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‘Conception to Birth’ Planning for a baby in 2016

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We make your birthing experience as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

St John of God Health Care is the pre-eminent provider of private maternity and related services in Western Australia.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality care for you and your baby to ensure complete peace of mind for your birthing experience. Our midwives, neonatal and postnatal nurses, and lactation consultants are all on hand to support you from conception to birth and well beyond, both in our hospitals and in your home. To find out more about ensuring your own experience is as smooth as it can be, visit

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The revolutionary role of Ultrasound in the betterment of a woman's life stablished in 2012 by Dr. Anjana Thottungal, Perth Obstetrics and Gynaecology (POGU) offers comprehensive specialist ultrasound services in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr. Thottungal is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology ultrasound. A very caring and dedicated team at the clinic delivers the highest standard of care to patients in a friendly and professional environment.


POGU is a specialist practice established by Dr. Anjana Thottungal with state of the art facilities with high end imaging capabilities using 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound technology.

POGU has state of the art facilities with high end imaging capabilities using 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound technology. Dr. Thottungal uses 3D capabilities of the ultrasound machine, in order From little acorns, grow mighty oaks to obtain higher accuracy in Development of a fetus captured on the diagnosis and to provide 3D images at POGU better details in her reports to the clinicians treating the patients. A small sample of the reproductive age group. Common scans done in POGU is provided to give symptoms include pelvic pain, pain with you an idea of what you can expect from periods, pain with sex, bowel pain or our services. rectal bleeding during periods, and Dr. Thottungal has a special interest in endometriosis and she was the first sonologist in WA to offer sonovaginography and assessment of deep infiltrating endometriosis for patients with severe endometriosis. Endometriosis is one of the most common and challenging gynaecological disorders, affecting 10-15% of women in

infertility. One of the common reasons for major delay and misdiagnosis of this condition is the suboptimal primary assessment of patients with pelvic pain and suspected endometriosis. The availability of expertise in ultrasound diagnosis of the extent of endometriosis can be very crucial for early diagnosis and appropriate management.

Role of 2D/3D ultrasound in the assessment of delayed fertility-What POGU can offer you

OBSTETRICS ULTRASOUND • Early pregnancy scan / dating scan • First trimester screening & Non-invasive prenatal testing • Amniocentesis & Chorionic villus sampling • Fetal anatomy survey & 3D/4D scanning • Fetal growth & well being scan

GYNAECOLOGY ULTRASOUND • Pelvic ultrasound • 3D pelvic ultrasound • Saline infusion sonography (Sonohysterography) • HyCoSy • Sonovaginography & assessment of severe endometriosis

Suite 1, Level 1 SJOG Medical Centre Ellesmere Road, Mount Lawley

08 6162 1074 08 7123 4403

A note from the Editor Dear Reader, On average, approximately 35,000 Western Australian women are either trying to conceive or pregnant at any point in time. The journey from conception to birth and beyond is usually accompanied with mixed emotions for the women. At times, it could be tedious, tiring and frustrating; at other times, exhilarating, exciting, joyful and momentous. The journey to motherhood is a most amazing experience and privilege in life. Over the years of publishing Kids In PerthThe Parents’ Paper, we have followed many readers through this journey and have come to understand their feelings, thoughts, desires and needs. This Conception to Birth- Planning for a Baby in 2016 reference book is designed to be a companion during this experience by offering lots of practical

and useful suggestions. Imagine this book to be that best friend that’s full of great advice which she had either employed or regretted missing out on during her pregnancy! If this book is not applicable to you and instead have a friend who will find this book useful, please do pass this book onto her. This is what a best friend is for! We’ve gone to great effort to put together a great list of products and services from reputable organisations and businesses inside this first issue; every participant in this book has been carefully chosen on the basis that they serve a genuine practical purpose for any new mother to be. For those 35,000 women embarking on this exciting journey, we wish you well and hope we have been helpful along the way. Please do keep in touch with us through our monthly publication Kids In Perth - The Parents’ Paper.

Good luck and all the best. From everyone here at Kids In Perth - The Parents’ Paper

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Life Insurance & Wealth Management

Starting a family is an exciting time and while nothing can truly prepare you for it, there are key financial planning considerations that can assist your family with the best possible start. The planning starts even before falling pregnant, you should review your health insurance and explore options like baby care cover, many policies have 12 month waiting periods before you're able to access benefits.


With added expenses on the way and a move to a single income, it is crucial to discuss your household budget. Should you be relying on one income you will need income protection to protect your family in the event of illness and injury. We always hope for the best, however things can and do go wrong, make sure you have sufficient life insurance & disability cover in place to protect your lifestyle.

