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HAPPY JANUARY BIRTHDAYS! 1/1 Whitney Gayheart 1/3 Holly Wenning 1/4 Patti Tyson 1/7 Samantha Russell 1/9 Norette Marinangeli 1/19 Kim Brockman 1/20 Jen Andrews 1/22 Jessie Pohl 1/26 Heather Whyte 1/28 Julie Jones 1/29 Lee Ann Cox 1/29 Brandy Mulcahy 1/30 Pam Stenulson *We are happy to take a song request or two on or near your birthday. Just talk to the instructor whose class you plan to attend and request your song!

2 Day Super Sale January 7-8th! Mark your calendars for our Semi-Annual Super Sale Monday, January 7th and Tuesday, January 8th. Come try a class for FREE and when you love it, choose one of these great options: 1. Start for FREE when you sign up for 12 month EFT at $36/month. (January Free & No Joining Fee. EFT starts 2/1/13) 2. Pay $29 when you sign up for Month to Month EFT at $40/month. (January Free & Discounted Joining Fee of $20. EFT starts 2/1/13) 3. 10 classes for $89. No EFT required and No Joining Fee. Classes must be used by 3/1/13. Register on line at for any of the options or call Sarah at 333-0178 to register by phone or come to any class the 7-8th. The center will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Monday, January 7th, if you can't make a class but want to stop by and sign up. Join the most fun and effective workout around! Offer good for new or returning students who have not attended in class in 3 months. After the 2 Day Sale, the January new customer special will be 50% off the one time Joining Fee.

CLASS TIMES 5:45 am: Tuesday & Thursday 8:15 am: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 9:30 am: Monday thru Saturday 4:30 pm: Sunday thru Thursday 5:45 pm: Friday & Sunday 6 pm: Monday thru Thursday 7:15 pm: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Childcare at all 9:30 am, 4:30 pm & 6 pm weekday classs! No childcare on the weekends.

DATES TO REMEMBER • Sunday, January 6th, 4:15 p.m. 2012 Club Jazzercise picture. Wear your white shirt and black bottoms for our annual picture. • Thursday, January 10th Lockers payments due. Lockers available. See Sarah • Sunday, January 13th, 3:00 p.m. Baby shower for instructor Laura Camic and baby Quinn. Come celebrate with us! • Sunday, January 20th-Thursday, January 31st Sign ups and assessments for Lose It! 2013. • Sunday, February 3rd-Super Super Bowl Sunday. Super classes, prizes and fun before the game! • Sunday, February 10th 4:30 p.m. Annual Sweetheart Class. Bring your sweetie for free and show him exactly why you look so good. • February 10: No Body Sculpting

CONGRATULATIONS • To Lauren Bricken and family! Lauren gave birth to James Bricken V (Quin) on December 12th! He weighed 6lbs 5 oz and was 19 inches long. Both Quin and Lauren are doing great! Lauren Jazzercised up to two weeks before Quin arrived! Impressive!

THANK YOU! Thanks to all of you who donated money towards the JELV family who needed a little help with Christmas this year. We collected over $120 which meant that the two little girls we sponsored got the new clothes they needed and a few toys they wanted for Christmas this year. The generosity of our Jazzercise family continues to amaze me.

New New New! The center has a whole new look, feel and equipment! You'll notice we have new mats hanging on the wall. Please be careful when taking them down and putting them up on the rack, as the handles are fragile and can easily break. Please just take your time. We replaced most of the exercise tubes, so they should be have plenty of resistance and sturdiness. Also, we have new exercise balls coming later this month. We will have 17 balls, which is enough to use in most average size classes. Stability balls are designed to increase the intensity of our strength training and core work. Instructors may incorporate ball routines into classes as we do the tubes. Give it a try! Don't be afraid. We'll all be learning together. The ball is another way to enhance your workout, challenge yourself and avoid the plateaus that can come from doing the same work out over and over. With weights, tubes, balls, floor routines, standing routines, kick boxing, core classes and our regular Jazzercise, you'll never get bored and you'll continue to see results! In order to keep the center clean and dust free and to open up as much dance space as possible, we have removed the floor fans. If one of the fans belonged to you, you can pick it up at the center. We have them in the back room. Please feel free to ask any instructor or class manager to help you retrieve them. We also washed down all of the lockers in both the front and back rooms. Your magnets/decorations have been placed inside your locker. Please feel free to decorate the inside of your lockers as you see fit! Or if your locker is in the back area near the bathrooms, feel free to decorate the outside!

Profile Cards For insurance and liability purposes, we need to have each customer fill out a new profile card for 2013. The new card has a 13 in the upper right corner so we know that it is current to this year. Please help us out by taking a minute to fill out the front and back completely and leave it at the desk. You are welcome to take it home and bring it back as well. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us stay on top of our record keeping.

