me over to the president and tapped him on the shoulder to introduce me! It’s something I will never forget.” Dr. Paviol has learned not to take things for granted: “I don’t allow myself to think a day is bad. Turn something that doesn’t go well into a chance to learn. It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond.”


30 LKN

| march 2015

Dr. Scott

paviol piedmont healthcare

a g e : 31 Household: Wife Heather LKN t o w n : Huntersville

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breeding u lake norman law firm

niversity of Tennessee agriculture graduate, Adam Breeding spent seven years in the golf course and turfgrass chemical industry but the travel redirected him to law school. Attracted by academic scholarships, Adam earned his degree from Charlotte School of Law. At one time, Adam estimated his legal career would develop into a political future. “Aspects of my background led local influential people to show interest in me. I was vetted and encouraged to run for office, but over time I learned I’d be better running a campaign.” In law school, he met his wife, Hashi, who lived in Cornelius. Now, the couple calls Cowan’s Ford home—right on the golf course, naturally. In 2013, Adam opened Lake Norman Law Firm in Cornelius and plans to become the lake’s “go-to” law firm. He generically named the business, saying the focus is on the clients, rather than himself. Right away, one notices the atmosphere, though professional and qualified, is visibly more relaxed. “I don’t wear suits except in court. While the suit expectation honors tradition and esteem, our clients should talk with us without reservation, intimidation, or anxiety,” Adam says. “I wear khakis and golf shirts or button-ups. I’ve never had a client ask why I don’t have on socks, or express a preference otherwise.” The firm, celebrating its two-year anniversary this summer, provides services in small business, estate planning, and family law, a service Adam says is necessary in Lake Norman. “For years, the lake’s wealthiest clients have scooted down I-77 to Charlotte for high-asset divorce representation, but they don’t have to. There are qualified attorneys here, and that’s kind of my thing,” he says. “I relish the singular focus and necessity to be adept and meticulous in several arenas simultaneously such as valuation, asset protection, real-estate transfer, tax, insurance, estate planning, and perhaps bankruptcy law.” In truth, Adam is a consummate learner. He developed an immersive philosophy of year-long study of single topics. Adam also admits he’s a sports fan, though fanatic may be more appropriate. Because he diligently follows Vols football recruiting, he spends National Signing Day at home. “I can’t remember missing a game. Recently, for a wedding, I watched until halftime, buzzed down to the church, and watched the rest on my phone during the ceremony,” Adam confesses. “I can’t fathom getting married during football season. Hashi and I usually hit two games each year, and the rest is Game Day at my house. We host a contingency of UT supporters, including my brother, extended family, and friends.

a g e : 36 H o u s e h o l d : Wife Hashi & maltipoo Rocco


32 LKN

LKN t o w n : Cornelius | march 2015

“I used to be a news junkie—talk radio, drudge reports, allnight news—but I stopped watching news altogether because I was always uptight and frustrated,” Adam says. “My life has improved greatly: less grumpy and more productive!”

i n

t h e

c a r d s

704.608.9470 Over 20 years of experience planning Corporate, Non-Profit & Milestone events

Formerly Reid’s Salon Solutions Established 1978 Open: Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm

704-892-6600 19900 South Main Street, Unit 7 Cornelius, NC 28031

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Positive Touch Positive Healing

M a s s a g e T h e r a p y - Certified Pregnancy Massage - Neuromuscular Massage - Myofascial Release - Swedish Massage - Sports Massage - Chair Massage - Stretching Angie Mages, LMT (704) 345-8698 NC Lic. 12610

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calendar 5 T h i n g s A n LKN

Saturday, March 7:


oman Should Do In March


Sunday, March 8:


St. Patrick’s Day Parade

3 p.m. Downtown Mooresville This 4th Annual parade will wind along South Main St. from Iredell to Center Avenues. Take the family and get a great street-side seat.

Sip & Seek Bridal Show

1-4 p.m. Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Rd., Huntersville The 2nd annual bridal show includes complimentary wine, food, and door prizes and gives brides the opportunity to meet vendors personally. Some vendor discounts are available for those who attend. The event is free with registration by March 2nd, or $1 without registration. To register, email with full names and emails for each attending.