Thinking about life insurance isn't easy, it forces you to face your own mortality and the thought of leaving loved ones behind. Now is the time to ensure that your child is entering the world with a protection plan in place, even if the parents are no longer around. Estate planning is all about preparing for the child's life long care. Now your child has arrived, the baby care insurance you put in place 12 months ago will cover them for the first 12 months, but you need to consider child cover for the remaining years should they suffer a critical illness. Don't forget your superannuation and making sure it grows while you’re not working, consider strategies such as spouse splitting.

1300 656 001

Ask Catherine Ask Catherine O

ver the past ten years, or maybe more, “Ask Catherine” has been a feature of the relationship between Hollywood Fertility Centre and its patients and the public. “Ask Catherine” is the personal face of Hollywood Fertility Centre and is a service designed to allow current and potential patients to ask questions about fertility.

It’s not just an email address or an anonymous phone number. This service is not a fake window to the world – it is backed by a real person, Catherine Meunier, who has a passion for providing fertility services to couples seeking to resolve their fertility issues. Available every day of the week, every week of the year, Catherine answers the questions – all sorts of questions – that are posed by women and men seeking information and direction on fertility issues.

Catherine says: “I answer the questions that are sent to me as best I can. Sometimes I have to refer the questions on to colleagues in the practice, sometimes I have to ask the patient to ask their GP for advice, or to ask their specialist for advice. There are no real boundaries to the questions I get asked”. Why did “Ask Catherine” start? Catherine says: “I realised that with the advent of email and the World Wide Web, the gap between fertility patients and our clinic could become very significant unless we made an effort to reach out. “Ask Catherine” grew from that idea.”

So if you are person who has questions about fertility, here is the place for you to ask questions and get answers – just go to and ask.


An Exciting New Development in Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Testing


rom the first moment you realise you are pregnant, you want to do everything you can to enhance the current and future health of your unborn baby. At this stage most health care professionals will advise you to undertake first trimester screening to test for any abnormalities. However, there is something new to consider: GeneSyte, non-invasive prenatal screening. GeneSyte represents the culmination of Genea’s more than 28 years of experience in reproductive medicine and is the first noninvasive prenatal screening which is completely processed in Australia. Unlike previous methodologies, Genea’s GeneSyte test only requires a simple blood test, making it much safer for you and your baby. GeneSyte works on the principle that when you are pregnant, some of your baby’s DNA crosses the placenta into your bloodstream. The Genea testing permits the identification of that DNA in a sample of your blood and checks for the conditions which are caused by extra or missing chromosomes. Genea GeneSyte will provide you with clear, concise results on the health of your unborn child. Your results report will identify whether your baby is carrying any of the chromosomal conditions tested.

If the test result indicates that your baby has one of the chromosomal conditions, Genea recommends you consult with your Doctor. The doctor may advise you to consider further diagnostic testing (CVS or amniocentesis) to confirm or disprove the result as recommended by the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) and the Fetal Medicine Foundation of London. A negative result means that none of these chromosomal conditions have been detected by this test. The guidelines, as mentioned above, recommend that no further invasive testing is required, however, it is important to talk to your Doctor about follow up scans to check for any other fetal anomalies and structural defects. In Perth, GeneSyte blood collections can now be arranged through Hollywood Fertility Centre, based at Hollywood Private Hospital. Please ring us on (08) 9389 4200 to make a booking and ask your doctor for a referral (the necessary form is available at: You can also learn more about GeneSyte by visiting the Genea website at:

The Exciting Science associated with Improving Fertility Outcomes enetic screening of embryos continues to advance. Fertility scientists are now able to determine whether an embryo contains the correct number of chromosomes by analysing all of the 24 different chromosome types in a human cell. A procedure known as Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH) has made this possible.


According to Dr Simon Turner, Medical Director at Hollywood Fertility Centre (HFC), chromosome imbalance (also known as aneuploidy) is a major cause of early pregnancy loss and a significant contributor to repetitive failure of apparently normal implanted. The advent of CGH has given couples with these issues an increased chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy. The traditional test of aneuploidy enabled scientists to examine a

small subset of chromosomes in the embryo – about five to eight – on day three of an embryo’s development. HFC Laboratory Manager, Itziar Rebollar-Lazaro believes that CGH is much more powerful and reliable. It accounts for all 22 pairs of chromosomes and the X and Y chromosomes. CGH at HFC is performed on blastocysts (Day 5 or 6 embryos) that allow the results to be more precise, with better embryo survival and fewer technical limitations. The proportion of chromosomal abnormalities is reduced in blastocysts, and due to the greater cell number (100-150 cells), sampling has minimal impact on embryo survival and subsequent development. “By only transferring high quality blastocysts with the full chromosome complement following CGH testing,

