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Seven ways to build resilience in your family


e have all heard that resilience is important for a child’s wellbeing. A resilient child copes better with problems, bounces back from adversity and builds upon their strengths to adapt to a changing world. In addition to what children learn from teachers, storybooks and growth mindset journals, it’s important for parents to look for ways to demonstrate resilience at home, at school and in other environments. Parents are the first and most important example of a healthy response to anxiety-provoking situations. These days, families face a whole range of challenges compared to several decades ago. Here are seven ways to develop resilience subtly, which can be incorporated into everyday conversations and interactions amongst family members. 1. Feelings come and go like visitors and it’s important that we practise recognising and acknowledging them. All feelings are valid, it’s what we choose to do with them that counts. 2. Model and encourage kindness. Doing so can help to build self-esteem and

confidence. 3. Notice and support effort, instead of the outcome or achievement. 4. Relax more often. If you are looking to break away from the busyness, prioritise quiet time. 5. Explore solutions to difficult situations. Instead of avoiding, work together to break the challenge down into smaller steps. 6. Find a reason to smile more often. Smiling relieves stress, boosts the immune system and helps us make more friends. 7. React positively to failure. Talk about a time when you failed and how you overcame it. Because failure is inevitable, reacting in a positive manner demonstrates that failure is not connected to our worth or confidence. Resilience Kit runs group programs to help children who struggle with their emotions, learn better ways to cope with life’s challenges. To learn more about Resilience Kit’s weekend and school holiday programs, contact the Groups Coordinator on 0481 369 446 or visit


Get LOUD about giving


haring the experience of donating to a charity with your family shows children from a young age that they can make a positive difference in the world. Children naturally love to help others, so nurturing their innate generosity means that they will likely grow up with a better appreciation of what they have, and will continue to support others in years to come. Loud Shirt Day is a national fundraising campaign that raises much-needed funds to give the gifts of sound and speech to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The campaign has a simple ask – wear a loud shirt for a small donation to help children and families at Telethon Speech & Hearing. Perth’s largest skating rink, Cockburn Ice Arena, has been involved with the campaign for two years now and continues to love the experience. ‘Our fundraising is always a lot of fun, said Assistant Manager of Cockburn Ice Arena, Nadine Brazil. ‘We love getting the support from the local community, who all band together to help make each event uniquely special and so much fun.’

In 2019, National Loud Shirt Day is Friday 18 October, but the campaign allows flexibility for anyone to celebrate on whatever date they prefer. ‘This year we are excited to be running an ‘Loud Shirt Skate’ fundraiser on Father’s Day,’ said Nadine. ‘We’ll have visits from Fat Cat, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Blades the Bear, ice fairies, free face painting and a free bouncy castle. Part proceeds from every ticket sold go to support this very worthy cause.’ ‘Both my children have been diagnosed with developmental language disorder, so I am very passionate about early intervention and we are very committed to supporting Telethon Speech & Hearing and the amazing work they do.’ Festivities for Cockburn Ice Arena’s Loud Shirt Skate fundraiser start from 3.30pm. Buy your tickets to receive discounted pricing and a discount return pass for your next visit. To learn more about holding your own Loud Shirt Day at your school, workplace or parent’s group, call 9387 9888 or visit

Ph: 0414 689 261





Let’s Play until the end of the day

Easing financial pressure for families


oodstart is committed to giving Australian children the best start in life – and they’re continually looking for ways to support families. So, at a time of the year when many costs are increasing, Goodstart is giving back by including Huggies nappies as part of their fees for children up to four years. This is in addition to the nutritious home cooked meals they already provide. ‘This will help families in more ways than one,’ said Centre Director, Amanda Garner. ‘Now they won’t have the stress of remembering to pack nappies each morning or worrying about running out during the day. Plus, it will mean they save on the expense of nappies whilst they are in care. Every little bit helps.’

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY EXPERTS • Character Parties • Princess & Fairies

To arrange a tour at a centre and see first-hand how Goodstart supports families, call 1800 222 543 or visit

• Active Kid Game Parties

Corporate retreats on the farm

• Disco Parties • Cloud Jigsaw Parties


• Act and Improv Parties

rchard Glory Farm Resort is a great venue for corporate retreats – a relaxed setting where people can leave the stress of the city behind and focus on a retreat or seminar

10% OFF Birthday Party Packages*

With three function halls and 20 self-contained chalets, the resort can easily accommodate groups of up to 100 people. Catering is also available.

Call us on 0412 932 589

Being only one hour away from Perth, Orchard Glory Resort is a country getaway that’s close to home.



Individual, couples and family therapy

round our homes there is a little known danger to children. Powerful coin-sized batteries known as button batteries are found in a number of household items and products. Devices that commonly contain button batteries include remote controls, watches, singing greeting cards, novelty items, hearing aids and toys.