Dale Gowing | Mooresville Tribune Love Shutter



Saturday & Sunday, March 14-15: Latta Celtic Festival

10 a.m.-4 p.m., Concert 6-9 p.m. Historic Latta Plantation, 5225 Sample Rd., Huntersville Tickets: adults $8, seniors & students $7, children under 5, free

Historic Latta Plantation

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and learn about the Celtic culture throughout history. Enjoy food and beverages, live music, Scottish dance performances, Celtic vendors, and Scottish clans. Kids’ activities include games, storytelling, visiting farm animals, and more!

29 w

36 LKN

Sunday, March 15: LKN Über Dog 5K-9 & 1/4Mile Doggie Dash

1 p.m. North Meck Park, 16131 Old Statesville Rd., Huntersville Registration deadline March 12 Calling all LKN dogs*! Come and walk (or run) your human, and “wag your way to the finish line!” *All dogs must be licensed with proof of current rabies vaccination. Dogs must be leashed at all times (no longer than 6 feet during competition). Sorry, no puppies under 6 months may compete in the 5K, and female dogs in heat are not allowed to participate. All participants must sign an injury/illness waiver. For more rules and details and to register, visit

Sunday, March 29: Bunny Bash

1-3 p.m. Holbrook Park, 100 Sherwood Dr., Huntersville The Easter Bunny will make an appearance at this new celebration event. Bring your cameras and family to enjoy the music, relays, crafts, cookiedecorating, and bounce house. designed by

| march 2015

march 2015 |





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f UN fa c t s st. patricks DAY is MARCH 17. CAN YOU DO ?

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National Day of Unplugging is March 6.

© Malbert |

The first day of Spring is March 20.

Daylight savings time

begins at 2 a.m. on March 8 (Arizona & Hawaii


r ya


in |

D re



e. c


The term equinox comes from Latin equinoxium, meaning “equality between day and night.”

F o r wa r d !

are the only two U.S. states that don’t observe DST).

Earth Hour is Sunday, March 29, at 8:30 p.m.

The World Wildlife Federation began the event, asking people to turn off their lights for an hour to bring awareness to climate change. March Madness starts March 17.

Need bracket tips? No 16-seed team has ever beaten a no. 1 seed; and the lowest seed to make the Final Four is no. 11.

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National Medal of Honor Day is March 25.

In 1865, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker became the first—and only—female ever to receive the award.


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| march 2015

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“ Scene”

w i t h



Be Scene L ak e N o r m an W o m an is getting out and about each month, looking for great events and the fabulous and exciting Lake Norman people who are making them happen! So next time you’re at a chamber event, a new business in the area, or just out having fun, look for Lake Norman Woman and our camera. Who knows, you just might find yourself in next month’s “ S ce ne W i t h L ake No rman Wo m an ! ”

LKNW’s Sandy with managing partner (and North Meck grad!) Wes Nguyen at Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza’s ribbon cutting in Huntersville

LKNW’s Stephanie with Dr. Scott Paviol, dermatologist at Mooresville Dermatology Center, at the LKNW men’s photo shoot Kathleen Cowley, with grandson Cameron, at Kathleen’s book launch for Cameron’s Organized Day

Tina from Stein Mart adjusts Mooresville Dermatology’s Dr. Scott Paviol’s suit at the LKNW men’s photo shoot LKNW’s Stephanie with Whalen Dentistry’s Dr. Ryan Whalen at the LKNW men’s photo shoot

LKNW’s Sandy with owners David Hoy and Ray Steimel at Primal Brewery in Huntersville

LKNW’s Sandy with Sun Lim, owner, at the ribbon cutting and grand opening of Thai Sushi 101 in Huntersville

LKNW’s Amy with Gus Testa, partner at On Point Carolinas Realty, at the LKNW men’s photo shoot

View more Scene photos & more at our Facebook page: LakeNormanWoman

LKNW’s Amy, Sandy, and Stephanie with Tabitha Goforth, from Elements Photography, at the LKNW men’s photo shoot


40 LKN

| march 2015

FitEnvy owner Lindsey Fisher and Blarney Stone Marketing & LKN Savings owner Tammi Murphy at the Mooresville-South Iredell Annual Awards Breakfast

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL 20% OFF for First 100 Charter Members

Had it with Extreme Fitness? Hurt from doing workouts designed for soldiers? Do Pilates!

Pilates by 15 to Fit is: . Resistance training . Cardio & Flexibility . Stress Relief

EXCLUSIVE Private Sessions

AFFORDABLE $12-15 Group Equipment Classes!


478 Williamson Road • Mooresville, NC 28117

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w is e b e y o n d t h e i r

what i knew in my …

First thing I ever bought myself

Sam James


guilty pleasure

Wine and cheese!

