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Beth will be speaking on understanding your business from a Spiritual perspective and how to apply these principles in creating abundance. Showing you the power and possibility you can love what you do everyday.

Beth will be guiding you into a meditation aligning you to an intuitive and creative experience. Lynch will also take questions and share intuitive insights. Beth's own personal experiences opened her to understanding life, death and everything in between. Forniver two decades she has been inspired to guide others understand the power of their Spirit and how this influences conditions around them personally and professionally. For more information or to contact for private, group or corporate gatherings:




/bethlynch444 for meditation, podcasts & more.






Sherry Hale has been an innovator from the start. Her father, and his father before him, were both businessmen and entrepreneurs. Sherry found that she had that same, innate capability that would eventually drive her to excel and succeed in the business realm herself. From the onset of adolescence, she was motivated to learn how to use a computer, so she taught herself. She also felt a magnetic pull to the beauty industry, completing her cosmetology license after high school. These are the stepping stones that lead Sherry down the long and winding road that has led her to where she is today: the CEO and founder of The SHALE Group; a Master Artist in Custom Beaute; a distributor of her own patented PMU tool, Sherry Hale Define brushes, as well as her own organic skincare line Sherry Hale “Silk”; and finally, as a New York State educator in her Cosmetic Micropigmentation training institute, Custom Beaucademy. Sherry’s success has been due to a culmination of calculated decisions that started very early in her adult life and that she continues to make every day. Sherry started work at Dow Chemical Company as a computer training coordinator, with the additional responsibility of supporting a large team of engineers. She started a family and, after five years of dedicated service, she left Dow to raise them. During her time as a stay at home mom with a 1 and 3-year-old, she learned to master the computer, the internet, search engines and web design. With these new tools in her belt, she went on to start her first company, ViaTheWeb Designs, LLC. From there, in 1998, Sherry was able to realize her first invention – the Virtual Office which was the perfect marriage of her passion for computers and her love of the beauty industry. A very successful

venture called, allowed her to stay at home with her children while earning a substantial income. The tool quickly accelerated in the internet realm where major corporations began to copy and replicate her efforts. Her web-based, interactive software and website subscription

her aunt, grandfather, grandmother(s), and an uncle that continued to challenge her motivation and drive. She continued to work her home business on a much smaller scale while fighting deep depression and trying to figure out how to overcome these personal struggles. In 2008 an opportunity presented itself to work on a three-year global computer project at Pfizer called LIMS. Pfizer had purchased a large amount of small companies around the globe and they needed to upgrade all the legacy systems that were used to test samples. Sherry reported to the Program Manager as the Global Working Group Coordinator for the project lifecycle. After working with highly skilled professionals outside of the walls of her home, she quickly discovered that she wanted to complete her degree as she thrived in this intellectually stimulating environment. At that time in 2008, she started online courses and went on to complete her bachelor’s degree in Web Design and Multimedia with Magna Cum Laude honors graduating in 2010. Sherry did this while simultaneously working her full-time job and raising two teenagers.

service (Virtual Office) now earns millions in annual revenues for companies across the globe. In 1999, Sherry’s life was abruptly devastated by the death of her father at age 51 who she was very close with. Following that, over a few short years, were the deaths of

At the completion of the Pfizer project, Sherry was still feeling that pull to the beauty industry and had a strong urge to complete education in Cosmetic Micropigmentation. So she completed the courses necessary to start her next adventures, where she started her second company: Custom Beaute. After working in the beauty realm for a year, she was once again called on for another computer project, this time by Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Buffalo New York. ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: HOLIDAY EDITION 2019




“A very successful venture called, allowed her to stay at home with her children while earning a substantial income.”

The Facets project at BCBS was a fast-moving target project dictated by government mandates put on insurance companies. Sherry was brought on as the Project Coordinator, reporting directly to the Program manager, as well as serving as assistant to the Project Manager. The project successfully concluded in less than a year’s time and was later awarded with the esteemed recognition as Project of the Year award by the Project Management Institute. She was then put on multiple projects, supporting a wide range of the business departments at BCBS, as well as the IT department. She saw first-hand that there was a strong need for a SharePoint system to be implemented and started her quest to find approval for this roll out. After the system was approved and a job position was created for the SharePoint Systems Analyst, Sherry spent the next 3 years rolling out what is now the legacy system at BCBS. During this time working at BCBS, her passion for the beauty industry was still omni-present, and the need for Cosmetic Micropigmentation in the area was there. Custom Beaute found its home in small space in the city of Tonawanda, where she would take clients in the evening and some weekends. As the need and customer base evolved, so did the business. In 2013, Sherry moved into her first 2400 square foot business as the first of many expansions, offering a wide range 111


of spa services. She stayed in that location for 3 years and learned the difficulties of owning a business with staff. Despite the challenges, the business continued to grow where she then relocated to Northwoods Medical Building in 2015.