Stress Depression Anxiety Family conflict Women's issues Parenting issues

Home visits available if required. Servicing the Northern Suburbs Medicare rebates available

Contact Trina on 0411645136 Email

Be battery aware


Trina Michailidis deals sensitively and confidentially with personal issues including:

• • • • • •

If you’re planning your next seminar or retreat, contact Orchard Glory Farm Resort on 9576 2888 or visit

Call for a FREE 15 min phone consultation

When swallowed, a button battery can become lodged in the child’s oesophagus due to its small size. A chemical reaction can occur with the saliva and battery, which can cause severe burns and tissue damage within two hours of ingestion. Button battery ingestions can have serious complications, often requiring multiple surgeries. In severe cases, they can even result in death.

Diagnosis can be difficult, as the symptoms of swallowing a button battery can be similar to other childhood illnesses.

FIRST AID If you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery, call the Poisons Information Line on 13 11 26 immediately. However, if the child is choking or struggling to breathe, phone 000 for an ambulance. To prevent children from accessing button batteries: • Identify items around your home that may contain button batteries • Ensure battery compartments are secure • Place all devices that contain button batteries out of reach and out of sight of children

Kidsafe WA works in the community to educate and inform parents and children on staying safe at home, at play and on the road. For more information on preventing childhood injuries, visit


Wonderful teachers with very kind hearts ” -- Jane


Your dancer will discover the joy of movement while exploring the delicate balance between the technique and artistry of classical ballet… love in motion Classical ballet 5 to 19yo

• Dispose of batteries safely at a battery recycling collection point – contact your local council for locations.

• 20 Self-Contained Chalets • Animal Farm • Fruit Picking • Winery • Tractor Rides ALPACAS! • Function Hall


Plus explore nearby Pinnacles, New Norcia, Lancelin & the Swan Valley

SHEARING! *Special request

Ph: 9576 2888 - 41 Mooliabeenee Road, Bindoon

Locations: Brentwood | Rossmoyne

Promoting safety and preventing childhood injuries in WA Make sure children wear a helmet when riding bikes, scooters, skateboards and other small wheeled devices!

Goodstart is committed to giving Australia’s children the best possible start in life, and continually listens to how we can support our families. All Goodstart centres across Western Australia provide:

FREE Kidsafe WA Mobile App



Age appropriate child safety content & reminders

• quality education and care, individualised to your child’s developmental needs • a focus on forming close relationships during this critical time of brain development • nutritious and balanced home cooked meals catering for all allergy or dietary needs

Visit your local Goodstart centre to see the difference our centres are making.


• quality Huggies Essential nappies for children aged six weeks to four years Riding around! Sep ‘19

Visit the NEW Safety Demonstration site for tips and products to help reduce injuries at home.

140 Railway Parade, West Leederville Partner:

02 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019

6244 4880 check us out on the web:

Perth’s biggest LEGOŽ play date October 12 and 13, 9am – 5pm


ricktober Perth 2019 is a fun yearly event that showcases the largest collection of local, WA-made LEGOÂŽ models.

We help children who struggle with their emotions, learn better ways to cope with life’s challenges

There will be lots of amazing displays, hands-on activities and LEGOŽ to play with – including Australia’s largest interactive LEGOŽ zone!

GROUP PROGRAMS Our solution-focused group programs help children develop effective coping skills for rapid postive change

Bricktober Perth 2019 will also feature:

• Toddler DUPLOŽ play pit

• Control trains and TechnicŽ models

• Disney PrincessesŽ

• Building competitions

• Superheroes and much more! Tickets on sale from

• 30,000+ piece brick pit

The mud run is back for Spring holiday fun!

Ashley & Friends Day

!    KIDS!





This is the mud run for everyone! It is suitable for all fitness levels and It’s all about fun, family – and getting muddy!


Mud lovers can choose from:


• Mud Mayhem (South West Mudfest) and Run A Muck (Swan Valley Mudfest) – a 5km+ course for beginners

• Kids Course – Returning to our South West

Join us for five sessions on Saturdays and Sundays Visit W.A.’s Favourite Little Tank Engine

rab your mates, grab your kids or grab your dog – the mud run is about to begin! South West Mudfest begins on Sunday 29 September, at Bootleg Brewery in Margaret River, and Swan Valley Mudfest on Sunday 13 October at Belvoir Estate in the Swan Valley.

• Muddy Paws Challenge – no member of the family will be left behind on this popular 5km challenge.


Mudfest, this 1-2km course is perfect for messy kids! Courses recommended for ages 9+ years, and South West Mudfest Kids Course has been specifically designed for ages 5+ years. Tickets available at

(2 yrs and over)


Book Online at:

EVIDENCE BASED STRATEGIES FOR: 4 - 6 year olds 7 - 9 year olds 10 - 11 year olds 12 - 14 year olds

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMS Join us for one week, Monday to Friday - click on BUY TICKETS then enter Ashley - Bookings close 8:00pm Saturday 7th September.


bennett brook railway "! ! ! search for:

 ! @BBRailway

/resiliencekit Cottesloe + Swanbourne Phone | 0481 369 446

Face your waste


e all produce waste – but right now we’re producing way too much of it.