the chances of pregnancy are improved and our patients achieve a successful and ongoing pregnancy in a shorter time frame”, says HFC Chief Scientist, Hamish Barblett.. HFC performs the majority of embryo transfers on Day 5 of embryo development. According to Hamish Barblett, Chief Scientist at HFC, this permits improved embryo selection, and when used in combination with other additional techniques can dramatically improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy. “We believe that there is no better predictor of blastocyst development and suitability assessment for embryo transfer than growing the embryos to

We have a very strong clinical and scientific team representing over 30 years of IVF experience cares for patients’ fertility needs during every stage of their fertility treatment

Day 5 and actually seeing them grow into blastocysts. That is why we do not use other embryo assessment tools designed for early stage embryos on Day 2-3 of development.

“With pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) we can help patients that are genetic carriers for 100’s of specific conditions such as cystic

fibrosis or Huntington’s disease. For couples carrying a specific genetic condition or who have some relatives affected and don’t want to see that happen to their children, we help them achieve a successful pregnancy” . Through analysis of both the male and female partners, including thorough examination, hormone profiling and semen analysis – including screening for sperm DNA fragmentation and for anti-sperm antibodies – HFC can set couples on the path to the best personalised treatment. Located within Hollywood Private Hospital in Nedlands and in partnership with Genea in Sydney, HFC has been offering CGH and PGD for several years. The results are encouraging with an important increase in pregnancy and implantation rates for patients of all age groups, especially for those aged 38 years and over. Dr Turner says “We have a very strong clinical and scientific team representing over 30 years of IVF experience cares for patients’ fertility needs during every stage of their fertility treatment”. Please contact Hollywood Fertility Centre on 92894200 or visit them at

Did you know... MYTH If you suffer from heartburn while pregnant your baby will be born with more hair than a 90’s Rock Star

A woman’s uterus expands to more than 500 times its normal size over the course of a pregnancy.

www.links Health Direct FREE Helpline 1800 882 436

One for the dads By the time you change your third nappy, it will seem like the most normal thing in the world.

For every 2,000 babies, one is born with a tooth

Babies can taste the food their mothers ea t in the womb.

The chances of having a twin pregnancy is increased by maternal age (30+)

Did you know Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can… • Improve fertility • Improve cycle irregularities to assist conception • Assist with fertility conditions • Provide IVF support East Meets West Chinese Medicine is run by husband and wife team, Ian and Michelle Russell. Utilising their nursing background with their extensive Chinese Medicine knowledge, they provide a caring, compassionate and unique approach when assisting couples struggling with fertility.

Ph: 9349 6550 • 213 Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill 6060 WA •

Cord Blood

Saves Lives!

Did you know?

Cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), which have already been used in thousands of transplants to treat over 80 lifethreatening diseases, including cancers, blood disorders and immune system deficiencies. Stemlife, a private Stem Cell bank, can collect, process and store them for your family’s future health. Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. They are the ‘Universal’ cell. They have the unique ability to become any cell in the body. Stem cells can keep on renewing themselves. These basic building blocks of life are fast becoming the ultimate repair-kit of the future. Imagine being able to replace cancerous or degenerated cells with brand new perfect cells. A baby’s cord blood is a 100% match for the baby.

Cord blood and cord tissue – a perfect combination.

Cord Blood and cord tissue provide different types of stem cells. Storing both gives a greater number and varieties of cells. This may increase the potential to treat a broader range of diseases in the future.

How are stem cells used today? Cord blood is often used as a substitute for bone marrow in stem cell transplants. More than 80 diseases are treated this way, including cancers, blood disorders, genetic and metabolic diseases. Seventy percent of patients who need a stem cell transplant do not have a matching donor in their own family, so their doctor must search public registries for donors.

What is cord blood? The term “cord blood” is used to describe the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and the placenta after the birth of a baby. Up until recently this blood was discarded as medical waste. Cord blood contains stem cells that may be cryopreserved for later use in medical therapies, such as stem cell transplantation or new emerging therapies. Cord Blood banking in Australia is regulated by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

What is cord tissue? Cord tissue is a source of many cell types, including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Researchers have discovered that MSCs will play a major role in future clinical therapies using Regenerative Medicine. This research holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs by stimulating the body to heal itself. Trials are underway using MSCs to treat debilitating conditions such as heart disease, stroke, liver disease, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injury. Cord tissue stem cell banking is still relatively new to Australia and is not yet regulated by the TGA. Processing methods between companies differ and where some companies use advanced technologies to process and store viable stem cells, others simply freeze the umbilical cord.