James Funeral Home

What they never teach in college

The connection between hard work & goal accomplishment

best way to spend a saturday

A day hike in the mountains!

A briefcase. Not kidding. I was a real nerd!

R.T. Berry


R.T. Berry School of Tae Kwon Do


NorthStone Country Club

A Kawasaki GPZ 550 motorcycle

Bob Weir


Probably training

How to actually deal with situations

Eating a bag of Lay’s sour-creamand-onion potato chips

Life experiences are far more important than your degree.

Sitting in a chair at the beach

Once you think you have them figured out….you don’t.

How to deal with difficult customers & employees

Having a cold one, playing cornhole & taking a dip in the pool with friends and family

They are usually right! Sorry, guys!

How to make a sale

Taking my grandkids to watch Duke play

Ice cold beer!

LKN Massage A new drum set

Randy Marion


Randy Marion Automotive Group


42 LKN

| march 2015

A baseball glove to play in the neighborhood

Women need to talk through day-to-day issues, and as a man, you should set aside time to do it with her.

Training, hanging out with fellow martial artists, and relaxing with my dog

A Barlow pocketknife at Reid’s grocery

Kevin Kunstmann

What should men know about women?

Riding motorcycles with my wife

They are most beautiful when they get to run free, and we should embrace that.

That they are usually correct

This year, we twisted the arms of five LKN men to give us their insights about how they see the world go round: What moves them, what inspires them, and what satisfies them. Some answers are reassuringly constant no matter what decade our guy represents, and some responses are downright precious!

W e lo v e o p i n i o n s !

Best deal I ever closed

What I wish my younger self knew about women

One question never to ask a man

“The O’Reilly Factor,” “Modern Family,” & “King of Queens”

Starting my own business

To always be quick to compliment my wife


Talking a 4-yearold out of his shiny penny in exchange for a $5 bill.

What’s on my DVR?

“The Big Bang Theory,” “North Carolina Weekend,” “Guitar Center Sessions,” & “Breaking Bad”

The marriage to my wife


Bought a $500 massage table for $5!

ACC basketball games

Buying my first automobile dealership right here in Mooresville

If I weren’t in my current profession, I’d be a

my life’s mantra

“How does this look on me?”

Physician or pastor

Work and play hard, both to the glory of God.

How amazingly strong they can be and what that can give you

Any question should be a good question.

This is it for me.

Trahere (the Latin derivation for “to train”)

One thing? Just one?? Be who you are; it’s easier to find the right girl.

“If you could be with anyone other than your current partner, who would it be?” Nothing good comes from the answer.

Tiki-hut bartender

Think like you’re still young but know that you’re not.

Don’t under estimate their determination.

The question you might not like the answer to!

Orthopedic surgeon or landscape & outdoor-living designer—I like to fix & build things.

The Golden Rule!

They are usually correct.

(Younger me) Were you ever skinny? When did you start losing your hair? (Me now) When are you retiring?

I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Treat people fairly and everything will work out.

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Don’t Let

The Cure

Take You Down … or Out! by: barry fulton

T h e b i g “ C ” ! Yes, cancer is a scary word

that haunts so many families. Have you ever noticed that word isn’t dare mentioned in a country song, nor in the banter at Starbucks or even the treadmills at the gym? But for many, it’s not the disease that can be in the blinding headlights but the treatment. The common approach to treating various cancers is a specific cocktail of chemotherapy chemicals, coupled with weeks upon weeks of radiation and possibly, at least one invasive extraction. This arduous road can lead to depression, anxiety, despair, and hopelessness. As the various treatments take hold, the nausea, fatigue, and debilitating physical, psychological, and spiritual effects can bring most down, if not take them out. Some believe most oncologists walk the fine line of brinkmanship, or pushing a patient’s treatment to the very edge of his life in order to get the best outcome; but how much is enough? Obviously, the goal is to kill the disease without losing the patient. My last time through this treatment myself—a second bout with stage 4 esophageal tumors—found the last 10 radiation sessions almost “unbearable.” I was unable to swallow, the nausea so intense I couldn’t hold down even liquids; my esophagus was burned so raw from the radiation, and I was being fed through a port implant—all the standard M.O., I guess. Interestingly, in a post-treatment exam I offered the lead radiation physician, who is top in his field, my flippant observation the “treatment almost killed me.” And this renowned doctor’s matter-of-fact response was: “That’s what we must do.”