Everything we buy and use eventually becomes waste, and waste has to be disposed of. Australians send over 20 million tonnes of waste to landfill every year, making us on a per capita basis one of the most wasteful nations on Earth. For most people, dealing with waste is easy. We just put it in the bin where it

remains hidden until the council takes it away – all while we sit back and relax. Out of sight out of mind, as they say. Our waste is someone else’s problem. For too long, the focus has been on how to deal with the waste once it has been produced. But now is time to Face Your Waste by reducing the amount you produce. Be part of the solution by making less waste. For more information, go to

The Australian Dental Association recommends children see the dentist for the first time when their first tooth becomes visible or when they reach 12 months of age – whichever comes first. As a paediatric dental specialist, Dr Rod Jennings is trained to focus on the unique needs of toddlers, children and adolescents.

8 The Avenue, Midland | 6155 9899 114 Clarke Street, Bunbury | 9792 4221

Come and see Dr Rod at his new Midland clinic.

check us out on the web:

Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019 03


Check out our website

Bringing back family dinner


pecial moments come from the joy of sharing a meal with your loved ones. We all know the feeling and can understand why families who eat together create stronger family bonds.

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It’s a fantastic nightly ritual but the realities of our modern life don’t always align with our vision for a wholesome, home-cooked family dinner.

To save the family meal, local companies like You Plate it are coming to the table. Serving Perth families for five years, You Plate It answers the age-old question of

‘what’s for dinner?’ by planning and shopping for everything you need to cook and plate an incredible meal at home. They even deliver everything to your doorstep. For more information on how to make midweek dinners easier, visit “over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry”

Australia’s leading model & talent agency for kids

Sales Manager: NIGEL WONG

Sales and Distribution: SANDRA CORTES




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#kidsinperth to be featured in our family album! See page 11 for more details

produced in WA

Our experienced staff will explain what makes the industry ‘tick’ and can give you feedback about potential opportunities for your child.

1300 888 611 |

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Expansive Client Base

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Healthy fresh food costs less at Spudshed

Except Wanneroo & Mandurah

04 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019

We grow it. We sell it. You save! check us out on the web:

Experience Araluen in full bloom

Family travel without the price tag


f you haven’t experienced Araluen in the Spring, you’re missing out! Enjoy a day at one of Perth’s favourite botanic parks during Yates Springtime at Araluen, running throughout September.


orget long hours spent behind the wheel, traffic jams and restless kids. You can leave the car at home and still enjoy the stunning scenery that WA has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful surrounds of tulip season. Be captivated by Daffodils, Hyacinths, Ranunculus, Anemones and Grape Hyacinths, planted alongside hundreds of thousands of other bulbs.

It’s more affordable than ever to kick back, relax and discover regional WA on a luxury road coach or train. Transwa can take you and your family to more than 240 destinations across WA including Kalbarri, Jurien Bay, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany and Margaret River.

Simply enter the promotional code ‘family’ when making your booking and let Transwa be your family’s personal people mover.

Kids already ride for 50% of a regular fare, and when you travel as family with between two or four children, that discount is increased to 75%!

To book your next holiday, or to see where Transwa can take you, call 1300 662 205 or visit

If all the colour of the flora is not enough to capture you, there is so much more on offer, from live entertainment, children’s activities and foodie havens throughout the park. There will also be a heap of children’s activities on offer, delivered by Elle Enchanted Entertainment and Freedom Fairies. Plus Boho and Bogans will be there giving away stickers, tattoos and

colouring in sheets. Entry id $15 for adults, $7 for children aged 6 to 15 years and $12 for concession card holders. Visit, email or call 9234 2200.

Angry Birds The Movie 2 In cinemas September 12


he flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level in The Angry Birds Movie 2! When a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride) and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) must team up with pigs Leonard (Bill Hader), his assistant Courtney (Awkwafina) and techpig Garry (Sterling K. Brown) to forge an unsteady truce (and an unlikely superteam) to save their homes.


Music lessons that are the BEST way for your child to get a head-start in their education! Applecross Canning Vale Joondalup Success


@AngryBirdsMovieAUS on Facebook for more information.

9364 9788 9256 3170 9468 3240 9499 1990

You allow little girls to be themselves with love and compassion” -- Helen

For little dancers aged 2.5 to 5 years old Your Fairy Floss Dancer will be delighted, captivated and encouraged to enjoy the simple pleasure of moving with freedom, taking their first ballet steps, and being introduced to the the magical world of dance and music … love in motion.

Toddler and Kindy Dance Delightful intro to Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Singing & Tumbles all in a structured 45min class





Planning a family holiday? Leave the car at home and enjoy the stunning scenery that WA has to offer. Kick back, relax and discover regional WA on one of our luxury road coaches or trains. Making travel even more affordable we can take you to more than 240 destinations including Kalbarri, Jurien Bay, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany and Margaret River. Your kids already ride with us for 50% of the regular adult fare, and when you travel as family with between two and four* children we will increase the discount to 75%.