How may stem cells be used in the future? Medical research is developing new therapies where stem cells help the body to recover from various injuries and repair itself. Children who have their own cord blood / tissue in storage may have more medical options later in life. Therapy with cord blood has been proven effective in the treatment of cerebral palsy. Ongoing clinical trials are using cord blood to treat cerebral palsy and similar disorders, brain and spine injuries, autism, acquired hearing loss, and type 1 diabetes.

Cord blood transplants do not have to be an exact match. About 70% of patients who need a stem cell transplant do not have a matching donor in their own family. Whereas a bone marrow transplant requires a patient-donor match of 6 out of 6 or 100%, studies find that cord blood transplants are just as successful with a patient-donor match of 4 out of 6 or 67%.

What are the costs of banking cord blood & tissue? Stemlife offers various packages and payment options so we recommend visiting to read more about the latest offer.

Request a free information pack at 1300 553 474.

Birth iS meAnt to Be A poSitive experience,



Book into A Birth Savvy Better Birth Workshop to learn how to get the best birth possible for you! Birth Savvy also runs Hypnobirthing Australia™ Courses. For more information contact or

0425 160 286

Let us be a part of your pregnancy memories 3D/4D Ultrasound Keepsake Photos & Videos At Perth Lifecasting, we create stone and plaster casts of this incredibly special time in your life. Family Hand Casts, Pregnancy Bump Casting with or without baby hands and feet and Body Casting.

• Perth’s most recommended ultrasound keepsake business

• Scans from 15 – 33 weeks, no medical referral required • Check or confirm gender

We come to you

0405 756 244 / /

Packages from $90

• Family & friends welcome

Suite 5/107-109 Orrong Road, Rivervale | Ph: 0458 888 576 perthlifecasting


Are you concerned about the impact your alcohol and/or other drug use may be having on you and your family? or

Are you pregnant and/or parenting and experiencing difficulties with your alcohol and/or other drug use? Women’s Health & Family Services ( WHFS ) may be able to assist you with your concerns. WHFS offers a range of free services to women who are pregnant and/or parenting and are concerned about their alcohol and other drug related problems.

• Individual counselling and outreach • Children’s counselling • Parenting and pregnancy support groups • Social and recreational activities • Welfare and advocacy support

A free crèche is available for your children.

For more information please Call 6330 5400 or check out our website We are located in Northbridge, Joondalup, and Fremantle.

Q uick tthinking hinking b erth m um Quick byy a P Perth mum S hows w hy kknowing nowing fifirst rst a id c an make make a he d ifference. Shows why aid can allll tthe difference. A medical medical crisis crisis can can strike strike at at any any time, time, and and knowing knowing fi first rst aid aid can can make make all all the the difference dif ference in in a person’s person’s recovery. recover y. William W illiam was was nearly nearly two two years years old old when when he he burns ssuffered uf fered severe severe b urns from from a household hou se ho ld accident. had completed a ccident. His His mother mother h ad rrecently ecently c ompleted a fifirst rst aid aid course course and and knew knew what what to to do do in in an an emergency. emergency. “When old “When my my son son was was 23 23 months months o ld he he was was badly burned byy a c cup b ad l y b ur ne d b up of of coffee,” cof fee,” she she said. said. “Following my my first first aid “Following aid training, training, I responded responded quickly and and stripped stripped a quickly allll h his clothes is c lothes and and put put him h im in a cold cold shower shower for for 2 in 20 0 minutes minutes before before ttaking a k ing h im tto o hospital.” hospital.” him Once iin n hospital, hospital, W Once William illiam was was cared cared for for by by renowned b urns specialist specialist Winthrop renowned burns Winthrop Professor Professor Fiona Wood. Wood. Fiona In just just four four months months of In he had no of treatment, treatment, h eh ad n o visible scars. scars. IfIf itit had had not visible not been been for for his his mother’s mother’s q uick thinking, thinking, the the outcome quick outcome could could have have been be e n far worse. worse. far

