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Rise of Atreyu " Don't let the powers control you " The story began when a Titan attacked a celebration , ruined it and stole a precious Book . So a group of scrawny creatures chased him . The Titan did not panic or escape but he stopped and attacked them . They were so weak , they got scared , and they ran away except one little brave fellow " Atreyu " who decided to stay and fight him . With just one hit from the Titan , Atreyu was thrown out of the fairy calm village with the colorful houses and flourishing flowers . Everything was changed to Atreyu when he woke up and realized he was thrown away from his village, alone in a desert land with its multilateral silent creatures . He was angry and the look in his bright eyes changed forever . He then recognized a creature that looked just like him , but with some great differences , he had huge arm muscles and wings , but was torn out , lying down , and dying , he was an elder fighter . He told Atreyu that he went through this trip from a long time ago chasing one of the titans that lived high in the mountains outside the quiet kind world . And in this trip he was able to collect a number of special powers but he failed to reach that titan . He gave Atreyu a map and told him the risks of the trip with its multiple obstacles and that he will find many supernatural powers but he has to keep his balance and chose carefully between what he needs and what is in excess of his needs in order not to change to a monster . End of introduction video . The journey is through a world of fantasy , and challenging encounters that consists of a number of villages where he will face evil creatures , dungeons, raids...etc . There is the desert village, the ice village , the water village, the mud village, the dwarfs’ village, the retired titans village...etc . The player can ignore villages, dig tunnels to cross or fly over them according to Atreyu s' abilities, and he can return to any of them to search for powers . The game will start with Atreyu in the desert village trying to find his way through the map . The first obstacle that gets in his way is a very high mountain that blocks his way . There are 3 ways to cross it :   

Dig a tunnel , so he will need to collect certain tools . Free a bunch of winged horses imprisoned by a small beast that lives in the desert and ride one of them . Search for a supernatural power that makes him penetrate the mountain .

Each choice the player makes leads him to different possibilities , for example :   

If he choose to dig a tunnel and search for tools, he will have to make signs along the way so he could find his way back. If he choose the winged horse , he will have to find out how to defeat the small beast in order to set all the horses free . If he searched for supernatural powers , they can be gained by helping kind weaker creatures and gaining a thankful word , though it won't be necessarily beneficial every time he does , so he must help more .

There will be 3 indicators in the top left side of the screen :  The first is the health indicator .

 The second indicator is time or distance away from the Titan , so that the player does not get busy in collecting the supernatural powers to make from Atreyu a powerful fighter therefore forgetting his original goal which is to reach the Titan before it changes its place .  The third is the most important one ; it is the " Monster indicator " which measures the degree of Atreyu s' transformation . If the indicator became at risk , he must quickly give up one of his powers to one of the weak creatures or else he will change completely to a monster and the game will end and he will start over . Atreyu will further enhance his powers and abilities but he should not focus only on one power , i.e. if he focused on gaining more muscles only , he will have a very heavy weight and will not be able to run faster . Eventually when he succeeds in passing all obstacles in all villages , he will reach the Titans' den . The battle won't be easy . The player must build the most unique fighter with the best combination of powers possible along the way , while watching out for the 3 indicators of course to be able to win his battle . Atreyu s' development:      

Classes: high-damage or high-defense . Physical powers: Muscles , iron fists , wings , bigger body ......etc . Tools and weapons: Sword , ax , shield.....etc . Super natural powers: High speed , turn invisible , breath out fire ....etc . Companions: winged horse , dwarf guide, barbarian or alien animals .....etc . Appearance: Heroic looks , customs , skin tone , hairstyle , more colors....etc .

Game style and mode:  Teenage game .  Third person 3D Action .  Xbox / Play station / PC .  High visuals and HD graphics .  Single player (Atreyu only ) / Multiplayer (player vs. player combat & Online) pick any of the characters . Important hints:  Quitting the game is no long process , just menu button (ESC) then exit , for critical moments .  Allows player to save at any time ( Quick save ) .  If a game was saved during a cut scene , it will reload where the player left off .  The player is allowed to skip cut scenes and longer dialogs .  There are subtitles for all vocal dialogs in case player would rather read quickly and start playing . Note: 

Atreyu is the hero name of " The never ending story " novel by the German novelist "Michael Ende " . The game is not inspired from the novel , only the name and the idea of a nomadic who crosses fairy places .

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