AG E S 2 -4


That’s a huge saving! Simply enter the promotional code ‘family’ when making your booking and let Transwa be your family’s personal people mover. Established January 1993 Celebrating 26 wonderful years

Fiona Scott CSTD Th & Tap Dip (Principal) All That Jazz Dance Studio, Level 1, 949 Wanneroo Rd, Wanneroo (parking at rear)

P: 9404 7400


With limited Fairy Floss Ballet places, to enrol your little dancer go to: | Contact Terrie on 0419 133 673 Locations: Bull Creek | East Victoria Park | Brentwood | Rossmoyne

To book, visit or call 1300 662 205. *Terms and conditions apply.


check us out on the web:

Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019 05

Your next event, sorted


unning for 57 years in the community of Baldivis, CYC Camp Cooloongup isn’t just a OSHC service. Their well-cared-for facility is used in many different capacities by the community – from school, church, community and specialty camps to vacation care, before and after school care, team building, corporate events, family reunions, retreats and conferences.

Unlock your child’s mathematics potential


t’s important to teach children the language of maths. If students can’t speak mathematics fluently, they don’t tend to really understand fundamental concepts. Did you know that using an abacus is one of the fastest ways to calculate and learn mathematics? Suitable for ages of 3–13, SEMAS Academy’s advanced syllabus in abacus and mental arithmetic education has been widely adopted in Japan and is now benefiting Australian children.

The service aims to benefit the community by providing quality inclusive facilities and services to people of all ages and cultures. Hosting an event in a supporting environment creates positive experiences where people leave feeling refreshed, at peace and with a sense of belonging. CYC Camp Cooloongup prides themself on offering a multitude of onsite activities and amenities – waterslide, mini-golf, jumping pillow, low ropes, professional chef, bon fire,

games room and many more. To book in your next event, visit or call 9524 1189.

SEMAS is designed to develop the right side of the brain using the abacus. The right side of the brain is associated with creativity, memory and imagination. As the school curriculum only uses the left brain, SEMAS students are able to draw upon the

right-brain to increase speed and accuracy. Their students are able to see the abacus in their photographic memory, which leads to faster mental calculations. Contact SEMAS today on 1300 436 009 to book your free trial or visit for more information.

Helping your child become numerate By Rachael Whitney-Smith


eing numerate is fundamental to success in school and in life. As a parent, you may wonder can you can help your child develop these necessary skills.

'THE BALLET SPECIALISTS' Casual or Vocational Programmes for Girls and Boys

Numeracy is more than just working with numbers. It involves measuring, pattern recognition, spatial and statistical reasoning. Introducing your toddler to measurement through play and helping them recognise patterns that exist around the home are great ways to start. Sorting objects based on colour, size and shape will also help them develop pattern recognition skills – so ask them to help you match socks, sort clothes pegs into pairs or set the table.

‘Twinkle Toes’ – 3 years & up

4/11 Gympie Way, Willetton 9354 3699 or 0438 844 184 Communities and families who need flexible care Outside of School Hours Care Vacation Care / Camping Casual placement for families who need flexible care from qualified and experienced staff.

• Large open play spaces • Bouncy Pillow • Volley Ball Courts • Basketball Courts • Low Ropes Adventure Course • Mini Golf • Much More


Contemporary, Jazz, Adult Ballet Class

You can also help your toddler build their spatial reasoning by creating mazes for their toys to navigate, role-playing giving each other directions or by playing with construction toys. Introducing ideas like

chance as the ‘likelihood of something happening’ and helping them notice there are ‘more white cars in the car park than blue,’ will help them start thinking statistically. The national literacy and numeracy learning progressions are a great resource to learn how a child’s literacy and numeracy learning develops over time. You can access ‘A guide to the progressions for parents’ on the Australian Curriculum website. Here you will find infographics, FAQs and video clips that can guide you. For further information on the national literacy and numeracy learning progressions, please contact the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) To stay up to date with relevant national education matters, subscribe to ACARA’s parent e-newsletter Parent Update at

Casa Mia

Chrysalis Montessori School We are a community learning together and growing together to create a more joyous, just and sustainable world.