Would Would you know how to save your child’ child’ss life


““Fiona Fiona Wood Wood told told me me that that ifif I had had not not administered a dministered fifirst rst aid, aid, William William could could have have been be e n William’s sscarred carred ffor or llife,” ife,” W illiam’s mother mother said. said. Winthrop Professor Wood W inthrop P rofessor W ood ssaid: aid: ““Twenty Twenty minutes water reduces reduces m inutes of of cool cool clear clear running running water off b burn children by by 80 80 per pe r tthe he iimpact m pac t o urn iinjury njur y in in children cent, aid message undamental c ent, sso o tthis his fifirst r st a id m essage iiss ffundamental not off c children but ut all all members me mbe r s n ot jjust ust for for parents parents o hildren b of of the the community.” community.” Stt JJohn the sstate’s tate’s lleading e ad i n g S ohn Ambulance Ambulance WA, WA, the make aid part fifirst rst aid aid training, training, wants wants tto om ake fifirst r st a id a p ar t off e everyone’s o ver yone’s llife. ife. Stt JJohn S ohn First First Aid Aid Services Ser vices and and Training Training General G e n e ra l Manager Aaron Harding “Providing first M a n ag e r A aron H arding ssaid: aid: “P roviding fir st aid emergency can huge a id iin n a medical m e dic a l e mergency c an have have a h uge off p paramedics iimpact mpact and and support suppor t the the efforts ef for ts o a ra m e d i c s and doctors, ass w we with William.” a nd d octors, a e ssaw aw w ith W illiam.”

In 220,000 In 2014/15, 2014/15, St St John John trained trained more more than than 220,000 people 100,000 p eople iin n first first aid, aid, including including more more than than 100,000 WA Aid Focus WA schoolchildren schoolchildren through id F o cu s through the the First F i r st A program. pr ogram. S John has Stt John has recently recently launched launched the t he Caring for Caring for Kids Kids course course which which includes i ncl u d es a c omplementar y Tiny r st a id kit kit to to complementary first aid Tiny Tots Tots fi quip p arents, g randparents an h elp e d help equip parents, grandparents and carer s o ou ng c hildren tto ob ea ble tto o carers off y young children be able rrespond espond tto o a rrange ange of of child-related c h i l d - r e l a te d iinjuries njuries a nd iillnesses. llnesses. and

For iinformation nformation a For about bout first first aid ai d training or first aid aid training or the the Tiny Tiny Tots Tots first kit, Call 9334 1233 or kit, visit

S John’s C aring ffor or Kids K ids c ourse tteaches eaches how how tto o Stt John’s Caring course p er form CPR, CPR, manage manage burns, burns, choking, choking, ffebrile ebrile c onvulsions perform convulsions a nd a rrange ange o ther c hildhood iillnesses llnesses and and iinjuries. njuries. and off o other childhood who c ompletes tthe he c ourse al so rreceives eceives a P lus, e ver yone who Plus, everyone completes course also ots fi r st a id k it, vvalued alued a 35. F RE E T iny T FREE Tiny Tots first aid kit, att $ $35. B ook yyour our C aring ffor or K ids c ourse b 9F ebruar y 2 016 Book Caring Kids course byy 2 29 February 2016 a nd al so g et 1 5% o ff - P ay o nly $ 102*. and also get 15% off Pay only $102*. Q uote promo promo c ode C ARING w hen bo oking Quote code CARING when booking tto o rreceive eceive your your discount. discount. %

15OFF *Conditions apply apply.. Course must be booked by 29 February 2016 and completed within 3 months of booking att one of our Perth metr metropolitan metro opolitan training cent centres. trres. e Not to be used in conjunction with anyy other of offers. ffers. f

Call 9334 1233 or visit


Specialists in pregnancy massage, pregnancy facials and pregnancy spa packages. All products used are proven safe to use during pregnancy Mount Hawthorn - 9201 0971 Shop 2, 416 - 418 Oxford St

Gift vouchers available

Victoria Park - 9355 1199 295 Albany Highway


Look and feel wonderful • • • •

SRC Fitting Specialist Maternity Breastfeeding Premmie & baby clothes • Gifts and accessories 324 Barker Road, Subiaco 9381 3746 roomfortwo

A Labour of Love Centre is


It is no accident that mothers receive nine months to prepare for childbirth! hat are you going to do to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the imminent labour experience?