Over the next 2 years, she continued to evolve the business by adding new services as well as she continued her training quest to perfect her skills. But she wasn’t done, she still had goals for additional companies to build as additions that would complement Custom Beaute. In 2018 and 2019, she proceed to form Custom Beautech and Custom Beaucademy, which now make

up the SHALE Group which combined with Custom Beaute, form over 4000 sq. feet in Northwood’s Medical Building. Sherry has always focused on helping people. She has worked with her team over the past several years to deliver an unprecedented, multi-faceted approach through the SHALE Group’s three factions—Custom Beaute, Custom Beaucademy, and Custom Beautech—to deliver to her clients, and the clients of those who partner with her, life-changing experiences. Together these divisions are dedicated to offering the best products, best technology, the best teachers, and the best possible environment for the magic to happen for her clients, while also setting standards for the beauty industry to follow. This has been Sherry Hale’s vision and every move she makes is meant to further enhance the positive outcomes that others achieve when they meet her. The most recent expansion was with Aesthetics Gynecology, now offers her clients even more services to help them on their transformational journeys. She is where she is today because of her commitment, her passion, and her drive. Continued growth is always in her personal line of sight, and it’s evidenced by her incredible journey from the farm country of Michigan to the beauty mecca of Western New York.







{ COVER STORY } “Sherry’s success has been due to a culmination of calculated decisions that started very early in her adult life, and that she continues to make every day.”





Custom Beaute’s growing brand provides a unique, all-encompassing mix of medi-spa services, products, and training for cosmetic enhancement. Sherry Hale, Founder and CEO of The SHALE Group, had a vision when developing Custom Beaute to help her clients feel and be their absolute best. “Let’s face it: Life is rough, and every decade brings more complications. Through our esthetics and wellness services, we help clients internalize their beauty, which is a very empowering thing. When you feel amazing, you can get through anything”, Hale said in an upcoming interview for Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, and Woman’s Health. The SHALE Group has recently expanded in two of their divisions, Custom Beaucademy and Custom Beaute, and we are very excited about sharing this news! Custom Beaucademy has continued to see exponential growth this past year, and we are now officially pending licensure with the New York State Department of Education. Beaucademy is now booking courses for December, January, and February; currently offering one class a month with the finest guest teachers the United States has to offer. Students benefit from a 2:1 ratio (two students to one teacher) per class, so as to optimize their learning experience by getting the attention that they deserve, and need, in order to thrive when they leave our classroom and start out on their own. There is, of course, room to 115


schedule two back to back classes a month to accommodate all of our interested students, who we welcome to go check out our website: custombeaucademy. com for more information on classes, and payment and financing options. The current course is a 6-day “All About Eyebrows” course, with more classes to be added very soon, including Lips, and Eyeliner! Custom Beaute, the services division of The SHALE Group, has seen growth and

diversification as well! With more than 30 years in the beauty industry, and 10 years in permanent cosmetics performing over 10,000 procedures; Sherry is also a licensed New York State educator and cosmetologist, with a bachelor’s degree in information technology and an evergrowing list of certifications. With her commitment to continued education and growth, she is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in technology and services to offer her clients, so that she can

continue to help them on their individual journeys. Recent services that have been mentioned in previous articles are the Plasma Fibroblast treatment—which is a skin tightening solution—and Jet Fill, which a more natural, subtle-looking needless filler using hyaluronic acid, which your body produces naturally on its own. The newest expansion in our services division is incredible, as we have partnered with Aesthetics Gynecology, owned and operated by Dr. George Danakas and Dr. Armen Kirakosyan. Dr. Danakas is an obstetriciangynecologist in Amherst, New York and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. He received his medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Kirakosyan is also an obstetriciangynecologist in Elma, New York and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area as well. He received his medical degree from Crimea State Medical University and has been in practice between 11-20 years. Both doctors are highly regarded in their field and have been eager to expand their business and grow together with the Custom Beaute team. Dr. Danakas and Dr. Kirakosyan partnered to create Aesthetics Gynecology several years ago, hoping that they could serve women needing cosmetic enhancements,