Montessori School

Education in Harmony with Life

• Playgroup (18mths ­ 3½yrs)

• Playgroup with a difference • Natural play spaces encouraging creative play • From 3 years of age: a specialist performing arts programme; French programme and a specialist sports programme • Before School Care from 8am

• Children House (Ages 3 – 6 yrs) • Primary Classes (Ages 6 – 12 yrs)

Piccola Casa Playgroup (1 - 3 years) Casa Mia Montessori School PreKindy to Yr 6 (3 - 12 years)

Families are eligible for up to 85% CCS

For more information contact us on 9524 1189 or email

3 ­ 5 Parkland Rd, Glendalough Ph 9444 6025 Further enquiries please email

Phone 9279 2209 11 Hamilton St, Bassendean

Your Early Learning Specialist Where confidence, independence, compassion and academic achievement develop together, with a love of learning for pleasure rather than reward. Childcare Subsidy Available

16 Mercer Lane Joondalup

08 9301 0417

Joondalup Montessori

06 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019


For 2-6 yrs

Parent and child attend personalised program together (from age 2 years) Reading, Writing, Maths, and Literature, and Gifted programs LOTE PROGRAMS including Spanish, French & Italian, Afrikaans SPECIAL NEEDS and Global Delay Programs Personalised to your needs Bernice Sandler

0412 481 708


check us out on the web:


Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten Pre-Primary

17 October 2019 9.00am to 10.30am No registration required

Inspiring boys | teachers | spaces

Building good men


justice hospitality excellence

compassion respect

Come and discover the Frayne Community

Register for a tour online



check us out on the web:

K - 6 Campus

7 - 12 Campus

66 Balmoral Street, East Victoria Park, Perth WA 6101 Tel: 08 9470 0400

15 Duncan Street, Victoria Park, Perth WA 6100 Tel: 08 9470 0900

Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019 07

Perth’s monthy guide of things to do, places to go

SEPTEMBER DIARY SUNDAY 1 Loud Shirt Skate Enjoy Father’s Day on the ice at Cockburn Ice Arena! Wear your loudest shirt to skate in this exciting fundraiser for Telethon Speech & Hearing. Enjoy free face painting, bouncy castles and meet Fat Cat! Festivities start from 3.30pm. Purchase tickets online at

Castledare Miniature Railway The Castledare Miniature Railway will operate from their NIANA Station from 11am until 2.30pm at the Canning River, end of Bungaree Road. Some steam trains will be running. A picnic ground with electric BBQ and a canteen are provided for public use. This event is popular for young and old and great value for money. Operates first and third Sunday plus Wednesdays of the School holidays.

Win a family trip to Bali

now open! Amazing prizes to be won including a Bali getaway for up to six people. Tickets are $20 each with winners drawn 16 September. Hurry, purchase online at or call 9387 9888.

2019 Kings Park Festival 1 September – 30 September Join us for the world’s biggest celebration of Western Australian wildflowers in spectacular Kings Park and Botanic Garden. The Festival program will feature an extravaganza of events and activities for lovers of wildflowers, gardens, conservation, art, local culture and the beautiful natural landscapes of Western Australia. Most events are free but many require registrations so get in quick to avoid disappointment! Visit to check out the amazing events taking place this September (most are free!) and be sure to share your incredible wildflower images with us

WEDNESDAY 4 Christ Church Grammar School – Preparatory School Tour We look forward to welcoming you to our tour of the Preparatory School hosted by Dr Steven Males, Head of the Preparatory School. You will also have the opportunity to meet our Principal, Mr Alan Jones. Please register your attendance at our Main Reception at 8.45am and enjoy a tea or coffee. The tour will commence sharply at 9am. We anticipate the tour will take 1.5 hours. For admissions or tour enquiries, please call 9442 1555 or email

THURSDAY 5 Toptots Italian school in Riverton Parents and children learn together and have fun in Italian. From 2.15–3.15pm, or you can drop off your primary school student to attend Italian after school from 4.15–5.15pm. All classes on

The ‘Make a Difference’ Lottery for Telethon is

The Perth Royal Show is grander than ever


he 2019 Perth Royal Show is the only place to be this spring school holiday! With more than 101 Free Things to See and Do, all for just the price of entry, this year’s show is packed full of value and entertainment for kids of all ages. From the iconic fireworks to the hundreds of cuddly farm animals, the free educational exhibits and the thrill rides of Sideshow Alley – everything you expect from the Perth Royal Show is back along with some new, never-before-seen attractions

Thursdays in Riverton. Please direct all enquiries to or call 0412 481 708. Runs weekly.

SATURDAY7 OPEN DAY & Community FETE We are so excited to invite you, your family and friends to our annual OPEN DAY & Community FETE. The grounds will be a hive of excitement, with TOURS for interested families and many fun FREE activities for all our Community to enjoy. During our TOURS you will be able to find out more about our Gifted and Talented programme, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), Gymnastics Academy, Reggio Inspired Kindergarten programme, Exceptional Childcare Centre and more. This year we will also have Flames Basketball players run skill sessions with games and prices. West Oz Wildlife will join us with their little Koala and reptiles petting zoo and Monsterball will be setting up their Warrior course for the adventurer at heart. Not to mention face painting and a bouncy castle. ALL FOR FREE!!! Our Hospitality students will showcase their skills by providing great food and coffee. Please join us for a great day in our welcoming and caring community!

and entertainment, making their tworld-wide debut. Each evening will see giant machines of the Monster Circus take centre stage at the main arena, before a unique performance of The Story of the Rainbow Serpent – featuring an enormous air-filled representation of the Wagyl, lit from within by hundreds of LEDs and brought to life by indigenous performers. For more information, visit

Know how to PARTY!