At A Labour of Love, they offer pregnancy exercise classes (Pregnancy Aqua-fitness, Aerobic fitness, and Yoga) to get your body strong and ready. They also offer hypnosis and childbirth classes, workshops and 1-on-1 sessions to help prepare you mentally for the experience. Their couples childbirth educational sessions are positive, interactive and fun and designed to ‘skill up’ your birth support person to be totally ‘hands on’ and looking after your wants and needs! ‘Having a great birth support person is integral for women to labor in a calm, peaceful way, getting on with the job your body is designed to do’ A Labour of Love now offers

NEW Mum & Bub exercises classes, starting with a rehab post birth class and Mum & bub fitness classes to get your body back into shape and strong focusing on your ab’s and pelvic floor. A Labour of Love is known as the ‘one stop shop’ for pregnancy, mums & bubs and families as they offer workshops, educational classes, books and CD’s as well as private consultations. A Labour of Love is located at Unit 2, 185 High Rd, Willetton. For all enquires please phone 0418 336 362, email or visit our website

Doulas are there for your birthing journey ny woman who has had a baby can tell you, giving birth is a moment you will never forget and a time when extra support can be a life-saver. That’s where doulas can help. Unlike midwives, doulas are not medical professionals and don’t physically deliver babies; they’re there solely to provide emotional and physical support to women and their partners throughout their pregnancy and labour journey, allowing them to have the most satisfying experience possible during birth and into early parenthood.


Australian Doulas was created in 2004 with the primary aim of providing certified birth doula training in Perth and creating a network of doulas who would support, learn and grow together as they support women and their families. Since then, Australian Doulas has become a not-for-profit organization with over 80 members located in Perth, the South-West, Avon Valley and Karratha. Cath Cook explains “Our birth doulas provide continuity of care through pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period. They bring with them knowledge, comfort measures and reassurance. They

work for you, get to know you and support all of your decisions. They encourage you to birth the way you want to, helping you through any unexpected situations. Our postnatal doulas provide care at home after the birth. Your doula might provide reassurance, help with establishing feeding, care for older siblings, light housework or nutritious meals. Her aim is to help you get off to the best start possible.” We know that in order for a woman to have the best birth experience possible, she needs to feel safe in her environment, with her partner and support people and with her care provider. Choosing the right place of birth and the right support team is an important part of your birth preparation. “All members of Australian Doulas agree to work within a Code of Practice to ensure caring, continuous support for women. Our doulas are committed to developing positive relationships within the birthing community and to working within their scope of practice.” For more information please visit

Pregnancy convenience & healthy meals plated up eing heavily pregnant or juggling busy work and family commitments, especially for mothers already with children, can mean getting to the shops or weekend markets is a challenge.


It only gets harder once the baby is born because of all the extra things you have to carry when you go out. Consequently, mothers sometimes take shortcuts during and after pregnancy by choosing unhealthy fast food options over home cooked meals. However, there is a healthy and convenient option that arrives straight to your door and isn’t pre-cooked. You Plate It offer a great pregnancy and family wellbeing service by providing the convenience of fresh locally sourced groceries delivered to

your door together with healthy recipes for you to cook for your family. You Plate It has become an important part in the healthy weight management of many pregnant Perth mothers and families because all meal portions are measured and calorie counted. Another unique benefit of You Plate It is their “farm gate to the plate” philosophy of serving only W.A.’s best and freshest produce. All meat and fish come from the best boutique Perth butchers and fish mongers while their seasonal vegetables are farm fresh and better than what you can find at the supermarket. Plus, because you are only buying what you are using, You Plate It avoids food waste, saving you not only time but money as well! Let You Plate It de-stress your pregnancy by starting a subscription today! For more information, call Mark and Paul on 0490 061 648 or visit FREE recipes ideas are also available on their facebook page.

Trust Doctors to Home and Kids Doctors with your family’s health


octors to Home, together with Kids Doctors; their dedicated child friendly service, provides you and your family with peace of mind with their afterhours home visiting medical care. With friendly help just a call away, they hope to reduce some of the stress and pressures with running your household. Founded by a group of local Perth doctors, Doctors to Home and Kids Doctors, understands that it is not always possible to see your regular doctor when required. For these situations, they offer a comprehensive team of doctors who fully bulk bill and will visit you, all in the comfort of your own home! With no call out fees, your medical care will be completely free for Medicare cardholders. Doctors to Home and Kids Doctors care for everyone in the family. From pregnant mothers through to babies and toddlers, everyone is covered. All doctors are well equipped and stocked with a range of medications and supplies. They are available to administer medications and

dispense starter courses should you not be able to access your pharmacy. They can also, if necessary, provide referrals for tests and specialists. Following every consultation, a copy of the doctor’s medical notes will be forwarded to your regular GP to ensure appropriate continuity of care.

For phone bookings, call Doctors to Home on 6160 3300 or Kids Doctors on 6160 3333.

Save these numbers in your phone today! For more information or to book online, please visit or

Everything you need for a great Breastfeeding Experience

For all your breastf eeding needs

Swing - maxi™        

Freestyle™ all-in-one - innovative - time saving


     Calma™ innovative breastmilk feeding solution

Harmony™ small - convenient - clever

Scan the QR code to learn more about the Medela range.