Winter Weather Cancellation Policy If Jessamine County schools are closed, there will be NO weekday morning Jazzercise classes. If Jessamine County schools are on a one or two hour delay, we will have one morning class at 10:30 a.m. The 5:45 a.m. or 8:15 a.m. will be canceled. I will always try to hold evening classes unless the weather is very bad at that time of night. If I do cancel class or the class is delayed, I will send out an email, post it on Facebook and try to get the closing/delay listed on the local TV stations or their websites. If you are ever in doubt, please do not hesitate to call me before venturing out. I would hate for you to drive to class only to find it canceled or delayed. This holds true for Saturday mornings as well. Please note my phone numbers: Home: 224-9300 or Cell: 333-0178.

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Club Jazzercise Congrats to the gals who made it in the Club with 150 classes in December: Lena Martin, Pam Aldridge, Allison Pinkston, Sharon Pike, Irma Evans, Debbie Cumbie, Tracy Peddicord, Melissa Montgomery & Lora Pittman. Way to go girls! 150 classes in a year is something to be very proud of and takes hard work and dedication! Be sure to check out the 2012 Club Jazzercise Honor Roll on the bulletin board. We will be taking the 2012 Club Jazzercise picture on Sunday, January 6th at 4:15 p.m. Be sure to be there in your shirt so you can be proudly displayed all year long. Club Jazzercise 2013 kicks off on January 2nd! Be watching for the new shirt to be revealed. You need to attend 150 classes during the 2013 calendar year to be in the Club. The number is based on attending an average of three classes per week for the year, which is a very attainable goal. So make that your new year's resolution. Attend Jazzercise three times a week and make it in Club Jazzercise 2013!

Current Customers! Win FREE year locker rental & Sweaty Bands! We need your help advertising our 2 Day Sale. Your name goes into a drawing for two free locker rentals for everything you do to help us advertise the sale. I will draw names out of the box on January 9th. If you already have a locker, I will refund you your locker payment. If you don't have a locker, you can have one free for the year! We will also be drawing for other great prizes like Sweaty Bands and Gift Certificates. Thanks in

advance for helping to advertise the classes you love! Put your name in the drawing box for everything you do! *Take a yard sign and display it in your yard or place of business. *Check in on Facebook that you are at Jazzercise: Get FREE water AND your name in the drawing. *Post about the 2 Day sale in your Facebook Status or Tweet about it. *Send an email to your friends inviting them to take class for free with you on January 7th or 8th. *Take fliers from the center and hand them out to your friends, neighbors, co-workers or post them in your office. *Most importantly, invite a friend to come with you to class! If you invite a friend to the sale who signs up, your name goes in the drawing 5 times!

Locker payments due 1st week in January/Lockers available for rent The lockers in the center and in the break room are available to rent for $5/per month. Lockers must be prepaid either for the full year or for six months. If you prepay the entire year, you get one month free. ($55/year.) Or you can pay for six months at a time. ($30/6 months.) You may share a locker with another student. If you currently have a locker and would like to keep it for 2013, payment is due the 1st week of January. Please pay by January 10th in order to keep your locker. If you currently have a locker and do NOT wish to keep it, please have all of your belongings removed by January 5th, so I know what lockers are available for rent. If you would like a locker, or would like to share one, please let the desk know. If there are locker spots available, we will rent them on a first come first serve basis. Thanks!

FACEBOOK =Free Water! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the happenings at Jazzercise Nicholasville. For the month of January you

can get a FREE bottle of cold water every time that you check in on Facebook that you are at Jazzercise! Let all your friends know where you are and where they should be be too.

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Sweaty Bands for Sale! You've seen instructors and fellow students wear them. They are super cute and best of all they DO NOT SLIP! We love our sweaty bands so much for their style and function, that we've become a seller. Check out our selection. Bands cost $15 (wide width are $18) which saves you on the shipping cost of ordering on line. Plus you can see them in person. They make great gifts and you'll want one to match all your workout outfits and sport your team colors. Cash or checks made to Sarah Painter accepted. We can charge them, but there is a $2 processing fee for each transaction. Pick yours up today!!

Lose it! Is Back We will hold our annual 12 week weight loss challenge in February, March and April. Watch for information in the coming weeks to sign up. The cost is only $30 an includes a full body assessment at week 1 and week 12. (Includes wight, measurements and BMI.) Track your attendance and weight loss for 12 weeks and win weekly, monthly and grand prizes. We will also have health and nutrition tips and monthly girl's nights to encourage each other. It is a great way to stay accountable to your goals for 2013 and track results you may not otherwise notice. Plan to Jazz it off and stay Forever Fit! *If you or someone you know owns a business and would be willing to donate prizes of any value to our Jazz it Off program, please let Sarah or Heidi know.

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Jazzercise Nicholasville January 2013 Newsletter  

Newsletter for Jazzercise in Nicholasville, Ky.

Jazzercise Nicholasville January 2013 Newsletter  

Newsletter for Jazzercise in Nicholasville, Ky.