HOLIDAY CLINICS Prendiville Catholic College

Need a venue for a birthday party, community or sports event that accommodates all ages? ✓ Huge indoor playground ✓ Laid-back cafe ✓ Excellent food

Drills & Silly games

Improve basic core skills

Constellation Drive, Ocean Reef

TUES 1 - FRI 11 OCTOBER FULL DAYS 8am - 3pm $40 HALF DAYS morning or afternoon $20 Drop the kids off for a day of fun!



WWW.NIROS.COM.AU 08 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September 2019

Contact Nick -

0409 118 228

check us out on the web:

READ THE PAPER ONLINE : WWW.KIDSINPERTH.COM Visit us at or call us on 9540 4400 for more information.

SUNDAY 8 Ashley & Friends Day – Bennett Brook Railway Ashley and his friends return to the rails of Whiteman Park from 9.30am–4.30pm. Join them at Bennett Brook Railway as they haul train carriages all day for the Train Controller. Tickets are $15 online through or $20 on the day. Your ticket includes unlimited heritage train and heritage bus rides, Bus Museum and fire engine displays by DFES, Scouts display, entry to Revolutions Transport Museum, farm animals and much more! Visit for more info.

MONDAY 9 ELC Series: Art Morning – Christ Church Grammar School You and your son are invited to a playful and nurturing Early Learning Community Art Morning. Your son will have the opportunity to experience process oriented art activities while getting to know our Art Specialist. Join us from 9.30–10.30am and meet Rebekah Garwood, our Early Learning Years Co-ordinator. For families with boys aged 0 to 3 years of age. Register your interest at

TUESDAY 10 Christ Church Grammar School – Principal’s Senior School tour Come along and see Christ Church in action at one of their upcoming tours of the Senior School, led by Principal Alan Jones. Please

UglyDolls the movie

register your attendance at Main Reception at 8.45am and enjoy a tea or coffee. The tour will commence sharply at 9am. The tour will take 1.5 hours. For admissions or tour enquiries, please call 9442 1555 or email

WEDNESDAY 11 Problem Eaters Talk at Rotary Cambridge Floreat Nutritionist Stephanie Rea will be talking about problem and fussy eaters. While the management of fussy feeding is mostly behavioural, specific strategies and interventions may be required in cases of persistent problem feeding. Cost $5, includes tea/coffee. Meeting 9am for 9.15am at Cambridge Bowling Club, Chandler Ave West. Contact Jeanette Wood at or 0413 190 412.

THURSDAY 12 The Angry Birds Movie 2 now showing The flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level in the hilarious animated family comedy The Angry Birds Movie 2, in cinemas now.

SATURDAY14 Live Concert by Whildfyre!


nconventionality rules in UglyDolls, STXfilms’ new animated musical adventure starring the acting and singing talents of Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Janelle Monáe, Blake Shelton and Pitbull.

peg life in this round-hole town, but her curiosity about all things leads her to wonder if there’s something – anything – on the other side of the mountain that nestles Uglyville.

In the adorably different town of Uglyville, weird is celebrated, strange is special and beauty is embraced as more than simply meets the eye. Here, the free-spirited Moxy and her UglyDoll friends live every day in a whirlwind of bliss, letting their freak flags fly in a celebration of life and its endless possibilities.

Mixing fun, music, and adventure, with characters and worlds unlike any audiences have experienced, UglyDolls extols acceptance, diversity, empowerment, joy and friendship – and being the best version of yourself you can be.

Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) loves her square-

In cinemas these coming school holidays

Recommended for young adults aged 9 and up! Rock the night away with local band Whildfyre – Costs $5 for children 8 years up and includes entry to the playground. While all ages are welcome, due to noise levels this event is recommended for older children. Niro’s will be open for dinner from 5.30pm, Whildfyre starts at 7pm. Book a table on

Climbing kids reach the top


limbing is a fantastic sport for children’s physical and mental health – and is one of the only forms of exercise that uses every muscle in the body, including the brain. Climbing a wall helps develop great coordination, focus and concentration in children. Finding a route on the climbing wall is like solving a puzzle – and making it to the top gives kids a great sense of accomplishment. The Adrenaline Vault youth program offers fun, creative, experiential learning for children 17 years and under. Designed to introduce climbing progressions to young climbers, the program also promotes healthy lifestyles and positive interactions between children. At Adrenaline Vault, children get to experience bouldering-only climbing – free of ropes and harnesses. But don’t you worry, their free climbing walls are no

higher than 4.5m – with big foam mattresses to catch you if you fall. Find out more at or by emailing

youth squad


FREE trial these School Holidays* SATURDAY 5 & 12 October 10.30am - 12pm *First time climbers only

LEARN • Technique & Coordination • Strength • Balance • Problem solving

• • • • •

Ages 6-17 Show this ad to receive

Confidence $15 ENTRY & Trust SHOE HIRE! Social skills Expiry 22/07/2019 Team work Self-motivation

Call 6107 8359 to book your spot 72 Robinson Ave, Belmont •

check us out on the web:


PERTHROYALSHOW.COM.AU Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September2019 09

READ THE PAPER ONLINE : WWW.KIDSINPERTH.COM to make sure you get a spot for this fantastic event!