{{ CUSTOM BEAUTE } SHIFT+CONTROL “Through our esthetics and wellness services, we help clients internalize their beauty, which is a very empowering thing. When you feel amazing, you can get through anything.”

or reconstruction in the gynecological realm. Sherry, who also strives to make women look their best and to help them feel empowered, felt like the stars aligned with this prodigious team-up. Matching Sherry’s excitement for expansion, the doctors have recently moved Aesthetics Gynecology into Custom Beaute and are ready to start seeing their patients in this, their new location in the Northwoods Medical Building at 3950 East Robinson Road, Amherst. With this move, they brought with them an awe-inspiring amount of new services. Geared towards

helping women struggling with some of the most intimate and sensitive issues they could ever go through, these doctors have worked tirelessly to ensure that the women that come to them for help are heard, supported, and treated in such a manner that they are able to feel whole, complete, and restored. The services that they have brought to our office include: Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty, ThermiVa, ThermiSmooth, Clitoral Hoodoplasty, Hymenoplasty, Urogynecological surgery consultations, the O-Shot, and CoolSculpting. We are

absolutely thrilled to be offering our ladies these new services so we can help be a one stop shop that is able to accommodate all of their personal needs. Spearheaded by Sherry, this unification is already off and running and thriving, so the Custom Beaute family is proud to introduce its newest members, Dr. D and Dr. K!



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Arthritis is the leading cause for disability in the United States and affects over fifty million Americans. In fact, about one in five people have arthritis. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been studied and tested as a more natural, holistic alternative for managing arthritis symptoms. One of these studies done in 2011 showed that CBD helps to reduce inflammatory pain. A more recent study done in 2017 concluded that CBD can be used as a safe and useful treatment for osteoarthritis joint pain. The Arthritis Foundation pushes for FDA regulation and the continued clinical studies of CBD for arthritis on their website. They acknowledge that people with arthritis are some of the top purchasers of Cannabidiol, and that it is both a safe and effective treatment for arthritis pain and inflammation. The way CBD helps manage pain and inflammation is by affecting receptors in your brain and your immune system. Everyone has an Endocannabinoid system filled with neurotransmitters involved in regulating cognitive and physiological processes. Cannabidiol (CBD) naturally boosts Endocannididol levels in your body which influences things such as appetite and pain sensation. In other words, CBD changes the way your body feels pain and inflammation by targeting receptors in your brain. CBD has also been linked to helping sleep conditions such as insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people have a hard time falling asleep

and staying asleep throughout the night, causing them to have daytime drowsiness. Research suggests that around 1 in 3 people have insomnia. CBD has been shown in studies to improve REM sleep, decrease daytime grogginess, and even reduce nightmares. CBD interacts with receptors in the brain that control your body’s sleep and

awake cycles. It is a non-addictive, holistic approach to treating sleep disorder such as insomnia. Most prescription medications for sleep disorders are ineffective and have harsh side effects and ingredients. Some people that have tried CBD for insomnia were able to reduce taking such medications, and some cut them out altogether. Cannabidiol has also been shown to mimic serotonin in your

body, which is known to help people wean off harsh and strong medications. People who have low serotonin levels are also linked to talking anti-anxiety medications. Anxiety is currently the most common mental ailment in the United States. While experiencing anxiety, the neurotransmitters in certain regions of your brain become hyperactive. CBD works by targeting those neurotransmitters much like it does for pain. Brain scans have shown changes in the blood flow in your brain during periods of anxiety while taking CBD. The fear of public speaking is a common trigger for anxiety. One study showed that people with fear of public speaking had both improved performance and less anxiety while actively taking CBD. Social Anxiety is the fear of being in social situations and affects about 15 million Americans, myself included. Essentially social anxiety is the fear everyone is constantly judging you or analyzing your every move. Many people who suffer from social anxiety are prescribed anti-anxiety medications by their doctor. Long term side effects of such medications can be increased blood pressure, sleep problems, headaches, sexual problems or erectile disfunction, etc. CBD offers relief to those who struggle with social anxiety, without those harsh side effects. So now that you have heard off some of the benefits of Cannabidiol and how it provides relief to people suffering from many different ailments, the questions arises to why some people are hesitant to use it. Many associate CBD with ROCHESTER WOMAN ONLINE :: HOLIDAY EDITION 2019


{ YOUR CBD BEST OIL } “The way CBD helps manage pain and inflammation is by affecting receptors in your brain and your immune system. Everyone has an Endocannabinoid system filled with neurotransmitters involved in regulating cognitive and physiological processes.”