44 LKN

| march 2015

© Xixinxing |

To put oneself in the best position to endure the treatment for the big “C” is to communicate, collaborate, and connect. Just maybe the 3C’s might make it into a country song or the everyday banter someday.

Communicate your feelings. The feelings of inferiority or inadequacy can be overwhelming and compounded by the feeling of powerlessness, often brought on by the physically gaunt reflection, including the absence of eyebrows, lashes, and hair. Talk to those who’ve made that walk, been closed inside the radiation chamber, sat in the infusion chair, or vomited in their best friend’s car. Talking can release anxiety and stress.

ollaborate with your caregivers, professionals, family, C and friends. These valuable people can help you to strengthen your immune system and to build your defenses with nutrition and exercise. Pair the right liquid supplements with light routines of stretching, yoga, and the all-important walks. Walking with someone else provides a powerful avenue to release pent-up feelings, resentments, and doubts to invigorate the soul for the next battle.

Connect to a power greater than yourself. Whatever conceptual shape that power may take, it’s yours. Personally, I pray and meditate in informal conversations and settings. Prayer is a conduit for strength and perseverance, while meditation allows time to listen for guidance and knowledge. Informal settings can just happen: during a walk with your Yorkie, while awaiting treatment, or just in a break between battles. Broker Barry Fulton is a second generation Realtor, who holds an MBA from Pepperdine University. Specializing in luxury waterfront and golf course properties, Barry is a member of Debi Gallo & Associates, affiliated with Southern Homes of the Carolinas. Contact Barry at 949.533.5537 or visit

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better me

better you

better world

Mind Body Spirit The mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. Because unhealthy thoughts and emotions can create a vicious cycle that leads to unhealthy physical patterns, we can choose a victorious path that includes a positive, healing, uplifting spiral. By mixing the ingredients of attitude and action, we can change the flavor of our own lives. Learn to nurture your body and soul to lead a more balanced life.

God’s Presence and Grace

By: Joanna roop

my mother, who lives in Boston, was scheduled for a second surgery to remove new cancerous liver tumors. The first surgery had resulted in severe complications and an extended and lengthy hospital stay; and learning she had to do it all over again was overwhelming. I don’t even know how to describe what the news felt like. It was as if a black hole had opened up inside me, threatening to swallow me whole, inside out.

I n e a r ly 2 0 1 1 ,

As I prepared for the trip, I intended to take my Bible with me, though by accident I’d left it on the kitchen table. Sitting on the plane, all I could think about was having forgotten it. I was sick. You’d have thought my Bible had super powers. I felt I was going into battle without my weapon of choice. It never crossed my mind that hospitals—even airports—have Bibles. For the duration of the flight, the passenger beside me had been looking out


46 LKN

the window; but as we landed, she turned and said, “Do you live in Boston?” “No,” I said. “My mom is having surgery today, and I’m going straight to the hospital. But I left my Bible at home and just don’t feel good about it.” Why in the world did I share so much information?! She reached into her purse and pulled out a small black Bible with gold trim, saying, “Take this Bible with you. Walk into her room, holding it up and declaring her healed in the name of Jesus!” Shocked, I tried to say I wasn’t going to take this woman’s Bible, but I really couldn’t believe she had just pulled it out! She asked if she could pray with me. We held hands, and she prayed. I just cried. We hugged, and I never saw her again. I did not even get her name. I walked into the hospital room, Bible in hand. My mom was alone in the room with a curtain pulled for privacy. She called, “’I’ve been waiting for you; are you

alone?” I said, “No, Mom. Jesus is with me, and in His name, all will go well today.” After surgery, the doctors said they couldn’t believe how well she was doing. The tumors were removed successfully, and in recovery she was talking and smiling. My mom’s surgery was a success! Four years later, she is doing better though still dealing with a very real illness; but I know God is the author of her story. He knows the plans He has for her. The evidence of God, for me, is in what I witnessed that day. I needed a Bible, and I got one. We needed a miracle and got one. It was His will. While we will all face difficult and painful situations in life, the key is in learning to tap into our faith in almost a supernatural way. There is no doubt in my mind that I met face-to-face with an angel on the plane that day. That’s all the evidence I need. God’s grace and presence are real.

Joanna Roop is the founder and CEO of The People Tree, a leadership development and consultation business, with 20 years corporate organizational development experience and certification. For more information, visit | march 2015

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49 LKN

| march 2015

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