Market Stall Day Marketgoers will be treated to a selection of handmade home wares and baby item stalls. Enjoy the day with something yummy from one of the food vans onsite while your children join in the free activates. 9am–2pm. Goodstart Early Learning, 4 Lord Horbart Drive, Madora Bay.

Spring in the City Perth Makers Market is bringing our array of talented stallholders to Yagan Square for a Spring event so that you can shop local at markets year round! Be sure to read our FAQ's section on our website for any questions and click "Going" on our Facebook event to keep up to date with who is coming, promotions (there will be giveaways) and everything you need to

Perth's best kept foodie secret • Best Asian street & hawker food in Perth • Casual family friendly atmosphere • Affordable meals

know about this special market. 10am - 4pm. More info at

Saku Blossom Festival Our Orchard is open in September for our annual Blossom Festival, and this year we are going Japanese. You can enjoy full bloom blossoms as you wander through Japanese art, Street food, and activities. Bring your family, friends, picnic baskets, and come and spend the day in our lovely orchard. There will be traditional Japanese food and drink, an ice cream van, animal farm, and a bouncy castle for the kids. OPEN 8am 5pm. Activities OPEN 9am - 3pm.Weekends Adult $10. Kids Under 12 Free. No Eftpos Available. 14-30 September. S&R Orchard, 46 Halleendale Rd. Walliston.

Cubby Town Yanchep National Park. 10am - 2pm. Cubby Town returns for its third year, and will provide families with a wonderful opportunity to spend time together in nature. Build cubbies and forts, play with mud kitchens, create nature crafts and explore Yanchep National Park! Thanks to Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Wildlife Services), entry into Yanchep National Park is FREE! To register your interest in attending the event, please visit

SCHOOL HOLIDAY SCCER clinics • Skills 1v1 • Passing • Shooting

Foodhall Closed Monday & Tuesday (except public holidays 11am - 9pm)

200 Spencer Rd, Thornlie

• Speed training • Mentoring • Fun environment

Week ONE 30 Sept - 2 Oct

SUNDAY 15 Castledare Miniature Railway This popular miniature railway will operate from Wilson Park near the Kent Street Weir from 10am–1.30pm. There are facilities such as picnic shelters, BBQ and children's play items. The ECO Centre Cafe will be open. These 15-minute train rides are for young and old and well worth the fare. Steam locomotives may operate. Bird life can be observed along the Canning River bank and in the wetlands. Operates first and third Sundays plus Wednesdays of the School holidays.

Perth Wildcats & Perth Lynx Fan Day The ultimate opportunity to meet, get to know and interact with the entire Wildcats and Lynx playing squads in a relaxed, family-friendly environment! More info: Russell Square, Northbridge. 11am - 2pm.

TUESDAY 17 Christ Church Grammar School – Principal’s Senior School tour Come along and see Christ Church in action at one of their upcoming tours of the Senior School, led by Principal Alan Jones. Please register your attendance at Main Reception at 8.45am and enjoy a tea or coffee. The tour will commence sharply at 9am. The tour will take 1.5 hours. For admissions or tour enquiries, please call 9442 1555 or email

WEDNESDAY 18 Sign up for Loud Shirt Day Today is National Loud Shirt Day. Think BIG and BOLD by wearing a loud shirt on this day and making a small donation to support children

Week TWO 7 - 9 October

with hearing loss. Every noise counts, so sign up today! saturday 21

Family Fun Day - St James Anglican School This day is expected to be a major event in the Community and we would be delighted to have you involved. We plan to have a range of events such as carnival rides, games, food stalls, arts and crafts and a variety of market stalls, entertainment and much more. 10am - 3pm. 2 Graceful Blvd, Alkimos.

MONDAY 23 Christ Church Grammar School’s Little Learners Christ Church Grammar School’s Little Learners is a community program to develop our youngest community members’ love for learning. Aimed at boys 0 to 3 years of age, Little Learners will bring families together to share stories and discuss the School’s Early Learning Community (ELC) program. From 9.30–10.30am. Register at

SATURDAY28 Annual National Math Exam From 9am to 1pm at Thornlie Christian College, More info at or call 1300 436 009

MONDAY 30 Group Programs for Anxious Children Resilience Kit runs group programs to help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, address negative self-talk and develop constructive behaviours. Enrol now for the school holiday program starting October 7 in Cottesloe. Contact 0481 369 446 or

Sessions 8.30am to 11.30am


CAMPING without the headache! This is Pop Up Camping at its best in the world class Warren National Park!