Medela offers a wide range of breastpumps with 2-phase technology. From breast care to feeding and from milk management to storage and transportation, Medela’s comprehensive range of practical, high quality products supports mothers during breastfeeding for increased comfort, safety and simplicity.

Learn more about Calma and our Breastfeeding solutions at, and join the ‘Medela Australia’ Facebook community Folllow us on Instagram ‘Medela_Au’

Pregnant? New parent?

Breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby, but it doesn’t always come easily! Prepare for your baby’s arrival with one of our breastfeeding education classes. Join other local mums at our meet-ups, and receive the book Breastfeeding … naturally when you become a member. or /classes ABN: 64 005 081 523

RTO: 21659

Did you know Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can offer… • Pre-birth treatment to prepare the body for labour • Induction of labour • Support throughout pregnancy eg: nausea, pain • Assistance with breech and posterior positioned babies East Meets West Chinese Medicine is run by husband and wife team, Ian and Michelle Russell. Utilising their nursing background with their extensive Chinese Medicine knowledge, they provide a caring, compassionate and unique approach when assisting couples throughout their pregnancy and post-natal recovery.

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Baby steps towards Holistic Health Care for your Baby • Help with feeding issues • Settling techniques • Assistance with sleep • Growth and development support • Guidance with adjustment and coping

All you need for you and your baby’s health in one place. Baby Steps is a personal and holistic health care service for new families led by experienced and friendly GP obstetricians, child health nurses, midwives and lactation consultants. Within our centre we have Genesis Physiotherapy, a women’s health physiotherapist, as well as psychologists, dietitians, paediatric physiotherapists and speech pathologists.

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aby Steps Health Centre opened in Wembley in August 2015 and is the new kid on the block for holistic health care for new families and babies in Perth. The clinic offers a range of services for Mother and baby in one central location, and focuses on breastfeeding and lactation support, pregnancy related issues, sleep support and coping and adjustment for new Mums and Dads. Baby Steps has GP Obstetricians, child health nurses, lactation consultants, women’s health physiotherapists, psychologists, a dietitian, speech pathologist and GP vasectomist all under the one roof.

Our other very important areas of special interest are pelvic floor rehabilitation, mastitis care including ultrasound and laser treatment for nipples. Clinical pilates is ideally suited for pregnant and postnatal women. We offer classes to help you during and after your pregnancy. Located within Baby Steps Health Centre

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“We set up Baby Steps to make it easy for new Mums to find the service that they need. Our different health care providers refer and talk to each other, ensuring new Mums and babies get the best care that is right for them.” Genesis Physiotherapy founder Cheryl Bryce is based at Baby Steps and says it’s all about offering the right support, guidance and treatment, at the right time.

Founder Dr Leon Levitt along with his partner/associate Dr Maria Kailis are both GP Obstetricians and opened the centre after recognizing the need for a different kind of care in Perth.

“Adjusting to a new baby can be challenging. We help new mums overcome some of the more physical challenges, providing ultrasound care for mastitis, blocked ducts and laser treatment for nipples.”

“Mothers and newborns need care that is tailored to their needs. Instead of having to wait to see a Community Child Health Nurse, Mums and bubs can come in to Baby Steps and see a

Baby Steps Health Centre is open 6 days a week and can be contacted on 9387 2844 or by visiting the website

ONLY $16.50

At Genesis we specialise in women’s health, continence and sexual pain syndromes. Our care is able to carry through your pregnancy, your early post birth weeks, recovery and preparation for return to exercise, & perhaps for preparation for the next addition to your family.

range of specialist health care providers, when ever and as often as they like,” Dr Levitt said.

A must for every new born • Contours to baby’s body to hold baby’s head above the water

• Supports baby on tummy or back

• Bathe baby with both hands

• Additional Bath Aid terry cloth covers available

• 100% cotton, allergy-friendly

• Makes washing baby’s hair easy



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Occasions to Remember High Tea in a Box allows you to host a high tea, with everything taken care of, in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue.

• Baby shower • Birthday • Christening • Special events

With a choice of three table settings and catering made with organic and free range ingredients where possible, we ensure that your event will be the ultimate high tea experience.

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Keep your mental health & wellbeing in check


to help women prepare for, and successfully navigate, the psychological elements of motherhood.

ife Resolutions Psychology in Bedford and Wembley have substantial experience in supporting women and men as they prepare for, and navigate, parenthood. Women are particularly vulnerable during this period of their lives with 25% of pregnant women experiencing anxiety or depression during pregnancy. Of those, 50% go on to experience anxiety and 70% go on to experience depression. We are increasingly seeing symptoms of depression or anxiety in dads as well with 5% experiencing symptoms during pregnancy and 10% experiencing difficulties once their baby is born.