hemp plant, which is a cousin plant to marijuana. Unlike it’s cousin plant marijuana, CBD does not produce a psychosomatic “high” feeling. CBD is legal in most of the United States, but some states still have some restrictions for buying and selling CBD. There are many clinical studies that have shown the effectiveness of CBD for reducing the number of seizures, and even stopping them altogether for some people who suffer from seizure disorders. The FDA has approved a CBD medicine, Epidiolex, for seizures but has not approved CBD for anything else yet. That is because more research and clinical studies are needed The CBD market is booming, and since CBD is not FDA regulated it is 127


important to do your research on the CBD product you are purchasing. It is important to select a company that does not import their CBD from overseas to avoid false labeling, pesticides, and even heavy metals. Try and choose a company that is third-party lab tested for quality. This also ensures you are getting what is on the label. Lastly choose a company that uses organic, natural ingredients. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce and ingredient or if you don’t know what it is, stay away. Burgess, L. (2018, August 2). Can CBD oil relieve arthritis pain? https://www. Cherney, K. (2019, August 13). Using

CBD for Anxiety: Does It Work? https:// Grinspoon, P. (2019, August 27). Cannabidiol (CBD) – what we know and what we don’t. [Web blog.] Moore, G. R. (2019, August 15). Stress & Anxiety? How CBD Oil Can Help. Villines, Z. (2018, July 27). Can CBD oil help anxiety? https://www.medicalnewstoday. com



THE BEAUTY OF YOU! Mary Kay® products offer you so many ways to enhance your beauty and well-being. Innovative skin care! On-trend color! Pampering bath and body products and so much more! Let’s find your favorites. Contact me today. Name Independent Beauty Consultant Mary Kay® Personal Web Site Address Phone Number








WHY LOVE IT IF IT DOESN’T LOVE YOU BACK? Or how to have a good relationship with food I hear it all the time in the office: “This program has completely changed my relationship with food! I don’t see food the same way anymore!” Changing your relationship with food is one of the most important aspects of following a healthy weight loss and weight management program.

also vital importance put on education as well. No one can change their ways without understanding the process. Which vegetables promote weight loss versus weight gain? What is a lean protein? Is fat really that good for you as proclaimed all over the Internet with the Ketogenic diets trend? At Ideal Health and Weight Loss, we follow the ©IdealProtein protocol which is a low-fat low carb program providing

The first step is to realize that you do have a relationship with food and to accept that your current relationship is not ideal (pun intended). Start visualizing “Food” as a person and admit that whatever you love in “Food” doesn’t necessarily love you back! Take a good look at how “Food” has been treating you. If the answer is: “badly”, then it is time to seek help from an expert in relationships…with “Food”. Go to a nutritionist, a dietician or a Nutrition or Wellness coach that can help you change that relationship. At Ideal Health and Weight Loss, we start by giving our clients very concise and easy directions to follow so they don’t have to think about “Food” all the time. Whenever someone wants to change the dynamic in their lives, they want to be able to take some clear steps. At our clinic, it translates into a list of what you can eat with clear quantities, including partial meal replacements to help curb those cravings for carbs (chocolate bars, chips, even mashed potato or risotto!) There is 135


one-on-one weekly coaching. This protocol aims to provide clients with tools to reach their ideal weight but most importantly, to sustain that weight loss through education and practice of a healthy lifestyle. It is of utter importance that clients understand that the weight loss phase is not the end goal but only the necessary beginning of a journey that will teach them how to take back the control of their

relationship with “Food” and to reconnect with their bodies. Of course, there is the basic nutritional education of what is a carbohydrate, a protein, and a fat. But it goes further than that. Which food makes you feel good? Which makes you feel strong or happy? Which makes you feel bloated, depressed, guilty? Wouldn’t you use the same criteria for other relationships in your life? Would you stay in a relationship that makes you miserable? Or strive to find one that makes you peaceful and content? I am always amazed by how fast my clients start reconnecting with their bodies as they are recognizing the food that makes them feel good about themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. For many years, their bodies didn’t “talk” to them. Or maybe it did and they weren’t listening. Their bodies then found other ways to make themselves heard: they created communication tools called “diseases”. There are several types of those “languages”, several types of “diseases”: diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, inflammationrelated diseases (anything ending in -itis), high cholesterol, etc. And most of the time, when clients come to me and say: “I want to lose weight”, they just trying to reconnect with their bodies, to understand them, to love them and to be loved by them. And they do. They start their journey towards changing that deep, rooted-in-childhood, nurtured by life experiences, relationships with food. A few examples of our clients’ struggles and victories include a client with high blood pressure and thyroid issues who was able

{ { HEALTHY WOMAN } } SHIFT+CONTROL “The first step is to realize that you do have a relationship with food and to accept that your current relationship is not ideal (pun intended).”