PAY 3 nightsSTAY 5* *Conditions Apply

Ages 4 - 12 Lots of breaks! Drop in sessions or do them all! Location - Balga Soccer Club LIMITED spots BOOK by text or email

Lawrence 0411 540 075

Perth’s BIGGEST indoor playcentre!


SOCCER SO OCCER R CENTRES CEN NTRES g oal al@a @are rea a5 5fo oot tb bal ll o

3 levels of fun to explore – including a toddler area and challenge course. Cafe area for parents with FREE WiFi



Themed party rooms (Frozen, Superhero and Jungle)


Little Chef Themed Birthday Parties!

Keep the kids active these school holidays! Learn to sail, make new friends & keep active these school holidays with Nedlands Yacht Club’s range of Tackers 1 & 2 courses


1st - 4th & 7th - 11th 8.30am - 12.30pm daily Like our FB page for specials

For more information phone 0427 133 335 or email

Ph 9331 8888

Cnr Stock Rd / South St, O’Connor

10 Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September2019

+ January 2020 dates available

$280 per child

To register visit check us out on the web:

OCTOBER SATURDAY5 Free youth squad trial at Adrenaline Vault Come and experience the world of free climbing at Adrenaline Vault every Saturday of the school holidays. For kids under 17 years. Climbing is a great way for kids to enjoy physical activity while having fun in a safe and social environment. Youth squad sessions are from 10.30am to 12pm. For further information, visit Bookings essential. Call 6107 8359 or email

MONDAY 7 Group Programs for Anxious Children

Resilience Kit runs group programs to help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, address negative self-talk and develop constructive behaviours. Enrol for the school holiday program starting today in Cottesloe. Call 0481 369 446 or email

SATURDAY12 Free youth squad trial at Adrenaline Vault Come and experience the world of free climbing at Adrenaline Vault every Saturday of the school holidays. For kids under 17 years. Climbing is a great way for kids to enjoy physical activity while having fun in a safe and social environment. Youth squad sessions are from 10.30am to 12pm. For further information, visit Bookings essential. Call 6107 8359 or email



Brought to you by You Plate It •

Quick & Easy Chicken Chow Mein with Egg Noodles & Plenty of Veg This recipe ticks all the boxes - quick, easy and kid friendly. Fun Fact: The words chow mein mean 'stirfried noodles', chow meaning 'stir-fried' (or "sautéed") and mein meaning 'noodles'.

INGREDIENTS 150 Grams Egg Noodles 375 Grams Chicken Mince 1 Carrot 1 Red Capsicum (Small) 3 Spring Onion 60 Grams Peas 150 Grams YPI Stir Fry Sauce 0.125 Green Cabbage 3 Teaspoons Curry Powder 3 Garlic Clove 3 Teaspoons Cornflour



Wash the fresh produce. Cut the carrot into matchstick size pieces (alternatively, just use a box grater). De-seed capsicum and thinly slice. Thinly slice spring onion on a slight angle, keeping the white and green parts separate. Peel and mince garlic. Finely shred cabbage. Put a pot of water on to boil (for step 3).


Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a non stick pan over medium heat. Add mince, breaking up any lumps with a wooden spoon and cook 3 - 4 minutes, until lightly browned. Season with salt and pepper.


Add the egg noodles to the pot of boiling water. Cook 5 - 6 minutes, or until tender. Drain thoroughly and rinse under warm water to prevent the noodles from sticking together.


Mix cornflour with 1/3 cup water in a small bowl, stirring well. Add the carrot, capsicum, garlic and white parts of spring onion and stir fry 3 minutes. Add the curry powder and stir fry for another minute or until fragrant. Add the YPI stir fry sauce, noodles and cornflour water. Stir fry for 2 minutes or until well combined and sauce has thickened slightly.


Add the peas, cabbage and green parts of spring onion and stir fry for 1 - 2 minutes or until cabbage just wilts. Divide among serving bowls, garnish with remaining spring onion and enjoy! Family Serving About 650 Calories Per Serve. Prep and cook - 25 min

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@travelwiththetremains Kids In Perth – The Parents’ Paper, September2019 11








REDS ROVING AUSSIE WILDLIFE DISPLAY Monday 30 SEP – Friday 4 OCT From 11am to 2pm daily.

Get up close and personal with Ranger Red’s favourite Australian animals and learn all you can!





Monday 7 – Friday 11 OCT From 11am to 2pm daily plus Educational talks


Learn more about Australia’s snakes and reptiles. Plus you get to handle these friendly animals.

Cnr South Street & North Lake Road, Kardinya Ph: 9337 5522

Very mild themes and animated violence



Profile for Kids in Perth - The Parents' Paper

Kids in Perth - The Parents' Paper September 2019  

From our family to yours. Packed full of great content to get you through the month. Schools Holiday guide inside!

Kids in Perth - The Parents' Paper September 2019  

From our family to yours. Packed full of great content to get you through the month. Schools Holiday guide inside!