The Conscious Mother assists women to enjoy the fun times, stay grounded during the tough times and to build their “mothering confidence”. It helps women develop healthy and realistic expectations of themselves and others and ways of managing their down days, worries and selfdoubt. We support women to create true connections with themselves, their partner and their little ones.

e Bliss Baby Bedtim can help

Contact Fiona m: 0420 279 677 /babybedtimebliss e:

Results guaranteed or a refund*

*Conditions apply

For more information please check out our website and Facebook page. To make an enquiry, please contact us on 6446 6817.

At Life Resolutions we offer compassionate and effective psychological support for yourself and your partner so that your experience of mother and father hood is a little less bumpy.

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We have also developed The Conscious Mother’s Program for women at ALL stages of their motherhood journey whether they are experiencing difficulties or not. The primary aim of the program is

The early swimmers of today, are the high achievers of tomorrow

Would you like your baby to sleep better? themothersgroup /PactPsychologyServices & /theconsciousmother

any parents are aware of the importance of swimming lessons for their children, but when exactly is the right time to start?


A research project led by Griffith University, Kids Alive and Swim Australia shows the stimulating effect on babies who participate in early years swimming results in a positive development of the whole child. This leads to them achieve a higher and wider range of social, emotional, physical and perceptual skills than those children who do not. Lari McDonald, owner of Seadragonz Swim School, Forrestdale has long been aware of this fact and is why she developed the Seabeanz Swim Program, for babies aged 2 - 4 months. “Our pool is perfect for young babies with warm water at 33 degrees, heated air and plenty of toys

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TTo o find yyour our local Sma Smallprinter llprinter go to to w and click on loca locate te a jew jeweller. eller. W We’re e’re ev everywhere! erywhere! offering visual stimulation,” said Mrs. McDonald. “The key to the Seabeanz program is to introduce the water to young babies in a gentle, nurturing, environment. As with all classes at Seadragonz, a child-led approach is used, working at a pace directed by the child and developing a sense of trust.” she said. These classes are a great way for parents to bond with their young babies in the water and spend quality time with their child, free from everyday distractions. Classes are FREE with no obligation to continue once the children reach 4 months and can commence the regular baby program. For more information about Seabeanz with WA’s most awarded swim school, simply visit or call 9397 1100.

Purpose built learn to swim centre Optimum learning conditions

Only four students per class Indoor & heated to 33c No public swimming

44 Allen Road, Forrestdale | |

GET FIT, Have Fun &

Connect with MUM & BUB Time!


Are you pregnant, and searching for an exercise group that is fun, social and safe? Or have you recently had a baby, and are looking for a great way to regain your health while stimulating your little one’s development? THEN JOIN US!

Circumcisions are a simple quick procedure that increasing numbers of parents are choosing for their newborn sons. Recent medical studies show significant health advantages to the child and to the child’s future partner, and complications are extremely rare.

Mums With Bubs Fitness specializes in exercise for pregnancy and beyond, offering classes that are challenging for all fitness backgrounds in an encouraging, community based environment. We offer regular challenges to keep you motivated, plenty of adventures on the side, and the chance to regain your confidence, stamina and strength in an activity that’s focused on you but fun for babies & kids too!

For those parents who see circumcision as beneficial, then the brief discomfort should not be a barrier to having it done. This should be discussed with an experienced caring specialist in this field as soon as possible after birth as most procedures need to be performed before the age of 6 weeks.

Join anytime and restart your fitness journey the right way. Sign up online at or call us on 0406 116 180.


For more information visit or phone 08 9387 2844

PS - we’re expanding! So if we aren’t in your suburb yet, contact us to get a local group started!

Your child’s first memories ✓ We have a purpose built PRIVATE facility, with no public swimming allowed. ✓ Our program is designed by Bill Kirby OAM, Olympic Gold Medalist, and constantly revised and updated. ✓ Our teachers are all trained in-house to our exacting standards and are nationally accredited. ✓ Our Swim School is recognised Australia-wide for our innovative approach to teaching. ✓ We incorporate safety into EVERY level of swimming. ✓ We give you written feedback on how your child is going, and have a pool deck supervisor to assist at every lesson.

We are PASSIONATE about swimming!

See our website and like us on facebook Located at Christ Church, Claremont, Mt Lawley, Mandurah, Wembley & NEW in 2016 Gwelup

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2016 KIP Pregnancy Guide  

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