{ HEALTHY WOMAN } “At Ideal Health and Weight Loss, we start by giving our clients very concise and easy directions to follow so they don’t have to think about “Food” all the time.”

stop taking medications after two weeks on the diet. Another client had had type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis for years and was taking 11 daily meds. After almost dying of an infection, she decided to try our diet and in a few weeks, she was down to 1 daily medication. Another client was “pre-diabetic” and started the diet because his doctor told him to lose weight. A few months later, his doctor had to take his cholesterol twice because he couldn’t believe that it had dropped 70 points. That particular client lost 65 lbs. and now runs 5 K races. Because the ©IdealProtein protocol puts the client into what is called “nutritional ketosis” (when less than 50g of carbs are consumed daily) clients do not feel hungry and lose their cravings pretty quickly. It makes it easier for them to reach their ideal goals. Ketosis should never be a lifestyle or permanent. It is a tool used only to make weight loss easier to achieve. Once they have reached their goal weight, clients are 137


encouraged to eat good complex carbs and good plant-based fats daily and exercise. But as they go through the process of being in “nutritional ketosis”, they suddenly have time and space to “hear” their bodies again. The noise occupied with cravings and hunger is gone. There is no more filter and suddenly heads and bodies make one again! It is so much easier to work with your body (and rely on it) than to fight it constantly. The relationship with our body gets better and our relationship with food gets easier. Our body tells us which food makes us feel happy and which makes us feel sad. We understand which food to love based on the simple principle of reciprocity: “I love this food because it loves me back!” Once you follow this principle for life, you won’t have to fight or worry anymore about your relationship with food. Just listen. Notes: 1-Ideal Health and Weight Loss is a

©IdealProtein independent authorized clinic. It provides its clients with one-on-one weekly coaching following the ©IdealProtein protocol. www.idealhealthandweightlossROC. com or (585) 444-9991. 2-No diet is a vaccine against gaining weight back. Education and change of lifestyle are paramount for weight maintenance. Ideal Health and Weight Loss provides a one-year minimum maintenance service to its clients. 3-These comments are solely based on observations of, and experience with, Ideal Health and Weight Loss clients and are in no way intended to replace treatment or cure diseases. Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan. 4-Eating disorders -and especially bingeeating disorder-cannot be treated by diet only. Please seek professional’s help at National Eating Disorders Foundation (https://www.







Brenda is a channel for spirit with the purpose of sharing intuitive messages and healing energy to assist with balancing the mind, body and soul connection. Brenda is a certified Reiki Master and IET Master Practitioner. She is a certified Life-Coach, Assertiveness Coach, Master Trainer, Akashic Record Reader, and Intuitive Medium. Brenda’s compassionate, peaceful, and empowering style fosters a comfortable, open and safe setting where healing and enlightenment are fostered. Brenda Gilasso is the founder & owner of Hands From Above a dynamic business designed to meet the needs of individuals, groups, not-for-profits, and businesses alike. Brenda was called to merge her educational and experiential life with her innate intuitive skills and desire to bring light, love, and healing into the world. Brenda is launching a program designed for healers and intuitives called Message Academy. Message Academy is a program focusing on

teaching healers and intuitives how to harness the wisdom and fire within to grow and build their sense of self and their business. Brenda draws from her soul’s wisdom, experiences, and higher-self to guide, empower

 Powerful awareness & growth  Discover why your life is unfolding as it is  Let go of what no longer works  Explore positive options for today, tomorrow & your future. Spiritual counseling Life coaching Bi-weekly Development Groups “what is intuition?”, “What is energy and how do I recognize it within my body?”. Group events can be intuitive reading events, training events or other events designed just for your group. Brenda has worked with local not-forprofits and businesses to assist their clients and staff. Not-for-profit and business training would be meeting with your organization to discuss what the company wants and how we can achieve it together!

and assist healers and intuitives in building their practices. A few of the services offered at Hands From Above by Brenda are Energy Healing – a special mix of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy & Metatronic Healing, Intuitive Readings Akashic Record Readings  Support for personal

To schedule an appointment or to speak with Brenda go to www. or to register for the next Message Academy event go to Hands From Above is located at in the Crossbridge Office Park at 2000 Winton Road South Building 3 Suite 104 in Rochester, NY 14618.




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